10 Best Shelves for Funko Pops [2022 Buying Guide]

Every hobby and passion is precious and extremely important for an individual. Whether you collect books, stamps, or plants, you want to stack them neatly with affection and care, also visible you can keep throwing loving glances as come and go.

Best Shelves for Funko Pops

Similarly, Funko Pop is a very old hobby, and people who collect Funko Pops invest a lot of time and money in collecting and searching for them.

Oftentimes, you come across a character from a movie or book that took them years to acquire.

Besides action heroes, countless political figures, historians, holiday-associated, famous people, and whatnot.

As a result, your collection may have expanded with time, and you need those collectibles stacked neatly somewhere, rather than stow them inside a cupboard.

That would be so unfair! Right?

When you are a Funko Fanatic like Anthony Peeples, who has popped over eight hundred to a thousand, you need to cut the clutter and maybe display them nicely.

In such instances, you need them displayed nicely on a shelf where they all are visible to you every single day. Also, when seeing them right in front of you gives you immense joy and pride.

Now comes the need for shelves when you want them displayed, so there are many options available. But what will make the best shelves for Funko Pops for you can vary.

Since the selection process can vary depending upon how many collectibles you have, their sizes, their props, etc.

If your Funko pop has many arms and props, you need shelves with free space, and often, you need a mirrored back shelf for a complete dorsal and frontal view.

So without further ado, let’s take you through this carefully selected and detailed review of the top 10 shelves for you.

Comparing 10 Best Shelves for Funko Pops

Furinno Shelf Display RackWood, PVC4 Shelves, PVC Check Price
TomCare Storage ShelfPlasticPanel, Wire, Hammer Check Price
Ikee Design Display RackAcrylic5-Tier Shelf Check Price
Niubee Display ShelfAcrylic4-Tier Shelf Check Price
MDesign Display OrganizerPlasticShelf, MH Check Price
O&K Furniture Display ShelfWoodShelf, MH Check Price
CY Craft Floating ShelfAcrylic2 Shelves Check Price
Kate and Laurel Floating ShelvesMDF Wood2 Shelves Check Price
ASH BRAND Display StandPlasticShelves, PVC Check Price
Melannco Floating ShelvesMDF WoodShelf, MH Check Price

1. Furinno Turn-S-Tube 4-Tier Multipurpose Shelf Display Rack

Furinno Multipurpose Shelf Display Rack

No products found.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Decent width
  • Durable shelves
  • Each shelf holds up to 25 lbs

When not sure, always choose black!

This statement comes true for many things, especially design and decorations. Evidently, this 4-tier display shelf is convenient and a lot more in one go.

Not only, this gives the right detail and pop to your corner but also elevates it aesthetically.

Moreover, the neutral color helps enhance the look and color of the Funko Pop with style.

Since it is a four-tier shelf, with decent width to place three to four Funko Pops per frame, giving you ample space to keep as many you want. Moreover, each shelf can take up to twenty-five pounds per tier.

Easy Breezy:

The shelves are very lightweight, with guidelines to join the square PVC pipes to the shelves. It is so effortless and straightforward, could be done by a toddler even. It is easy to build, undo and redo, in case you are moving homes.

Am I styling or what?

Just as your abode is beautiful and stylish, your shelves need to compliment the look of your room and its interior. The sleek black design is a stunner and elevates the entire look of your room.

Meanwhile, your Funko Pops look beautiful sitting nicely on these shelves, and while they are on display neatly, they also look beautiful on the lustrous black shelf.

The shelf’s design is sleek and simple and can complement any interior, whether minimal or contemporary.

Even when placed in the corner of the wall, it doesn’t take up much space.

For All Size and Shape:

The height of the shelf is decently big enough to accommodate Funko Pops on the shelves. When you have a few larger than regular sizes, they can be placed on the top shelf, giving them free space.

  • Perfect size for a corner
  • Assembles without any tools
  • The black color suits any wall
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Cannot keep heavy objects
  • May tilt down on heavy push

No products found.

