10 Best Weed Killer For Thistles [Buying Guide 2021]

Are you tired of cutting down wild plantations around your backyard, fences, or pastures every week? Well yes, these tend to go back faster than the hair on your head.

With crops to take care of, managing weeds and getting rid of them can be a problem. Neither do you want them to grow and take over the land nor use sprays packed with dangerous chemicals that can be hazardous to health?

Best Weed Killer For Thistles

So what other option are we left with? This is the question that let us on the quest of finding top quality weed killer for thistles, something that was powerful yet not hazardous and thus, we came up with our list of products.

Down below are the best herbicides that we’ve used until now, enjoy brilliant results, and are sure you’ll love them too!

Some are natural while others are highly concentrated, but we promise, each weed killer on our list today is worth investing in.

Comparing 10 Best Weed Killer For Thistles

Weed KillerActive Ingredient
Monterey LG5482Clopyralid Check Price
Green GobblerAcetic Acid Check Price
Compare-N-Save 75324Glyphosate Check Price
RM43 43-Percent GlyphosateGlyphosate, Imazapyr Check Price
Natural ArmorVinegar (Acetic Acid) Check Price
Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed KillerSalt Water, Vinegar Check Price
Southern Ag Amine 2,4-DDimethylamine Salt Check Price
ECO Garden PROAcetic Acid Check Price
Energen Carolina LLC 578Acetic Acid Check Price
Ortho GroundClearAmmonium Check Price

The Top-quality Weed Killer for Thistles

Although most thistle species are non-poisonous, still mixing them with an eatable crop can ruin the taste for you. Thus, stopping a wild plant to take over a field isn’t easy.

You need the best weed killer to get rid of different thistle types and hence, we have a list of the top-rated ones right here.

Even though we do not own a crop field, but still, watching weed growing in our backyard certainly made us uncomfortable.

Hence, we did a little research, invested in a few different weed killers, and finally came up with our list of the best weed killer for thistles that actually worked.

Are you too looking for one? Well then, let’s get to the list right away!

1. Monterey LG5482 Thistledown Weed Killer

Monterey Weed Killer For Thistles

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If you are looking for the best Canada thistle weed killer then we promise, you can never go wrong with the Monterey thistledown weed killer!

It has been carefully formulated with advanced chemicals including clopyralid as the active ingredient which is known to kill weeds pretty fast.

This herbicide can be used to control the growth of broadleaf weeds and thistles including the Canadian thistles, yellow starthistles, knapweed, and musk thistles, a huge variety that can be dealt with this one easily.

Although, we’ve used it on large pastures, covered non-crop areas, and even used it to kill legumes on ranchette pastures without seeing any adverse effects of it.

But of course, as the weed killer contains chemicals, the manufacturer prohibits you from spraying it over edible crops or pour over land that is near irrigation water.

Nonetheless, the Monterey thistledown weed killer is a brilliant product, and to ensure you get the best out of it, read the instruction to use it right!

  • Best for controlling broadleaf weed, Canadian thistles, yellow starthistles, musk thistles, and knapweed
  • Can be used on pastures, non-crop areas, and ranchette pastures without a problem
  • Contains clopyralid as the active ingredient which kills weed quickly
  • Affordable
  • Shouldn’t be used around irrigation water
  • Do not bring in direct contact with the skin or clothes
  • Some people may not find it strong enough

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2. Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed Killer

Green Gobbler Weed Killer

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One thing that has always concerned us about weed killers is the number of chemicals used in the composition which may lead to health complications upon inhalation or contact.

Thus, this is why we were always on a quest to find a weed killer for thistles and nettles that contained less amount of harmful chemicals yet were absolutely powerful.

This is when we came across Green Gobbler’s weed killer and since then, we’ve loved it to the core!

As the label reads, it contains 20% acetic acid, derived from natural resources to ensure the weed killer is safe to be used on crops and irrigation land.

But being formulated without any harmful chemicals does not mean this weed killer isn’t as strong as it should be.

The Green Gobbler’s weed killer works best on crabgrass, white clover, dandelions, clover weeds, moss, and much more, getting rid of the wild growth within 24 hours.

Yes, 24 hours only! This product is actually THAT fast!

