Best Tuner for EcoDiesel

Sometimes you could have the best of the best in your hands and still feel as if something is missing. We mean… you could have the great EcoDiesel at your disposal and still crave greater efficiency.


Well, on that note, we’re here to tell you something uplifting: we know exactly how you feel. And so we bring you this guide about the best tuner for Eco Diesel.

In this post, you shall find the top five upgrades you can make to your Eco Diesel engine. So, it delivers the performance you desire.

Apart from the best tuners, we have also formulated a quick and comprehensive buying guide for absolute beginners. You’re welcome to browse through and educate yourself about your potential options.

Let’s go!

Tuner PurposePrice
Pedal Commander PC31Acceleration$ Check Price
Krazy On Highways CTS3 Monitor$$ Check Price
Edge Products 84130 MonitorMonitor$$ Check Price
Banks 61023 TunerAcceleration + Monitoring$$$ Check Price
Acclope Throttle ControllerAcceleration$ Check Price

1. Pedal Commander – PC31 for Dodge RAM Pickup

Pedal Commander PC31 for Dodge Pickup

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Pedal Commander’s for you if you’re familiar with engine tuning. It’s powerful, diverse, and super-specific.

How so? Allow us to explain. For approximately three hundred dollars, you will receive a 2.5 inches cuboidal automotive accessory with its connecting cables. So, at a glance, you won’t expect much.

But once installed, you’ll experience the true potential of this little upgrade. It will empower your engine enough to unleash the hidden capacity of your vehicle.

Your Eco Diesel will be 10x more responsive, providing you with complete command over acceleration. Be it speeding up or slowing down. You’ll find yourself experiencing the speed accuracy you desire.

Its four modes add further versatility and diversity to its functionality. These are:

  • Eco Mode
  • City Mode
  • Sport Mode
  • Sport+ Mode

Eco Mode works best for slowing down, especially when you’ve to deal with muddy terrain or rainy conditions. It also improvises engine efficiency by 20 percent.

For everyday use, you can depend on City Mode. It promises a one-on-one pedal to throttle ratio. Hence, you can enjoy an acceleration that’s maximum but safe for the roads.

Sport mode is a bit faster than the City Mode, but it’s still within the safe boundaries. If you’re on a high-speed lane or driving in a remote area, you can even experiment with your skills with the Sports+ Mode.

With that said, each of these four modes offers about nine adjustable settings. Using these, you can set up a speed that matches your energy for the day. And in this way, you can enjoy 36 different driving ways.

Given the specificity brought about by Pedal Commander, we do not recommend it to beginners. That’s primarily because it’s too much to handle for a newbie. If you’re only starting, try out CTS3 instead.

Plus, the controls are only a tap away. You can switch the modes using the buttons on its front face. Or you can wirelessly control it via Bluetooth.

Although we began reviewing this throttle response controller with a fair warning of experience, it’s good to inform you that the installation is super simple. You won’t need any assistance with that.

Its plug-and-play installation will take you approximately six minutes to set it all up in place (excluding the engine cooling time).

Even more, it’s a safe purchase. It comes with a two-year warranty.

  • Multiple operating modes
  • Easy installation
  • Mid-range buy
  • App control
  • Fuel efficient
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Not for beginners

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2. POWERTEQ Insight CTS3 Digital Gauge Monitor

Krazy On Highways CTS3 Monitor

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POWERTEQ Insight CTS3 is for you if you need a manual for your car’s performance. You would have the metrics and analytics right in front of you. So, you can take the necessary measures.

It is a digital gauge monitor, which provides a complete insight into what’s going on inside your engine. It helps you adjust your engine’s performance to acquire your desired output.

CTS3 is a successor of CTS2. And it got designed particularly for SUV and pickup trucks operating on gas and diesel. So, you can tell its compatibility with your Eco Diesel will come out in complete harmony.

Some of the key real-time engine metrics that it displays are:

  • Exhaust gas temperatures
  • Speed
  • Mileage
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Power Consumption/Output

And, of course, much more!

Given the metrics, it displays, it also makes it possible for beginners to try a hand at Pedal Commander. If you’re entirely new to tuning but would like to try something as pro as Pedal Commander, you can do so with CTS3!

Its high-resolution screen will keep you updated on what’s going on inside the engine as you switch controls on your Pedal Commander. And in this way, nothing will run out of control.

What’s more, you can completely customize CTS3’s touchscreen to match it with your car’s aesthetics.

But before you set out to purchase this empowering automotive accessory, we recommend you recheck its compatibility with your vehicle.

It is compatible with the Eco Diesel engine, yes. But that’s where most people make mistakes. All other biodata of your car is equally necessary to attest to compatibility. (Just in case! You know, it’s a fairly pricey purchase!)

  • Super easy navigation
  • Adds to car aesthetics
  • Touch Screen
  • Customizable Display
  • Installation may demand some work
  • Limited compatibility

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3. Edge Products 84130 Insight Monitor

Edge Products 84130 Monitor

No products found.

So far, Edge Products is amongst the leading manufacturers of electronics for gas and diesel trucks and vehicles. It’s no wonder that they’ve come up with a phenomenal product to enhance the performance of Eco Diesel as well.