2. TomCare Cube Storage Shelf

TomCare Cube Storage Shelf

No products found.

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Sturdy 
  • Customized Shape
  • Effortless to clean
  • DIY shelf

Adjustable For All Interiors:

When you have spaces that limit you to put up shelves, TomCare Cube Storage Shelf is the best solution.

Since the cubes are assembled easily, they could be in a 4×4 box shape, extended vertical frames, or even horizontal long formation.

It will ultimately take the shape of any way you like, taking up as much space as required. Especially when you have a hipped roof or cottage, the floating staircase formation will take up space as needed.

What’s more?

You can always change the formation to bring newness to the room or when redecorating gives an entirely different look.

Meanwhile, the TomCare has the best shelves for action figures for its perfect size and color. The neutral color helps enhance the Funko Pop’s colors; meanwhile, it complements the wall’s color.

The shelves’ color and size give you the luxury of placing them in any room, whether it is a bedroom, living room, or even as a display shelf for the front entrance.

Funko Pops Loves it!

Because you can assemble it in any way you like, you can make it into a horizontal sleeping shelf that gives you the leverage to place the taller Funko Pops on the top shelf.

If needed, you can always make a giant rectangular box skipping a frame for your action figures.

The easy to assemble shelves give you the liberty to design the shelves whoever you want them and give you aesthetic freedom for design.

Big Package!

The package contains forty-four plastic panels, twelve-foot connectors, forty standard connectors for panels, a hammer, and an instruction booklet.

  • One year warranty
  • Effortless Assembly
  • Can be disassembled easily
  • Various shapes
  • Neutral color
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Not suitable for heavy objects

No products found.

3. Ikee Design Acrylic Display Mirrored Back Rack

Ikee Design Acrylic Display Mirrored Back Rack

No products found.

  • Wall shelf
  • Mirrored back
  • Glassdoor
  • Twenty-five compartments
  • Acrylic
  • 5 tier shelf

If your action figures or Funko Pops have great detail on the back and displaying them on a shelf hides them, then Ikee Design Acrylic Display Rack is the solution for you.

With its mirrored back, it reflects the figure’s details in great detail, and you get to see the complete look of your Funko Pop.

It is a perfect choice of wall shelf for Funko pops because it has homogenous-sized shelves that give a divided leveled look overall. In fact, this design factor gives equal attention to all pieces equally.

Choices, Choices!

You get yourself a shelf that you can either mount on the wall or even can be kept as a standing shelf on the floor.

Whatever works for you is doable, and that is indeed easy to decide as per space where you wish to mount or keep it.

A five-tier shelf square case and five shelves on each row, give you a total of twenty-five shelves, making it a decent stand for your entire collection.

When needed more, a similar item can be mounted on top of the other on the wall to give it a taller shelf-like look.

Safe and Tucked Away:

The shelf has an acrylic door that shuts to keep the miniatures inside safely, which reduces the maintenance and cleaning of the Funko Pops.

Ideally, the door has a safety magnet catcher that holds the door shut and intact, keeping your action figure dust-free.

  • Funko Pops remain inside the transparent door
  • Several shelves for display
  • Easy mounting on the wall
  • See your collection from all angles
  • Can be used as wall shelf or even as a table display
  • Figures with head spikes or armed wouldn’t fit
  • Fixed shelves

No products found.

4. Niubee 2 Pack Acrylic Riser Display Shelf

Niubee 2 Pack Acrylic Riser Display Shelf

No products found.

  • Sturdy design
  • Unrestricted design space
  • 4-step acrylic display
  • Easy assembly
  • Thicker shelves

Niubee acrylic rising display shelf has a stair-like formation, without any walls, this formation gives you the complete liberty of placing your Funko Pops.

Whether your action figures are taller or have extra arms that take up space, the free space gives you the liberty of keeping each figure, unlike a traditional cabinet shelf.

Since there is so much space, you can keep your figures with arms and spikes on the head without worries.

More Design Ideas:

Now that you have so much space and choice to decide, you can always put your tall figures with props on the top shelf for more attention.

