10 Best SDS Max Rotary Hammer [Buying Guide 2022]

Whether you are a professional remodeler or an amateur up for household chores, the best SDS max rotary hammer is the first thing you need to keep in hand.

If you’ve been previously making mess ending up in making rough holes, then it’s time to say goodbye to those mishaps.

Best SDS Max Rotary Hammer

Why is SDS max so important?

The max rotary hammer will let you attain great precision in basement renovations, framing applications, and even demolition.

Believe it or not, a remodeler is as right as the tool he’s using. No matter how proficient and experienced you are, you can’t explore your remodeling skills unless you have the best rotary hammer.

The right tool can make your job easier, faster, and even safer -that’s what we believe.

So heavy investment in getting a high-end SDS max rotary hammer is the solid decision you’ll make for your business.

Let’s cut to the chase without wasting further time. After detailed research, we are here with our top ten SDS max rotary hammer that can surely meet your requirements.

Comparing 10 Best SDS Max Rotary Hammer

SDS Max Rotary HammerSpeedVoltage
BOSCH GBH2 Bulldog Xtreme Max0-1,300 RPM120 Volts Check Price
DEWALT DCH273B SDS Max0-1,100 RPM20 Volts Check Price
Milwaukee Cordless Rotary SDS0-1,300 RPM18 Volts Check Price
ENEACRO Heavy Duty SDS0-820 RPM120 Volts Check Price
Bosch SDS-Max Combination170-340 RPM120 Volts Check Price
AOBEN SDS Rotary Hammer Drill880 RPM120 Volts Check Price
Metabo HPT DH40MC SDS-Max620 RPM120 Volts Check Price
VonHaus Rotary Hammer Drill850 RPM120 Volts Check Price
Makita SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer0-680 RPM120 Volts Check Price
ENEACRO Heavy Duty SDS Hammer880 RPM120 Volts Check Price

1. Bosch GBH2 Bulldog Xtreme Max Rotary Hammer – Best Overall

Bosch GBH2 Bulldog Xtreme Max Rotary Hammer

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Here’s a dominating SDS hammer in Bosch’s hammers line that merits its place in one of the legendary bulldogs. Sounds impressive! Right?

We must say, Bosch GBH2 is the ideal SDS max rotary hammer in our top picks.

Whether you are a pro-level technician or an amateur, the Xtreme Max will get your job done with absolute accuracy and precision.

What makes Bosch Xtreme Max lie on the top?

Bosch made use of the contemporary Vario-Lock technique that will let you position the chisel into the best working angle.

Barely you will see any hammer with such an effective chiseling positioning as does Xtreme max has.

You’ll love the versatility! It’s amazing.

Xtreme max features a highly versatile design with an ultra-responsive multi-function selector to switch on different modes.

Do you want a driller, chiseler, or both hammer driller? Choose the option you need and get things underway!

Let’s dig a little deeper!

This hammer comes packed up with some brilliant power to crush away anything in its way. The 8amp, 120V motor provides 2.4ft-lbs total impact energy with 5,100 impacts per minute.

It’s the fastest and hardest hammer in Bosch’s line and truly a remarkable achievement it has truly made.

What about comfort?

Here’s a noteworthy feature, the kickback control that lets you control the machine by stopping its rotation during any accidental kickback.

Plus, the ultimate vibration control system ensures a comfy and effective hammering action.

Ergonomic design -It determines your performance

When we say that innovation is ergonomic, we really mean it. Bosch has put much effort into molding a perfect D-shaped handle, ideal for both overhead and downward usages.

It features an overall compact metal build with rugged aesthetics. Plus, the HammerHook allows you to store the tool anywhere swiftly. Astonishing, isn’t it?

The moral of the story?

Undoubtedly, Bulldog Xtreme Max deserves the top position due to its never-ending performance, brilliant construction, versatility, and of course, a great price tag too.