If we take about its usage then you’ll be glad to know that it can be conveniently used on multiple surfaces which is what we love most about it.

From sidewalks to driveways, mulch beds to farmlands, its uses are immeasurable and best of all, the absence of cancer-causing chemicals makes it everyone’s favorite.

Another that we actually find great about this product and worth mentioning is that it is an OMRI-listed weed killer and certified, which is something not every weed killer label offers.

And yes, if you aren’t satisfied with the product, which we highly doubt, you can return it within 30 days and get back your money.

With all the amazing characteristics, what there isn’t to love about this product? Try it once and we are sure you’ll be buying it all over again.

  • Free from cancer-causing chemicals like glyphosate
  • Contains naturally extracted acetic acid
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces including sidewalks, farmlands, driveways, and pastures
  • Best for controlling dandelions, white clover, clover weeds, moss, and crabgrass
  • Offers 30-days money-back guarantee
  • 4 times stronger than the table vinegar
  • Gets rid of weed within 24 hours only
  • As opposed to what the label says, users have stated it to be dangerous

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3. Compare-N-Save Herbicide 75324

Compare And Save Herbicide

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This ready-to-spray contains 41% glyphosate which is one of the strongest chemicals used in most weed killers to get rid of weeds.

Hence, its highly-concentrated formula is what makes it an ideal weed killer for thistles lawn, helping you get rid of grass, stumps, bushes, and vines from sidewalks, driveways, and fences.

Although, we won’t recommend you using it around edible items if you have to get rid of wild growth around your fruit trees or vegetation, read the pack carefully to understand how can it be used without causing any potential harm to the items that are consumed by humans.

Also, to gain maximum benefit from the product, it is suggested to spray the weed killer on a bright sunny day so it forms a protective coating over the weed, dissolving them slowly over the next few hours until you get rid of them completely.

A thing to remember here is that if you have brittle weeds, use a small amount of the Compare-N-Save herbicide in the water while a more concentrated solution for tougher weeds.

The best characteristic of this herbicide is that it kills wild plants from the roots, hence forbidding them from re-growth and keeping your area clean from these!

  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Can be used along sidewalks, driveways, and fences
  • Helps to get rid of grass, stumps, bushes, and vines
  • Use a sunny day for best results
  • Kills weeds from the roots, forbidding future growth of unwanted and wild plants
  • Contains a high concentration of a dangerous chemical named glyphosate
  • Can make pets and kids sick easily

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4. RM43 43-Percent Glyphosate Total Vegetation Control

RM43 43-Percent Glyphosate

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Are you tired of vines and brushes ruining the outlook of your farmland? A land that is full of vegetation but spoiled with unwanted weed. If so is the case, we might have a product that is super helpful for you.

This herbicide is made has been formulated using two powerful chemicals: glyphosate and imazapyr.

Both of these when combined create a solution that kills weeds within hours of spraying, burning them from the roots so you get rid of them once and for all.

Yes, it does prevent re-growth up to 12 months, thus giving you enough to breathe, prepare and re-do it again. Moreover, this weed killer isn’t just limited to pastures or farmlands.

Rather, you can easily use it to kill the weed, vines, and brushes around sidewalks, gravel paths, and driveways.

Additionally, one bottle that measures up to 1 gallon is enough to cover a wide area estimated to be 17,297 square feet before the last drop is sprayed out.

Although, we’ve been suggested to use it around general areas and we surely have sprayed it around our fence to kill thistles, but because of the formula, we won’t recommend using it near vegetation or irrigation land.

Moreover, be careful when using it, avoiding contact with skin or clothes just to make sure you don’t end up with any serious health problem.

Apart from this, the RM43 total vegetation control kills wild plantations fast, getting to the roots to suspend future growth.

  • Highly concentrated that gives quick results
  • Can be used on driveways, sidewalks, and fences
  • Suspends growth of weeds, vine and brushes up to 12 months
  • 1-gallon bottle can easily cover 17,297 square feet of area
  • Cannot be used around vegetation or irrigational lands
  • A highly concentrated formula that can be hazardous to health
  • Take a long time to kill weed as stated by some users

No products found.

5. Natural Armor 30% Home and Garden Vinegar

Natural Armor Weed Killer

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Sometimes one needs something more than a herbicide, a product that works as a dissolvent and deodorizer, right?