Give them the space and area they require, and then you can display your small figures on the lower deck.

Thicker and Sturdier, eh!

The acrylic sheet for each shelf is thicker than the contemporary product available, giving you the support to put Funko Pops and ensure the product’s life.

Moreover, the legs are also unusually thick, giving the shelf sturdy and decent support that can effortlessly hold Funko Pops. The surface is wholly leveled even after putting a screw for the legs at the top shelf, giving you all the space you need for display.

It is very effortless to assemble with two legs with screws given in the package. When the shelf is raised with legs, it is ready in its stair formation to be kept anywhere for display.

More the Merrier!

If you have a massive collection, and just one shelf is not enough, you can always buy many shelves and stack them together, making a long shelf.

Buying several shelves and stacking them in a row gives you a homogenous look in shelving and ample space.

  • Ample area for display
  • Stair-like formation 
  • Plain assembly
  • Can be placed almost anywhere 
  • Economical price
  • Delicate for transportation when assembled

No products found.

5. MDesign Plastic Wall Mount Display Organizer

MDesign Plastic Wall Mount Display Organizer

No products found.

  • Delicate and unique design
  • Durable material
  • Uniform 16 compartments
  • Clear color 
  • Choice of display

The MDesign Plastic Display Organizer has sixteen compartments, four in each row, giving you a similar and parallel-looking display for your Funko Pops.

As you like it!

Like other shelves, it doesn’t bind you to one option; you may mount it on the wall with the hardware included in the package. If needed, you can just keep it on a desk or the mantle since the product gives you a very sturdy base.

Even when you have utilized sixteen compartments of the shelf, the base is sturdy to keep them in balance despite its deceiving rounding edges.

Meanwhile, these rounding edges give a stunning design element to the shelf when used as a single unit. When many are used in conjunction, they provide a beautiful look to your wall with minimalistic curving design and transparent material.

Clean and Clear:

Hence, the plastic is transparent colored, giving equal attention to each action figure, aiding in enhancing its design and color. Being transparent and homogenous structure doesn’t take attention towards itself.

Moreover, you have a space designated for your beloved collection, making the area clutter-free and nicely displayed on a beautiful clear shelf.

  • Fixed 16 shelves
  • Hardware included
  • Transparent colored
  • Easy to mount or display
  • Minimalistic design
  • Cannot place bigger Funko Pops 
  • No door to avoid dust

No products found.

6. O&K Furniture Set Black Ledge Display

O&K Furniture Set Black Ledge Display

No products found.

  • Beautiful black color
  • Wall mount
  • Floating shelf
  • Sleek efficient design
  • Unrestraint to decorate

Floating shelves are beautiful in their own way; they can be mounted anywhere you have space, even at a height where your Funko Pops is out of reach of children.

Moreover, you can mount multiple shelves on the wall and give a wonderful aesthetic look to your wall.

Ideally, these shelves are made out of wood; hence they are very sturdy and can hold figures with weight and even a pot to give it a delicate look.

When you have action figures that hold swords and have particular elements, then you need ample space for each one of those. Although with a typical shelf with fixed compartments, you don’t get this space.

When aesthetics is a must!

If you are design-conscious and your space is premeditated with carefully collected pieces, this beautiful black floating shelf adds a lot to your design regime.

What’s more?

You can effortlessly install it on the wall with bolts and screws, making it extremely sturdy to bear the heavy action figures’ weight.

A regular shelf with compartments has many nooks and crooks in each compartment, which becomes awfully tardy to clean.

  • Room for bigger Funko Pops
  • Package includes hardware to install
  • Floating shelf
  • Glossy finish
  • Convenient for cleaning
  • Funko Pops may gather dust

No products found.

7. CY Craft Acrylic Invisible Floating Shelf

CY Craft Acrylic Invisible Floating Shelf

No products found.

  • Beautiful design
  • Rounded edges
  • Depicts floating aura
  • Durable acrylic shelf
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

Ever heard of floating in the clouds, with these shelves and their extremely transparent color, depicts as if your Funko Pops are floating in the air.

