7 Best Hisense TV for Gaming [2021 Buying Guide]

So, you’re eager to get yourself the best Hisense TV for gaming? Perhaps, you’ve seen the breathtakingly good results that the company has to offer at a friends’?

Or let me guess, it’s the company’s advert that has you entranced?

Well, whichever way it is, we are here to get to the roots of your interest, i.e., the quality of Hisense gaming TVs.

Are they worth spending on? Will you finally get the results you crave?

Best Hisense TV For Gaming

Possibly. As of yet, this competing Chinese electronics maker has held a good reputation in the market for incorporating durable cutting-edge technology in all its products.

The plus point of Hisense products is that you get to enjoy the latest tech without spending hefty sums of money.

So, here on this page, we’ve gathered the top seven popular models of Hisense gaming TV for you.

Now, sit back and read through. You’ll most likely come across your next best pick in terms of gaming televisions.

If not, you’ll at least have an idea of the scope of tech, convenience, and quality that Hisense offers.

So, either way, don’t worry. Your time on here is a meaningful investment.

Here we go!

Comparing 7 Best Hisense TV for Gaming

Gaming TVDisplayAudio
Hisense H84K ULEDDolby Atmos Check Price
Hisense H94K UHDDolby Atmos Check Price
Hisense L54K LaserDBX-TV Check Price
Hisense R84K ULEDDTS Studio Sound Check Price
Hisense R64K UHDDTS Studio Sound Check Price
Hisense H55Full HDDTS Virtual:X Check Price
HisenseH4Full HDDTS TruSurround Check Price

1. Hisense H8 – Best Budget 4K TV for Gaming

Hisense H8

No products found.

First, amongst the Hisense Quantum series, Hisense H8 is your mid-way option.

Unlike the ones that we’ll be reviewing later, it does not have a screen too massive, neither a screen too small.

It’s what you call just perfect for your bedroom. Why? Well, that’s because the 55-inch bezel-less screen demands a distance of about 5.5 feet viewing distance.

If your TV lounge or gaming room fits the need, then it’s a perfect pick for those rooms too.

Now, coming to its gaming highlights, the latter features a dedicated gaming mode wherein Hisense significantly improved the input lag.

Now that means your command from the controller will immediately come into effect on the screen.

You will not find yourself frustrated, punching the keys over and over again, and running behind your pals in the game. (To us, that is a major bonus!)

Moreover, it offers a 700-nits peak brightness offers greater luminosity and contrast. The question arises: greater from what?

Well, our best bet on that is that it’s greater than your regular television (even if it’s a 4K smart TV).

To put it straight and honest, the clarity offered by this android TV is impeccable.

The color palette that it exposes on your screen is, simply put: brilliant and mesmerizing. We bet you’d feel the game on the screen is much real than the reality around.

At the same time, we must also inform you that in terms of luminosity and contrast it isn’t the best. Sure, it would give better detail to the darker scenes.

But it may have some blurs and banding at a certain few points, which renders its 240 motion rate somewhat a spec-sheet accessory than a functional feature.

Back to the pros, the built and design are a plus! Hisense H8’s class will leave you in awe. Since the 55-inch screen is entirely bezel-less, it delivers a truly cinematic experience.

This, coupled with its immersive Dolby Atmos sound technology, makes your transition from the real world to your gaming settings an actual possibility.

An hour into a gaming session with this beauty, and we bet you’d find it difficult to believe you’re still in your room.

The 3D surround sound will provide just the right leads for your next move. Meanwhile, the details will have your eyes too well-glued to miss even a single detail!

Also, this masterpiece comes with a voice-controlled remote, which adds more fun to your gaming sessions.

Instead of interrupting your tempo, solely to fiddle with the remote control, you could command it to adjust volumes, switch apps, or whatever you wish!

  • Impressive cinematic experience
  • Extensive connectivity
  • Supported by Dolby Atmos
  • Voice-controlled remote
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • The remote isn’t backlit

No products found.

2. Hisense H9 – Best 4K TV for PC Gaming

Hisense H9 Gaming TV

No products found.

Going a little upscale from Quantum H8, the HiSense H9 Quantum Series (55HG9 2020 model) offers a cinematic and out-of-the-world viewing experience!

It features a 55-inches extra-large screen (precisely, it is 54.6-inches, but we’ll save the trouble and round it off!

The Hisense TV gets placed on a stand for stability and support.

However, if your gaming station lacks space, mount it on the wall using some brackets.

Similar to other models, this Hisense UHD TV uses Quantum Dot technology to offer you the richest, detailed, and bright colors.

