Best Rifle Bipod for Long Range Shooting [Buying Guide]

If you want to save time and still want to grab the Best Rifle Bipod for Long Range Shooting , go for the Atlas BT10 Bipod V8 Series, undoubtedly.

Why do I need a bipod? Why can’t I load my rifle, point at my target, and shoot? These might be your questions too. You can shoot without a bipod, of course.

But in the end, you will be tired of adjusting the rifle’s position to shoot accurately, which can give you sore shoulders. Investing a few dollars in the essential device will do the aiming and balancing for you!

What is a rifle bipod anyway? It is a crucial piece of equipment designed for shooters. It is a two-legged stand crafted to mount the rifle.

Best Rifle Bipod for Long Range Shooting

It holds long-range or hunting weapons to help the hunters stay in the rest position while shooting or hunting.

You can also use a good adjustable cheek rest to make your hunting experience more comfortable.

Why do you need a bipod? It helps to stabilize the shot, gives better accuracy, and carries the rifle’s weight.

Moreover, it gives you an adjustable shooting height and can pivot, which helps track your moving objects without making any adjustments.

If you are a sport shooter or a hunter, this will significantly help to improve your long-distance shots.

Furthermore, it will give you more confidence and stability, and you will balance the rifle on uneven terrain without any issues.

What’s more, once you start using this device, you will not want to go without it again because it makes shooting a lot easier.

Selection is never easy; therefore, we combed through the internet to compile the latest top-quality rifle bipod.

You can buy one according to your exact needs by going through our detailed product reviews.

These are one of the top-notch rifle bipods in the market; scroll below to continue reading!

Comparing 10 Best Rifle Bipod for Long Range Shooting 2022

Atlas BT105 to 9"Aluminum Check Price
Harris S-BRM6 to 9"Steel, Aluminum Check Price
Swagger Hunter6.75 to 29"Aluminum Check Price
CVLIFE6 to 9"Steel, Aluminum Check Price
Accu-Shot Atlas4.75 to 9"Aluminum Check Price
Caldwell Accumax13 to 30"Carbon Fiber Check Price
UTG Recon Flex5.7 to 8"Aircraft-grade Aluminum Check Price
Magpul Rifle Bipod6 to 10"Polymer, Aluminum Check Price
Caldwell XLA Pivot13.5 to 27"Aluminum Check Price
AVAWO6 to 9"Steel, Aluminum Check Price

1. Atlas BT10 Bipod V8 Series – The Best Bipod for Hunting Rifle

Atlas BT10

No products found.

This product is specifically crafted for long-range precision. It will be the best choice for professional shooters who are searching for premium rifle bipods.

It enables the shooter to become more stable even in the low position. Moreover, it is one of the favorite bipods of several users because it offers stability and excellent features.

What about its robustness?

This bipod is well-acclaimed for its robust nature and stability. It will hold your heavy weapon and keep the rifle in a position to focus your target accurately.

What features does this model offer?

This aircraft-grade aluminum offers 5 to 9-inch leg-extension length; it can pivot up to 90-degrees and pan around 30-degrees.

Furthermore, it has five swivel positions, i.e., 180, 135, 90, 45, and 0. Its tilting feature helps hunters in shooting their targets.

The lightweight bipod for rifle includes a mil-spec anodized finish to prevent corrosion and knurled legs for easy adjustment and grip when wearing gloves.

What’s more, this model uses a Picatinny Rail Mount interface or ARMS 17S lever mount. You can also adjust the bipod’s position according to your requirements.

Moreover, the slides are present on inner legs allowing the users to locate in five different positions; thus, offering versatile setups.

Not to mention, it comes with an optional three-inch extension and an interchangeable foot system like cleated spiked feet, cleat, spike, ski; therefore, it allows easy swapping in various fields.

What else? This high-quality model has stellar components and features. Plus, this low-profile designed model is USA-manufactured.

Oddly enough, its rubber legs might not be the best thing about the model.