  • Excellent value for money
  • The accurate and precise bit starts
  • Exceptional power impact
  • Perfect weight and balance
  • Vibration control could’ve been a little better

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2. DEWALT DCH273B SDS Max Rotary Hammer Drill

DEWALT DCH273B SDS Max Rotary Hammer Drill

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DEWALT’s shocking debut with DCH273B SDS Max is a powerful tool to crush the airborne particles into the dustbin of history!

What makes DEWALT SDS Max unique?

Not only DEWALT’s SDS max version is an ideal rotary hammer, but it comes with a brilliant dust collector for collecting the dust too. So is there still any need to look for a separate dust extractor? Probably not!

Let’s dig a little deeper!

The magic starts when the head of the brush dust nozzle penetrates the concrete back and forth. The head remains in contact with the material while ensuring maximum dust collection.

The sliding bar seamlessly vacuums the dust right into the dustbin! And hardly you’ll be knowing the process going on inside. Sounds impressive! Isn’t it?

Let’s talk about the aesthetic build!

DEWALT has put into great power and energy in engraving the brilliant and practical aesthetics of their rotary hammer. There’s no doubt! You’ll feel the laconic aesthetics when you are using it.

What’s about the material, by the way?

Nothing can beat the standards of DEWALT when it comes to durability. The high-quality metal and plastic construction make the hammer serve you up for years and years. You’ve got a lifetime partner!

Is it safe to use?

Although there are many safety concerns when you are using a powerful rotary tool, when you have a DEWALT SDS max hammer, there’s nothing to worry about.

The factory set E-Clutch system diminishes accidental high-torque reactions. You can drill as many holes as you want with minimum chances of fatigue.

How to maintain it?

Its maintenance is quite easy, and that’s what we like the most. It comes with the HEPA filter that you have to clean by pushing the button on the dustbin.

You just have to remove the distractor and empty it in the open -it’s straightforward.

The bottom line 

No matter if you are up for chipping or drilling any concrete, DEWALT SDS max is the best bang for your buck with its unique inline design, exceptional dust extractor, and competitive price.

  • Easy-to-operate dust extractor
  • Active vibration control
  • Excellent impact energy
  • Lightweight construction
  • No significant drawback

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3. Milwaukee Cordless Rotary SDS – Best Portable

Milwaukee Cordless Rotary SDS

No products found.

Milwaukee is a leading brand in its cordless innovations, and the SDS rotary hammer is the perfect depiction of this remarkable innovation.

Does a heavy rotary hammer hinder you from performing at the construction site? Don’t worry; you’ve landed in the right gear.

What’s so special in Milwaukee Rotary SDS?

When we say it’s the best portable rotary hammer in our line, we really mean it. It has a surprisingly compact and lightweight construction that chews the wood and concrete most effectively.

You know what? It has a miraculous performance!

Milwaukee has put a lot of power into this compactly-built rotary hammer. It drills the holes much smoothly without creating intense vibrations. You can easily perform the job by holding it in one hand.

The powerful battery can drill up to 25 holes with a single charge. Sounds impressive! Right? Moreover, there’s a crazy amount of illumination in this high-power gear that can easily enlighten the joist bay.

Do you want to know subtle details? Let’s dig a little deeper!

Not only this hammer comes in a compact design, but also there’s a little voltage required for igniting the beast to start the job.

When we talk about impact energy, despite its low value, we’ll end up saying that Milwaukee has balanced this thing by keeping the size-to-performance ratio in mind.

The two fascinating modes! Want to know?

Surprisingly, this little compact-looking drilling gear comes in two modes, i.e., drill only and rotary hammer.

The aesthetics matter!

Milwaukee has engineered this powerful gear and brought about brilliant aesthetics with sleek and powder-coated finishing –the everlasting durability.

Plus, you’ll feel the handle shape; it’s explicitly designed for long-time usages. We must say It’s cool!

Is it worth the cost?

