10 Best Rope Lights For Crown Molding [2022 Buying Guide]

If you plan on decorating your indoors with rope lights and you’re off the view that you already know which rope or strip lights to go for then there’s a great chance you might be mistaken.

Best Rope Lights For Crown Molding

There are so many options available in the market when it comes to fairy lights that you can never be sure which one will be the most efficient choice.

When it comes to finding the best rope lights for crown molding, you need to be very careful with your purchase. An ideal option will be able to enhance your indoors and give you that perfect vibe you see on Pinterest.

So, before you go ahead with a fairy light rope, make sure you do your research to ensure you don’t regret your money spent.

We have enlisted some of the most popular and efficient rope lights for crown molding down below, take a look!

Comparing 10 Best Rope Lights For Crown Molding

Rope LightPower SourceLength
GuoTonG LED Rope LightsCorded Electric131ft Check Price
CBConcept 7200 Lumen Rope LightCorded Electric65ft Check Price
Brillihood Flexible LED RGB Rope LightCorded Electric65.6ft Check Price
Shine Decor Neon Rope LightsCorded Electric16.4ft Check Price
PYSICAL Waterproof LED Rope LightCorded Electric100ft Check Price
Philip Color Ambiance LightStripPlug-in50ft Check Price
Homestarry Lights 80 Ft Rope LEDsPlug-in/Battery80ft Check Price
Ollrieu LED Neon Rope LightsCorded Electric150ft Check Price
Ainfox LED Rope LightCorded Electric150ft Check Price
SURNIE Outdoor LED Rope LightsPlug-in50ft Check Price

1. GuoTonG Plug in LED Rope Lights

GuoTonG Plug in LED Rope Lights

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Setting your ceiling with a little festive attire given how Christmas is right around the corner, we suggest you take a look at the GuoTonG 131.2ft Plug-in LED rope lights.

When it comes to decorating your home whether outdoors or indoors, the best, most affordable, and elegant way to do that is to make use of some simple yet classy fairy lights.

These tiny LED bulbs add a glimmer to your gloomy setup and provide the user with a very personalized, festive vibe.

This is a 132.2Ft Plug-in LED rope light that comes with more than 900 reliable and smart LED bulbs that will illuminate your hallways, patio, doorways, lawns, and crown moldings in the easiest manner.

The strips work for both indoor and outdoor use both so you won’t have any trouble setting it up.

Built-in Fuse Design

Unlike most of the LED rope lights in the market, this one comes with a built-in fused design that is safe to use and makes it a perfect choice for decorating your ceiling, pool, lawn, bedroom, pergola, living room and so much more.

Because of this design, you won’t have any trouble sticking it around your crown molding. You can easily wrap it on or around the mold with no chance of it ever getting off from the surface.

Extremely Durable and Weather-resistant

The lights in this rope are bound by a durable and thick plastic that won’t get affected by heat or water. It is weather-resistant and popular for withstanding all kinds of temperatures which makes it a good option for outdoor use.

GuoTonG has performed rigorous testing on these rope lights after getting them through heavy streams of water. The rope doesn’t cause a short circuit and is one of the safest rope LEDs to be used on the market.


The selling point of GuoTonG LED rope lights is that you can easily customize them according to your requirement.

You can cut it down to meet the length of your ceiling. The tube is very flexible and can easily adjust to any pattern or form you want.


The Guo TonG LED rope light is an incredible option for crown molding. It is affordable, flexible, and can be easily used for DIY. The lights are also backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • Water-resistant
  • Customizable
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • These get dim overtime

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2. CBConcept UL Listed 7200 Lumen LED Strip Rope Light

CBConcept UL Listed LED Strip Rope Light

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The next product in like is the CBConcept UL Listed 65ft Lumen LED strip rope light. If you’re looking for something that will add a cool tone to your interior and bring you a light, cozy vibe then these LED ropes are what you need to go for.

CBConcept is popular for manufacturing UL-certified LED and fairy lights. The best thing about these fairy lights was the fact they’re available in a number of colors.

Whether you want a red shade to light up your room or a blue for a winter night to feel cozy in, you can easily get the color you want from a wide range of choices.