  • A most-liked bipod
  • Lightweight
  • Robust and durable
  • Well-built design
  • Picatinny mounting option
  • Five leg positions
  • 0 to 180-degrees swivel
  • Adjustable 
  • Offers good height
  • Expensive bipod
  • Not-so-sturdy rubber legs

No products found.

2. Harris Engineering S-BRM – A Superb Tactical Rifle Bipod

Harris Engineering S-BRM

No products found.

Are you searching for a swivel model to prevent the tilting and loosening of the bipod legs? If you prefer such models, you may have found one!

This US-manufactured product is straightforward to install, and it holds on tight. It’s sturdy but lightweight. The legs will not close, wiggle, or shift while shooting.

Why do most hunters prefer this product? It is rugged, dependable, easy-to-operate, and easy to use. Moreover, its swivel makes a dramatic difference in shifting towards various targets.

It is also reliable and can be placed on uneven terrains to focus accurately. They offer stability and are pretty flexible to adjust.

What features does Harris Engineering S-BRM offer?

It possesses adjustable legs that you can adjust one inch per move. You can extend the legs to about six to nine inches and lock the legs’ position by using the included screws and caps.

Furthermore, it can function stellarly even when covered with dust or mud. Plus, it has spring-loaded and notched legs that are easy to manipulate with one hand. The notches lock the bipod in place.

What’s more, for mounting, the model has sling swivel studs. They are sturdy and hold the rifle well. This model is ideal for bench shooting because of the remarkable features it offers.

Surprisingly enough, this product is not cheap, and users mentioned that it is impossible to tight tilt-lock-knob with your hand. That is why you may have to buy a replacement lever to make hand-tightening doable.

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • Levels on uneven ground
  • Durable 
  • Top-quality construction
  • Compatible with any rifle
  • Straightforward usage
  • Stable
  • Not budget-friendly
  • Difficult to hand-tighten tilt-lock-knob

No products found.

3. Swagger Bipod Hunter 29 – Best Bipod For AR-15 Rifle

Swagger Bipod Hunter 29

No products found.

If you want to shoot your target with confidence, you might want to opt for Swagger Bipod Hunter 29. They will allow you to shoot no matter which terrain you are on.

These are available in two different sizes, 29 inches, and 42 inches. These bipods are high-engineered for precision long shots.

What about their sturdiness?

They are constructed from impact-resistant and ultra-durable material. Their springs and spring housing have a nitride finish that prevents corrosion.

Moreover, they are combat tested, and they work perfectly in cold temperatures.

Their hyper-extending and durable legs are pretty durable as they can convert from rubber foot to spike foot. Thus, they help you dig into the terrain.

In addition, they offer shooting agility to the hunters and enable them to maneuver them in any terrains.

What makes these bipods the best? These slightly heavy bipods offer stability in almost all terrains. Plus, you can use them while standing, sitting on the ground, or in a kneeling position.

Furthermore, they are highly adjustable. You can rotate, lean back, move forward, twist, spin back and forth, etc.

What’s more, they use sling swivel studs to mount most firearms. They also have a slide (backward or forward) chassis to place it in the desired position.

Not to mention, these bipods come with a standard rifle adapter. Plus, they have no metal hinges; thus, they will not dig into your shoulder when you carry your firearms.

The only drawback about this model is that it is slightly bulky, and the legs might sometimes collapse while using it.

  • Adjustable
  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Top-quality construction
  • Offers stability on almost all terrains
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Slightly heavy
  • Legs may collapse

No products found.

4. CVLIFE Tactical Rifle Bipod – Best Rifle Bipod For The Money


No products found.

If you own a modern sporting rifle but looking for a budget-friendly bipod, CVLife tactical rifle bipod should be your go-to choice.

How is this model designed? It is crafted from hardened aluminum and steel with a black anodized finish that prevents rust and corrosion. Despite being heavy-duty, it is pretty lightweight.

You will have to mount this rifle on the Picatinny rail system and can adjust its length from six to nine inches according to your height needs.

Moreover, its sturdy legs are independently adjustable. You only have to press the button to adjust the leg length. Plus, this model provides five different positions for adjusting the height.

What’s more, it possesses an upgraded and high-strength mount tension screw that holds the tension.

