What’s The Best Makita Impact Wrench [Buying Guide 2021]

Hammering nails into walls or thick wooden blocks requires great strength and effort. Working with material that is hard and thick can be very exhausting.

Hence, at the time you end up with achy arms and give up in between the project.

Living in a time when advanced technology has surrounded you from all sides, why work harder when you can work smarter? We’ve found the best solution for you!

Best Makita Impact Wrench

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner like us or a professional who works with heavy-duty material; you need to get your hands on a Makita impact wrench to gain effective work results.

Considering Makita to be on top of its game, we’ve put together a list of the best Makita impact wrench that should be made a part of every household!

Comparing 10 Best Makita Impact Wrench

Impact WrenchItem Torque (pounds)Weight (pounds)
Makita XWT08T888016 Check Price
Makita XWT04Z22002.0 Check Price
Makita XDT16Z16001.50 Check Price
Makita XWT08XVZ7407.36 Check Price
Makita XWT06Z1551.85 Check Price
Makita XST01Z355‎13.7 Check Price
Makita XWT12ZB15602.0 Check Price
Makita XWT11R25208.14 Check Price
Makita XWT15Z2403.08 Check Price
Makita XWT17T52013.12 Check Price

Best Makita Impact Wrench

Calling all who’ve been working on projects that require tightening and losing screws or recently taken up DIY project just like us, here is a list of the top-quality impact wrench by Makita that is sure to speed up the work process!

1. Makita XWT08T Wrench Kit

Makita XWT08T

No products found.

If you’re looking for a highly impactful wrench that makes the job easier, we’d suggest giving the Makita XWT08T wrench kit a try!

This Makita ½ impact wrench torque combines 740 ft. lbs of fastening torque with 1180 ft. lbs break-away torque to create the perfect movement and power to amp up your work.

This Makita 18v impact wrench comes with BL brushless motor which is powered by a dual lithium-ion battery hence, giving you efficient and powerful performance that saves both energy and time.

Within minutes of it, you’ll be happily done with the work.

Moreover, if like us you’re a beginner at working with Makita impact ranch, we found this one very much convenient to use. Why?

Because of the speed dial! Do you see the button at the back and above the handle? These buttons give you full control over the speed, thus, letting you set it according to your experience.

But what we found special about this wrench is the efficient battery. Not every Makita impact wrench comes with a battery with self-temperature control.

This helps maintain the battery temperature, indicating when it over-heats to avoid damage.

Sounds amazing, right?

The Makita XWT08T is one fabulous piece of equipment for professionals who want to speed up their tasks, save energy on the work yet complete it more efficiently.

We love this little highly impactful wrench and are sure you will too!

  • Energy-saving, efficient battery.
  • Speed dial for better control over the tool.
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold, grip and manage.
  • Fastening torque and break-away torque makes the wrench more efficient.
  • BL brushless motor improves efficiency.
  • Comes with a tool bag.
  • The lid on the battery case may fall off.

No products found.

2. Makita XWT04Z High Torque Impact Wrench

Makita XWT04Z

No products found.

When we started renovating our house, we wanted a tool that would speed up the work and make us less tired.

Because all the hammering was causing pain in our arms, we thought of using an impact wrench that delivered results.

Only after reviewing like a hundred products, we came across the Makita high torque impact wrench XWT04Z. And let us tell you, we were so happy with the purchase.

Although, most of Makita’s models are great this one especially stands out of the lot.

The highlight feature of the wrench is that it is cordless. So if you’ve been using air tools, this makes a great replacement for it.

The built-in versatile motor produces 325 ft. lbs of max torque powered at 2200 IPM for effective performance.

Speeding up your work while keeping you at ease is what the Makita XWT04Z aims at!

Moreover, if you pay a little more attention to the gun itself, you’ll find the grip to be super comfortable and the handle is shock absorbent.

This makes the wrench more effective in work and reduces battery life to enhance durability.

When we got a chance to work with this impactful wrench, we found another amazing feature that proved to be very helpful!

The rocker switch lets you use the wrench both backward and forward, making tightening and loosening lug nuts and bolts super easy.

Furthermore, the power it delivers allows you to easily work through steel beams, poles, and automotive conveyors without any hindrance.

