7 Best SBC Cam for Low End Torque [Buying Guide 2022]

If you want to save time and still want to grab the Best SBC Cam for Low End Torque, go for the COMP Cams CL12-268-4, undoubtedly.

A camshaft is an essential spare part that ensures your car’s entire mechanism runs smoothly.

Though the engine is the main component that powers up the car without a high-quality camshaft, your engine cannot function because it doesn’t get the consistent amount of energy needed to run.

So, in this article, we are going to review some of the best SBC cam for low-end torque.

Best SBC Cam for Low End Torque

While going through a plethora of brands for camshafts, we came across a few models that are wildly appropriate for small block engines.

The products we have chosen for you offer great functionality and horsepower so you can get all the power you need when driving.

Take a look at these products below and see if anything fulfills your requirements.

SBC CamRPMLobe center
COMP Cams CL12-268-41800-5800114 degree Check Price
Isky Racing Cams2800-7000108 degree Check Price
Elgin Camshaft2200-5400112 degree Check Price
Lunati Voodoo1400-5800112 degree Check Price
JEGS Camshaft3000-6200114 degree Check Price
COMP Cams CL12-234-22000-5800110 degree Check Price
Melling Camshaft1800-5800109 degree Check Price

1. COMP Cam and Lifter Kit CL12-268-4

COMP Cams and Lifter Kit

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Our top choice for the best cam for low-end torque is the COMP cams CL12-268-4 and for good reason.

It comes loaded with features that will enhance the performance of your Chevy 355, giving you maximum horsepower at a very cost-effective price range.

From an optimum overlap to a high RPM rating, the CL 12-268-4 XE gives you bets of the best. This is a high-quality camshaft that is compatible with most street stock converters.

You will not have to be picky about choosing high-quality pairing gear with this unit since it delivers optimal performance with all that you already got.

There are several reasons to invest in CL12-268-4 XE. We are taking a look at some of the most prominent features of this bad boy down below.

Incredible RPM Operating Range

Wondering what an RPM rating is and how it helps improve the performance of a cam? Well, you can call it the sweet spot of the camshaft.

This is where the core of its HP lies and you’re able to extract the most of its potential.

The COMP Cams CL12-268-4 is a high-performing camshaft that comes with an RPM rating of 1800-5800.

This is great news since it will be able to perform in a great RPM range and deliver the kind of power you were looking for.

Complete Kit

Another concern that most vehicle owners have is the installation process of a camshaft. Lucky for us, that won’t be a problem since the COMP Cams CL12-268-4 flat cam is a complete kit with a great set of lifters.

You will find an instruction manual along with an assembly lubricant that will help you through the integration process. So, not to worry, you will not have to spend any extra money on this purchase.

Wide Compatibility

Last but not least, the COMP cams SBC is widely compatible with a wide range of Chevrolet Generation 1 vehicles including 262, 265, 267, 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, and 400.

It is made in the USA so with this purchase, you will be helping the workers in the country prosper.

Final Verdict:

The COMP Cams CL12-268-4 cam is an incredible camshaft that comes in handy for improving the performance of your SBC.

It is highly compatible with various Chevrolet vehicles and is backed by a 3-year warranty as well.

  • Works with 2000+ converters and high performing stock
  • Comes as a complete kit
  • Compatible with several Chevrolet models
  • Features an early intake valve opening
  • Requires a lot of vacuum pressure
  • Lifters aren’t as durable as the camshafts

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2. Isky Racing Cams Mega Hydraulic Camshaft

Isky Racing Cams

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Do you enjoy racing? If so, then chances are you need a camshaft that can give your small-block engine the extra boost of power to get you through the finish line in minimum time.

If that is the goal, then you should probably consider the ISKY Racing Cams 201292/6 292-Mega Hydraulic Camshaft.

This camshaft is specifically designed for racers who love the opportunity to win and want to make the most out of their Chevy engine.

It comes as a complete package including an assembly lubricant, lifters, and a user manual so you can have it installed in your car within minutes.

The overall construction quality is also great so it can effectively withstand all the bumps that may come along the way.

