10 Best Mulching Blades For Cub Cadet [2022 Buying Guide]

The best lawnmower consists of two things: cutting ability and motor power. The lawnmower’s blade decides the length and quality of the trim.

Best Mulching Blades For Cub Cadet

So what’s a mulching blade?

A mulching blade is a kind of lawnmower blade manufactured to chop grass into smaller pieces. It is called a three-in-one or all-purpose blade.

These blades are called as such because they can perform three jobs at once; i.e., they can mulch, discharge, and bag.

Furthermore, these blades have an unusual shape and are designed to make your work efficient and easy for you. These blades are best suitable for short grass rather than overgrown fields.

However, if used on tall grass, it will clog up the blade because of its unique curved design.

But why is mulching considered the best option for lawn mowing?

It is because mulching can deliver nutrients to the grass that will help them to grow naturally. Moreover, it reduces your mowing efforts since you do not have to bag and dispose of your clippings.

Are mulching blades worth buying?

An excellent mulching blade has greater longevity; it is affordable and of high quality. Plus, it is worth every penny.

A lawnmower equipped with a mulching blade shreds grass into finer and dust-sized particles. It cuts clippings as tiny as possible to prevent grass clumps on your lawn. Thus, it helps these particles to decompose faster.

Furthermore, you can use this chopped grass as compost. Hence, a mulching blade allows people to use cut grass efficiently.

Since now you know why mulching blades are necessary and worth buying, we have gathered a list of the best mulching blades for Cub Cadet.

Comparing 10 Best Mulching Blades For Cub Cadet

Mulching BladeBlade Cut (in)
MaxPower 561532XB Mulching Blade Set42 Check Price
8TEN LawnRAZOR Blade Set42 Check Price
3 Gator 3-In-1 Mulching blades50 Check Price
Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 Mulching Blades42 Check Price
Rotary 12809 PK3 Blades for Cub Cadet50 Check Price
Aftermarket Heavy Duty Mulching Blades54 Check Price
Cub Cadet 19B30005100 46 Deck Mulch Kit46 Check Price
MaxPower 561544XB Blade Set for 4646 Check Price
Rotary Heavy Duty Replacement Blades50 Check Price
Stens 335-214 Mulching Blade21 Check Price

1. MaxPower 561532XB Commercial Mulching Blade Set for 42

MaxPower 561532XB Commercial Mulching Blade Set

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These U.S manufactured mulching blades are the heavy-duty ones. The pack includes two blades for mowing large land areas.

They stellarly remove grass trimmings and possess enormous resilience against an obstruction such as stones. Thus, it makes this blade ideal for mowing on dense lawns.

However, you have to install these blades the right way to achieve the proper orientation with the lawnmower.

What makes this blade impressive?

These 42-inches blades are sharp and offer more refined grass trimmings. The grass’s cutting is relatively uniform, and the blades’ heaviness provides a perfect grass cut.

Moreover, the great blades’ design bags the debris accurately. Hence, it leads to superior lawn mulching. Plus, they are sharp enough to shred tiny branches and sticks that are around four inches thick.

What’s more!

These high-carbon steel blades deliver an enhanced lift; thus, finer grass trimmings results. You can effortlessly mow your entire lawn without changing bearings and spindles.

Furthermore, the cutting teeth of the blades are razor-sharp, which increases grass cutting efficiency. The sharper the edges, the finer the trims and the healthier your lawn will be.

For which lawnmower will these blades be ideal?

These blades will surpass OEM specifications, and they can work under low energy. Hence, they save more than 20% of the energy.

They will work as a replacement for Cub Cadet and MTD OEM no. 942-0616, 942-0616A, 942-0616-x, 742-04126, 742-0616, 942-04126, 942-04126-x, 942-04308-x, and Windsor OEM no. 51-4440.

What else?

Each blade included in the kit is sixteen inches long and three inches wide with a six-point star center hole. Moreover, the blade’s width plays a crucial role in the blade’s longevity.

Furthermore, these MaxPower blades produce minimal vibration and are affordable, durable, long-lasting. All clippings disappear as a natural fertilizer.

Oddly enough, users reviewed that they might not be as sharp enough as other mulching blades and may develop rust spots over time.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Offer finer grass trimming
  • Long-lasting blades
  • Refined cut
  • Saves energy
  • Rusty spots may develop
  • Not as sharp as other mulching blades

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2. 8TEN LawnRAZOR Blade Set for Cub Cadet

8TEN LawnRAZOR Blade Set

No products found.