Milwaukee rotary hammer is worth every penny! Don’t worry; if your pockets aren’t deep down, you’ll still get a perfectly balanced powerful gear in the form of Milwaukee.

  • Pairs well with any dust extractor
  • Unique cordless construction
  • Exceptionally compact
  • Drills like a hot knife through butter
  • The case is small for the charger’s cord

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4. ENEACRO Heavy Duty Hammer SDS ENRH3201 – Best Safety System


No products found.

Are you a pro-level remodeler or an amateur looking for the best gear to fire up the job? ENEACRO heavy-duty hammer is right here with its remarkable performance.

You know what? Even after working for hours with this power gear, you’ll not have to face motor heat-up -thanks to ENEACRO’s excellent heat dissipation system.

This cooling system exposes the motor to the cool outside air to calm it down and prevent it from burning.

Want to know more? Let’s get right into it!

There’s no doubt that ENEACRO provides the best possible safety in their rugged gears to their users. Safety is a major concern for any contractor.

The double-layered vibration damping technology reduces the chances of injury.

Plus, the soft and smoothly-gripped handle is great for providing excellent resistance to fatigue and much more precise control.

So, if safety is your top priority, then it’s the best bang for your buck.

Still not convinced? Let’s discover it deeply!

You know well that no matter it’s any construction site or any DIY task, drilling or chiseling spreads the dust everywhere.

ENEACRO SDS rotary hammer has your back with its dustproof system that prevents the dust from reaching the motor in that environment.

What’s the fuel that fire’s this hammer up?

The heavy-duty motor engraved from copper wire ensures longer working hours, even enduring the highest temperatures up to 200℃. It’s the secret fuel that fires up its incredibly-smooth performance.

The impact of energy matters!

The patented keyless chuck ensures greater efficiency and precision even while drilling the most obstinate concrete. 

You get an incredible amount of impact energy reaching up to 7.4 Joules -the highest in our top picks.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

The bottom line 

From the brainy compact design, ergonomic firmly-gripped handle to the best safety system and ultimate level of performance, ENEACRO SDS rotary hammer ENRH3201 has got you covered. 

Drill or chisel with great precision!

  • Highly versatile with four functions
  • Immense drilling capacity
  • Long-lasting, powerful motor
  • Practical design
  • A bit on a heavy side
  • Average no-load speed

No products found.

5. Bosch 11264EVS SDS-Max Combination Hammer

Bosch 11264EVS SDS-Max Combination Hammer

No products found.

Bosch has a ground-breaking debut with a real man’s hammer, the SDS-Max combination series -truly meant for its job!

This corded power tool can tear away anything in its way -no matter it’s concrete, metal, wood, or tile. We’d love to call it the ‘king of rotary hammers.

What makes Bosch SDS-Max unique?

If you want a flexible tool to tackle some complex tasks, this combination hammer is for you. This rotary hammer will let you be a choosy guy that wants the desired results!

You can choose the hammer-only mode for either chisels, gouges, or spades for getting more precise results.

Bosch’s excellence in the design

Using high-end material, Bosch has forged the hammer into the ergonomic design, decently-gripped handle, and overall hefty rugged construction. Sounds cool?

Moreover, the 360-degree swiveling auxiliary handle lets you tighten the grip. Whether you are a professional or a homeowner, you’ll get a comfy experience.

A great vibration control!

Bosch has ensured the highest level of comfort and practicality in its powerful gear -the rotary hammer. Forget about the fatigue or injuries; if you’ve handed the job to the vibration damper of SDS-Max -that’s all we’d end up saying.

You know what? It’s really not a weighty thing!

When compared to competitors’ combination hammers, Bosch SDS-Max was stubborn enough to stand on the top. It’s comparatively a lighter gear with an equal amount of efficiency and power.

Let’s dive a little deeper!

Like some other models in our line, this one also comes with a variable speed dial for adjusting the speed and impact energy, depending on the job’s intensity.

