Best Roof Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee [Buying Guide]

Fitting your canoes, kayaks, and ski boards inside your Grand Cherokee will leave no leg space, and you will have a highly uncomfortable road trip.

To avoid cluttering, and save space, you can use the best roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Not only will it give you enough room, but it will also keep your cargo, luggage, and equipment secure during travel.

Best Roof Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Why drivers usually do not prefer using crossbars is due to the high noise created by wind hitting the luggage, and greater fuel consumption.

Newer racks have improved designs to give you improved fuel efficiency and reduced noise levels.

Comparing 8 Best Roof Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2021

We have compared the basic features of these roof racks to give you a quick idea:

Roof RackMaterialLoad Capacity
BrightLines CrossbarsAluminum150 lbs Check Price
Snailfly Black CrossbarsAluminum Alloy165 lbs Check Price
BougeRV Car Roof RackAluminum150 lbs Check Price
MOSTPLUS Roof RackAluminum150 lbs Check Price
Mophorn Roof Rack RailStainless Steel165 lbs Check Price
Mopar Cross Rails BarsAluminum, Plastic150 lbs Check Price
Monoking Kayak CrossbarsAluminum, ABS Plastic155 lbs Check Price
YITAMOTOR Roof RackDuralumin, ABS Plastic99 lbs Check Price

1. BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks

BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Rack

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If you have been wondering what is the best roof rack for carrying kayaks on Jeep Grand Cherokee, these crossbars by BrightLines are the answer.

They are best suited for this, and can even carry two kayaks at the same time.

You can use them with your Grand Cherokee that comes with side rails.

These crossbars are made of aluminum. Hence, they are light but can still carry a load of up to 150 pounds.

A bit about the bars:

These are 2.75 inches wide and 0.75 inches thick. Built to meet the OEM specifications, the front bar is longer. Consequently, you can easily fit it on your vehicle.

You can use these to carry all that you want on your outdoor trips. Other than kayaks, you can use these for snowboards, bikes, and even fishing poles can be placed on them.

Since it is constructed with premium quality material, you can use it for anything and everything you wish to take along on your next camping trip.

Easy to install:

Install it yourself using the mounting brackets that come in the package. It will not fit the Jeep Cherokee and the vehicles with plastic molding on the roof.

Thus, if you have Altitude or the SRT models, you shouldn’t buy these.

These bars come with T-mounts. As a result, these are compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrome or painted flush track rails.

However, there are chances that these bars might leave scratches when you remove them. It comes with a year’s warranty and an instruction manual.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High-quality material
  • Includes warranty
  • Multipurpose
  • Can leave scratches on your car

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2. Snailfly Black Crossbars – Less Noise and Low Wind Resistance

Snailfly Cross Bars Roof Rack

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Make traveling in your Jeep Grand Cherokee comfortable and convenient.

This roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee is compatible with all the models from 2011 to 2021.

These crossbars are made of aluminum alloy. Hence, they are lightweight and sturdy. Also, with its anti-corrosion properties, this roof rack will last for a long time.

Furthermore, it comprises steel clamps. Thus, you can install these easily without worrying about breakage or any other damage.

Great design!

With its waterdrop design, it decreases wind resistance. Therefore, it prevents your vehicle’s fuel consumption from going too high.

In addition to this, it also keeps the noise low. Thus, you can enjoy a quieter ride with your baggage accompanying you silently.

You can use this roof rack to carry your bikes, snowboards, and luggage boxes.

Thick and Precise:

Since it is built with a substantial thickness, it can carry as much as 150 lbs if you distribute the weight evenly.

Made with precision, you can be sure about these. Your kayaks will stay secure, and give you sufficient space inside the car.

The two bars are 40.4 and 39.2 inches in length. But they are adjustable. There are multiple mounting brackets given with the product.

You can use these to vary the length according to your vehicle’s size.

The package includes a pair of these bars along with the required bolts and screws for installation. However, the instructions are a bit vague and can confuse the user.

  • Good quality
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • High Capacity
  • Well designed
  • Installation instructions are not clear

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3. BougeRV Car Roof Rack – Lightweight, Secure and Durable

BougeRV Roof Rack

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For those who prefer racks that are strong but not bulky, this is a great option. It is made of aluminum.

The best part is that it is lighter than steel by about one-third, but can carry heavy equipment weighing up to 68 kilograms.

Moreover, its plastic feet give it a sturdy fit on your vehicle.

Are these useful?

Oh yes, they are. You can use these crossbars for kayaks, canoe, luggage, and roof boxes. Also, you can place your sporting goods surfboards on these too.

