Best Inline Fuel Filter For Motorcycle [Buying Guide 2022]

If you want to save time and still want to grab the Best Inline Fuel Filter For Motorcycle, go for the Outlaw Racing OR2210-2, undoubtedly.

Want a fuel that is free from all the left-out impurities? Then you have to install the best inline fuel filter for motorcycle that knows how to keep your vehicle tank dirt-free, rust-free, and corrosion-free as well.

Best Inline Fuel Filter For Motorcycle

If your motorcycle does not start with a single ignition due to all the impurities stuck in the gasket, it is time to realize that the filter installed in your scooter is corroded and damaged.

Thank god for all the best fuel filters for motorcycles that saved my scooter from further damage.

Want to know how?

Let me tell you about the ideal inline fuel filter for motorcycle that acts as a good guy who has the potential to improve your vehicle’s engine performance and capability.

Comparing 9 Best Inline Fuel Filter For Motorcycle

Inline Fuel FilterVehicle Type
Outlaw Racing OR2210-2Scooter Check Price
WIX Filters - 33001 Fuel FilterMotorcycles Check Price
Cococart Universal Metal Gas FilterMotorcycle, Street Bikes Check Price
APE RACING Inline Fuel FilterTractor, Motorcycle Check Price
GasTapper Universal Fuel FilterATV, Tractor, Motorcycle Check Price
FRAM G12 In-Line Fuel FilterMotorcycle Check Price
Biker's Choice Glass Fuel FilterStreet Motorcycle Check Price
RUTU Universal Fuel FilterATV, Scooter, Go-kart Check Price
Cococart Universal Gas Inline Fuel FilterATV, Street Motorcycle Check Price

1. Outlaw Racing OR2210-2 Inline Fuel Filter

Outlaw Racing OR2210-2 Inline Fuel Filter

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The filtered fuel is one of the most essential components of your engine. No matter what the gas stations say, the quality of the fuel is not guaranteed.

Therefore, if you care about the health of your engine, Outlaw Racing is a great inline fuel filter, especially for motorcycles.

Here’s why:

It has a transparent exterior, so you can check it for any cracks. You would know right away if it is faulty, and thus, can replace it at the right time.

Since it has a slim design, you can install it easily. Specifically, it has a diameter of 0.88 inches overall. Additionally, the inlet diameter is 5 inches, while that of the outlet is 16 inches.

Fuel lines with a quarter-inch diameter are suitable for this filter fuel. Specifically, Keihin pumper carburetors are matched for their FCR screw.

It is compatible with:

This filter fits 450F, 250F, YZ/WR 426F, and the YFZ quad bikes. Additionally, it also fits the CRF250 Hondas and the CRF450.

Furthermore, it is also compatible with the new Suzuki RMZ 250 and the Kawasaki KX250F. It also fits models that belong to 2003 as well as the 4-strokes KTM RFS – 525 and 450.

If you want to gauge the efficiency of the filter, its micron rating is 40-70.

However, one downside is that it is not compatible with the WR and YZ 400FS. It is also not compatible with the 02 and other older bikes including the KTM 520 and 400.

  • Compatible with many bikes
  • Clear exterior
  • Easy installation
  • All-round protection
  • Compact
  • Efficient
  • Might give a loose-fitting in some cases

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2. WIX Filters – 33001 Inline Fuel Filter

WIX Filters - 33001 Fuel

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The Wix Filter is designed with pleated paper to provide you with maximum filtering efficiency. The pleated paper does not leak under compression loads. Therefore, you can stay worry-free regarding any leakage.

Moreover, the filter can withstand a high pressure of 75 psi.

It has built-in gaskets which will help prevent leakage. Also, it provides easy replacement of the filter, so the maintenance of your engine will be a breeze.

Since it is so simple to install, one can easily install it inside the gaskets. Therefore, providing you with a high performance of fuel filtering.

Its inlet diameter is ¼ inches. The outside diameter is 1.826 inches. Its height is 3.480 inches.

While it has specified the measurements, one has to test and see it is a good fit for their fuel line. This is because it does not specify the types of engines that the filter is compatible with.