Are you in search of mulching blades that work and truly meet the OEM standards? 

These game-changing colorful mulching blades by LawnRazor come in a pack of two. They are designed to give you perfect cuts every time you use them. These blades are easy to install, cut grass efficiently, sturdy, and thick.

Guess what?

Several users mentioned that the blades’ mulching, bagging, and discharging are far superior to the factory blades.

What is so impressive about these LawnRazor blades?

These 42-inch toothed style mulching blades are ideal for carrying out the most challenging jobs. These are an excellent option for cutting tall weeds and grass. They will turn your grass into confetti.

Moreover, these blades are made of high-quality steel, powder-coated, and are a bit heavier. Plus, you will not have to clear out the clogged grass with this set of blades.

What’s more!

These six-point star center hole blades will act as an excellent replacement for Cub Cadet, MTD, and Troy-built.

However, these blades will not give optimum performance in overly wet conditions because they convert small particles into pulp-like stuff. Plus, they might not last long.

  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Toothed-style
  • Cuts finely
  • Ideal for toughest jobs
  • Suitable for tall grass
  • They may not last long
  • The grass has to be completely dry; otherwise, it will clump up

No products found.

3. 3 Gator 3-In-1 Mulching blades to replace Cub Cadet

3 Gator 3-In-1 Mulching Blades

No products found.

Are you looking for a replacement because OEM blades are lightweight and thinner?

Oregon gator blades are heavier and heavy-duty blades constructed from 20% harder steel to provide an extended blade life.

Moreover, these blades are not knife-sharp to touch, but they do not hinder the cutting ability and deliver very straight cuts. These blades are available in a set of three and are all austemper heat treated.

How do Oregon G3 blades help in maintaining the lawn?

These blades spread the grass trimmings onto the lawn as finer debris; thus, these fine trimmings act as a natural fertilizer and keep your lawn in shape.

Moreover, what gator blades do is produce an elevated airlift that lifts the grass in an upward direction. The grass becomes exposed to the cutting blades, and these sharp edges cut them.

These grass clippings are diverted towards the blades’ back by using right-angled teeth. Thus, they retrim the clippings into the fine matter to increase the bagging capacity.

How are gator blades different from standard mulching blades?

Gator blades are popular because of their high-level performance, less noise, and apex quality. They allow you to mow the lawn quickly because of their high cutting speed.

Furthermore, these G3 gator blades work in almost all weather conditions and offer high-quality mulching. Plus, these blades save energy and time.

Oddly enough, many reviewers mentioned that these blades might be too long and may not be the perfect replacement for Cub Cadet XT1 LT50 decks, 942-05052A, and 942-05052-X. Plus, in some cases, the blades do not cut the grass finely.

  • Thicker and heavier
  • Emits less noise
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Save time and energy
  • Easy cleaning
  • Might not cut the grass finely in some instances
  • These blades may not be an ideal replacement for a few Cub Cadets

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4. Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 21-3/16″ Mulching Blades

Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 Mulching Blades

No products found.

As mentioned above, Oregon gator blades are heavier, durable, thicker, and they cut much cleaner than the Cub Cadet’s manufacturer blades. The mulch is smaller, and there are no buildup problems.

These blades are designed to provide high-quality cuts. Plus, these six-point mounting hole fusion blades last longer because they possess Tungsten Carbide on edge.

Surprisingly enough, users reviewed that these blades are quite louder and not as smooth as the stock blades.

Moreover, these blades will superbly cut and mulch if the grass is dry; however, mulching on wet grass will make the clippings a little clump.

What’s more!

Use these indestructible blades as it is. You will find several reviews that mention sharpening the edges before use. They are designed in such a way, and sharpening the Carbide side will mess up these blades.

Not to mention, these gator blades G5 of 21 3/16-inches length and three inches wide can replace several Cub Cadet and MTD blades.

  • Thick and heavy
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Offers cleaner cuts
  • Finer clippings
  • No buildups
  • Louder
  • Not as smooth as other blades
  • They will not work best on wet grass

No products found.

5. Rotary 12809 PK3 Blades for Cub Cadet

Rotary 12809 PK3 Blades for Cub Cadet

No products found.

These blades will be the best you will ever own because they are aggressive, and they possess twice the mowing power.

What makes these mulching blades outstanding?

These blades are thicker, heavier, and possess a unique hourglass-shaped center. The blade’s metal is eight of an inch thicker and is manufactured in Georgia, US. Plus, they have a six-point star mounting hole.

These long-lasting blades can handle rough work without breaking or bending.

