9 Best Makita Radio [Buying Guide 2022]

If you have been having some boring days at your workplace and looking to make your workdays pleasure, getting a Jobsite radio is always a nice idea.

Best Makita Radio

A Jobsite radio enhances your productivity, as you can listen to the radio and your favorite tunes right on the big speakers.

Matika produces top-quality radios that are equipped with leading features, offer superior durability, and are easy on the pocket.

Here is the Catch!

There are tens of different Makita Jobsite radios available in the market, making a choice a lot difficult.

Thus, We have compiled a complete list of top-performing products. So, you can choose the best Makita radio for your needs.

Enough talking, let’s jump right into the matter and check out the reviews of the top-rated products.

9 Best Makita Radio in UK 2022

Makita DMR112DAB/DAB+IP64Yes Check Price
Makita DMR115DAB+IP65No Check Price
Makita DMR108DABIP64Yes Check Price
Makita DMR110DAB/DAB+IP64No Check Price
Makita DMR114DABIP65Yes Check Price
MAKITA DMR107NoIP64No Check Price
MAKITA DMR106NoIP64Yes Check Price
Makita MR052NoNoNo Check Price

1. Makita DMR112 Li-ion DAB/DAB+ Job Site Radio with Bluetooth

Makita DMR112 Li-ion DAB

The Makita DMR112, with its sturdy construction, premium features, and superior battery backup, is the best Makita radio that you can get in 2022.

Firstly, this Makita Bluetooth radio has a very rigid construction with the usage of premium quality materials. Hence, it can easily withstand the harsh job site environment.

Additionally, it has a very lightweight design, which makes it very easy to carry around.

Most Importantly:

The DMR112 features the DAB+ radio technology that can pick up the radio channels that are otherwise not available on the DAB network.

In addition, it has a Frequency range of FM 87.5 to 108 Mhz. That means you have plenty of choices for listening to your favorite music.

Even Better:

It also features the Class 2 Bluetooth connection for added functionality. So, you can connect your mobile phone with the radio to listen to your favorite music right on the big speakers.

That means you can always switch to your favorite music when there is boring stuff airing on the radio.

In fact, it’s the first Makita Radio to feature a Bluetooth connection, which is absolutely amazing.

Plus, there is also an AUX connectivity, in case you prefer a wired connection over a wireless one.

We are not through yet!

The Makita DMR112 features two 89mm speakers for an outstanding audio response. So, you can hear your favorite tunes loudly.

Furthermore, The clarity of the songs is also pretty amazing, with a balance in the higher and lower frequency sound.

Hence, the music on the radio is picture-perfect.

Besides, this radio is IP64 Certified against water and dust. So, you can expect a decent lifespan from this Jobsite radio.

Sadly, the item ships with an EU plug version. So, you have to ask the seller about the plug size before making the purchase.

Also, it’s a Makita radio with a USB port that you can use for recharging your devices. This feature comes in very handy when you are running low on the battery and there is no power socket around.

There is a decent-sized backlit display on the front side of the radio that displays all the tuning information at a glance.

Moreover, there is also a tuning button on the front side of the radio for easy changing of the channels.

Summing it up:

The DMR112 is a high-quality radio that offers superior performance with a wide range of features and reliable construction. It’s the best Makita radio in the UK.

  • Durable construction
  • IP64 Certified
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual-speakers
  • USB power-outlet
  • Separately need to buy batteries
  • Plug version issues

2. Makita DMR115 DAB+ Radio

Makita DMR115 DAB+ Radio

The Makita DMR115 is another outstanding option on our list of the best Makita Jobsite radios. This Jobsite radio offers dual power modes, along with plenty of other remarkable options that make it stand out in the crowd.

Here is how!

The Makita DMR115 DAB+ Radio is although a bit heavier than the DMR112. But, still, it’s very lightweight. In addition, it has a comfortable handle, which makes it very convenient to carry around.

Moreover, it has a hard-plastic built with the usage of premium quality materials that ensures a higher lifespan of the product.

There are a bunch of different connectivity options available on this machine that make it a complete entertainment system for the workers.

For instance, it has a Frequency range of FM 87.5 to 108 Mhz. Additionally, it has the Frequency range DAB/DAB+ Band III 5A to 15F, which means there is an infinite number of entertainment options available on the device.

If that’s not enough for you!

