7 Best Lift Kit for Hummer H3 [Buying Guide 2021]

SUVs are the most modified vehicles because of their various purposes and flexibility.

There are multiple accessories and modifications available that can transform your all-terrain vehicle. One of the most popular accessories to add is the suspension lift kit.

Best Lift Kit for Hummer H3

But the question is, what is the suspension lift kit?

A lift kit is a kit that possesses all the parts that you need to lift your vehicle. The kit also includes instructions on how to install all the features on your automobile.

Every package will include different content. Some kits will have parts that are very difficult to obtain, while others include a variety of hardware such as drive shafts, drivetrain parts, and new suspension, etc.

Why do you need a lift kit anyway? What is the purpose of it?

These kits are one of the best ways to improve the performance of any vehicle. It will help you to meet the challenges of the rough terrains.

It raises the overall height and provides extra inches for ground clearance.

Thus, it helps to enhance the automobile’s off-road performance by avoiding the generally present obstacles on the ground.

A lift kit provides a certain height to your vehicle that lets you drive easily on rocky and bumpy terrains.

A slight increase in height also improves the functionality and appearance of the car.

Hummer H3 is a popular candidate for a lift kit, but it does not mean it is easy to figure out the kind of lift kit to buy.

If you want to begin your research process, you might want to look at our recommendations.

We have also created a buying guide for you to help you select the best option for you. So let’s tap into it!

Comparing 7 Best Lift Kit for Hummer H3

Lift KitMaximum Lift (in)Warranty
Rough CountryFront: 2.5"Yes Check Price
Readylift 69-3070Front: 2.25" Rear: 1.5"Yes Check Price
WULF Kit with Pro Comp ShocksFront: 1-3" Rear: 3"Yes Check Price
Supreme SuspensionsFront: 1-3" Rear: 2"No Check Price
RTZ Full Lift KitFront: 1-3" Rear: 2"Yes Check Price
Heavy Metal SuspensionsFront: 1-3" Rear: 2"No Check Price
Daystar Hummer H3 Leveling KitFront: 2"Yes Check Price

1. Rough Country Lift Kit for Hummer H3

Rough Country Lift Kit

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Rough Country is a well-acclaimed brand that offers affordable lift kits. Despite being a budget brand, you will always get more than what you pay for it.

If your Hummer H3 has a sagging front-end suspension, you would want to bring it up to give your vehicle a more aggressive look.

For that, you might want to consider the Rough Country 2.5-inches lift kit.

This easy-to-install kit is enormously effective, and it will make a massive difference at such a small price.

What’s more, it features a 100% bolt-on process that can take three hours or maybe less.

What makes this kit fantastic?

It delivers a perfect blend of style, protection, and performance. Plus, it improves ground clearance for off and on-road obstacles.

Moreover, a lift includes a lifted rear shackle and a torsion bar key spacer that will help you fix suspension issues immediately.

This kit is designed to level the vehicle’s front with the rear. It gives a noticeable and tremendous upgrade to your car once installed.

Furthermore, it offers a smooth, factory-like ride.

Plus point? This kit offers a lifetime replacement warranty.


2004-2012 Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Hummer H3

Oddly enough, the front might ride a bit stiffer. Furthermore, experienced users can easily install the kit; however, beginners may find the instructions not detailed enough.

  • Front end suspension
  • Easy installation process
  • Increase ground clearance
  • It comes with a warranty
  • Affordable kit
  • Stiffer suspension in the front
  • Beginners might face problems in installation

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2. Readylift 69-3070 Lift Kit

Readylift Lift Kit

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Readylift offers a new SST lift kit system that uses popular engineering methods.

This kit is the quickest method to get your truck to a certain level. Plus, it increases the clearance for more aggressive tires and wheels.

What is so good about this kit?

This kit is easy to install and gives your automobiles a stellar lifted look. It offers a true bolt-on, and it does not require any modifications.

Moreover, this product has hardware for both front and rear.

The vehicle’s front will receive a 2.25-inch lift with adjustable torsion keys, and the presence of leaf spring shackles provides a 1.5-inch lift at the back.

What’s more, the kit contains front and rear shock extensions; thus, you will not have to change your stock shocks.

What about the installation?

The installation time depends on the experience of the installer. It may take two to three hours.

