Best K’nex Roller Coasters [2022 Buying Guide]

Who doesn’t love a little adventure in life? We do for sure! And because of the ups and down life offers, it is rightly said that life is just like a roller coaster, full of dips and adventure.

Oh, and while talking about the roller coaster, is your kid interested in one?

Our kids love roller coasters, especially if they’re brightly colored and full of turns! Wait, did you think we were talking about a real coaster?

Best K'nex Roller Coasters

No, of course not! we’re talking about K’nex’s roller coaster, a toy that your toddlers will simply adore!

Did we hit the right cord? Well, if you’ve been looking for a highly durable roller coaster, a toy that is fun and kid-friendly, there is nothing better than the outstanding K’NEX roller coasters.

What to know more? Read on!

Comparing 7 Best K’nex Roller Coasters

Roller CoasterTotal PiecesAge (Years)
K’nex Dragon’s Revenge5787+ Check Price
K’nex Education5468+ Check Price
K’nex ClockWork3057+ Check Price
K’nex Space Invasion4387+ Check Price
K’nex Shark Attack1707+ Check Price
K’nex Kraken’s Revenge5689+ Check Price
K’nex Web Weaver4309+ Check Price

The Best K’nex Roller Coasters

Our kids are very fond of a roller coaster and we’ve struggled to find a toy that met all their requirements. Some broke easily while some lacked on the entertainment part.

Hence, it took us some time to get hold of the K’NEX roller coasters, a brand that we can surely vouch for in terms of durability, ease of use, and fun! Are you still here with us?

If yes, then it means your certainly waiting for us to name a few models that we’ve found out to be the best amongst the rest, right?

Let’s not play any more games and take you to the list of the top K’NEX roller coaster, a product that your kid will surely love!

1. K’nex Dragon’s Revenge Thrill Coaster

K'NEX Dragon's Revenge Thrill Coaster

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One of the best K’nex sets, this roller coaster has our heart!

It has everything you’d want in a toy roller coaster. What do we mean exactly?

The set consists of a high-quality burnt-out tower, a drawbridge for the entrance, and a scary wing-flapping dragon at guard.

Moreover, the set contains 578 parts, hence, the parent’s supervision is advised. But this doesn’t mean a child of age 7 years or more won’t be able to build it.

The K’nex dragon’s revenge thrill roller coaster comes with a manual that makes installation quick and easy.

Furthermore, you’ll also be needing batteries to operate it as the motorized chain lift is powered by batteries that allow your car to take sharp turns and be safe from the dragon.

Also, the product consists of in-built lights that make the coaster glow in the dark, adding more fun to it!

Although we love everything about this roller coaster what makes it even more special in our eyes is that the connectors and the rods are carefully manufactured without zero waste.

Hence, not only is it kid-friendly but also friendly for the environment. Moreover, K’nex lets you get a quick replacement of broken or last pieces which is even better!

  • Battery operated
  • Easy to install and play with
  • Durable
  • Consists of lights that glow in the dark
  • K’nex offers a quick replacement for broken or lost parts
  • Makes a great gift for kids on special occasions
  • Some kids may struggle with putting it together and hence, adults might have to intervene
  • Not very durable as promised

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2. K’nex Education- Roller Coaster Building Set

K'NEX Education

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Here is yet another amazing product by K’nex, a roller coaster that’ll help your child cope up with the basic academics too! Sounds cliché?

Well, let us defend this little beauty because our kids genuinely adore it. The K’nex education roller coaster building set is made from high-quality plastic which means durability is promised.

Moreover, the set consists of 546 pieces in total, which need to be carefully handled and put together to create the amazing roller coaster your kids will love!

Also, it uses two AA batteries to power the motor, and hence, you can enjoy the show. But how it is good for educational purposes you ask?

Well, the “many” pieces that are emptied on the ground need to be carefully put together to build the wonderful coaster.

Thus, this is where we believe it helps kids in improving their motor and cognitive skills, allowing them to create something on their own.

Sounds great, right?

More so ever, we promote as the best homemade roller coaster, a product ideal for STEM education that hails teamwork and instills confidence in your little buds.

Although the roller coaster set by K’nex may seem like an ordinary one, when we say it is best to make your children learn new skills and polish them, believe our word!

