10 Best Pop-Up Kitchen Socket [Buying Guide 2022]

Concealed power sockets or pop-up power sockets are an excellent representation of the evolving world. Thanks to the advancements of technology, we now have safer and convenient power sockets.

You can fit these right in the center of your countertop and still be all free from fire or electrocution hazards.

Best Pop Up Kitchen Socket

Fantastic. Isn’t it?

We know it is. And so, we researched thoroughly on these innovative kitchen accessories. As a consequence of our detailed research, we managed to gather the top ten best pop-up kitchen sockets for you.

Below, you will find a detailed and honest review for each. Along with that, we’ve also summed up the aspects to assess when buying a pop-up socket.

Our guide is particularly for those who are exploring kitchen pop-up sockets for the first time and find themselves utterly lost in what these technical beauties are! So, let’s get straight to it!

Comparing 10 Best Pop-Up Kitchen Socket

Red Dot SightOutletsMaterialWireless Charger
Bryant Electric Pop-Up1Metal AlloyNo Check Price
Jgstkcity Grommet4Glass, PlasticYes Check Price
Kungfu King Outlet4ABSYes Check Price
Link 2 Home3Stainless SteelNo Check Price
JYTY Power Strip4PlasticYes Check Price
Jgstkcity Retractable12ABSNo Check Price
Link 2 Home Outlet2Stainless SteelNo Check Price
BTU Pop Up Socket3PlasticYes Check Price
WEBANG Outlet3Stainless SteelNo Check Price
Kungfu King Strip2Plastic, Stainless SteelNo Check Price

1. Bryant Electric Pop-Up Countertop

Bryant Electric Pop-Up Countertop

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The Bryant electric pop-up countertop outlet is an excellent choice for light to moderate applications. It features a single three-pin socket to allow you to connect appliances upon a need quickly.

You can use it to attach a hand mixer as you prepare the cake batter. Or, watch recipes on your phone while it charges via the pop-up island outlet.

It is a compact, high-quality electrical outlet that slides into the counter. You can install it almost anywhere without worries. However, please note, the size of this waterproof pop-up electrical outlet is fairly large.

It means you will have to dig a larger hole into your countertop or island. Nonetheless, the installed pop-up socket locks are quite stylish.

It is available in seven different finishes, which include aluminum-brushed and brass brushed.

All these designs have a scratch-proof lacquer or paint on the top. So, you can use the area carefully. These sockets won’t get scratched, making your beautiful countertop look unpleasant.

The pop-up socket is also sturdy and durable. It functions well for over 10,000-cycles of opening and closing. Hence, the outlet won’t g stuck or flimsy until a long period.

What’s more, the Bryant electric pop-up countertop socket has great water resistance. Its receptacle assembly features silicone gaskets that repel any kind of liquid to reach the socket’s interior.

This particular electric pop-up socket can withstand up to half a gallon of water or any liquid easily. So, there’s no need to stress in case any liquid spills on the countertop.

Moreover, the Bryant pop-up outlet requires permanent installation. It is compatible with mc cable and non-metallic sheath cable.

You should have an understanding of your house’s connectivity system to make the process simple. Then, find a suitable spot on the countertop, drop the socket in, and tighten it.

All in all, the Bryant electric pop-up socket is great for gadget connection when working. You can also use it for commercial applications, such as academic institutes, restaurants, and medical labs.

The pop-up island socket works well on any surface.

  • Durable
  • Water & Scratch-resistant
  • Easy-to-install
  • Available in different finishes
  • Too large

No products found.

2. Jgstkcity Pop up Power Grommet

Jgstkcity Pop up Power Grommet

No products found.

As one of the super delicate picks of this list, we ought to tell you Jgstkcity Store’s automatic pop-up power grommet screams class.

This small little package of wonder measures about 15 inches in vertical length and 4-5 inches in horizontal length. You will need a hole size of about 4.4 inches to fit in this classy power socket.

On the outside, it features a sophisticated black and silver body crafted from plastic and glass. The use of glass makes it a bit heavier than the rest.

It weighs around 4.18 pounds. And so, we would not recommend it for any portable or movable kitchen countertops.

Although most sturdy desks can conveniently handle this weight, we believe it’s best not to overburden.

It will best fit into your home’s built-in kitchen countertops. Its top is black. So, unless you have a black interior décor, it will not camouflage well. Instead, it will be easier to locate.

Once popped open, it will offer you extensive connectivity. You will get six USB ports in total, including 4 USB-A ports and 2 USB-C ports. The AC outlets are about four, offering massive electrical operation at once.