Thus, you end up freeing sufficient space inside your jeep, giving you a safe and comfortable drive.

With its aerodynamic design, it allows air to flow freely over your luggage. As a result, the noise created by the wind is greatly reduced when you are driving at high speed.

Roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013 and more:

These are compatible with all the Jeep Cherokee models with grooved rails on the side and were launched in the years 2011 to 2021.

You can fix these on Overland, Trailhawk, Limited, Upland, North Edition, Summit, and High Altitude.

On the other hand, you cannot use this with Trackhawk, Altitude, SRT, and other Cherokee models.

Install it yourself:

To install, all you need is a screwdriver and fifteen minutes. There is no hassle of identifying the front and the rear end by trial and error because these are clearly labeled.

Additionally, it does not require any drilling either. All you need to do is screw it to the roof mounts. Always remember, the front bar is longer.

You get this with a year-long warranty to protect your investment. In case, you mistakenly fix the brackets in the wrong place, uninstalling can be difficult.

Thus, you must read the provided manual carefully and follow the given instructions as they are stated.

  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with various models
  • Includes warranty
  • Easy to install
  • High load capacity
  • Uninstalling is difficult

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4. MOSTPLUS Roof Rack – Anti Theft and Easy To Assemble


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The roof rack fits well with all models of 2011 to 2020. You can use these heavy-duty bars for all the models that come with grooved side rails.

You can fit these with Overland, Limited, Trailhawk, Upland, and Summit. But these won’t fit Altitude and SRT.

Know the details:

It has two bars. The front one is wider and longer than the rear one. In addition to this, these are made of strong and durable aluminum alloy.

With its marine-grade quality, it can carry a load as heavy as 150 pounds. Moreover, due to its high strength capability, you can even place ladders and bulky cargo on these.

You can even rest your bike racks and surf ski on this roof rack, without worrying about your equipment getting damaged. Thus, these will prove useful for all your trips.

Bolt it on:

With all the mounting screws and brackets included, installing and removing is just a matter of a few minutes. You do not have to cut or drill to make holes.

The non-skid feature:

In addition to the high-quality material, it comprises soft pads. These are made of rubber, and they keep your car’s roof free from scratches.

Also, these increase the skid resistance level which is particularly useful when you are traveling on the highway.

Furthermore, its special design ensures that noise levels are kept at a minimum. These are long-lasting.

Once you buy these, you will not have to worry about replacing them for a long time.

However, the installation guidelines are not explained well which creates trouble for the users.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Sturdy
  • Long-lasting
  • Premium quality
  • Improve skid resistance
  • Scratch-free
  • High load capacity
  • Unclear instructions make installation difficult

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5. Mophorn Roof Rack Rail – High Load Capacity and Aerodynamic

Mophorn Roof Rack

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With an amazing load capacity of 165 lbs, these crossbars offer sufficient space on the top of your vehicle.

This roof rack cross bar for Jeep Grand Cherokee is structured to provide a perfect base for your equipment.

Thus you can use these for various purposes such as canoes, snowboards, and even fishing poles.

Resist with strength:

Made of high-grade stainless steel, these bars score high on strength and durability.

Moreover, they have a mirror finish which keeps them safe from rust, stains, and rough weather conditions. You can use these for many years and they won’t disappoint you.

Tough and smart:

With a tough structure, you do not have to worry about the racks bending or breaking. Also, these stay firmly in place when you are driving at high speed.

Furthermore, they have an elliptical design with aerodynamic properties. Not only does this keep a check on the noise level, but also decreases the wind resistance.

You can still enjoy an open sunroof:

If you wish to open or close the sunroof during your road trip, these roof racks will not hinder it.

Additionally, the installation steps are easy and simple to follow. The strip is accurately measured and does not require any cutting or drilling.

Also, the package includes all the required accessories.

It is silver in color and would make your vehicle stand out. You can use them with Grand Cherokee models from 2011 to 2020.

However, the bars are quite long which makes them get close to the antenna and there are chances of a rub-off.

  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Well designed
  • Reduce noise and wind resistance
  • Multifunctional
  • High carrying capacity
  • Bars get too close to the antenna

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6. Mopar Jeep Grand Cherokee Roof Rack

Mopar Jeep Grand Cherokee Roof Rack

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Going for that trip you have always planned to? There is a common issue: A lot of luggage!

The Mopar roof rack is a solution to this problem. These roof racks are sturdy and detach quite easily too!

So, you can store them conveniently and use them when you feel the need of loading up the luggage. Isn’t that great?

Are you confused?

Don’t be! It comes with custom installation tools. However, it only fits with Mopar carriers.

