10 Best Hamper For Wet Towels [Buying Guide 2022]

If you want to save time and still want to grab the Best Hamper For Wet Towels, go for the Superio Palm Luxe Narrow Laundry Hamper, undoubtedly.

We all know that you should wash towels straight away. But we do not always have the time on our hands to do so, right? That is why we have picked the ideal hamper for your wet towels.

At some point, certain individuals dislike the wet towels on the floors, in the bedroom, or the closet floor. They can stand wet or dirty towels and clothes anymore.

That’s when they choose a good laundry hamper to store their dirty clothes or towels.

Best Hamper For Wet Towels

What’s more!

During this pandemic, many individuals have been reevaluating a few aspects of their home that are not attractive or functional as they want them to be, and one of them is a laundry hamper.

But how does the hamper differ from the basket?

Laundry baskets are used for carrying dirty or clean laundry to and from the laundry room. They are low and have a wide shape with an open top. Plus, they are mainly used for transport.

In contrast, a hamper is more stationary. It is tall, narrow, sturdy, and possesses a lid. A hamper is used for putting dirty clothes; plus, it comes with multiple side-by-side compartments for sorting.

So if you are looking for the best hamper for wet towels, we have isolated the most functional and attractive hampers to store your household essential.

Let’s look at each hamper below in detail!

Comparing 10 Best Hamper For Wet Towels

Whitmor Round Laundry HamperIron and PolyesterYes Check Price
SONGMICS Divided Laundry BasketPlastic, CottonYes Check Price
Mabel Home Plastic Laundry HamperPlasticNo Check Price
Whitmor Rattique Laundry HamperPlasticNo Check Price
YAMAZAKI home Laundry BasketSteel and MetalNo Check Price
Superio Palm Luxe Narrow HamperPlasticNo Check Price
KINDWER Metal HamperIronNo Check Price
Mind Reader Laundry BasketPlasticNo Check Price
Whitmor Woven Strap HamperPolypropyleneNo Check Price
Caroeas Rolling Slim Laundry BasketOxfordYes Check Price

1. Whitmor Round Laundry Hamper With Wheels

Whitmor Round Laundry Hamper

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You might repurchase this product in a heartbeat!

Why is that so? Because its durable chromed metal frame and commercial grade swivel wheels allow you to roll on wood floors and thick carpets.

What’s more!

It is nice-looking, big, and a bit deeper; thus, they are perfect for holding large goods and big laundry.

Besides its outstanding portability, this large-capacity white hamper comes with a removable polyester bag with fabric tab fasteners.

What else?

This commercial quality product offers wall-saving bumpers to keep the wall safe from any kind of damage. It has a chrome frame finish with a white lining color that looks elegant and beautiful in any laundry room.

Moreover, the company claims that the assembly of this sturdy and functional cart is relatively straightforward. You only need a Phillips screwdriver to assemble its parts.

Surprisingly enough, several reviewers mentioned that the instructions are vague, and it can become quite troublesome to assemble.

Plus, it has a heavy-duty polyester bag that you can remove for easy cleaning. Its rust-proof rim allows you to lay wet laundry over the edge to dry rather than toss it into the hamper.

Furthermore, the users also mentioned that the divided clothing bags are held together with small velcro tabs that might not hold in place.

  • Rolls nicely
  • Large-capacity
  • It comes with wall-saving bumpers
  • Functional
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Vague instructions
  • Velcro tabs might not hold divided clothing bags in place

No products found.

2. SONGMICS Divided Laundry Hamper

SONGMICS Divided Laundry Hamper

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It is easy to toss your dirty clothes and wet towel on the floor, but it makes your room disorganized. This divided laundry basket can put an end to the messy floors in your bedrooms.

Do you know what is good about this hamper?

Since it is divided and has compartments, you can quickly sort out your laundry according to preference, type, and color.

What’s more!

This handwoven hamper is crafted beautifully by using water-resistant synthetic rattan and a rust-proof stable iron frame. Thus, making it ideal for dumping wet towels.