Technically, this insight monitor by Edge Products wasn’t designed to cater to Eco Diesel specifically, but we’re in luck to have found this as a perfect fit. It provides complete insight into all essential engine parameters.

Note that it does not provide a highly detailed insight like POWERTEQ. But it does provide insight into basic parameters like speed, gear, MPH value, etc.

Perhaps, the highlight feature of this monitor is the Mileage Coach. It provides real-time feedback on your driving habits upon your fuel economy.

As for the installation process, it’s super simple. It has a plus and play mechanism. You may plug it into your vehicle’s OBDII port & receive the vehicle’s operating information instantaneously.

However, when in usage, it demands a bit of care. You may be able to install it in like 10-15 minutes without needing much assistance. But later, when it’s installed, you might need to take care of a few things.

For example, the monitor might get too heated up under the sun. We recommend installing a DIY cardboard cover to protect it from the adverse effects of heat.

Rough handling or rough usage may cause the device to wear out real quick. A few users have reported a complete breakdown of the product in 1.5 years. Although they did not take good care, you ought to consider this aspect.

Although you can buy an extended warranty later, you might not need it. In case of any issues, you can simply call their technical support. They will cater to each query that you’ve got!

  • Super easy installation
  • High-resolution screen
  • Customizable Screen
  • Multiple-Engine Parameters
  • Supportive Customer Service
  • Requires electric sensors
  • Demands careful usage

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4. Banks 61023 Six Gun Diesel Tuner

Banks 61023 Six Gun Tuner

No products found.

Here’s something packed with power and supreme authority for all the driving enthusiasts out there: Banks EcoDiesel Tuner! We rank it as the best since it offers an ideal performance as a RAM EcoDiesel tuner. Its output is 10x more than what you pay.

We know the price tag may appear quite too overwhelming at a glance, but when installed you’ll be happy with the results!

The tuner comes with multiple cables and parts. So, putting it all together may take some time. You may need to take the help of an expert.

When installed, however, you’ll enjoy the increased power output. It improves engine performance phenomenally.

Plus, it’s built to last fairly long enough. Its heavy-duty construction makes it immune to pressure and heat that builds up over time.

Apart from resisting the impact of temperature, this Dodge EcoDiesel tuner also provides temperature control within the engine as well. You will witness the overall performance improving not only because of the additional boosts. But also because of the fixing, it does with the existing mechanism of your engine.

  • Temperature control
  • Installation may be a bit challenging
  • Impressive Power Upgrades
  • Value for money
  • Expensive

No products found.

5. Acclope Throttle Response Controller

Acclope Throttle Controller

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Acclope strives to produce products that do complete justice to their pricing. More than that, we observe that the brand strives to upscale the investment to satisfaction ratio on the customer’s end.

And that, of course, is a piece of good news. Given the amount you spend on it, you will find yourself stunned by the output of this 3.0 EcoDiesel tuner.

It helps tune your engine and provides a complete command over acceleration. You can observe your performance on its smooth blue LED display. Its three control button at the front makes it easy for the user to switch between the nine modes. There are no complex settings.

We particularly appreciate the minimal count of controls. It eliminates confusion and makes the device driving-friendly. Amongst its nine modes, there’s room for exploration in acceleration. There’s room for speed. And there’s room for fuel efficiency!

The eco-friendly mode reduces fuel consumption and wastage significantly. Hence, helps you save more on your fuel costs and also contributes to the environment positively. The throttle response controller measures only 6 x 4 x 2.5 inches. Hence, it’s super compact.

It’s sturdy as well. It exhibits resistance to high temperatures and doesn’t heat up quickly. Even more, its anti-corrosion wire rod resistance adds to its strength.

Plus, Acclope has chosen an all-black color scheme for this controller. So, it’ll blend smoothly with your car’s interior. The installation is also quick. It offers a plug-and-play mechanism.

For your ease, the manufacturer has also equipped this throttle controller with a user manual. So, even if you’re a complete beginner, you can navigate with ease.

The only downside with this purchase is that you may never hear back from the manufacturer. And no, it’s not because the manufacturer doesn’t trust its product.

We assume Acclope hasn’t paid enough attention to its marketing wing. They haven’t arranged a customer support service to cater to their clientele’s queries.

Also, although it’s got a super sturdy build, you might feel the need to reinforce or revamp the adhesive. It will last for 6-12 months. But beyond that, the environmental dirt and dust may accumulate and affect its intact adhesion.

  • Easy controls
  • 9-Mode functions
  • Compact size
  • Durable design
  • Value for money
  • It comes with an instruction manual
  • Lacks customer support
  • The adhesive may run out

No products found.

Buyer's Guide

Well, now that you know the top five upgrades that you can make for your Eco Diesel engine, it’s time you explore further.

How so? Allow us to elaborate.

To upgrade your engine, you need to know what it is, how it is, and what’s going on inside. You cannot improve it further without knowing the complete mechanism inside.

So, let’s learn the basics first.

What is EcoDiesel?