Furthermore, it has robust springs on the legs that allow the bipod legs to fold up silently; thus, it makes minimal noise while hunting.

What else? It has a unique swivel head that allows users to pan at 360-degrees. You can quickly scan from left to right from your rifle.

This convenient model also permits the users to rest their rifle on the ground or other places; thus, enhancing stability and accuracy and minimizing fatigue.

You can quickly survey the entire land and track your moving objects.

Not to mention, the bipod legs’ come with rubber foot pads that are anti-skid and shock-proof that making them suitable for various environments. You will also find the Picatinny mount adapter with this bipod.

It might shake a little, especially where the rail connects to the bipod. Plus, you may find that the hole to insert the sling is not big enough. You will have to take a drill to widen it up a bit.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Good stability
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable leg heights
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Shock-proof and anti-skid rubber foot pads
  • The rail may shake
  • The sling hole might not be big

No products found.

5. Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod BT46-LW17 – Bipod For Ruger Precision Rifle

AccuShot Atlas Bipod

No products found.

Are you searching for the top-of-the-line bipod that has a lot of leg positions and can pan and cant? Accu-Shot Atlas bipod will meet your needs because it is a pro-grade bipod with top-notch hardware.

If you are planning to go for target shooting or long-range shooting, this model will boost the accuracy and stability you need to accomplish your activity.

What are its impressive features? It has extendable legs to adjust according to your preferred height and lock them into place for ultimate stability.

Moreover, it has five locking positions, and you can move the legs at 45-degrees, either backward or forward. You only have to press the button to adjust the bipod legs.

Furthermore, the bipod attaches directly to the 1913 style Picatinny rail; thus, you can use this device with various firearms.

This sturdy model also attaches to the front sling swivel on rifles with the help of wooden forearms.

What about its versatility? Since it enables the users to move legs independently, you can extend the height from 4.75 to 9 inches. Plus, it does not shake or wobble on uneven terrains and offers good stability.

Moreover, it offers excellent flexibility because it has a built-in pan and cant. You can also tilt or pan your rifle to bring the cross-hair into line without moving the legs.

Not to mention, this product is crafted from military-grade materials that only make the shooting better.

Plus, its robust body is designed from aluminum and stainless steel components that are heat-treated and anodized.

Therefore, this product has greater longevity, and it is not easily affected by corrosion and rust. Despite its heavy-duty construction, it is pretty lightweight.

Oddly enough, this bipod has a sky-high price, and several people complained that they received a forged product.

  • Versatile
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Greater longevity
  • Extendable legs
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely stable
  • Highly expensive

No products found.

6. Caldwell Accumax Bipod – A Great Carbon Fiber Rifle Bipod

Caldwell Accumax Carbon Fiber Bipod

No products found.

If you are searching for a bipod for 22 rifle or 223/556 rifles, Caldwell Accumax will work perfectly. However, it is not the best bipod for 308 rifles.

This heavy-duty rifle bipod has carbon fiber legs that keep its weight to a minimum while providing durability and strength.

What makes this bipod a fantastic option? It is adjustable, sturdy, lightweight, and can pivot and cant. Its quality and materials are of top quality.

It uses a KeyMod/M-LOK rail system for easy attachment and secure lock-up. You can adjust the leg angle up to 180-degrees and lock the legs with the help of a stainless steel push-button. Thus, it prevents overextension.

Moreover, you can adjust the leg length with its twist-lock technology while shooting from uneven terrains. It also offers a 10-degree cant and 360-degrees swivel rotation to hit your targets accurately.

Not to mention, they have rubber feet that prevent the bipod from slipping on flat surfaces. However, the rubber feet are not soft but are pretty hard.

What’s more, this bipod allows users to aim perfectly and to shoot confidently. This convenient model is an excellent piece of gear at a reasonable price.

The downside is that this product can have a loose under hex screw that can create issues. Plus, there are no marks on the bipod legs to adjust it to a preferred height quickly.

  • Adjustable
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Top-quality construction
  • Prevents overextension
  • Cant and twist
  • Inexpensive
  • Hard rubber feet
  • Loose screw
  • No height marks

No products found.