Besides wet towels, it is also ideal for storing toys, games, supplies, etc. This sturdy hamper can support various items up to 25 kg.

What else?

The laundry sorter can be assembled within minutes. If you want to transport the handles, it has convenient handles on the side.

Plus, it contains a removable liner bag made with breathable and soft cotton that is easy to clean. Its strap design prevents it from falling into the basket. You can easily untie it and take it away for washing.

Furthermore, the presence of silica-gel feet at the hamper’s bottom does not let it touch the ground. Thus, it prevents it from getting dirty or wet.

Plus, it keeps the hamper from causing accidental dents or scratches on the floor.

Oddly enough, users mentioned that the instructions are terrible, but once you figure it out, it is easy to assemble the parts.

Moreover, the other users mentioned that the hamper’s lid does not close completely, and it sits open two to three inches.

  • Divided compartments
  • Rust-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Large-capacity
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Includes silica-gel feet
  • Terrible instructions
  • The lid does not close completely

No products found.

3. Mabel Home Plastic Laundry Hamper With Lid

Mabel Home Plastic Laundry Hamper

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Do you want to make your laundry convenient and easy?

This single-person basket is sturdier and provides two compartments for you to put your clothes inside.

Thus, it allows you to store the dirty clothes neatly by tossing them into the hamper until the laundry day.

What else?

It takes up less space, looks cuter, but it cannot hold large amounts of clothing. Moreover, its unique and sleek design can fit perfectly anywhere in your home.

Plus, the lids hide away the dirty clothes and keep your room smelling fresh.

Not to mention, this product comes with two extra trash cans, and it is ideal for the bathroom, bedroom, walk-in closet, dorm, and laundry room.

Besides these positive pointers, several users suggested that it would be nice if the hamper had wheels for portability and offered removable bins instead of fixed ones.

  • Sturdy
  • Convenient
  • Space-saving
  • Includes two trash cans
  • It cannot hold large amounts
  • Bins are not removable

No products found.

4. Whitmor Rattique Towel Hamper

Whitmor Rattique Laundry Hamper

No products found.

This nicely constructed hamper is perfect for small bathrooms or laundry rooms. This basket is enough for a couple or a single person but not for a family.

What makes this hamper the best?

Although made from plastic, this basket is nature-inspired, and it feels and looks like a natural material. Moreover, it is manufactured with a sturdy metal wire frame for maximum stability.

This hamper is appealing, and it goes with almost every decor.

What else?

It is a long-lasting, lightweight, and durable handcrafted woven plastic laundry hampers with a lid on top that keeps your dirty clothes out of sight. You can use this hamper directly because it does not require any assembly.

Furthermore, it comes with a removable and washable liner to keep everything clean. The hamper is very easy to clean; you only have to wipe it with a damp cloth.

What’s more!

It is a space-saving unit and can fit into small spaces. Plus, it is ideal for placing it in the bedroom, closet, bathroom, or laundry room. It is a good towel hamper with a lid.

Oddly enough, several users mentioned that the hamper is shorter and cannot hold a week’s laundry. Another issue users mentioned is that the liner does not stay put, and its material is not of excellent quality.

  • Requires no assembly
  • Light-weight
  • Space-saving
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Shorter in size
  • Not a good-quality liner

No products found.

5. YAMAZAKI Home Large Storage Hamper

YAMAZAKI home Laundry Basket-min

No products found.

Are you looking for a versatile and sturdy wire basket that is much taller and deeper than the average plastic laundry basket?

Your search might end here! This visually appealing decor piece is made up of steel and metal. Plus, this wire laundry basket has a lightweight and airy design.

Moreover, it has easy-to-grab and collapsible metal handles that make it easy to carry the basket. Thus, it makes the transportation of clothes trouble-free.

What else?

It is perfect for putting wet towels because its sturdy wire design allows ventilation and prevents mildew. It has tiny curved metal feet at the bottom; hence, it does not let the wire scratch the floor.

