Best Knitting Machine For Beginners [Buying Guide 2022]

Have you gotten tired of spending your holidays alone at home and want to learn something new while having fun and being productive?

Or are you an amateur looking to polish your knitting skills? Then the best knitting machine for beginners would be your answer.

Best Knitting Machine For Beginners

A knitting kit consists of all the tools you would need to buy for knitting, but all in the same package. All you need to do is find yourself the best circular knitting machine.

Comparing 9 Best Knitting Machine For Beginners

ProductMechanical Counter No. of Needles
Addi New Version KingsizeYes5 Check Price
MIAOKE Knitting MachineYes40 Check Price
Addi Express Knitting MachineYes5 Check Price
FYGAIN Smart Knitting MachineNo22 Check Price
Prym Maxi Knitting MachineNo1 Check Price
JAMIT Knitting MachineNo22 Check Price
Umootek Knitting MachineYes48 Check Price
Knit’s Cool Knitting MachineYes1 Check Price
NKOK Singer Knitting MachineNo1 Check Price

1. Addi New Improved Version Knitting Machine with Mechanical Counter

Addi New Improved Version Knitting Machine with Mechanical Counter

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  • New and improved
  • Has all the necessary tools
  • Has a mechanical counter
  • Makes for a perfect gift

A knitting kit with all the necessary tools present. It’s best if you want to use it as a beginner or if you want to give it to someone who has an interest in knitting.

Let’s talk about what’s in the kit!

Firstly, this kit comes with a knitting machine, that includes 1 threading tool 4 feet, 2 stoppers, 2 clampers, 5 extra needles for replacement. It also has yarn in the kit that is good enough to last for your first project as a beginner.

Along with that, there are two pattern books in the kit too. Both of these books contain 56 patterns combined, that you can use for help with creating different and unique knitting designs.

But that isn’t all!

It also has a new express hook made by the same company. And it is best suited to work with complex crocheting and knitting techniques.

Additionally, the whole kit is designed for beginners that don’t have much idea about how to knit or any kind of experience at all. It is made for amateurs that recently took an interest in it and want to get a little better.

Thus, this kit provides them with all the basic tools and accessories that they might need in one place.

What’s special about it?

This new version of the older kit by the Addi brand has a new feature that the models before didn’t have.

An improved mechanical row counter, yes!

This row counter will count all the layers of yarn of the product. This benefits you during long processes of knitting so you can keep track of your progress.

Lastly, this king-size knitting kit is a product of Germany. So, with the addi express knitting machine patterns, knit along!

  • Replacement needles present
  • Comes with yarn for knitting
  • Comes with two pattern books
  • Great for different techniques of knitting
  • Easy to use
  • The material may not be of high-quality

No products found.

2. MIAOKE Knitting Machine – Rotating Double Knit Loom Machine

MIAOKE Knitting Machine

No products found.

  • Makes knitting easy
  • Has a mechanical counter
  • Perfect for gifting
  • Lasts longer

A knitting kit with a round loom that provides smart weaving, suitable for use by kids and adults all the same.

Want to know how the machine operates?

What you need to do is you have to thread your yarn into the spindles of the machine and then with the help of the rotating handle you have to spin the loom to knit.

During this process, a mechanical counter that’s present on the machine counts the layers of the yarn that’s been knit.

Thus, the process of knitting becomes very easy.

And that’s just part of the story!

All of the materials in this kit are made from high-quality plastic.

Unlike the cheap plastic material that stains easily and has a smell to it, that the manufacturers guarantee is not the case in this one. Instead, this plastic is durable, reliable, and best of all, it’s safe to use. 

Furthermore, this machine comes in pink and white color and has a design that looks very elegant.

In any case, it has all the tools you would need to complete your first knitting project. You can knit a hat, scarf, socks, sweater, gloves, anything made of wool at all.

So, buy it for yourself or gift it to someone, this knitting kit will keep you busy and engaged in a fun activity, especially during the winter holidays when you have nothing to do around the house.

And one last thing!

On buying this cute kit, you can get a set of wool threads that you can knit with this same machine.

