10 Best Projector For 200 inch Screen [Buying Guide 2021]

Are you a movie buff who likes watching movies on a big screen? Well, we also love it. And after trying a few projectors, we’ve finally got our top picks.

This post will also walk you through the guide to help you choose the best projector for 200 Inch screen.

Choosing which projector is right for you can be challenging. But you can do it seamlessly with a checklist of your needs depending on your budget.

Best Projector For 200 inch Screen

Look for the reasonable lamp life, brightness, mounting options, hardware, and price.

Comparing 10 Best Projector For 200 inch Screen

We’ve gathered all the particulars you’ll need to assess which projector is best for you in your desired budget. Ready, set, go!

ProjectorBrightness LumenLamp Life (Hours)Mounting Type
Epson 5050UB26003500Front, Ceiling Check Price
Optoma HD28HDR36004000Ceiling, Table Top Check Price
BenQ TH671ST30004000Ceiling, Table Top Check Price
Sony VPL-VW295ES15006000Ceiling, Table Top Check Price
VAVA LT002250025000Table Top Check Price
ViewSonic X100-4K290030000Ceiling Check Price
VANKYO V63065005000Wall, Ceiling Check Price
FANGOR F-506650060000Ceiling, Table Top Check Price
Xgimi Projector80030000Tripod, Ceiling Check Price
GooDee YG600105050000Wall, Ceiling Check Price

1. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 3-Chip Projector

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB

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Salient Features

  • 4K resolution processing
  • True 3 chip process design
  • Digital imaging processing
  • Outstanding brightness
  • Epson Ultra Black technology
  • Extreme Color Gamut
  • 3 Axis motorized precision lens
  • Hemi 2.0 support

Epson falls under some of the world’s largest manufacturers of tech-related equipment.

The company is exceedingly popular for producing the top printers and projectors available in the market.

The Epson Home Cinema 5050UB is a recent addition to Epson’s 12-year-old UB product lineage.

Epson has provided an upgrade in pixel shifting and HDR as compared to the previous products in the same series.

The revolutionary 3LCD design of Epson 5050UB shows 100% of the RGB color signal.

This results in an immense color gamut with exceptional brightness, minus the “rainbowing” problems that most projection systems suffer from.

The new pixel-shifting technology systematically manages three HD LCD processors to process millions of pixels.

This latest method of resolution enhancement tech produces a 4K visual effect that is incredibly vivid.

Real-time 12 bit analog to digital video conversion helps to remove clustering, blocking, and other distortion glitches from the overall visual output.

The efficient processor of Epson 5050UB diligently replicates the source material in its original format.

  • 2.0 HDMI
  • 4K Capable
  • Supports HDR
  • 3D supported
  • CFI for smooth motion
  • Pixel shifting for sharp performance
  • No wireless HDMI

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2. Optoma HD28HDR – Best 3D Home Projector

Optoma HD28HDR

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Salient Features

  • Next Generation technology
  • HDR compatible 
  • 6 segment color wheel
  • Dynamic Black technology
  • HDMI-CEC technology
  • Upto 302” image
  • True 3D

The Optoma HD28GDR is a unique project equally ideal for gaming as well as movies.

It is equipped with next-generation technology which allows you to enjoy sharp and detailed 4K images.

For an improved visual experience, Optoma’s HDR10 innovation allows clearer whites and darker black images.

With the sRGB and REC.709 color profiles, a 6-segment color panel (RYGCWB) provides the best possible color.

Optoma’s exceptional Gaming Mode boosts shadows and dark environments for better illumination of expected obstacles; Improved Gameplay Mode allows thunder responsiveness of 16ms with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The amazing 15000 hours lamp life ensures over 10 years of seamless movie and gaming experience.

The HD28HDR shows true 3D content from nearly every 3D channel, like 3D Blu-ray Disc players, and current-generation gaming systems.

A 120Hz accelerated refresh rate results in insanely-smooth, flicker-free images; 3D glasses are needed.