Surprisingly enough, the installation time may exceed more than three hours if you are a beginner.

Furthermore, several reviewers have mentioned that it is better to get it installed professionally if you want to obtain fantastic results.


GM Colorado, Canyon, Hummer H3

What else?

This kit is applicable for two-wheel-drive torsion bars and four-wheel drive with a rear coil. Plus, the brand guarantees that the parts will not wear, break or fail.

  • Increased ground clearance
  • Easy to install and remove
  • No cutting or modification required
  • Manufactured for vehicle’s front and rear
  • Offers shock extensions
  • The beginner may have a problem while installing

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3. WULF Lift Kit – A Kit That Lifts Hummer H3 Nicely

WULF Lift Kit

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It is the most preferred choice of individuals because it fits the 2006-2010 4WD models.

It provides a limited lifetime warranty, and the kit includes all the necessary hardware.

What does this kit feature?

This stellar product comes with front lift torsion keys, rear lift shackles, and front and rear extended shocks for good measure. These extended shocks are ES9000 Nitrogen gas shock absorbers.

Moreover, the kit provides front and rear black shock dust boots. The front and rear shocks can be shipped separately through UPS if you like.

If you do not want to spend $1000 and are looking for an at-home lift kit, this product might be an ideal choice for your Hummer H3.

What’s more, it is best to check the installation video tutorials if you are not an expert.

It will give you an idea of whether you can easily do this at home or you will have to take professional help.


2006-2010 Hummer H3 4X4

What else?

This product will provide a one to three inches front lift and around three inches rear lift. However, this kit supports 4X4 4WD models only.

  • Includes all hardware
  • Offers front and rear lift
  • It comes with shock absorbers
  • Includes shock dust boots
  • Easy installation
  • Offers stellar lift
  • Supports only 4X4 4WD models

No products found.

4. Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit

Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit

No products found.

It is one of the favorite lift kits of so many users because it enhances the vehicle’s look, and you’ll be able to run larger tires efficiently.

Their lift kit is manufactured from high-strength steel and designed by experts that improve the ride quality and provide comfort.

What makes this model best for Hummer H3 4WD?

The entire package consists of two lift shackles, two torsion keys, installation instructions, installation hardware, and a supreme suspension pro pack.

With this kit, you will have the ability to lift your rear suspension by two inches and adjust your front suspension between one to three inches to match it up.

What benefits does this kit provide for your Hummer H3?

It does a stellar job raising the height of your ride, allowing larger custom tires and better off-roading. It also fixes uneven suspension – a problem that irritates several drivers.

Moreover, the installation process may take three hours, but the adjustable lift height lifts according to a person’s preference.


2004 – 2012 Chevrolet Colorado

2004 – 2012 GMC Canyon, 2WD, 4WD, and Hummer H3

Surprisingly enough, there are no dust boots with the shocks. Plus, the instructions are pretty generic and are not understandable.

  • Easy installation process
  • Increase ground clearance
  • Improve ride quality
  • Delivers comfort
  • Offers front and rear lift
  • It does not include dust boots
  • Beginners might face problems with instructions

No products found.

5. RTZ Full Lift Kit

RTZ Lift Kit

No products found.

Are you scouring for a kit that is manufactured in the US and also provides a limited lifetime warranty?

RTZ will lift your 4WD vehicle from both sides, i.e., front and back. The hardware it includes is adjustable and straightforward to install.

It involves a drop-in and bolt-on installation and does not require any welding, cutting, or other tools.

However, the installation method can be pretty tricky for beginners; therefore, it is better to call a professional installer to install the parts professionally.


Colorado, Canyon, and Hummer

What else?

The model includes a pair of forged adjustable torsion keys that will lift one to three inches on the front and lift shackles that will lift two inches from the rear.

Moreover, the hardware is powder-coated; thus, it will not rust in the long run. The finish will prevent rusting.

It will improve the appearance of Hummer H3 and will maintain a comparable factory ride.

  • Improve performance
  • The kit includes front and rear lift
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Rust-resistant
  • Manufactured in the US
  • The installation process might not be easy for beginners

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6. Heavy Metal Suspensions – A High-Strength Carbon Steel Lift Kit

Heavy Metal Suspensions

No products found.

