10 Best Window Film for Day and Night Privacy [Buying Guide]

Privacy is crucial for all of us. We all want a home that provides privacy and comfort. Plus, it would protect us from the outside world.

Large bare windows disrupt the privacy of most people. Curtains do their job when they are closed, and they do not allow light to penetrate through.

Another trending product that is dominating the market these days is frosted windows. However, they are expensive.

Best Window Film for Day and Night Privacy

If you are looking for the best and affordable alternative, window films might be the best option.

This budget-friendly product will not break your bank, but it will create a significant impact on your home.

What other benefits window films provide users?

It protects the eyes from UV rays, and it works as a functional tool and ornament. Moreover, it reduces the glare that helps individuals in watching television easier.

You can also easily install and remove it yourself. It will deliver the privacy you need without harming your property.

Since a few types of furniture and carpets are prone to get damaged by harmful UV rays, these window films will protect your furniture and keep your house cheerful and bright.

If this is something you are looking for and interested in, we have compiled the top-notch window film for day and night privacy. Let’s get into the details.

Comparing 10 Best Window Film for Day and Night Privacy 2021

Window FilmMaterialAdhesiveUV Protection
rabbitgoo RainbowPVCNoYes Check Price
Coavas Frosted GlassPlasticNoYes Check Price
rabbitgoo PebbleVinylNoYes Check Price
Lemon Cloud 3DVinylNoYes Check Price
Coavas Non-AdhesivePVCNoYes Check Price
ARTSCAPE Texture TwelvePlasticNoYes Check Price
Lemon Cloud DecorativePVCNoYes Check Price
rabbitgoo StaticPVCNoYes Check Price
VELIMAX Rain GlassVinylNoYes Check Price
BDF NA05Polyester BlendYesYes Check Price

1. Rabbitgoo Privacy Window Film – A Beautiful Kaleidoscopic Film

rabbitgoo Window Film

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You might love this film because it has irregular patterns that reflect light in all directions. This unique 3D laser design film creates a rainbow visual effect when the light shines through.

It will give you increased privacy without letting you pay a hefty amount, and at the same time, it will create stellar visual effects.

Do you know what’s impressive? The film itself is plain and does not have any colors, but it gives a magical rainbow effect when the light passes through.

What’s more!

It permanently rejects and blocks harmful ultraviolet rays. Its premium PVC material blocks about 99% UVB and 84% UVA rays and minimizes annoying glares.

Plus, it only allows filtered light to penetrate your house; thus, it will protect your furniture and family member’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

What else?

It is a static cling privacy window film. It does not require any chemical glue, and it is straightforward to install.

You can reuse it multiple times as you can easily remove it.

What is the installation process?

Measure your surface and cut the film accordingly. Ensure that your surface is smooth, flat, and clean; otherwise, it will not stick.

Once you cleaned the surface, peel off the film. Spray the window and the film’s smooth side with soapy water or water.

Now wipe the film back and forth with a soft towel to ensure that the water and bubbles are removed. That’s it! You are done.

What if you want to remove it and place it somewhere else?

Since no glue is used, you can peel it off again by spraying it with water.

Moreover, this film offers functional and decorative purposes. You can apply it to your kitchen, office, living room, and bedroom. However, it is not suitable for the bathroom.

Oddly enough, there are a few drawbacks to this product. It comes with vague directions, but installation is so straightforward that it is hardly an issue.

Plus, this film might not be the best option for nighttime privacy. If you need increased privacy during darkness, you might want to opt for other options.

This film only gives high levels of privacy during the daytime and will add an appealing visual element to the windows.

  • Removable
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • Reusable
  • Offers UV protection
  • Cost-effective
  • Offers colorful rainbow effect
  • Functional yet decorative film
  • Not ideal for bathrooms
  • Vague installation directions
  • Not the best for nighttime privacy

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2. Coavas Window Film – A Great Nighttime Privacy Window Film

Coavas Privacy Window Film

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Are you looking for an excellent solution for privacy? You might have found it!

This privacy film offers two-way privacy. It will provide 100% privacy day and night that will give you peace of mind.