  • Easy to use
  • High-quality material
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • 40-needle set
  • Available in a cute color combination
  • The stitches may be uneven
  • The mechanical counter may not be long-lasting

No products found.

3. Addi Express Professional Knitting Machine

Addi Express Professional Knitting Machine

No products found.

  • Mechanical counter for rows
  • Quick knit
  • Instruction manual included
  • Can make multiple items
  • Durable

This knitting machine is a new improved variation of the old machine. It tends to have better row counters along with pattern books and express books.

So, now you don’t need to try and remember how many rows you have knitted. The machine will do that for you.

Easy, right?

Additionally, it comes along with 2 stoppers and replacement needles as well. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for new needles if the old ones malfunction.

Moreover, it is extremely comfortable and easy to knit with this machine. Hence, making it ideal for beginners.

Wondering how?

The machine can knit round or flat in no time, all you have to do is to turn the handle. Learners will surely be proud and amazed by their work, which they will complete within minutes.

Be it scarves or patchwork pullovers, vests, or gauntlets for legs and arms, everything can be knitted with this new improved version of the knitting machine.

Wonderful isn’t it?

It weighs 3.08 pounds, which is extremely lightweight to use. It is perfectly suitable for yarn count 4-8. Other knitting properties include circular knitted items Ø 10 to 15 cm and for plain knitted items it has to be 15 to 20cm.


It is extremely easy to knit small items which makes it easy for beginners to use it. Tutorials are also available on YouTube from where you can learn the usage of this machine.

Also, a tutorial book comes along with the machine making it easier for beginners to learn more.

The knitting machine patterns for beginners are very simple and easy to use.

But sadly!

It cannot knit with thick yarn.

  • Improved version
  • Best for beginners
  • Can knit small items
  • Easy to use
  • Super comfortable 
  • Quick and easy to learn
  • Can knit in both flat and circular patterns
  • Often drop stitches
  • Doesn’t works well with super soft and bulky yarn

No products found.

4. FYGAIN Knitting Machine – Efficient, Versatile, Durable

FYGAIN Knitting Machine

No products found.

Are you planning to give a special gift to your loved ones this Christmas? Do you want to give something productive?

Then the wait is over. A knitting machine is a product that you can present not only to adults but also the kids.

Excited to know about the features?

Uniquely, it has a very beautiful and attractive design which makes it an extraordinary product. Moreover, children will love this machine as it makes knitting fun.

It works amazingly due to 22 needles. You can weave whatever you want with this practical machine. Then, kids can weave things of their choice and learn side by side.

Thus, It is good for developing a kid’s hand-eye ability.

Looking for an unusual gift for your loved ones?

Of course, It is a great choice to make handmade gifts for your dear ones. Also, It makes weaving enjoyable. 

As well as, you can make fantastic gifts for your parents, friends, and the kids on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, and New Year, it is an excellent choice for people who just have started knitting.

Do you want to know more qualities?

It can be easily used. You will just have to create a round or flat stitch in a few seconds with the help of a hand-crank operated.

By just putting the thread into spindles you can knit the fashion accessories of your choice like gloves, leg warmers, socks, scarves, hats, and clothes.

Don’t want to compromise on quality?

Comparatively, it is a high-quality machine made of plastic. Likewise, It is durable, solid, and safe without any smell.

Furthermore, adults can experience the exceptional pleasure of weaving with the children while making gifts for someone they love.

Wondering what else is included in the package?

Firstly, it has a crochet needle, secondly, it gives a wireframe. Thirdly, it provides two bundles of yarn of random color.

Not only this, but it also provides a user manual, online service 24-hours, and an absolutely free return guarantee of 30-day.

  • Smooth in use 
  • Works quickly
  • It makes weaving fun
  • Attractive design
  • Reasonable price
  • Very noisy
  • Drops stitches

No products found.

5. Prym Maxi Knitting Mills – Semi-Automatic

Prym Maxi Knitting Mills

No products found.

  • Tension control available
  • More hooks for a larger diameter
  • Settings available for flat panels and tubes

If you’re looking for a knitting machine with a professional look to it, this one would be a good choice for you.

It’s not just the looks!