And if you think to deliver such fabulous results the tools must be huge, you are wrong!

This beast weighs around 7.5 lbs, hence providing you with a comfortable grip and easy handling while speeding up the work.

Oh, and yes, there a small LED light at the back so you can find your way through work when there is no power in the room.

  • Shock absorbent handle reduces tear and enhances battery life.
  • The built-in versatile motor produces high torque for greater efficiency.
  • LED light at the back.
  • The rocker switch helps it move in both forward and backward directions.
  • Great for fixing nails, bolts, and nuts into steel beans, conveyor belts, etc.
  • Cordless design enhance maneuverability.
  • Comfortable handle and durable.
  • Heavyweight

No products found.

3. Makita XDT16Z Brushless Impact Driver

Makita XDT16Z

No products found.

Are you looking for an 18V impact driver? A tool that is highly powerful and effective in performance? Then we’ll say to give the Makita XDT16Z a try!

This may look like any other Makita impact driver, but we promise, it is far superior in performance! The new model offers four adjustable speeds, where each one can be set as per your satisfaction.

Moreover, it consists of an “assist mode” that slows down the speed when tightening a screw to eliminate the risk of “cross threading” and “screw came out”. It lets us slowly hold the screw in place and then speed up to fix it.

What we have observed is that the quick shift mode allows it to find a balanced speed using the brushless motor and deliver superior performance.

Moreover, see the two LED bulbs on both sides? These illuminate a wider area and reduce shadow so you can work more efficiently.

Oh and yes, what we enjoyed the most about this impact driver is the 3-years warranty that lets us use it without a hassle!

  • Assist mode keeps the screws and bolts safe from harm during drilling.
  • Adjustable speed for better control.
  • Easy to use.
  • LED bulbs illuminate a wider area for better vision.
  • Comes with a 3-years warranty.
  • Auto-stop mode stops the rotation once the screw has been tightened or loosened.
  • Not durable
  • Poor quality

No products found.

4. Makita XWT08XVZ Brushless Impact Wrench

Makita XWT08XVZ

No products found.

Here is another of Makita’s fabulous wrench. We tried it out ourselves and hence, here is what we think about it:

This Makita brushless impact wrench is compact with an ergonomic design that makes it a fun tool to use.

The handling is easy and with the deliverance of high torque, the unmatched power lets you complete the task in minimum time.

Moreover, it offers 3 adjustable speeds that let you set them according to your convenience. What else do we like about it you ask? The brushless, powerful motor of course!

The motor produces high torque with less friction which adds to the durability of the wrench. No matter what kind of work do you do or for how long you use it, this impact wrench won’t fail you!

It weighs less, comes with a rubber handle for an easy grip and LED bulbs at the sides that enhance visibility.

This Makita model is affordable and highly efficient in performance, and since we first bought it, we’ve been using it to get done with the smallest of tasks as well!

  • 3 variable speed adjustments.
  • LED light bulbs illuminate a wider area.
  • Rubber handle for easy and comfortable grip.
  • Ergonomic design and compact.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • A Brushless motor adds more years to its usage.
  • Can be used for heavy-duty work.
  • Energy-saving motor.
  • It might be less powerful as compared to other Makita models.

No products found.

5. Makita XWT06Z 18V Impact Wrench

Makita XWT06Z

No products found.

We always wanted an impact wrench that was comfortable to use, because working for longer hours was super exhausting for us. And thankfully, we came across the Makita XWT06Z impact wrench.

We take pride in stating that this one is surely one of the most comfortable Makita cordless impact wrench amongst the lot! But this isn’t the only feature that we love about it.

This model produces a maximum torque of 155 ft. lbs, powerful enough to let you pierce through steel beams and thick wood. It consists of 3/8 inches square drive that fits average-sized sockets with ease.

Moreover, the ergonomic design reduces the pressure on impact while the rubber handle keeps your hand comfortable.

Additionally, the LED bulbs at both sides enhance visibility, letting you work more efficiently even in dim light.

Like other Makita models, this impact wrench comes with an energy-saving motor that is highly powerful and durable, which lets you use the wrench for much longer!