Dimmable Lights

We know how people want to set the lighting of their crown moldings according to their moods. Some prefer the flashing light sometimes while others might want to dim it when watching a movie or just relaxing with some music.

The CBConcept Lumen LED rope lights can be conveniently dimmed whenever you want. It features three settings for you to choose from.

However, the dimmer isn’t included in the box so you will have to purchase it separately.

Flexible and Cool to Touch

This LED rope doesn’t hit up. It has been infused into a thick plastic that is rigorous and damage-proof. Even if you have kept the lights on for hours, the plastic doesn’t heat up even one bit which makes it a good option to light up furniture.

Due to this feature, you can keep it kid’s range without having to worry about them getting burned.

The rope is also pretty flexible and easy to shape into whatever you want. If you have crown molding with a pattern then this would be a good choice since you can conveniently adjust it.

Get Additional Accessories

CBConcept has made these LED lights entirely for a DIY project. If you happen to be a DIY enthusiast then this should be your first choice.

The strip is very easy to set up and you also get additional accessories for convenience at work such as a mounting clip, power cord, connectors, mounting track, sealant, and extensions.


Looking for highly customizable and durable LED rope lights then go ahead with CBConcept LED rope. It comes in an incredible design, perfect for indoor use.

  • Perfect for indoors
  • Designed exclusively for DIY enthusiasts
  • Don’t heat up
  • You might have to hire an electrician for the installation if you aren’t a DIYer

No products found.

3. Brillihood Flexible LED RGB Rope Light Strip

Brillihood Flexible LED RGB Rope Light Strip

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Are you in search of the best RGB rope lights that are capable of spreading vibrant colors throughout your hall and doorway? If so, why don’t you check out the Brillihood Flexible LED RGB rope lights?

It is one of the finest quality LED rope lights on the market that are made out of quality and environment-friendly material. Trust us when we say, you’re going to fall in love with your ceilings as soon as you set them up with these magical LEDs.

These LED rope lights offer you the benefit of choosing between 14 magical colors and four modes to set up for every occasion in the house.

Whether you want that blinking effect or dimmed lights, these RGB lights are the solution to all kinds of moods and festivities.

Complete DIY Use

The Brillihood RGB rope light was designed for a complete DIY application. You can set them up on your ceilings, outdoors, hallways, doorways, and even on your furniture if you want.

It is also one of the few high-quality LED strips available that come at a reasonable price and also fulfills commercial purposes.

The fact that you get 16-static colors with just one purchase makes it one of the best fairy light ropes on the market.

Remote Control Operation

Along with being easier to set up, the Brillihood RGB light rope comes with a remote control that makes it all the more convenient.

As mentioned before, the light features four different modes and 16-colors to switch between.

Now you will not have to rely on the plug to operate it since you can easily do it by simply sitting on your seat. The remote control offers great functionality but you need to make sure that you’re no more than 10meter away.

Also, you might face some transmission issues if there is an obstacle between the remote control and the lights.


The light strip can be conveniently used outdoors because of its water-resistant properties. It is made out of a thick, plastic material that doesn’t let the water affect its functionality but keep in mind, the remote control isn’t waterproof.

If you have turned the lights on outdoors then try to keep the remote away from water as much as possible.


The Brillihood RGB light rope comes in 16-magnetic colors to switch between. It features a remote control for convenient use and is backed by a 1-year limited warranty, definitely something worth considering.

  • Waterproof light strip
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use
  • 16-static colors and four modes
  • Remote control isn’t waterproof

No products found.

4. Shine Decor 16.4FT LED RGB Neon Rope Lights

Shine Decor LED RGB Neon Rope Lights

No products found.

The next product in the line is the innovative yet alluring Shine Décor 16.4FT LED RGB neon rope lights. These lights have gained popularity these days because of the enigmatic colors and the excellent vibe they create.

You can attach them behind the LCD screen, on your crown moldings, behind your bands, your doorways, and so on.

Shine Décor is popular for making use of high-quality LED chips and features 60LEDs per meter on this strip.

The colors are a little vivid but you get the option of choosing from a wide range of colors so we would say it’s a pretty reasonable light strip to go for.

High-quality and Waterproof

These rope lights are made out of high-quality ETL material and can withstand harsh weather conditions effectively. These are highly durable LED ropes that you can use for outdoor and indoor decoration purposes.

