Best Hammer For Vinyl Siding [Buying Guide 2022]

If you work in construction or home renovating, repairing business then we are sure you must have realized how important it is to have your own assortment of ideal hammers.

Best Hammer For Vinyl Siding

If you happen to be looking for one that will be the best hammer for vinyl siding then we have a few recommendations in order.

Having an ideal hammer can make a whole lot of difference to your repairing project.

If you have a low-strength hammer then it is probably going to take hours for you to dig a hole in the wall whereas if you have a powerful hammer in your possession, it will only take you a few strikes and the entire wall will simply fall apart.

Comparing 10 Best Hammer For Vinyl Siding

HammerSize (in)Warranty
Dewalt Dwht51048 Hammer16Lifetime Check Price
Estwing E3-12S Hammer18Lifetime Check Price
IRWIN 1954889 Hammer20Lifetime Check Price
EFFICERE Hammer148-years Check Price
CRAFTSMAN CMHT51399 Hammer22Lifetime Check Price
HEIKIO H19004 Hammer18Lifetime Check Price
Overpeak BR215023 Hammer18Lifetime Check Price
Stanley 51-163 Hammer185-years Check Price
Southwire Bmeh-20 65116840 Hammer20Lifetime Check Price
WORKPRO W041091A Hammer24Lifetime Check Price

1. Dewalt Dwht51048 Hammer

Dewalt Dwht51048 Hammer

No products found.

DEWALT is the very first brand that comes to our minds when we think about buying a tool for our DIY projects. Lucky for us, the brand offers a wide and high-quality range of hammers for DIY, professional, and regular use.

The DEWALT Dwht51048 16Oz Rip Claw Hammer is one of the best selling claw hammers on Amazon and it would be cruel for us if we don’t keep this hammer on the top.

This is a two-face hammer, also known as a claw hammer that comes really handy in the workshop. You cannot only drive nails in the wall with the stroke of this hammer but you can also pull them out.

No need to load your toolbox with extra and heavier hammers when one tool can get two types of tasks done.

Nail Start System: The selling point of this hammer is the nail start system. This feature allows you to place the nail on the target with one hand while you put all your focus on the strike.

It does the job of distributing the weight of the hammer evenly throughout the tool so and in turn, you don’t feel any pressure on your arm or hands through the strike.

Fine Construction: The size and weight of the hammer are pretty reasonable. It is heavier which ensures it will get even the toughest jobs done yet it is easy to handle and doesn’t cause strain on the forearm.

The company has constructed the hammer out of the finest steel available which has enhanced its overall durability, functionality, and performance.

Very Attractive: We know it is probably the last thing one can consider when buying a hammer but let’s be honest,

Who doesn’t like a good looking, easy on the eye hammer?

We all do and the black and yellow combination of this hammer is definitely attractive.

Most of the customers choose this hammer as soon as they get a glimpse of it and we know you will too.

Bottom Line: This DEWALT hammer is one of the top hammers for vinyl siding. It works magnificently and ensures all your tasks are completed in a timely and balanced fashion. It doesn’t even cost too much yet comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Made in the USA
  • Weight distribution is quite even
  • Attractive looking
  • The grip could’ve been improved

No products found.

2. Estwing E3-12S Hammer

Estwing E3-12S Hammer

No products found.

If you’re looking for a hammer that will add some extra force to your work then Estwing Hammer with Smooth Face and Shock Reduction Grip is a great option to check out.

What is the one thing you consider as the topmost priority when searching for hammers?

Well, we bet it is the power to drive a nail in wood or break a wall apart in a renovation project. Good hammers offer a lot of force and power to the user.

The Estwing hammer is an excellent choice because of its vibration-resistant properties and the fact that it will drive a nail in the wood with just one stroke.

Excellent Power Dynamics:

The Estwing hammer takes power and performance to a whole new level. it is a heavy-duty hammer that is going to take a lot of your energy to handle it but if you can, the results you will see are magnanimous.

If you control the hammer right, it will drive right through the wall with one pound. Fixing your broken stuff and breaking apart your walls has never been so much fun.

Easy to Handle: Even though this hammer is huge and weighs very heavily, it still provides the perfect balance you need to complete all of your tasks with efficiency.

However, you won’t be able to use Estwing hammer for every job on the table because the size and the weight sometimes make it difficult to do.

Vibration Resistant:

One thing that we all look for when buying a hammer for vinyl siding is that there shouldn’t be any kind of vibration emitting from the strokes while you work.

That makes it very difficult to concentrate and may even cause strain on your arms.

Lucky for us, the Estwing hammer has vibration-resistant properties and a very solid grip. It comes in a single-piece construction and has a very smooth face on the hammerhead making your jobs easier to complete.

Bottom Line: The Estwing hammer is an excellent choice for someone who wants to apply extra force to his work. It is heavier, no doubt but it also performs really well.

  • Made in the USA
  • Quite large in size
  • Features molded grips that are easier to carry and reduces strain on arms
  • Very durable
  • Quite heavy so may cause some fatigue when using the entire day
  • Not suitable for smaller tasks

No products found.

3. IRWIN 1954889 Hammer

IRWIN 1954889 Hammer

No products found.

The IRWIN 1954889 hammer is a top-quality hammer that comes at a very affordable price. It is very easy and comfortable to hold in the hands and has a sturdy grip that won’t let it slip.

The IRWIN 1954889 hammer features a ProTouch grip that will allow the DIYer to use it for longer hour durations.