  • Pleated paper
  • Good load withstanding
  • Prevents leakage
  • Quick installation
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Excellent fuel cleaning
  • The internal filter can get clogged if not replaced regularly

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3. Cococart Universal 1/4″ Metal Gas Inline Fuel Filter

Cococart Universal Metal Gas Inline Fuel Filters

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If you are looking for an in-line fuel filter that does not have a flimsy plastic exterior, then the Cococart universal fuel filter might be your answer.

Read up!

It comes with a glass exterior from the sides which helps with the visibility of the filter. It is not just made out of paper, but with multiple filter mesh which helps in filtering impurities quite effectively.

The core, shell, filter, and interface manufactured from stainless steel makes it quite durable.

It comes with a fuel line as well as 4 hose clamps. The hose clamps’ diameter is 2/5 inches. The fuel line’s inlet diameter is ¼ inches while the outlet diameter is 1/3 inches. Its length is 23 inches 

The fuel filter is anodized through a coloring process. It has made it resistant to corrosion and rear.

Talking about resistance:

Its fluorine rubber is of high quality and assures that the fuel filter is resistant to heat, oxidization, oil, atmospheric aging, and corrosion.

Furthermore, it fits most motorcycle brands including Harley, BMW, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and Augustus. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it not being compatible with your engine if you have one of these brands.

However, one drawback is that it is comparatively quite expensive when it comes to filters because its plastic counterparts are not that costly.

  • Durable
  • Wear and corrosion resistant
  • Versatile 
  • Effective filtering
  • Glass design
  • Comparatively expensive

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4. APE RACING Inline Fuel Filter

APE RACING Inline Fuel Filter

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Have you been facing clogged carburetor issues with your motorcycle?

If yes, then you need to consider replacing its fuel filter immediately. Ape Racing inline filters are great at dealing with such issues.

These filters are designed in a transparent cylindrical shape using durable plastic material. Moreover, the clear see-through material allows you to notice if it has any cracks in it.

Both the ends of the fuel filter will attach easily without any leakages. Additionally, it can endure high temperatures, making it a reliable choice.

Also, it is corrosion resistant and can withstand the toughest conditions giving you great performance.

Worried if it is compatible with your motorcycle?

Well, you don’t have to worry about that at all. It is an easy and perfect fit for ¼ inch lines, making it a universal fitting.

It fits perfectly with almost any medium-sized engine having an outside diameter of 0.88 inches.

Nevertheless, you should always check its compatibility before you buy it.

Furthermore, its length is double in size for a higher flow. It also has an arrow marked on it to indicate the direction of the flow.

Therefore, make sure you follow the direction marked on the filter.

Its contaminant capture ratio is 35 microns. This means it can easily filter any particles of 35 microns or bigger.

Ape Racing filters are not only suitable for motorcycles, but can also be used for lawnmowers, small tractors, snowmobiles, Go-Karts, generators, and garden equipment.

You just need to be a bit gentle while installing the clamps and hose. The plastic is not that flexible and might break if you apply more pressure than required.

  • Universal fit
  • Contaminants capture ratio – 35 microns
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Fuel flow indicator arrows marked on it
  • Transparent clear design
  • Its plastic might snap if you apply extra pressure on it

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5. GasTapper Universal Fuel Filter Barbed

GasTapper Universal Fuel Filter Barbed

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The GasTapper barbed fuel filters are manufactured by a Phoenix-based company GenTap. These fuel filters make sure your motorcycle’s engine gets an optimum fuel flow.

As a result, maximizing output and providing the performance that you desire.

Furthermore, these fuel filters extend your engine’s life by preventing any contaminants or particles from clogging your carburetors. The cleaner fuel also helps in improving the efficiency of the fuel.

What else do these fuel filters offer you?

Well, they are dual barbed which means it is suitable for fuel lines of different sizes, making them a universal fit fuel filter.

More specifically, it fits a ¼ inch and 5/16 inch fuel filter. The barbed inputs, when used with a suitable clamp, allow optimal fuel line retention.

Moreover, its transparent design allows you to clearly see the dirt and debris that stops from entering the carburetor and gas line.

Consequently, it reminds you to replace the filter at least after one year in small engines. You might need to change the filter more frequently in dusty and dirty environments.

