What’s The Best IPEGA Controller [2021 Buying Guide]

The world of gaming is now advanced beyond our understanding. You can only wrap your head around its intricacies if you are a gamer yourself.

That too, a professional one. And, if you are a pro gamer, then this is the perfect place for you to be at.

No matter what kind of games you play, you would know that modern-day gaming is all about being fast and furious.

You need to have the most advanced devices and gaming cards with laptops and PCs that support gaming features and pixels more than they support anything else.

Best IPEGA Controller

Speaking of advanced devices, joysticks or game controllers are every gamer’s first and foremost needs.

While you might have one or two of these at your home, you know how no amount of game controllers can ever be enough, especially when you are a hard-core gamer.

IPEGA has earned for itself quite a repute in the world of gaming consoles and controllers over time.

Yet, the immense number and models in which this brand introduces one single gaming device complicates the matter.

Gamers, especially novice ones, hardly ever find it easy to decide between such a great number of models available for their specific needs.

If you have been facing the same problems and cannot easily pick between numerous IPEGA controllers, then make sure you read this article till the very end.

Given below are the reviews of the best IPEGA controller with a brief buying guide at the end to make your next game controller shopping spree easier and quicker than before.

So, without further ado, let us get into the reviews right away:

Comparing 7 Best IPEGA Controller

ControllerBatteryTransmission distanceCompatible with IOS
IPEGA 9083S380 mAH8 MetersNo Check Price
IPEGA 9023S300 mAH8 MetersYes Check Price
IPEGA 9087S400 mAH6-8 MetersYes Check Price
IPEGA 9167400 mAH8 MetersYes Check Price
IPEGA 9068350 mAH6-8 MetersNo Check Price
IPEGA 9099400 mAH8 MetersNo Check Price
IPEGA 9157380 mAH8 MetersYes Check Price

1. IPEGA 9083S Wireless 4.0 PUBG Mobile Game Controller


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IPEGA, being a reputable brand, is among the first few brands that come to our minds when we are thinking of buying a game controller.

This IPEGA 9083S is compatible with android 6.0 and above. The game controller features two different startup options.

One is Android V3 direct mode and the other is Android standard game mode. Both the modes have their specification, so you can choose the mode, that suits you best.

One of the features that we all consider before buying a game controller is its battery life. This game controller has a built-in 380 mAH battery that can last up to 15 hours.

People who are game addicts will definitely love this game controller.

The transmission distance of 8 meters further adds efficiency to the IPEGA 9083S wireless game controller.

By buying this game controller, you can save yourself from the headache of game activation and complex setups.

The high precision rocker, smooth operation, and many other such features that are not found in many other game controllers are present in this product, and this fact makes this controller worth buying.

This product even has the feature of super long expansion. You can adjust the scale up to 280mm in length and can fit your tablet computer in it.

Many people often complain of their sore fingers after using their game controller.

Well, the ergonomic design of this game controller helps you to use this game controller without feeling tired.

  • Supports multimedia functions
  • 30 days stand by
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek, grip-able design
  • People find it difficult to operate
  • It can take some time to get used to this controller

No products found.

2. IPEGA 9023S Mobile Game Controller


No products found.

If you are looking for a perfect game controller then we will suggest you go with this one.

The features offered by this game controller are literally amazing and superb.

This controller supports direct Android and IOS connection and play.

You don’t need to have additional game platforms and to go into complex settings to set up this IPEGA 9023S controller.

Being compatible with many android and IOS devices, this controller is best for all. You can even use it with a PC, tab, or TV box.

The user manual available with the product is very detailed and will guide you on how to connect the IPEGA controller to the PC.

Some people love to listen to music while playing games, for such people the product has multimedia functions key.

You can easily change the music and can change the volume while playing a game with the help of the mobile game controller.

High transmission speed is another very lovely feature that this product offers. The Eight-meter transmission distance makes this product worthy of buying.

The adjustable telescopic stand with integrated lever telescopic brackets can hold devices up to 11 inches. The turbo acceleration button helps you to set the 8 buttons easily.

Coming towards the battery of this PG 9023S mobile game controller, we can say that the battery of this device is just mind-blowing.

This product includes a 380 mAH high-performance battery, the battery can be used for 15 hours continuously.

To conclude we can say that being able to support a lot of games this controller is best for you all. Have a look at some pros and cons of this superb device.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Telescopic controller
  • 30 days charging standup
  • 8 key action buttons
  • A bit expensive
  • Some people find it tricky to pair it with their devices

No products found.

