Best Outdoor Faucet Cover [Buying Guide 2022]

As much as winter is fun for many, those living in extremely low temperatures know the challenges that come along with the changing weather. Thus, imagine not being able to enjoy free-flowing water from your faucets!

When the temperature in your country hits the lowest point, you’ll need to pack yourself in layers of heavy clothing to remain warm.

Best Outdoor Faucet Cover

And so, does your faucet! Because once the mercury on the thermometer drops, you know the water will freeze quickly.

This is why, before the winters arrive, prepare yourself in advance by investing in a faucet cover to keep them safe from damage.

We’ve certainly found it very helpful and if you thinking about buying one too, we enlisted the best outdoor faucet cover down below for you to skim through quickly and choose one that you like.

A-List of The Premium Outdoor Faucet Cover

Winters can be extreme in some parts of the world and hence, even a faucet can end up freezing when the temperature drops.

Outdoor faucets can break during winters and lead to serious consequences with unaffordable repairing costs. Thus, what if we told you that now you can keep yourself safe from such unanticipated incidents?

The outdoor faucet cover winter has you covered now! these are highly insulated covers designed especially for outdoor pipes, keeping them safe and well-insulated during extreme temperature drops.

Are you thinking of getting one too? Here are some of our top choices which we are sure you’ll agree with too.

Comparing 7 Best Outdoor Faucet Cover

Outdoor FaucetCover TypeWaterproof
ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor FabricYes Check Price
Pipe Warmers’ Pipe Insulation FabricYes Check Price
Frost King FC1 Foam Faucet FoamYes Check Price
Trazon Outdoor Faucet FabricYes Check Price
Rocky Mountain Goods PlasticYes Check Price
LC-dolida Pro Outdoor Faucet FabricYes Check Price
Feeke Outdoor WintersFabricYes Check Price

1. ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor Water Faucet Cover

ArtiGifts Pro Outdoor Water Cover

No products found.

Outdoor faucets come in handy during the winters. And hence, we’ll suggest you grab ArtiGifts’ pro-extra-large outdoor faucet cover, which is surely one of our favorites.

What makes it an ideal choice is the soft material and superb insulation that the cover provides. When buying a faucet cover for the outdoors, your priority is to look for a cover that is durable and of course, offers strong insulation.

Hence, sticking to their promise of providing the best, ArtiGifts’ faucet cover is made from polyester pongee and PP fabric, super durable cotton with multiple layers of insulation inside.

The cover not only keeps the faucet warm and insulated but the outside layer of the cover shields it against extreme weather conditions like rain and snow, making it last over a lifetime with any potential tearing or wearing.

The cover does sound impressive, right? but will it fit your faucet? If you are wondering what size does it come in, the ArtiGifts’ outdoor faucet cover measures 5.9” in width, 7.7” in height, and 1.4” in thickness.

And in case it fits your faucet, know that it also offers a wall mounting feature that allows you to pull it over the faucet completely and clip it to the wall for added safety.

Sounds great, huh?

Moreover, the cover has been designed in a way to offer you complete ease of use. How? The flexible strings let you open the mouth of the cover, install it conveniently over the faucet and close it tightly without any struggles.

And in case you are worried about receiving a damaged product and doubt its quality, ArtiGifts promises a 100% money-back guarantee on it. And we are sure, you won’t be sending it back!

  • Waterproof, durable, and highly insulated
  • Easy to use
  • Offers wall mounting which keeps it safe from blowing away
  • Large in size
  • Cover the entire faucet and keeps it well insulated
  • The cover isn’t fully waterproof
  • Not ideal for extreme winters
  • The proportions may be slightly off

No products found.

2. Pipe Warmers’ Pipe Insulation Cover

Pipe Warmers Pipe Insulation Cover

No products found.

Okay, so yes, we know the next one on our list of the top outdoor faucet cover winter may not be the most appealing in design, but certainly gets the task done right!

Pipe Warmers’ beige-colored insulation cover looks pretty simple at first sight but when we got hold of it, we were impressed by its quality.

From being manufactured from high-quality 600D PVC coated polyester fabric to guaranteed insulation, what we loved most about this faucet cover is the universal measurements.

Although you can get it in different sizes, with each size Pipe Warmers have added an extra of 2 inches on the sides so the cover fits your faucet with ease.

The design is surely very clever and keeps the faucets outside covered from the sides irrespective of the size.

Moreover, this insulated outdoor faucet cover is waterproof, UV resistant, and heavily insulated.

And thus, keeping in mind the damages that gusty winds and heavy snow/rain can do to your faucet or the cover, the creator of this product has made sure the pipe insulator lasts infinite seasons.