The usage of Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos sound takes the experience to the next level.

Both high-end technologies enhance the visuals and audio so that you could fully indulge in them. It has a motion rate of 240, so the image processing is pretty quick with zero lag.

You could see the players move smoothly in the detailed game settings, while the crystal-clear gunshots keep you aware of the enemy’s directions.

Amazingly, this model features 1000-nits peak brightness with 90-local dimming zones. There’s also a dedicated game mode.

However, as per some reviews, there is slight noise in the background when running heavy-duty and complex games.

Nonetheless, the HiSense TV captures the movement of characters and game background with such vividness and realism that you’ll feel part of the game!

As a smart 4K TV, you can also use it to access entertainment apps and the internet immediately. You can play online games, play music, and browse our much-loved gaming platforms easily.

It also comes with a voice-enabled remote controller, so you won’t have to hunt down for the right buttons when in the middle of an intense gaming session. Simple, say the words, and voila!

Alexa compatibility and built-in Goggle assistant are also present to cater to different situations. The Hisense H9G TV is an excellent option for people seeking a premium gaming experience.

In case of an unsatisfactory experience, you can always benefit from the 1-year warranty offered by the manufacturer.

  • Large screen
  • Vivid and rich color display
  • Supported by Dolby Atmos
  • Voice-enabled controller
  • Extensive connectivity
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Slight noise

No products found.

3. Hisense L5 100-inch Laser TV

Hisense Laser TV

No products found.

The Hisense 100-inch TV is not your usual TV; it uses innovative laser technology to project a screen. Yes, it’s a projector that functions as a TV!

You can put this portable, lightweight device practically anywhere in the house. Unlike a regular TV, you do not need stands or wall mounts.

Simple, place it on the table in front of a wall, and you’re good to go!

It projects a 100-inches wide 4K display that offers a cinematic visual experience.

The High Dynamic Range contributes a diversity of high-quality colors to make the image rich and intense. It has a high contrast ratio for those vibrant and sharp touches to the display.

The Hisense Laser TV uses MEMC technology to make moving images and videos smooth.

These videos won’t lag or glitch. You could watch movies, sports and play the most complex games without worries.

This unique laser TV features DBX-TV digital audio technology that involves 30WW speakers embedded in the system.

These speakers produce a dimensional, high-quality sound to make your gaming experience even more amazing.

One thing that many worry about when considering this laser TV is the effect of ambient light on the screen.

Will the screen fade or vanish if strong sunlight strikes from surrounding windows? Certainly not!

The Ambient Light rejection function reflects back the harsh light so that the screen is bright and visible even in broad daylight. So, you can use the laser TV anywhere.

It works using an Android TV system so that you can access your much-loved channels and movies easily.

You can also stream popular applications, such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. The Hisense Laser TV has voice-enabled controls too. 

Do not worry about the laser TV’s lifespan as it uses X-Fusion laser light technology to provide up to 25,000+ hours of usage. After it, you’ll have to replace the bulb.

  • Innovative design
  • 100-inches large screen
  • Portable
  • Rich and vivid display
  • X-Fusion Laser Light Source
  • DBX-TV audio
  • Ambient light rejection
  • Voice-enabled remote
  • Built-in Google assistant
  • Difficult installation

No products found.

4. Hisense R8 – Best Hisense 4K HDR Gaming TV

Hisense R8F

No products found.

If you’re a casual player who games for a hobby or entertainment, then this HiSense R8F TV is your idealistic pick!

The Hisense R8 TV features an extra-large, bezel-less display that looks extremely stunning when installed.

The thin, almost non-existent bezels increase the screen-to-body ratio. Hence, offering a wide viewing experience.

You can either place the R8 on the stand or mount it on the wall.

Both the installation things are not present in the package, so you’ll have to purchase them separately. Well, once you get it installed, the real fun begins!

The Hisense R8 TV features a ULED, 4K screen that offers an amazing visual experience.

It offers a magnified, enhanced version of the games you would normally play on monitors and other gaming displays. Thus, increasing your insight into the details.

It possesses a wide color gamut that fills in the image with billions of rich, intense colors.

The usage of 56-local dimming zones develops a high contrast range, offering you the most accurate colors possible.

There is also Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range + HDR10, which adds realism to the display. Its 700-nits peak brightness lightens up things for clarity and vividness.

Altogether, all of these specifications augment the image quality to provide a more cinematic and immersive experience.

The Hisense class R8 Series TV comes along with motion rate 240-image processing too. It functions to reduce lag and glitches in the video.