It also supports the AUX-in and Bluetooth class-2 connectivity for streaming your favorite music right from your mobile phone. In this way, you can listen to your favorite songs directly, without relying on the FM.

The Class-2 Bluetooth makes it possible to stream the music from a distance of 10 meters. So, you do not have to attach your mobile phone to the radio.

Additionally, It has a USB power output that can charge your device efficiently.

The battery life on this device is not so amazing.

The good news is here!

It has a very loud speaker that offers an amazing sound experience. Furthermore, this device has a built-in amplifier to offer a rich and dynamic audio-listening experience.

Even Better:

There is an equalizer that lets you adjust treble, midrange, and bass to acquire a sound of your choice. Also, it has seven pre-set sound modes that you can choose from.

The color of the LED screen changes according to the mode of the sound. Hence, you know what sound you are playing from a fine distance.

Also, it is IP65 rated for superior protection against dust and water. Hence, it can survive accidental water and coffee splits.

This Makita Jobsite radio supports both AC/DC charging modes. Hence, you can use either of these modes or a combination of both.

  • Reliable
  • DAB/DAB+ support
  • Bluetooth/AUX
  • Built-in equalizer
  • AC/DC dual mode
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Not the best battery life
  • Comes with 2-pin charger

3. Makita DMR108 Site Radio with Bluetooth

Makita DMR108 Site Radio with Bluetooth

The Makita DMR108 has the signature Makita design and offers superior performance and reliability with its amazing performance.

The outer casing of the DMR108 is rugged for durability. In addition, it features an IP64 waterproof rating.

What does that mean to you?

That means you can expect some decent performance from this radio. It can handle everyday wear and tear quite easily.

Now, This Jobsite radio features AM/FM radio with a wide range of frequency ranges. This allows you to listen to a broad number of radio channels.

Additionally, Makita ships this radio with AUX and class 2 Bluetooth connectivity. You can stream music from a distance of 10 meters without compromising on the connection quality.

This radio does not support the latest DAB+ frequency range. So, you might have to compromise on some channels.

Most Importantly:

It also features a dedicated antenna for a stronger and reliable connection. So, no matter you are in the center of the city or on a hill station, you have proper signal strength.

There are ten pre-set channels fed into the radio for quick navigation.

Apart from that, it has a large-sized tuner on the front side for easy navigation. Also, the control buttons are illuminated for improved visibility.

The stereo speakers on this Jobsite radio are loud and offer a very crisp sound experience. In this way, you can enjoy your music in full swing.

Lastly, it also has a USB charging port for recharging your mobile devices.

  • Sturdy construction
  • IP64 Certified
  • Crisp sound
  • USB charging port
  • AUX/Bluetooth connectivity
  • No DAB+ connectivity

4. Makita DMR110 Li-ion DAB/DAB+ Job Site Radio

Makita DMR110 Li-ion DAB

The Makita DMR110 is another popular Jobsite radio that is adored by people due to its performance and reliability.

The DMR110 has the classic Makita design, with enhanced durability. It has steel rods on the front side of the chassis. In addition, there are rugged plastic bumpers for handling minor bumps and drops.

Hence, you can expect superior durability from this device.

Moreover, there is also an antenna on the top of the radio for better connectivity. Plus, there is also a handle that ensures easy transportability.

The front side of the radio features a backlit LCD display that shows all the relevant information. Additionally, there is also a large-sized tuner button and plenty of other features that allow quick navigation.

Furthermore, there is a micro-USB port that supports it.

Above all, this Jobsite radio supports DAB & DAB+ connectivity. So, you have plenty of choices for your audio listening experience at your work.

As it’s obvious!

This radio supports a wide range of frequencies, with the FM frequency range 87.5 to 108 Mhz and the DAB/DAB+ frequency range Band III 5A to 13F, which is absolutely fantastic.

Also, you can use the AUX connectivity to directly play your favorite tunes right from your mobile device, which is absolutely amazing.

Sadly, there is no Bluetooth connectivity on this device, which is kind of disappointing.

Most Importantly:

There are two 76mm speakers on either side of the radio for an enhanced audio-listening experience. The sound on this device is crystal clear with the perfect combination of treble and bass, which makes your boring days at work more enjoyable.

Above all, There is also an option available on the radio that lets you pre-set 10-radio channels for a quick navigation process.