  • Supports full HD
  • Elevated image depth
  • Super fast response time
  • Extended lamp life
  • Bright and colorful image
  • Full 3D
  • Intense dark visuals aren’t suitable for dark rooms

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3. BenQ TH671ST Short Throw Gaming Projector

BenQ TH671ST Projector

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Salient Features

  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • 3000 Lumens
  • Up to 300” projection
  • Ultra fast refresh rate
  • 3 year warranty

This BenQ TH671ST projector is built with keeping gamers in mind.

It is equipped with a short-throw, 1080p performance, a 3000-ANSI lumen display, portability, and most importantly for serious gamers-a swift 16.4 ms input lag.

The BenQ TH671ST also has the excellent color quality and adequate contrast for movies and videos.

Consequently, putting it on par with equally marketed home theater projectors when it comes to viewing movies and Tv. BenQ TH671ST is also capable of handling presentations.

All of this makes it an excellent option for gamers as well as anybody looking for a portable projector for their homes and offices; Especially one they can fix up in the backyard for a movie marathon.

One of the most notable attributes of the TH671ST is its 1.2x zoom, which is an uncommon component for a fast throw.

In a small space, any short-throw lens allows you to place the projector near to the screen for a bigger picture.

  • 1.2x zoom
  • Unparalleled picture quality
  • Super-fast low input lag
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Portable
  • Ideal for gaming
  • Highly affordable
  • Cannot read files from USB memory

No products found.

4. Sony VPL-VW295ES 4K HDR Home Theater Projector

Sony VPL-VW295ES

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Salient Features

  • Native 4K resolution
  • SXRD (3) technology
  • 6000 hours eco-mode lamp life
  • 3D capable
  • Supports HDR
  • 8 preset color modes

To begin, the Sony VPL-VW295ES is equipped with a native 4K resolution that offers a 4096×2160 pixels image display.

Consequently, it results in excellent ultra-high definition visual performance.

The High Dynamic Range of VPL-VW295ES makes it stand out from its predecessors by rendering enhanced color and realism.

Its Triluminos display allows you to enjoy bright and excellent hues.

One considerably noteworthy attribute of the VPL-VW295ES is the realistic picture quality. For the crispy picture quality, and ultra-resolution 4K upscaler waypoints every pixel.

The exceptionally seamless motion of images enables the VPL-VW295ES to be perfect for movie and game nights.

Not only that but watching sports is so much fun with realistic images and colors.

Even though the price of VPL-VW295ES is slightly higher than its predecessors offering a better value of experience.

The box has a remote control, batteries, AC power cord, lens cap, operating instructions, and manual.

  • HDR10 compatible
  • 9 preset color modes
  • Motionflow technology
  • Full 4096×2160 resolution
  • Low-latency gaming mode
  • 2.06x zoom lens with powered zoom
  • Insufficient brightness for high-light images

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5. VAVA 4K Laser Projector LT002

VAVA 4K Laser Projector

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Salient Features

  • HDR10
  • ALPD 3.0
  • Dolby audio
  • 3000:1 Native contrast
  • Harman Kardon soundbar
  • 2500 ANSI Lumen brightness

Vava 4K projector offers vivid visualization and onset of HDR functionality, making it an exquisite choice for you.

Through its ultra-short-throw laser projector, you can get a colossal image by just placing it a few inches further from a wall or screen.

You get extremely accurate visuals and a vibrant color palette from the 4K HDR projector.

It’s wonderfully assisted by a 2,500 lumens max illumination lens, which means pixels flash and glows with color.

According to VAVA, a gap of 7.2 inches produces a 100-inch display, with a usable capacity of 80-150 inches based on how near the projector is placed to the wall.

VAVA’s one-of-its-kind tabletop mounting won’t hinder when someone plans to walk by.

Three HDMI 2.0 ports are located on the back panel, one of which supports eARC for attaching an additional soundbar.

There are also audio input and output ports, which can be used to link to a broader audio system or to use the Vava projector as a sound source for another device.