The outdoor insulation cover is stitched heavily to help it hold to its shape and withstand the extremities of changing weather. Moreover, it is also easy to use. All you need to do is stretch it and pull it over the faucet.

  • Waterproof, UV resistant, and highly insulated
  • Made from high-grade 600D PVC coated polyester
  • Can withstand changing weather, hence is very durable
  • Easy to install
  • Available in different sizes
  • The additional 2 inches of fabric on the sides of the cover makes it a perfect fit for different sized faucets
  • It may not be an ideal fit for some faucets that measure bigger

No products found.

3. Frost King FC1 Foam Faucet Cover

Frost King FC1 Foam Faucet Cover

No products found.

If you are unimpressed by the polyester fabric cover that we’ve mentioned above then do not worry because next, we have something different to offer.

The Frost King’s faucet cover is made from high-grade polystyrene. In simpler words, this is a foam faucet cover that offers resistance against water, UV and is highly insulated.

Moreover, this foam gasket is pre-assembled and all you need to do is place it on top of the faucet, pull the strap and it’ll gently spread over the tap, covering it from all sides.

Next, slide the locks to hold in place. And voila! Your faucet cover is all set to keep your outdoor faucet safe from freezing temperature outside.

And just in case you are concerned about the foam drenching in rain then stop overthinking! We’ve found it to be weather resistant and never has it even moved from its place during the gusty winds.

So, if you are up for an easy-to-use, durable, and reusable faucet cover which keeps the faucet fully insulated, get your hands-on Frost King FC1 outdoor faucet cover!

  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Easy to use
  • Made from high-quality polystyrene
  • Side locks keep the foam cover well fixed in place
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Reusable
  • The styrofoam may break if not handled gently
  • It may not last long

No products found.

4. Trazon Outdoor Faucet Cover

Trazon Outdoor Faucet Cover

No products found.

Things like faucets that are installed outside our houses are more prone to wearing and tearing due to changing weather conditions and temperature.

Hence, when the winter hits you hard, most of us end up spending a fortune on getting our outdoor faucets repaired. So, is there a way to avoid such a situation this coming season?

Yes, for sure! Trazon’s large outdoor faucet cover is here to “cover” your problems.

The cover is made from 210D Oxford fabric, a high-quality material that is waterproof, weather, and UV resistant. Hence, it shouts durability without a doubt, do you hear it too?

Moving on, from the size to the quality, we promise you’ll be satisfied with the product completely.

But will the cover fit your faucet? Certainly! Trazon has taken special care of the variable faucet sizes and hence, introduced this cover that is a universal fit.

And let us tell you, it is super easy to install too! It comes with a string tie system that requires you to pull the strap, open the cover, pull it over the faucet, and tighten the string so it holds in place.

Sounds pretty easy, right?

What else do we love about this insulator? The quality of course! As we already have mentioned that the cover is made from 210D Oxford fabric which helps it stay strong against changing weather.

Yet, if you take a close look inside, you’ll see it’s been insulated using layers of silk floss, professionally sewed to trap the heat.

Moreover, the cover is successful in keeping the cold air outside while moving hot air inside for insulating the faucets.

Although we are pretty sure that you’ll be impressed by Trazon’s faucet cover in case there is a problem post-purchase, the manufacturer promises to replace or repair it without charging you additionally.

So, before winter hits you hard, buy this faucet cover to prepare for the worst!

  • Available in a universal size
  • Highly insulated and durable
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Guaranteed replacement and repair in case of damages
  • Fits different types and sized faucets without a problem
  • The string tie system isn’t appreciable
  • The quality of the cover especially the tie system needs to be improved

No products found.

5. Rocky Mountain Goods Faucet Cover for Winter

Rocky Mountain Goods Cover

No products found.

We’ve found Rocky Mountain Goods faucet cover worth mentioning here!

This simply designed cover consists of a plastic shell with thick Styrofoam lining inside that is doing enough to keep the water outside. Yes, it has no leaks and is UV-proof so you can last over a lifetime.

But is it easy to install? Most certainly! Just place it over the faucet, pull the handle to let it expand, and slide down the lock to hold it in place firmly.1,2,3 and it is done!

Although the Rocky Mountain Goods outdoor faucet cover doesn’t depict a fancy, complicated design to be attractive, the padded seal added into the construction promises to keep the faucets well insulated even during the lowest temperature.

We love this fabulous faucet cover and assure you that you won’t be disappointed either!