Furthermore, this functional laundry basket is portable, and you can keep it in any room of your house. Since its size is great for smaller spaces, you can keep it in the laundry room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Oddly enough, it is more like a basket than a hamper, and it does not possess a lid to hide away the dirty clothes or wet towels in it.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Ventilated and airy design
  • Includes tiny curved metal feet
  • Functional
  • Versatile
  • It is more of a basket than a hamper
  • Do not have a lid

No products found.

6. Superio Palm Luxe Narrow Laundry Hamper

Superio Palm Luxe Laundry Hamper

No products found.

This perfect size laundry hamper can hold an entire week’s worth of laundry. Its tall and slim design fits into smaller places and allows you to place it anywhere in your apartment and home without any problem.

Moreover, its slimmer body can fit into tight spaces and can hide out of view. You can use this hamper immediately because it does not require any assembly.

Do you know what makes this hamper elegant?

The brand has used durable plastic to make this product. It features a sleek basket wicker style weave.

This basketweave creates holes that allow airflow and reduces the build-up of musty smell and dampness. Since it is made of durable plastic, there are no pointy or sharp edges that can rip the towels and other linens.

Plus, this Palm Luxe laundry hamper is available in four different colors, i.e., black, white, grey, or beige. You can choose your hamper according to your bathroom or room decor.

What’s more!

The hamper consists of a removable lid that you can open conveniently with one hand. Plus, it has two cutout handles on the side that make it easy for you to carry and transport it between rooms and laundry rooms.

Surprisingly enough, The lid might be a little flimsy, and it may break easily if not used properly. Besides that, this product is a bit expensive.

  • Tall and slim design
  • Allows airflow
  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • The lid may be a little flimsy

No products found.

7. KINDWER Hamper – Beautiful Yet Functional Hamper


No products found.

Are you looking for a vintage laundry basket of great size and reasonable price?

Well, you may have found it! This product is large enough for a hamper and cute and stylish enough for a functional decorative piece.

Moreover, its sturdy iron frame with an oxidized finish can hold more than the traditional laundry baskets, and yet it is portable and lightweight.

What’s more!

This tall hamper can provide maximum space and can hold plenty of laundries, toys, shoes, blankets, and pillows, besides wet towels.

Furthermore, this elegantly and intricately designed hamper will remind you of vintage wire laundry baskets. You can also use this hamper as a table. The hamper can become flat to be used as a table.

What else?

You can store this hamper easily because of its flexible design. It can collapse flat if you are thinking of keeping it to use for later purposes.

Apart from its functionality and design, there are a few drawbacks. The fine fabric may snag in this basket, and its legs are a bit uneven which may cause wobbling.

  • Functional
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Foldable
  • The cloth may snag
  • Its legs are a bit uneven

No products found.

8. Mind Reader – A Slim Tall Hamper

Mind Reader Laundry Hamper

No products found.

Are you tired of seeing wet towels and a pile of dirty clothes on the floor?

Keep the damp towel and dirty laundry out of sight with this sturdy laundry hamper.

The convenient hamper organizes and stores away all your clutter, and the lid hides away the mess. You can use this versatile product in any room, closet, or laundry room.

What makes this hamper the best?

This wicker design basket is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it promotes airflow and ventilation. Thus, it prevents a build-up of odor.

Moreover, its tall and thin body offers deep storage. It can hold up to sixty liters of clothing without any problem. Hence, you can store plenty of laundry without any hassle.

What’s more!

Unlike other collapsible laundry hampers, it is constructed from high-quality plastic. Besides having a durable and robust frame, it is also lightweight. It only weighs three pounds; hence, making this hamper lighter than other wicker baskets.

What else?

It offers a comfortable grip by providing built-in cutout handles on both sides. Due to this, you can easily transport the hamper from one place to another.

Furthermore, its slim and sleek design takes limited space; thus, it is perfect for any minimal home. Plus, it is straightforward to clean.

Oddly enough, several reviewers mentioned that they did not like that the lid opens vertically and not horizontally, and it is undetachable.

  • Tall and slim
  • Space-spacing
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows airflow
  • Large storing capacity
  • Undetachable lid
  • The lid opens from the side

No products found.

