Best Ignition System For Small Block Chevy [Buying Guide]

It sounds impractical to find the best ignition system for Small Block Chevy in town. Are you in the same boat?

Without any doubt, the thought crosses one’s mind as if it will fit their motor. Whereas, they are designed specifically in two different blocks; small and big blocks Chevy. So, in that case, there is less need to worry.

Other than this, people face issues related to the timing and performance of distributors, durability, and value-based pricing.

Best Ignition System For Small Block Chevy

You are getting it right!

However, through this article, our objective is not only to tell you the best ignition that is built to achieve the best performance but a solution to all these problems.

So, what’s holding you?

Comparing 7 Best Ignition System For Small Block Chevy 2021

Assuredly, we have specially chosen the 7 best-rated ignition systems for you to save your time from the unnecessary hassle of searching.

Ignition SystemHousing Material
MSD 85551K Ignition KitIron Check Price
Pertronix D104600Aluminium Vacuum Advance Check Price
ACCEL 59130Aluminum Housing Check Price
A-Team PerformanceMachined Aluminum Check Price
Assault Racing 1035001CNC Machined and Polished Housing Check Price
JDMSPEED HEI DistributorAluminum Check Price
Voltstorm DistributorCNC Machined Aviation Grade Aluminum Check Price

1. MSD Ignition Kit 85551K

MSD Ignition Kit

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Do you know about the MSD HEI distributor whose OEM and manufacturer part number is 85551K?

If not, then it is time to know more.

This MSD ignition is designed for Chevy V8, while the ignition kit includes multiple tools like a coil bracket, blaster 2 coil, pro-billet distributor, and a digital 6L Aluminum ignition box.

What else does it contain?

It also contains a superconductor along with 8.5 spark plug wires as well as a red coil MSD cap. Remember that the kit also contains blaster 2 coils that are present in the ignition box.

Quite a compact distributor, isn’t it?

  • Compatible
  • Fit specific vehicle
  • Include MSD kit
  • No cons found

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2. Pertronix D104600 Distributor – Suitable for Both Small/Big Blocks

Pertronix D104600 Distributor

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The Pertronix HEI distributor is specially designed for small and big block Chevy, particularly.

However, the package dimensions given by the manufacturer are 43.18 L x 18.288 W x 14.223 H (Centimeters).

Moreover, it works well when installed in specific vehicles that are included in the item compatibility list. That’s why its fit type is known to be vehicle-specific.

Nope! That’s not enough:

This tool has been produced by the United States, while the package weighs 9.3 pounds, but the item weighs 4 pounds.

You should know that model number D104600 Pertronix acts as an ignition module to be used for generating electronic ignition.

Keep in mind the manufacturing fault when it comes to the packaging of the item. But, you can return or exchange it, if the warranty is provided by the company.

Sounds fair!

  • Good street and running performance
  • Works like a professional one
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • There might be packing issues
  • Automobile specific

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3. ACCEL Distributor – Machined Exterior 59130

ACCEL Distributor

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ACCEL HEI distributor is absolutely ideal for Chevy V8 and is considered fit for specific vehicles. Thus, the black color distributor consists of high-performance and quality distributor gears.

Also, take note that this device is specifically made up of Cast Aluminum Housing that ensures the durability of the plug and plays replacement.

As it is a direct plug-in factory fit tool, it offers trouble-free services with the help of an OEM ignition module.

Want to know what does the package include?

It includes a distributor, and a Chevy V8 HEI vacuum 265-454. Undoubtedly, the Accel distributor is considered a perfect choice for the street machine or daily driver.

You must be aware till now about the high-quality distributor that works smoothly with the help of the sintered bronze bushing.

Besides, the manufacturer has assured that it will provide a one-year warranty to its customers.

Also, this Accel ignition module is supplied with a high-quality black cap and a gear along with the connection of the brass terminal.

But before you purchase make sure that the distributor fits your vehicle perfectly.

  • Value-based price
  • Good quality
  • High-performance tool
  • Good compatibility
  • Fits on the specified vehicle
  • No vacuum adjustable unit found

No products found.

4. A-Team Performance Distributor HEI001R

A Team Performance Distributor

No products found.

This A-Team Performance distributor utilizes a 4-pin ignition module that makes it a heavy-duty item.

Now it’s time to know about its compatibility. This HEI distributor shows compatibility with 267, 265, 262, 302, 283, 327, 383, 350 small blocks, and 427, 396, and 454 large blocks.

It also has compatibility with Chevrolet V8 Gen I and II.

However, it requires one wire installation and 65,000 volts of coil spark that works up to 7500 RPM.

Its durability is shown with the components that it holds like CNC-Machined, a chrome-moly gear, and Polished Aluminum shaft.

What else?

Do you know about the manufacturing of the distributor? It is manufactured by a certified OE ignition system manufacturer as well as a distributor manufacturer.

A-Team Performance distributor has designed this device to generate ignition without folding. Thus, with the weight of 6 pounds and 12 volts, this HEI distributor works really well.

