7 Best NAS For Plex 4K [Buying Guide 2021]

Are you finding the best NAS for Plex 4K? Well, then we believe you’re already on step two of setting things right. No?

It’s good you’ve bid farewell to borrowing content and are all set to set up your own personalized media library. You wouldn’t have to pay a subscription fee all life long.

Plus, you will now have a collection of your own. How cool is that?!

Savings + unlimited access! Epic.

Best Nas For Plex 4K

As cool and sweet as it may seem, setting it all up may as well be a whole challenge. That’s particularly true when it comes to purchasing an appropriate NAS for this custom media library.

So, here we’ve formulated this guide as a complete walkthrough for you.

We’ll begin from listing and reviewing the top seven NAS for Plex 4K to a detailed buying guide and conclude it all up with the most perplexing queries of all time.

We hope we’re able to answer every question that pops into your mind as your read. Here we go!

Comparing 7 Best NAS For Plex 4K

NAS DeviceCPURAMDrive Bays
Synology DS920+J41254GB DDR44 Check Price
Synology DS1019+J34554GB DDR35 Check Price
QNAP TS-453DJ41254GB DDR44 Check Price
Asustor AS5304TJ41054GB DDR44 Check Price
QNAP TS-932PXAlpine AL3248GB DDR49 Check Price
TERRAMASTER F4-421J34554GB DDR44 Check Price
WD My Cloud EX4100ARMADA 3882GB DDR34 Check Price

1. Synology 4 Bay NAS DiskStation DS920+

Synology DS920+

No products found.

Ever since 2000, Synology has been working dedicatedly to manage and protect data globally.

Of course, their range of services extends only to those who entrust them. But the company’s concern and sincerity extend to all.

Perhaps, this explains their outstanding dedication to their product design and evaluation.

Not only did Synology introduce one of the ideal NAS for Plex 4K.  But it also continues to upgrade the quality of its current and future products.

We particularly loved DiskStation DS920+ by this brand. And the reason for that is its impressive price to performance ratio.

Let us begin with the setup. Even if you happen to be an absolute beginner, you might find the overall setup quite easy.

When you receive the device, it will weigh around 2.25 kg. And that would be without the drives inserted.

To install the drives in, you can pull off the clips on the side, insert the drives and position the clips back in place.

As soon as the system begins receiving power, you can detect it on your desktop browser.

For doing so, you will have to access find.synology.com. Once detected, the initial setup process will come into play.

The graphical environment is similar to that of MAC and Windows. So, your first step would be to create a storage volume via Storage Manager. From there on, you can proceed with your desired tasks.

Technically, Synology DS920+ comes equipped with Intel Celeron J4125, which is a 2GHz quad-core processor.

Its RAM is about 4GB DDR4, which runs behind the processor and may not suffice for intensive usage.

But that’s okay because this company-installed RAM is upgradable! You can expand it to 8GB.

As for the RAID configuration, it supports:

  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 6
  • RAID 10

*It also supports basic and JBOD.

Along with being flexible and versatile, it provides a transfer speed of about 225 MB/s. It is slightly lesser than the average because the speed that a user device will receive is 100-125 Mb/s.

Some users tried fixing the issue by using faster drives or connecting via WiFi. But that wouldn’t help. And that’s because of the lack of Gigabit ports.

As for the looks, it’s extraordinary. It features a sleek, black exterior. Although it’s plastic, it feels robust and lives up to standards.

Summing up, we’d say this is the best Synology NAS for Plex that you can get if you are shopping on a budget.

It serves its price rightfully by providing smooth operation, impressive hardware encryption, and powerful processing.

  • Easy installation
  • Quad-Core processor
  • Upgradable RAM
  • Robust built
  • Versatile RAID choices
  • Easy navigation
  • Port limitations

No products found.

2. Synology DS1019+ 5 Bay NAS DiskStation

Synology DS1019+

No products found.

As mentioned earlier, Synology keeps on improving the quality and functionality of its products.

Their genuine concern regarding data protection & management motivates them to bring forth a variety of reliable solutions.

That explains the inclusion of DS1019+ alongside DS920+ in this list of best NAS for Plex 4K.

This model is just as good as the model we reviewed above, but it features a few unique aspects which make it better suited for business use.

We’d recommend the budget-friendly DS920+ for both home and small-business usage. But the more expensive DS1019+ is definitely for growing businesses.

Why? Well, the very name of the device speaks volumes about why it’s best for heavy usage.

