How to Remove a Yakima Car Roof Rack?

How to remove a Yakima car roof rack in simple steps? You will really enjoy knowing it. So here we go:

“It has been a year since we went on that camping trip and I got this Yakima car roof rack installed on my Ford. And since then, the car roof rack is just lying idle. It is making my car go slow. Also, fuel efficiency has become quite poor. “

How to Remove a Yakima Car Roof Rack

If you are not using that rack, it is a good idea to uninstall it and keep it safe for future use. 

Or maybe you bought a car fitted with those roof racks, by any chance? 

Remove these and you are good to go.

Seems complicated! 

Not really if you follow the steps carefully.

Before starting, read your roof racks’ manual for the installation and uninstalling process. It is very important for you to understand how it was fixed in the first place. 

Because removing it is in essence just a reversal of the installation process.

Ready, get set, go!!!

Step One:

Examine the roof rack closely and see the points where it is attached to your car. Look carefully and check the following details: 

  • Is it attached to a side rail, a crossbar, or a door jamb? 
  • How is it fixed to the car’s surface – is it a clamp or a bolt which is fixed directly on your car?

Step Two: 

The latching point is your focus area. Some racks come with a lock on the side of this latching point. Check for the lock. And unlock it. Move to the next step.

If the latching point is fixed with a bolt, you need to loosen the bolt using a key that came with your roof rack. If you don’t have the key, you don’t have to worry. You can use any tool which could release the bolt.

Step Three:

Once you have unlocked it, the knob around the latch point starts rotating. Rotate it counterclockwise to release the clamp at the back. 

After rotating it a few times, hit the latch to see if it has loosened. If it pops back, this shows you need to rotate it more.

Step Four:

Continue rotating until the clamp at the back is released. As soon as it is released, the latch will move back and forth freely. Push the knob and this will release the clamp.

Step Five: 

Moving on to the rear end, turn the screw at the back counterclockwise. This will loosen the bolt and move it downwards. Keep rotating it till you can eventually rotate it and pull it through. The bolt is an offset shape. As the bolt pulls off, the fastener is released and you can take the rack off.

Step Six:

Clean the car’s rooftop for any dust and dirt that would have accumulated around the area where the clamps and the bolts were placed.

How long will it take?

Most of the Yakima roof racks are quite easy to remove. With a bit of practice and using the correct tools, you can remove these in ten to twenty minutes.

Do’s and Don’ts:

When removing your car roof rack, keep the following in mind. These would not only make the entire process easier for you but will also keep your rack secure.

  • Start from the driver’s side. Depending on the height of your car and the roof rack, you might need a ladder to access it.
  • Always remove the front crossbar first. Once you are done with loosening the front bar, the rear bar becomes easier to handle.
  • Remove all the bolts from both the drivers’ side as well as the passengers’ side before lifting the crossbar. Do not try lifting the bar before all the bolts are unscrewed. This will prevent your crossbars from getting damaged.

How to store the rack after removing it

The Storing Of Yakima Car Roof Rack

The roof rack is off. Now, where do you place it? To keep it secure and safe for your next trip, your ideal go-to place is the overhead area of your garage. Placing it in the platform at the top would not only save you space but will also keep it safe from corrosion and other types of wear and tear.


How to remove a Yakima car roof rack? Hopefully, you found the solution in simple steps.

Removing car roof racks seems difficult but you just need a bit of practice. And just make sure you don’t miss any step. So, these 6 easy steps would do the job very well. Just try doing them right now!

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