However, the model might not be able to keep up with heavy-duty, visual-intensive games. So, if you are a passionate and professional gamer, this one just not be for you.

On the other hand, one thing that might allure towards the buy now button is the presence of a built-in Roku along with a 30-day free trial of the AMC+ channel. Walking dead fans are going to love this!

You can also access online services to benefit from 5,000+ streaming channels. The smart compatibility means you can use Alexa with the TV too.

Similar to other Hisense TVs, this one has a voice-enabled controller that you can use to perform basic functions.

  • Bezeless stunning screen
  • Rich and vivid display
  • Good-processing speed
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Built-in Roku
  • Not for heavy-duty gaming

No products found.

5. Hisense R6090G Roku 4K UHD Smart TV

Hisense R6

No products found.

The Hisense TV model R6090G from the R6 series belongs to those mid-range TVs for gaming that get you impressed at a single glance.

It has a stunning design with thin, narrow bezels and a large 50-inches display. The body of the TV is slim, matte, and simply gorgeous.

You would really enjoy the classy looks it brings to your gaming station.

The Hisense R6090G TV features an ultra-bright 4k UHD display that has over 8-million pixels.

Thus, it offers a dynamic viewing experience. Its colors are intensely rich, vibrant, and true.

Also, the Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range + HDR10 amplifies the contrast and clarity to make the resultant image vivid.

All the details and sharpness would get you running back to this display for all entertainment and/or gaming needs.

However, the brightness rating of the Hisense R6 series is 300-nits that is not too much. Still, the visuals are considerably bright and visible in all atmospheres.

Apart from visuals, the TV model has a DTS Studio Sound feature that delivers high-quality virtual surround sound.

You would feel the sounds coming from various directions, making the experience immersive.

This Hisense 4k UHD TV is not Bluetooth compatible, though it has a built-in Roku.

So, you can use it to watch and stream several movies. There are also numerous connectivity options that include:

  • 3-HDMI inputs
  • 1-USB port
  • 1-Ethernet port
  • 1-RCA Composite video input
  • 1-L/R audio input for Composite
  • 1-RF Antenna
  • 1-Digital audio output
  • 1-Earphone/audio output

All these ports make the Hisense R6090G TV extremely versatile.

  • Wide view
  • 4K UHD display
  • Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range + HDR10
  • DTS Studio Sound
  • Built-in Roku
  • Versatile connectivity
  • No Bluetooth compatibility
  • Slow-motion rate image processing

No products found.

6. Hisense H55 – Best Hisense Budget Gaming TV

Hisense H55

No products found.

If you are seeking something budget-friendly yet quality Hisense TV for gaming, then this Hisense H5500G TV is an excellent option.

When considering the Hisense 43 inch led TV price, the model offers you spectacular features to make your viewing experience amazing and pull you through the most intensive gaming session.

It has a 43-inches large screen size that provides a clear and quality image.

The display is full HD with a resolution of 1080-pixels. Yes, it’s pretty much the standard you get in the market; nothing fancy here.

However, unlike its competitors, the images are vibrant and bright. You will find minimal noise and grain. There will be billions of color tones displayed, all rich and true.

The Hisense H55 smart TV comes with DTS: X Virtual sound technology too.

So, it will create a virtual surround sound that makes your audio experience crisp, immersive, and dynamic.

However, the motion rate is 120 of this Hisense TV. So, it doesn’t work well with rapidly processing, intense games.

There might be some lag and glitches in those situations. But don’t undermine this TV right now!

It has a huge potential in the connectivity section. The model features an Android OS with a built-in Google assistant.

There is also built-in Bluetooth connectivity and voice-enabled operation to make usage even more fun.

You can make use of your voice to search for music, games, and whatnot wirelessly. The options do not end here.

You will also get 2-HDMI ports, 2-USB ports, 1-Ethernet port, 1-Digital Audio output, 1-audio input for composite, and 1-RCA composite video input. So, you can connect the TV to a diversity of devices.

After looking at all the top-notch options in this list, one might consider this Hisense H5500G Android TV as uncompetitive and not-so-worth-it. We thought the same initially!

But, believe us when we say the innovative features outshine the Hisense smart TV 43 inch price. You certainly won’t find a 43-inch TV as good as this one for gaming!

  • High definition resolution
  • DTS Virtual: X Sound
  • Vivid display
  • Good screen size
  • Built-in Google assistant
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Extensive connectivity options
  • Slow-motion rate processing

No products found.

7. Hisense H4 – Best Cheap TV for Gaming

Hisense H4

No products found.

Another 43-inches Hisense TV in our articulation is from the H4 series 43H4F, 2020 Model.