This machine can be used to knit flat panels and tubes in a very easy way. All you need to do is thread the yarn onto the spindle of the machine and then rotate the loom with the help of the rotating handle.

Hence, it is very easy to operate, for even children and beginners.

The loom will be able to create tubes of large diameter, up to 12 inches, with the 44 hooks present.

Along with that, the flat panels created by this can have a diameter of up to 17 inches, with 40 hooks.

Wait till you hear this special feature:

During the knitting process, some stretching of the wool may occur. But this knitting loom comes with a tension control feature that achieves the perfectly knitted result without ruining the threads of the yarn with pressure.

Instead, it has thread guides at multiple points which helps in acquiring that even and the perfect level of tension.

This knitting mill supports nearly all kinds of yarns as well. So, it doesn’t matter which quality or kind you’re going for.

What comes along with the mill?

Well, this semi-automatic loom comes with plastic needles that are essential for knitting. Moreover, a complete instruction manual that’ll help you in setting up the mill. Plastic legs and the handle of the loom that can be fitted later are also provided.

Last but not least, it has a classy color combination of gray, pink, and white, and a weight of only 3.61 pounds.

  • Easy to operate
  • Attractive color combination
  • Elegant design
  • Suits almost all kinds of yarn
  • Quick knitting
  • Doesn’t come with yarn
  • May drop stitches

No products found.

6. JAMIT Knitting Machine – Easy Enough for Beginners and Kids

JAMIT Knitting Machine

No products found.

  • Conversion key to switch modes
  • T mode for round stitching
  • P mode for flat stitching
  • Yarn elastic adjuster
  • Manual handle
  • Adjustable density

Do you remember the pictures in which your grandma sat in the kitchen knitting? How are the balls of yarns used to transform into scarves and sweaters? What if I told you that you can do that too, but with the lesser hassle!

So, why buy this machine?

Find joy in knitting with this machine, and weave whatever you want. Then show off the fashionable accessories that you have made to your friends and family.

Moreover, you can make anything with this tool. Such as hats, socks, scarves, and leg warmers.

And what are the benefits that you get?

If you prefer homemade clothes, then this is perfect for you. Because this will help save your time and energy. And most importantly, it won’t cause excessive strain on your eyes. Now isn’t that amazing?

Furthermore, how should you use it?

This tool is extremely easy to use. It can stitch in mere seconds. Doesn’t matter if you want a flat or a round one.

All you have to do is take the spindles and wrap the yarn into them. Then, turn the crank on the side to create a fabulous masterpiece. However, the product is only suitable for yarn of 1mm to 3 mm in diameter.

Can you give this to your loved ones?

Yes! No matter what the occasion is, Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas gifts, or even New Year. This makes for the perfect gift. Or if you want to keep this all to yourself, you can make them something instead.

Any tips for my first knitting?

Make sure you do not drop any stitches in the first 3 to 4 turns of weaving. Because this can affect the rest of the product.

Moreover, you are also advised to not rotate the handle too fast. Doing so will cause it to drop stitches.

What comes in the package?

Luckily, the package includes an easy-to-understand instruction manual, 2 yarns, 1 tension, 1 hand needle, and 1 crotchet.

Is it recommended?

Absolutely! Especially because this offers two separate modes; P gear and T gear. The P gear is for a flatter weave and the T gear produces a rounder one. Evidently, this is a very versatile product.

  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Makes a great gift
  • Versatile 
  • Saves money 
  • Saves time
  • May break if handled roughly

No products found.

7. Umootek Knitting Machine – Knitting Like a Pro!

Umootek Knitting Machine

No products found.

  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • Tube mode
  • Panel gear
  • 48 needles
  • Made of plastic crank

If you are someone who kits in their free time, then you should consider Umootek’s machine. This is guaranteed to not only save your time but also the back pain you must get when hunched over your work for a long time.

Want to know what you’re paying for?

The package includes a crochet needle plus 2 hand needles. Moreover, it comes with a thread stand and 4 bundles of wool; 2 small and 2 large.

Additionally, you will also receive a comprehensive thread instruction manual and screwdriver. Not to mention the accessory kit which includes 4 suckers, 4 screws, and 1 non-slip pad! That is a lot!