  • 4K projection with HDR10
  • Advanced laser light source
  • 25000 hours of maintenance-free operation
  • High-fidelity stereo speaker sound
  • Deeper colors and super sharp images
  • Super-convenient table-top portability
  • Only 8-bit HDR

No products found.

6. ViewSonic X100-4K Projector with Dual Harman Kardon Speakers

ViewSonic 4K Projector

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Salient Features

  • 3840×2160 UHD display
  • Up to 300” picture size
  • 125% Rec. 709 color accuracy
  • Dual Harman Kardon speakers
  • Frame interpolar tech
  • Multiple connectivity options

ViewSonic is a pioneer in intricately constructing tech-related equipment and we all know why.

The Smart LED projector is equipped with a 4K Ultra High Definition display for screen size up to 300 inches.

The extra-large screen size is certainly a promising deal for the price. Besides that, the Smart LED projector is also built with 2900 LED Lumens to offer the best possible picture illumination.

Color fidelity of 125 percent Rec. 709 and HDR content help create vivid tones for a richer, more realistic cinematic experience.

The color accuracy of ViewSonic smart projection makes it the best choice for gamers and movie mongers.

The premium audio performance of the ViewSonic Smart LED projector adds top-tier value to the product.

Dual Harman Kardon speakers offer dynamic room-filling audio, and an optimized airflow system eliminates fan noise and leaves the projector silent.

Another remarkable element of the ViewSonic LED projector is that it offers multiple connectivity options.

You can either connect it to HDMI, USB, PCs, Macs, or even mobile devices. It also supports Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and WiFi.

  • Exceptionally large screen size
  • Supports Alexa, Google Assistant and WiFi
  • Versatile setup
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Super vivid colors
  • Lamp-free projection
  • 30000 hours lifespan
  • Input lag is slightly higher for gaming

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7. VANKYO V630 Native 1080P Full HD Projector

Vankyo V630 Projector

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Salient Features

  • Real Native 1080p Full HD
  • 5000:1 contrast ratio
  • 50000 hours lamp life
  • Electronic keystone correction technology
  • Up to 300” Mega projection screen
  • Smart noise-reduction technology
  • Multiple connectivity options

VANKYO V630 projector is considered pretty solid for the price. There is no reason to doubt that. One of the reasons to check that out is the massive 300-inch display.

Whether you’re in for a movie night or an office presentation, the project is for you.

Not only that but the 300-inch screen covers a real native 1080p full HD display as well. VANKYO V630’s 5000:1 contrast ratio allows nicely vivid colors.

The vibrant colors render a striking visual experience for the viewers.

The revolutionary electronic keystone correction system in the V630 LED projector allows you to seamlessly set the 45° keystone correction.

Fan noise in this projector has reduced by 80% thanks to an advanced cooling system with heat distribution and an efficient noise-reduction mechanism.

The VANKYO V630 video projector features ample connectivity ports for you. All these ports allow you to link to a variety of devices such as a TV Stick, PS4, PC, and Laptop.

You can also connect it to a USB stick, SD card, and smartphones.

VANKYO offers a 3-month money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty on repairs, as well as long-term competent customer care and technical assistance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the VANKYO customer service team.

  • Gigantic projection display
  • Flexible compatibility options
  • 1080p Full HD
  • 3 year warranty and professional support
  • Innovative cooling system
  • Reduced fan noise
  • True colors
  • Excellent built-in sound system
  • Brightness is slightly insufficient for out-door use

No products found.

8. FANGOR F-506 Wifi and Bluetooth Projector

Fangor Projector

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Salient Features

  • Native 1080p Full HD resolution
  • 6 layered glass lens
  • 6000:1 contrast ratio
  • WiFi compatible
  • Multiple connectivity options

Over the past ten years, Fangor has specialized in the manufacture and creation of projectors, with an emphasis on delivering top-tier quality and services.

It has a wide range of connectivity systems as well as other excellent features. It’s a perfect 1920×1080 pixel model with a native 1080p resolution.

The lamp of Fangor 506 is LED-based and can sustain for up to 60,000 hours.