  • Simple design and easy to install
  • Styrofoam lining for insulation
  • Plastic shell keeps the water away from seeping inside
  • Durable
  • Comes with a 3-years warranty
  • Keeps the faucet well insulated during winters
  • The strap is pulled with force can break easily

No products found.

6. LC-dolida Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover

LC-dolida Pro Outdoor Faucet Cover

No products found.

This blue outdoor faucet cover by LC-dolida is not like any other ordinary cover. And why do we say so?

This is because it has impressed us with its size, measuring bigger than an average faucet cover which is ideal for a home like ours that has big faucets installed outside.

Having said that, did we find it reliable? For sure!

The LC-dolida pro outdoor cover is made from 420D Oxford fabric, a high-grade material that is strong against leaks, UV resistant, and successfully keeps the hot air inside to ensure the faucet is well insulated.

Moreover, the cover is very easy to install. Do you the string tie-system? Pull the string to expand the cover, next place it over the faucet outside, and tighten the strap. Voila! It’s all set and done!

And just in case you are worried about the size, we’re happy to tell you that the LC-dolida’s faucet cover measures bigger than most outdoor hydrant guards. Which is why we love it!

The size makes it a perfect fit for most faucets, hose bibs, spigots, and taps, etc. so, even if you do not have an outdoor faucet but have spigots and bibs that worry you, we promise this will fit them perfectly irrespective of the size!

  • Durable and easy to install
  • Made from high-fabric for strong insulation
  • Water-resistant and UV-resistant
  • Bigger in size than an average faucet cover
  • Fits perfectly over hose bibs, spigots, hydrants, etc
  • Affordably priced
  • The cover may leak as stated by some users

No products found.

7. Feeke Outdoor Faucet Cover for Winters

Feeke Outdoor Faucet for Winters

No products found.

How about if we told you that now you can get 3 faucet covers for the price of one? That too quality covers! Sounds unbelieve, right?

We did find it to be too good to be true until we purchased Feeke’s 3 pack of outdoor covers. And believe us, we are extremely satisfied with its quality and performance!

This Thinsulate outdoor faucet cover is made from premium quality material to make sure it lasts through most winters without wearing or damage.

Since the outside is stitched using anti-freeze and water-proof high-quality fabric, how could the manufacturer have compromised on the lining inside, right?

The inside of the faucet cover is layered with thick fabric and stitched together tightly so it does not let out the trapped hot air outside.

This way, the cover promises to keep the faucets and even water pipes well insulated during the lowest temperature drops in your vicinity.

Feekes outdoor faucet cover is easy to install, durable, and can conveniently slide over a variety of items including hydrants, water pipes, spigots, etc.

Thus, if you are looking for a reliable cover for your pipes and spigots, Feeke has got you covered!

  • Ideally used to cover pipes, hydrants, spigots, etc
  • Easy to install
  • Made from anti-freeze and water-proof high-grade material
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Washable
  • Keeps the faucet well insulated
  • One size does not fit all
  • Not ideal for extreme winters
  • Does not cover the faucet or pipes completely as complained by a few users

No products found.

Best Outdoor Faucet Cover Buyer's Guide:

Outdoor Faucet Cover Buying Guide

A donkey and a horse seem the same to people with a lack of knowledge. Thus, the same is the case with faucet covers too!

If you do not know how to separate “good” from the “best”, for you all the covers will be the same. This is where we jump in to help you.

Because we’ve already done our set of research and have been using covers for quite some time now, we’ll be sharing some valuable information here.

Hence, when buying an outdoor faucet cover, look at the list of things below and if it ticks all the boxes, know you’ve made the right purchase.

1. High-grade Material

High-quality material should be your ultimate priority when buying an outdoor faucet cover. Why?

This is because faucet covers are to be used outside the house and hence, will be exposed to changing weather conditions which include heavy snowfall, rain, hail, and even gusty winds.

So, if it isn’t made from a high-grade material like polyester pongee, PP cotton, Oxford fabric, or anything similar, you’ll see it won’t last long.

Durability and strength to withstand extreme weather conditions are crucial for outdoor faucets covers.

Hence, when laying your hands on a specific piece, make sure it is manufactured using high-grade and top-quality material that is tough against extreme fall and rise in temperature outside.

And if it is not, you’ll find it difficult to drag it through the season!

2. Insulation

What is an outdoor faucet cover used for? For keeping the faucet well insulated (warm) during the winters and what if the cover fails to keep the faucet insulated? It is a failure of course!

Thus, we’ll suggest going for covers that are lined with layers of high-grade fabric on the inside. The more the layers are, the more insulation the cover will provide.

The lining can range in between anything made from silk to cotton fabric, but make sure whatever the material is used inside, it is laid out in layers and stitched firmly together.