There’s also one wireless charger operating at 5 Watts. It charges your phone when you place it atop.

The wireless charging is compatible with all QI-enabled devices, including iPhone 8, iPhone 10, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, etc.

You will notice a blue light coming on as soon as your phone begins charging. We appreciate the indicator as it saves quite a lot of hassle!

The connecting or powering cord measures about 5.5 feet, which provides enough room for movement. You could place it in between, towards the corner, or wherever you wish on the kitchen counter.

Just make sure you keep the area of this pop-up kitchen socket dry and clean. That’s because its internal engineering does not offer water resistance.

  • Easy installation
  • Extended Cable
  • Plenty USB ports
  • Light Indicator
  • Durable built
  • Not waterproof internally
  • Heavy

No products found.

3. Kungfu King Automatic Pop up Outlet

Kungfu King Automatic Pop up Outlet

No products found.

If you’re seeking a pop-up socket that lets you connect several devices at once, then there could be no better choice than the Kungfuking automatic pop-up outlet. It is a highly durable and versatile device.

The Kungfuking automatic pop-up outlet features four different three-pin sockets for connection.

You can install this in the center of the countertop and use it to connect many devices. It also comprises several USB ports, including:

  • 2-USB A ports
  • 2-USB C ports
  • 4-US AC plugs

The inclusion of these ports makes this pop-up electrical socket with USB extensively compatible. From kitchen appliances to phones, you name it, and this power-packed device will juice it up!

What’s more, it functions as a wireless charger too. The top of the outlet is not only the way to open it but also a charging port.

So, when in a hurry, you can save yourself the hassle of finding and attaching the charger. Simple, place your device on it, and it will begin to charge.

There is no limit or restriction to the type of gadgets it can power up. You can use the 5W wireless charger for all smartphones models and Qi standard devices.

Since the outlet is compact, installation takes little time too. Begin by removing the detachable rings.

Then, create a 4.7-inches hole in the countertop, place the outlet, and tighten using the rings. Link the power supply, and that’s it!

Moreover, this pop-up electrical outlet’s flat top merges with your countertop. It’s available in two different color variants; white and black.

Its body comprises Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material, which gives it resistance against corrosion. You can expect this socket to last considerably longer.

However, avoid spills and leakages nearby the installed pop-up electrical outlet with USB. Its interior does not have water resistance and can cause serious damage upon contact.

Thus, you should keep the socket closed when not in use.

  • Multiple outlets
  • Wireless charger
  • Compact build
  • Easy-to-install
  • Available in two different colors
  • Not water resistant

No products found.

4. Link 2 Home Space Saver Pop Up Outlet

Link 2 Home Space Saver Pop Up Outlet

No products found.

If you seek a super small and compact pop-up kitchen socket, then Link 2 Home’s pop-up kitchen socket may as well be the best pick for you. It measures only around 4 x 4 x 6.2 inches and weighs only around 2.2 pounds.

The small size makes it a flexible fit. You could install it anywhere on the countertop. Even if you prefer working on a desk, then this fully retractable pop-up desk outlet will prove to be a good fit.

Its six feet long power cable further eases the placement issues.

Note that the small size does not translate to limited functionality. In effect, it functions the same as any other power socket.

At a time, it can power five devices with its 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports. The AC outlets offer a maximum steady current of 15 Amps, while the USB ports offer 2.4 Amps.

Comparatively, that’s the low power delivery. But it suffices for most appliances.

As for safety, the unit happens to be built with stainless steel. So, it offers fair sturdiness. It won’t develop scratches or dents easily.

It’s not entirely waterproof. But it is splash resistant, which brings some degree of relief to the user’s end.

You won’t worry yourself sick every time you accidentally shake off your wet hands or spill something atop the counter accidentally. But irrespective of that, we recommend careful handling.

Its compactness makes it so versatile that we’d even recommend this small pack of greatness as the best pop-up floor outlet.

It could conveniently fit into one corner of your room, ready to be at your service, without hindering the aesthetics of your room.

  • Compact structure
  • Easy to install
  • Splash resistant
  • Sleek looks
  • Relatively limited power supply

No products found.

5. JYTY Pop Up Power Strip

JYTY Pop Up Power Strip

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Matte & circular-the JYTY automatic pop-up outlet will make your kitchen island or desk look ten times attractive.

It has a 4.7-inches diameter with a smooth, sleek top. You can select between black and white color options.