The shelf is made with 100% acrylic, with no recycled elements; hence it is sturdy and can hold many figures on each shelf.

After making the holes on the wall, with already drilled holes on the shelf, you can mount them on the wall with screws and bolts.

The beauty of these transparent and sleek floating shelves is definitely blending in with any colored wall readily.

Probably another reason why they are the most loved purchase for many individuals to display their Funko Pops.

Safe and Sound:

These Funko Pop floating shelves keep your precious collection safely on them, and the room becomes clutter-free.

If you have a collection that can suffice on one shelf, you can mount several for a homogenous and consistent design look for your wall.

While the shelf looks delicate, but it is extremely sturdy to hold several Funko Pops on it; meanwhile, it is very lightweight to carry.

Freedom to Decorate:

Now you don’t have to worry about having limited or restricted compartment space for each action figure. You can place your tall, short, armed, and middle of stunt figure without worrying about space.

  • Display Funko Pops with freedom
  • Already drilled holes to mount
  • Beautiful floating shelf
  • Very clear transparent shelf
  • Easy to maintain
  • Limited return policy
  • Funko Pops gets dusty

No products found.

8. Kate and Laurel Benbrook Wood and Metal Floating Wall Shelves

Kate and Laurel Wood and Metal Floating Wall Shelves

No products found.

  • Beautiful golden color
  • Accent design
  • Sturdy shelf
  • Pre-dilled for comfort
  • Complements all designs
  • Elevate the overall look

Beauty, inside and out!

These pretty shelves can elevate the whole look of the room with its presence. Either they are installed over your table on the wall or just part of your plan to transform your entire collection on the shelves; it is going to amp up the game only.

Evidently, it is a very sturdy design, with pre-drilled holes for decent-sized nails that will help in keeping the frame steadily in place.

Meanwhile, made with extremely strong MDF wood that can sustain a decent weight on it, you don’t have to worry about placing many Funko pops on it as compared to plastic shelves.

However, when you are creating a setting with themes for your pops and keeping other props, it is definitely the ideal shelf for Funko pops.

When plenty of space is a must!

For Funko fanatics, collection pops with boxes is a pervasive choice, and for that purpose, shelves with compartments are not all game.

In those conditions, investing in shelves that give you space for each pop with variability is a better option than compartmentalized ones.

Despite being absolutely beautiful, these shelves enhance the look of your Funko pops, with or without the box.

Jolts the interior designer in me!

The golden hues of the shelves remind you of Kathy Kuo’s intricate and beautiful accent pieces. Your room doesn’t have to be a cover out of a magazine, any contemporary, antique, or even a plain old setting; the shelf compliments everything.

  • Display Funko Pops with/without box
  • Comes with drilled holes
  • Intricate design
  • Sturdy material
  • Fashionably beautiful
  • Need maintenance

No products found.

9. ASH BRAND Plastic Riser Display Stand

ASH BRAND Plastic Riser Display Stand

No products found.

  • Well-built Stand
  • No mess
  • Slip-resistant
  • Best gift for the fanatic
  • Easy to transport
  • Subtle grey color
  • Convenient to clean

Indeed, it is a perfect gift for a beginner to display their Funko Pop nicely on display, which even adds an element of its own. While it keeps all your Funko pops in one place, your desk or workspace becomes clutter-free.

The company makes the Riser stands solely for this purpose and has become the favorite for many to keep Funko Pops displayed on the desk.

Here is more!

With the ever-so-loved set of steps formation, the fanatics love to display their Funko Pops as they wish, highlighting and placing tall ones at the top. Meanwhile, shorter or subtle ones can have their moment of glory on the lower step.

Not only this helps display your pops beautifully, but it also gives you more space solution when placed on a shelf, which can take less space. With the help of raising stairs, you can display nine or more Funko Pops without blocking each other.

Since the display stand is extremely sturdy, you can always carry them around without having to worry about breakage compared to acrylic ones.

Moreover, for the Funko convention, meet-ups, or programs, it’s a perfect display rack to take around to display your Pops.

What else?

