Best Weather Stripping For Old Doors [Buying Guide 2022]

Wanna have insulated doors installed so you can conserve energy and maybe keep the unwanted elements out of your home? That’s a good idea but it’s probably going to cost you a lot.

Why don’t you look for an alternative such as the best weather stripping for old doors installed in your house and save some money?

Best Weather Stripping For Old Doors

Installing a new door in your house is costly. It’s probably going to cost you an arm or a leg if you have all your house doors replaced.

That’s why we have suggested opting for another way i.e. weather stripping to save extra money while still improving your living conditions.

Weatherstripping is a simple and improved way of reducing your energy costs by filling the gaps and sealing your doors efficiently. There are several benefits of weatherproofing which is why so many people are now going for it.

The whole process is basically a DIY project. It’s easy and seamless so anyone can do it. And for your further assistance, we have already picked out some of the best weather strippings you can go for. Check them out below.

Comparing 10 Best Weather Stripping For Old Doors

Weather StrippingThicknessWidthLength
M-D Building Products6inch4inch36inch Check Price
Frost King ES184W3/4inch1/4inch84inch Check Price
3M Interior3/5inch1.5inch360inch Check Price
Ohuhu Door Sweeps3/4inch2inch38inch Check Price
AM Conservation Group3/4inch2.5inch84inch Check Price
Suptikes Door Draft Stopper3/4inch1-4/5inch88inch Check Price
TMH Magnetic Kerf3/4inch2.5inch84inch Check Price
Holikme Weather Stripping3/4inch1.8inch396inch Check Price
CloudBuyer Seal Strip6/5inch7/20inch396inch Check Price
Fowong Adhesive Pile1/4inch1/2inch312inch Check Price

1. M-D Building 87783 Compression Weather Stripping

M-D Building Weather Stripping

No products found.

For the best vinyl weather stripping for doors, we have the M-D Building 87783 compression weather stripping.

If you have been hunting for the best weatherstrip for some time now, then you must know it comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

This one delivers all-season protection so you won’t have to worry about having new weather strips installed every time the weather changes.

We found the M-D 87783 compression weather stripping to be an effective solution for sealing your old home doors.

If they have become creaky or you’re having wind and dust troubles, this highly durable weatherstrip will let you breathe.

Quite Durable

Mainly, most people look for something extremely durable that can last for years. The compression weather strip gives you amazing strength and keeps all the uninvited dust, rain, cold, and heat outside.

It’s also shock-resistant and soundproof. If an old door in your house is making that creaky noise you don’t like, stripping it with this seal would be a good choice.

Thick and Appealing

Initially, you will face some trouble while moving your doors once the seal has been installed. But within a few weeks, it will adjust well to the door so it closes nicely and smoothly.

The thickness is also excellent. The M-D weatherstrip will prevent moisture, bugs, and water from invading your home.

Though it comes in grey color which is a bit visible below your doors. If you don’t like it, you can always have the color changed by the manufacturer.

Very Functional

Another added benefit of the M-D weatherstrip is that you can use it on the bottom and top of your door.

It’s pretty long and comes at a very reasonable price so you can have most of your windows and doors weatherproofed.

You will have to secure the seal with fasteners on your doors. They come included in the box so don’t worry, you won’t have to spend extra bucks to buy them separately.

The installation is easy. Just measure your door and cut out a long enough piece of the strip. Attach it to your door, fasten it with the nails, and voila!

Final Verdict:

The M-D 87783 compression weather stripping is one of the most durable vinyl weather stripping for doors that we have come across.

It offers commendable performance and helps you keep your home weatherproofed through the year.

  • Very flexible
  • Works for all seasons
  • Cost effective
  • Durable thick gauge
  • Fasteners don’t look very attractive

No products found.

2. Frost King ES184W Weatherseal Replacement

Frost King Weatherstrip

No products found.

The Frost King ES184 weather seal replacement is an easy-to-use and simple weather stripping solution that is readily available in the market.

You can conveniently acquire it in a number of sizes for optimum fitting and functionality.

If you happen to be someone who is looking for a unique weatherstripping solution, then you’ll be glad to have found this.

It is a tape made out of rubber that gives a spongy grip under your doors and windows.

It’s an inexpensive solution to all your weather-related problems. You will be able to block out the cold breeze and loud noise with the help of this weatherstrip effectively.

Considerably Thick

The Frost King ES184W has a thickness of 3/4inch and is 1/2inch wide. It can easily fit underneath your doors and windows without affecting your home aesthetics.