However, its plastic material may become brittle and weak sooner than later if exposed to direct UV lights from the sun.

  • Universal fit – can be used on 5/16 inch and quarter inch fuel lines
  • Positive retention of fuel line ensured because of barbed inputs
  • Captures most of the contaminants
  • Affordable
  • Clear-out design so you can see the debris
  • Also suitable for Snowblowers, ATV, Go Karts, lawnmowers, and other power equipment
  • The plastic material is a bit cheaper and might become brittle if exposed to sunlight.

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6. FRAM G12 In-Line Fuel Filter

FRAM G12 In-Line Fuel Filter

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An in-line design performance part filter is one of a kind. It is smart, stylish, and reliable equipment that can fit accurately with your motorcycle fuel tank.

However, now is the time to change the fuel filter that you have installed because FRAM G12 is your go-to person.

As it is a universal fit tool, it can fit anywhere you want to fix it. After selecting the G12 filter and soon after fixing it in your vehicle, now sit back and watch the results.

Your vehicle engine will work just like a newborn fuel container and it will also improve the emissions from the carburetor and engine as well.

Change the fuel filter and see the difference!

Moreover, this change will also enhance the performance of the engine and so does the vehicle. Plus, you need to know what it is composed of.

It is made up of a conductive plastic plus stainless steel that is conventional, and it collectively forms a hard and efficient fuel filter.

Therefore, it will certainly meet all the engine needs. Thus, it will also improve engine configuration with time.

It is small in size and weight, but it is a good guy!

Conversely, before ordering the item make sure you have read the given dimensions and weight of the filter, otherwise, it might give you a tough time.

  • Fine manufacturing
  • Transparent filter
  • Good quality
  • Easy to see
  • Perfect filter
  • Connecting tip of the hose can be cut larger, so the size can be an issue

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7. Biker’s Choice Clear-View Glass Fuel Filter

Biker's Choice Clear-View Glass Fuel Filter

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Want to know about the Biker’s Choice performance, quality, class, and function?

I will tell you what all the talk is about.

It is the second name for a value fuel filter that makes it worth buying. Moreover, it is no doubt the best brand line that offers you one of the best filters that will give your vehicle high life.

Besides, it offers a versatile and trustworthy customer policy to its customers while promising some of the value-added items and equipment that know how to fulfill your desires.

Plus, this tool is surely for those who know how to ride fine and to buy what suits their ride.

Also, both sides of the filter have a hose style that can be attached to the vehicle tank with the help of a hose fitting.

It is made up of a chrome body with a 1-3/8” die-cast figure, giving it a clear glass-view appearance. Furthermore, it weighs less and works beyond expectation certainly giving you a lifetime kind of experience.

  • For ¼ ID it fits great
  • A great tool to filter out the impurities
  • Looks great
  • Works well
  • Looks visually nice
  • Might last for a short time depending on the performance of the vehicle
  • Fuel might pour out if not fixed tightly or accurately

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8. RUTU Universal Fuel Filter

RUTU Universal Fuel Filter

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A fuel filter that comes with 10 packs of filters which are suitable for different vehicle types like ATV, motorcycle, scooter, Go-kart, and Moped.

Moreover, it has a dual inlet and outlet diameter of ¼” and 5/16” that is perfect for a lawnmower, snowblower, and other vehicles.

Furthermore, it is the best artifact for the inbuilt gaskets installed within any type of vehicle or bike.

Plus, it shows a remarkable performance when carrying out a cleansing function or filtering out the impurities.

So now keeping your engine and oil-free of impurities is not a problem.

Haven’t thought about changing the fuel filter easily and conveniently?

This fuel filter has made everything super duper quick and easy, you can easily replace the filter without letting your vehicle know about it.

A great job by a great guy!

This package specifically includes 10 pieces of fuel filter in a single pack.

What else do you want?

  • Clear fuel filter
  • Easy to clean
  • Plenty of filters
  • Perfect for small engine
  • Economical
  • Might not include clamps
  • May cause leaking of the fuel if not fixed properly

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9. Cococart Universal Gas Inline Fuel Filter

Cococart Universal Gas Inline Fuel Filter

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CocoMocart is also a fuel filter that is specifically designed for multiple vehicle types like a street motorcycle and ATV.