Undoubtedly, it shows excellent performance with the help of aluminum housing, bushing construction, and vacuum or mechanical advances.

  • 8 Cylinders
  • Steel gear
  • Male cap style
  • Magnetic trigger style
  • Performs really well
  • There might be a fault in the vacuum advance sometimes

No products found.

5. Assault Racing Distributor 1035001

Assault Racing Distributor

No products found.

Is it the first time you are buying the ignition system designed for SBC? If it is so, then Assault Racing is all that you need for your big or small-block V8.

This red cap ready to run device consists of a brass terminal that will work efficiently and produces ignition to create a spark.

Ready for the fuel-ignition, right away?

Note that this appliance has well-polished housing along with a fully CNC machined option. Do not forget the distributor super coil voltage that is measured to be 65,000 volts.

Want to know about the applications that it includes?

It includes 400, 283, 307, 305, 350, and 327 small blocks. However, it also includes applications 402, 396, 454, and 427 big blocks.

Adjustable vacuum is also a part of the ignition system that is available in advanced form.

Additionally, it shows high performance with a 4-pin module and its function on 7500 RPM.

Moreover, it also ensures reliable timing with the help of 4340 Chromoly gear and Accel style coil cover.

You should know that the coil acts as the wire retention and dissipates heat away.

Besides, if you want accurate spark alignment for a throttle response then I think this is the one.

One of its drawbacks is that it does not perform well if installed in the weekend cruiser and daily driver.

  • Well-built
  • Cheaper
  • Easy to install
  • Functions perfectly
  • Not suitable for daily drivers

No products found.

6. JdmSpeed HEI Distributor – A Combo Kit

JdmSpeed HEI Distributor

No products found.

You must need this piece of equipment to generate a high-performance spark. Plus, remember that it consists of one set of plug wires and a distributor.

Besides, if you want to know more about the distributor, let us inform you that the 10.5 mm spark wires are basically high-performance racing SBC wires that are further composed of BBC and SBC boots.

Furthermore, the HEI distributor is completely suitable for 305, 283, 327, 307, 400, and 350 small blocks. And it is also suitable for 427, 454, and 396 big blocks.

JDMSPEED with red cap:

If you want a replacement for the GDM application, you have to utilize the module consisting of 4-pin ignition to ensure better performance.

Eager to know what the device holds?

As you are now aware the HEI plug wires also generate an electronic ignition.

The distributor is composed of HEI boots that can be rotated up to 90 degrees or so. While the same distributor also consists of straight spark boots of plug shape.

This new HEI distributor weighs 9.13 pounds and the dimensions are 14.17 x 8.35 x 19.21 inches. The manufacturer shows that the painted exterior performs in a much better way.

They also explain in the details of the device that this item is specially designed for the electronic model (race series).

Also, due to the silicone-made sleeve and boots, a 1.8 K ohm per meter, high temperature, ultra high strength, KEVLAR core, and boot style coil, it shows replacement for many other automobiles like Chevrolet and other related series.

Such a long list of features and functions:

One thing you have to keep in mind is that all the same number of drive gears are not similar, so you have to find an alternative.

  • Amazing finish and fit
  • Well-structured wires
  • Ensures better running
  • Great quality
  • A replacement combo kit for Chevy
  • Spark plug wires are not long enough

No products found.

7. Bravex Hei Ignition Distributor

Bravex HEI Distributor

No products found.

This standard plus new HEI ignition distributor is suitable for small and big blocks.

So, it is compatible with Chevy BBC, GM, and SBC. While it is fit for 305, 283, 327, 307, 400, and 350 small blocks and 454, 427, and 396 big blocks.

Amazingly, it comes with 5 years or 100,000-mile factory warranty along with a money-back guarantee.

Moreover, a US-based team is allocated to meet all your needs and provide you with quality customer care services.

The 4-pin ignition model is utilized for the GM application to ensure a direct fit formula.

Want to know more about the specification of the equipment?

Particularly, the coil spark requires a high voltage of 65,000-75,000 volts and 9000 RPM.

You should know that it is upgraded and manufactured for different racing applications that include Aviation Grade Aluminum, Japanese NSK Bearing, and Melonized Steel Gear.

Voltstorm brand is the manufacturer of this appliance that weighs 6.22 pounds plus, this red cap Chevy distributor can fit automobiles series like Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and other engines.

Want to know about the engine series or models that it fits into?

V8 GAS OHV, V8 DIESEL, 5.7L 350 Cu, 5.0L 305 Cu, 4.4L 267 Cu, and others are considered to be an absolute fit for the HEI. You have to take care of the slotted groove found on the distributor.

It shouldn’t be thick otherwise, it might cause some serious issues.

  • Aluminum housing
  • Dual bushing construction
  • Stable
  • Good quality machine work
  • Simple to install
  • There can be a gap between the distributor base and an intake

No products found.