The fact that these are extremely flexible and can mold into any shape you like ensures they will be very useful when it comes to decorating crown moldings of your home.

Multi-color and Dimmable

What is the one thing that we all look for when searching for fairy lights? It’s the advantage of having the ability to control the speed and fraction of light that it omits.

These lights are dimmable and you can control the modes easily. It has 14 colors to choose from and three modes to switch between. You can adjust the intensity of light omission, speed, and colors of the strip according to your requirement.


The light strip is extremely durable and intangible. It also happens to be waterproof like any other high-quality light strip that you will find in the market.

You can also cut the strip down and cater the size to your requirement. There is a mark on the strip at every 1-meter where you can cut it down without affecting the rest of the LEDs.


The Shine Décor RGB neon rope lights are made up of high-quality material and are popular for being extremely unique. They work efficiently well and can be cut down or expanded with utmost convenience.

The price of these LED lights is a little expensive but it is worth the money.

  • Elegant vibe
  • Easy to set up
  • Waterproof and durable
  • A bit pricey

No products found.

5. PYSICAL 110V 2-Wire Waterproof LED Rope Light Kit

PYSICAL 2-Wire Waterproof LED Rope Light Kit

No products found.

If you’re looking for an LED rope light that comes with a worry-free lifetime warranty then take a look at the PYSICAL Waterproof LED rope light kit.

It is one of the safest, most reliable LED rope lights on the market that has an infused design. It is waterproof and heat resistant which makes it a good option to go for at a reasonable price point.

The length of the rope is also pretty decent and you will be able to use a single wire to decorate crown molding of your entire living area with much ease.

Flexible and Energy Saving

The PYSICAL Waterproof LED rope light is a 110v heat and water-resistant wire that works magnanimously. The wires are highly flexible and won’t cause an issue when you’re setting them up on a pattern.

These are also heat-resistant and remain cool to the touch. PYSICAL has made these ropes to ensure energy saving which is something that we rarely see in fairy lights.

Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor use

Since these wires are water and heat-resistant, you can use them for outdoor and indoor decoration. PYSICAL tested these ropes rigorously to ensure they don’t cause a circuit failure upon getting in contact with water.

They are also heat resistant so even in the scorching heat, the lights won’t get affected, and neither do they fade away.

Lifetime Warranty

People who want to ensure the fairy lights, they’re investing in are going to last a lifetime should absolutely go for these.

They are backed by a lifetime warranty and ensure maximum reliability. Because of its weather-resistant properties and the fact they don’t fade away over time ensures you will not have to replace them for a very long time.

These wires come with a 1-meter mark so you can conveniently adjust the length according to your own requirements when needed.


If you’re looking for a rope light that can be used indoors and outdoors both then you are not going to find something better than PYSICAL LED rope lights.

They are affordable given the number of features it comes with and is very flexible to adjust as well.

  • Water and heat resistant
  • Flexible construction
  • Easy to set up
  • Aren’t dimmable

No products found.

6. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip

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In the last few years, especially since the concept of smart homes surfaced, users are always on the lookout for the best smart LED lights that can be controlled with a single touch of a button or through your Google assistant.

The Philips hue white and color ambiance light strip is a smart LED strip that you can control with your voice. These are really popular among the users and a bestseller on Amazon with stellar reviews and ratings.

In order to make these LEDs work, you need to first be in possession of a Google Assistant or Alexa. If you have it then trust us, you’re going to love its overall functionality and performance.

Excellent Compatibility

The Philips hue ambiance light strip is highly compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, Apple Homekit, Microsoft Cortana, or any other Google software for that matter.

The hub such as Alexa or Google Assistant is sold separately so you will first have to purchase it in order to enjoy all the functions of this LED rope efficiently.

This might come off as an expensive LED but if you already have smart tech installed in your home, it won’t feel too pricey.

Easy to Connect

By now you must be thinking that it is probably going to cause a lot of hassle with regards to connectivity but we were thrilled to see how quickly it responded. It is not going to clog up your WiFi network. You don’t even need WiFi to control these LEDs.

With the Hue Hub software, you will be able to control up to 50 Led bulbs at your home with utmost convenience.