Good news? They are less expensive than the stock ones.

What’s more!

They are relatively easy to install, and they can cut away tall grass. The aggressive angle on the blades’ backside help to swirl the grass around and turn them into mulch.

These blades are evenly balanced, and they cut a little bit lower than the OEM ones.

Moreover, these high-quality blades work terrifically, and they reduce discharge. Plus, the finished cut is relatively even and clean.

Oddly enough, users found two downsides. For one, when the grass is damp, they eject out huge chunks. Sometimes, even when the grass is dry, they will cause the clippings to clump together.

It cuts the grass flat and even, but it might not mulch it accurately. One more thing users objected to was that the blades are too heavy they do not move fast like other mulching blades.

  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Straightforward installation
  • Cuts evenly and clean
  • Economical
  • Blades are a bit slower
  • Might not mulch accurately

No products found.

6. Aftermarket Heavy Duty Mulching Blades

Aftermarket Heavy Duty Mulching Blades

No products found.

Aftermarket gator-style blades are fuss-free blades that are relatively easy to install. They have an excellent heavy design, they work great, and they mulch the grass entirely.

What’s more!

These high-quality blades can cut an immensely thick yard easily. These blades cut evenly and help to make your yard look better.

Moreover, these six-point star center hole blades are heavy-duty, budget-friendly, and mulch the grass more finely than the stock blades. Plus, they keep the mower from bogging down.

What else?

These blades act as a replacement for several Can Cadet and MTD lawnmowers. The set includes three superior quality mulching blades for the deck size of 54-inches.

Besides their positive pointers, there are a few drawbacks. Several users do not like the spindle pattern that fits on the mowers. Plus, sometimes, they do not cut grass accurately.

  • Hassle-free
  • Mulch perfectly
  • Heavy-duty
  • Economical
  • Cuts evenly
  • The fitting of the spindle might not satisfy you
  • May not cut grass correctly sometimes

No products found.

7. Cub Cadet 19B30005100 46″ Deck Mulch Kit

Cub Cadet 19B30005100 46 Deck Mulch Kit

No products found.

Are you in search of a mulch kit for your Cub Cadet lawn tractor’s mower deck?

This kit will not disappoint you! These blades will fit great and will not leave big piles of clippings. This kit will surely turn your grass clippings into a finely ground mulch. Plus, it includes hardware for mounting.

What’s more!

The blades supplied by this kit are long-lasting and very sturdy. Moreover, they don’t take much time to install, and the process is relatively hassle-free. These blades work like a charm and leave your lawn much cleaner.

The mulching blades in this kit will be an upgrade to improve the tractor’s efficiency in cutting the grass, and it will mulch with no issues.

Even though this kit works nicely, there are a few circumstances in which it will not.

What are these instances?

Several users mentioned that the grass has to be short enough to mulch correctly. If it’s too long, it will not mulch according to your expectations. Plus, it shoots out the grass from the sides of the chute guard.

What else?

You have to go slow while cutting because the cut quality suffers if you go extremely fast.

  • Fits nicely
  • Mulch perfectly
  • Long-lasting
  • Sturdy
  • Straightforward installation
  • Will not mulch long grass accurately
  • Blade moving too fast can result in low-quality cuts
  • Shoots out grass

No products found.

8. MaxPower 561544XB Mulching Blade Set for 46

MaxPower 561544XB Commercial Mulching Blade Set for 46

No products found.

Maxpower replacement mulching blades will cut grass with ease and not leave rows of grass on your lawn. These blades will produce small trimmings, discharges pretty evenly, and the fine clippings do not kill the grass.

Even though you have to run over the thick layer of grass a few times, it mulches pretty nicely. They do an excellent job at mulching whether the grass is dry or damp.

What’s more!

These 23 ½-inch long and 3-inches wide blades are easy to install because they have a six-point star center hole.

Moreover, these heavy-duty, sturdy, and well-balanced blades are thicker than the original ones. You will not have performance issues with them.

Surprisingly enough, many reviewers mentioned that they are not too sharp to use immediately. You might have to spend a few minutes sharpening them up before installing.

You can also use these mulching blades for Husqvarna.

Furthermore, another downside beginners noticed is that the blade set does not come with an instruction manual and is not labeled.

  • Straightforward installation
  • Evenly cuts grass
  • Mulches nicely
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Well-balanced
  • They might not be sharp enough to use them immediately
  • They might create problems for beginners since it does not come with an instruction manual

No products found.