Well, it is not only the looks that this pop-up socket for the kitchen island will enhance. It will improve the countertop usability.

The JYTY automatic pop-up outlet features four three-pin sockets. So, you can link multiple devices at once. Charge your phone and headphones while cooking chicken in your electric steamer!

However, remember to install this automatic pop-up socket in a strategic place such that it is in the center and allows you to connect several devices.

If you’ll place it in a corner, then you won’t be able to access all the sockets easily. Hence, it can limit the outlet’s functionality and productivity.

The installation of the JYTY automatic pop-up outlet is quite simple and quick too. You can do it by yourself (if you understand the house electric network!).

Start by removing the detachable ring of the outlet in a clockwise direction. Then, slide out the body from the top and create a 4.7-inches hole in the surface.

Place the power outlet in it and tighten using the detachable ring. But, move it in the anti-clockwise direction this time.

(Keep it away from water and humidity. The outlet features a sturdy body made from refined PVC plastic and aluminum. However, it does not have resistance against water.)

Once you install it properly, you can do much more with this outlet than simply power up devices.

It also features a 5W wireless charger on the top. You can place your devices on it and charge without having to connect cables!

Please note, this pop-up electrical outlet for countertops is compatible with all Qi protocol gadgets only. You can not charge other devices using it.

Other than this, the JYTY automatic pop-up outlet has two USB ports. These are highly useful to link machines that won’t be compatible otherwise.

In a nutshell, this automatic pop-up electrical outlet is the perfect pick for people seeking ways to enhance their work productivity.

Although this outlet is slightly large, it is worth every single penny you spend on it!

  • Long-lasting build
  • Wireless charger
  • Easy-to-install
  • Versatile
  • Large

No products found.

6. Jgstkcity Retractable Pull Pop Up Power Outlet

Jgstkcity Retractable Pull Pop Up Power Outlet

No products found.

Jgstkcity pop-up power outlet is a lightweight beauty we suggest for indoor kitchens as well as make-shift kitchens.

You’d have a good idea of that if you’re someone on the go, i.e., switching your places now and then.

Plus, it’s even good for light, movable work desks. So, in case you make your desk wear multiple hats, this power outlet will serve brilliantly.

It weighs only around 1.61 pounds and requires a depth of about 12 inches. In terms of width, you will require a hole size of about 2.5 inches on the top and 3.5 inches on the baseline.

The installation process is super simple. All you’ve to do is bust a hole at the site of installation (with the right tools, of course!).

Then, set it in and adjust. In case the process seems a bit too complex for you, you may take the help of renovation professionals.

Jsgktcity crafted this piece from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, which is a type of plastic. It offers decent strength and abrasion resistance.

It might not be very sturdy, but it’s certainly flame resistant. And that makes it one phenomenally reliable and safe option.

As for the functionality, it comes with three main sockets and two USB charge sockets. You can connect toaster, blender, juicer, and even your laptop conveniently.

The USB charge sockets come in handy for mobiles and tablets. Note that it doesn’t offer wireless charging for smartphones.

We love the fact it’s perfectly concealed. It happens to be a complete flush fit socket. So, when not in use, you won’t see it disturbing your sight.

Unless, of course, your kitchen countertop is not of black or silver color. These two are the only colors offered by the manufacturing company as of yet.

  • Available in two colors
  • Easy installation
  • Economical
  • Lightweight
  • Flame-resistant
  • Average sturdiness

No products found.

7. Link 2 Home Space Saver Pop Up Outlet

Link 2 Home Space Saver Pop Up Outlet

No products found.

The Link 2 Home Space Saver pop-up outlet is unbeatable with its compact build, sturdiness, and versatility. This iconic electric power outlet forms the perfect solution for all connectivity needs.

And, you get all its amazing features at an affordable price too!

At a glance, the narrow cylindrical build of the Link 2 Home Space Saver outlet will make you doubt its functionality.

It has a 2.4-inches diameter that is the smallest than most outlets we have reviewed up till now. So, it won’t consume much space on the surface.

You can install it on your kitchen countertop, work desk, or even bathroom slab. This pop-up extension socket has an attractive stainless-steel finish. Its silvery top makes the installed device look modish on the surface.

However, the inside body comprises heavy-duty plastic. The material won’t affect the exterior look as it only comes out when you open it.

What’s more, the entire construction of this pop-up electrical socket is sturdy and durable. It won’t get damaged or scratched easily. So, you can use it care-freely.