Heavy Metal Suspensions is a brand that offers products that are the safest way to lift the vehicle.

Plus, their products will not compromise the rising quality.

They engineer products using heavy-duty carbon steel and special alloys for precision and durability.

Due to the high-steel grade, they will not break even under the most challenging conditions.

It is durable and well-constructed. Plus, it comes with a complete installation instruction manual.

It will take about two to four hours to install the hardware entirely.

What does this kit include?

It includes two carbon steel torsion keys, two carbon steel adjustable rear lift shackles, and installation instructions.

The front end and rear lift are adjustable. Moreover, it offers a one to three inches front and two inches rear lift.


2006 – 2010 Hummer H3 (4WD)

What else? They offer high-grade steel materials; therefore, you can rely on these parts without worrying.

Plus, they also provide a telephone hotline if you need any help during installation.

If you want to lift the vehicle’s rear off the ground and support the axle, you only have to swap the stock shackles with these new ones.

  • Delivers front and rear lift
  • Adjustable
  • Robust and sturdy parts
  • Durable
  • Straightforward installation
  • Delivers a great lift
  • It only supports 4WD models

No products found.

7. Daystar Hummer H3 Lift Kit – A Kit Worth Buying

Daystar Lift and Leveling Kit

No products found.

Another well-known lift kit brand is Daystar. It is the perfect model to lift your vehicle’s entire body slightly and level out the front with the rear.

It is an excellent product if you want to fix an uneven suspension and move up the tires’ size.

If we talk about installation, it is as easy as the other ones. It is doable for individuals who know what they are doing and are experienced.

However, it is better if you contact professional help to avoid any costly mistakes.

What will come in this kit?

This product offers two inches front leveling kit and a one-inch body lift kit. It is one of the easiest methods to add twenty to twenty-two inches wheels.

Moreover, it increases ground clearance without affecting load-carrying capacity.


2004-2010 H3 and H3T (4WD)

What else? The hardware is engineered from high-density polyurethane that maintains factory ride quality.

Furthermore, this durable and sturdy leveling kit is manufactured in the US, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Offers body and front lift
  • Effortless installation
  • High-quality
  • Durable and robust
  • Enhance ground clearance
  • It might be difficult for beginners to install

No products found.

Best Lift Kit for Hummer H3 Buyer's Guide:

Countless brands ensure that they offer the best suspension kits.

Lift Kit for Hummer H3 Buying Guide

But how will you know that they are the best?

Indecisiveness may strike you because it is challenging to pick out the best one.

Since you have gone through the different products available in the market, we will guide you on what to look for when buying a stellar lift kit for your Hummer H3.

Before purchasing, you should see whether the kit can fit on an H3. If it does, it means you do not have to go too deep.

Besides this, give heed to the type of lift kit you want to buy.

Are you looking for a standard lift kit, a leveling one, or a combination of two?

If you invest in a standard lift kit, it will raise the vehicle's entire suspension. In contrast, the leveling kit will raise one end, i.e., front or rear, to even out the suspension.

Since there are various lift kit types, we will help you make informed decisions by educating you about a few factors.

There are various crucial features that you should take into perspective when investing in a lift kit. Some of the key features are mentioned below.

Torsion Keys

A torsion key is an exciting option because you can adjust the height of the vehicle's front.

Several truck owners are only interested in investing in the torsion keys because it helps raise the truck's front to match the height of the vehicle's rear.

In short, the purpose of the torsion key is to level the vehicle's front and rear, so their height matches. If you do not wish to carry heavy loads, this is something you can purchase.

Ride Quality

You are installing a suspension lift kit because you want to improve the vehicle's ride quality.

Therefore, you should look for lift kits that offer high-performance capabilities. In this way, it will affect the automobile's ride quality positively.

Installation Method

Few lift kits are effortless to install, while other kits may require a bit of effort.

Most of the kits mentioned above have bolt-on structures that make them relatively straightforward to install.

However, there are specific kits for which you might need the help of a professional mechanic.

Although the product comes with an instruction manual, it may become difficult for beginners to install.

If the components are not placed correctly, it will fail to give your vehicle the balance required.

Instead of winding yourself in other expensive car problems, it is better to take your car to the mechanic.


If you are putting your hard-earned money into a product, it must be of good quality.