The Hisense TV is idealistic for beginners and intermediate-level gamers.

Its considerably big display offers a nice wide viewing experience. Primarily, it is for wall-mounting purposes. However, you can get a stand too.

The Hisense 43H4F model has a full HD 1080-pixels resolution.

It provides a wide color range that is accurate, vibrant, and rich. You won’t find the dullness and dimness present in most full HD TVs.

It displays crystal-clear, sharp, and detailed images. So, when gaming, the visuals appear dynamic and high-quality.

However, do not expect the cinematic visuals offered by 4K TVs from this one.

There is DTS: TruSurround installed in this H4 series model. It enhances the audio for details and clarity. You would feel blown away by the audio realism.

Moreover, the Hisense H4 TV has a dedicated super low-latency Game Mode that reduces lag and increases motion fluidity.

However, note, the motion rate of image processing is 120. So, the TV is not lag-proof.

This TV has a versatile build so that you can use it with cable, satellite, online streaming platforms, and even HDTV antennas.

It has built-in Wi-Fi so that you can browse things and play online games. You can also chat with your teammates on discord or stream on twitch.

It has a built-in Roku too. Using it, you can stream thousands of channels and movies.

You can download the Roku TV remote app on your smartphones (iOS and Android both) to control the TV from anywhere, anytime.

There is also Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility to make your experience fun-filled.

The only spot where this model lacks in terms of connectivity is the inputs and outputs. You can only connect a USB to the TV, which is alarming for gamers.

Please ensure your gaming devices are connectable with the TV via a USB port.

  • Good display
  • Rich 1080p picture quality
  • DTS: TruSurround
  • Voice-enabled controls
  • Dedicated Gaming mode
  • Built-in Google assistant
  • Alexa compatibility
  • Comes with Roku
  • Slow-motion rate processing
  • Limited compatibility

No products found.

Best Hisense TV For Gaming Buyer's Guide:

Hisense TV For Gaming Buying Guide

We're through with reviewing the best Hisense gaming televisions. Now, it's time for you to weigh each of these models as your preferences and pick the very best.

But. How to do that?

If you find yourself a bit lost about how exactly you will figure that out, then easy. We got you covered.

Below you will find a complete and comprehensive buying guide that will help you through with it.

Before you move forth, we'd advise you to roughly sketch a mind map of your needs. So, you can assess your preferred models in light of these aspects.

4K & HDR - Top Priorities

4K resolution refers to a horizontal display of 4000 pixels. Since pixels give the measure of color and detail accuracy in an image, you can imagine the results of a 4K TV.

Unlike the regular 1080p, 4K TVs deliver more dynamic colors and deeper shadows. Owing to this, 4K TVs are also much more expensive than the regular ones.

However, the greater pixel density of 4K resolution is more beneficial for larger screens as compared with smaller screens.

We recommend spending on 4K TVs only if you are buying a screen that measures 45 inches or more.

Similarly, HDR or High Dynamic Range refers to higher contrast. Or you can say, wider color contrast range.

It gives depth to the image on the screen and improves its visual impact. 4K, on the other hand, improves the sharpness.

Screen Type

These days multiple screen technologies are available that deliver varying on-screen results. The three most common types include:

  • LED
  • OLED
  • QLED

Amongst these LEDs is the basic and most affordable one. So, if you are shopping on a tight budget, go for LED.

It won't provide you the thrilling gaming experience you crave, but it will do fine.

QLED succeeds LED in terms of brightness, color gamut, motion blur, as well as price.

The black level, grey uniformity, viewing angle, and image retention are more or less the same in both.

OLED succeeds both LED and QLED in most domains except image retention, brightness, and color gamut. As per a gamer's concerns, QLED works best.

Refresh Rate

By definition, the refresh rate is the speed at which your gaming TV will be refreshing the image on your TV.

Technically, it means the number of times the image gets redrawn on the screen.

You need to look for a gaming TV that has the highest possible refresh rate in the available range, which happens to be 60Hz to 120 Hz in TVs.

The higher the rate, the smoother the motion of pictures will appear. The transitions between images occur in milliseconds, which the human eye cannot detect.

Hence, a greater number in the Refresh Rate category means that your eye will not be able to detect the flicker. Thus, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

If you wish to take your experience a level ahead, then you can consider buying gaming monitors instead.

These can offer up to 240 Hz. But again, a monitor can't deliver what a TV does and vice versa.

Response Time

Now, you must not confuse response time with the refresh rate. While refresh is the rate of change of frame, response time refers to the rate of color change.

Or you can say how much time does your TV take to switch from black to white and then to black again.