It has excellent resistance against water too. A little water spill or splash won’t damage or reduce the functionality of the socket. But this doesn’t mean that you can let the socket stay immersed in water.

Remember, it has splash resistance. Too much contact between liquid and the electric socket has serious risks.

The Link-2 stainless steel pop-up socket features two power outlets and two USB ports. You can link all sorts of devices to this socket, ranging from lighter smartphones to power-hungry stand mixers.

It also has an overload protection mode, which prevents accidents. So, your whole family can use the socket without worries.

Moreover, installing the Link 2 Home Space Saver outlet is quite convenient. You need to drill a small 2.4-inches hole in the surface, remove the detachable ring, place the outlet in the hole, and tighten it back. That’s it!

Anyone can do it, considering they understand the electric supply in their homes. The pop-up socket remains 9-inches below the surface. So, you need to link the power cable accordingly.

Perhaps, the mere drawback of the gadget is its manual opening. You will have to pull it out and push it in manually. Unlike most automatic options, this can be slightly difficult.

  • Compact build
  • Long-lasting
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy-to-install
  • Manual opening

No products found.

8. BTU Automatic Pop Up Socket

BTU Automatic Pop Up Sockets

No products found.

BTU automatic pop-up socket is a luxury option in this list of the best pop-up kitchen sockets. It comes with three 3-pin power sockets and two USB ports.

But well, don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean it’s luxurious because of the count of devices you can plug in at once.

We claimed it to be luxurious because of its power rating! It operates at about 125 to 130 volts and gives a steady current supply of about 10-13 Amperes at once.

Both of these, rank slightly higher than the average, which makes them more reliable in terms of stable power flow.

Overall, the power rating is 1000 Watts. And the USB ports operate at five volts each with a current flow of 4.2 amperes. Now again, this is powerful.

In case you’re wondering what’s in power that could benefit you. Well then, let’s shed some light on its quick charge feature.

Owing to its tremendous and reliable power supply, it charges and powers your devices super quickly.

Unlike most other power outlets, which may fluctuate with the slightest deflection from the main power supply, this one resists instability. Thus, protecting your appliances from any electrical damages.

Its wireless charging feature promises the same stability and quick charge for your phone. So, if you’re baking a cake while watching a YouTube video, you needn’t worry when your phone hits five percent.

A ten-minute charge from this socket will give your phone enough juice to complete that video of yours.

What’s more, it comes equipped with a convenient 5’3 cable. It promises enough flexibility and room for any movements or adjustments.

In terms of longevity, the BTU pop socket does a fairly good job. Its exterior is made up of aluminum alloy and premium plastic. Both of which protect the socket from scratches and thermal damages.

As for water resistance, it’s only the top that’s water-resistant. The lower part, i.e., the part below the countertop, it’s not waterproof. So, you may have to be careful when operating with it.

  • Wireless charging
  • Robust built
  • High & study power flow
  • Quick charging
  • Waterproof externally
  • Not entirely waterproof

No products found.

9. WEBANG Pop Up Floor Outlet

WEBANG Pop Up Floor Outlet

No products found.

The WEBANG pop-up floor outlet forms an idealistic solution to connection issues in all kinds of places.

You can use this innovative motorized pop-up outlet at your home, workspace, and even in your vehicles to stay on the go!

It has an unusual cuboidal design, also called a junction box. The body has the dimensions of 4.75”x 4.75” x3.5”, which makes it compact and sturdy. So, you can install it conveniently anywhere on the surface.

The box has a flip-up cover that opens upon sliding the lock. Once you push the lock, the cover gradually opens at 45-degrees and reveals a variety of electric outlets. Thus, the usage is quite simple.

Overall, this pop-up power socket comprises a long-lasting and attractive build too. It features a body made from aluminum alloy and a polished stainless-steel top that enhances the look.

It gives off modish and contemporary vibes to the place. You can also opt for the brass variant for a more majestic and classier outlook.

Plus, it has a scratch-resistant exterior so that you can use it care-freely. The pop-up electric socket also has strong resistance against water. You can expect the socket to work regardless of occasional spills and splashes.

The WEBANG outdoor pop-up outlet offers a variety of socket types to cater to all of your needs. You do not need to have different outlets for different purposes.

So, whether you have to connect a tablet or a heavy-duty machine, this pop-up socket can power anything easily. It serves as an all-in-one solution.

However, installation is tricky and may require professional assistance. Although the package includes a manual, it may not appear comprehensive to people with little understanding of electronics.

