Best Mulching Blade for Toro Recycler [2021 Buying Guide]

Mulching blades are an essential part of a lawnmower because they do the actual cutting of your grass.

These blades must offer efficient performance to cut down on maintenance costs while making your garden look much healthier than before.

So, if you are looking to buy the best mulching blade for Toro Recycler, we have something in the store that you may wanna check out below.

Best Mulching Blade for Toro Recycler

Mulching is a much healthier option than mowing because it keeps your garden grass healthier with natural fertilizers.

It will also help you cut down on the other hassles you have to make when bagging and disposing of the grass.

Unlike mowing blades, mulching blades cut down your grass in much smaller sizes and help the yard grow in a natural way.

So, we have a wide range of mulching blades we want you to check out below.

Also, don’t forget to check out our detailed buyer’s guide at the end of this article.

Comparing 5 Best Mulching Blade for Toro Recycler

Mulching BladeLengthWidthWidth
MaxPower 331376XB22”2.1”1.96 lbs Check Price
Toro Mower Blade 59534P22”2.5”2.75 lbs Check Price
8TEN LawnRAZOR21”2.1”3.75 lbs Check Price
Toro 108-9764-0322”3”1.9 lbs Check Price
Oregon Mulching Blade22”2.25”1.9 lbs Check Price

1. MaxPower Mulching Blade 331376XB

MaxPower Mulching Blade

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MaxPower 331376XB mulching blade is one of the best mulching tools available online.

The blade is popular for getting rid of all the grass but needs to be installed correctly on your lawnmower so to achieve the right orientation.

The superior design and high-quality construction of this blade give it the benefit of mulching grass and debris in the most efficient way.

If you work in a commercial area and have trouble finding a blade that can mow large tracts of land conveniently, then the MaxPower 331376XB mulching blade would be a great option to consider.

We also loved the fact of how resilient this blade truly is. It can resist larger pieces of debris and stones that are often found in dense rural land.

The heavy-duty blade will mow your lawn grass perfectly and will also cut through heavy branches and sticks that are thicker than 4-inches.

Heavy-duty construction

The MaxPower blade was constructed out of heavy-duty American stainless steel and comes as a single blade.

The brand wanted to ensure this blade would last longer than most blades on the market.

This is why they ensured it was resilient against obstructing elements and could get through even the hardest debris.

It was crafted very thoughtfully and has passed all the quality standards set by OEM.

We assure you, its durability is unmatched and it’s unlike anything we have ever seen in any other blade of this price point.

Efficient performance

If fitted correctly to your lawnmower, the blade will finely cut your grass without leaving anything behind.

The fact that it can be lifted easily improves the grass mowing results. You get even and finely mowed lawn tracts once you’re done.

This mulching blade is also recommended to be used on open decks. It will help you mow your entire lawn without having to change the bearings or the spindles.

Better precision

Since the blade is treated at higher temperatures and can resist hindrances, you get precisely mowed grass.

The heavy-duty blade can obtain a maximum amount of force when mowing grass, no matter how hard the entire process may be.

As mentioned earlier, the highly resistant American stainless steel is the reason why it works so incredibly well.

The razor-sharp edge and the width of the blades play a very important role in its efficiency.

Low energy costs

Another thing worth mentioning is that you can operate these blades under low energy consumption and save some extra costs as well.

The sharp blade can last for years and deliver incredible grass mowing results, helping you maintain a cleaner lawn.

Final verdict:

The MaxPower blade 331376XB is a heavy-duty and the best mulching blade for toro 22” recycler that you can invest in.

It delivers excellent performance for keeping your garden clean, costs low energy, and is very easy to operate.

  • Shreds grass into fine particles
  • Very efficient performance
  • Refined cut
  • Mulch larger tracts with great efficiency
  • Two blades needed for installation

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2. Toro 22″ Recycler Mower Blade 59534P

Toro 22 Recycler Mower Blade

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Looking for a replacement blade for your Toro Recycler? The 59524P mower blade is an impeccable alternative to opt for.

This blade was made out of solid stainless steel to mulch over your yard and lawn grass.

This is a versatile mowing blade that can be used on wet and dry grass.

If you live in a region where it rains a lot and you never find time to clean up your yards, the Toro 59534P blade will prove to be a helpful purchase.

Since this is a mulching blade, it won’t be bagging grass.

Instead, you will find all the smaller pieces of mulched grass scattered over your lawn, acting as a fertilizer and playing their part in growing your garden grass naturally over a course of time.

Easy to install

Though the Toro blade is very easy to install, it may be hard for you to take out the factory-installed blade to replace it with this one.