RPM Operating Range

It has an RPM operating range of 2200-7000 which is the widest among all the models we have recommended and what you will read about.

This is the main reason why ISKY Racing Cams is a good choice for racing tracks because they require the most horsepower and torque.

Build Quality

We obviously cannot neglect the construction aspect of a camshaft. If it isn’t built out of quality components, then it won’t provide you with the power boost you need.

The ISKY Racing Cams hydraulic camshaft is heat, water, and weather resistant. It can also effectively resist corrosion or rust which makes it a safe bet for a longer time.

However, we do suggest regular maintenance checks to ensure the cam is working properly and there aren’t any compression losses.

Highly Functional

Last but not least, we all want our camshafts to be highly functional and possess the power of smoother operation. The ISKY Racing Cams will allow you for smoother gear transitions and make acceleration a whole lot instant.

Due to the added internal vacuum this camshaft creates, you will notice the uplift of power when driving.

Final Verdict:

The ISKY Racing camshaft features a phenomenal built quality and an extra dose of power.

You will be thrilled to see what it can do to your vehicle once it has been installed. The overall power efficiency and sustainability are great. Also, the model is backed by a 3-year warranty.

  • Competitive price point
  • High quality construction
  • Recommended for racing
  • Seamless installation
  • A bit pricey

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3. Elgin Camshaft E-1840-P

Elgin Camshaft

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Are you tired of your engine not delivering you the consistent boosted response you need? Take a look at the Elgin camshaft E-1840-P.

It is a basic but highly functional camshaft model that you’re going to enjoy working with.

Don’t get fooled by its minimal design at the first glance. Haven’t you heard? Simplicity sometimes has the most to offer. Though, the price point of this camshaft isn’t economical.

However, it won’t cross the budget-friendly range. So, something worth considering.

Though Elgin has promised continuous and efficient support with their 201292/6 camshaft. But let’s take a look at everything we found out about this cam during our rigorous tests.

RPM Operating Range

As mentioned by Elgin, the cam has an RPM operating range of 2200-5400 which is incredible.

By installing this model in your car, you will be able to extract most of your engine’s potential, maybe even more given the kind of functionality you are looking for.

Boosts Engine Performance

The camshaft makes use of the latest features and technology to meet the needs of your engine.

With its high-quality construction and the capability to sustain a high power ratio, it provides your system all the optimal support that it needs to keep going.

The overall response is pretty smooth. Meanwhile, the camshaft creates enough internal vacuum that it is able to give sufficient pressure for instant acceleration.

Great Functionality

Against all odds, the Elgin E-1840-P camshaft seems to be in a consistent working position. It doesn’t lack where most camshafts do.

Not to mention, the cam is compatible with most of the Chevrolet models including 350, 400, and 262.

The overall installation process also seems quite easy. However, keep in mind this camshaft doesn’t come with a detailed manual, lifters, or assembly lubricant so you will have to invest in them separately.

Final verdict:

The only drawback of the Elgin camshaft is that you will have to purchase some of the installation tools separately.

However, given the level of performance, it offers and how user-friendly the device is, we don’t think that would be an issue with most buyers. It is also backed by a 2-year warranty which makes this cam worth considering.

  • Easy to install
  • High quality parts
  • Great efficiency
  • Improved engine performance
  • Usability seems questionable
  • Doesn’t come as a complete kit

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4. Lunati Voodoo Cams SBC

Lunati Voodoo Cam SBC

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The Lunati Voodoo hydraulic flat cam has one of the best designs for a camshaft. It is popular for ease of installation and efficient drivability.

The camshaft offers an incredible performance by creating a power output through the induced upgrades for the engine mechanism.

By installing the Lunati camshaft in your Chevrolet, you will be able to enjoy the amazing street performance with effective cam support.

Not to mention, the brand has launched an incredible kit that solves all your problems without having to spend any extra bucks.

The Lunati voodoo cams SBC is a great choice for replacing factory, damaged, or faulty camshaft. It comes at a reasonable price point which is all the more reason why you should truly consider it.