The privacy level of the simple frosted white film is five stars, and you can easily use it in your bathroom.

Its top-quality frosted design will provide privacy while allowing the natural light to penetrate through.

Moreover, its frosted design offers around 98% opacity from 0.5 meters away.

What’s more, this film has anti-UV and glare control features. It blocks around 96% of the ultraviolet rays.

Thus, it protects the skin from the sun’s dangerous effects, acts as a heat insulator during summers, preserves heat during winter, and does not ruin the furniture.

What else?

If you are renting a home, this film is easily reusable and removable. You can roll it up to use it next time.

Plus, it will not leave any traces behind so that the windows will be spic-and-span.

What about its installation process?

It is a static cling frame that you can easily apply to the window. Before sticking it, clean your window thoroughly and measure it.

Cut the film according to the window’s size and spray the window with water. Remove the film’s backing and stick it onto the window. Use a dry towel to squeeze the excess water.

Furthermore, it will effortlessly peel off if you want to use this film again somewhere else.

Not to mention, this 24-hour privacy window film is affordable and effective and can be used anywhere like the office, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Not sheer
  • Static cling film
  • Reusable film
  • Anti UV
  • Offers lifetime warranty
  • Ideal for bathrooms
  • Perfect for day and night privacy
  • May face issue in removing the film’s back cover

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3. Rabbitgoo Glass Window Film – Best Film For Privacy

rabbitgoo Pebble Window Film

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Do you live in a high-traffic area where you do not want people to peek in your windows?

It works excellent during night and day, but it does not provide complete privacy.

This practical and beautiful solution offers a beautiful colorful design. Its pebble design gives a more dramatic effect, and it is ideal for semi-privacy.

Moreover, this classic and gorgeous film does not peel away quickly if you have installed it correctly.

Plus, it is renter-friendly, and it will take you only one second to peel it off and use it somewhere else.

What’s more, it magnifies light. If you think it will block the light, it will not do so. Its prism design will make your window sparkle.

Furthermore, it will diffuse the sunlight directly to prevent glares. Its anti-UV feature blocks 99% UVB and 84% UVA rays that will protect your health and furniture.

What else? Its installation process is fuss-free. This static cling film does not require any chemical adhesive. However, the process is somewhat tricky.

Before applying the film, clean the surface thoroughly and measure it accordingly.

Spray your surface with soapy water and then peel off the film’s transparent backing. Remove the bubbles and excess water by using the towel.

  • Ideal for day and night privacy
  • Magnify light
  • A static cling film
  • Reusable
  • Offers functional and decorative purpose
  • Installation is somewhat tricky
  • Offers semi-privacy

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4. Lemon Cloud 3D Window Film – Best Self Adhesive Window Privacy Film

LEMON CLOUD 3D Window Film

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Do you want to transform your inexpensive window into a heavy, pliable, and expensive one?

This fantastic film will work like a charm. Its pretty design effectively diffuses sunlight and prevents annoying glares.

It also averts 96% of the harmful UV rays and allows only soft sunshine to penetrate your personal space.

Moreover, it is durable, reusable, and does not require any chemical adhesive. It can withstand steam and heat for greater longevity.

What’s more, it works both for privacy and for decorative purposes. It is a static cling self-adhesive film that you can easily remove. It will not leave sticky residue or damage the window.

You can use this film in your bedroom, living room, balcony, kitchen, office, bathroom, and so on.

What else? The process of installation is pretty straightforward. Clean the window first and then paste the film’s smooth, peeled side.

Although it provides privacy during the night, the outside people can see silhouettes of people watching TV inside.

Thus, it does not give 100% privacy at night. Plus, the film’s clear backing is very thin. It becomes quite difficult to peel it off.

  • Durable
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Reusable
  • Great opacity
  • UV protection
  • Adhesive free
  • Produces beautiful effects
  • It has a fragile backing film
  • It will not provide 100% nighttime privacy

No products found.

5. Coavas Privacy Window Films – A Remarkable Peel and Stick  Window Film

Coavas Non-Adhesive Window Film

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Why go for heavy blinds or curtains when you can opt for an attractive and inexpensive option.