Ultimate LED Experience

Well, the best is yet to come. Did you know that you can sync all your Hue bulbs to your movies, music, and game settings through an application?

You can easily make necessary adjustments to the light settings and make use of different modes to set the environment for a particular mood.

For instance, you can adjust the lights to get dim when you’re listening to music or set the blinking mode when playing a game.


The Philips light strip gives the ultimate experience of enjoying various kinds of vibes just by a click of a button. It is an incredible choice for people who love smart installations at home and are going to last you for a very long time.

  • Smart LEDs
  • Easy to sync
  • Extremely versatile
  • Application needs improvement

No products found.

7. Homestarry Outdoor String Lights 80 Ft Rope LEDs

Homestarry Outdoor String Lights Rope LEDs

No products found.

Homestarry is another brand that comes to our mind whenever we think about buying fairy lights for indoor use. If you’re looking for multi-color LEDs then we don’t suppose you are going to find something better than this.

It changes colors and modes automatically. These are string lights that are recommended for outdoor use but you can also use them for crown molding too.

It comes with a remote control that will allow you to change its modes while sitting in one place. The Homestarry outdoor string lights are available in a wide range of colors to choose from.

Match with your Festivals

The 16-color RGB string lights are going to be the perfect addition to your home so that you can set the mood according to the festivities. The lights are available in red, golden, blue, and green color.

However, we would recommend you go for the RGB option since it will give you the benefit of having all colors in just one pick.

The remote control is a very convenient addition to the package. It has an excellent transmission and you can change the settings of these lights while sitting anywhere in the house.

Power Saving Efficiency

The Homestarry LEDs have UL certification and are powered by a 12v adapter. These don’t cost you a lot of electricity so you can conveniently use them all year round.

The lights feature four-speed modes that you can set from the remote control. Set the time on the remote and your lights will turn on at that exact moment. Along with that, you can also run these LEDs on a battery.

Tangle-free and Flexible

One of the biggest concerns every LED strip user has is the fact that these get entwined which is very inconvenient. The strip is made out of silver wire coated with a thin water-proof film that keeps it from getting entangled.

It is also very flexible which makes it easier for the user to set up. Feel free to twist and turn Homestarry LED rope into any shape or form you desire.


The Homestarry LED rope light comes in a variety of colors and is extremely functional for all kinds of festivities. These are very convenient to adjust and you can control the settings through remote control, making it thoroughly convenient.

  • Don’t get entwined
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Various features
  • Pricey

No products found.

8. Ollrieu Outdoor LED Neon Rope Lights

Ollrieu Outdoor LED Neon Rope Lights

No products found.

Ollrieu Outdoor LED neon rope lights are another incredible neon lights on our list that give a very calm vibe to the environment.

They are extremely popular LED lights for crown molding and are very flexible so you can easily adjust them into any form you like.

It gives out a very uniform lamplight in the darkness and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Easy to set up and comes with clams so it’s not going to fall down once you have adjusted it around your crown moldings.

High-quality and Waterproof

These rope lights are made out of high-quality ETL material and they are very well capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions.

This aspect makes it an ideal LED strip light that you can use for outdoor and indoor purposes.

The fact that these are extremely flexible and can mold into any shape you like ensure they will be very useful when it comes to decorating crown moldings of your home.


The best part about this light rope is that each neon light comes with positive and negative joints. Along with that, you get several connectors in the package that will allow you to extend the length of the strip without hassle.

You can also cut it down if needed without damaging other LEDs on the strip.


It is a hassle-free and tangle-proof LED strip light that you can conveniently install, indoor and outdoor both. The water and heat-resistant properties of this light rope are the reasons why it has an extended lifespan and why it doesn’t fade away at all.

You can also cut the strip down and cater the size to your requirement. There is a mark on the strip at every 1-meter where you can cut it down without affecting the rest of the LEDs.


Ollrieu Outdoor LED neon rope lights are an incredible choice for neon lights. This model is only available in one color which is daylight warm so it will only work for a certain mood.

It is also a little sharp for some people and cannot be dimmed which is one of its drawbacks.

  • Elegant vibe
  • Easy to set up
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Not dimmable

No products found.