In this way, you get better control, hence better performance.

What about power?

Undoubtedly, Bosch SDS-Max is one of the most powerful rotary hammers in the market today -thanks to its Auto-Max system!

The bottom line

Covering a respectable range, the Bosch 11264EVS SDS-Max rotary hammer is good to go with if you are willing to invest a huge amount. Despite its hefty price tag, trust me, it’s worth every penny.

  • Variable speed dial
  • Ideal for heavy-duty jobs
  • Great protection against overloading
  • Easy maintenance
  • Not suitable for beginners

No products found.

6. AOBEN SDS Rotary Hammer Drill – Best Versatile

AOBEN SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

No products found.

AOBEN is right here to give you three perks in one rotary hammer. YES! You read that right.

From the drill-only mode, chisel-only mode to the hammer-drill mode, AOBEN packed tons of versatility in this powerful gear.

Are you ready to explore it a little more?

The powerful 13-amp motor provides enough impact energy to make the drilling and chiseling smooth enough. Whether it’s masonry, concrete, or metal, you’ll slice anything away just like a knife on hot butter.

Sounds impressive! Isn’t it?

The ergonomic design! 

When you see this powerful gear, we’re sure you will be impressed by its ergonomic and deeply intuitive construction. AOBEN has engineered this powerful gear keeping its users in mind. 

The 360-degree adjustable handle lets you perform the job with ultimate comfort.

But wait, there’s more!

AOBEN has put a sufficiently high amount of safety in this powerful gear. The high-end heat dissipation system keeps the motor cool during intense and strenuous jobs.

The double anti-dust structure featuring the bottom of the machine prevents the dusty layers from accumulating on the motor, hindering its efficiency.

Want to know about the power?

This versatile drilling gear packs a punch of power every time you bring it in contact with concrete. The 1300W motor interface is more than enough for any type of job.

What’s the benefit of having great power if it can’t last longer?

AOBEN has engineered this high-power gear from heavy-duty materials and brought a great sense of self-maintenance in it.

It’s actually meant to last for years and years. So cheer up! You’ve got the cool gear.

The bottom line

It’s never easier to get out from the rock or hard place, but things become incredibly easier when we talk about AOBEN SDS rotary hammer.

  • Highly versatile
  • Never-ending quality and build
  • Smoothly-gripped handle
  • Great impact energy
  • Lags in aesthetics
  • No 3-prong plug

No products found.

7. Metabo HPT DH40MC SDS-Max – Best Performance

Metabo HPT DH40MC SDS-Max

No products found.

Metabo HPT has solid ground in cordless tool technology, improvement, and high-end durability. It’s now up in line with its state-of-the-art rotary SDS-Max 18V serving.

Are you ready to taste that? Then let’s get right to the business!

Being one of the most powerful gears in the market; the Metabo HPT hammer is not only a brilliant cordless innovation but works well on AC power too. 

That’s pretty cool for carrying out some power-hungry jobs such as chipping or larger holes drilling.

It has tons of user-oriented features!

The two-mode operation offers great versatility for performing various tasks: hammer only and hammer drilling.

The variable speed dial, the reactive force control, and the low-vibration handle ensure a smooth grip and enough resistance against fatigue.

What makes it so unique?

It runs on a MultiVolt battery as well as an AC adapter. If you are up to a long-run job or have power, then the AC adapter option is made for you.

The 20” cord length makes the machine flexible and comfortable to use within maximum reach.

Let’s talk about its high-end performance!

Metabo HPT has engineered this tool and packed it up with impressive performance. The battery life is above the average in the class, and you’ll never face the problem of thermal overload. 

The machine brings the best out of it without any power loss.

Is it budget-friendly? YES!

This rotary hammer comes with a hefty price tag. Trust me! It’s a huge amount when you see the price tag, but once you start using it, you’ll understand the worth of every penny.