If you are searching for a product that will give you privacy and brighten your home, you may have to purchase coavas window film.

This budget-friendly frosted white film blurs unwanted views and offers extra convenience and safety.

It only allows soft light to penetrate through and blocks around 96% of the harmful ultraviolet rays. Thus, it will avoid damaging the furniture.

Moreover, this film wards off heat during summer, and it preserves heat during winter.

What’s more, you can easily recycle it because it uses a static cling feature.

You can use this film on smooth and clean glass surfaces. You can apply it in your hotel, office, bathroom, bedroom, living room, balcony, etc.

What else?

Its installation procedure is the same as other films. Keep your window clean, spray the surface with water, remove the protective backing sheet and apply. Remove the air bubbles with a squeegee.

What about privacy?

It provides a great deal of privacy during the day and night. However, at night time when the light is on, you can make out figures in the room with no details.

Oddly enough, individuals also found it challenging to peel and cut the film.

  • Good opacity
  • UV protected
  • Glare control
  • Reusable and removable
  • Offers static cling
  • Economical
  • Durable
  • It might show silhouette at night time
  • It may be difficult to cut and peel the film’s backing

No products found.

6. ARTSCAPE Window Film – A Good Removable Privacy Window Film

ARTSCAPE Texture Twelve Window Film

No products found.

This translucent, decorative film gives a visual effect of textured glass. It is an easy DIY project. You need a smooth, flat, and clean surface.

To apply, spray the liquid soap onto the window, peel off its protective back and paste it on the surface. Use a squeegee to remove all the extra water and air bubbles.

What’s more, the film is non-adhesive and provides around 90% protection from ultraviolet rays.

Moreover, this film is easily cleanable. Use a non-abrasive and mild household cleaner and wash it with a sponge or soft cloth.

What else?

You can easily remove it by peeling it off from the surface. Since it does not require any chemical adhesive, it will not leave a residue on your surface.

Furthermore, you can use it anywhere you like, even in the bathrooms, as the sheet is moisture-resistant.

Besides these positive pointers, there is a single issue. That it does not provide complete privacy and does not entirely obscure the view.

  • Non-adhesive
  • Removable and reusable
  • UV protection
  • Easily cleaning
  • Straightforward installation
  • Not the best opacity

No products found.

7. Lemon Cloud Decorative Window Film – Block Views Not Light

Lemon Cloud Window Film

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Do you want to create a magical look for your personal space?

While looking aesthetically pleasing, this patterned sticker will reduce glass transparency.

This glue-free sticker uses static technology and can stick to your window without the application of chemical adhesive.

Plus, you can easily apply and remove it. The sticker will not leave a sticky residue or stain on the glass.

What’s more, it is ultraviolet rays resistant. It will block 96% of the sun’s rays. And will keep your personal space warm in winter and will prevent heat from entering during summer.

Decorate your dull window with pebble-like and removable privacy window film. It will effectively diffuse the sunlight and will avert annoying glares. It will only allow soft sunshine to penetrate through.

You can paste this beautiful sticker anywhere in your home, like kitchen, living room, office, bedroom.

Oddly enough, this sticker is not ideal for a bathroom because it offers semi-privacy. You can still see through it, but the view is blurry.

Moreover, another drawback is that the edges will not stick easily on the flat surface since it comes as a rolled sheet. Plus, air bubbles will occur if you try too hard to squeeze out the water.

  • Easy to use and apply
  • Removable and reusable
  • UV resistant
  • Offers static cling technology
  • Prevent glares
  • Allows the penetration of soft light
  • Offers semi-privacy
  • The edges might not stick properly
  • May create air bubbles

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8. Rabbitgoo Static Window Film – A Brilliant and Decorative Product for Privacy

rabbitgoo Static Window Film

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Are you looking for a film that delivers elegance and possesses crystal luster?

This window sticker will give a textured glass or a stained glass effect. It will transform the unpleasant views into a beautiful crystal prism.

