What’s The Best Hot Rod Muffler [Buying Guide 2022]

Did that ever happen that your car started producing ear-shattering voices suddenly? Well, that usually occurs when your muffler says goodbye, and you certainly need to look for another best hot rod muffler.

Best Hot Rod Muffler

You might be wondering what the muffler actually is. You know what? The muffler is a device that muffles the vehicle’s sound – it’s in the name.

Basically, the car’s engine produces a loud pulsating sound that’s the major contributing factor to noise pollution.

Not only this, but a muffler also enhances fuel economy – which you probably have noticed after installing a new muffler.

Wait – there’s more! It also enhances the airflow and power of the engine.

When Your Muffler Does need to be changed?

Ever wondered why you need to change your mufflers with time? You’ll get to know me here.

Due to continual exposure to heat and moisture, mufflers get degraded and prone to rust. They won’t be able to perform well, and you’ll hear noisy voices.

Consequently, they’ll start producing an unpleasant smell and affect your engine’s efficiency.

How Do Mufflers Work?

If you ever have opened up your car’s muffler, you might’ve seen some tubes and chambers. These chambers reflect the sound of the engine within it. The ultimate result is the canceling of sound waves as a result of this reflection.

An interesting fact! Not all the mufflers quieten the sound. Some mufflers absorb engine sound and produce a growling sound. If you have a sports car – you might be aware of it.

Comparing 10 Best Hot Rod Muffler

After detailed research, we’ve filtered some top-notch models, which you are certainly going to love. Here we go! 

MufflerInternal ConstructionInlet Size
BLACKHORSE MufflerSingle Chambered2.5 in Check Price
Carven Exhaust MufflerStraight-Through2.5 in Check Price
COLT EXHAUST MufflerStraight-Through2.5 in Check Price
Jones Exhaust MufflerStraight-Through5.0 in Check Price
TOTALFLOW MufflerSingle Chambered2.5 in Check Price
AUTOSAVER Welded MufflerTube-and-partition3.0 in Check Price
Thrush 17715 Turbo MufflerTri-Flow Design2.5 in Check Price
Magnaflow 10416 MufflerStraight-Through2.5 in Check Price
Flowmaster MufflerTwo-Chambered3.0 in Check Price
Cherry Bomb MufflerChambered Design3.0 in Check Price

1. BLACKHORSE Pair of Single Chamber Performance Muffler

BLACKHORSE Pair of Single Chamber Performance Muffler

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Are you looking to add an aggressive grumbling sound to your vehicle? Oh yes! You have got the right thing. This decent-looking pair of mufflers has got some serious power to trigger your Hot Rod, BMW, Ferrari, or Honda.

Is this muffler explicitly for Ferrari, BMW, or Honda?

No! Surely not! It has to do with the quality that these mufflers are even suitable for them. These mufflers are ideal for any car. Yes! It can be any car. You can introduce a super deep aggressive sound into any vehicle.

All you have to select is the proper size of the inlet and outlet.

Is it really the best bang for the buck?

The impressive sound, quiet deep, mild tone, and unimaginable aggressiveness are the best bang for your buck. However, these are loud enough to give racing car vibes, still in a lower position than Flowmaster 40 series.

The Construction Matters

Let’s dive into the subtle details. The tube-and-partition interior construction ensures maximum airflow and the best power gains.

Moreover, you’ll get an improved throttle response -which you might never have seen before.

You get two types of inlet and outlet connections, including pipe type and weld-on.

What’s the Material?

Here’s the most important thing. BLACKHORSE single chamber muffler is made up of aluminized steel. That’s not although the ideal one, which we have recommended, is still one of the best materials.

Easy to Install – The Best Thing So Far

Sounds good? Yes! This muffler comes with a marked inlet and outlet, which makes it super easy to install, even for the person who’s doing it for the first time.

You just have to arrange the muffler according to the parts number and grind off the previous muffler. You’ll just need four clamps and pipes. Put the pipes and clamps and tighten.

Durability is Guaranteed – Astonishing! Isn’t it?

An interesting thing! You just don’t have to look for other mufflers when you have this one out. The material is highly durable and long-lasting.

Moreover, it’s resistant to rust, corrosion, and even engine heat. It has got some serious power to be your vehicle’s partner for a long time.