Nevertheless, be it countertop or floor, you still have the advantage of installing it on all types of surfaces. You can also use it on various materials that include wood, marble, granite, and whatnot.

People can even integrate it onto their pickup trucks and SUVs for undisrupted connectivity on the go. The WEBANG pop-up floor outlet is an excellent and effective option that comes at a reasonable price.

  • Innovative design
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Easy-to-use
  • Tricky installation

No products found.

10. Kungfu King Store Pop up Power Strip

Kungfu King Store Pop up Power Strip

No products found.

Here’s another masterpiece from Kungfu King. We considered it an absolute must in this list when hunting for the best pop-up kitchen socket because of its shape!

It’s not cylindrical, and it’s not cubical. Instead, it’s cuboidal. It measures 10.45 inches in length, 4.72 inches in width, and 2.72 inches in height.

However, you will only need to cut a hole of about 8.84 inches in terms of length and 4.33 inches in terms of width. That’s because the upper surface of the power outlet comes with an additional bordering rim.

It stays above the countertop. Although, technically, that means it’s not an ideal flush-fit, if you choose the right color, it may as well be. You can acquire this uniquely built power socket in the following three colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver

The black variant costs are slightly more than white and silver. And that’s probably because of the extensive demand for black sockets.

In all three, you can pop it up by simply pressing a button. The emerging power outlet will open up to a 45-degree angle and offers two AC outlets and two USB outlets.

Rated at 110-220 volts per Hertz, these are suitable for most appliances, including toasters, deep fryers, juicers, blenders, microwaves, meat grinders, etc.

It offers great connectivity for both kitchens and workspaces. So, you might find this a versatile and flexible investment.

When your kitchen no longer needs a concealed power outlet, you can utilize it in your office, home office, conference room, lounge, etc.

Moreover, the extensive 6-feet long cords permit convenient placement. If you wish, you could place it at the farthest edge of the table, completely out of your sight.

But we’d recommend a central placement. It should be more towards the working space, so it’s within access.

The exterior of this kitchen socket is sturdy and robust. It comes built from stainless steel, iron, and plastic. Overall, the structure may not be resistant to anything and everything. But it’s resistant to most hazards.

  • Available in three colors
  • Versatile
  • Extensive cord
  • Good camouflage
  • Durable built
  • Sleek design
  • Difficult installation

No products found.

Buyer's Guide:

Pop Up Kitchen Socket Buying Guide

As mentioned earlier, we aim to guide you from scratch. Whether you’ve bought kitchen sockets for your kitchen earlier or you’re setting up a kitchen of yours for the very first time, we’ll guide you through and through.

What is a Pop Up Kitchen Socket?

Before heading on to our shopping guide, let’s clear our heads about pop-up kitchen sockets VS regular kitchen sockets. What is a pop-up socket, and what makes it so unique?

Technically, a pop-up kitchen socket is a power outlet that fits well into your kitchen countertop. It remains out of sight and promises greater safety.

Generally, such power sockets have a smooth cover upon them. Once you press it or lift it, the power socket comes up on the surface, and you can plug in your devices.

The reason it’s more beneficial than an average power socket is that it remains covered and hidden, which makes the surroundings aesthetically pleasing. Plus, with kids and pets around, it’s a hazard-free option.

Things to Consider

Now, let’s see what aspects we shall assess before purchasing a pop-up socket. On the surface, all of them appear to be the same.

But with our technical eye, we have extracted six domains, which demand your attention. Let us explain what these are:

Build & Looks

The primary purpose anyone thinks of switching to pop-up sockets in kitchens is to enhance overall surroundings. We suppose you to have a similar train of thought.

And even if you don’t, we urge you to pay attention here because an ugly kitchen means ugly dining experiences!

For aesthetics, ensure that the following three features are as per the interior décor of your kitchen:

  • Color
  • Sizing
  • Shape

Usually, pop-up sockets come in cylindrical or squared shapes. You ought to select one which you can conveniently adjust in your kitchen space.

If the architecture already got fittings for these, that’s great. But if you’ve to arrange these spaces, then we recommend picking cylindrical ones as they tend to be classier and have the modern-tech touch to them.

You might also want to choose from:

  • Flush-fit socket
  • Raised socket

Flush-fit socket camouflages well with the countertop. It would almost seem a part of it at a glance.

Raised sockets make it easy to make a grab for the socket as they are slightly raised from the surface of the kitchen countertop. You can select one that’s vest in accordance with your preferences.