This projector will display a full HD image with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This implies you’ll be able to see HD content in its entirety. This includes sleek colors, hair, and faces.

If you’re a gamer, Fangor 506 ensures that your online gaming will profit from the same enhancements, such as the ability to see objects in the background more clearly.

Low-resolution projectors usually aren’t able to render much clarity with distant figures.

The Fangor 506 also has a 6000:1 contrast ratio, which is very decent and can provide an appealing image if you’re watching cartoons or live-action films.

Colors can be much more vivid now, as they’ve been improved from a former mark of 5000:1.

There are three HDMI ports available to fit all of your new computers. This encompasses nearly all devices that occurred in the last ten years, and it is now used for just about everything.

  • Native 1080p HD resolution
  • Bluetooth and WiFi compatible
  • Long lamp-life
  • 6000:1 contrast ratio
  • Built-in sound system
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Super flexible connectivity options
  • Does not include auto-focus mode

No products found.

9. Xgimi Halo – Best Portable Home Theater Projector

Xgimi Halo

No products found.

Salient Features

  • True 3D
  • 1080p Full HD
  • 800 ANSI Lumens
  • 2×5 Watt Harman Kardon speakers
  • Android 9.0
  • 12 months warranty
  • Lifetime tech support
  • 30000 hours bulb

Halo is the brightest 1080p portable projector available, with a visual display of 1920x1080P and 800 ANSI lumens of illumination.

It also features 2x5W Harman Kardon speakers, delivering the finest audio-visual performance for a projector of its size.

Halo runs on the official Android TV 9.0 (upgradable) operating system and is compatible with the Google Play Store.

4000+ Android applications are downloadable for free allowing you to watch YouTube, ESPN, and anything else you want.

Halo is convenient for both indoor and outdoor entertainment events, thanks to its 17100 mAh built-in battery. On a single charge, it provides 2.5-4 hours of video playback.

The exterior is made of aluminum that is smooth. The lamp in a projector should last for 30,000 hours. The small body of Xgimi Halo can even fit in a medium-sized handbag.

It is also the reason why Halo has an aesthetic appeal to it.

Just like multiple connectivity options, Halo also comes with flexible mounting options. It can be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted.

Lastly, Xgimi Halo also comes with a tripod stand which makes the outdoor cinematic experience very convenient.

Xgimi offers a one-year warranty with Halo and lifelong technical support, although it won’t be necessary.

  • Small and portable
  • Exceptionally bright, great for outdoors
  • Tripod stand
  • Lifelong guarantee
  • True 3D
  • theater quality sound
  • Best audio-visual performance in mini projectors
  • Does not support Netflix, Hulu and similar services

No products found.

10. GooDee YG600 – Best Affordable Outdoor Projector

GooDee YG600

No products found.

Salient Features

  • 1080p supported
  • 1280*768p native resolution
  • Latest cooling system
  • Internal High-fidelity stereo
  • Upto 230” screen size
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio

The GooDee YG600 projector has innovative technology and the company ensures that you can enjoy every second you spend with it.

As compared to new items in this price range, it has 80 percent more illumination. It also has a 3000: 1 contrast ratio, which increases the screen’s brightness and other aspects.

GooDee YG600 can be used for everything from traveling to enjoying a movie night. It has a resolution display of 1280*768p which is why it delivers excellent video output.

The use of the most up-to-date and modern cooling system eliminates distortion sound and extends the lamp life of the GooDee YG600 projector.

As a result, it perfectly provides a smoother and quieter audio-visual experience.

You won’t need to buy a separate speaker system because GooDee YG600 has an in-built soundbar with SRS technology.

It provides a strong and wonderful audio experience without the need for any other devices.

You’ll also get five years of assistance from GooDee, as well as outstanding client support. Also, if you’re not satisfied with the projector, you can return it within two months of purchase.

  • 80% brighter
  • In-built high fidelity stereo system
  • 5 year factory support
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Latest cooling technology
  • Soundless fan system
  • Slightly less bright for evening outdoor movie projection

No products found.