  • An excellent value for money
  • Sound is deep and throaty
  • The compact design to stick them anywhere
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Sound is not as loud as Flowmaster

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2. Carven Exhaust R-Series Performance Muffler

Carven Exhaust R-Series Performance Muffler

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Had it ever happened that a policeman stopped you on the highway due horrific sound your car is producing? Well, that might’ve happened if you didn’t choose a pleasant-sounding muffler so far.

So here comes Craven exhaust performance R-series muffler that is made up of high-quality rust-resistant stainless steel.

Undoubtedly, being one the loudest, Craven is the best growling muffler in our top picks.

What’s the Interior Strategy?

The design is a straight-through type, which makes it undoubtedly one of the loudest mufflers in the market. It is explicitly designed to pair up with long-tube headers.

The true dual system will make your vehicle sound simply ‘magical.’

Does it Sound Magical or Noisy?

When we fitted these mufflers on your vehicle, they made it reverberate magically. Not clumsily loud, not going to create a mess-up with the police, these mufflers have a surprisingly deep and growling sound.

It’s one of the loudest mufflers around but definitely not obnoxious. And you know what? You can easily talk to the passenger without having any difficulty.

What About Durability?

Well, the most important thing people are concerned about is the age of the muffler. You can confidently opt for this growling machine.

The stainless steel interior and rust-resistant smooth finishing make this muffler resistant to heat, dust, moisture, and corrosion.

Is it a Budget-Friendly Choice?

You might be wondering that Craven exhaust is quite expensive than its competitors, but we’ll end up saying that it’s worth the price.

Craven performance R-series is going to rock on your car.

But wait, there’s more!

This muffler has got a ‘Lion Power’ because it has some serious flair to increase the airflow and engine’s efficiency. And what’s the ultimate result?

An aggressive deep, resonant sound, cruising the mellows when the car speeds up – is all that you’ll get.

  • Guaranteed durability
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Pleasantly deep, growling sound
  • Quite easy to install
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • The sound may be too loud for some people

No products found.

3. COLT EXHAUST Universal Resonator Muffler

COLT EXHAUST Universal Resonator Muffler

No products found.

Are you tired of changing your car’s mufflers every season? You might’ve noticed some downfall in your car’s performance every couple of months.

Well, that might be due to the material, which has been crumbling. The continuous contact with heat and moisture can be the reason behind this.

COLT exhaust has launched its recent stainless steel resonator series, which is going to last for years.

What Makes This So Special?

You might be wondering the reason behind the lasting performance of this muffler.

The 409 stainless steel construction coated with some powerful material makes it resistant to rust, corrosion, and even engine heat.

The Smart Construction Straight Through Design

Moving on to the interior, which is vigilantly designed, this muffler has a simple straight-through design. The air chambers in it ensure maximum airflow and efficiency.

Moreover, your car is going to perform at its pinnacle when you embellish it with this powerful gear.

Is it a Quietening or a Growling Muffler?

When we tried this muffler on Durango, Hot Rod, and Mazdaspeed 6, we were impressed by the results. The way it quietened the noisy drone sound was unbelievably impressive.

This muffler will cancel out all the noisy engine sounds and produce a smooth, resonant, and much bearable sound.

What About The Installation?

An amazing thing! You just don’t need to look out for a mechanic to fit the muffler into your car. It comes with all the instructions, through which you can fit it yourself.

Moreover, the inlet and outlet markings are present on both ends.

A Cost-Effective Choice

COLT exhaust falls under the category of under $50. Therefore, we must say it’s one of the best budget-friendly options in the market. 

You’re not going to have any cheap feeling in its performance. It quietens the sound just like some luxury models in the market.

Sounds impressive! Right? So what are you waiting for? Get the best bang for your buck right now.

  • Resonators included
  • 409 stainless steel, resistant to heat and corrosion
  • An affordable choice
  • Universal fitment
  • Not suitable for a sports car

No products found.

4. Jones Exhaust Turbine Muffler JT5050XL Resonated

Jones Exhaust Turbine Muffler JT5050XL Resonated

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If you can’t bear an earsplitting sound in your car, then the Jones exhaust turbine is remarkably one of the best mid-range mufflers.

Well, not too loud, not too quiet, this muffler adds handsome vibes to your car. It tones down the irritating drone noise by producing some tremendous Cummins shakes.

Impressive Sound Levels

Have you ever faced a problem while having a conversation with your driving partner? That might be due to some unnecessary noise in the car.