Evidently, with slip-resistant dotted pads on the platform, your pops are less likely to slip from the platform, a routine struggle for fanatics to keep pops at a standstill.

Ash Brand brings the top shelves for Funko Pops and the perfect gift for true fanatics.

The company offers surety on purchase with so much promise by offering instant money refund if the product wasn’t what you expected. It is that simple, don’t like it, get the refund; that’s how sure the company is of their product.

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Even risers for display
  • Sturdy base
  • Dotted platform
  • Best material used
  • Contemporary design
  • Require maintenance
  • Too small for a large collection
  • Cannot be mounted on the wall

No products found.

10. Melannco Floating Wall Mount Molding Ledge Shelves

Melannco Floating Wall Mount Molding Ledge Shelves

No products found.

  • Black color ledge
  • With all installation hardware
  • Pack of four
  • Various sizes
  • Suitable for any room

Melannco brings a set of four Funko Pop floating shelves that are a breeze to install, and the package comes with all the necessary hardware to install along with four ledges.

Am I too sturdy for you!

Indeed, the design is made with extremely sturdy hardwood, that once installed, can take you a lot of weight. For Fanatics who love to develop the whole scenario for their Pops, for instance, keep books with Harry Potter-themed Funko Pops.

Clearly, these shelves give you a lot of space and assurance to set up; however, your heart desires. We have seen many fanatics go all out in setting the themed display.

Let’s install them already!

For installation, you need very basic tools, and most of the hardware like levels, wall anchor, and Philip head screws come in the package. All you need to do is just drill some holes, and the ledge is ready to install.

Just the way you installed them, it can be taken out in a breeze too.

Fret not, if you are doing this for the first time, the package comes with an instructions booklet to assist you all the way.

But how do we place them?

So, the ledges come in four different sizes, twenty-four, twenty, twelve, and six inches long shelves, with a depth of four inches.

Now you are free to decide whether you want the longest one at the top of the shortest ones scattered at the top and the longest below. You are free to imagine however you may like, design as per your room, as you like, you have several design options.

  • Modern design
  • Chic black color
  • Sleek finish wood
  • Easy to keep it clean
  • Several design options
  • Can set themes on the ledge
  • Need scheduled cleaning
  • Cannot be placed on the table

No products found.

Buyer's Guide:

Shelves for Funko Pops Buying Guide

Funko Pops is a whole cult when you come to know about them, the collection, acquiring that particular piece, keeping them, and collecting. It is definitely one of the most sought-after hobbies and people are very passionate about them.

Besides being just a Funko Pop, they have been used for several causes, including the Breast Cancer Awareness Program, due to their likability.

Let’s go Marie Kondo on Funko Pops:

Okay, so you have gone all out on your passion, and now you need to keep them stacked safely and nicely. It definitely is your much-prized possession, and you want to keep it safe and sound.

There are only two ways to keep them safe, either box them and stow them away, secure and from harms of constant touch and dust. But then, when you are a real Funko fanatic, you want them displayed nicely for you to see every day.

Now is time to invest on shelves and get the one that suits your collection, size, and number. This will not only keep things organized, but you will also be able to find them right away.

Only figures of Toy Story come alive; your Funko Pops will always stay where you assigned them.

When The Going Gets Tough:

We wouldn't judge for going overboard in collecting the Funko Pops, but now that you have and they are out on display, out of the box, you have a problem at hand.

Cobwebs and dust are inevitable, you can do nothing about it, and when you have a staggering collection of over fifty pops, the cleaning process gets tardy.

Even if you clean them with all the love and care, why put yourself through this turmoil.

The best solution for you is a shelf that has a door that opens and shuts conveniently.

With a sealed door, most of the dust and airborne pollution are blocked from entering the shelf, eliminating the tardy process of cleaning them again and again.

Boxed or unboxed decision time!

It indeed is a callous decision for a Funko fanatic, and it varies from the number of collections to preference.

Some people like them boxed, and since it maintains the retail value of the Funko Pops majorly, and some are very particular about anyone touching them.