If you purchase a 4K TV, you will not have to consider this aspect because 4K TVs already have the quickest possible response time.

Lag or Latency

Well, before we explain what Lag is or what you should look for. Let us tell you a fun fact; Hisense TVs deliver the best performance when it comes to latency. Here are our top two examples:

TVHisense 65R8FHisense 65H9G
Game Mode On at 1080p13.37 ms15.1 ms
Game Mode Off at 1080p32 ms123.37 ms
Game Mode On at 4K HDR13.47 ms15.03 ms
Game Mode On at 4K HDR109.43 ms136.50 ms

Now, if you are new to the whole gaming idea, then this table may confuse you. Allow us to dissect it for you.

The time in milliseconds given in the table above represents the time taken by the system to convert the input signal on the screen.

Alternatively, you can say it is the syncing speed of the controller and gaming TV.

Quite evidently, the smaller the measure of this time, the smoother the gameplay will be.

On average, experts recommend looking for a TV that has a latency of less than 30 ms for gaming.

Video Inputs

You ought to look for video inputs because it has a direct linkage with your console's compatibility.

Say you have an old gaming console and the TV you buy lacks an RCA port. The two will be incompatible, leaving you utterly miserable!

So, the recommended video inputs that you should look for include:

  • HDMI ports (multiple)
  • RCA port
  • S-Video
  • Coaxial inputs

Now, there are external switches and converters available out there, such as the RCA to HDMI converter box.

But looking for the best Hisense TV for gaming and planning to spend an additional sum on that doesn't make sense, you know!


Naturally, you don't want your new Hisense gaming TV to dull the vibe of your gaming setup. Do you?

So, you've got to look for a gaming TV that best corresponds with the current looks of your setup.

If you happen to be starting anew, then you can have the rest of the accessories correspond with the bigger buys here, i.e., gaming TV and gaming console.

Apart from that, our general suggestions would be to look for:

  • Thin Bezels
  • Lightweight
  • Bigger Size


In the guide above, the reasonable price was one of our major aspects of comparison.

And hence, all of the Hisense models you'll find above will give you an idea of the amount you should spend and the corresponding features to expect.

Our recommended budget range for a good gaming TV is $250 to $3500.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to connect iPhone to Hisense TV?

Connecting your iPhone to Hisense TV is not much of a mammoth task. However, in case you haven’t been able to figure it out on your own, we’ve got your back.

On your iPhone, go to the home screen and swipe up, which will reveal the control center. There, opt for “screen mirroring” and wait for your TV’s name to appear. Tap it, and you will have connected the iPhone to Hisense TV.

How to reset Hisense TV?

If you encounter issues with your Hisense TV or want to reset it for any reason, you can easily do so. To reset, press the Menu button on the remote. Then, select Support and confirm it by either pressing Enter, OK, or select– whatever button is present on your remote.

Next, select Self Diagnosis and confirm it in the same manner as done earlier. There, press the last option, which says Reset, and put in your security pin to confirm the selection. Finally, your Hisense TV will reset to the factory settings.

How to update Hisense TV firmware?

In older versions of Hisense TV, updates can only get detected by Customer Support and get manually installed through USB sticks. However, newer versions with access to the Internet can access updates.

However, first, you will have to detect them. To do so, go to Settings. Then, press “All” and then About. There you will see an option saying “System Update” press that. Lastly, press Detect. If any updates are available, the update will begin to install.

How to download apps on Hisense TV?

Like most other TVs, Hisense TVs come with a set of factory-installed apps. You cannot uninstall them. But you can surely add newer ones.

To install more apps, select the app store icon using the remote. Search for the app you seek and click install once you find it. You can uninstall the downloaded apps whenever you feel like it.

How to add Hulu to Hisense smart TV?

As of yet, Hisense has not yet added Hulu to its clan. You cannot download or enjoy Hulu on your Hisense smart TV. Instead, you can use alternative options like YouTube and Netflix.


Well, we hope now you’ve got it all clear and sorted in your head. We hope you’ve finally decided which is the best Hisense gaming TV for you.

If not, then easy. It’s not just you. We kind of wanted to have them all too. But well. It’s not like we can buy all of these. So, here:

Hisense Class H9 Quantum Series

Here’s your ultimate pick. The latter will not disappoint you in any domain. Be it size, efficiency, or colors.

Hisense Class H8 Quantum Series works equally well too, (quite literally!).

The two majorly differ in terms of price and release date, both of which do not make much difference.

If you want the best of the best, then Hisense Laser TV may be the pick for you. Good luck!

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