What’s the Catch?

This smart gear muffles the EGT from 600 to 450 degrees, cruising the sounds up to normal levels. The tone and volume become incredibly perfect at high speeds without any droning at any RPM.

The Material – Stainless Steel

Here we go! Jones exhaust has won this round. Highly-polished stainless steel, incredibly one of the best materials of mufflers so far.

The Straight-Through Construction

Jones exhaust turbine muffler features a smart, narrow design with a straight-through interior. This construction is suitable for trucks and cars, which combines versatility and economy to give the best all-around performance.

Is it really a Long-Lasting Muffler?

Like our other top picks, this one is also resistant to rust, corrosion, heat, and water. You can now have a remarkable experience with this muffler for years.

Say goodbye to the problems of changing mufflers, again and again; you’ve been facing previously.

Let’s dive into some deeper details

The 5” straight pipe fits perfectly to the car and produces a turbo whistle – slightly growling. From the inner side, the drone becomes almost invisible.

Moreover, this powerful gear enhances the throttle response. You’ll get a noteworthy engine’s performance and fuel economy.

Is it really worth your car?

If you are looking for 5” inlet luxury gear to fuel up your car’s performance, the Jones exhaust turbine muffler is undoubtedly ideal for you.

  • Enhances performance to the max level
  • Pleasant mid-range sound
  • Great power stroke
  • It diminishes droning
  • A bit pricey
  • Drones at 2300 RPM, only under load

No products found.

5. TOTALFLOW Polished Universal Muffler

TOTALFLOW Polished Universal Muffler

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Are you looking for your shocking debut in the next racing competition? Or do you want to enhance the fuel efficiency of your pick-up truck? 

Well, whatever you want is all you are going to get into TOTALFLOW universal muffler.

What Makes it So Special?

This universal muffler is suitable for any car. Yes, it can be any.

No matter you want to introduce this exhaust muffler system into your racing car, pick-up truck, muscle car, diesel truck, SUVs, or any foreign car, Bang! You’ve been hit with TOTALFLOW universal.

Do You Want to Know About The Material?

Let’s squint into the material of this coveted beast!

Like many luxurious models in the market, including Flowmaster, this universal muffler is also made up of highly durable polished 409 stainless steel.

What does that really mean?

In a nutshell, you are going to use it for years and years. The polishing will save the material from rust, corrosion, and everything.

The Smart Construction

The heavy gauge material and the smart single-chambered construction make the car roar like a beast.

And most probably, you might be looking for this beast roaring on the racing platform.

Isn’t it astonishing?

Is The Sound Tone Really Exhausting?

The internal resonance system catches the sound from the engine and reverberates pleasantly. Well, that sound can be a little harsh for some people.

But most of them loved the sound level – so balanced and harmonized.

This Muffler is Notorious for Drones – Honestly!

When we installed this muffler, its killing sound was merely dominant on the road. Barely had we heard a little drone; it’s honestly notorious for drones.

How are you going to install it?

It is a universal muffler. What does that mean? It means that you can’t just fix it in your car, as it needs some modifications.

You have to utilize a professional facility for its installation.

What’s the bottom line?

Coming to an end, you’ll get this quality muffler at half price as its competitors. So we’ll say that this one is the best budget buy.

  • An excellent value for money
  • Ideal for all vehicles
  • Impressive quality
  • Sounds like a beast
  • You cannot install it on your own

No products found.

6. AUTOSAVER88 High-Performance Welded Muffler

AUTOSAVER88 High-Performance Welded Muffler

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Has your car ever broken down on the highway, on a hot sunny day, due to engine heat-up? Well, that usually happens when your vehicle isn’t equipped with strong gears.

Here comes AUTOSAVE88 high-performance muffler, which is merely not an aggressively reverberating device but also got some other flairs. 

Why is This Muffler So Special?

If you have this muffler in your car, you will never be going to face your car breaking down due to engine heat-up.

It discharges the high-temperature gas effectively and safely out of the car. Moreover, it enhances throttle response and airflow. You’ll notice a remarkable change in the engine’s efficiency.

It’s a Deep Sounding Hot Rod Muffler!

I know that is what you might be thinking right now! Let’s talk a little about it.

This high-performance muffler is explicitly intended for off-road and racing applications. That sounds fantastic! The ultra-deep aggressive sound is loud enough to dominate your car on the road.