Best Projector for 200 inch Screen Buyer's Guide:

Purchasing a projector is a serious investment. It's probably also a once-in-a-lifetime one.

This is why it's recommended to put considerable thought into making your purchase decision.

Projector For 200 inch Screen Buying Guide

With so many options available, it gets freakishly confusing which projector to go for.

To make the right decision, you must figure out your priorities and how much you can fit into your budget.

  • Go for a trustable brand
  • Keep a minimum $700 budget
  • Hunt down value for money
  • Never settle for anything less than 4K resolution
  • To save some extra money, go for one with a built-in stereo system

Let's explore in more detail.

Decide on Your Price Range

Step one is to allocate a budget and stick to it. Since projectors are a life-time investment, you might as well keep a slightly flexible budget.

A minimum of $700 is required to go home with the best possible projector available in the market.

Due to the wide range of options available, prices have significantly dropped in recent years. Therefore, invest wisely.

Hunt Down Warranties

Sure price matters, but not as much as the warranty does. An electronic gadget may undergo thousands of technical complexities in its lifespan.

Make sure you opt for a company that offers smooth customer care services.

At least a 12-month warranty is recommended for purchasing a projector. Warranties also determine what kind of quality they're packing in the box.

Resolution Should be Your No.1 Priority

The amount of pixels that make up your image, measured from left to right and top to bottom, is called resolution. Now, why is resolution important?

Pixels are what make up the image so the more, the merrier.

More pixels ensure better image quality and sharper pictures. A 4K resolution, as per the name, consists of 4000 pixels. This should be your standard if you want an Ultra HD cinematic experience.

Enjoy 3 Dimensional

Ever since the release of the movie “Avatar” in 3D back in 2009, the public has been a bit too obsessed with 3D movies.

Initially, 3D was designed to be used in classrooms for a better understanding of academic courses like geometry, etc.

But little did we know 3D made its way into theaters and found its real habitat. So if you're looking for a super cool cinematic experience, you might as well go for a 3D projector.

Don't Forget the Lighting and Brightness

The brightness of technical equipment is measured in Lumens. It is the SI unit of luminous flux.

Since you won't typically be watching movies in nighttime or darkness, it's better to go for a projector that operates just as well in the light.

Bright display projectors work best for outdoor use, office presentations, and classrooms.

They also benefit games by making figures in the background more visible. 2000-4000 lumens work best for projectors, especially for outdoor and commercial use.

Keep an Eye Out for the Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of a projector is the proportion of its width to its height. A 4:3 screen, for instance, results in a rather square image, while a 16:9 ratio results in a somewhat rectangular image.

Deciding which aspect ratios you need in your projector solely depends on what purpose you're planning to use it for.

Video games, presentations, movies, etc. all require different varieties of aspect ratios. Choose your projector accordingly.

Wireless Vs. Non-wireless

Wireless projectors commonly come with more connectivity options. It's what makes them overshadow non-wireless projectors. They are even portable.

Wireless projectors work best for gaming, presentations, and travel. However, wireless projectors cost slightly more than non-wireless projectors.

Short Throw for Small Spaces and Giant Images

A short-throw is a revolutionary technology in projectors. It cancels out the belief that you'll get a bigger picture if you keep the projector away from the wall.

These projectors are a must-have if you're having movie nights in confined spaces.

Short throw projectors can display massive-sized images even if you put them 7 inches away from the wall. It's even best if you're annoyed by people who keep walking in front of the projection.

Pay Great Attention to Projector Lamps

Over the last few years, projector light source software has advanced greatly. The lamp life of the projectors plays a significant role in purchasing decisions.

A wide majority of people only look for good lamp life over all things; As it determines the life-span of the projector.

The latest projector illumination sources are more powerful, environmentally sustainable, and long-lasting than their counterparts; Thanks to changes to the conventional projector bulb and the invention of lasers.

Go for the Biggest Size Possible

The reason why people are preferring projectors over TVs is that they render a massive image with a cinematic experience.