Toro has included a very detailed manual in the box for your ease. But, if you have some DIY experience before you decide to replace the blade, that would be helpful.

Also, if you have a feeling that you might not be able to take out the already installed blade from the mower, we would recommend taking help from a professional.

Highly versatile

Most of the time, the moving blades we see in the market don’t offer versatile features especially when it comes to finding mulching blades.

The Toro 59534P replacement blade not only works on wet grass but can also be used to bag all the grass you’re mowing.

It features a very reasonable lift that is capable of picking up all the clippings. You can always attach a bag to the blade if you don’t wish to leave the mulched pieces in the yard.

Incredible performance

This blade mulched all the grass on our yard magnificently for the very first time. The blade is quite sharp and does the job precisely.

We also loved the fact of how long the blade was. It made it easier for us to clean out a wide patch of the yard in a single go.

However, we did see how its sharpness got dull in a few uses. You will have to do some thorough maintenance and keep sharpening the blade every once in a while.

Final verdict:

We loved how efficient and effective the Toro 59534P blade truly is. It is easy to install and does the job swiftly.

However, it is only compatible with Toro mowers so that is something you will have to keep in mind if you do end up buying this blade.

  • Works as a mulching and bagging blade
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to install
  • Solid construction
  • Sharpness dulls quickly
  • Won’t work with mowers other than Toro

No products found.

3. 8TEN LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade for Toro Recycler

8TEN LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade

No products found.

The 8Ten LawnRAZOR blade for Toro Recycler is another commendable blade that you can opt for.

As you must have noticed from its name, the blade is compatible with Toro Recycler and has proven to be a worthy investment.

8Ten has constructed this blade out of the highest quality materials which proves that not all blades are made with equal construction standards.

This is a highly versatile blade that can handle any cutting condition such as bagging, mulching, and various other applications.

It comes at a reasonable price point while the brand backs it up with a 3-year limited-time warranty.

With this blade, you will be able to clean up your back and front yards swiftly through a seamless process.

Precise cutting

We know how OEM parts are the gold standard of mulching equipment. But, the 8Ten LawnRAZOR blade meets the exact standards as well and comes at a fairly lower price point.

It delivers a very price and even cutting experience. You can sharpen it quite a few times before the blade will finally need a replacement.

The overall mulching quality is very impressive; especially given the affordable price point it comes at.

All-in-one blade

The blade is quite versatile and is capable of handling all sorts of conditions. You can use it for mulching or bagging your home yards along with various other applications.

This 8Ten blade is also capable of using in commercial-grade mulching tasks.

It features a 5-point attachment hole that conveniently fits most of the traditional lawnmowers. The simple design and easy-to-adjust attachment make for a breezy installation.

Meets all OEM standards

Just like high-end mulching blades, the 8Ten 22” LawnRazor blade is constructed out of hardened stainless steel so it can withstand tough conditions.

Its durability and powerful performance are going to save you money over OEM products.

It also features Green Corrosion Preventative Premium Powder that keeps it damage-proof while giving it a stylish finish.

We also loved the fact of how lightweight the blade truly was. The 8Ten 22” LawnRazor blade will make it very convenient for you to cut down on leaves and grass simultaneously.

Better consistency

The blade features a very reasonable length that improves the cutting efficiency on a whole new level.

It offers a much more consistent performance while increasing your speed so you can cover larger areas in one go.

And even with increased speed, the blade doesn’t compromise the quality of the mulching cut and delivers precise results.

Final verdict:

The 8Ten LawnRAZOR blade for Toro Recycler is a highly efficient replacement blade that offers magnificent performance.

It is easy to install and can be used with a number of other mowers. You are going to love how efficient the mulching results are of this blade. The blade can cover a large area without leaving any trails behind.

  • Simple installation
  • Durable and sturdy blade
  • Very well-balanced
  • Affordable price point for the impressive quality
  • Doesn’t lift well
  • Poor shipping

No products found.

4. Toro Recycler Lawn Mower Blade 108-9764-03

Toro Recycler Lawn Mower Blade

No products found.

If you have a bigger Toro mower, then Toro 108-9764-03 Recycler blade is a good mulching attachment to consider.

It is exclusively designed to fit Toro lawn mowers while the size is larger than most mulching blades out there.

The benefit of buying a large but appropriate mulching blade is that it allows you to cover larger ground in a single attempt.

It comes pre-sharpened and is powerful enough to cut through thick grass and leaves. The blade offers a great level of efficiency once you have mounted it over the deck of the mower.