This robust NAS device comes with five drive bays. But the 10 in its name suggests that the quantity is expandable to 10.

And so, storage will never be an issue for you to opt for it. You can eventually invest in drive bays as the data on your Plex continues to increase with time.

Moreover, it comes equipped with Intel Celeron J3455 and 4GB DDR3L-1866 RAM. You can further upgrade the RAM to 8GB as per your needs.

Similar to DS920+, it has a rated transfer speed of about 225 Mb/s, which makes it yet another best NAS for Plex transcoding.

It comes with built-in applications for 4K video transcoding. Thus, if streaming and sharing your HD videos is your goal, then go for it!

In terms of appearance, it looks pretty much the same as DS920 plus. It’s black, small, and sleek-looking. You can conveniently place it atop the desktop.

On the front, you’ll find a power button and indicating LED lights. Both of these simplify controls and ensure ease of use.

You’ll also see the five swappable drive bays on the front. Now, this makes DS 1019+ even more reliable. In case a drive fails, you can replace it with another one that contains identical data.

At the back, there are two fans. These contribute to the cooling effect. They will keep your NAS device fairly safe from heating up.

Plus, you’ll find the following ports at the rear side of this NAS device:

  • Two network ports
  • Power ports
  • eSATA port
  • USB 3.0 port

Along with these, you’ll find a Kensington security slot, a reset button, and M.2 NVMe slots.

What’s more, it also comes with Synology’s proprietary file sharing & syncing software. You can easily store any of the files in the following formats:

  • CIFS
  • AFS
  • NFS
  • FTP

You will not only have mobile access to these files. But you can also share these with others on the go.

Another reason we recommended this for growing businesses is that it’s an excellent pick for surveillance needs as well.

The Surveillance Station of DS1019+ smoothly connects and manages multiple cameras. So, you may access the recording anywhere and everywhere.

All in all, Synology DS1019+ is ideal for those seeking a manageable NAS device with uncertain storage capacity.

Users can upgrade it along with their increasing needs. Plus, it comes with a warranty of about three years. So, it’s a safe purchase!

  • Easy to install
  • Various RAID types
  • Noiseless operation
  • Speedy Performance
  • Upgradable RAM
  • Easy file sharing
  • 3 years warranty
  • Comparatively expensive

No products found.

3. QNAP TS-453D-4G 4 Bay NAS for Professionals


No products found.

So, here comes the best QNAP NAS for Plex. It may look small in size, but it packs premium features and performance.

It is known for offering an expandable storage capacity. But initially, this NAS device comes with four drive bays installed. You can upgrade it with more later.

You can use each bay independently or in groups with varying RAID configurations. The RAID types that this QNAP NAS device supports include:

  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 6
  • RAID 10

It supports SINGLE and JBOD configurations as well. But these are relatively unsafe because in these configurations, the NAS device functions as a single media drive.

But again, at times, these configurations may come in handy, especially if massive local storage is your concern.

When it comes to its looks, we bet you’d adore this device. It measures around 6.6 × 6.7 × 8.9 inches, which makes it compact.

That, coupled with its tower-like construction, makes it easy to accommodate on the desk and maintain. Plus, the shiny and smooth plastic cover on the front gives it an aesthetic look.

The plastic cover ensures that it remains relatively cool (unlike metal covers). And there’s also a significant reduction in the noise produced.

As for swapping the drives inside, you can slide off this cover and switch them as desired.

On the right side of the bays, QNAP’s provided a SO-DIMM module, which leaves the second slot free for RAM upgrade. You can upgrade it to about 8GB.

On the front panel, there’s also a USB 3.0 port and a button for USB quick copy. Although there are other USB ports on this device, this one, in particular, makes instant data syncing possible.

The following are some other ports offered by the NAS device:

  • Three USB 2.0 ports
  • Two USB 3.0 ports
  • Two 2.5Gbe, RJ45 LAN ports
  • HDMI 2.0 port

Some of these ports are on the rear side of the device. Along with ports, you will find a single 120 mm fan. You can increase or decrease its RPM to adjust the consequent heat and noise.

In a nutshell, QNAP is one of the best NAS for Plex transcoding as it comes with Plex integration as well as an upgradeable RAM backed with a strong Intel Celeron J4125 quad-core processor.

The incorporation of Intel HD Graphics 600 further enhances the median playback.

  • Expandable PCIe
  • Contemporary design
  • Expandable storage capacity
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Supports various RAID types
  • Upgradable RAM
  • Value for money
  • Open to third-party software

No products found.