Initially, you will have some hindrance when opening, moving, or closing your door. But eventually, as time will pass, the weather seal will adhere more to the door.

Of course, the thickness provides excellent shock resistance and sound absorption. And you also will not have to worry about being chilly inside your home during winters.

The weather seal prevents the wind, dust, and rain from entering your home.

Removable Weather Seal

Unlike most weather strips you come across, we found the Frost King ES184W weatherseal’s adherence to be not extremely powerful.

Now, this is a plus point since you will be able to have it removed easily.

If after some time you feel the weatherstrip has lost its effectiveness or you have placed it incorrectly, you can always take it off and install another one as per your preference. It will leave your door undamaged.

Do it yourself

The best part about having this weather seal installed is that you don’t have to ask for professional help.

The Frost King ES184W weather seal comes as a complete kit so you can easily install it yourself. The strip itself is 7ft long. You will be able to weather-proof a number of your doors.

Final verdict:

The Frost King ES184W weather seal is incredible weather stripping that you can install all by yourself. It’s pretty thick which makes it highly effective.

With a lifetime warranty, it’s one of the best adhesive weather stripping for doors. Just make sure not to use it externally.

  • Inexpensive
  • Thick in nature
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Very easy to install
  • Not recommended for external doors

No products found.

3. 3M Interior Transparent Weather Sealing Tape

3M Interior Transparent Weather Sealing Tape

No products found.

Are you looking for a temporary solution to insulate and weather seal your windows and doors?

The 3M Interior transparent weather sealing tape is a good choice for anyone who wants to stay weather-protected without compromise on their home’s appearance.

When it comes to finding weather stripping solutions, you’re going to find a variety in the market. This recommendation comes as a tape and is the best thin weather stripping for doors.

It doesn’t take too much time for fixation and once that’s done, you will be able to protect yourself from uninvited dust, wind, and maybe even insects.

Conserve Energy

We know how most interior tapes are off-putting because they don’t attract the eyes. But this one, the 3M Insulator Kit is a temporary fix that you can always take off.

The selling point of this mounting tape is that it conserves your energy sources. The tape effectively traps wind and air outside effectively minimizing the use of internal heaters.

It is a powerful double-sided mounting tape that seals cracks, establishing an airtight bond between the surfaces.

Works on a Variety of Surfaces

For those who always have trouble finding the right weather strip they could fix on a variety of surfaces, we have a problem solver for you.

The 3M weather stripping works efficiently well with aluminum, varnished, painted, and several other surfaces.

The tape is also very easy to install. All you have to do is measure your windows, cut the tape accordingly and stick it.

For Interior Use Only

The 3M Interior transparent weather sealing tape can only be used inside the house. You can fulfill external purposes with this, you must have guessed that from the name of this product already.

But even the interior uses of this tape are pretty versatile because of the fact that it’s transparent. You can fill your roof crafts, tape below your windows, and seal your doors effectively.

The strip itself is very flexible so it will easily conform to various angles and fix into different positions conveniently.

Final Verdict:

The 3M Transparent weather sealing tape is a commendable but temporary solution for all your problems. It will help bring down your bills and ensure you don’t have to feel chilly inside your home.

  • Easy to install
  • Quite firm
  • Perfect insulator
  • Conserves energy
  • Doesn’t appeal visually
  • Not very durable

No products found.

4. Ohuhu Door Draft Stopper & Weather Strip

Ohuhu Door Sweeps

No products found.

The next product in the line is the Ohuhu door draft stopper & weatherstrip. This exclusive weatherstripping is for the bottom of the doors to effectively stop the wind from blowing in and for soundproofing purposes.

This weather seal is a top choice for heavy-duty weather stripping for doors. With an effortless installation process, you will be able to lock the outside world affirmatively.

Because of its aesthetic appeal and the fact, it’s available in a number of colors, you get to choose something that goes well with your interior and won’t look out of order.

One Seal For All

The Ohuhu door draft stopper is a seal that you can trust definitively. It’s made out of a durable composition which not only makes it waterproof but also soundproof.

Once you have the seal installed on your doors and windows, you will be able to keep it safe from dust and rain throughout the year.

It efficiently insulates your home and also reduces energy costs.

Extremely Durable

The Ohuhu weatherstrip is made out of silicone which is tough, durable, water-resistant, anti-scratch, and safe to use.

It will effectively keep the uninvited outside world out so you can have a healthier living environment.

We also found the seal to be highly resistant against wear and tear so it’s going to last for a very long time.