9. Rotary Made In USA Heavy Duty Replacement Blades

Rotary Heavy Duty Replacement Blades

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These 17.9-inches long and 2 ½-inches Rotary store blades come in a pack of three. These blades are capable of reducing deck vibrations, and they do not tear and bend easily.

Moreover, these USA-manufactured blades are thick, heavy-duty, and sturdy. These blades are robust enough to chop wood and trim rocks.

Oddly enough, these blades can become dull quickly, and you might have to sharpen them frequently.

What’s more!

These premium-grade high carbon steel blades lift the grass and cut them evenly. The grass does not wad up in the chute.

Furthermore, these heat-hardened non-mulching style blades are easy to install because they have a mounting hole for six-point star spindles.

However, these economical blades might have a manufacturing error. Many users mentioned that one blade is slightly longer than the other, and they may hit each other when mowing.

  • Reduce vibrations
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Heavy-duty
  • Budget-friendly
  • Straightforward installation
  • Lifts and cuts grass evenly
  • You might face a manufacturing error
  • Blades may become dull quickly

No products found.

10. Stens 335-214 Mulching Blade For Cub Cadet

Stens 335-214 Mulching Blade

No products found.

Are you in search of a blade that will help you put grass clippings back onto the lawn for decomposition?

This specifically designed mulching blade with a bow-tie center hole fits perfectly on the lawnmower. It nourishes the lawn by helping you recycle the grass clippings and adding the nutrients back into the lawn.

What’s more!

The blade chops the clippings into tinier pieces; therefore, there are no grass clumps on the lawn. Moreover, the mulching blades’ expanded cutting edge finely chop and spread the clippings evenly on the lawn.

So how does this mulching blade works?

This blade works in three ways. The blade gently lifts the grass upwards; the expanded cutting edge chops the grass into finer pieces with great finesse. Then the swirling action evenly spreads the clippings on the lawn.

What else?

This company offers a one-year warranty on its heavy-duty blade. Plus, they ensure the reliability and performance of every part.

The only drawback people mentioned is that its cutting edges are painted over, and it might be hard enough to tell its sharpness. Plus, it might not be as sharp as the OEM ones.

  • Easy-to-install
  • Chop clippings finely
  • Spreads evenly
  • Cuts grass with finesse
  • Sturdy
  • Painted cutting edges
  • It might not be sharp enough

No products found.

Mulching Blades For Cub Cadet Buyer's Guide:

A right mulching blade should be able to do your job right. A mulching blade is not like a standard blade.

Mulching Blades For Cub Cadet Buying Guide

Why is that so?

Because mulching blades tend to cut grass into tiny clippings that will decompose faster, plus, you do not have to bag clippings after mowing because they are so small. You can keep them in an orderly way on your lawn to provide nutrients.

Moreover, these blades have a curved surface that allows you to cut perfectly. These blades are mostly manufactured from resilient and robust materials that tend to deliver the most extended performances.

You know that picking up the superb quality mulching blade is crucial because it decides the quality cut and lasts longer.

Things to consider before buying the best mulching blades for Cub Cadet lawnmower:

Number of Pieces in a Mulching Blade Set:

There are several mulching blade packages available. Some sets have one or two pieces, three pieces, and even six pieces.

Which one should you go for? It depends on the type of mower you have and the number of pieces you need to fit the blade onto the mower.

Moreover, if you have a riding lawnmower, you may require multiple blade settings instead of a single blade. However, several handheld lawnmowers need a single blade.

What's more, the more the pieces in the set, the higher the price will be. Always opt for the set that you are comfortable with and which is budget-friendly.

Blade's Weight:

The blade's weight is essential to consider because it shows how quickly you can install and remove the blade and how fast your lawnmower can move.

If the blade's heavier, it becomes hard to maneuver it. You should opt for a weight that you can manage easily.

Deck's Size:

Why is this feature crucial to consider?

Because the size of the lawnmower's cutting blades is directly related to the mower's deck size, the replacement blades should be of the same size as the deck.

Moreover, the deck's size falls between 16-inches and 54-inches. The large deck size helps the mower in reducing trimming time on large projects.

However, that does not mean that the large mower decks that do not match your equipment will save money or cut faster. Less mobility leads to slow productivity. Therefore, go for the one that fits well.

Blade's Length:

This is one of the essential things to look for when buying the blade.

Why is that so?

The blade's length shows two factors, i.e., effectiveness and compatibility.

Regarding effectiveness, the blade's length determines the number of passes you will require to mow the lawn effectively. If the blades are longer, the fewer passes will be and vice versa.