4. Asustor AS5304T – 4 Bay NAS

Asustor AS5304T

No products found.

When it comes to NAS devices, ASUSTOR is a leading name. The company manufactures some of the most reliable and robust NAS devices of all.

And the best part? Their pricing is not only reasonable but economical!

We are more than confident about the above claim with this ASUSTOR AS5304T. The latter offers an overwhelming 4K experience with its 10-bit 4K hardware decoding capability.

This feature, coupled with its HDMI port, makes the NAS device a complete source for your multimedia files.

You can directly connect your 4K monitor or TV to have a smooth watching experience. Alternately, you have your Plex to take care of things too!

Its four drives come enclosed in a sleek and shiny black exterior with accents of red. The drives are on the front and are swappable.

Plus, as evident in the name, it offers about four drive bays, each of which offers 72 terabytes of capacity. Its built-in app store also provides a generous catalog of apps.

Its processor, i.e., Intel Celeron J4105, may not be as powerful as J4125 or others. But its base clock of 1.5 GHz and a boost clock of 2.5 GHz helps it perform fairly well.

Moreover, the processor comes supported with 4GB DDR4 RAM, which you can conveniently upgrade to about 8GB.

Like QNAP and Synology NAS devices reviewed above, the ASUSTOR NAS device also supports multiple RAID configurations.

These include the same set as QNAP’s, i.e., RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID 10.

In a nutshell, ASUSTOR AS5304T is the best budget NAS for Plex.

It is an excellent pick for content creators, gamers, corporate officials, and homeowners who seek ample storage space for media files and seamless 4K streaming at a nominal price.

It may not be as solid and smooth as Synology but does well for its price.

  • Economical
  • Supports multiple RAID configurations
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Great connectivity
  • Generous App Catalog
  • Average processor
  • Lacks Gigabit Ethernet ports

No products found.

5. QNAP TS-932PX-4G 5+4 Bay High-Speed NAS


No products found.

We listed QNAP’s TS-453D as the best QNAP NAS device because it will serve your purpose for sure. That model from QNAP abides by the standard needs of the masses.

But QNAP TS-932PX is different. It features an innovative built and got designed to serve specific purposes.

It is QNAP’s first ARM-based NAS with Qtier technology, which automatically optimizes storage usage. It does so using SATA drives and SSDs.

Plus, the ARM-based processor makes it super fast while consuming minimal energy. It supports almost all the apps, particularly the data protection and backup ones.

However, a few, like Hyper Data Protector and Virtualization Station, may not be compatible with it.

The unique aspect of this NAS device is that it is a hybrid model. It comes with 9-bays, five of which are 3.5 inches hard drives and four of which are 2.5 inches SSDs.

It optimizes the overall operation of the device dividing the power as need be.

Now, as for the RAM, it comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM, which is upgradable to 16 GB. As for the ports, there’s one USB port on the front and two USB ports at the back.

There are two Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports, an audio port, and two SFP+ ports.

If we compare QNAP TS-932PX with the majority of other NAS devices available in the market, then it’s quite compact. It sits comfortably well beside a desktop PC.

It’s 11 x 11 x 11 inches black-colored plastic chassis makes it a noteworthy device on the table. But it does not dominate.

At the same time, let us state it clearly, it is not as compact as Synology’s, QNAP’s, and ASUSTOR’s models reviewed above.

Moreover, it operates noiselessly, thanks to the 14 cm fan at the back. It keeps the operating temperature of the device low.

Summing up, TS-932 PX is the best home NAS for Plex. Or we’d recommend it at best for small to medium-scale businesses.

Why? Well, that’s because even though its performance is proficient, it cannot handle intensive or bulk loads.

But for home usage, i.e., streaming media, storing files, connecting surveillance cameras, and whatnot, it does great. It offers impressive security of the data with Snapshots and inflicts minimal energy costs.

  • Stylish built
  • Upgradable RAM
  • Good cooling mechanism
  • Noiseless operation
  • Better security
  • Great connectivity
  • Software limitations

No products found.

6. TerraMaster F4-421 NAS 4-Bay


No products found.

TerraMaster has been introducing its innovative take on devices for 16 years or so. Their efforts have brought to us some highly phenomenal options, such as the TerraMaster F4-421.

The latter comes enclosed in an aluminum body and has a sleek, whitish look. It measures 8.9 x 8.8 x 5.3 inches, which gives it a compact structure. And it brings a sophisticated feel to your desk.