  • Rubber handle for easy grip.
  • Ergonomic design reduces pressure at impact.
  • 155 ft. lbs maximum torque for powerful performance.
  • Energy-saving and efficient cordless motor.
  • 3/8 inches square drive fits an average size socket with ease.
  • Comes with in-built LED light.
  • Not durable
  • Not powerful enough

No products found.

6. Makita XST01Z 3-Speed Impact Driver

Makita XST01Z

No products found.

We’ve always found it difficult to work with tools that made a lot of noise, and knowing most electric air tools were loud, we wanted something more subtle and quieter.

Because Makita has been around for since long, manufacturing some high-quality tools, we knew we could find here what we were looking for. And hence, we were lucky enough to come across the Makita XST01Z impact driver.

The brushless motor is highly efficient, reduces friction to maintain durability, and powers enough torque to speed up your work. Moreover, the battery is optimized and saves energy up to 50%.

Also, if you’ve been searching for a driver that provides an adjustable speed dial, the quick-shift mode selector offers a similar. It is an automatic controller that reduces rotation per minute and influences the speed.

This way, you work more efficiently and eliminate the risk of causing harm to the nuts and bolts! All you need to do is adjust the knob and you’re good to go!

And because Makita believes in durability, this model has been carefully engineered to last longer by incasing material that makes it rust, dust, and water-resistant.

And best of all, the oil-impulse technology drives the motor more efficiently to reduce the noise so you get to work in peace.

Sounds amazing, right?

Furthermore, the driver consists of a rubber handle that makes the grip non-slippery and comfortable.

If you want a good piece of equipment that is powerful and makes less noise, this model by Makita is to go for!

  • Oil-pulse technology improves efficiency and reduces noise.
  • Rubber handle for a stronger and comfortable grip.
  • Automatic electronic speed adjustment.
  • Optimized and energy-saving battery.
  • Rust, dust, and water-resistant.
  • Durable and versatile.
  • Comes with a battery charge indicator.
  • In-built LED bulbs for enhanced visibility.
  • Lightweight and impactful.
  • The impact may break bolts at times

No products found.

7. Makita XWT12ZB Sub-compact Brushless Impact Wrench

Makita Impact Wrench XWT12ZB

No products found.

Another brushless beauty introduced by Makita, the XWT12ZB is a powerful wrench that lets you finish your work efficiently, and yes cleverly!

If you ask us, what makes this model one of the best; we’d clearly say the powerful torque and easy handling.

Moreover, the 3/8 inches square drive impact gives you the leverage of working in tight spaces and overhead applications.

And as all the Makita wrench models are famous, this one too contains a brushless superiorly engineered motor that delivers powerful torque that lets you complete your projects effortlessly.

Moreover, the addition of LED bulbs may seem out of the way to some, but it benefits most people who usually work under low light conditions.

Also, see the speed dial? It has 2-speed settings so you can gain better control over the equipment.

The ergonomic, high-impact design makes handling easy and comfortable. Furthermore, the reverse rotation auto-stop mode stops the wrench when the bolt/nut is loosened, saving it from damage.

This Makita wrench is highly compact and lightweight yet very powerful. So if you’re looking for something small with a big impact, go for this one without any second thought!

  • 2-speed settings gives better control over the product.
  • LED bulbs lets you work in low light areas.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Comes with reverse rotation auto-stop mode.
  • The 3/8 inches square drive makes it ideal for tight areas and overhead applications.
  • Consists of a built-in brushless motor delivering efficient performance.
  • Low durability.
  • Less powerful than other Makita models.

No products found.

8. Makita XWT11R Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

Makita XWT11R

No products found.

Next up is the Makita XWT11R impact wrench. Another cordless and brushless impact wrench that lets you reach small nooks and corners with a problem!

The best thing about a cordless electronic wrench is that it can easily glide into the tiniest of spots, letting you get the work done in less time and without getting tired. It weighs around 3.2 lbs, is compact and easy to use.

Moreover, the brushless motor makes it highly efficient, increasing the tool life span and promise 100% durability. But this isn’t just it!

The Makita cordless wrench offers 3-speed modes, providing a clear opportunity to individuals to set it according to their requirement and work experience of course!