More on its unique features!

This is made up of premium quality, odorless plastic. Thus, making it durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is without a doubt safe and reliable. You can really count on the manufacturer.

Worried that you have no experience?

Don’t be! Fortunately, you don’t need the experience to handle a machine such as this one. It is completely user-friendly, and you are bound to become an expert with a little practice in no time!

Allow me to tell you more about its functions!

You can create flat and round needles according to your preferences in seconds. This is all thanks to the manual crank operation that the company has provided. All you need to do is simply screw the yarn into the spindle.

Then, you turn the crank, and voila! Great results.

But how does it work?

It has 48 needles for knitting. Therefore, it gets the job done in half the time as it would if done manually.

Moreover, it features two modes. Firstly, Panel gear gives you a plain weave. And secondly, the Tube ring gear gives you a circular knit.

So, does it come recommended? 

Unquestionably! You can buy this for yourself and gift it to your loved ones. If you love knitting to decorate the house, then this is perfect for you!

  • Lightweight
  • Cheap 
  • Easy operation
  • Versatile 
  • 2 modes
  • Durable 
  • Great present
  • Good for hand-eye coordination
  • Might drop stitches sometimes

No products found.

8. Knit’s Cool – Knitting Studio

Knit’s Cool

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  • Yarn included
  • No batteries needed
  • Storage box included
  • Guide included

Are you looking for a complete package? Are you tired of buying separate items again and again? This knitting set might just be the answer to all your questions. The reason is, it comes with ample items to keep you busy.

First of all, it has a very interesting guide that helps you design and learn along the way. So, if your kids don’t know how to knit, you will not need to spend hours with them. Therefore, it is a very good addition to the entire package.

Welcome versatility home!

There are 3 options to choose from. Firstly, you can use the small post to loop and weave. Secondly, there is a medium one. Thirdly, there is a large post. Now, you can weave according to your choice.

Moreover, you can make 3 different things with it. You can either make a cool headband, phone case, or scarf.

That’s a lot, isn’t it?

Best of all, the yarn included is specially designed. Thus, it is very soft and easy to handle. No more worrying about the knots that the other yarns have.

Furthermore, to find more designs and instructions, you can always visit the website and watch many “how-to” videos. This shows that they don’t only provide the tools, but also guide the way!

Say bye-bye to needles!

Yes, now you don’t have to worry about your kid hurting her/his finger while knitting. It has no needles and neither does it operate by the battery.

What more does it have?

The package has a lot to offer. You can choose from three colors; pink, blue and purple. Additionally, the storage bag is a good add-on.

  • Storage bag included
  • Batteries are not required
  • Different colored yarns included
  • Lightweight
  • Beginners guide
  • The instruction manual is difficult to understand

No products found.

9. Nkok Singer Knitting Machine

Nkok Singer Knitting Machine

No products found.

Have you recently started knitting? Or do your kids want to try their hands on it?

Then the Nkok Singer Knitting Machine is made for you!

It is extremely easy to use and is recommended for kids as young as 8 years old.

The usage is very easy. There are 2 ways to knit with it. You only have to loop the yarn of your choice and color in it, and simply turn the crank handle.

And voila!

All your statement crochet pieces are just a knit away! You can make thousands of customized accessories with it. Hats, socks, scarves, leg warmers, all are just a tiny part of the possibilities.

This machine and its crank handle operation need no batteries and are run by hand.

What does the kit include?

Apart from the knitting machine, this package contains 2 skeins of yarn. A knitting hook, a plastic knitting needle, and a user’s manual.

But you might have guessed the downside on this one. This is a machine made for beginners and hence you cannot expect it to do anything really fancy.

Nkok Singer Knitting Machine is a simple machine, and if you are looking for something primitive to do your practice on, it is a great pick.

  • Beginners friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Dual operation
  • Manually run
  • Primitive

No products found.

Buyer’s Guide:

Knitting Machine For Beginners Buying Guide

Now that you know the 9 best knitting machines for beginners, you must be wondering which one will work best for you?

And this is something we can help you with!

There are thousands of types of knitting machines available in the market, all catering to a variety of needs.