Additionally, because it is made from high-quality plastic, you do not have to worry about breaking it away easily!

  • Made from durable, high-quality plastic
  • Great STEM activity
  • Enhances physical and cognitive skills in children
  • Easy to build
  • Promotes creative thinking
  • The structure isn’t steady
  • The car does not complete the loop
  • The smaller connector does not come off easy and hence break upon disassembly

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3. K’nex ClockWork Thrill Rides

K'NEX ClockWork

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Another one of the K’nex thrill rides set that we believe to be brilliant for kids in their early learning years is the Clock Work roller coaster set!

Like the one above, this one too aims at improving cognitive skills while improving hand-muscle coordination and much more.

We’ve always wanted a toy that promoted skills in our kids. A product that was fun to play with yet taught our kids something valuable. Hence, the K’nex clockwork set is exactly what we wanted.

It is made from high-quality plastic, like most K’nex roller coaster sets. Moreover, it contains around 305 pieces and comes with a manual that makes installation easy. But this isn’t where all the fun lies!

The roller coaster set by K’nex lets you explore new dimensions and lets out the creative master inside of you, hence allowing you to build a roller coaster in any way you want!

But should we be concerned about the small parts that may get lost easily? No, not at all because K’nex gives you a quick replacement of the broken or the lost pieces.

This roller coaster is something similar to a real ride! The twists and turns, the ups and downs make it highly amusing for children aged 7+years above. Does this mean kids below the age bracket cannot play with it?

If you are ready to supervise them, then yes, the toddlers get to enjoy it too!

But wait! Fun and games aren’t the only things that this amazing product offers! You can use it to enhance skills in kids by teaching them through STEM.

The toy lets your little one explores new dimensions, be creative in their approach and build a structure on their own.

If you’ve been struggling with instilling creativity and confidence into your child, we promise, the K’nex thrill ride clockwork set will certainly be of huge help!

  • Can be used for educational purposes
  • Easy to built
  • Fun to play with
  • Comes with free and quick replacement of lost or broken parts
  • Made from durable material
  • The motor isn’t as powerful as it should be and causes the car to stop mid-way
  • It may take time to understand and build it

No products found.

4. K’nex Space Invasion Roller Coaster Building Set

Knex Roller Coasters Space Invasion

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Are your kids interested in spaceships? If you are parents to children who prefer spaceships over dinosaurs, then worry no more because K’nex surely has something in store for them!

The Space Invasion roller coaster pack by K’nex is beyond amazing! It is made from high-end plastic that ensures that the track lasts over a decade that too unless your kids do not throw them off and break them.

Moving on to the design, get a closer look at the pack and you’ll discover the roller coaster set exhibits a real-life coaster, perfectly holding the twists and turns for a smooth ride.

This set comes with spaceships instead of a car or a dragon. Moreover, the manual included in the package lets your kids build it up with ease.

But of course, you’ll need to help them lay out the pieces, read the manual and put together the entire structure.

But is it steady considering the height of the toy? Yes, most certainly! K’nex has paid special attention to details like stability so that your kids can be kept entertained without hindrance.

Oh, and yes, the thing that makes this space invasion set even more special is the K’nex ride feature that it comes with.

All you need to do is install the app on your phone and enjoy building your customized roller coaster, quick and easy!

  • Easy to build
  • Comes with a K’nex ride it app for customized roller coaster designs
  • Includes coaster track, car, and spaceships
  • Durable and steady
  • Easy to follow manual
  • The quality of the plastic used in the construction of the roller coaster set needs to be improved
  • Users have complained about the pieces not sitting well together
  • Time-consuming to build

No products found.

5. K’nex Shark Attack Thrill Rides

K'NEX Tabletop Thrills Shark Attack

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If you are considering buying a mini K’nex roller coaster set for your little one, we might just be able to help you!

So, here is to K’nex Shark Attack thrill rides, a roller coaster set with only 170 pieces yet highly entertaining.

The set consists of shark-themed graphics, which are fun and scary at the same time. Moreover, the set is pretty easy to build up.

If your kids get flustered easily, we promise, this roller coaster set will keep them calm and busy.

Furthermore, like us, if you are too worried about the toy breaking easily, do not stress yourself because this Shark Attack roller coaster set is made from high-quality plastic which surely doesn’t break easy!