The blade's length usually ranges from 16.75 inches to 22 inches. However, it does not mean that buying longer blades is better. They should fit properly and have an adequate size.

Now, if we talk about compatibility, the blade's length should be compatible with your lawnmower. It is vital to read the specifications of your mower before purchasing a mulching blade.

Moreover, read the blade's specifications that you are thinking of buying because it helps you determine whether the blade will fit or not. Otherwise, you will purchase a blade that you will not be able to use.

Blade's Width:

After the length, the next crucial thing to consider is the blade's width. Mostly, the mulching blade's width falls between 2.25 to 3.5 inches.

As we talked about previously, you have to select the blade according to your lawnmower's specifications. If the blade's width is too wide, it may not fit or may damage the lawnmower.

In contrast, if it's too thin, it might not cut the grass accurately. Therefore, it is better to read the lawnmower's manual before choosing the size.

Blade's Shape:

Mulching blades are available in several shapes like parallel or perpendicular etc. Many people, when they want to buy replacement blades, look for blades that have similar shapes.

However, it is not necessary. You can go for any blade shape as long as the length and width match.

Blade Holes:

The holes in the lawnmower blades are essential because they are the latching holes that will grab onto the openings.

You will find several blades that have five-point and six-point openings. Since this type of information is mentioned on the product, make sure to pick the right one.

Each type and model of lawnmower has a different kind of blade with a different hole. Therefore, read everything carefully and make sure that you choose the blade hole that fits perfectly.


Another essential thing is to aim for a durable product. It becomes quite frustrating and increases your expenses when you have to order mulching blades after a few months because they keep breaking.

What's more, stainless steel is given preference because it delivers a sharp and brilliant cut, and it does not get rusted easily.

Before purchasing, make a goal that you have to invest in good quality material.

Plus, ask yourself these questions:

Are these blades manufactured from industrial-grade steel?

Are these blades made from an equally strong alloy?

Is the stainless steel austempered to make it more robust?

Once you obtain the answer "yes" to all these questions, it means you can now purchase this durable blade.


This is the last essential thing to consider because you might buy a star center hole blade, and you realize later that you need a round one.

In such instances, you want to return the blade to the manufacturer so that you can purchase the one that fits properly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a mulching blade?

A mulching blade can handle the work effectively and smartly for you. They cut the grass with more finesse than standard blades.

Why are mulching blades called three-in-one blades?

Mulching blades can chop grass into the tiniest pieces, and they can perform three jobs at once, i.e., mulching, discharging, and bagging.

What are the benefits of mulching blades?

These are the following advantages:

• They help to chop the grass into smaller pieces

• They help to cycle the essential nutrients by discharging the finer grass back into the lawn

• You can use chopped grass as compost

• They provide people the flexibility to utilize cut grass efficiently

How mulching blades differ from standard blades?

Unlike standard blades, mulching blades have increased cutting edges and more curves. These blades also deliver a manicured cut. Here are a few pros that make mulching blades exceptional from the standard blades.

• They cut the grass into tiny clippings and do not clump up the lawn.

• They perform three functions, i.e., mulch, bag, and discharge.

• Delivers a manicured cut

• Discharges clippings back into the soil to return all the nutrients to help the plants grow healthy.

Why is mulching considered essential?

Mulching is deemed necessary because it maintains soil moisture, controls weeds and prevents soil weathering.

How often should you mulch your lawn?
You should at least mulch once a week.
Can you mulch from any lawnmower?

A regular lawnmower with a standard blade will require more effort to cut the grass than a mulching blade. Plus, you have to bag your clippings.

If you want to make your mowing experience convenient and comfortable, you will need a mulching lawnmower.


A mulching blade will make your mowing experience efficient and will ensure significant growth in your lawn. All of these mulching blades that we mentioned above are of excellent quality and offer great value.

Our top-tier mulching blades list includes all the high-quality and durable ones. These blades will ensure that you will find no problem when using them as replacement blades.

What's more!

It is crucial to remember that whenever you purchase a mulching blade, double-check its length, width, blade hole, and deck size. If these things do not match with your lawnmower's OEM blades, they will not fit and work properly.

We hope that our list will help you make an informed decision. If you are still unsure, you can randomly select from our list; we guarantee you these are the best ones to have for your lawnmower.

Do you want to see your lush lawn green?

If you are ready to buy the mulching blades, which mulching blades will you go for?

Moreover, what do you think of our list?

I hope we did not miss out on anything impressive. If we did, let us know in the comment section below.

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