Eco Diesel engine is a powerful and remarkable engine that’s known for its phenomenal torque and super-fast acceleration. Enthusiasts also recognize this masterpiece by Fiat Group Automobile’s VM Motori to be 30 percent more fuel-efficient than most other days.

Mostly, this engine comes installed in RAM 1500 and other SUVs and trucks. It's capable of withstanding immense load and deriving maximum output under strained conditions.

What is an Engine tuner?

By definition, a tuner is an additional automotive accessory that adjusts the computer settings of your engine as you desire. It modifies the Engine Control Unit. The tuner helps maximize the performance in terms of fuel efficiency, power output, and durability.

Note that, at times, you may need to look into the harmony of several parts before changing one. That’s because they impact one another.

For example, empowering your engine may mean negatively impacting the breaks and the suspension. So, before you head out to buy a Jeep EcoDiesel tuner, ensure that it’s in harmony with the rest of your vehicle components and upgrades.

Generally, the following five elements to balance when tuning your engine are:

  • Exhausts parts
  • Ignition
  • Fuel Management
  • Intake Parts
  • Forced Inductions

You can play with different combinations when looking forward to tuning your engine. But remember, your combinations depend on the vehicle you own, as well as engine type.

For EcoDiesel, the upgrades mentioned above will do perfectly fine!

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you purchase the best tuner for Eco Diesel, we recommend interrogating yourself as well. Since this is a technical decision, not every individual is capable of deciding the best.

To select the best, you have to have some knowledge of the field. Otherwise, you might need the help of a professional.

Here are a few questions you can as yourself to assess how deep are you into the waters:

  • Is your vehicle fuel efficient?
  • Does your engine operate smoothly and efficiently?
  • What’s the process of a car start?
  • What’s the power gain?
  • What will this Jeep EcoDiesel tuner cost you? And what budget do you have?

If you find yourself answering these questions with complete command and detail, then you may trust your decision with the best tuner for EcoDiesel.

But if you find yourself hesitant, check for the aspects mentioned below. Pick out 2-to 3 best options, and consult a professional or enthusiast.

Things to Consider

As mentioned above, here are a few domains you should consider when buying a RAM EcoDiesel tuner:


Determine your goal. What do you want? Do you wish to observe the ongoing performance of your engine, or do you wish to improve the output? Do you aim to improvise acceleration?

Deciding this will help you navigate more quickly and easily. That’s because the best tuners for Eco Diesel listed above comprise both monitors and throttle response controllers.


Next, check out the warranty provided by the brand. If the brand doesn’t provide a warranty and you’d still like to give the product a try, go deeper into the reviews by the clientele.

If the clientele verifies the quality of the delivered (at least as advertised), then it’s safe to trust the product for trial. Note that you ought to be very careful with automotive accessories as a slight imbalance can disrupt the performance of your entire engine. Ensure that you opt for a durable and reliable tuner.

Price & Brand

When shopping for car parts or automotive accessories, it’s okay to go with Chinese manufacturers. Most online vendors would oppose that, but we encourage you to experiment as long as the product is trusted by the masses.

In our list of ideal tuners for Eco Diesel, we have also suggested a Chinese manufacturer, i.e., Acclope. We bet you’ll love the performance!

Other than that, by the rule of thumb, opt for brands that have gained a positive reputation over time. Do not entrust new names to make big claims.

As for pricing, you should expect to spend about $100+ on a good tuner for Eco Diesel. If you aim for premium quality then expand your budget up to $500 or so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to install a throttle response controller?

Most of the tuners above come with a plug-and-play installation mechanism. Hence, the entire process will take you no more than 10-20 minutes.

First, let the engine cool for about 5-10 minutes. Next, remove the sensor plug from the accelerator pedal and insert the adaptor. Now, reconnect the original sensor plug.

Following this, fix the display screen anywhere on the dashboard. Once fixed, connect the display with an adaptor cable. Lastly, fix the cable with cable ties, and there you go! You’re all done!

Q. How can a dynamometer help?

In the automotive world, a dynamometer is an expensive piece of equipment that can help with the tuning of the vehicle. Although it may not be readily available in every household or with an automotive enthusiast, you may find it available at a car workshop. It can help tune your Eco Diesel engine just as you desire.

Q. How long do Eco Diesel engines last?

Technically, the Eco Diesel comes with a build that hushes away all durability concerns. It’s designed to withstand storms and last for years.

However, for an estimate, we can consider the average mileage output by Eco Diesel engines. Users report having experienced 200,000 to 300,000 miles in total. But you ought to maintain your vehicle properly, including the fluids.


We hope your struggle to get your hands on the best tuner for Eco Diesel has finally come to an end. We hope you’ve already settled for one of the five masterpieces mentioned above.

If you haven’t, we highly recommend you to opt for Pedal Commander - PC31 for Dodge RAM Pickup. That’s because this is an excellent pick for its price range. Its functionality is impressive. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty. Hence, it’s a safe investment.

But if being a beginner, you’re hesitant, then opt for Banks Tuner for Eco Diesel. It’s all one mechanism that will certainly leave you satisfied and confident.

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