7. UTG Recon Flex Bipod – Best Bipod For Bolt Action Rifle

UTG Recon Flex Bipod

No products found.

If you are looking for a Ruger American rifle bipod, the UTG Recon Flex will give you a wider stance and perform the tasks stellarly.

Although lightweight and portable, this product is constructed from high-quality and heavy-duty material, i.e., aircraft-grade aluminum with a matte black anodized finish.

Thus, it prevents the body from corrosion and rust.

What is so unique about this bipod?

It has two independent legs that allow easy and direct attachment of the rifle. The legs are pretty straightforward to adjust and provide stability on any surface, whether smooth or rugged.

Moreover, you can use this bipod indoors and outdoors. Its M-LOK mounting feature will hold the rifle firmly in the 90-degrees position.

In addition, this model has five foldable positions with a slide locking ring. You can extend this bipod from 5.7 to 8 inches to focus your target accurately.

Once you are satisfied with the adjustable legs’ height, you can secure its height using a height-locking thumbwheel.

What’s more, the legs possess rubber caps that keep the bipod and rifle stable.

It provides grip on various surfaces and stabilizes the shooting position. Thus, its grippy feet make it a fantastic choice for shooters.

Oddly enough, this model does not pan or pivot. Furthermore, the legs are somewhat tricky to extend with one hand, and it may not be the quickest to deploy.

  • Solid construction
  • Adjustable
  • Extendable legs
  • Grippy rubber feet
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor
  • Portable and lightweight
  • No panning
  • Extension with one hand might be difficult
  • May not deploy quickly

No products found.

8. Magpul Rifle Bipod – A Universal Rifle Bipod

Magpul Bipod

No products found.

Magpul M-LOK mounting option bipod is becoming popular. You will have to assemble this model by using a hex wrench to install T-Nuts and two screws.

What is so good about this innovation? There is a large locking knob below the folded legs for tilting and panning adjustments.

Moreover, a glove-friendly knurled locking knob between the extended legs is responsible for controlling 40-degrees of total pan and 50-degrees of total tilt.

In the aluminum knob’s center, there is a rubber bumper that is used as a resting point for folded legs.

Furthermore, this model is designed to make quick adjustments with one hand. Its spring tension legs can adjust and lock into place by using one hand.

In addition, the push button enables leg extension to slide and lock securely. Plus, there are seven half-inch spaced indents; therefore, you can lock the legs at a certain height.

Since it offers seven different lengths, you can adjust the legs between six to ten inches.

What else? This low-profile and aesthetically pleasing design is constructed from lightweight injection-molded polymer and aluminum with a mil-spec hard anodized finish.

Not to mention, its feet have a soft rubber locking knob cap that keeps the bipod steady on a variety of shooting surfaces.

This model also offers other mounting options like A.R.M.S 175 style, Picatinny rail, and sling stud.

What about its downsides? The legs might wiggle a bit when extended at their highest height, and this bipod is not ideal for heavy rifles. It can only support lightweight ones.

  • Straightforward assembling
  • Extendable legs
  • Allows one-hand adjustments
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Tilt and panning options
  • Functional rubber feet
  • May wiggle
  • Not designed for heavy rifles

No products found.

9. Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod – An Ideal Bipod For Air Rifle

Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod

No products found.

If you are looking for a bipod for a break barrel air rifle or any other air rifle, the Caldwell XLA bipod will be a good option. It looks distinctive but performs consistently.

What about its construction and installation method?

It is crafted from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. It is mainly constructed from aluminum; however, its hardware, springs, and hinge pins are made from steel.

You will not require any tools because it uses a large thumb screw and swivel stud for attachment. It is pretty easy to remove and attach.

Why have we included this bipod on our list? It is portable and ideal for hunting. It uses a sling swivel stud mounting option for permanent installation.

Its push-button feature automatically extends the spring-assisted legs. The legs have notches, so you can quickly get the desired height.

Moreover, it provides a stable shooting surface. It also offers independent pivoting and swivel; thus, it will increase the shot range by 180-degrees.