Additionally, the battery is extremely optimized and saves energy up to 50%. If you’re looking for an electronic impact wrench that offers easy handling, this one comes with a rubber grip for comfortable management.

A wonderful combination of cleverly engineered features and powerful performance let’s not miss out on this one!

  • Cordless and brushless motor for higher performance.
  • Can slide easily into tight spaces.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Offer 3-adjustable speed variations.
  • An optimized battery that saves up to 50% energy.
  • Rubber handle for easy grip.
  • LED light for increased visibility.
  • Weak torque.
  • Not effective in tightening lug nuts.

No products found.

9. Makita XWT15Z Impact Wrench with Detent Anvil

Makita XWT15Z

No products found.

When we bought this Makita wrench, we never had high expectations of it but man, were we wrong!

Like other Makita models, this one too is a great addition to the tool kit box. With the high-strength brushless motor and 4-adjustable speed variables, this wrench is an absolute winner.

It is durable, runs on original and highly optimized batteries that save up to 50% energy too.

Moreover, it consists of built-in LED bulbs that illuminate a wider area and extreme protection technology (XPT) that keeps it protected against rust, dust, and water.

One feature that solely goes with this model is 3 forward and 3 reverse auto-stop modes that increase efficiency. We’ve found the XWT15Z impact wrench very powerful and hence, you’ll love it too!

  • Brushless motor increases efficiency.
  • An optimized battery that saves up to 50% energy.
  • 4-adjustable speed variations.
  • Easy to use, comfortable grip, and durable.
  • Extreme protection technology protects it against rust, dust, and water.
  • 3 forward and 3 reverse auto-stop modes.
  • The wrench might be underpowered

No products found.

10. Makita XWT17T Impact Wrench with Friction Anvil

Makita XWT17T

No products found.

Closing our list of the top Makita impact wrenches with the XWT17T because there is probably no other wrench that we used that we could remember worth mentioning.

Although, like all other Makita impact wrenches this one is also powerful, produces a strong torque that speeds up your work while taking care of finishing and quality.

One thing that makes it special is the addition of a trigger pull to reduces the wrench’s speed when used at high power.

The automatic stopping of rotations keeps the bolts and nuts safe from unnecessary damage. Moreover, it holds a brushless motor that makes the tool more effective in performance.

From the rubber grip for easy handling to highly efficient batteries that save energy, the Makita XWT17T impact wrench is ideal for automotive work, installation, and fabrication trades.

And let’s not forget to mention that if you’re beginners who’ve just caught themselves in the love of DIYing or a professional working at a higher level, this impact wrench has been carefully engineered for all!

  • Consists of 3 forward and 3 reverse auto-stop modes.
  • Rubber grip for easy handling.
  • Full speed function reduces impact at full speed to avoid unnecessary damage to nuts and bolts.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Comes with a carry bag.
  • Brushless motor delivers high torque for efficient performance.
  • Highly optimized and long-lasting battery.
  • Built-in LED light with individual switch on/off button.
  • Expensive as compared to other similar impact wrenches by Makita.

No products found.

Buyer's Guide:

Makita Impact Wrench Buying Guide

We promise, having an impact wrench by Makita will be a great addition to your tool kit! No matter which model do you go for; make sure you invest in the right one!

When we first thought of buying an impact wrench, we had no clue of what to look for.

We questioned ourselves what were we looking for? Did we want a highly powerful wrench only? Or should we go for one that provided a comfortable hand? Or maybe choose one with a long-lasting battery?

These questions were many but the answers were few! Only after research and trial did we come up with the following list that will help you look for the right “wrench” for your use.

Want to know more? Scroll down to know more:


When talking about a wrench, here we consider power in terms of torque. The rule is simple, the higher the torque is, the more powerful and efficient the wrench will be.

This goes especially well for professionals who have to work with heavy-duty steel beams or thick conveyor belts that are hard to pierce.

On the contrary, if you’re looking to buy a wrench for home use only, a mid-range torque would do the trick for you.

Remember, Makita’s impact wrenches are highly powerful, hence using them with care or else it can pierce through the material too with all force.

Variable Speed

This surely comes in handy! We’d suggest you go for an electric wrench that consists of a speed dial. This makes management easier.