Though if you have a vehicle with side rails, it might fit it too! So, you can roof-mount a bike, a watersports carrier, or skis, you can carry it quite easily.

Its model number is 82212072AC.0 and it is designed for the 2015 Grand Cherokee, therefore best fits with the vehicle.

Furthermore, the bars have t-slots that allow easy installation and are durable too! It also has keys included so your luggage is safe during traveling.

That’s not all!

It can carry a maximum weight of 150 pounds or 68kg! So, now you don’t need to worry about packing those extra clothes or essentials.

Just focus on making your trip memorable, not managing the size of your luggage!

However, do assure that the side rails are actual and not just for modeling. It is not compatible with SRT-8 models as well.

  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Compatible with all Mopar carriers
  • 68kg weight capacity
  • Detachable
  • Not compatible with vehicles with no side-rails

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7. MonoKing Cross Bars Roof Rack

MONOKING Cross Bars Roof Rack

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These crossbars are the answer to your traveling issues. Whether you want to carry canoes, skis, bikes, surfboards, or kayaks, it is the solution.

So, if your Grand Cherokee has side rails that are grooved, it will fit.

It is compatible with Summit, Trailhawk, Overland, Upland, and Limited models. It does not fit altitude, SRT, and models other than the ones mentioned.

Once you know that it is compatible with your vehicle, there is no drilling required to install! You can install it quite easily on the side rails.

Therefore, it delivers the durability that you need for securing your luggage in place. It also comes with an Allen wrench and a user manual for guiding you to install it.

Worried about safety?

Don’t worry! It has a lock that keeps your luggage safe from falling as well as thieves. It comes with four keys, so you aren’t locked out of your luggage if you lose one key.

Furthermore, it has a great load capacity. When even, it can accommodate up to 155 pounds because of its strong interior structure!

Also, it is tested for vertical load, crashes, and wear and tear. It exceeds the OEM parts in safety, stylishness, and strength too! So, don’t worry about its performance.

It has a large loading area, so you can load on large luggage too without worrying about it not fitting in.

Furthermore, if you have more needs, you can add on roof boxes and carrier baskets to carry your cargo.

You might be wondering about the noise due to the load!

Its aerodynamic design and shape diffuse the airflow. So, the wind noise is reduced, and the fuel efficiency is also increased!

Apart from the design, it is also lightweight. It weighs just 8.78 pounds!

Not just this! The manufacturer gives one year of warranty which is quite generous! Also, a lifetime of technical support gives you the peace of mind that you need when purchasing it.

However, you might have to watch a few videos on its installation since the user manual does not have adequate installation instructions.

Also, we recommend keeping your vehicle’s speed between 50-80 miles per hour when you are carrying a full load.

  • Secure
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • High-load Carrier
  • Versatile Use
  • Reduced wind noise
  • Warrantied
  • The user manual does not include adequate installation instructions
  • Keep your vehicle’s speed between 50-80 mph when carrying a full load

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8. YITAMOTOR Roof Rack Cross Bars

YITAMOTOR Roof Rack Cross Bars

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The Yitamotor roof rack is the best roof rack for 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and is also compatible with models up to 2021.

It is made of aluminum material, which is not only lightweight but also durable! Specifically, it weighs 8.8 pounds only!

As far as its durability is concerned, it is made up of premium aluminum called duralumin. Duralumin is more powerful than ordinary aluminum.

It is combined with hard ABS plastic which adds to the durability!

As a result, it can carry weight up to 99 pounds! The only condition is that the weight is evenly distributed on the two bars, and not just concentrated on one.

Though it is lesser than other roof racks, it is still quite sufficient for carrying your luggage.

Carrying different types of luggage?

Don’t worry! It is quite versatile, and you can carry camping gear or bikes on it too! Apart from that, you can also carry kayaks, cargo boxes, luggage, canoes, and snowboards.

Now that’s versatility! 

It has an aerodynamic design that allows the diffusion of the wind to reduce the wind noise.

It also reduces the vibration, so you can drive at high speeds without worrying about it falling or slacking!

The installation manual is available on the website and has easy-to-follow instructions. It also comes with screws required to install it.

Therefore, you can install it quite easily. There is no drilling required, so there’s no doubt about its durability because it fits on the existing side rails.

Also, because you don’t need to drill it up, it can easily be disassembled when not in use! Therefore, you can store it and put it up when you want to use it.

That’s convenient, right?

However, you need to take care of the weight that you load onto it. If you don’t it might fail and damage your roof.

  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient
  • Versatile use
  • Wind diffusion
  • If it fails due to overloading, it might damage your car’s roof

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Buyer's Guide:

For your frequent road trips and camping tours, the best roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee is a useful add-on to your vehicle.