9. Whitmor Woven Strap Hamper

Whitmor Woven Strap Laundry Hamper

No products found.

This attractive and beautifully designed basket acts as a perfect decor. It is a nicely woven basket that looks appealing.

Plus point, it does not fray or create any issues while using it.

Moreover, it has a well-built and durable epoxy-coated metal frame that allows you to store plenty of laundry and wet towels.

What else?

It does not come with a lid, and its woven strapping provides ventilation and prevents stinky smell and mildew.

Furthermore, this high-quality storage container has sewn-in handles that allow you to transport the laundry easily from one place to another.

Not to mention, it is stylish, functional, and it does not take much space.

Besides storing wet towels and laundry, you can use this woven hamper for nursery bins, storing toys, and an organizer.

Oddly enough, several users pointed out a drawback. They mentioned that the lightweight hamper is shorter than the other hampers available.

  • It fits in small spaces
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Allows ventilation
  • Convenient
  • It does not come with a lid
  • It is shorter in height

No products found.

10. Caroeas Slim Rolling Laundry Basket

Caroeas Rolling Slim Laundry Basket

No products found.

Are you searching for a hamper to keep it in snug spaces?

The slender and tall laundry hamper can fit into a narrow space easily. It provides enough space to store a single person’s wet towel and laundry. For extra portability and easy movement, it has wheels that offer smooth transportation.

Since it has a slim body, you can fit it easily in a small space like between the dryer and washer or small cabinet area.

What makes this laundry hamper unique?

It is constructed from 600D Oxford fabric that is breathable and waterproof. The water-resistant feature keeps the moisture away.

Plus, its flexible wheels have an unlock/lock system. The presence of an additional brake prevents your laundry cart from rolling and ensures safety.

Unlocking or locking the button is easy; you only have to switch the button.

What’s more!

The hamper is lightweight, but it is made from sturdy material. It offers a drawstring mesh cover to keep your hamper clean and tidy and protect your laundry from dust.

Furthermore, it is straightforward to assemble. When you open the package, you will find four poles and a laundry bag.

Insert four sticks into the four corners of the basket and adjust the square shape correctly. If the fabric is wrinkled, you can iron it at a low temperature. That’s it!

Surprisingly enough, users mentioned that the wheels might create a problem, and they may not roll properly. Wheels work perfectly on the floor but might not work correctly on the rug.

Plus, since it is not that taller, it might be a problem to drag the basket on the rollers.

  • Lock or unlock system
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Easy assembling
  • Space saver
  • Drawstring closure
  • Wheels might not roll on carpet or a rug
  • Not as tall as the other baskets

No products found.

Best Hamper For Wet Towels Buyer's Guide:

The hamper is something that is used by you and your family members multiple times a day. If you are having a problem with your current hamper or searching for a new one, do not fret!

There are various hampers available with different features that will help you save time while doing laundry.

Hamper For Wet Towels Buying Guide

What's more!

Unlike baskets, laundry hampers are tall and narrow. They have multiple compartments, are portable, functional yet beautiful, have wheels and ventilation holes.

However, the vast array of options makes the selection of the right product quite challenging.

To make things easier for you, we have enlisted all the features you should consider while choosing the suitable hamper for your laundry room or bedroom.

Let's get right into it!

Features to Consider:


It is essential to consider before buying the hamper. Why is that so?

The laundry hamper's size is dependent on the size of your family. The larger the family, the bigger the basket you will need.

If you are living alone, a smaller but functional model will suffice. However, if you are a big family, you will need a giant basket that can hold a lot of laundry and wet towels.

Moreover, before buying one, go through the amount of laundry your household produces and how often you do laundry to figure out the best hamper according to your needs.

Sorters or Compartments:

You might want to look for a hamper that pre-sorts your laundry for effortless sorting.

It makes things easy, right?

The multiple compartments allow you to divide the laundry. You can group them according to darks, lights, cold water, hot water, wet towels, etc.

Furthermore, these kinds of hampers are a bit more expensive than single compartment hampers, and not everyone has the space to put these kinds of laundry carts in their homes.