Plus, it’s light enough to easily carry around. Despite the lightweight, it feels sturdy and robust in terms of exterior.

Even on the inside, it’s nothing less than perfection. It comes equipped with an efficient Intel Apollo 1.5GHz quad-core CPU and upgradable RAM.

Initially, you get 4GB DDR4 RAM. You can later upgrade it to 8 GB. Moreover, its TOS 4.0 operating system further adds to ease of use with its easy navigation and rich application content.

On the back, there’s a large fan that keeps the system cool. There are three options for the fan to operate, which include:

  • Smart Speed
  • Medium Speed
  • High Speed

Both smart and medium speeds keep the temperature between 32 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius. And both work noiselessly.

However, the high speed may make a bit of noise. You may adjust the speed as per your preferences.

Moreover, it comes with 6-layer data protection, which ensures will not lose the data under any circumstances.

That’s because it automatically backs up on cloud storage as per the schedule. The AES hardware encryption and transport encryption further enhances this.

There’s one issue that you must consider before buying this NAS device. Although it saves on money significantly, it may consume a bit of your time in organizing files.

The NAS device does not automatically sort files by date or by name, particularly when accessing via mobile.

You will have to arrange them manually, so you have smooth remote access. Other than that, it’s all good and fine.

In actuality, it is the best cheap NAS for Plex. In only under 450 dollars, you get a fast-processing, secure, and reliable storage space that looks and performs well.

  • Upgradable RAM
  • Excellent Cooling Mechanism
  • Impressive security
  • Compact structure
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • File organizing may be difficult

No products found.

7. WD Diskless My Cloud EX4100

WD My Cloud EX4100

No products found.

Western Digital introduced the expert series for professionals with massive needs. You know, people who have to handle several genres of work simultaneously.

You could say people who have a quick pace of work. Be it a manager, business owner, freelancer, content creator, digital marketer, or any other similar field.

So, if you identify yourself amongst these, the EX4100 might be for you. It offers beastly instantaneous performance, which means it proficiently processes small tasks in small times frames.

You could rely on this 4-bay NAS device to help you execute numerous tasks in a day, one by one. But you cannot expect it to deal with all of them at once.

Why? Well, that’s because it comes equipped with a non-upgradable 2GB DDR3 memory, which is quite too little comparing with others reviewed above.

Other than that, it comes equipped with a Marvell ARMADA 388 dual-core processor that has a boost clock of 1.6 GHz. It’s both speedy and efficient.

Plus, like most others, it supports multiple RAID configurations, including:

  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 10

RAID 0 serves best for the overall enhanced performance of the system. RAID 1 will provide mirrored data protection, and RAID 5 ensures data protection with the best capacity.

As for RAID 10, it provides super-fast performance with the best security. For even more in-the-moment performance, you can rely on its JBOD configuration.

For cooling, it comes equipped with a 120 mm fan at the back. However, users report that it makes some noise when burdened.

Its compatibility with Plex permits fluid storage and accessibility of photographs, videos, and audio files. You can access these on your mobile device, PC, or even gaming console from anywhere at all.

  • Excellent connectivity
  • Smooth and fast transfer rate
  • Supports multiple RAID configurations
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Non-upgradable RAM

No products found.

Buyer's Guide:

Nas For Plex 4K Buying Guide

You know the top-ranking NAS for Plex 4K. And that will surely make shopping easier for you. For, searching from the heaps of options out there is off your list now.

But even with this narrow list of the top-notch NAS for Plex 4K, you have a decision to make. You have to pick only one, and how on earth are you going to do that?

Relax. We got you.

In the following section, you’ll find a component breakdown of what makes up an ideal NAS for Plex 4K.

Review these and choose a NAS that falls in your desired set from the specs and standards mentioned below.

Things to Consider When Buying NAS:

NAS is technically short for Network-Attached Storage devices. Evident from the name, it is a device wherein you could store all of your Plex Data, which you can share wirelessly.

Since it operates on its own, a NAS device comes equipped with an operating system and processor. So, naturally, to buy the finest NAS for Plex 4K, you need to assess the following factors:


For managing files, reading and writing operations, processing multimedia files, dealing with multiple access requests, and much more - A NAS device uses both computing intelligence and power.

And, of course, it is a CPU that brings both to this device. Thus, giving life to it.

There are a few popular CPUs for NAS devices, which include Intel Celeron J4105, J4125, Marvell Armada 7020, etc. You ought to look for a processor with more cores, i.e., opt for a quad-core over a dual-core.