We’ll end up saying that Metabo SDS-Max is an excellent value for money. If you invest once in this high-end gear, it’s here to serve you for life.

  • Smoothly-gripped handle
  • Best value for money
  • Great drilling speed
  • High impact rate
  • The corded version has an average value

No products found.

8. VonHaus Rotary Hammer Drill – Best Price

VonHaus Rotary Hammer Drill

No products found.

Next in line is VonHaus’s rotary hammer drill. This rotary beast has its every feature optimized to a maximum extent.

Arm yourself with enough power to tackle the foremost challenging DIY job with this SDS drill from VonHaus

So, what makes it so unique?

Now, this SDS drill comes with three function modes. That’s right, three modes. Choose from hammer only (chiselling-only), hammer drill (hammering and rotation), and drill only (rotation only) depending on the nature of the task.

It makes it one of the most versatile drills on the list. Isn’t that something!

You’ll be surprised to see its comfort features!

This drill features a 360-degree swivel handle with a textured grip. Not only that, VonHous, for added ease of use, includes an anti-vibration mechanism into it.

Now, that’s what you call making a user-friendly product.

What makes it stand out in its function?

This drill features a top-of-the-line, 10 amp motor that gives it enough energy to drill through wood, masonry, and metal!

Go ahead and demolish brickwork, remove plaster, take off tiles, and dig out old grouting with this super-powered drill with more efficiency and effectiveness.

What else is there!

For what it’s worth, this drill is corded. What’s the takeaway from this? It’ll be more powered and more robust than the average cordless drills out in the market.

Let’s check out the actual design of it:

Exceptional engineering by VanHous resulted in a compact design with just a weight of 9 pounds. An SDS drill means it’s easy to hold, and consequently, easy to use. 

The overall material used is highly durable metal and plastic combinations at different parts.

Here’s the conclusion:

This SDS drill comes in a fully equipped set, from flat and point-out chisels, dust covers to drill grease, SDS drill bits, and what not! 

With this cost-friendly drill, do yourself a favor by saving your time and providing yourself with the added comfort that this drill has to offer.

  • Compact size
  • Added comfort
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Greater impact energy
  • It does not have variable speed

No products found.

9. Makita HR4002 SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer – Best Comfort

Makita HR4002 SDS-MAX Rotary Hammer

No products found.

Makita’s SDS rotatory hammer drill is sleek, compact, and ergonomically designed. It enhances comfort and productivity -that’s the secret behind its practicality.

Like all other drills on the list, there’s a reason why it’s in our top picks. So, let’s get to it right away.

Let’s talk about the drill’s durability!

Now, Makita is specifically known for its product’s durability. Honestly, the metal used in its construction is top-quality and endures a high workload.

What does that mean? Your investment is going to be with you for a pretty long time.

How are the safety features of this one?

This SDS does not come slow on its safety features. Some of the features include a rubberized ergonomic softer grip than its competitors. It will help you stay in full control throughout your action.

The machine has a built-in torque to limit clutch disengagements if the bit jams and ensures stable torque control. Sounds impressive, right?

Are you ready for some technical facts?

The Makita rotary hammer has a sturdy 10 AMP motor that delivers 2,500 BPM. It has a no-load speed of about 680 RPM, impact energy of 6.2 Joules.

It has an electric corded power source and operates on 120 Volts.

It has the best Vibration Control System so far! 

When we say it’s the best comfortable rotary hammer in our top picks, we really mean it. Nothing can beat the standards of the anti-vibration technique used in Makita’s top-line hammer. 

These safety features are what make the functioning pretty swift without causing any hindrance.

The bottom line 

From a one-touch sliding chuck, an unparalleled level of comfort and safety to high-end performance, Makita SDS-Max has got you covered.

Don’t bother thinking about it; just get it.

  • Dual-mode operation
  • Soft-gripped handle
  • Powerful motor
  • It starts to heat after a few holes

No products found.