Before considering this feature, you have to think about where you are going to put the hamper. If you are placing it in the laundry room, you can omit this feature, and you can go for a stationary model.

However, if you keep it in a bedroom and closet, you might want to look for a hamper that is easy to transport. It should have good quality wheels and built-in or stitched handles to carry your wet towels easily.


If you have limited space, the best option to go for is the collapsible and adjustable laundry hamper. It can easily fold and fit into snug or tight spaces.

Most of the adjustable hampers are perfect for couples or a single person. So if you live in a dorm or an apartment, an adjustable hamper should be your go-to option.


There is no point in investing in a poor-quality hamper that unravels immediately and falls apart. You want to opt for the lightweight one that is robust enough to hold the weight of the wet towels without collapsing.

Hampers are constructed from several materials. Select the ones that are rust-proof and dust-proof because you want to place your wet towels.

Heavy-duty plastic ones are the most typical, and they are usually inexpensive. The metal frame hampers have cloth inside, and they are foldable and portable.

In contrast, woven baskets are relatively attractive and are available in various colors to match your decor.

Each material has its benefits, and you can choose anyone. It solely depends on your personal choice and the space you have.


You do not want to shop for a laundry hamper after every few months, to be honest. Therefore, you have to select the durable and sturdy one to hold your wet towel's weight without falling apart.

Look for good-quality materials and go-through customer reviews to get the idea. We have listed all the sturdy and durable hampers for you after doing a lot of research. So you can select the ones that you like.


Several hampers are designed to have a wire mesh, be woven, or use a breathable fabric to allow ventilation. The airflow is crucial because it will prevent mildew and foul odor from developing into your basket.


When selecting a laundry hamper, look for its design as well. Opt for the one that goes with your decor, should be attractive, and match seamlessly with your bedroom, closet, or laundry room.

Several hampers are made from sturdy wires that deliver a vintage vibe, and they are beautiful yet functional.

Moreover, if we talk about functionality, they should be able to easily hold the towel's weight and fit into the required space.

Easy to Clean:

A hamper sometimes develops a weird smell since you are putting the damp towels inside. Therefore, you have to clean it once in a while. Make sure to go for the easily washable one.

Closure Type:

Opt for the hamper that has a lid on top to hide away all the mess inside. Some brands offer baskets whose lids are detachable while others are fixed; you can choose according to your preference.

Moreover, other laundry baskets have drawstrings attached instead of a lid. Select the one that you like the best.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an ideal way to store damp towels before washing?

The damp towels and rags should be kept in a hamper with the lid closed or keep it in a lined bag with a zipper to prevent odors from escaping. On laundry day, you can empty the hamper into the washer.

What will happen if I leave a wet towel on the floor?

Damp towels make the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. If left in a dark place for an extended time, they can cause serious health concerns.

How often should you wash your bath towel?

It is essential to wash it once after every two to four days. Usually, after three days, the towel may start producing a musty smell. It is a sign that bacteria are developing.

What happens if you do not wash your towels frequently?

Dirty towels spread viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It can also irritate the skin and spread infections.

For how long can you leave a wet towel in a hamper?

It takes about eight to twelve hours for the bacteria to start developing. If you live in a place where humidity is high, it might take less time.

Moreover, make sure not to let your wet laundry sit for more than a day because you will have difficulty removing the smell.

How to remove the smell from the hamper?

If your hamper is slightly smelly, you can leave it out in the sun, or you can put a small odor absorber in the bottom of the bag.


That's it! You have reached the end of the guide. I hope you find our detailed guide informative and was elaborative enough to help you make an informed decision.

If you are still confused about the best hamper for wet towels, you can choose anyone from the mentioned above. Each hamper has its advantage.

Choose according to your space, family needs, portability, weight, and features you prefer.

The consideration of these features will help you isolate the ideal laundry hamper for your laundry room, bedroom, or closet.

Which hamper will you go for your wet towels?

If we have missed some other best hampers, do let us know in the comments section below

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