What’s more, it is a semi-private film that combines privacy and protection. It is composed of premium and durable material that you can reuse repeatedly.

Moreover, it is a hassle-free and user-friendly sticker that has a static cling feature. Thus, you only need soapy water to apply the film on the smooth, clean surface.

What else? It offers ultraviolet protection. It blocks 99% UVB and 84% UVA rays. It minimizes glares and softens the strong sunlight.

Furthermore, you can apply this elegant patterned film to windows, cabinet doors, conference rooms, glass tables, shower enclosures, sidelights, front doors, glass doors, etc.

Surprisingly enough, this film does not entirely obscure outdoor views, especially at night.

The images are blurred, but you can see more than a simple shadow at night. Plus, it is not recommended to be used in the bathroom.

  • UV resistant
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • User-friendly
  • Beautiful and elegant
  • Does not give the best performance at night
  • Not recommended for bathroom

No products found.

9. VELIMAX Rain Glass Window Film – Allow Privacy and Light to Shine Through

VELIMAX Window Film

No products found.

This sticker is designed to give you the most beautiful rain patterned appearance on the glass.

You can use it for decorative purposes, and it also blocks unpleasant views. Plus, it allows the light to pass through.

Moreover, this durable vinyl film is tear and scratch-resistant.

It can block around 97% of ultraviolet rays; thus, preventing your store merchandise, furnishings, artwork, window treatments, and floor from damaging and fading.

Plus, it prevents unwanted glare from entering the personal space and only allows soft natural light to penetrate.

What else? You can easily reuse, re-position, and remove the static cling sticker. No chemical adhesive or gel is required; therefore, it does not leave a messy or sticky residue on the surface.

Furthermore, this thick material is waterproof and is very easy to clean. It also works as an energy-saver. It keeps the personal space warm during winter and keeps it cool during summer.

What about the installation process? It is the same as other films. Make sure to make a wetting solution beforehand for a seamless installation.

Oddly enough, this film is slightly transparent and does not provide complete privacy.

Plus, the privacy at night time is also satisfactory. The individuals can easily make out the images, although they are blurry.

This product is ideal for those who want minimal privacy and do not want clear windows.

  • Blocks harsh UV rays
  • Durable
  • Averts glare
  • Reusable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Offers semi-privacy
  • Not an ideal film for nighttime privacy

No products found.

10. BDF Window Film Privacy – A Professional Looking Daytime Film

BDF Window Film

No products found.

This film is not like the other film mentioned above, but it has a black and dark finish. It offers stellar daytime privacy and does not let prying eyes peek through.

Moreover, this BDF NA05 film will give your windows a classic, tinted look. It will add privacy and shade during the day.

Plus, this Korean sticker will not ultimately make your window black so that you can see the outside view easily. Plus, it will not obstruct or blur the outdoor scenery.

What’s more!

The BDF NA05 window film is a remarkable UV blocking barrier. It rejects around 99% of the ultraviolet rays.

Thus, it prevents skin problems and does not damage furniture and other UV-sensitive things.

Furthermore, the number “05” in the film’s name signifies that it can transmit around 6% visible light. Its superb heat-rejection rate will maintain the room temperature.

What else?

This film works best during the day because of its reflective surface and makes it harder to see through.

However, at night, your interior will be visible, and you will need blinds or curtains for privacy.

There’s more! It comes with all the tools you need to make your installation process smooth. The installation process is the same as the other films; however, it has an adhesive side instead of static cling.

If you want to remove the film, you will need a heat gun, hairdryer, or a fabric steamer to loosen the adhesive.

Surprisingly enough, you might face a problem while installing it because the film is super thin. It can wrinkle and tear away if you are not careful.

  • Perfect for daytime use
  • Blurs and obstruct views
  • Includes installation tools
  • UV resistant
  • Maintains room temperature
  • Not for nighttime privacy
  • Installation can be a hassle

No products found.

Best Window Film for Day and Night Privacy Buyer's Guide:

Window Film for Day and Night Privacy Buying Guide

Windows in our homes occupy about 15 to 20% of wall space. Bare windows allow harsh UV rays to pass through, and people can easily peek in; thus, no privacy.