Also, one thing that’ll make you proud of owning the set is that each part is made from highly durable material with no waste. Yes, you read it correctly!

K’nex not only promises to manufacture toys that are highly entertaining and educating for young minds but also produce zero waste, hence playing its part in keeping the environment clean.

And let’s not forget how the set helps in polishing the skills of your kids, including motor skills, cognitive and hand-eye coordination along much more.

So, are you ready? Set it up and save your riders in the car from the jaws of the scary sharks!

  • Easy to build
  • Bright shark-themed graphics
  • Made from durable plastic
  • The production included zero waste, hence the set is environmentally friendly
  • Helps improve different skills in children
  • Promotes mental and physical growth
  • Smaller in size as compared to other K’nex roller coaster sets
  • The design and quality can be improved

No products found.

6. K’nex Kraken’s Revenge Roller Coaster

K'NEX Kraken's Revenge

No products found.

Being parents, we understand how difficult it can be to find a good educational toy that not only promotes mental and physical development but is extremely entertaining too.

Considering this point and taking it a step forward, K’nex has introduced a range of the best roller coaster sets, and amongst them, we find Kraken’s Revenge roller coaster set worthy to be mentioned here.

This K’nex motorized roller coaster building set is simply brilliant! It consists of around 568 pieces and has a battery-operated motor that powers the car to move around the course.

But with so many pieces to handle, is it easy to build? Yes, certainly!

K’nex never forgets to put a manual along with the set yet, your kids are at the liberty to explore their creativity and build the track just the way they like.

Moreover, the car speeds its way through scary monsters, taking dips and climbing up high, fascinating the entire household with quick twists and turns.

The set is almost 2 inches tall and contains pieces made from highly durable plastic so your kids get to play with it for the longest!

  • Quick and easy to build
  • Made from highly durable plastic
  • Measures 2 inches tall
  • Attractive colors and design
  • Powerful motor
  • Flimsy and tears apart easy
  • The quality needs to be improved

No products found.

7. K’nex Web Weaver Roller Coaster Set

K'NEX Web Weaver

No products found.

Last, we have this majestic roller coaster set by K’nex, of course! But what makes it special?

Unlike other building sets, this one glows in the dark, which adds to the fun of it.

Moreover, the set includes connectors and rods, all of which need to be joined together to form the wonderful, basic structure of the scary coaster.

But be careful with your car, because as it speeds up and down, round and round, a scary monster hides in the depths, waiting to attack it!

Sounds fun, right?

The car is air powered by batteries, and hence pushed up and down the track while it glows behind being highly attractive for the kids.

And since the day we bought it for our children, we’ve certainly seen an improvement in their skills, where we feel they’ve developed better motor skills and can let out the artists inside and explore the surrounding through creativity.

Hence, rightly said that being amongst the biggest K’nex roller coaster sets, the web weaver building set is both educational and fun!

  • Promotes development in children
  • Glows in the dark which makes it extremely attractive
  • Easy to install
  • Setting up the base can be quite a challenge
  • The battery dies out quickly
  • The quality of the material used in its manufacturing needs to be improved

No products found.

Best K’nex Roller Coasters Buyer's Guide:

Knex Roller Coasters Buying Guide

Do you have kids? If you do, you’d know how hard it is to please these little monsters especially when it comes down to buying the right toy for them.

Like most parents, we’ve too struggled with finding a toy that was both fun to play with and could be used for educational purposes.

But recently, a friend of ours gifted our elder one with one of Knex’s roller coaster sets.

And we have to admit that the entire house loves it! But what if you have to buy a set on your own? Which is the best mini K’nex roller coaster set? What features make it stand out from the rest?

Well, take a deep breath and read on to find the answers below:


Whenever we buy a toy, our priority makes us buy a product that is made from high-quality material so that it lasts at least a few months.

Because if our kids are successful in keeping it “whole”, we consider it a huge success.

Thus, having said that when it comes down to K’nex roller coaster sets, the manufacturer has carefully incorporated high-quality plastic into the design.

What does this mean?

We all know that kids tend to break toys pretty fast and if there are made of a light material, you’ll only be wasting money.