3. IPEGA 9087S Wireless Game Controller


No products found.

This product comes with many amazing features. It is pretty difficult to list them all in a single article.

Discussed below are some of the most prominent benefits of this game controller.

The first and definitely the most loved feature of this game controller is that it is suitable for Android/ iOS Smartphones/Tablets/Smart TVs, and many other devices.

People usually struggle to find a game controller for all their devices. This game controller is the best for such people.

Three different modes are supported by this controller.

The Android V3 Direct Play Mode, IOS V3 Direct Play Mode, and Android Standard Mode each with their own specifications make this game controller the best.

Another very amazing feature that this controller offers includes 8 different buttons that can be set manually with the help of the turbo function.

The telescopic phone stand that can hold a 6.2 inches phone is literally the best. The phone stand enables one to play the game easily without carrying the phone.

The stand can stretch from 77mm to 170 mm easily.

Battery life is given prime importance while selecting any game controller. This game controller features a 400 mAH built-in battery.

The battery life is just superb, the battery lasts up to 15 hours and is likely to get fully charged fastly.

The ergonomic design of this IPEGA controller is just perfect. Being lightweight, comfortable to use, and portable the device amazed us all.

Also, the turbo function makes this device super fast and smooth to use.

  • Comfortable for big hands
  • Easily fits inside a pocket
  • Transmission distance of 8 meters
  • 30 days standby time
  • Don’t support PC 
  • The design seems to be a bit outdated

No products found.

4. IPEGA 9167 Mobile Game Controller

IPEGA 9167

No products found.

The overall look of this game controller is enough to convince one to buy it. The design of this game controller is very modern.

Customizable buttons and the joystick of this controller make it really easy to play the games.

The right handle of the controller can be removed, and the left handle can be used as a single handle. For people who prefer a one-handed game controller, this game controller is a must.

We fell in love with the ergonomic design of the game controller. The game controller is super easy to hold and operate.

The delicate checkered texture makes the controller fine and smooth.

Even if the setting up process of the controller is a bit complex, the user manual guides comprehensively so that they can set the controller easily.

The 380 mAH built-in battery of the game control is efficient enough to let one play for 15 hours continuously.

Also, the product supports the Turbo Burst Function, which enables players to have a better gaming experience.

Another very amazing feature of the device is the extra-wide retractable angle. The handle can switch its length from 150mm to 250mm.

Hence, much different equipment can be supported by this super amazing game controller.

Being compatible with Android, the controller is highly reputable. The device directly supports the play mode. Isn’t it cool?

As we all know, that nowadays almost everyone is obsessed with PUBG. This controller is specially designed for PUBG mobile.

So in case you too want to enjoy PUBG to its fullest make sure to get your hands on the IPEGA 9167.

The device also features a wired audio converter module that makes a wired audio connection possible.

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of this product.

  • Fairly priced
  • Perfect size
  • Can hold 11 inch iPad
  • A bit heavy and bulky
  • It is hard for some people to set it up

No products found.

5. IPEGA PG-9068 Android Gamepad Controller


No products found.

The next controller on the list is this IPEGA PG-9068. This product is compatible with almost all Android devices.

The wireless adapter of the device ranges from 6 to 8 meters.

You can easily play games with the help of this control joystick while being at a distance of 8 meters from the phone or any other smart device.

We fell in love with the battery of this PG-9068 wireless BT3.0 controller. You can play games for continuous 20 hours after fully charging the device.

Also, the device will enter the power-saving mode after disconnection.

The design of this controller is very ergonomic. It is very easy to hold and control the device. Also, the gamepad ensures flexibility and durability.

The telescopic stand of the gamepad can hold a smartphone up to 6 inches. The holder holds the smartphone well, while you are playing the game.

One other loved feature of this gamepad is its analog function. This function makes the game easier to control and more precise.

This controller comes with a user manual that guides you on how to connect the IPEGA controller to Android. A USB cable also comes with this controller.

The overall look of the game controller too is very modern. The design of this IPEGA PG-9068 is very compact and portable.

People easily fell in love with the look of this game controller.

  • One key turbo burst
  • Easy to control
  • No driver needed
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Some people find it a bit difficult to connect it with their smartphones
  • It does not support IOS device
  • Gets stuck frequently

No products found.

6. IPEGA PG-9099 Wireless Game Controller


No products found.

One much-loved feature of this IPEGA PG-9099 wireless joystick gamepad is the dual motor vibration feature.

The feature gives one a very realistic gaming experience. We are sure that this, dual-motor vibration feature will be loved by professional players.