Fits Naturally

You’re going to enjoy the smooth texture and surface of this weather seal. We chose the white color because of how conveniently that blended in with our home interior but you can opt for any color you like.

The seal can fill any gap of up to 28mm. It has a very tight fit which will keep the seal from deforming even after years of use.

Final Verdict:

While we were on our hunt for weather seals, we found the Ohuhu door draft stopper to be the best heavy-duty weather stripping for doors.

With an easy installation, soundproof and waterproof properties, you can see how much incredible resistance it provides. It’s also backed by a lifetime warranty which says it all.

  • Fits like a glove
  • Easy to install
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable and tough composition
  • Hard to pull off if placed incorrectly

No products found.

5. AM Conservation KC600W-84 Foam-Aluminum Weather Strip

AM Conservation Weather Strip

No products found.

Moving on we have the AM Conservation Group KC600W-84 foam-Aluminum weatherstrip. This is another one of the top weather stripping for old doors we came across.

This is a complete weatherstripping kit that includes two 84inch foam strips for the side and one 36inch strip for the top of the door.

Along with that, there is an aluminum carrier with angled sides for fast, easy, and durable installation.

The KC600W-84 weatherstrip is a combination of aluminum and foam weather stripping solutions. It provides maximum protection against bugs, dust, and moisture.

Incredible Composition

This weatherstrip has received a lot of applause from the users because of its tough composition. It’s quite resistant against wear and tear and doesn’t deform on bending.

Not to mention, the foam constantly springs back into shape even after years of use.

The AM Conservation weatherstrip also has solid insulation properties. It keeps the cool breeze from invading your home while maintaining a reasonable temperature during the summers.

Versatile Use

We understand how troublesome it gets when you have different types of gaps, windows, and doors in your home and you have to purchase a different weather strip for sealing.

But not anymore, these excellent weather strips can be used to fill cracks and seals. You can use them below the doors and on the top.

The weatherstrip can be easily installed against aluminum, wooden, varnished, painted, vinyl, and plastic surfaces, preventing rain, bugs, and dust from invading your home.

Easy to Install

The kit includes an aluminum carrier with fasteners that makes installation a breezy process. With this weather stripping solution, you will be able to seal all doors and windows of your house with ease and convenience.

You don’t even need any prior DIY experience. The kit includes a detailed user manual or you can watch YouTube tutorials for help.

Final Verdict:

The KC600W-84 foam-Aluminum weatherstrip is a solid and effective weatherstrip that is going to make your life a whole lot easier. It can last for years and remains pliable even under subzero temperatures.

  • Solid composition
  • Easy to install
  • Can be attached to a variety of surfaces
  • Looks aesthetic
  • Installation is easy but takes some extra time

No products found.

6. Suptikes Door Sweep for Exterior & Interior Doors

Suptikes Door Draft Stopper

No products found.

Felt weather stripping for doors has been the most reliable kind of seal. Firstly, it attaches to the door without any drama and sticks to the surface for the longest time.

Secondly, felt weather seals are very easy to install and don’t take too much time so they make a good option for DIY projects.

The Suptikes door sweep is a great option if you want to save some money and go for a single weather seal that will work externally and internally both.

It offers great resistance against all kinds of weather and keeps your home protected against despised elements.

Very Efficient

When we heard about the Suptike weather seal, we thought it was going to be a useful investment given everything the brand suggested. You’ll be happy to know we weren’t disappointed.

In our experience, the best thing this door sweep did for us is how it reduced our energy costs.

During summers and winters, we previously had to pay a truckload of bills because the internal heating and cooling would never be sufficient.

But ever since we installed this door sweep in our home, the gust of wind and scorching heat of summer doesn’t escape our doors anymore. It keeps our home temperature stable and our bills have drastically been reduced.

Say No to Noise Pollution

If you happen to be someone who cannot focus on his work or studies or even can’t read when outside noises keep barging into your room. Then you’re going to find the Suptikes door sweep even more useful.

Because of its solid composition, the seal doesn’t let even the slightest noise escape your door so you can relax in a cozy and calm environment all day long.

Quite Versatile

There are a number of ways you can make use of the Suptikes door sweep. its wide range of applications makes it a worthy investment.

You can install it on sliding doors, wood doors, glass doors, cupboards, shower rooms, wardrobes, and even cupboards.

The installation seems like a breeze. All you have to do is cut the strip, remove the back and attach the adhesive side against your door.