9. Ainfox LED Rope Light

Ainfox LED Rope Light

No products found.

Ainfox LED rope lights are an excellent option if you want to jazz up your hallway or living room. It is available in a number of colors but the ones we have chosen to suggest are colorful ropes that are turned on automatically and periodically.

It measures almost 150-ft in length and will go about anywhere you want it to reach out. And even if 150ft isn’t enough, you will find a connector at the end of the rope that will allow you to extend its length way beyond.

The rope is flexible and stretchable so it can easily take the form that you want it to.

Several Colors Available

The ropes that we have chosen to add to our list feature colorful LED but AInfox offers various other colors as well such as red, warm white, blue, and cold white.

You can opt for the color that will fix your mood best. You can also get yourself the ideal shade for Christmas, fall, or summer, whatever you like.

Hassle-free and Energy Saving

The LEDs are weather resistant. You don’t have to worry about snow and rain which means they can be installed outdoors.

Instead of installing these lights every year or six months, you can leave them on all year round because they are not going to charge you a bill. These are energy-saving LEDs that will help save you from a lot of hassle.

Extensive Lifespan

As far as the lifespan of Ainfox LED strip is concerned, expect it to last up to 50,000 hours. Isn’t that impressive?

It features PVC tubing which is durable and flexible both at the same time. It will easily take the form you want it to which makes it a convenient option to adjust around crown moldings.

You can also place it around fences or even turn it into cool shapes to be placed outside.


While the Ainfox LED Strip Lights are very impressive and long-lasting, the only drawback is that they aren’t really that feature-oriented.

You cannot dim these lights or use a blinking option. Other than that, it is a commendable option to go for.

  • Available in various colors
  • Malleable and durable
  • Reasonable length
  • Not that feature oriented

No products found.

10. SURNIE Outdoor LED Rope Lights

SURNIE Outdoor LED Rope Lights

No products found.

SURNIE Outdoor LED rope lights that come in a very subtle golden color and give out a very warm vibe to the environment. We absolutely loved these lights for the sparkly glow and they work efficiently well for decorating crown moldings, yards, doorways, furniture, and so on.

The reason, why we added these LED light ropes to our list, is because of their functional and unique design. The SURNIE LED lights come with UL certified power supply along with a built-in fuse surge protector.

The company made a power adapter that is weather-resistant and offers maximum protection against electrical surges under rough weather conditions.

You can conveniently use this tube to decorate outdoors and indoors.

Cuttable Design

We know how difficult it is to come across an LED strip that will offer you maximum space efficiency. Most of the time, these ropes are either too long or too short so they don’t fix your pattern perfectly.

Lucky for us, these fairy lights can be cut if needed without having to worry about damaging the rest of the bulbs in line. In the box, you also get several connectors that can be used later to expand the length of the wires.

You can extend or cut down the length of the strips according to your own requirements.


What is the one thing you fear the most when using LED light strips outside of your home? It is the thought of a circuit failure due to heavy rain if you have decorated your yard with fairy lights outdoors.

We loved the fact that SURNIE LED lights are water and heat-resistant. Even under a scorching sun, they won’t get melted away or go through a circuit failure because of water.


You can also adjust the form of these lights into any pattern you want because of the flexible manufacturing.

Since these are flat ropes, they fall under the radar of ideal rope lights for crown molding because you won’t have to worry about them coming off the ceiling.


The SURNIE LED rope lights have a very warm glow about them and they can be your favorite prop for decorating indoors.

The lights are highly functional and have an excellent lifespan of 50,000 hours. You also get a money-back guarantee of 30-days with this purchase.

  • Cuttable design
  • Flexible to follow any pattern
  • Easy to set up
  • Too bright with no dimming option

No products found.

Rope Lights for Crown Molding Buyer’s Guide:

Rope Lights For Crown Molding Buying Guide

In recent days, fairy lights or LED rope lights have become really popular among the millennials for the modern and vibrant look they create.

Since these rope lights are manufactured out of eco-friendly materials, they consume very little energy and don’t cost a lot of bills.

These make them a very convenient option for decoration and let’s admit it, these lights look really elegant and create a certain kind of vibe.

However, when it comes to buying rope lights, you need to be very thorough and keep in mind all your requirements to make an ideal choice.