But for the K’nex roller coaster sets, the said is opposite. K’nex has made sure to use high-quality material in the making of these amazing sets so that they last much longer.

Thus, when buying a roller coaster set, make sure you get hold of the best material!

Easy to Install

Although, as much as you want your kids to polish their skills and improve on levels, you cannot overburden them with toys that are difficult to play with.

Roller coaster sets by our favorite K’nex are super easy to install. If you ever had a chance to buy a roller coaster set, you’d know most contains a few hundred pieces, including both big and small in size.

Thus, putting together a structure using pieces can be very challenging and this is why, when you are buying a roller coaster set, make sure it comes with a manual.

Moreover, we also suggest going for a toy set that does not have a lot of pieces that are too smaller in size. Why?

This is because tinnier pieces in a larger quantity can be difficult to handle and your kid may feel stressed when putting it together.

Hence, easy to install roller coaster set is what we advise you to go for!

Powerful Motor

We know some parents prefer manual toys over battery-operated ones because to them, those toys improve motor skills.

But what if you had the luxury to buy a roller coaster set that was battery-operated yet aimed at improving the cognitive and motor skills of your child?

K’nex roller coaster sets are all about fun and education, aiming at polishing the in-built skills of your child. But wait, being run by double AA batteries doesn’t make a toy the best.

When buying something like a roller coaster set with a lot of slops, twists, and turns in the design, you need to ensure it is backed up by a powerful motor to allow the car to complete the loops.

If the motor isn’t strong enough, you’ll be frustrated by the car crashing in mid-way, decreasing the element of entertainment.

Hence, make sure your roller coaster set is designed perfectly, containing a motor that lets your kid enjoy the toy to the fullest! And yes, this formula goes for every battery-operated toy out there!


You must be wondering, what does stability has to do with a toy, right? well, let us get straight to the point here!

Roller coasters are not like any other ordinary toy laying on the ground. Rather, these are designed to stand tall and match gravity to find stability, or else, it’ll flip over making play-time “not-so-fun”.

Hence, when choosing a roller coaster set, we advise you to check it thoroughly to ensure it stands firmly on the ground when built.

If it does not, you’ll be spending the next few days finding support to keep it steady, or else, as we said, the toy won’t be of any use for the kids.

Thus, whenever you’re buying a heightened toy like a roller coaster set, stability and steadiness is what we believe is important not to miss out on!


When purchasing a toy for your child, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? For us, it is the durability that the toy should at least survive a few months without breaking.

Thus, the higher quality material used in its making, the longer it will last so yes, durability is what you should be paying attention to because toys these days do not come cheap.


Toys that consist of “many” pieces should always come with a warranty, this is something we strongly believe in.


This is because in case you lose a piece or break it, the entire set goes to waste unless you get a replacement for it.

Thus, few great brands like K’nex offer a warranty on their roller coaster sets which includes free and quick replacement of broken or lost pieces.

Hence, a warranty lets your kids enjoy their toys for much longer!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a roller coaster set easy to build?

K’NEX building sets come with a proper manual that helps your child build them with great ease. But in case they face a problem, you can always jump in to help.

What to do if I lose or break a piece of the building set?

If you have a roller coaster building set by K’NEX and either break or lose a piece of the block, you can easily contact the manufacture in this regard and get a replacement.

Is a roller coaster set expensive?

Although not every building set is expensive, but the price certainly depends on the size of the roller coaster set and the quality you’ll be getting. The higher the quality and bigger the size, the more expensive it will be.

But as for K’NEX building sets, most of the models are pretty affordable.

Do I need to supervise the kids when they’re building the roller coaster?

Yes, as a parent you should be very careful around kids especially when they are playing with building sets that contain small connectors and stuff that can easily be swallowed.

Is this building set safe to play with?

Roller coaster building sets by K’nex are not recommended for children below the age of 7 years because these contain small pieces which can easily be chewed onto and swallowed by toddlers.

Otherwise, for kids above 7 years, the set is safe to play with!


Why do we say that you need to buy the best K’NEX roller coasters? This is because these building sets are not only fun to play with but also promote mental and physical development in your kids.

These sets are educational toys that let your children become creative, sharpen their minds through brainstorming, and develop other skills that help them in the future. And yet, the sets are super fun to play with too!

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