Moreover, it’s preferable for highway use and racing, not for street vehicles.

Construction and Material Really Matter!

The protective aluminized steel, coated with black powder, makes this muffler heat and corrosion-resistant. Its anti-deformation ability makes it worth using for longer.

Moreover, the improved partitioned design and MIG-welded construction allow maximum airflow and minimum power loss.

What about the installation of this Universal-fit Muffler?

Just like the previous model in our line, this one needs some modifications too. The choice is yours! You can either make the exhaust deeper or quieter.

But you can’t just do it yourself unless you are a professional. So you’d be seeking any professional. And that’s really not its drawback.

Is AUTOSAVER88 worth your vehicle?

If you are looking for a luxury buzzing muffler for your racing car, bang! You’ve hit with the right one. Undoubtedly, it’s a luxury gear that can make your vehicle dominate the racing competition.

Moreover, the enhanced OE quality and high-performance standards without sacrificing the flow rate will make your car perform to the next level.

  • Great engine efficiency
  • A longer lifespan muffler
  • Best for racing cars
  • Anti-deformation
  • Ultra-deep aggressive sound
  • You’ll need a professional for installation
  • Not suitable for street vehicles

No products found.

7. Thrush 17715 Turbo Muffler

Thrush 17715 Turbo Muffler

No products found.

Here comes another quietening muffler, Thrush 17715 turbo.

When it comes to manufacturing automotive components, Thrush is a renowned powerhouse for a pretty good reason. Isn’t it?

Well, there’s certainly no need to pay some extra dollars for a bit louder sound.

The Best Low-Pitched Sound Tone

If your muffler has started running awkwardly and producing loud voices, then you need to change it with this synchronized Thrush turbo.

That’s not even as quiet as stock, nor even loud enough for a jeep, but yes! It’s a balanced sort of little-throaty muffler that will not go clumsy.

It’s Astonishingly Easy to Install! Sounds Good?

If you ever damage your muffler, the plus point is, you can easily change it yourself. You have to follow the directions on the package. 

There’s no need to seek any professional mechanic.

Do You Want to Know What The Material is?

Thrush Turbo has won this round because this muffler features a 100% aluminized nickel-type coated shell. And guess what? This coating makes it entirely resistant to rust even if you’ve got it wet or set it overnight.

The low-back pressure design improves engine performance.

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper

The Tri-flow technology ensures the classic Thrush mid-range sound. It features a time-proven rolled lock that provides a leak-free and firm seal.

Most interestingly! Thrush Turbo is a reversible muffler. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Well, yes! It is.

It offers maximum flexibility with the variable pipe length.

Thrush Turbo Muffler – Universal or Vehicle Specific?

It’s a universal muffler, not vehicle-specific. It may be a little harder to determine how it will work in your car. You’ll need the help of a mechanic to induce some modifications.

  • Fits any vehicle with the right customizations
  • The best budget buy
  • Synchronized sound
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • You’ll have to be vigilant in choosing the size
  • May produce droning sound above 2000rpm

No products found.

8. MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust 10416 Muffler

MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust 10416 Muffler

No products found.

Here comes MagnaFlow with its latest edition of the best glass pack performance exhaust muffler. Rather than relying on chambered technology, this glass-pack muffler allows exhaust gases to pass straight through its center.

What’s Special About it?

Have you wondered why MagnaFlow has introduced glass-pack technology? There are quite good reasons for it.

This muffler is quite simple, inexpensive, and explicitly designed to reduce backpressure. But, it’s relatively less effective in muffling sound. We’ll not add it into the category of a quietening muffler.

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper

Here’s another stainless steel champ, MagnaFlow, which has made its every part with high-quality and long-lasting polished steel. Just imagine you’ve another muffler, which is meant to last for years and years.

Not only this, the acoustic fiber used can withstand higher engine temperatures. Plus, it impressively absorbs maximum noise.

An Excellent Deeply-Toned Sound – Sounds Cool?

It’s incredibly the best interior drone killer. It had really astounding results when we used it on the Venza 4 cylinder. It’s a pretty cool resonator that not only kills the drone but also produces a balanced, deep, and reverberating sound.

The stainless mesh veil over the fiber is instrumental in delivering a deep-toned sound.

It’s Constructed Smartly! No doubt

This powerful gear not only deals with sound but also improves acceleration performance. The exhaust system gets an excellent airflow due to the large diameters of perforated stainless steel.