The best part? It has a tensioning knob for managing the 20-degree pivoting action; therefore, it allows users custom shot setups.

Costly models provide such a feature; however, it is also available in this affordable bipod.

Furthermore, this model has soft rubber soles that provide a firm grip on any surface. Plus, you can choose from four different height options, and the bipod possesses an 18-degree bi-directional cant.

This product is an inexpensive version of the Harris bipod.

Surprisingly enough, it is not extraordinarily robust, and it might not last long. Plus, it is not the best bipod for bench rest target accuracy.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Well-crafted
  • Grippy feet
  • Straightforward installation
  • Extendable legs
  • Shot stabilization
  • Swivel, cant, and pivot options
  • It might not have greater longevity
  • Not the best for target accuracy

No products found.

10. AVAWO Hunting Rifle Bipod – Best Bipod For Savage Rifle

AVAWO Hunting Rifle Bipod

No products found.

The AVAWO bipod is a high-quality and newly-designed model. It is an affordable option that utilizes a sling swivel stud mounting feature. It has a classy design with exceptional functionality.

Although constructed from heavy-duty material like aluminum and hardened steel, this bipod is relatively lightweight and compact.

It has a black anodized finish that prevents corrosion and rusting. Oddly enough, the bipod might rust over time.

What else? Legs adjustment and folding is a straightforward process. It has a spring-loaded folding mechanism that allows you to fold the legs backward or forward.

Moreover, you can also adjust the leg length between six to nine inches. Thus, you can quickly make use of the five adjustable settings to achieve the perfect height.

Plus, the bipod is rubber padded from the top to protect the gun’s forend.

Besides its remarkable features, there are a few drawbacks. This model, although affordable, is not highly durable. Furthermore, it does not have a swivel top; therefore, it will not tilt from side to side.

  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Straightforward to use
  • Adjustable legs
  • Well-designed
  • It will eventually become rusty
  • It may get damaged
  • It does not include the swivel top feature

No products found.

Best Rifle Bipod for Long Range Shooting Buyer's Guide:

Rifle Bipod for Long Range Shooting Buying Guide

The term bipod is from Latin and Greek. The word "bi" means two, and "pod" means foot. It is an accurate and most straightforward description of this hunting accessory.

Moreover, it is a dual-legged platform that helps to mount a rifle. Since you are aware that stability is king, a bipod is all you need for building stability and confidence.

What's more, they are transportable, incredibly versatile, and keep the rifle steady. Plus, it improves the accuracy whether you are crouching or standing.

In short, it is the most suitable hunting accessory for shooters, hunters, and snipers.

Since so many bipods and reviews are available on the internet, a person without knowing the correct specifications and features can purchase the wrong model.

Not to mention, there are some crucial features that you should be aware of before investing in a long-range shooting bipod.

We do not want you to waste your hard-earned money on a low-quality model for which you regret it later.

We have assembled some essential factors that you should pay heed to before choosing the best rifle bipod for long-range shooting.

Independent Adjustable Legs

It is one of the most crucial features because it allows users to use bipods in various terrains and unstable grounds.

You may not always find a smooth, flat surface; therefore, this feature helps to stabilize the weapon and makes it flexible.

Independently adjustable legs are a must-have for shooters and hunters who want to shoot precisely and wish to have a comfortable shooting position.

However, if you are a bench-rest shooter, this feature is not essential for you.

Construction Materials

Bipods are primarily manufactured from aluminum and steel, and some are crafted from polymer materials. One of the best materials for bipods is aircraft-grade aluminum.

A bipod can have polymer materials, but the body and legs should be made from more durable materials if you want your model to last for a more extended period.

Moreover, a bipod is not only responsible for supporting the rifle's weight but has to control recoil as well. Therefore, you need to choose a material that is sturdy and robust.

If we talk about steel, it is undoubtedly durable, but it is slightly heavier than aluminum.

In contrast, aluminum is a soft metal, and it can bend and dent easier.

Make sure that the aluminum is anodized or has a corrosion-resistant finish. There are also cerakoted or parkerized options.