Highly Functional

Starting with the impressive RPM operation rating which is 1400-5800 at mild and stands somewhere between 219/227 at 0.050” lift for the standard duration. Whereas the valve lift measures 0.468”/0.489” on intake and exhaust.

It easily fits in most small block Chevy engines. However, some users have complained that the cam is heavier than most.

But we did see how the power sustainability depended on its hydraulic properties and comes as a useful feature when more pressure is required.

Commendable System Response

When racing on streets, most drivers want instant acceleration which they will be able to achieve with Lunati Voodoo cam’s excellent throttle response.

It creates a great vacuum initiating an absolute push for internal efficiency. It renders an excellent performance to your engine and improves its overall mechanism up a notch.

Impressive Packaging

Have you ever felt mad at how badly your purchase comes packaged?

We know we have. Nobody likes to find missing components or badly wrapped parcels. They make for a bad first impression.

We were really thrilled to see how well Lunati has placed everything in this camshaft box.

It comes with all the tools you’re possibly going to need for the installation like lifters, assembly lubricant, and a detailed instruction manual.

Just a little know-how of DIY and you will be able to have this camshaft without any foreign help.

Final Verdict:

The Lunati Voodoo cam SBC is one of its kind. It comes in an impeccable design and is capable of sustaining the most power from a Chevy engine.

You will be able to make it work with many Chevrolet engines starting from 262 and so on.

  • Enhancement in RPM range varies from 1400-5800
  • Sustainable power distribution
  • Breezy installation process
  • Enhances your drivability and delivers excellent performance
  • Very expensive

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5. JEGS Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft & Lifters

JEGS Camshaft

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Another brand that most often comes to our minds whenever we think about buying automotive parts is JEGS.

The company has long been known for coming up with high-quality and industrial-grade vehicle spare parts.

Their quality of products is phenomenal and so is the price range they all come at.

The model that we have chosen as the top SBC cam for low-end torque is the JEGS hydraulic flat camshaft & lifters.

You must have gotten an understanding this is a complete kit that includes all the tools you’re probably going to need for the installation.

If you’re looking for a camshaft that can evidently increase your horsepower and broaden your torque range, then the JEGS camshaft has got you covered.

It is a high-quality camshaft that delivers what the brand promises.

RPM Operating Range

The RPM operating range of the JEGS camshaft is 3000-6200 with a lobe separation angle of 114-degree.

Both of these aspects play a huge role in its overall performance which is commendable by the way.

This camshaft can handle a great level of heat and can work phenomenally well even under the worst of circumstances.

Highly Compatible

If you’re in search of a cam that works with most Chevrolet models, then you have found a match. The JEGS hydraulic camshaft works with all small block Chevy engines including the 350.

The ease of installation is another factor why we chose this cam as one of our top choices.

Great Construction Quality

The overall construction quality of the JEGS camshaft is also remarkable. It is made out of premium cast iron just like all other high-end camshafts.

It can prevent the cams from getting rusted or molded due to extreme pressure.

Not to mention, JEGS has coated this camshaft with epoxy powder that expands its overall lifespan up a notch.

Final Verdict:

The JEGS camshaft is a great choice for someone who needs a cam that can deliver low-end torque. Because of its wide-ranged RPM, you will not have any trouble adjusting the HP as you prefer.

The installation is also pretty easy. You will find a detailed user guide that will help you through the entire process.

  • Highly compatible with most SBCs
  • Great power
  • Excellent RPM operating range
  • Ease of installation
  • Some users had complaints regarding leakages

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6. COMP Cams CL12-234-2 Hydraulic Flat Cam

COMP Cams CL12-234-2

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The reason why COMP Cams CL12-234-2 hydraulic flat cam made it to our list is because of its specific high RPM range.

It is the perfect choice of a camshaft for drivers who want maximum horsepower and high torque without paying account breaking price point.

It has a very reasonable valve lift with a great lobe separation angle. The overall performance is seamless while the transition from one gear to another is relatively smooth.

Comp Cams is one of the most reputable companies to make camshafts. Their products are worth consideration because of decent price points with great range.