We enjoyed the fact that it comes at a reasonable price point and offers maximum performance efficacy.

The blade is also very easy to install and you will take no time getting the hang of it.

Exclusive design

Unlike other mulching blades, this one comes in an exclusive design, featuring sharp teeth on both edges of the blade.

It cuts your grass down into tiny pieces, turning them into fertilizers your grass needs for natural growth.

Besides everything, the blade comes at a very affordable price range which is a good enough reason to invest in a Toro 108-9764-03 blade that will help you shape your yard without a lot of hard work.

Solid steel construction

The blade features a solid stainless steel construction later coated with black paint to keep it from getting rusted.

The paint also provides protection against corrosion which is one of the reasons why so many blades don’t last that long.

The paint makes the blade highly durable but does make cleaning somewhat difficult.

You will have to put in some extra time and concentration to free the blade of any residue caught when cutting.

If you are looking for a lightweight blade that won’t require replacement quite often, then this Toro Recycler mulching blade has got you covered.

Longer length

It has a maximum length of 22-inches which is longer than most available Toro Recycler mulching blades. You can use it on large to medium-sized Toro mowers.

It efficiently increases the area you cover when cutting grass and ensures not a lot of time is required when cleaning up the yard.

Not to mention, the blade is of high quality that offers maximum cutting precision when mowing grass in your front yard.

Excellent cutting edge

It features a narrow cutting plate that does the job of mulching thick and wet grass effectively. But there is a catch.

The edges tend to wear out sooner than we hoped so you will have to sharpen them frequently with a grinder.

It also comes with three mounting holes so you can customize the attachment according to the kind of cutting you need.

Final verdict:

The Toro blade 108-9764-03 is an incredible alternative for mulching blades if you want maximum efficiency.

It is backed by a limited-time warranty, offers great performance, and covers a large surface area when cutting grass.

The only setback is that it requires sharpening very often.

  • Long blade with incredible cutting edge
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and sharp mulching teeth
  • Will only work on Toro mowers
  • Requires sharpening regularly

No products found.

5. Oregon Gator Lawn Mower Blade

Oregon Lawn Mower Blades

No products found.

The Oregon Gator lawn mower blades come as a set of three mulching blades that offer standard mulching performance.

These blades are highly sorted for mulching to ensure you have a much healthier and more fertilized yard than before.

The blade features 3-holes for easy attachment and is said to be one of the best mulching blades for Toro 22” recycler.

We should also mention this blade is highly versatile and can work on both dry and wet grass both.

Oregon is an incredible name that has produced a wide range of equipment to fulfill mowing and gardening needs.

Their mulching and even bagging blades are made of the highest quality material and are meant to last for quite a long.

Comes in a unique design

The Oregon Gator lawn mower blade has a very unique design and it has completely revolutionized the way we used to mulch your grass before.

It is quite effective in lifting up the grass while exposing it to the excellent cutting edge.

Also, the blade features sharp cutting teeth at such an angle that keeps the clippings at the front of the sharp edge thus delivering finer cutting.

Better construction quality

These blades feel incredibly solid right from the moment you take them out of the box. It features heat-treated steel that is 20% harder than the local blades you buy.

The blade is one of the most commendable mulching tools with a longer lifespan and better sharpness that doesn’t need sharpening too often.

Also, since the steel is extremely hard and solid, there is no chance of it breaking or bending when cutting which makes it highly durable.

Fusion technology

Another added feature of the Oregon Gator mowing blade is the Fusion technology.

This technology enhances the sharpness of the blade by over 30% while enhancing its overall geometry to deliver precise cuts.

If you do end up buying this blade, it will become your go-to mulching tool for all weathers.

Efficient design

Some of the qualities of an incredible mulching blade include longer length, increased thickness, and cutting-edge sharpness.

The Oregon blade comes with all these aspects that re-trim the grass over and over again before discharging them onto the ground.

It cuts down leaves and thicker grass with maximum precision, making your yard come to life.

Final verdict:

The Orgon Gator mowing blade is an affordable option that will keep your mower on its toes whenever you want.

This is a long-lasting blade with some latest tech infusions that keep it from getting rusted and provide a healthier look to your garden.

  • Ideal for 54” deck
  • Excellent choice for mulching grass
  • Heat-treated blades
  • Heavy-duty yet lightweight
  • Blade causes trouble when positioning initially
  • Difficult to sharpen

No products found.

Buyer’s Guide:

Mulching Blade for Toro Recycler Buying Guide

Buying the best mulching blade for Toro recycler isn’t as easy as you may have thought.