Professional Installment is Necessary

MagnaFlow is a universal muffler, just like some other models in our line. It will not directly fit into your car, but yes! It can fit into any vehicle.

What Does That Mean?

You’ll need some customized fabrications, cutting, or welding to install it. No matter what your vehicle is, what type of sound you need, you can complement this muffler in your way. But, calling a pro mechanic is necessary.

  • No airflow restriction
  • Quite versatile in design
  • It’s great at damping internal drones
  • Unique Glasspack construction
  • Not very quiet
  • Welds are weaker as compared to their competitors

No products found.

9. Flowmaster Super 40 Series Muffler

Flowmaster Super 40 Series Muffler

No products found.

Are you looking for a deep growling sound without overpowering your car? YES! You’ve hit upon the right thing. That’s where Flowmaster beats all of its competitors – with its dominating and loud sound.

Yes, you read that, right! It’s Best at The Growling

We’ve many growling mufflers on our list but barely had any muffler beaten the standards of Flowmaster. It’s still the best so far.

It’s a clumsy-looking lightweight muffler with some advanced features. When we put it on V8, it sounded impressive. Not obnoxious at all, but a deeper and roaring sound that will make everyone stare at your car. Sounds crazy, isn’t it?

The Delta Flow Technology -The Secret Behind

The patented Delta flow technology features a two-chambered interior, which actually enhances the engine’s performance. Not only this but this technology is also involved in maintaining lower internal resonance and a deep tone.

This muffler will work best if you pair it up with a heavy engine – a powerful vehicle with high horsepower.

What About the Material?

Flowmaster is a renowned automotive components brand that is known for its incredible quality and durability. These 16 Gauge aluminized steel muffles are a perfect depiction of it.

The superior MIG welding will let you have seasons of successful vehicle growling either in rain or hot weather. The material is heat and rust-resistant.

Let’s dive into its Installation

Incredibly easy to install, Flowmaster comes with a complete instruction guide that barely you need to seek a mechanic. Moreover, there are proper inlet and outlet markings.

It’s not a universal muffler and is suitable only for massive engines.

Is it Expensive? No! It’s Worth the Price

You might be wondering that spending that much on your car muffler is a big deal. But trust me! When it comes to Flowmaster, it’s not.

Flowmaster mufflers are going to last for years and years. Some of their customer reviews confirm this point. They can even last up to 13 years.

  • Ideal for trucks and loading vehicles
  • Highly durable
  • The deep and resonant sound
  • Customer’s favorite muffler brand
  • Not suitable for small engines
  • Works only with 3” pipe

No products found.

10. Cherry Bomb Glasspack Muffler

Cherry Bomb Glasspack Muffler

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Are you running low on budget? And you want to add a growling spark to your Chevy Silverado, Hot Rod, or Honda. Here we’ve got a ‘win-win’ deal for you! Cherry Bomb muffler, apart from being budget-friendly, has some serious growling power.

How Does it Sound? Highly Aggressive!

Cherry Bomb is explicitly known for its loud-sounding mufflers. What will you expect from this one? Well, you’ve got on the right thing. This muffler features small wings and a body to enhance the airflow and sound resonance.

If you believe that louder is better, then you’ve hit upon exactly the right thing.

The Quality Really Matters!

This stainless steel muffler has got a smooth and protective polishing. And you know what? That cool red polish protects it from fungus, rust, corrosion, heat, and moisture.

The Dual System

If you are willing to invest a little more in your muffler, you can pair it up with exhaust pipes. This dual system will boost up the sound level. And honestly, you will turn your music off to listen to your car’s reverberations.

Is it really the Best Budget Buy?

Here’s a big YES! Hardly will you get a quality muffler in such a low-cost range. Moreover, there’s no compromise in quality and performance.

What About The Performance?

The compact design causes faster airflow and burns the fuel quickly. The engine produces more power and throws out a hearty growl.

Most interestingly! When it comes to racing cars, you can surely trust Cherry Bomb. You just have to hit the fuel to gas; this growling beast gains intensity, and the sound becomes unbearably louder.

  • Perfect for racing cars
  • Enhance engine’s performance
  • Smooth and classy red finishing
  • Extremely affordable
  • A loud sound may violate laws
  • Red color may oxidize with time

No products found.