Besides providing privacy, these window films minimize energy costs and improve the temperature of the home.

Plus, they enhance the home's aesthetics.

Moreover, these thin laminates are available in a wide variety. Some provide complete privacy, while others offer partial privacy.

A few window films are perfect for daytime or nighttime usage, while others are ideal for both. Therefore, selection can become a bit overwhelming.

So if you want to choose the best product for yourself, you need to look at some of the most crucial things.

These pointers are as follows:

UV Light Blockage

It is essential to check the percentage of UV blockage in a window film before buying.

It not only keeps away the harsh sun rays from heating your room, but it also prevents the furniture and other UV-sensitive paraphernalia from cracking and fading.

It will increase the protection of your personal space and will only allow soft sun rays to illuminate your surroundings.

Glare Prevention

Harsh and bright sunlight creates a glare that makes it quite difficult to see clearly. Window films cut down the glare because of their opaqueness.

Privacy Level

This is the most crucial thing to consider because different films offer various levels of visibility reduction.

Furthermore, they blur and obscure views at various degrees.

Some films enable individuals to see silhouettes from the window, while others are entirely opaque and block light.

Most films block the images completely when seen from a distance, while other stickers allow you to see through if standing closely.

Thus, check the privacy level. It is usually indicated in the form of stars on the product. Five stars mean it will provide optimum and complete privacy, and you can even use it in the bathrooms.

Heat Retention and Protection

These films are energy-saving. But how?

During the hot summer days, these films reflect the sun's rays and keep the home cool. Plus, on winter days, they insulate the home by retaining heat.

In short, these films maintain the room temperature according to the weather and reduce heat bills.

Films Ideal for Day or Night

Some window films only provide privacy during the day, and at night, you have to use blinds or curtains.

These films offer complete visibility when dark outside, and you have your room's light on.

What's more, if you want privacy for day and night, select accordingly. It is usually mentioned on the product.

For the optimum level of privacy at night, check its sheerness.


These window films are available in different materials. Please make sure they are durable and they last long; since they are exposed to harsh elements like bright UVA and UVB rays, their longevity matters.

The longer it lasts, the less you have to replace it, and it will help you save more money.

Installation Procedure

Before buying, ask yourself:

  • Do I need chemical adhesive?
  • Is the installation hassle-free?
  • Is it easily removable and reusable?

The most straightforward way to install the film is a static cling feature. The combination of soapy water and static makes installation a breeze. Plus, it is easier to remove as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to apply privacy window film?

This DIY process is easy. Measure and cut the film according to the size of the window. Before applying, make sure the window is clean.

Spritz soapy water on the window, and remove the back protective cover. Apply the film and use a squeegee to remove all the air bubbles.

How long does a window film last?

These thin sheets are very durable, and they do not require much care. Most of the films come with a ten-year warranty, and they have greater longevity in the right conditions.

Can I apply window films on any glass?

Window films will only stick to non-textured and smooth glass.

How should I clean my window film?

Use only a soft cloth or squeegee and soapy water. Do not use any strong detergent or abrasive material to clean the film.

How do I make sure that the bubbles do not appear?

Spritz plenty of water to wet the window. Use soapy water to get the best results. Use a hard card to scrape the film to remove bubbles.

Will my window film provide privacy at night?

It depends on which type of film you are buying. Usually, a patterned or frosted window film is suitable to make the window glass opaque.

Moreover, one-way window film nighttime privacy obscures the outside view entirely at night.


Living in a high-traffic area or in a place where neighbors can peek in can limit your privacy. Window films will solve your privacy issue and give you peace of mind.

Besides obscuring views, they decorate the windows and protect the expensive possessions. Plus, they minimize incoming heat and eliminate glare.

From the list mentioned above, you can see there are so many options available. You can select from various patterns and styles according to your preference.

Not to mention, before purchasing, consider the privacy level and other features the product is offering.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you will be able to select a top-notch window film for day and night privacy.

Any queries related to window film? Do you think we have missed any best window film? Let us know in the comments section.

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