Moreover, this specific package includes 10 fuel filters with an outlet diameter of 3/16” that is 5-6mm. These are most probably the best fit for the inline fuel filter.

Plus, the weight of the item is considered to be 60g while the length of the filter is 55mm.

So choose the filter that suits you the most!

You have to remember that it is easy to install as well as it is easy to replace. Moreover, it is washable and manageable as well. Also, it is suitable for 1/4th inline fuel fitting.

Therefore, as soon as you find something strange in the vehicle engine whether it’s a noise or a vibration, just change the filter. However, you can change the filter after regular intervals as well.

Plus, you may also use the magnet that can help you in extracting all the residue and impurities such as iron or scrap.

Keeping your filter clean is the Cococart duty.

Hence, it is ideal for all the power engine automobiles including all the injected motorcycles and cars that have small or non-fuel tanks.

It has a perfect design for small engines that require less power or pressure.

  • High quality
  • Good performance
  • Excellent Workmanship
  • Highly recommended
  • Filters perfectly
  • Preferable for small engines
  • Might not have an arrow sign on the filter
  • Tabs on the end can be smaller than the hose

No products found.

Buyer’s Guide:

Inline Fuel Filter For Motorcycle Buying Guide

Want to have some more knowledge about the best inline fuel filter for motorcycle from our well-researched buyers' guide?

Fasten your seatbelts because we have some fruitful information that will highly benefit you while riding a scooter, bike, street motorcycle, or lawnmower.

Likewise, changing the fuel or brake oil in an ATV or any other street motorcycle also requires a filter that will filter out all the unwanted residue.

If you are a biker or a tractor driver you must be aware that you should be changing your fuel filter regularly because it saves your locomotive from different problems.

Buying an in-line fuel filter for different automobiles is now a need of time. Moreover, you have to give your motorcycle, regular tuning, service, and keep it updated otherwise you might face certain issues like:

  • Connection failure between the engine wires
  • Bolts and nuts vibration or dis-alignment
  • Disconnected or loose fuel-line
  • The engine might not ignite
  • The engine might heat up
  • The gas tank might become rusty and unsuitable for the automobile

Similarly, you just add up the maintenance of engines to your to-do list. That will most probably keep you away from dealing with all these above-mentioned difficulties.

When Do You Need to Change the Fuel-Line Filter?

However, it’s good to change it regularly, but when you think that your motorcycle or a scooter is showing some signs of trouble, then it is the right time to replace it.

If you want to protect your gas kit or fuel tank from foreign unrequired dusty particles then an in-line fuel filter is a must-have.

Certainly, you have to make sure that the gas tank does not catch rust because that destroys the tank from inside.

Most of the bikes or other locomotives do not come with a fuel filter, in that case, it’s necessary to buy one.

Therefore, the above-mentioned fuel filters will give your bike a new life while protecting it from unwanted deposits.

Tip: If there is a fuel filter attached or installed within a bike, then do clean it every now and then so it gives you a quick run.

Furthermore, if you want to use a filter in your vehicle, then make sure that you buy an easy to install, inexpensive, and easy to maintain filter.

How to Install the In-Line Fuel Filter?

For beginners, it is important to read this carefully and understand it thoroughly.

First of all: Dry the gas kit and make sure that no gas remains in the fuel tank. This can only happen if you leave the engine ‘On’ for some time. You have to free the fuel line from the gas before installing the filter.

Tip: The fuel filter that you are using for the preferred motorcycle should be exactly made for the specific bike.

Secondly: You can attach the filter while using two ways. One way is to loosen the hose and remove it from your bike.

Thirdly: You can also fit the filter without detaching the hose that is perhaps considered an easy method.

Fourthly: You have to decide where exactly the filter should be attached, anywhere on the hose.

The fifth step is: Study the length of the filter and then cut out the hose to compare the size of the hose with the filter.

The sixth step is: After cutting the hose try to fit the filter sandwiched between the two ends of the hose.

Seventh step: Filter contains an arrow that will guide you about the direction flow of gas or fluid.