What if we told you that we know of a weed killer that is all-natural and is used as both deodorizer and dissolvent?

This may sound unbelievable but the Natural Armor’s 30% home and garden vinegar is one weed killer that is tough on not just wild plantation, but stains too!

The natural thistle weed killer contains 30% vinegar (acetic acid) extracted from natural resources to ensure the formula is kept as less hazardous as possible.

Of all the products mentioned on the list, if we talk about a weed killer more on the natural side then this one is 6 times stronger in performance.

Yes, 6 times better than your regular weed killer!

Whether you’re struggling with wild plantations around the fences or pastures, the Natural Armor herbicide makes a great product to be used.

Spray it around driveways, sidewalks, and even the pool area without a hassle.

And just to ensure you, it isn’t bad for your health, not as much as another weed killer, of course, the manufacturer says it can be used to clean brass and copper, kill germs in the refrigerator, and foul smells in the toilets.

We did clean our toilet with it and believe it or not, our tiles were left glistening and no foul smell rising from the drains.

Although the product is natural, well at least most of it, still with sprays like these it is always advised to be extra careful when using it to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

  • Made from vinegar that is extracted from natural resources
  • Great to kill weed around sidewalks, driveways, and fences
  • It can also be used to clean toilets, garbage disposal, refrigerators, etc as it works both as a dissolvent and deodorizer
  • 6 times stronger than othernatural thistle weed killer
  • Leaves a great scent behind it
  • The package does not include a sprayer which makes using it a little difficult
  • Product might destroy weeds for a short time

No products found.

6. Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed and Grass Killer

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer

No products found.

Here is a doctor for all your weed problems! Well, not a literal doctor we’re talking about but a great solution that we’ve seen killing some tough weeds and thistles without being harmful.

This natural thistle weed killer has been carefully put together using ocean saltwater, food-grade vinegar, and soap. Thus, it makes the herbicide safe for children, pets, and adults holding no potential harm.

Because Doctor Kirchner has tried its best to craft products that are all-natural based, they have paid special attention to the packaging as well. the bottles are used minimum plastic and no-glug spot, making them 100% eco-friendly.

Moreover, we’ve got a chance at reading the label more closely and we did not find the formula to be mixed with harmful chemicals like glyphosate, etc.

Hence, this is why, if you have wild plantations in your backyard with kids around, this one is absolutely safe to spray.

Have you ordered yours until now? If you are worried about having ordered a bigger bottle than you would have needed then do not worry.

The Doctor Kirchner natural week killer has a prolonged shelf life plus it kills weeds within 12-24 hours, certainly a great turnaround time for a natural herbicide like this one.

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Kills weed within 12 to 24 hours
  • Has a long shelf life
  • Safe to use around kids and pets
  • Ideal for fences, driveways, and water paths
  • Eco-friendly bottle
  • Contains no harmful chemicals like glyphosate
  • Not strong enough
  • Expensive

No products found.

7. Southern AG 2,4-D Amine Weed Killer

Southern Ag Amine

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Are you having a hard time finding a powerful herbicide for broadleaf weed in your lawn? Whether you have woody plants taking over your pastures or thistles in the lawn, we have the best weed killer to get rid of them all!

What are we talking about? When we were struggling with thistles in our backyard and no product gave us long-lasting results, we came across the Southern AG weed killer and thought of giving it a try.

So, here is what we think about it. Although this weed killer is highly concentrated with amine salts, that is what allows it to kill thistles and nettles in less time and preventing growth for long.

Moreover, if used carefully, it can be pretty much be sprayed anywhere you’re seeing wild vegetation. But make sure, keep it away from irrigation lands, pets, and kids or the outcomes may be hazardous.

Nonetheless, if you too want a highly effective herbicide that isn’t very expensive, give the Southern AG amine weed killer a try!

  • Made from highly concentrated amine salts
  • Kills broadleaf weeds
  • Can be used around lawn, pastures and pretty much anywhere
  • Affordable
  • Prevents the growth of weeds for much longer
  • Do not spray it on irrigation lands
  • Dangerous for pets and kids
  • May kill leaves and flowers in the lawn or elsewhere if not used carefully

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8. ECO Garden PRO- Organic Vinegar Weed Killer

ECO Garden PRO Weed Killer

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Perhaps if you are looking for a pet and kid-safe herbicide, the ECO Garden PRO’s organic vinegar weed killer is your thing!