It should be robust, reliable, and durable. It should deliver optimum performance regardless of the terrain's nature.

It is necessary to check from which materials the products are manufactured.

The hardware should be of top quality, and the kit should come with a warranty.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers help to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle. They prevent the dirt and dust from the jeep while driving on muddy and rough terrain.

Therefore, before buying, make sure that you select a kit with powerful shock absorbers.

They will make your ride smooth by eliminating all the bumps. Hence, no bumpy rides anymore.

Driving Style

Your driving style matters a lot when you are buying a lift kit. If you plan to drive off-road, your automobile must have a good height.

In contrast, while going on-road, you might not need a kit that delivers extreme height.

Therefore, before purchasing, ask yourself where you are going to drive your automobile more often.

If you want an optimum performance in muddy terrains, you need a kit that delivers a great height.

Lift Height

Since the lift kit offers a height allowance, it will significantly affect the tires' size you install and the level of ride handling.

Suppose you have lifted your vehicle by six inches now you can not go at high speeds and can not turn corners quickly.

However, if you choose a 3-inch lift kit, it will not make a massive difference in the ride quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I lift my Hummer H3?

Several people have different reasons and purposes for using a lift kit. If you want to go off-road, you will need a good-quality lift kit. Contrastingly, if you want it for on-road, balancing the front and rear end will do perfectly.

A lift kit will provide the following benefits. It will improve suspension quality, ground clearance and will make it easy to fit large tires easily. Furthermore, the kit also enhances your vehicle’s design aesthetics.

How long will it take to install the kit?

The installation time of each kit will vary. Plus, it also depends on your experience level. If you are experienced and doing it yourself, the installation time may take anywhere between two to eight hours, depending on the kit.

However, it may take more time if you are a beginner. Therefore, it is generally recommended to call a professional if you are new to installing the kit.

Is there anything else I should do after installing the lift kit onto the Hummer?

After installation, it is always recommended to take your vehicle for an alignment. The kit installation can seriously affect the steering column. It is something you should take care of as soon as you install your lift kit.

What are the advantages of a lift kit?

Since lift kits raise and balance the vehicle from the front and rear, they offer the following benefits.

• You will have increased clearance. You will be able to drive stellarly on rough streets or damaged roads.

• It helps you experience a more robust ride, and you can drive smoothly on more challenging terrains.

• It offers better visibility, and you can see the road more clearly.

• You can use bigger tires for off-road adventures. Bigger tires are not only impressive, but they deliver better performance.

• It makes the towing process more straightforward and enables you to move your automobile from one place to another.

• You can drive safely every day because it provides a better view of the road and prevents you from colliding with obstacles.

Do I really need an aftermarket lift kit?

If you want to improve the handling, ride quality, and overall performance of Hummer H3, yes, you need it.

Can you fit large tires on the vehicle after installing the lift kit?

You can fit tires on any size if you have bought a lift kit that will raise your vehicle above two inches.

How to install Rough Country lift kit?

Before beginning the installation process, it is necessary to go through the manufacturer’s instruction manual. The steps and procedures mentioned in the manual will guide you. However, it is crucial to support your vehicle via safety jacks.

How to install Readylift leveling kit?

The steps and procedures are included in the instruction manual; however, it is necessary that you properly support the vehicle by using safety jacks.

Can I install one lift kit over the other?

Yes, it is possible if you have a reliable mounting mechanism. However, these mounting mechanisms are either not readily available or are expensive.

Moreover, they generally diminish the vehicle’s general ride quality, and the new lifts may destroy the previously installed ones.


We have reached the end of the best lift kit for Hummer H3 guide. We hoped that it contained all the helpful information that you needed for your shopping journey.

We know choosing the best lift kit is not easy, and you have to prioritize the things that are crucial to you. Since there are several options available, a person can easily become overwhelmed.

What's more, you have to remember the vital factors before investing. Ask yourself whether you want to lift the entire car or only the front end, is the kit durable, what is my driving style, etc.

These questions will help you select the best one for your Hummer H3. To make things easier for you, we have created this guide, so you do not have to waste your time searching.

We have tried our best to isolate the top-quality lift kits with all the necessary information. You will be able to enjoy better road visibility and off-road driving.

What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a lift kit so that you will never have to suffer in aggressive terrain while driving!

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