Not to mention, one more popular material for bipods is carbon fiber. It is a stellar alternative to steel and aluminum because it is lighter than aluminum and more robust than steel.


Weight is the most vital factor to consider if you carry a bipod for long distances. Whether you are involved in tactical shooting activities or a hunter, each pound counts.

If you prefer aluminum, it will be slightly heavier than the polymer models. Since you will be shooting from the bipod, make sure that they are robust.

Do not sacrifice sturdiness and durability for lightweight. These two features should be closely associated together.

Rubber Feet

Make sure that the bipod you are selecting has rubber feet. Why is this feature vital to consider? It will give more traction on any terrain and will provide extreme stability.


Adaptability is another crucial factor because you might want to invest in a bipod that can adapt all sizes and types of rifles. A worthy bipod is compatible with large and small rifles.

Attachment or Mounting Options

Mounting options for your rifle bipod are crucial to check, and there are usually three options available, i.e., Picatinny rails, M-LOK system, and sling swivel studs.

Not to mention, each option has its drawbacks and merits. If we talk about Picatinny rails, it is the most popular and common type of mounting system.

You do not have to add any additional accessories to use this mounting system.

Moreover, this mounting style fits the rifle snugly. Plus, this attachment stellarly supports and steadies the weapon.

Sling swivel stud is another standard mount system. It usually supports all kinds of rifles; however, modern rifles now use the Picatinny rails mount system.

Several bipod brands offer adaptors to add a Picatinny rail to the sling swivel stud and vice versa.

Lastly, the M-LOK mount differs from the other two mount systems mentioned above. This type of mount system attaches itself to each side of the rifle.

Therefore, the bipods with the M-LOK mount system come in two parts. You will have to attach and assemble each piece with two different Allen screws. In total, you will have to attach four screws.

If this is something you can deal with, go for it. You will like its other features as well.

Canting and Panning

Canting is the ability to move the rifle bipod up and down. This feature allows you to aim your target without changing the bipod's height. It also enables the users to choose their shot on a target.

What about panning? It is a feature that allows the bipod to move left and right.

It is measured in degrees and allows the users to make micro-corrections without moving the rifle or bipod. Thus, you can hunt or shoot moving objects.

This feature is a must-have if you want to shoot tracking animals or moving targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to attach bipod to rifle?

Firstly, detach the sling swivel from the front stud. Next, loosen the screw on the bipod’s bottom side to release tension from the bipod’s clamp.

Now, place the clamp on the stud and tighten the screw to secure the stud. Put the sling swivel back on the stud. Voila! You are done.

How to hold a rifle with a bipod?

Holding and handling a rifle with a bipod is easy once you have correctly got all of these things.

• Make sure that your bipod is adjusted correctly. If not, not even the best rifle bipod will work accurately.

• Once you attach a bipod to the rifle’s forend, it becomes part of the rifle. If you want to achieve consistent accuracy with your bipod, you should place it on a softer surface like dirt instead of stone or granite.

• Now slightly lean into your rifle to pre-stress the bipod legs. This will prevent recoiling and will help the legs to stay in their position. Also, keep a consistent grip on your rifle.

• Bipods usually shift their position once you shoot. Make sure to adjust the shifts after every shot.

Why is it recommended to place a bipod on hard surfaces?

Placing your bipod on the hard surface reduces the fine adjustments on the rifle; therefore, it is not recommended.

Should the bipod legs fold away or towards the shooter?

Several bipod legs will face away from you; however, some models offer multi-directional staging. Moreover, the legs folding toward you can cause hand injuries when folding the bipod.


Shooting is not an easy sport, but when you have the right equipment and do a lot of practice, it can be advantageous. If you are a novice shooter with a bipod, it can be a love or hate experience.

Once you get a hold of it, it will become one of your essential accessories. It will make your shooting easy and will provide flexibility and stability while shooting.

This article has enlisted the ten top-quality rifle bipods for long-range shooting. Pick from any one of these options so that your position and aim are always accurate.

Hopefully, you know what you want or need for your rifle after going through our intensive reviews. So which rifle bipod will you pick?

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