As the name suggests, one of the active ingredients of the weed killer is none other than acetic acid or more commonly known as vinegar, extracted from natural resources only.

But being organic doesn’t mean it is worthy of killing tough weeds!

We’ve found the ECO Garden Pro’s herbicide to be one of the best amongst organic weed killers.

It has been carefully composed using just the right amount of chemicals along with acetic acid that allows it to kill thistles, clover, moss, and poison ivy while being easy on the rest of the “good” plantation.

And let’s not forget how fast does this product delivers results. Once you are done spraying it over moss, weed, dandelions, etc, you’ll see them disappear within 24 hours ONLY!

It works effectively on the wild plantation so if you have any unwanted wild growth around your vegetation, this one is absolutely safe to use.

Even for farmlands, we’ll recommend the ECO Garden PRO organic weed killer because it is safe for cattle too.

This non-toxic formula is easy to use and non-hazardous which is why we love it!

  • Formulated from naturally extracted vinegar (acetic acid)
  • Pet, cattle, and kid-friendly
  • Tough on weeds, thistles, clover, etc.
  • Gives results within 24 hours
  • Ready to use formula
  • Phosphate-free and non-toxic
  • Might not be strong enough
  • Takes time to show results

No products found.

9. Energen Carolina Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer

Energen Carolina Weed Killer

No products found.

This quick-acting weed and grass killer is highly effective when it comes down to getting rid of multiple types of weeds and that too from the roots.

The Energen Caroline herbicide comes in two bottle sizes, 1-gallon bottle, and 2-gallon bottle, letting you choose according to the area that needs to be covered.

Moreover, it is safe to be used on sidewalks and driveways and has a more advanced usage.

How so? The formula has been designed to cater to weed problems on a commercial, industrial and agricultural scale, which this vinegar weed killer serves the best.

It may be not one of the most highly concentrated formulas that we have come across, but surely gets the job done right!

  • An organic formula that is safe to use
  • Designed for commercial, industrial, and agricultural purposes
  • Effective killer of dandelion, ground ivy, moss, etc
  • Can be used on sidewalk, driveways, fence and much more
  • Does not have a strong smell
  • May cause allergic reaction when comes in contact with the skin
  • Also kills leaves and flowers if not used carefully

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10. Ortho Groundclear Weed and Grass Killer

Ortho GroundClear Thistles Weed Killer

No products found.

The Ortho Groundclear is just like its name, clears the ground within hours of application very effectively.

we have surely found this one highly reliable when it comes to killing broadleaf weeds but one thing that you need to remember is that because it contains ammonium, a highly toxic chemical, be careful during application.

Do not bring in contact with skin, kids, pets, or vegetation just to avoid problems later. Apart from this, the product is as amazing as it can get.

It can be sprayed on patios, landscape beds, and vegetable gardens to get rid of woody weeds and vines quickly.

Believe us or not, but once you’ve applied the Ortho Groundclear over the weed, it takes only 15 minutes for the results to be visible.

Hence, if you’re on the lookout for a herbicide that is quick, effective, and easy on the pocket, this is your product right here!

And yes, once it has been dried, it forms a rain-protective coating that keeps the soil safe from wetting in the rain.

Moreover, unlike another weed killer, this grass killer comes with a battery-operated sprayer and is proudly OMRI listed for safe gardening purposes.

  • Effectively removes/kills broadleaf weed
  • Highly concentrated formula that gives results within 15 minutes
  • Can be used on the patio, vegetable gardens, and landscape beds
  • Comes with a battery-operated sprayer
  • OMRI listed
  • Forms a rain-proof coating once dried
  • It may take longer to show results
  • It does not kill all types of weed as stated by a few users

No products found.

Best Weed Killer for Thistles Buyer's Guide:

Weed Killer For Thistles Buying Guide

Keeping in mind how tough it can be to get rid of thistles and nettles, one needs a highly effective weed killer. But for someone who hasn’t bought one in years, how would you know which herbicide to go for?