Many pro gamers love to play games in darkness, for such people this device is the best.

The colorful LED light buttons make it easy for players to operate them even in darkness.

Also, the colorful lighted buttons add beauty to the whole device.

The experienced turbo acceleration feature makes this gaming pad stronger, faster, and durable.

Also, the replaceable design with a D plate provides a better gaming experience. The D-pad button makes the gamepad smooth and fine.

One other much-loved feature of this IPEGA game controller is that it comes with a smartphone holder.

The holder can carry a 5.5-inch phone easily. So you can easily place the phone on the holder and can play the game.

Many joysticks don’t have this 360-degree rotational feature, but this joystick does contain this feature.

Also, the 360-degree rotational feature of this joystick provides an exceptional and realistic gaming experience.

This product comes with many accessories including a user manual, USB Cable, and a game controller handle.

We, know after reading all the features of this amazing device, you have already made up your mind on buying it, but before finalizing the decision have a look at some pros and cons of this product.

  • Colorful LED light buttons
  • The dual-motor vibration feature
  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • It is not compatible with IOS devices
  • The body and texture of the device is not much neat

No products found.

7. IPEGA 9157 Wireless 4.0 PUBG Controller

IPEGA 9157

No products found.

Many people complain that their joystick is heavy or uncomfortable, and they cannot use it for a long period of time.

Well, this product is very ergonomic, the comfortable design of this IPEGA 9157 wireless joystick helps one to use it for hours without making one feel tired.

The 380mAH high-performance lithium battery is used in this joystick. The powerful battery allows one to use it for up to 15 hours continuously.

Many other joysticks don’t come with such a powerful battery.

We can regard this product as the best IPEGA controller for Android, because of the wireless connection we can easily connect it with any Android device.

The product supports a direct connection between Android and IOS devices. There is no need to activate or download any App to connect this device with your phone.

Also, the device is very easy to set up. You don’t require any additional gaming platforms and complex activations for this device.

One feature of the device that highly impressed us is its 8 action keys that can be set with the Turbo acceleration button.

Also, the four buttons are in different colors and are of checkered texture, so it makes it easy for the players to get used to them.

The 4.0 wireless features are very speed efficient. The 8 meters effective distance feature of the product makes it worth buying.

Another much-loved feature of this joystick is that it comes with different accessories.

The box of this wireless IPEGA 9157 comes with a game controller, user manual, USB cable, and smartphone stand.

  • 360 Degree sensitive, easy-use steering
  • Equipped with a textures pole cap
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Appropriately priced
  • Some people cannot get used to it
  • Automatic connection is not admired by many people

No products found.

Best IPEGA Controller Buyer's Guide:

As we already told you, there are hundreds of IPEGA controllers that you can buy. This means that selecting anyone would be a huge task.

Even when the first-sight of a controller is enticing enough to attract you, you need to see whether or not that controller is going to suit your needs perfectly.

IPEGA Controller Buying Guide

This means you need to check a controller’s multiple aspects before you finally click that Buy Now button. This might have got you confused on how to select a great controller, right?

Don’t worry, we understand your needs from a game controller and have hence come up with a list of features that can help you buy the most suitable one for yourself.

Given below are some of these important features that you should look for in a controller.

Treat this as your ultimate guide whenever you go about shopping for a game controller regardless of the brand it's coming from.

We can assure you that you will come back home with the most suitable gaming controller ever.

So, without any further ado, let us begin:


Different game controllers come with different battery life and power. Even the controller from one brand - like IPEGA - have different battery power from one another.

However, it is not necessary for every controller with long-lasting battery power to be the ultimate thing you invest in.

Mostly, a controller offering long battery run time is quite expensive and requires you to make compromises on some other factors too.

This explains why you should not simply go about buying a controller with great battery timings.

You need to see your specific battery needs from a controller.

For how long you use it in a sitting and whether or not you can use your controller while it is plugged in are the factors that can help you determine your power needs from a controller.

We suggest you notice your average playing time and then invest in a controller that offers a battery life of around 1-2 hours more than that time.

Device Holder

You might want your game controller to be able to hold your gaming device with it so that you can focus on gaming in a better way.

Different gaming controllers come with different device holding capabilities. While some of these hold only your smartphones, others might easily fit in an iPad or a bigger tablet.

You should first decide the device that you would be using the most for gaming and then go about buying a controller that best holds your gaming device.


Not every IPEGA or other controller can work well with all your devices and games you play.