In this section, we are going to discuss all the points you must keep in perspective when making a purchase for LED rope lights. If you consider these factors, you will end up with the perfect lights to decorate with.

Outdoors or Indoors:

The very first thing you need to consider when choosing strip lights is to see if you need them for indoor or outdoor use.

Strip lights serve various purposes like they can be used for outdoor parties, decorating furniture, setting up crown moldings, outdoor gardening, and whatnot.

If you have already decided what you’re going to use these LEDs for then just go for the relevant item from the market without wasting any time.

The number of LEDs and Length of the Strip:

Most of the LED strips on the market have varying lengths but they commonly are available in the size of 5-10meters so the user doesn’t have trouble while mounting them on the wall, dressing tables, and other surfaces.

The number of LEDs in a strip will also certainly affect its overall length. Some LED strips can even be allowed to cut down to serve particular purposes.

But it depends on your usage and the length you require. We recommend going for flexible and connectable LED strips so that you can extend its length however you like.

Material Quality:

Another important thing to consider when buying LED strips is the material they are made up of. The material quality will give a crystal clear idea to the user how long these LEDs will work.

Most of the LED strips you have seen on this list are made up of dual copper wires to make them damage-proof and enhance their functionality.

However, strip lights made up of low-quality plastic won’t last that long. They will probably melt away because of extreme heat pressure.

Power Supply:

Make sure you ask the authorities about how much energy is required to run the electric LED ropes.

90% of the LED strips don’t take up too much power. They are built while keeping power saving in mind and can also run on a battery. But it is something worth considering before you make a purchase.

Weather and Waterproof:

We think this is by far the most important aspect to consider when buying the ideal rope lights for crown molding. If you want to use your lights for outdoor purposes then it is inevitable the lights need to be waterproof.

Nobody wants to cause a short circuit or run out in the cold to take the lights off in case there is snow falling on the ground or starts raining.

Also, having a light strip that is weather-resistant is also a plus point with regards to the scorching heat of the summer.

Dimmable or not:

LED lights look incredible but one drawback that we often come across is that they are 70% of the time not dimmable.

Having a dimmable LED strip wrapped around your crown molding will give you control over the kind of ambiance you would like to create. These LEDs are highly functional and will allow you to keep the mood light or on fire as needed.

Smart Application Connectivity:

In the beginning, every LED strip or rope only came with one connectivity option, plug-in, and go! But not anymore, with the latest advancement of smart homes, now there are LED bulbs available that you can operate through your phone.

These kinds of LEDs are extremely convenient since you won’t have to go through the trouble of going all the way to your yard to adjust the settings. You can now simply set them up through your phone, maybe even turn on a timer.

Try and look for fairy lights that offer this feature. Trust us, it will be the most convenient thing you will ever buy.

Warranty and Price:

The final aspect you need to keep in mind is the price and warranty. Most people will buy a rope light according to their budget and choose the best option in that range.

However, if you have the amount to splurge then you will be thrilled to see the functionality, features, and incredible lifespan an LED light strip can offer you. Always compare several products with one another before making a final choice.

Also, it is important to keep the warranty time period in mind to ensure you don’t end up losing your safety net.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I link several LED ropes together?

Yes, you can link ropes together but it depends on the brand you have bought. Some rope lights come with connectors included in the package while for some you will have to purchase new ones. Although, we do recommend only conjoining three LED ropes together for maximum efficiency.

Can I cut an LED rope?

Some LED ropes come with a 1-meter mark and they can be cut down without damaging the rest of the LEDs on the rope. But we won’t suggest doing this with all the ropes since not every LED strip comes with this feature.

Is there any temperature limit I need to worry about?

LED strip lights are made out of a thick PVC tube that is capable of withstanding even the toughest weather conditions. However, if you live under extreme weather conditions then you need to get in touch with the manufacturer and ask them about any repercussions of using their LED strip.


So, we have provided you with as much information regarding the best rope lights for crown molding as we could. Through all of this info, you will be able to make your surroundings, whether indoors or outdoors, look more beautiful than before.

If you’re looking for the best strip lights then you need to consider all the factors we have mentioned above to make an ideal purchase.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any suggestions, questions, or recommendations in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below.

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