Hot Rod Muffler Buyer's Guide:

Hot Rod Muffler Buying Guide

A muffler is a significant part that has to do with the performance of your vehicle. Just like, in life, you try to make the right choices, here, you have to make the right choice too.

You need to be cautious and vigilant before getting any muffler for your car. You can’t make any random choice here.

But how would you know which muffler is best for your car?

With many renowned brands in the market, each coming up with their latest models, it’s often difficult to choose the best one. Here are some factors you’ve to keep into consideration.

So let’s jump right into it and have a closer look at each of the following factors.

What to Choose - Straight or Hybrid Design?

Here comes the combination of perforated tubing and baffles - the Hybrid muffler. It’s instrumental in reducing engine noise.

Are you looking for maximizing airflow and horsepower too? Then a straight-through design is here for you. It basically comprises a perforated tube extending from one muffler to another.

The latter one traps the sound waves, and barely could you hear any growling noise.

Does Material Really Matter?

That question might certainly arise in your mind. And yeah! That’s a thing to consider before you get into any model.

Most of the mufflers are made up of aluminized mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. When it comes to choosing between these three materials, then we recommend stainless steel - it’s best so far.

Why is this so? Well, stainless steel mufflers are durable and last longer. Most high-end models in the market are of stainless steel.

But, there’s a catch? Most of the mufflers of other materials are highly prone to damage and rust. In the case of mild steel, you’ll have to change your muffler every four years.

Regrettably, if you fail at making the right choice - a poor brand, then your muffler may end up working in less than two weeks.

Too small or too large - Size Matters!

Have you ever thought about how important the size of your muffler is? Just imagine if you end up choosing a too small or too large muffler, all it will result in a negative impact on your vehicle.

The negative impact? Yes! It will affect the performance and reduce the efficiency of the engine. Moreover, it will also affect the growling sound adversely - the two things you’ll never want.

What do you think about the Universal Muffler?

If you want some modifications of your taste, you should surely go for the universal muffler.

What makes these mufflers universal? Well, here we’ll take its construction into account. They are constructed to fit any inlet or outlet.

But still, you have to match the length and diameter of your muffler. Moreover, if it doesn’t go well in your car, you can fix it using clamps to fasten pipes on inlets and outlets.

The sound - Appealing or Growling?

One of the most important factors when choosing the best muffler is sound. How would you feel when your car is producing an ugly sound? Certainly not good!

So, before you choose any model, make sure it sounds cool. It should sound in a way you like, either growling or quietening.

Moreover, you can also watch YouTube tutorials and listen to the sound. In this way, you will at least have an idea of how your muffler will sound.

The choice is yours! We have listed all the important factors that you have to keep in consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I improve the sound of my exhaust?

You can amplify the sound of your vehicle by replacing the muffler with one-designed. But how to do that? You can use a Glasspack, straight-through exhausts, and straight pipes that incredibly increase the intensity of sound.

So you can also add an exhaust tip or increase the size of your exhaust pipe by a half-inch to boost the sound level.

Is there any need to run tailpipes after mufflers?

When you are driving short distances, then having no tailpipes will not cause significant problems. But, the point is, there’s a dire need for tailpipes for longer distances.

You might be wondering why a tailpipe is important. Let me tell you! It actually causes the exhaust gases to move away from your car. It can otherwise cause an accumulation of gases underneath the vehicle and seep into the cab.

Why is straight piping illegal?

Straight pipe is illegal because it contributes a lot to the noise ordinance. The second reason behind its illegality is emissions.

Can we boost up the sound by drilling holes in the muffler?

Certainly yes! When you drill holes in the exhaust, the sound waves escape through these holes before the muffler damps them out.
However, it would be best if you drilled holes at the right places to prevent any damage.


A muffler is not only a sound amplifier or a damper, but it also enhances the car’s efficiency - ultimately, the performance. When you have the best hot rod muffler, you’ve got the best bang for your buck.

What’s the Catch?

Definitely! The right choice comes here. All the mufflers by the prestigious brands on our list are fair enough to fulfill your expectations. And you have to make that right choice according to your priorities.

Which Muffler Do You Want?

Whether you want a growling muffler for your racing or a quietening muffler for your family car, Bang! You are almost there. You’ll get the best one for you in our filtered models.

Our top pick - Best so far

BLACKHORSE pair of performance muffler is ideal, aggressively growling gear, which aluminized steel construction is rust-resistant and long-lasting.

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