Final Verdict:

The Suptikes door sweep for exterior & interior is a highly versatile and powerful weather seal that keeps your room protected against noise, storm aftermath, insects, and moisture.

It’s a perfect fit for a DIY installation and gives you the benefit you are looking for.

  • Powerful adhesive
  • Effortless installation
  • Wide usage
  • Looks appealing
  • Since the adhesive is very strong, you will have to be careful during the placement since it won’t come off

No products found.

7. TMH Magnetic Kerf Weather Stripping for Metal Doors

TMH Weather Stripping

No products found.

Since we were searching all types of weather seals, so it was essential we took magnetic weather stripping for metal doors under consideration.

That is when we came across the TMH Magnetic Kerf weather stripping for metal doors and we have to say, we were pretty impressed!

This is a high-quality and unparalleled magnetic stripping for metal doors that takes no time to adjust. A lot of people consider magnetic weather stripping due to the ease of installation and their durability.

The brand has wisely improved this magnetic weather seal with an extra-strong magnet. Now it’s not going to come off that easily.

Solid Insulation

Wanna keep your room well-protected from insects, water, dust, and all else that may bother you? Try the TMH weather stripping and you’re surely going to improve your house’s insulation.

This weather seal offers tremendous insulation, keeps the outside noises out, prevents dust and moisture from entering your home, and also keeps the unwanted bugs out.

Durable and Tough

There are two magnetic strips in the box along with compression weather stripping for doors so you can have them installed as per your preference. The quality is commendable which is why most users go for it.

TMH has backed this weather seal with a long-term warranty so you can always have your money back in case the strip ruptures.

Ease of Installation

The fact that the Trademark Hardware weather strip is easy to install is another added benefit of investing in this weather seal. You will not have to spend hours figuring out how the seal goes against your door.

All you have to do is place the aluminum carrier against the door and fasten it with nails that are included in the box. No extra tools or equipment are required and you will be done within 10 minutes.

Final Verdict:

Finding the best magnetic weatherstrip isn’t that easy. It took us a lot of time to find one and then we made sure to test TMH weather stripping rigorously before making a recommendation to our readers.

We have to say, it’s one of the most powerful magnetic weather strips that you’re ever going to find. It sticks like a chip, keeps your home protected from unwanted objects, and provides a safe and secure environment.

  • Solid composition
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Seals are a bit weak

No products found.

8. Holikme 33 Feet Weather Stripping Silicone Door Seal

Holikme Weather Stripping

No products found.

As we are moving down to our last few recommendations, here is the Holikme 33ft weather stripping silicone door seal.

Holikme has come up with a wide range of products to help improve your living conditions. Whether you want a manual cleaning brush, a vacuum cleaner, or in this case, weather sealant; the brand has it all.

You won’t even have to spend too much. Their products come at very economical price points so you can have anything you like on a very minimal budget.

The Holikme silicone weatherstrip is popular for being weather resistant and is a great choice for weatherstripping entry doors.

Blocks Every Unwanted Entity

If you’re like us who don’t like the idea of cockroaches or rodents crawling your homes, then having this weatherstrip on board is the best thing you can do for yourself.

It is very important to weatherproof your home by installing seals and strips beneath your doors.

The Holikme door seal will do just that. It’s thick in size and is going to keep all kinds of bugs, unwanted dust, moisture, and other foreign elements out of your room.

Easy to Install

Ease of installation is one of the most important factors that we all consider whenever starting a DIY home project.

Well, you will be happy to know that the Holikme Silicone door seal has an adjustable length that you can cut through scissors and adjust as per your requirements.

With the adhesive back, it will take literally no time for you to have the seal installed.

Perfect For All Sorts of Gaps

Whether you want to feel narrow cracks or bigger side gaps in your doors, the Holikme weather seal is ideal for all. It has versatile properties which make it fit onto any surface pretty conveniently.

Also, the seal doesn’t make much of an impact on your house’s aesthetics.

Final Verdict:

All in all, the Holikme weather stripping is quite versatile and offers a wide range of benefits. The ease of installation and its enigmatic resistance against weather definitely makes it a weather strip of interest.

  • Wide application
  • Quick installation
  • Solid adhesive back
  • Fixes all kinds of cracks and gaps
  • Too thick for some gaps

No products found.

9. CloudBuyer Weatherproof/Soundproof Seal Strip for Doors

CloudBuyer Weather Stripping For Old Doors

No products found.

The second last weatherstrip we would like you to check out is the CloudBuyer weatherproof strip for doors.