Besides, It’s a dual power-source device that can be powered either via the AC power adapter or use the DC batteries for powering up the device.

This Makita radio is compatible with the CXT and LXT batteries, providing you the flexibility to choose the battery of your choice.

  • Solid build quality
  • DAB/DAB+ support
  • AUX connectivity
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Loud speaker
  • Charger not included
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

5. Makita DMR114 Radio

Makita DMR114 Radio

The Makita DMR 114 has a very compact design, rigid body. It has plastic shock absorbers and metal reinforcements for high durability.

The good news!

It features the IP65 waterproofing rating, which provides superior waterproofing capabilities to this radio, which is absolutely amazing.

In this way, it can handle the rainwater, accidental coffee drops, and dust, etc.

These shock absorbers and the IP65 also enhance the lifespan of the radio. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the frequent replacement of the radio.

It’s a Makita dab radio with Bluetooth that allows superior performance.

The best part!

The Makita DRM-114 has a dedicated subwoofer and tweeter that offer a diverse sound-listening experience. 

There is no DAB+ support on this radio, which is a deal-breaker for people seeking radio with DAB+ connectivity.

Plus, there are seven different sound modes. That allows you to listen to music in your style.

Additionally, there are LED lights that change according to the type of music.

It gets better: This Jobsite radio supports Bluetooth and AUX connectivity. The Class 2 Bluetooth allows you to connect your mobile phone with the radio from a range of 10m.

Also, there is a mobile charging port that can be used to recharge your mobile devices.

Lastly, the swiveling handle with the built-in antenna allows easy transportation and excellent signal reception.

  • IP65 Certified
  • Class 2 Bluetooth connectivity
  • Swiveling handle
  • LED lights
  • Subwoofer
  • Charging port
  • No DAB+ connectivity

6. Makita DMR107 Radio

Makita DMR107 Radio

The Makita DMR107 is an affordable option for people who are seeking a quality FM Jobsite radio at an affordable price.

This Makita portable radio is made out of high-quality materials that ensure high durability. Moreover, there are plastic bumpers and metal shock-absorbers for added durability.

If that’s not enough: It also has the IP64 waterproof rating for providing protection from water-splitting etc.

That means, regardless of the dust in your workplace, you can still listen to your favorite songs.

What about sound quality?

The Makita DMR107 features high-quality speakers that are tuned for producing a high-quality audio-listening experience.

This Jobsite radio by Makita lacks the DAB/DAB+ connectivity. Plus, there is no Bluetooth connectivity, which is justified by the price.

The sound produced by the speaker is very loud and clear with the right combination of bass and treble. Additionally, you can also control the equalizer to create a perfect mix of treble and bass.

Still not convinced!

This radio features dual power modes that means you can power up this radio using the AC power, or you can use the batteries for powering up the radio.

Besides, it is compatible with the latest 10.8v CXT batteries, which means if you previously own these batteries, you can use them with them.

There are 10-preset channels for quick start-up. Moreover, the buttons are well-illuminated for usage in a low-light area.

And, we are not through yet!

This radio features two alarms and an auto-timer feature that automatically turns off the radio. However, it does not have Bluetooth connectivity. Still, you can stream your favorite music using the AUX-in connectivity.

There are two AUX ports on the front and backsides of the radio. So, you can connect your mobile phone to either side of the radio.

Summing it up: The Makita DMR107 is a high-quality radio aimed at people looking for a quality Matika radio at an affordable price.

  • Affordable
  • Solid build quality
  • IP64 Certified
  • 10-Preset channels
  • AUX connectivity
  • No DAB/DAB+
  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity

7. Makita DMR109W Job Site Radio

Makita DMR109W Job Site Radio

Unlike the other Makita Radios on our list, this Makita radio has a distinguished white color design that sets it apart from the rest of the products.

Dual power: It’s a dual-powered Jobsite radio that is powered by both the AC and DC. That means you can either plug it in the power socket or use it with the battery power.

Also, it supports FM and DAB broadcasting. In this way, you have plenty of choices to choose from. You also have AUX support for a more-personalized audio-listening experience.

The removable antenna shipped with this radio can easily be packed in while not used, and more importantly, it provides superior signal reception.

It lacks features like DAB+ and Bluetooth connectivity.