Lastly: You should point the direction of the arrow towards the carburetor, however, if there is no prominent arrow, then the bigger side of the filter will point towards the carburetor.

Trick: Before the use of the fuel filter make sure you have clipped the cut ends of the hose filter. Moreover, tightening the clips will also help you to protect the filter.

What if Your Bike Already Has an Installed Filter?

What to do when your automobile already has an inbuilt fuel filter that is installed in-line? Let me make it clear that all you have to do is:

  • Keep the filter clean
  • Have a check on it regularly
  • Always provide weekly maintenance
  • Have a regular check on the running of the engine

The Best Filters in Market - Easy to Install and Simple to Manage!

There are various in-line fuel filters available in the market that will keep your locomotive safe, secure, protected, and clean.

Hence, your first priority should be easy cleaning of the filter, whereas, the second priority should be its durability.

Material - How to Strengthen the Filter?

It’s good to know that the filters that are made up of plastics are less in weight, sturdy, and easy to clean as well as maintain.

However, plastic filters can break easily if not changed regularly or after a certain period, so you should be well-prepared for it.

Moreover, it also helps the user in fuel cleansing because the plastic filter is easily replaceable and quickly removable.

Style - Easy Attachment and Detachment Process

Filters that are involved in the above table have different styles, dimensions, weight, and reliability factors.

They are specifically styled for an in-line fuel kit including inlet and outlet diameter values, along with hose clamp diameter.

So, in-line style is the most versatile design statement for these filters that work best for vehicles like motorcycles, street bikes, ATVs, lawnmowers, tractors, snowmobiles, and go-cart.

Filters are attached to the cut ends of the hose, so for this purpose in-line attachment is a great option.

Performance - Best User Choice!

There are some of the filters that are designed in such a way that they look transparent and clear.

Moreover, the user can easily see how clean it is from the inside. Thus, every filter has a specific feature that improves its quality, performance, and work.

Plus, it proves itself to be power equipment that can help its users in various ways. So, now filtering out the impurities from the fuel is not an issue anymore.

Workmanship - What Does it Hold for You?

The performance and the workmanship of the filter are interconnected due to its ability, capability, and high resilience.

Furthermore, it performs at its best when it is manufactured professionally and treated competently.

These are heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant vehicle fuel filters that add up to their capacity of performance and workmanship.

Similarly, they have a long service life, so if they are treated and maintained expertly, then you and your vehicle would not face any future problems due to it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use any type of fuel filter on the motorcycle?

Yes, you may use it on any motorcycle, but you should better figure out the lining of the filter, hose size, diameter, length, and specification of the motorcycle. Make sure it fits through the filter physically.

Do you believe that a fuel filter can restrict the flow of the fuel or not?

If the filter is accurately fitted in the hose, it does not restrict the fuel from flowing freely. Moreover, the size of the fuel filter should be the accurate size and should fit perfectly.

Do you think that the new filter can improve the performance?

Yes, the new filter always improves the performance of the engine as it is debris-free and has zero impurities. The main purpose of the fuel filter is to stop all the impurities from entering into the engine and disturbing its connections and the entire system.

What are the benefits of replacing your vehicle fuel filter?

It can boost engine performance, enhance engine power and life, and improve fuel as well as battery efficiency. Moreover, it also reduces harmful emissions and protects fuel pumps and fuel injectors from all sorts of contaminations.

Why should I install a filtering system in any vehicle or a motorcycle?

Most of the vehicles or motorcycles have an inbuilt filtering system, but if you want to buy one, ensure they are replaceable and economical. A damaged filter reduces the performance of the vehicle.


When it comes to choosing the ideal inline fuel filter for motorcycle, the main quality that motorcyclists are looking for is its durability and efficiency. This is because fuel filters play an important role in the maintenance of the engine.

We have compiled reviews of top-rated filters along with a summary of their pros and cons for you to make the best decision for your engine.

Our top pick would be the Cococart Universal 1/4" Metal Inline Fuel Filter. This is because it comes with a fuel line as well as hose clamps. Therefore, it is suitable for many motorcycle brands and versions.

Furthermore, the stainless-steel body and interior parts make the filter durable. While it is expensive, it also offers great value.

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