For someone in search of weather stripping for metal exterior doors and hasn’t found something suitable in our last recommendations, this weather seal is going to be your saving grace.

This specific weatherstrip evidently seals cracks and gaps so you can prevent dust, mold, rain, breeze, and insects from barging in.

The package includes two tick rolls of weatherstrips that are high-quality plus equivalent to 33ft in total. It’s sufficient for a few of your home doors but don’t forget to have them measured before your purchase.

Extremely Durable

The reason why the CloudBuyer seal strip gained so much popularity among DIYers is because of its premium quality material.

It’s made out of EPDM foam so the strip has a smooth exterior and interior. We also found the strip to be very flexible which means it won’t deform easily or lose its elasticity.

Commendable Insulation

We know how difficult it is to cool down our homes in summers, whereas, in winters, the cold we experience is 10-times more than that.

Doesn’t matter how much temperature you try to rise up or bring down through heaters and ACs, it’s never enough.

The seal strip comes with an innovative composition that offers commendable insulating properties.

Once you have them applied, you will see a drastic change in your internal temperature. Plus, the seal will help you conserve energy while keeping the environment tolerable.

Suitable for Mid-Sized to Large Gaps

The tape has a 9x6mm thickness so you can conveniently have it installed beneath your doors and fill gaps between walls. We also found it very ideal as weather stripping between double doors due to its thickness.

However, we won’t recommend these strips for smaller cracks. It may not fit in with them accurately.

These weatherstrips are also soundproof. So once you install them, you can study, work or enjoy some free time without any external interference.

Final Verdict:

The CloudBuyer seal strip is an excellent choice for a weather seal. It’s made out of excellent composition and proves to be an asset throughout the year.

Not to mention, the installation is also very easy and quick.

  • Excellent insulation
  • High quality seal
  • Quite versatile
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Not ideal for smaller gaps

No products found.

10. Fowong Adhesive Pile Weather Stripping

Fowong Weather Stripping

No products found.

Last but obviously not least, the Fowong Adhesive Pile weatherstripping is capable of doing wonders as it’s a flat pile stripping. You can mold it into any shape or form you like and fit it into gaps and seal them permanently.

The weatherstrip is woven out of a pile. It has a very soft texture with a sticky back. You’re going to love how easy it is to install and with its versatility, you will be able to seal doors, windows, roof cracks, garage gaps, and whatnot.

Pile weather stripping for sliding doors is also one of the most commonly searched for weather strips. You can also install this weather seal on your sliding doors because of its solid adhesion and durability.

High-Quality Weather Strip

The Fowong weather stripping is extremely durable and offers high tolerance. It can be wrapped around your door’s boundary with no distortion.

It’s pretty flexible and mendable. You will be able to even seal narrow and difficult corners with this adhesive weatherstrip.

The thickness of this strip is commendable. The adhesion is quite strong but in case you end up placing it at the wrong angle, you should remove it instantly and then stick again.

You will not have any trouble but this process can only be repeated a few times. It also greatly resists wear and tear while keeping all uninvited entities like dust, moisture, and insects outside.

Wide Application

The Fowong weatherstrip is a felt weather seal so it has a longer width. This aspect makes it quite versatile. With its help, you can close off double door gaps, seal windows and garage doors.

It can even be used for filling side gaps in French doors, patio doors, commercial doors, wardrobes, windows, armories, and whatnot.

It brings very healthy living surroundings. Because of its versatile and high-quality composition, the tape will have no trouble sticking to all kinds of surfaces and materials.

Very Economical

We loved how affordable this weatherstrip is and how many benefits it truly offers. The Fowong adhesive pile weatherstripping will also improve your energy consumption and help you save some extra bucks.

The installation is easy. It comes with a detailed user manual that will give you all the information you need.

Final Verdict:

When it comes to versatility, we don’t suppose any other sealant comes even remotely across Fowong weather stripping. It offers great benefits and improves your living conditions drastically.

  • Waterproof surface
  • Save yourself from noise pollution
  • Strong adhesive backing
  • Excellent performance
  • Not very thick

No products found.

Buyer’s Guide:

Weather Stripping For Old Doors Buying Guide

As you can see, the reason for opting for a DIY weatherstripping procedure is so you will not have to bear the expensive cost of hiring a weather stripping agency.

The seals we have suggested above may be temporary solutions but they are effective enough which makes them worth considering.

If you choose the right weather strip, you will be able to fill the gaps and cracks in your house efficiently leading to better insulation.

Consequently, several companies have also jumped into the market and have launched their own versions of weather seals including kits, sealants, and several other tools.