The company was founded back in 1976 and since then, they have manufactured tons of high-end automotive parts you see in the market today.

High Performance

This may come as the second last model on the list but that shouldn’t overthrow its quality of performance.

The COMP Cams has an RPM operation range of 2,000-5,800 which you will possibly notice once the installation goes through.

Comp Cams has integrated the lobe separation angle very thoughtfully. It improves the airflow to the engine to enhance the torque and horsepower. You can use it for both; modified Chevys and regular models.

Fits Accurately

Since the COMP Cams hydraulic flat cam is designed specifically for most Chevy models, it fits accurately.

The measurements are pretty accurate and so is the entire installation process. You will not need any professional help to get started with this camshaft.

Complete Package

Just like the previous Comp Cams recommendation, this camshaft also comes as a complete package. There is an assembly lubricant, instruction manual, and lifters for a breezy installation process.

Also, the brand has a commendable customer support service so you can always get assistance if you need it.

Final Verdict:

The COMP Cams CL12-234-2 flat cam is reasonably priced with a thoughtful construction viewpoint and great overall performance.

The camshaft exponentially improves your engine’s power outcome with smooth gear transitions.

  • Delivers powerful performance
  • Improved horsepower
  • Comes with a lift kit for installation
  • Compatible with regular and modified Chevy models
  • Not a good option for someone who needs low torque power

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7. Melling MC1383 Camshaft

Melling Camshaft

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Melling camshaft is another incredibly designed, one of the top SBC cams for low-end torque.

It is very easy to install, comes as a complete package so you will not have to spend any extra dollars on buying spare parts, and proves to be a worthy investment.

What you will get in the package is a camshaft that you can bolt down into your vehicle for installation as it is accompanied by three bolts that are to be integrated strategically.

Unlike most of the camshafts available that require technical knowledge for the installation, the Melling MC1383 camshaft doesn’t need any.

You will be able to install this baby in your car as conveniently and easily as possible even if you aren’t a pro-DIYer.

Impeccable Construction

Construction and quality components are one of the two most important factors that need to be considered when buying a camshaft.

A cam that doesn’t resist corrosion and rust effectively is probably going to leak sooner than you may expect.

The Melling camshaft MC1383 is built out of high-quality cast iron and provides excellent resistance against mold, leaks, corrosion, and rust.

So for someone who requires a highly functional camshaft with optimum durability, you have a winner!

RPM Operating Range

The RPM operating range of the Melling camshaft isn’t disappointing at all. it goes from 1800-5800 like a swift.

You have plenty of range to extract your power from.

The camshaft is also widely compatible with most SBCs. It delivers high performance in modified and regular Chevys allowing you to extract the most power out of your engine.

Phenomenal Lifespan

With its highly durable construction, you can have an understanding of how long-lasting and durable the melling camshaft really is.

It can last up to 5-years which is unlike something we have ever seen or heard a cam do.

It is capable of enduring even the worst of scenarios as mentioned above. So, if you love street racing and want to give your Chevy engine an extra boost of power, go for it.

Final Verdict:

The Melling camshaft MC1383, though is a pricey camshaft when we compare the price to its longevity, it’s a win-win situation.

Given how durable this bad boy is and how long it can last, we don’t think you are going to find a cam that is as powerful and long-lasting as this one.

  • Features three bolts
  • Easy to install
  • Commendable built quality
  • Doesn’t require computer programming
  • No instruction manual included

No products found.

Best SBC Cam for Low-End Torque Buyer’s Guide:

SBC Cam for Low End Torque Buying Guide

As you already have an idea, a camshaft is said to be the brain of an engine that controls the operation of a vehicle’s exhaust and intake valves.

Needless to say, having the right camshaft installed on your engine directly impacts its torque, horsepower, and idle quality among various other aspects.

Also, if you happen to be someone who is willing to build a powerful engine then you must get familiar with all the parts involved in this process.

Doesn’t matter what premium parts you choose for your car, if your cam isn’t compatible and powerful enough, all other components will be rendered useless.