CPU ultimately powers the machine. But it is the RAM, which decides how much load your NAS device can bear in one instance. It is, you can say, the heart of your CPU.

On average, NAS devices offer:

  • 2GB DDR3
  • 4 GB DDR4

Although this is a prominent feature to consider when buying a NAS device for Plex, remember, you can always upgrade the RAM using SODIMM or DIMM RAM sticks.

Storage Space

After processing capabilities, you should check for the storage space. Look for a NAS device that offers at least twice the amount of space you need (given you have humongous needs).

If you have only a few shows in mind currently, look for something with 10x the memory.

When assessing a NAS device for storage space, you ought to look for drive bays as well. On average, 4-5 drive bays will do fine. Alternative hard drives, it’s best if a NAS device supports SSD storage.


By definition, RAID configuration refers to the arrangement of multiple drives to improvise the performance of one. RAID itself is short for Random Array of Independent Disks.

The arrangement or array of these disks determines their functions. So, it could either work as a speed booster or enhance data protection (in case one of the drives fail). Few RAIDs provide both these functions.

Depending on your need, you may opt from different RAID types. Now, for choosing, you ought to know that different NAS support different RAID configurations. However, some NAS devices support all types.

If you've got a specific need in mind, there’s nothing better than opting for one that complements your need. Doing so will optimize your system in a way that serves your purpose best.

But again, if you do not know what would work best. Then you should better go with one that supports all.

Despite that, let us name a few common types of NAS RAID configurations:

  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 6
  • RAID 10

Rated Transfer Speed

Similar to all other technical aspects, the greater the rated value of transfer speed, the better. Indeed, all the factors mentioned above will collectively determine the transfer speed.

But we recommend double-checking this to affirm and confirm things.

Usually, most NAS devices will offer you a transfer speed of 150 MB/s or 500 MB/s. Remember, RAID type and number of hard drives substantially affect the transfer speed of a NAS device.

So, for acquiring your desired transfer speed, ensure you choose the right RAID configuration and drives.


When it comes to ports, we always suggest to our readers one thing: get as many as you can! Why? Well, that’s because the greater the number of ports, the greater the connectivity.

You never know you’ll find yourself in what kind of a situation. Maybe you’d be trapped on a deserted island or amidst a zombie apocalypse. You never know. Right!

So, better keep yourself all prepared at all times. Ideally, you can look for a NAS device with:

  • USB ports
  • eSATA ports
  • Ethernet or LAN ports (e.g., 1 GbE or 10 GbE)


Lastly, assess the brand reputation. Financially and technically, NAS devices are a type of investment.

Whether you’re purchasing it for personal use, collective use, or business use, you don’t want it to crash within a few months.

You will most likely want the purchased product to do justice to the money you spend on it.

So, when buying a NAS device for Plex, ensure you entrust a company with plentiful positive reviews and recommendations (such as those mentioned above).

Also, check out if the company is providing a warranty with the device. Most reputable and confident companies will issue you a warranty card or affirmation. On average, the warranty lasts for 2-3 years.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Plex 4K?

Plex is a media player and an organizational tool that allows the users to store and access pictures, videos, and audio files. Plex 4K supports devices that offer ultra-high-definition playback.

Which is better: Synology or QNAP?

When it comes to NAS devices, Synology and QNAP are not only renowned names but also highly competitive. Thus, often leaving their clientele torn between the two.

Technically, none of them is better than the other. It all depends on your needs and requirements. You ought to check the NAS device for storage, compatible operating system, size, and structure, as well as Plex support.

Most QNAP and Synology units support Plex Media servers. However, QNAP appears to be more efficient than Synology in terms of working with Plex Media servers.

How long do NAS devices last?

On average, a NAS device lasts for about three to five years. The reason NAS devices have a definite lifetime is that their hard drives and servers have moving parts. And these cause wear and tear. Even if you maintain it regularly, it will lose its efficiency over time.


By now, we hope you are not as baffled about finding the best NAS for Plex 4K.

We hope that our comprehensive buying guide and the detailed reviews of the top-ranking NAS models have provided you a clear lead on the subject.

However, if you still feel a bit indecisive, then we’d ask you to close your eyes and go with QNAP TS-932X.

The latter is truly an all-rounder beast that can tackle anything and everything! You can trust it blindly, we assure you.

But again, it's always best to take your time, analyze your needs, and make an informed decision.

So don’t rush. Instead, evaluate your needs thoroughly, and make an appropriate purchase. Good luck!

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