Not only does it free up space inside but also makes your trip comfortable. You can have sufficient legroom and enough room for everyone to have a comfortable trip.

It also comes in handy to carry bulky and extraordinarily long equipment such as your camping gear or skiing kit.

Roof Rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee Buying Guide

In addition to this, placing your luggage on the roof rack is both safe and convenient.

Before making your purchase decision, it is important to consider:

  • How many loads will you place on it?
  • What type of items are you planning to put on the rack?
  • How frequently would you use it?

Answering these questions will help you evaluate which rack will best meet your needs. Other than this, there are a few more features which you should keep in mind.

How Strong Is the Material?

The most popular materials are steel and aluminum. Both come with different advantages and disadvantages.

But all metal racks should be coated to act as a shield against the weather. However, this coating is subject to wearing off and getting chipped during loading and unloading.

Stainless Steel vs Aluminum:

Steel racks are stronger and durable but prone to catching rust. Aluminum has a natural anti-corrosive property but is only appropriate for carrying lightweight items.

If you plan to transport heavy cargo, steel would be a better option.

Is It Compatible With Your Jeep?

With every new Jeep model that comes in the market, there are slight variations in the vehicle’s body which makes compatibility an important consideration.

Hence, make sure the roof rack that you are considering will fit with your current Jeep model.

Load It Up

The load capacity defines the maximum weight limit that can be placed on the rack. This varies from 150 pounds to 200 pounds.

When considering this factor, you need to decide what you plan to use your rack for. Depending on the weight of the items that you would frequently carry, make the choice.

This is affected by the quality of the material used and the durability of the design.

Premium quality racks, built with marine or aircraft-grade metal and alloy, make the best kayak roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In addition to this, you can use them for camping gear, snowboards, and even ladders.

Greater Fuel Efficiency

Roof racks are known to increase your fuel consumption. This is because with extra weight being carried on the roof, there is greater air resistance and noise.

Choose a rack that has built-in aerodynamic characteristics that allow air to flow over the cargo, and hence, improving the fuel efficiency.

Also, such racks keep you and your vehicle safe in case of an accident.

Design Is Your Personal Choice

This mainly includes the shape and the size of the roof rack. Mostly, these are black so there isn't much choice in that.

Design differences offer you options in how well the rack can fit on your jeep. Also, some have straight edges whereas others have rounded corners.

Some roof racks come with soft rubber pads. These keep your car roof free from scratches. It also keeps the rack firmly in place.

Keep the Noise Low

When driving with weight on top of your Grand Cherokee’s roof, the noise created by wind hitting the cargo is inevitable.

As a result, drivers would get irritated, especially when driving at high speeds.

Different brands have added various characteristics to deal with this issue. You can now pick an option that would give you a quieter and more pleasant ride.

Is It Easy To Install?

You can install most of these within half an hour. Almost all the rack packages include the mounting screws and brackets that are required.

Newer versions are built in such a way that you won’t need to cut or drill any holes. All you need is a screwdriver and a clearly explained instruction manual.

No Drilling and No Cutting

Along with ease of installation, roof racks should be easier to remove too.

If you are someone who would use these racks just once or twice a year, this feature would be an important point of consideration.

Crossbars that are just mounted with brackets can be removed easily and keep your car safe from getting damaged too.

Maintenance Tips

  • Remove the rack after frequent intervals and check them for worn-out and chipped-off parts.
  • To clean, simply wash with soapy water and rinse.
  • Lubricate the screws and bolts before assembling them back.
  • In case of any corroded parts, replace these right away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Would installing a roof rack damage my car?
No, it would not. It is a misconception that people have. Newer roof rack designs do not require cutting or drilling and have design features that prevent scratches on your vehicle.
For how long will my roof rack last?
Sturdy, durable, and premium quality roof racks from trusted brands are known to last for years. However, it depends on the usage too. Overloading a rack beyond its load capacity can cause breakage or bending.
Do I need to remove the roof rack before the car wash?
Yes. There are chances that the racks and crossbars can get damaged during the carwash.
Should I choose a basket style or a rack?
Both these styles are quite popular. You should pick according to your usage. Baskets are preferred for carrying small items, and luggage. For odd-shaped, or extra-long items, a rack would be better.


To choose the best roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee, keep in mind that the strength of these crossbars matters a lot.

Our pick is the BrightLines Roof Rack. They are lightweight but sturdy enough to even carry two kayaks at the same time.

Since these are made of Aluminum, they are resistant to rust and other rough weather conditions. You can use these for heavy luggage as well.

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