10. ENEACRO Heavy Duty SDS Hammer ENRH3203 – Best Drilling Speed

ENEACRO Heavy Duty SDS Hammer ENRH3203

No products found.

Last but not least in our list is another upgraded edition by ENEACRO, packed up with an impressive amount of power.

ENEACRO has envisioned its power tools on the way to unrivaled quality and durability from production to inspection.

Want to know more? Let’s get right into it!

The humanized design with a 360-degree rotatory handle and double-layered anti-vibration system provides optimal wrist comfort and sure grip.

Sounds interesting! Isn’t it?

 The secret behind its efficiency – the heavy-duty motor!

You can now work for long working hours with the heavy-duty 200-degree resistant copper motor. Don’t worry! It won’t burn up. It’s inclined to be super cool even during maximum load.

How it dissipates enormous heat?

Well, thanks to its cooling system. It lets the cooler air come in contact with the burning motor and calms it down.

Let’s talk about aesthetics!

You know what? ENEACRO has ground-breaking records in maintaining the safety of its users in their powerful gears. The ergonomic handle design is explicitly for reducing chances of injury and fatigue.

Moreover, the compact design serves well to stay firmly in your hand. The heavy-duty metal and plastic construction add overall to the durability of the machine.

The bottom line

Summing up, the ENEACRO rotary hammer ENRH3203 comes in three modes of operation, i.e., hammer-only, drill-only, and hammer drill. You can enjoy this versatility if you pair your next construction task with this hammer.

Not too pricey, nor even cheap; this median-price hammer is undoubtedly a great budget buy.

  • Impressive impact energy
  • Lightweight and intuitive design
  • Great drilling speed
  • Comfortable to use
  • Average performance on ceramic tiles

No products found.

SDS Max Rotary Hammer Buyer's Guide:

SDS Max Rotary Hammer Buying Guide

Your drilling tool can either make your experience remarkable or just demolish your enthusiasm right away. Would you like to see your proficiency wasting away just because you don’t have the right tool?

Definitely not! No one likes it! And you know what? When it comes to drilling concrete, the need for precise and accurate tools becomes even important. So you have to make your purchase worth it.

But how would you know which rotary hammer is best for you?

There’s an endless array of brands in the market, and each claims itself to be the best. You just have to keep a few things in your mind before you squint into any model.

Let’s get right into the business!

The Purpose of Getting a Rotary Hammer - The Most Important Thing!

Why are you looking for a rotary hammer? Are you any professional remodeler, or do you just want to drill for some household chores?

Are you just going to drill concrete or just break it entirely? How hard is your job? How much precision do you need? What sort of concrete are you going to deal with?

The thing you have to do is, keep all these questions in your mind when you are squinting a particular model -that’s the secret of it.

You must have a clear vision that either you will drill only or demolish the stuff too. Plus, if breaking concrete is part of your job, then don’t forget to consider it.

In a nutshell, if you have a clear vision, there’s nothing to worry about.

Chuck Type - SDS-Max or SDS-Plus?

With electro-pneumatic piston employment, a rotary hammer is versatile enough to cover all-day applications, including drilling and demolishing. It comes in two versions.

Want to know which one’s best for you? Let’s get right into it.

If you are a casual driller and want a lighter-duty hammer, then SDS-plus is ideal for you. It aims at drilling small-diameter holes.

SDS-max is engineered explicitly for heavy-duty applications to fulfill the craving of pros. It targets drilling the large-diameter holes.

No matter what the type is, any rotary hammer can endure extreme Jobsite conditions. The choice is yours!

What to choose - Rotary Hammer or Hammer Drill?

Before we get started, we’d like to clarify the misconception that most of the contractors keep. What’s that? They actually mix up between a rotary hammer and a hammer drill.

Let’s get things underway!

A hammer drill is quite different from a rotary drill in being extremely versatile that can drill various materials, including metals, wood, and concrete. It lacks a chiseling function -hence suitable for light drilling.