If you have gone through our recommendations above and still haven’t found what you’re looking for then maybe, our buyer’s guide will give you the information you need.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when buying a mulching blade. It determines the quality of the cut so it needs to be precise and quite sharp.

You need to look at its efficiency, construction, performance, ease of installation and so much more. You cannot just opt for the first replacement mulching blade you come across.

So, to help you make a more informed decision, we are enlisting all the things you need to consider down below.

Go through these factors thoroughly and then make a choice that fits you best.


The first thing you need to make sure of is whether the blade you’re buying is compatible with your mower or not.

The Toro Recycler mulching blade that we have recommended will only be compatible with Toro mowers.

You won’t be able to install them on any other mower even if the blade length or width matches the designated size.

Other than that, you also need to make sure the engine can carry its weight and provide enough energy to make the proper cut.

A lot of engines, even though extremely powerful, can sometimes not deliver sufficient energy for effective performance which makes it difficult to mulch yards.

Also, don’t forget to make sure the attachment is easy to install, something you won’t have trouble with attaching yourself.

Blade Length

While most people think blade length isn’t important, we think otherwise.

The blade length determines how much area you will be able to cover when cutting the grass in one go. Also, you need to purchase a blade that complements your mower.

Having a small-sized blade will result in a lack of efficiency. You will have to work much harder since the area your blade is covering is very small.

Also, having larger blades won’t help either. They will slow down your mower and might not even get fixed in some cases.

The most appropriate size for a mulching blade is between 20-22inches. You will have to check your mower and your blade’s specifications.

Easy to Fit

There are different ways of installing a mulching blade on the mower including universal fit, bow-tie, six-point star, and five-point star.

You will find one of the shapes listed above at the spindle of your mower which will allow you to attach blades matching one of the designs conveniently.

The easiest to install blades are a six-point star and a five-point star. These installations don’t involve extensive use of tools. All you have to do is remove one bolt and voila!

Some people opt for universal fit blades but they are not always appropriate. Not every mulching blade on the market can easily fit any mower.

There are design, size, and thickness restrictions. So, find a compatible blade that will fit easily to your mower.

Cutting Performance

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a mulching blade is its performance. You need to be able to cut your grass seamlessly without any bumps along the way.

When opting for a mulching blade, consider its sharpness. The sharper it is, the less time and energy you will have to spend.


Mulching blades are heavier than standard mowing blades. Their design is far thicker and heavier than regular blades and they also require heavy lifting for precision.

As you can see, these blades are bound to slow down your mower.

These blades provide far more resistance than what a standard mower can handle so you need to pick a blade that will get sufficient energy from your mower.

Once you start cutting back on the grass, the amount of strain on the engine will eventually reduce.

But we do suggest getting lightweight mulching blades so you don’t have to make too much of an effort.


Durability doesn’t always necessarily mean how long a mulching blade will last. Sometimes, it means how effective it is going to be over a course of time.

When it comes to buying blades for mulching or bagging grass, having to sharpen the edges every time you use it can be quite distressing.

Choose a blade that comes with cutting-edge sharpness that will help you cut grass effortlessly for quite some time before you have to sharpen it.

Build Quality

Build quality and durability of a mulching blade are overlapping aspects. The better the construction quality, the more durable it will be.

But another thing build quality determines is the life of your blade. Consider the construction material and see how long-lasting it is going to be.

We recommend opting for stainless steel blades because they have the longest lifespans and are the hardest to break.

It is corrosion and rust-resistant and easy to maintain as well. However, some stainless steel blades are prone to rust.

But, what you can do is paint them for better sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often do I need to replace my lawnmower blade?

This depends on how often you mow and the quality of your mulching blade. If you use a mower for residential use, then you will have to replace your blade once a year. However, for commercial-grade performance, blades might have to be replaced thrice a year.

Do I need to sharpen a new mulching blade?

Most mulching blades come pre-sharpened but some may come dull. It depends on the blade you have opted for and from which brand it is. Also, the company will label it on the package whether you need to sharpen the blade or not.

How much sharpness do I require for mulching my lawn?

The intensity of sharpness should be like scissors. You should be able to touch the edge of the blade without causing yourself harm. Too much sharpness will dull your blade a little too often and that also nick when mulching.


So, these were the top-notch options we could find for the best mulching blade for Toro Recycler.

When it comes to finding mulching blades, you need to make sure to have all the specifications of your mower so you don’t end up buying a blade that could get wasted.

Always go for an appropriately sized blade that is going to last for long.

We hope the article was able to provide you all the information you needed to make your purchase.

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