Even when they are unboxed or boxed, you need to keep them somewhere, and once you know how you are keeping them, that helps a lot in making the decision.

If you keep them unboxed, you need to look for a shelf that gives them a setting or ambiance to display your pops.

If you decide to keep them in a box, you need to decide whether you want them on a floating shelf or a shelf with compartments.

In the case of a floating shelf, you are pretty much free to display however you want, but if you choose to shelve with compartments, that sure is a significant aid in giving an unvarying look.

But one important thing to check before buying a shelf is to check if you can keep them in a compartment when boxed.

When You Have Less Space!

It so happens you have a bigger collection than space; now that you have gotten yourself in this jam, we have a solution for you.

First, we have the raising shelves that help you decorate more than nine or so figures on them. Previously you could have only displayed four or five in a zigzag formation, but that too can look very messy.

In this way, you get the attention equally towards each piece due to ascending staircase formation and very ordered view.

Next, we have floating shelves that can be drilled on the wall; therefore, you get a lot of free space covered on the wall. Meanwhile, you don't need to leave your Pops on the mantle or table anymore.

Why do you need a sturdy shelf?

Some fanatics just don't collect Funko Pops, but they also set a theme with their pops.

For instance, when you have all Harry Potter Funko Pops, and you also happen to have a house that looks relatively close to the Burrow, then why not set the theme.

Now that you have placed a heavy clay house and to add more elements to it, why not keep a book or two.

When you are constantly making such choices, acrylic shelves are out of the question. You have to invest in a robust wooden ledge or shelf that would support the weight of all the props you may bring in the equation.

Often fanatics set up the theme and photograph their Funko Pops in places and settings. Hence you need a very tough wooden shelf with no front ledges to block the view.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I keep my Funko Pops unboxed on the shelf?

That would depend upon the height and width of the shelf’s compartment, along with the height and width of the Funko Pop box. It’s best to check the details provided by the seller before purchasing.

Can I mount them with a two-way tape only?

It’s best to drill holes on the wall and mount the shelves since, besides the Funko Pops, each shelf has its own weight, and combined, they could accumulate up to a decent weight hard for the only two-way tape to sustain.

I want to display my Funko pops out of the box with the box displayed on the shelf; which shelf is better?

For your specific requirement, a fixed or floating shelf without compartments would be the best bet. Many fanatics like to display figures out of the box placed in front of the toy’s box, therefore keeping the box and figures safe together in one display.

My Funko Pops gather dust on display, is there a better way to display?

Indeed there is! Some shelves come with a transparent door that seals the shelf from dust and air; hence your Funko Pops are away from dust. With the closed shelf, you don’t need to clean the dust regularly now.

Will my Funko Pops get dull if I display them out of the box?

If you have displayed them where you get direct sunlight for some hours of the day, they will definitely get dull with time. It’s the best strategy to display them where you don’t get direct sunlight; also, turning their position eliminates any such changes.

How many Funko Pops can I display on the shelf?

This grossly depends on the shelf’s material; if it’s a wooden shelf, it can take many Funko Pops on it. In case it’s an acrylic shelf that helps enhance the features due to its transparent color and can carry limited weight. Mostly, the product details have the weight limit mentioned in them.


Now that we have discussed the possibilities and options of how you can maintain and place your Funko Pops on the shelves. In this review, we have delved into the ten best shelves for Funko Pops, dissected them in great detail.

Each shelf presented with its own unique set of features, pros, and cons, and their uniqueness is aids in selecting for everyone.

Since everyone possibly cannot like the same thing, the requirement, settings, and criteria differ for every individual.

In that case, it makes it an extremely stunning series of choices that bring so many options, colors, and designs to choose from. But most importantly, these shelves must accommodate your Funko Pops boxed or unboxed however you prefer.

Now that you have your Funko Pops settled in one place, they are stacked nicely where you can keep seeing them. They wouldn't get lost because you can't keep them in one place, and now they have a space of their own.

Moreover, your room is clutter-free; the pops are safely in one place, away from damage and thrashing; meanwhile, you get to enjoy the view.

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