Best Ignition System For Small Block Chevy Buyer’s Guide:

Ignition System For Small Block Chevy Buying Guide

Clearly, by now you must know all about the top ignition system for small blocks out there in the market.

Certainly, we have given you the 7 best options to choose from keeping in mind all the prerequisites.

Still, can’t find the one perfect for you?

No need to worry!

Go through our detailed buyer’s guide to know what to look for:

First things first:

You need to answer the following question to have a rough outline of what you are looking for:

  • Are you interested in upgrading your distributor?
  • Will it fit in your vehicle type?
  • How much are you willing to invest in it?

Now, once you have answered these, the following is a list of things to look for before purchasing one.

Housing Material - Which Type You Need?

Usually, we assume aluminum to be the best for ignition systems. But, that is not always the case. Generally, you can find it in materials like:

  • CNC machined
  • Aluminum

Undoubtedly, out of all the above-mentioned material, aluminum is more durable and ensures more stability and long-lasting performance.

Also, buyers usually like this material as compared to others. So, make sure the system you want to buy should have aluminum as the housing material.

Are you getting my point?

Tip: The only thing to remember here is to take it down when not in use.

Consequently, if you want an ignition system to last longer then you should focus on the housing material before anything else.

Distributor - What Suits You the Best?

Surely, distributors matter a lot.

There are different types of distributors:

  • Pro-Billet
  • Accel
  • Cast
  • HEI

Whereas, each distributor is compatible with two different blocks: small and big.

Bash! What a bummer, right?

Therefore, always check the compatibility of the distributor with your engine before buying one.

Durability - Will It Hold?

Another important consideration is to check whether it is durable or not.

Experts suggest that look for the durability of the ignition system and their components before you purchase the tool.

Plus, if you want your vehicle to work perfectly then it is necessary to quickly check the durability of the equipment.

Tip: Always opt for an ignition system that is made from materials that are durable.

For instance, housing material; ensures stability. Whereas, gear material which built for long life.

Ignition Coils - How to Choose?

A heavy-duty ignition coil is everything you'll have to power high-performance engines.

Tip: Here are some tips to keep in mind about coil ignition:

  • High-quality ignition coil to ensure quick ignition: best for high performance of the engine
  • Heavy-duty ignition; extra miles of service
  • Strip ignition coils; best for race cars up to 55000 volts

The only problem:

Time will tell how long the coils last. On a lighter note, I have burnt the unit’s internals many times.


Always get an upgraded coil.

Undoubtedly, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Spark Plug - Which One is Right For You?

Copper-core center electrodes are mostly involved in the spark plugs. Whereas, to enhance performance, spark plugs may have a platinum or iridium tip.

Therefore, before buying an ignition system you must check which spark plug suits your vehicle.

Tip: If your owner recommends iridium spark plugs in his manual, don’t downgrade to platinum spark plugs or copper spark plugs. Ultimately, you can face the risk of poor engine performance.

However, you can also consult your mechanic for guidance on selecting the best spark plug for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is mechanically advanced good for usage or not?

Certainly yes, it has both mechanical advanced features. Side by side, it is also a vacuum advance.

Will it work on long travel?

Undoubtedly, it runs long if you have the tools or experience to set it upright, shop around for a professional with the correct understanding and knowledge of all ignition systems. Well, in that case, make sure you use only high-quality spark plugs.

What kind of gear should I use or should be used when dealing with the ignition of a Chevy?

Surely, specifically for trouble-free service, hardened high-quality gears are used. If you are about to cover many miles quality gears with brass terminals should be first priority.

Does it have an ignition coil?
Surprisingly, yes, on the top of the ignition system this feature of coil is built. Hence, you don’t have to buy them separately.
Will housing material assure a tight fit?

Assuredly, to allow a snug fit the ignition system is built with aluminum material. Whereas, durability, stability, and long-lasting performance are found in the ignition system whose internal part is made up of hardened steel.

What is the timing curve of distributors?

The timing curve of the distributor is a partially mechanical and partial vacuum. However, for the street long run, it is considered an incredible device.


In a nutshell, we comprehensively explained to the pros and cons of each and every ignition system or distributor that you want to install in your vehicle.

Thus, you have a wide range of choices related to the 7 best ignition system for small block Chevy to pick from. 

So, what are you waiting for?

We hope that we have cleared all your doubts related to the quality, durability, and performance of ignition systems.

Pocket-friendly and quality design ignition systems are being added in this article so that it is easy for you to make a final decision without regretting anything.

What do you say?

Follow the detailed buyer’s guide to help in choosing the best one for you, if you are not satisfied with our selection criteria, then you should scroll upwards and study the product reviews to know more.

If you consider our suggestion, the A-Team Performance HEI distributor would be our top pick.

Whereas, hardened steel dual bushing and high-quality aluminum housing are added to the item that makes it even more durable and sturdy than others.

Secondly, its powerful 65000-volt coil is enough for a high-performance engine.

Get ready for ignition!

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