How to Clean a Hairbrush with a Dryer Sheet?

Dryer sheets are woven fibers coated with fatty acids, cocktails, and scents of various chemicals, becoming way more practical in our lives.

From practicing sewing, cleaning glass stovetops, removing burnt-on stains from pots, polishing stainless steel to cleaning the baseboards and ceiling fans -that’s how dryer sheets are touching almost every corner of life.

But wait! How about if we say that you can clean your flimsy hairbrush to almost a new one using a dryer sheet? Sounds impressive! Right?

How to Clean a Hairbrush with a Dryer Sheet

Some experts say that it’s normal to shed 100 strands of hairs a day, and most of them come off the head in the hairbrush, making clusters and mesh.

Who likes hair and dirt cluttering in the hairbrush or combs? Probably, no one. You can’t just always fling your hairbrush into the dustbin when you find it impossible to clean again.

Using dryer sheets for cleaning them is the most practical and effective approach that gets things easier.

There are two ways of using dryer sheets for cleaning the hairbrush.

Method #1 -Step by Step

There’s no exaggeration in saying that hairbrush is part of our lives that get dirty fast with tangled hair and dust residue cluttering in the bristles.

Whether you’re either using a brush or a comb, the dryer sheets go well with both of them.

Step 1 -Removing the Dirt and Hair

Clean Hair Brush With Hand

The most important step for cleaning the hairbrush is removing the excessive hair from the brush.

For that, you’ll have to use your hands for picking strands of hair as much as possible. But if the hair is fastened tightly to the base, your hand may not pick them up easily.

For that, you’ll need a pencil with a sharp edge to pass through the base of the brush. Gently raise the pencil above the bristles along with a layer of stacked hair and dirt.

Pick the layer from your hands and remove it from the brush. Repeat the process until you remove most of the dirt and hair out of it.

Step 2 -Submerging the Dryer Sheets

Hair Brush Dipped in Bowl With Dryer Sheet

Take a big bowl and fill it with warm water. Make sure the size of the bowl is large enough to accommodate your number of hairbrushes and combs.

Submerge at least two or more new dryer sheets in the warm water. And soak the brushes in the solution for whole good three hours.

Soaking multiple brushes and combs will save your time, no doubt. Your efforts will be the same, and you’ll get all your brushes cleaned at once.

This method is best for synthetic and plastic brushes because warm water is safe for them. But submerging a wooden brush in this solution isn’t a good idea -water may warp the material.

Step 3 -Rinsing the Brush Thoroughly

After soaking the brush for three hours, you’ll see the dirt previously stuck inside the bristles will start detaching from it.

The bond between the hair, dirt, base, and bristles will start weakening, and the brush cleaning becomes way easier now.

You have to rinse the brush thoroughly using warm water and rub it. For that, you can preferably use a toothbrush for reaching the base of bristles, which is the common site of dust and hair accumulation.

Step 4 -Drying the Hairbrush, Finally

So here’s the final step, and you need to be quite more vigilant here. Trust me, if you don’t dry the brush properly, molds and bacteria may grow, and your hairbrush’s lifespan may reduce.

Use a dry towel or cloth and place the brush in the downwards direction such that the bristles are touching the towel.

This way, every drop of water will drain from the base, and your brush will be appropriately dried.

First, rub it thoroughly using a dry cloth before placing it to pat dry to let it drain naturally. That’s all -congrats! You’ve successfully cleaned your flimsy hairbrush with little effort.

Method #2 -Step by Step

Have you ever wondered that you can keep your brush clean, hair-free, and dirt-free even after brushing through it?

This method isn’t about cleaning the messy hairbrush, but it’s all about maintaining and keeping it clean all the time.

If you’re a lazy sort of person and can’t get enough time to wash your hairbrush now and then, why don’t you think to keep it clean? So there would be no need to rinse it.

Getting the gross mixture of dust and hair strands out of the stubborn bristles is a challenging chore -the reason most people hesitate to do it.

Here’s an intelligent approach; you’ll definitely love to keep your hairbrush mess-free! Let’s get right into the business!

Step 1 -Cleaning the Brush

Before you get into the exact process, make sure that your brush is properly cleaned. If any hair strands are fastened to the bristles sunken in the dirt, remove it out and clean it thoroughly.

Step 2 -Stretching the Dryer Sheet

Take a scented and unused dryer sheet out of your pack, and let’s begin the process.

But wait! Don’t forget to stretch the sheet to your fullest potential by pulling it from either end. You might be wondering why stretching is important, right?

Well, if you want to insert the sheet smoothly into the bristles, the stretched version will go well for this task. The fibers will loosen and separate, creating tiny holes to pass through the bristles of the hairbrush.

Step 3 -Putting the Dryer Sheet onto the Brush

Now, lay the stretched version of the dryer sheet onto the bristles of the brush. You’ll have to apply a little force to poke the sheet into the bristles.

Ensure that all the bristles come out of the sheet and the sheet lay on the brush’s base.

Step 4 -Brushing the Hair

With the sheet lying within the bristles, run the brush through your hair to comb them perfectly. The hair and dirt that was supposed to accumulate the base are now collected on the dryer sheet.

Plus, if you’re using a pleasantly-scented dryer sheet, your hair will gain that odor and look perfectly scented and beautiful.

Step 5 -Removing the Dryer Sheet

Once you’re done brushing your hair, you have to pull the sheet out of the bristles and waste it in the dust bin.

The good thing is, you’ll see your brush base neat and clean. All the hair strands are in the dustbin with the unlucky dryer sheet.

You can apply this technique to your comb too. The entire process is the same as collecting the hair to prevent hair clustering between the bristles.

But cleaning a comb is way easier than a brush, so it’s even acceptable if you’re not using a dryer sheet while combing your hair through a comb.

The Bottom Line

Just like dryer sheets are becoming way more common in distinguishing static electricity in the laundries, the beauty aspirants have found that dryer sheets do the same for hair, too -leaving smoother and comfortable hair strands.

You can’t get rid of one of the most significant problems -the hair fall; you can take proper measures to keep your hairbrushes and indoors clean.

We have mentioned the best possible way of how to clean a hairbrush with a dryer sheet and the innovative approach to maintaining it. That’s all you can do by bringing a dryer sheet into play.

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