Big Speakers: There are two big speakers put into this radio; these stereo speakers offer a versatile audio-listening experience. In addition, the sound is very loud and clear.

The best part!

This radio has plastic bumpers on all four corners; these elastomer bumpers protect the radio from rough-handling.

Furthermore, it is IP64 certified for water-resistance.

Hence, you do not have to worry about rain and dust in your work-space.

Besides, there is also a swiveling handle that allows you to easily carry the radio to your job site.

  • Shock-proof
  • Dual-power
  • DAB
  • AUX-connectivity
  • Removable antenna
  • Lacks Bluetooth
  • No DAB+
  • Gets dirty very quickly

8. Makita DMR106 Work Radio

Makita DMR106 Work Radio

The Makita DMR 106 gets you the perfect value for your money. This Makita Work Radio offers the best return for your bucks with its premium-quality features.

Signature construction: It has the signature Makita construction, with side bumpers and metal construction at the front, which provides it a sturdy feel.

It has a great FM/AM reception capability due to a dedicated antenna that can be folded for easy transportation.

Furthermore, the 90-degrees swivel handle makes it easy to carry the radio around.

Just like all the other Makita Bluetooth radios, it supports Bluetooth connectivity in addition to the standard FM/AM connectivity, which lets you stream your own playlists.

It has high-quality Makita Jobsite radio Bluetooth. The class-2 Bluetooth connectivity means you can stream your playlist from a distance of 10m, which is amazing.

There is no DAB/DAB+ connectivity on this device.

If wireless connectivity is not your thing, you can always hook up your iPod, Mp3 player, or any 3.5mm device with the radio using the Auxiliary input.

Besides, you can charge your mobile devices using a dedicated USB port. Hence, if you forget to take the charger with you to the workplace, you always have a backup.

One more thing!

The speakers on this Matika Bluetooth work radio are also fantastic; it offers premium quality sound with their amazing stereo sound. Not to mention, it also has a dedicated amplifier that boosts the sound.

  • Signature Makita look
  • Rugged
  • IP 64 Certified
  • Bluetooth, AUX connectivity
  • USB port
  • Loud speaker
  • No DAB/DAB+ connectivity

9. Makita MR052 Cordless Radio

Makita MR052 Cordless Radio

The last but definitely not the least radio on our list is the Makita MR052 Cordless Radio. It has a bunch of features that make it the best portable Makita radio.

Here we go!

It’s a very compact and lightweight radio that offers premium functionality due to its compact design and solid build quality.

Above all, it has fantastic quality speakers that offer amazing sound with a perfect combination of treble and bass. Additionally, you can also tune the sound according to your preference.

The good news!

It can provide you with a continuous playback time of 30-hours on a single recharge. So, you don’t have to recharge the radio frequently.

Another cool thing!

It has a very sturdy construction that can handle accidental bumps. In this way, it offers superior performance and reliability.

We are not done yet!

It has support for FM/AM. Moreover, it has 10-preset channels for quick navigation. Hence, you can quickly listen to your favorite channels.

No support for mobile devices.

There is also a foldable antenna that improves the signal reception. That allows you to listen to your favorite music without any problem.

Lastly, there is also a shoulder strap, which allows you to easily carry the radio around.

  • Loud sound
  • Outstanding battery timing
  • Portable
  • Rugged
  • Foldable antenna
  • No DAB/DAB+
  • No mobile connectivity

Makita Radio Buyer's Guide:

Makita Radio Buying Guide


The first thing that you should be looking at before jumping in for the search of Makita Jobsite radio is the budget.

Having a clear budget in your mind is always a good idea. Therefore, we recommend setting up a proper budget. In this way, choosing the right product becomes easier.


A good-quality radio should be made out of sturdy materials. So, it can easily bear the everyday wear and tear.

Hence, you should be looking at the construction of the radio. Ideally, it should have metal rods and plastic bumpers to absorb the bumps efficiently.


Digital Audio Broadcasting or DAB is a standard for broadcasting radio, while the DAB+ is the latest and most efficient method of broadcasting.

Some channels broadcast their audio in both DAB/DAB+ modules, while others are exclusively available on the DAB+.

Therefore, it is advisable to get the radio that supports both the DAB/DAB+ for a diverse audio listening experience.


Different radio channels broadcast audio in different frequency ranges. Getting a radio that supports a wide range of frequencies helps you get access to more channels.