When talking about herbicides, a fancy bottle with a spray isn’t the only thing that will make it a worthy purchase. So, what is it? Is it the chemicals used in its composition? Or the variety of weeds it can rid of?

If you truly need an answer, we are here with some quick pointers that will help you find the right herbicide.


Little do people know that chemicals like glyphosate and imazapyr are the best ones for killing the weed. These are super powerful, quick in their work, and prevent re-growth by killing thistles from the roots.

So, if you’ve picked up a bottle of herbicide and it reads out these ingredients in the mix, be sure of buying it right away.

But with such highly concentrated formulas, you need to be super careful when spraying it on weed, or else, even the tiniest contact with skin can lead to problems.

Okay, we already know which chemicals work best but there are some natural herbicides available in the market too. But are these effective?

Weed killers composed of naturally extracted ingredients like vinegar or salt are surely effective but it may take some time to show the results.

The only benefit these natural herbicides carry is that they are safe to use around pets and kids while being sprayed on irrigation lands with a problem.

The Size

Before you head out to buy a weed killer, ask yourself how big or small is the area needs to be covered? Why is this important?

Well, tell you why! We once did the mistake of ordering a smaller bottle of herbicide while we had a larger area to cover.

Hence, we were successful in getting rid of thistles from half the land and couldn’t find the same product to get rid of the remaining.

What did we do then? Spend another few weeks on finding the next best weed killer and until then, the old area was seeing with re-growth.

So, if you have a fair idea of how much land you need to cover, you’ll be ordering the right-sized bottle of weed killer which saves both your time and energy.

Spray or Concentrate

If you have less time and more money in your pocket, we’d suggest going for read-to-spray herbicides.

These come in bottles with sprays attached to them so all you need to do is, unpack the box, get hold of the equipment, and spraying away.

On the other hand, the concentrated weed killers need to be mixed in water according, making a less or highly concentrated solution depending on the type of weed you need to get rid of.

These may take a little bit of preparation time than the spray ones but are much more affordable.

Preventer or Killer

Just do not hush yourself into buying a weed killer, because hey! You might not need one! Why do we say so?

This is because some people confuse a preventer with a killer, ending up destroying their lawns or pastures due to unnecessary spray of killers.

Do you have wild plantations growth on your land? If not, buy a preventer to “prevent” future growth. But if you see a small thistle waving back at you, you need a weed killer to get rid of the dirt.


We won’t suggest going for a very expensive week killer because even if it helps you get rid of the thistles, nettles, and broadleaf weed for a year, you’ll have to spray the area all over again once the re-growth starts.

Hence, you wouldn’t want to spend much on a product that needs to be bought and used regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is weed killer for thistles and nettles safe to use?

Although, most herbicides contain hazardous chemicals and hence come with a complete manual to avoid accidents, if you use it carefully by following the instructions to the “T”, it shouldn’t cause any problem to you, your family, pets, or vegetation.

Is natural thistle weed killer expensive than concentrated ones?

The price fully depends on the label you’re going for. If the product belongs to a known brand then yes, it might be expensive. Also, as compared to spray or organic weed killers, the concentrated herbicides are a little heavier on the pocket.

What is the difference between selective and non-selective herbicides?

In layman terms, a selective weed killer will kill only a certain type of wild plant, based on their processes are targeted and killed. On the contrary, non-selective weed killers attach any type of plant and kill it. Remember, a non-selective herbicide also possesses potential harm to vegetation and flowers if used carelessly.

What if I use more quantity of herbicide than was required?

It may lead to spotting of the flowers and leaves, ultimately killing them and also affect the nutritional/pH balance of the soil which may lead to problems with future vegetation. Thus, before using weed killer, make sure to read the instructions properly to avoid any mishaps.


Whether you’re planning to buy the Bull thistles weed killer or thistledown weed killer, make sure you do not overspend on a product that is not made for your purpose.

If you have tough vines and brushes to deal with, go for a weed killer that contains glyphosate for quick results.

While if the area is clear of wild plantations and you wish to avoid it in the future too, invest in a preventer. Either way, be careful in choosing the right product and be even more careful when using it.

Try not to have anyone around when you are spraying it and for yourself, do not forget to wear gloves and masks even if you’re working with an organic weed killer!

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