And when you go out to buy one for yourself, you ought to look for the different properties they have to offer and what exactly you need them for.

Here is our comprehensive guide:

What Mode of Operation?

The first thing you wanna figure out is what mode of operation will you prefer for your machine?

There are two options available:

  • Manual
  • Electronic

Let’s talk about the manual first:

The manual or punch card variants use a punch card of different designs to guide the machine throughout the knitting procedure.

On the other hand:

The electronic machines use electric signals to guide the carriage about what needle has to do what? Undoubtedly, electronic machines are faster, more precise, and efficient than manual ones.

What Gauge Option?

The second property you have to decide about is what gauge size suits you more?

Gauge size is basically the distance between the knitting needles.

There are usually four, each perfect for different knit stitch sizes:

  • Bulky-gauge (8-9mm) is more suited for chunky-looking garments, let’s say a scarf.
  • Mid-gauge (6-7mm) is the most used size and is suitable for many types of garments. It is usually preferred by home-based crochet designers.
  • Standard gauge (4.5-5mm) is the most used commercially.
  • Fine-gauge (3.6mm) is the finest and is used in making garments that use super-fine yarn, for example, socks.

Functions - How Does it Work?

You know better, what do you need a knitting machine for?

If your projects include hats, socks, scarves, and other such tubular garments, you are better suited for a round or circular knitting machine.

Whereas if you need to make blankets, sweaters, and other flat garments, then you better opt for a plain or flat one.

That being said, most modern knitting machines have both capabilities. So there is no need to limit yourself to just one mode.

Weight - Portable or Not?

You need to consider the size and weight of the machine you plan to buy. If you need it for some basic home projects, a smaller, more compact, and lightweight machine can be a better option for you.

But if you have a commercial use for it, consider investing in a more professional, industrial machine.

How Many Needles?

It is simple. The more the needles, the bigger the garment you can knit from it. A model that has near to 40 needles can help you knit adult-sized clothing items such as scarves, hats, etc.

Whereas, a model that has 22 needles is more suitable for kids and baby apparel.

There are also machines available that let you choose the distance between the needles. This helps in creating more varieties in terms of designs, sizes, and stitch densities.

Accessories - The More the Merrier

Choosing a complete kit, rather than just a machine will be lighter on the pocket, as you’ll be saving some bucks in buying some of the essentials.

Many modern-day manufacturers provide a lot of complementary accessories to attract customers, such as knitting hooks, needles, patterns, a few yarns, etc. Some models also provide a carrying bag, to help with portability.

Knitting Machine Maintenance Tips:

  • Keep your machine covered when not in use to avoid dust.
  • Do a quick clean after every use, and a detailed cleaning once every few months.
  • Never force drums that are stuck in the carriage. Add a few drops of machine oil and leave overnight.
  • Use small brushes that come with the machine for quick cleans. Use a vacuum with narrow attachments.
  • Lubricate your machine regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are knitting machines faster than hand knitting?

Obviously. Using a knitting machine is easier on the hands and gets things going fast. They are also more accurate and devoid of human error. More intricate patterns are possible with a machine.

Can you use a knitting machine for a hand knitting pattern?

Most hand patterns can be used on a knitting machine. The simpler patterns are converted with ease, while more difficult or detailed patterns may require a machine knitting pattern or a professional’s help.

What can I make with a knitting machine?

The possibilities are endless. You can make simple socks, scarves, hats to more detailed fashionista shrugs, toys, sweaters, tops, etc.

Why does a knitting machine keep dropping stitches?

Firstly, you need to check the needle retainer bar to see if it is compressed. Secondly, if it is, replace it.


What was first considered a hobby, knitting has become popular as a kind of art, and a very handy one.

With our list of best knitting machine for beginners, you can master this art and use it as a source of income or just to make yourself statement sweaters and jumpers.

For us, the New Improved Version Of addi Express turned out to be the best. The reason was the ease of use, versatile products that it could make, and durability it offered.

With the advent of extremely useful knitting machines, crochet art has become accessible to everyone. There is a machine for everyone’s particular needs. Also, there are some bonus knitting machine maintenance tips just for you.

So knit on!

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