On the other hand, a rotary hammer employs high-impact energy for drilling and chiseling the concrete away. It comes with a hammer-only mode to switch to the chiseling mode.

Auto Shut-off Feature Is Important

When you are looking for the right drilling gear for your daily use, safety comes on the top. What if you invest a hefty amount in equipment that fails to cater to you in difficult conditions?

So, don’t forget to check whether the hammer you are going to buy has an auto shut-off feature or not.

Why is this feature so important?

It cuts off the rotary hammer when the motor gets overheated due to extended periods of continual use. Or if the bit of the hammer stucks somewhere, this feature turns the motor off. 

If your hammer has an auto shut-off feature, then congrats! You’re successful in making the right purchase.

Choose the Appropriate Power Hammer

Starting from a 4J hammer and ending on a hefty 62J model, rotary hammers come in various powers.

How intense is your job? Are you going to drill any stubborn concrete?

Here’s the power factor that comes right at this point. After determining the nature of your task, you have to choose the most appropriately powered machine.

The higher the power, the higher the force will be -ultimately, the greater the drilling intensity! Sounds cool. Isn’t it?

The Weight of Hammer Matters A lot -Portability Comes Right Here!

Just imagine you are holding a hefty hammer in your hand, finding it difficult to make use of it. Would you be able to perform well? Probably not!

Rotary hammers come in a variety of sizes and weights, starting from 2kg to 30kg.

If you are a contractor on a construction site and want to use a rotary hammer for extended periods, go for a portable model.

Although a low-weighted small hammer may fall short of its capabilities, it’s still fair enough to serve you.

But one thing’s for sure! The larger hammers come equipped with some high-end specs that make them hefty on the one hand and much practical on the other.

Choose the size that suits best to your purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use SDS max bit in an SDS plus drill?

Here’s a big YES! As the shanks of both SDS and SDS plus hammers have the same 10mm diameter, they are interchangeable. Either type of bit can be securely fit in both types of hammers. However, SDS-Max has a diameter of 18mm.

What’s the difference between SDS and SDS-Plus?

Actually, SDS-Plus is an upgraded version of the standard SDS version. Today, it’s most commonly available in the market. It can either work with SDS bits. If you want to know about the SDS-Max version, it’s for heavy masonry work.

Why are SDS drills better?

SDS drills are basically more capable and powerful than standard rotary drills or hammer drills. You know what? SDS drills can cut through concrete, steel, brickwork, and even some tough materials. SDS rotary drills are more precise, faster, and effective for all-purpose drilling.

Can you chisel concrete with a hammer drill?

When the SDS max rotary drill’s hammer function stops the rotation, its chiseling mode fires up. You can use a hammer with a chisel or any flat bit for breaking purposes. Moreover, you can also go for some bigger drills if you don’t want to exploit your tool.

Can I use a hammer drill to remove a tile?

The best SDS Max rotary hammer comes in three operating modes, including hammering, drilling, and hammer-drilling. You have to select hammering mode to chip up the tiles. As some demolition hammers are engineered for chiseling, chipping, and hammering the hardest materials.


The best SDS max rotary hammer will make your remodeling experience simply miraculous. If you’ve previously been making a mess while performing the DIYs, then the right rotary hammer has your back.

What’s the catch?

We have listed the top ten highest-rated SDS max rotary hammers by some well-known prestigious brands. All of them feature an idealistic price-to-performance ratio.

Which rotary hammer is best for you?

Well! It’s a common thing when we have many brilliant options in front of us; it’s hard to choose the best.

But don’t worry! Our detailed buying guide will help you narrow down the options and end up choosing the one.

Let’s get right to our top pick!

We’re happy and confident to call Bosch GBH2 Bulldog Xtreme Max our top pick. This rotary hammer is an all-rounder that has enough power to save your time. Don’t think; just get it!

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