There is diversity in this industry and you’re going to come across all types of weather seals. It depends on your preference and requirements regarding what kind of weatherstrip you would like to go for.

If you’re a first-time buyer, then chances are you’re going to get confused between different types of sealants quite easily.

So, to make things less confusing for you, here are the types of weather strips you’re probably going to come across and this is what they do.

Types of Weather Strips


Felt is the most common type of weatherstrip that you’re going to find easily at any hardware shop. It is sold in rolls and is usually reinforced with a pliable metal strip. It’s quite inexpensive but doesn’t last more than a year.

Door Sweeps

Door sweeps are flat pieces either constructed out of aluminum, plastic, foam, or metal. They are placed underneath the doors to trap insects, dirt, water, and dust outside. They are quite long-lasting and offer great weatherproofing.

Foam Tape

Foam tapes are made from EPD thick foam with a sticky back. You will find this weatherstripping in various sizes i.e. lengths and widths.

They are very easy to install and are considered to be the most effective weatherproofing solution.

V Strip

V-strip is most commonly known as tension seal. It is either a durable metal or a plastic strip, folded into a “V” shape that springs open to fill gaps. You can put these seals along the side of a double door, a sliding door.

Things to Consider For The Best Weather Stripping For Old Doors

Now that you know about the types of weather-stripping available in the market, let’s move on to all the factors you must consider when choosing one.

Keep the following points in perspective and you’re never going to regret your purchase.


Sometimes, not always, weather stripping for old doors is usually a temporary solution and they don’t have high-quality composition. This compromises their durability and these weatherstrips don’t last that long.

If you’re in search of a long-lasting weather stripping solution, take the materials into consideration. Purchase only when the materials promise to deliver what you’re looking for.


Aside from durability, resistance is another factor that you cannot neglect when the most ideal weather stripping for old doors. It should be capable enough to deal with various external factors such as moisture, dust, and sound.

You might have noticed above that some of the weather strips we recommended had soundproofing properties while some offered protection against insects.

It depends on what is the thing you would like to prevent most and then you can choose a weather strip accordingly.


Another important factor is to measure the size of your windows and doors prior to your purchase.

If you have an idea of how wide your doors are and how much length you’re going to need for your strip, you will not have to order again and again in case the tape falls short.

Or, in case you don’t have an idea about how much length you’re possibly going to need for all your doors, order the maximum length you can get.

If you end up saving some of the weatherstrips, you can always find other uses for it instead of having to leave your project hanging if it’s insufficient.

Ease of use

It doesn’t really matter whether the weather seal you’re choosing will be used one-time only or is it long-term. The convenience and ease of use shouldn’t be compromised at any cost.

When a weather strip comes with a user-oriented design, it will not leave you frustrated. Having a DIY project that doesn’t seem DIY anymore as soon as you start the process can put you off.

So, when choosing an outdoor weatherstrip, make sure you opt for something that won’t take hours to install.

You shouldn’t need any tools or extra materials. The installation also shouldn’t require someone professional to save some extra bucks.


We are not sure if you have heard or not but whenever we are purchasing a new product, we go with the motto, “quality over quantity”. So yes, never compromise on the quality of your purchase even if it’s taking some extra bucks.

The friendliest solution we can give you for this is to decide your budget beforehand. This way, you can surf the market better and opt for something that offers you maximum features at a minimum price point.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to install weather stripping on French doors?

Installing weather stripping on the French doors is simple. We recommend adhesive weather seals for these doors. All you have to do is remove the back cover and place it nicely, and accurately along the surface, and pat on it. The seal takes almost 24-hours to install completely.

Can I replace weather stripping on doors?

Weatherstripping replacement is absolutely possible. All you have to do is remove the strip you previously installed either through a scrapper or by unfastening the nails. Removing an adhesive weatherstrip is a bit difficult and it can leave your door damaged. So make sure you remove it nice and slow and use warm water to take it off.

Is there a way to clean weather seals?

Yes, there are several ways to clean these weather strips on your doors such as using a warm towel with water, detergents, and even cleaning sprays. It depends on the type of weather sealant you have installed.


All in all, we have enlisted the best weather stripping for old doors above that we tested ourselves. We also gave you an understanding of what should be the buying conditions and the types of weather seals you will come across.

Before you choose a weather sealant, make sure you have put your requirements in order, and then go for a tape that’s best suited for your house conditions.

We would love to hear your feedback on this and if there are any product recommendations you have, leave them in the box below.

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