Have a thorough look at the inside of the cover and make sure the faucet cover is good enough to keep the faucet insulated during the winters, delivering the required result.

3. Weather-proof

As we already said above, outdoor faucet covers need to be tough to fight against extreme weather conditions. Hence, buying a weatherproof cover is surely a big win for you.

And yes, by weather-proof we mean it should be water-proof, does not be affected by the UV rays or even be blown away by strong winds.

Remember, a good outdoor faucet cover does not leak and gives your faucet complete protection against varying weather conditions.

4. Easy to Install

How can you cover a faucet drilled to the wall? with a faucet cover, of course! But won’t those covers be difficult to install?

Well yes, some are a little complicated but not every insulator is a hard one to use. Most brands that we’ve mentioned above have paid special attention to the design, laying out a cover that is easy to use and install.

We’ve used multiple covers in the past and there were a few that required a lot of effort to work with. But then we found some to be pretty easy to install.

Hence, based on our experience we’d say go for faucet covers with a flexible string tie-system.

The string can be conveniently pulled to open the cover (both fabric and foam covers), pull it over the faucet, and tighten it to protect the faucet fully.

Moreover, some covers also come with slip locks that help you to keep the covers well fixed in place. Hence, not allowing them to fly away during the windy days.

So, let's just save your time and energy by spending on a faucet cover for the outdoors which is super easy to install!

5. Size

Imagine not being able to fit in your dress because you mistakenly bought it in a size smaller. Even if you try to put it on, you’ll end up tearing it, right?

The same goes for a faucet cover. When you are out to buy a cover for your tap, make sure you know the dimensions of it to ensure you purchase the right-sized cover.

If you buy a cover smaller in size, it won’t fit and a larger one won’t stay. Hence, it is necessary to know the size of your faucet to buy a cover that fits over it perfectly, covering it from all the sides to keep it safe.

6. Warranty

Okay so yes, we do know most brands promise to offer highly durable faucet covers, but can you trust them, completely?

No matter how popular a brand is, when it comes to an outdoor cover, the changing weather can surely have an impact on its performance. Thus, no matter how expensive the cover is, it can tear under unanticipated events.

Hence, what will you do if it tears or does not perform as promised? Nothing, if it does not come with a warranty.

You finally got our point! When buying something as important as an outdoor faucet cover, make sure it comes with a warranty so in case it creates a problem later, you can get it repaired or replaced without having to pay extra for it.

Thus, always look for a product with a warranty for hassle-free usage!

7. Brand

We all know popular brands can be trusted blindly when it comes to quality. Thus, rather than spending on unknown labels, invest in a good brand so you’ll be sure it lasts a lifetime.

8. Price

Faucet covers can range from anything in between to a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Which one you choose depends completely on your budget.

But what we suggest is to neither go for low quality by buying a cheap one nor spend extraordinarily on it. Because after a few years only, you’ll have to buy a new cover no matter how expensive it was.

So, make sure you buy a decently priced cover, one that offers good quality and falls well within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to install outdoor faucet cover?

The outdoor faucet covers a pretty easy-to-install. All you need to do is pull the string (this goes only for covers with a string tie system), expand it, pull it over the faucet hence covering it completely and tighten the string.

Whether you opt for a fabric cover or a foam one, these come with instructions on the pack or a full manual that will guide you through the installation process, thus making it super easy and convenient.

Do I need a faucet cover?

Outdoor faucets battle with harsh weather conditions throughout the year, hence, exposing them to wearing and tearing which may lead to damages that require immediate attention.

Hence, to keep your faucets safe from damages and if you do not wish to spend a fortune on getting it repaired, a faucet cover is what will keep them protected. These are easy to install and will keep the faucets protected against water damage or another, thus adding to their years of performance.

Are faucet covers effective?

Covers that are water-proof and weather-proof are highly effective in keeping the faucets safe from damages over time.

Can faucet covers be used to cover spigots, water pipes, hose bibs etc?

Yes, there are a few brands that offer faucet covers in bigger sizes so they can ideally fit pipes and hydrants that are installed outside the house.


If you live in a country that is experiencing extreme winters every year and you’re still thinking about whether or not to buy an outdoor faucet cover, then waste no more time and grab one right away.

Faucet covers are worth every penny. They keep your faucets well insulated, are durable, and ensure that hydrants installed outside your houses remain safe from damages when the temperature on the thermometer falls below the freezing point.

Thus, if you still are confused about which type of outdoor faucet cover for winter do you need, check out our list of the top-rated outdoor faucet cover for further guidance.

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