Apart from the looks, we recommend assessing the materials. If you’re going to invest in this, it should better long last.

Currently, companies are manufacturing kitchen pop up sockets using the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Plastic/PVC
  • Metal Alloys

From amongst these, you better select one that abides by the rest of the systems installed at your place.

Generally, metal alloys last longer than plain aluminum. And plastic builds are the least reliable in terms of sturdiness.

Other factors like water resistance also determine durability factors. We'll discuss that in detail in the longevity section below.

Space Needs

We gave a brief introduction to considering your kitchen socket’s size. But here’s something you might want to know too: you have to have some extra space for wiring and cables!

Here’s a guide about your space needs:

Shape of SocketCountertop Hole SizeAdditional Space Below Countertop Hole
Cube80 mm340 mm
Cylindrical90 - 110 mm150 - 450 mm

Wireless Functionality

Now, once you’ve decided on the looks and build of your preferred kitchen pop-up sockets, it’s time to inspect the details. And amongst these, connectivity options happen to be a prominent detail.

All the pop-up sockets come with a five to six feet long cable. Note that this cable is for connectivity to the main power source.

And this is the very cable that you wish to eliminate from your kitchen workspace by installing a pop-up socket.

So the wireless feature that we talk about is the wireless phone charging feature. Most pop-up sockets these days come with a wireless charging feature wherein you could place your phone at the top of the pop-up socket.

Once switched on, it will charge your phone for good. It'll come in handy when you’re running low on time and energy. And also, when you’ve to refer to your phone for a recipe but your phone’s about to die.


When buying a pop-up socket for your kitchen, you might want to consider the longevity of the unit as well. Changes in the kitchen are hard to make for two reasons.

One - renovation demands time. Given how crucial the kitchen is, it could disrupt our lives.

Two - once you get the hang of stuff in and around your kitchen, it’s difficult to adapt to newer changes. You’re likely to make more blunders.

And for this very reason, we recommend choosing once but properly. Give your shopping the due time to decide if your desired unit will look good in your kitchen, meet all your needs, and prevent unnecessary hassle.

You’re not installing a pop-up kitchen to run into a fired-up counter one day or a blast as you connect your deep fryer.

You certainly do not want to end up with a dead connection when blending a smoothie for the guests visiting you in an hour.

So, ensure that you purchase a socket built from durable materials. Also, check if it comes from a reliable brand. You can read the users' reviews to assess this aspect.

It would be great if they offer a warranty. Or if the company offers approachable and understanding customer service.


Lastly, but very importantly, you ought to check out the price. On average, a kitchen pop-up socket should cost you anywhere between $30 - $100.

Remember, the greater the price, the more features the pop-up socket will hold. However, no pop socket should cost you more than $200. Unless, of course, you are collecting a unique and rare collectible.

And the same applies to cheaper options. The lesser the price, the lesser quality it will offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do pop-up sockets work?

It’s simple. All pop-up sockets come with a disc-like button at the top. You can press it to raise the power socket for use.

Q. Are pop-up sockets waterproof?

Yes! Some pop-up power sockets are waterproof, while some pop-up power sockets aren’t. You will find the water resistance of a pop-up socket mentioned with product specifications on the manufacturer’s site.

If it says nothing on the matter, you should assume it to be non-water-resistant. We have mentioned complete details about the models we loved and reviewed above. Plus, some kitchen pop-up power sockets are partially waterproof, such as the BTU power socket.

Q. What is a pulling pop-up power socket?

Pulling pop-up power sockets is a confusing term. Originally, there are two types of power sockets:

  • Pulling power sockets
  • Pop up power sockets

Both of these have the same function, i.e., conceal the power ports around. However, the first one, i.e., the pulling power socket, requires manual pulling. On the contrary, a pop-up requires a click of a button.


Pop-up sockets are undeniably one of the most useful home accessories. These innovative devices let you stay connected all the time. What’s more, their concealed design doesn’t ruin the surface outlook. Instead, they enhance it.

Well, we hope today’s article has helped you find the idealistic pick. In case you are still feeling doubtful, do not worry.

We also compared these best options against each other to find the king of them all. And guess who won?

Of course, the amazing Jgstkcity Retractable Pull Pop-up Power outlet!

The cylindrical power outlet features 12-ports so that you can use it to juice multiple devices at once. It also has a sturdy, long-lasting build. So, you can use it carefreely.

Have you tried it before? Do you have any recommendations or thoughts that you would like to share? Do let us know below!

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