Moreover, it allows you to manage the speed according to the material you’re working with hence, not damaging it during the process.

A speed dial offers you more control over the wrench, letting you slowly move your way through the object. If like us you’re new to DIYing, the speed dial is nothing less of a blessing!

The Purpose

As we already mentioned above that we wanted to buy an impact wrench for renovating our house, just to speed up the work.

What we had in mind initially was that a heavier wrench producing more power/torque will help us get the work done in minimum time.

But boy, were we wrong! Someone close to us, a friend who has experience in the field told us otherwise. Did he tell us to buy a wrench according to the purpose of use? What did it mean?

This simply means that there is no need to buy a heavy-duty or highly powerful wrench for DIYing.

The harder the material you’re working with, the more powerful wrench you will need, and hence, before you set out to buy a tool like this, be sure of what kind of work do you need it for.

Corded or Cordless

This point might come in handy for people who have to reach tighter spaces; a cordless wrench comes in handy. The absence of a wire gives you more mobility, letting you reach in tight corners and tighten screws.

But if your work doesn’t require so, a corded one works just fine!

High Rotations per Minute (RPM)

Rotations per minute let you decide the course of your work, allowing you to exert less effort while getting more work done.

How? The more rotations per minute a wrench does, the quicker it with tighten or loosen a nut.

This means you’ll be relieved of the efforts, saving a lot of time and energy by getting the work done quicker than expected!

IPM/BPM (Impacts per minute/blows per minute)

Just like a high RPM makes you achieve your work target much quicker, similarly, IPM/BPM is important too in enhancing a wrench’s performance.

The IPM refers to the impact or power the tool will produce. Because a wrench needs high power to produce a stronger impact, choosing a wrench with IPM/BPM within a higher range is advisable.

Brand Name

When investing in tools like an impact wrench, one prefers to go for a brand name that is popular and recognized by the majority. Hence, when talking about the best impact wrench, Makita is one reliable brand.

But of course, there are others too the produce high-quality tools and hence, can be trusted completely.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a wrench anytime soon, we’d suggest doing a little home, ask around for the top brands to ensure you get your hand quality tool only!

Lightweight and Compact

Whether you’re going for a Makita 12V impact wrench or 18V wrench, the idea is to opt for one that is lightweight and compact. Why do we emphasize it?

This is because a wrench that is lightweight and offers an ergonomic design will be easier to use and won’t burn your arms or shoulders with pain during the extended hours of work.

Although most Makita impact wrenches are lightweight, few brands are manufacturing heavier ones that cannot be used for longer.

Thus, save yourself from the pain and always choose a wrench that is lightweight yet highly powerful in performance.

Additional Safety Features

Do you need to look for safety features in an impact wrench? Certainly! Like any other electronic tool, if you wish to invest in a long-lasting product, the addition of safety features will help you get the right one.

Look for an impact wrench that indicates overloading of the battery, auto-stops when at high speed, and other mechanisms that make it safe to use! And of course, adds to its durability!


To be precise, set a budget to narrow down your options, and thus, go for one that offers quality but doesn’t let you go overboard with your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What size air compressor do I need for impact wrench?

An air compressor with 4 to 5 CFM that runs at 90 PSI is ideal for operating an impact wrench. But it solely depends on the nature of the task you’ve taken up. If you have a bigger project to complete, you should go for an air compressor with higher air capacity to avoid delays or breaks in the work.

What is the difference between an impact wrench and an impact driver?

The basic difference between the two lies in the way these are used. Where an impact wrench is used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts, an impact driver is used for drilling long screws into walls, steel beams, and wood.

Is an electronic impact wrench is better than an air wrench?

For smaller tasks and daily use, we’d suggest an impact wrench to be a better and safer option but if you have bigger projects to deal with once in a while, an air wrench is a clever option.


An impact wrench is a compact and lightweight tool that uses high torque to deliver a powerful performance.

Rather than sweating over-tightening and losing bolts manually, work cleverly by getting your hands on an impact wrench and speed up the process.

Because you don’t end up buying one every day, it is likely to invest in a high-quality wrench and as per our experience, there is no better label than Makita that is selling durable and high-quality impact wrenches!

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