Consider the camshaft as a motherboard. Just like in a computer, a motherboard is responsible for orchestrating reliable connections among various other components of the CPU, a camshaft does exactly the same.

Now, if you’re wondering how we chose the top 7 SBC cams for the low-end torque mentioned above!

We would be happy to tell you how. We kept a few key factors into perspective and found the cams we were looking for.

We are enlisting those factors below and mind you, if you keep these points in mind, you will never regret your choice.

RPM Range

You must have noticed above, the first thing we talked about during our product reviews for low-end torque camshaft is the RPM operating range.

It is important because the cam relies on the engine for a smooth-running operation.

The RPM range must line up with the number of cams the camshaft has delivered.

All the products we have mentioned above follow under the radar of low-end torque for SBC so you won’t have any problem.

Compression Losses

Make sure the camshaft you’re opting for doesn’t provide any compression losses as it will be a major drawback for the engine’s performance.

A compression loss means there will be a leak in the camshaft that interferes with the ratio of air to fuel in the engine.

The products we enlisted don’t provide any compression losses luckily. The valve instantly closes without causing any leaks or interference between air to fuel.

Valve Lift

In a camshaft, you will find flat tappet cams that consistently rotate, allowing the engine valves to open and shut.

If these valves don’t open, the engine won’t be able to work smoothly and efficiently.

Always put your money on a camshaft whose cams work effortlessly, without causing a hindrance while you drive. This is where consistency is important.

We know how most people don’t put consistency as criteria for their cam but they should.

You never know when your engine may ask for abrupt power and if you don’t have a cam that can deliver it, your driving won’t run smoothly.


There are different kinds of camshafts available that will offer all kinds of performances.

While some deliver low-end torque with a small RPM range, others deliver high levels of performance with a greater RPM range.

Generally, the camshafts that deliver optimal performance with a commendable RPM range are the best camshafts to go for.

Although, this does depend on the kind of performance you need. Since you’re looking for low-end torque, possibly any camshaft will work for you.


This is something that you need to consider beforehand. Nobody wants to end up with a cam that isn’t compatible with their vehicle.

You can always check your vehicle’s specs to better understand which camshaft will work best for your engine.

If you’re choosing any of our recommended models then don’t worry, the models we have recommended above are compatible with a great range of Chevy models.

Lobe Separation Angle

This is another important thing to consider since you will definitely want to make sure the lobe separation angle is correct and syncs well with your engine.

This specific angle determines the time duration of your cam’s movements and whether they are in perfect sync or not.

If the love separation angle of your camshaft isn’t in an ideal position, then you won’t be able to make the most out of it and experience inconsistent performance.


If you happen to be shopping on a budget, then we would suggest you go for the Melling camshaft.

However, if budget isn’t a key consideration for you then Comp Cams are the best camshafts to consider.

While there are expensive and high-end camshafts also enlisted above, the ones we prefer the most are Comp Cams. They are highly compatible, offer great performance, and work well with most Chevy models.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to replace my camshaft?

If the camshaft your engine has already been integrated with has worn out, then it would make sense for you to invest in a new one.

Also, if your cam has gotten damaged then it’s inevitable for you to replace it to stay on top of your driving game.

Which camshaft is most ideal for my car?

This completely depends on what type of vehicle you own and its capacity to breathe air in and out because that is what cams are all about.

We would suggest doing all your research, consulting your motor mechanic, and making a decision. You will have to keep your car and engine’s compatibility in perspective.

How much HP gain will I be able to get?

We cannot give you an exact number of the HP you will get because there is simply no way of knowing it. There are a lot of factors that determine the horsepower gain such as the exhaust system, carb size, ratio of compression, and porting. We would say if you have a stock engine, you will be able to gain around 10% if not less.


All in all, there are various aspects that need to be considered when opting for the best SBC cam for low-end torque.

But most importantly, you must match the cam to your engine and vehicle for better functionality.

So, this is everything we had on the topic. We hope our article was able to deliver all the information you were hoping to get.

We would love to hear your take on this and if there are any other camshafts you would like to suggest to our readers.

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