Since it's an important aspect, you might as well go for the biggest screen size available, even if it costs slightly more.

It is predicted that in the coming years, movie theaters might shut down completely and rightly so. This is said to happen considering the new types of projectors entering the market.

Learn About the Lens Shift

Inside the projector framework, lens shift allows you to switch the lens on its own left and right or up and down.

This modification can be made by manually using a lever or joystick, or automatically through the menu controls.

The lens shift is a revolutionary technology in projectors as it brings more convenience. With more flexibility to readjust the lens, a projector may be placed in a room with more versatility.

Consider Keystone Correction

When a projector is not positioned perpendicularly to a screen, or when the projection screen has a skewed surface, "keystoning" happens.

One of these distortions will result in a trapezoidal illustration rather than a rectangular image.

Keystone correction-equipped projectors are best for people working in offices. Most presenters try to stop a blurry picture because it is a disturbance.

Due to work-life complexities, you may need to present in situations without a feasible projector position. Make sure you go in prepared.

Go for a Built-in Stereo System

Previously, only a few people had access to purchasing projectors as it was a hefty investment. They were expensive and required you to purchase a full-fledged sound system alongside.

Credits to the evolution of technology, projectors are now equipped with built-in stereo systems.

Some of these in-built soundbars are even competent enough to provide a cinematic audio experience.

Gameplay Compatibility

Most projectors are not suitable for gaming as it's a rather robust venture. Hunt for a projector with the lowest input-lag for a seamless gaming experience.

A brighter display will also profit gamers.

Spend on Sound-cut Tech

Even with the evolution of technology, very few companies have been able to produce soundproof projectors.

The fan noise can really be a hindrance especially if you're watching an emotional movie or perhaps a silent one?

You can either hear your movie or the projector.

Compatible with Maximum Devices

Over the course of time, broader connectivity options are being introduced to projectors. The more expensive ones can be connected via HDMI, USB, VGA VGA, WiFi, etc.

Some projectors can even be powered by Android and iOS.

Go for the projector which has the most feasible options in your budget. The ones compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google assistant are the fanciest to date.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How bright should my projector be?

It depends on the purpose why you’re getting a projector. 2000 lumens is enough if you’re fitting the projector in a dark room. But if you’re getting one for office or outdoor use, you might wanna get one with 4000 lumens.

Are 3D home theaters any good?

Yes! They are what will substitute movie theaters in the upcoming decade (or already). There are a whole lot of 3D movies available on Blu-ray so you might as well invest in some 3D glasses too.

What do I need to know about lamp life?

The lamp life of a projector determines how long a projector can live up to. Some people only consider the lamp life over all other things while making this purchase.

How much do I need to know about resolutions?

The image quality should be your foremost concern and for all the right reasons. Image quality is what makes the cinematic experience grander. 4K resolution offers the best possible image quality with sharp and vivid visuals.

What is native aspect ratio?

The aspect ratio of a projector is the proportion of its width to its height. A 4:3 screen, for instance, results in a rather square image, while a 16:9 ratio results in a somewhat rectangular image.

What is the best mounting option for projectors?

Each option has its pros and cons. Ceiling mounted projectors keep them out of the way. They’re great if you get annoyed by people who walk in front of the projection. Tabletop mounting allows you to easily set up the projector. Getting a projector with a tripod is recommended if you’re planning to use it outdoors.

What is the most important aspect of purchasing a projector?

Is it the brightness? The lamp life? The short-throw? The price? Well, the price might be important but even more important is the warranty and the client care center of the brand. Some companies offer up to 2 years of warranty and life-long technical assistance. Do your research and hunt down those companies.


The evolution of technology is the reason we can bring home the extraordinary cinematic experience. Because it's an investment of a lifetime, make sure it's a great bang for your buck.

Each projector is packed with intricate features according to your needs. But if you want the best project for 200 Inch screen, go for Epson 5050UB confidently.

It supports 4K and 3D and also offers pixel shifting for an immersive experience.

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