Typically, radios come with a frequency range from FM 87.5 to 108 Mhz.


The power source is another important aspect of choosing a radio. Ideally, a Jobsite radio should support both the AC and DC power modes.

Hence, you can listen to your favorite tunes directly from the AC power socket, as well as through the battery power.


Since it's a Jobsite radio, and a lot of people would be hanging around the radio and spitting coffee, water, etc., on the radio. Getting a waterproof radio will provide you the peace of mind.

Moreover, it can also withstand rainwater, etc. Therefore, we recommend getting a Jobsite radio that has additional waterproofing.


A good quality radio without good-quality sound is of no use. Therefore, you should pay deep attention to the sound of the radio.

Good-quality radio speakers should offer a perfect mixture of treble and bass. So, you can listen to music and enjoy every bit of it.

Moreover, it should have more than one speaker for the added sound and performance.


Since you have no control over the radio channels, and sometimes you do not like the broadcasting at all. So, it starts to get boring and dull.

Modern-day Jobsite radios come with Bluetooth and AUX connectivity that lets you enjoy your favorite music right on the big speakers. In this way, you are not bound to listen to boring radio channels.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream your songs directly from your mobile device. More importantly, you can keep your mobile phone in your pocket.

Additional Features:

There are some additional features that are always nice to have; we have listed these features below.


A good-quality Jobsite radio should be lightweight. Plus, there should be a handle. So, you can easily move it around.

USB Charging Port:

There are some Jobsite radios that have a built-in charging port that can be used as a power bank. Hence, you can easily recharge your mobile device when there is no charging socket around you.


A dedicated antenna enhances the signal reception of your radio. So, if you have a Jobsite in a hilly area that has bad signal reception, you should get a Jobsite radio with a signal antenna.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we connect the Jobsite radio with the mobile phone?

Yes, there are Jobsite radios that come with Bluetooth and AUX connectivity, which allows you to stream your music directly from your mobile device.

Is there a charging bank feature on the Jobsite radios?

Well, there are some Jobsite radios like the Makita DMR112, which has a built-in USB charging socket that allows you to recharge your mobile devices.

What's the difference between DAB and DAB+?

The DAB and DAB+ are the broadcasting platforms. The DAB+ being a newer broadcast platform, offers a richer and more diverse sound experience.

Therefore, it is recommended to get a radio that supports the DAB+ platform.

Is DAB better than FM?

DAB is a much more diverse platform as compared to FM. It supports more channels and offers superior signal strength. So, yes, it’s better than the FM.

Does weather affect DAB radio?

Typically, the weather does not affect the signal reception of a DAB radio. However, there are some severe weather circumstances in which the audio gets disrupted by the weather.

Are Makita Jobsite radios good?

Makita produces one of the best Jobsite radios that offer superior performance and pompous durability. Moreover, these radios offer a wide range of different features that make them one of the best radios available in the market.

Are the Makita radios rechargeable?

Yes, the majority of the Makita radios are rechargeable. However, these radios do not come with batteries, and you have to buy these batteries separately.

How to do Bluetooth on a Makita radio?

• Firstly, you have to push the Bluetooth button on the Makita Bluetooth radio.

• Then you have to open the Bluetooth setting on your mobile phone.

• After that, you have to select your Makita device.

• Done! You have connected to your Makita radio.

How to pair Makita radio?

You can either pick up the mobile with your Makita radio using the Bluetooth radio or AUX connectivity.

How to clean a Makita work radio?

You can easily clean up your Matika Radio like any other radio.

• Firstly, you have to switch off your mobile device.

• Then you have to damp soft cloth.

• Now slowly remove the dirt using the cloth.

How to connect iPod to Makita radio?

You can connect your iPod using Bluetooth connectivity or AUX.


Jobsite radios are a perfect solution for making your dull and boring days at work enjoyable. Makita produces high-quality job-site radios that offer a wide range of features with extreme durability.

We have reviewed the top-rated Jobsite radios from Makita. So, you can choose the best Makita radio for yourself.

Feeling Stuck?

If you are feeling stuck in choosing the right Jobsite radio, we recommend sticking with the Makita DMR112.

It's a high-quality radio that offers high durability, pompous performance, a bunch of different connectivity options. You surely cannot go wrong with this radio.

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