Depending on whether you play games on a PC, on iOS devices, or on any Android device, you need a game controller that best fits your device’s needs and works well with it.

Hence, among the first few tasks in buying a gaming controller, one is to check for its compatibility.

Make sure that the controller you are buying is compatible with all those devices that you use to play games on.

Recognition Buttons

Most modern controllers come with elaborately designed buttons that you can easily distinguish from one another without having a look down on the controller.

These buttons have a specific engraving on them, making them noticeable for you without having to move your eyes away from the screen.

Try to get a controller with such a button since it helps make sure that you get the most of your gaming experience.


Every controller has a different-sized body than others. This makes it important for you to pick that specific controller which fits your hands the best.

When considering the size of a controller, also try to hold it in your hands in a way you would hold it while gaming.

You must also assess the controller for its weight and the spacing between its button to see if your fingers can work their gaming magic with it the most or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to connect IPEGA controller to Android?

Connecting your IPEGA controller with your Android and IOS devices is quite a simple task. You just need a bit of guidance and you will surely be able to make this connection on your own.

The best part about learning to make this connection is that you can use the same steps for a range of your devices, connecting them with this game controller for non-stop fun and enjoyment.

To save your time, we will keep things as simple as we can. Given below are the steps that you can follow to connect your IPEGA controller to your Android devices.

Don’t worry if you play games on iPad and iPhones, this section will be followed by a guide on connecting this joystick with the IOS devices too. (Skip to the next question if you need guidance on the latter).

1. Firstly, install the IPEGA game center on your Android device to serve as your remote Bluetooth driver. Being a Bluetooth driver and controller, this center is the most important thing for this connection to be made. Make sure to download the English version for ease of your use.

2. Once this game center is installed, open it and enable the BitGames IME as the device’s default input option.

3. Now, turn your controller On by pressing the Y and the Home button at the same time. Keep the buttons pressed till you see the red LED on the controller blinking. This red light indicates that the device has been paired with your android.

4. Now, open the IPEGA game center you downloaded on your Android device. Go to my device option and bind the controller with the device.

5. Now, you will see a console on your Android screen. This is from where you can calibrate the controller. Now, move the buttons and sticks to see if it is working. If it does, your device is connected to the IPEGA. If not, try repeating the process again.

How to pair IPEGA controller with iOS?

Pairing your IPEGA controller to any iOS-run device is as easy as doing the same with an Android device. You don’t have to install any App or software. Follow the steps given below and the controller will be easily paired to your iPad or iPhone.

1. Turn on the controller by pressing the B and Home button together and keep the two pressed for a few seconds. Now, wait for the red LED button to blink.

2. Now, on your iOS device go to the setting.

3. From settings, enable the iOS’s Bluetooth.

4. In the devices available for pairing, you will see the IPEGA game controller.

5. Pair it with the iOS device yourself or just wait for both these devices to pair up on their own.

Once the connection develops, you can start using the controller for your gaming experiences on iOS just how you want.

How to connect IPEGA controller to PC?

It is very easy to connect your IPEGA with windows. Follow the steps given below to make a sound and secure connection between the devices.

1. Open your PC’s settings and look for Bluetooth. Turn it on. If the PC you’re using does not come with Bluetooth, buy an external one from amazon or eBay. It is usually not too expensive and also easily available.

2. Now, after you turn the Bluetooth on, you can see the option of adding a device to it. Click on it to let the windows search for the new device.

3. In the meantime, bring your IPEGA gamepad closer to the PC and hold the X key and the home button on the controller together for some time. The controller with turn on and will be connected to the PC via Bluetooth.

4. Now, right-click on the PC’s screen where it displays the IPEGA controller’s name. A list will appear with an option titled properties. Click on it and a screen will open up.

5. Here on the fresh screen, check all the boxes for the keyboard, mice, etc. This would let all these drivers for your controller be installed and you will be better able to use the IPEGA controller with your PC.

Final Verdict:

Buying any game controller or joystick for the first time might seem like a difficult task especially because you don’t have any experience at hand.

However, it is not that difficult considering the fact that you can easily find several guides on the internet for the same purpose - this one being an example too.

IPEGA is a name of quality and some of the best IPEGA controllers are being used and praised by several gamers all across the world.

If you are okay with spending some money on a game controller that is going to last you longer than several others, then IPEGA controllers should be your top priority.

We have tried our best to find and review the most versatile IPEGA game controllers available in the market.

Hopefully, any of the given products will suit your gaming style and you will trust us with investing in it. All the best and happy gaming.

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