This isn’t a one-piece hammer and has a forged steel handle but worry not, it is a high-quality hammer and the head isn’t going to fall off on its own even if you have used it for years to come.

We highly recommend this hammer for DIYers who love working on small and easy to go projects. The hammer doesn’t cost a lot which makes it a perfect fit for home workshops and DIY enthusiasts.

Easy on the Hands: A lot of DIYers complain about how they get tired and feel a strain on their forearms after using a heavy hammer for longer hours.

That is mainly because those hammers do not come with an ergonomic design, don’t distribute weight evenly, and are hard to handle.

We got lucky with this hammer because of its ergonomic design and the fact that its grip is easy on the hands. It distributes weight evenly and won’t let you get the slightest of fatigue even if you have worked the entire day.

Classic Handle: This hammer comes with a fiberglass handle which is unlike something we have ever seen before. You may not feel like it at first but it offers excellent strength to the user to make the heaviest strokes.

It also provides extreme control over the moves and is vibration-resistant making it the perfect fit for daily use.

Highly versatile: Even at a low price, this hammer is very versatile. You can use it for several tasks. It is slightly curved that will help you chip, pick, and pry away with the utmost ease.

With this one single hammer, you will be able to reduce the number of tools in your toolbox and use this hammer for various tasks.

Bottom line: The IRWIN 1954889 hammer is one of the most versatile hammers on the market.

It can be used for various applications and perfect for everyday use. The hammer is reasonably priced and is highly recommended for DIY enthusiasts.

  • Fiberglass handle that is non-slippery
  • Easy to handle
  • Perfect for DIYers
  • Won’t work for professional tasks

No products found.

4. EFFICERE Best Choice 8-oz. Stubby Claw Hammer

EFFICERE Best Choice 8-oz. Stubby Claw Hammer

No products found.

Even though the EFFICERE Best Choice Stubby claw hammer is the smallest hammer on this list yet it is the heaviest. It comes in an ergonomic design and is meant to help you stroke even the hardest nails.

The hammer is also very handy for vinyl siding, if you’re planning on doing small exterior renovations for your home then this hammer would be a good choice to go for.

Even in such a small size, the hammer packs a punch of power. It is an excellent option for people who work in tight spaces or confined areas.

Since it is a compact-sized hammer, it can easily be handled for doing even the smallest tasks with many conveniences.

Small and Compact: This EFFICERE hammer has to be the smallest and most compact hammer that we saw on the market with such amazing quality. The hammerhead is made out of top-notch steel. It is forged and isn’t going to fall off easily.

Ease of Use:

This hammer is very small in size and one thing that it promises in abundance is ease of use. It goes easy on the hands and you will have no trouble doing all the tough and small tasks with it.

The best part is, the hammer doesn’t cause tiredness or fatigue. It doesn’t put any strain on the arms which ensure it can be used for longer and constant hours.

One Tool For All:

Another selling point of this hammer is its versatility. Unlike larger hammers, this one can do smaller and bigger tasks with much ease.

You can easily keep it in your tool bag or even a small box and won’t get tired of carrying it.

This one hammer is going to solve a lot of your problems at a very economical price point.

Bottom line: Are you gone sick of those big and heavy hammers that won’t fit well into your toolbox?

Go for EFFICERE hammer for its compact size and powerful performance. It has a very solid grip that is anti-vibration and non-slippery. You will be able to do all your DIY projects with it easily.

  • Small and compact
  • Fits smaller toolbox
  • Quite versatile
  • Not meant for professional purposes

No products found.

5. CRAFTSMAN CMHT51399 Fiberglass Hammer

CRAFTSMAN CMHT51399 Fiberglass Hammer

No products found.

While most people look for a lightweight tool they can easily keep in their toolboxes or bags but when it comes to finding high-quality hammers, we need hard-hitting, heavy-duty considerations that will get done with the job in just one stroke.

The CRAFTSMAN CMHT51399 General Purpose fiberglass hammer is one such recommendation that is never going to disappoint you in the heavy-duty department of DIY projects.

The hammer is an incredible choice for all kinds of tough jobs and gets the work done with utmost convenience.

We loved the color contrast in which this tool comes in, black and red make it look quite aesthetic and it is forged from single-piece heavy-duty steel.

Vibration Resistant: The most important thing when searching for a hammer is its vibration-resistant properties. The CRAFTSMAN CMHT51399 Hammer fully complies with that aspect.

The fiberglass handle and the well-balanced structure keeps all the vibrations at bay.

Ergonomic Design:

Even with heavy-duty construction, the overall design of the hammer is very ergonomic. It is manufactured while keeping the utmost convenience in mind.

By using this hammer, you can continue doing your projects for hours to come.

It doesn’t cause strain or fatigue in the forearms or wrist which is an absolute plus point of this bad boy.

Fantastic Grip: The handle of the hammer is made out of fiberglass but is covered with a durable textured rubber that prevents the hammer from slipping.

The ergonomic heavy-duty design of the hammer ensures you will have complete control over the strikes.

We love how it isn’t too thick which makes it difficult for the user to handle the hammer for certain jobs. With this help of this hammer, you will be able to complete all your DIY projects efficiently.

Bottom line: The CRAFTSMAN CMHT51399 hammer fiberglass general purpose is a thoughtfully designed hammer that works magnificently.

If you’re a beginner and are looking for a tool that offers maximum precision and comfort then this hammer has got everything you’re looking for.

The hammer is also backed by a lifetime warranty and is quite reasonably priced.

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Ergonomic design
  • Textured grip
  • Not for professional purposes

No products found.

6. HEIKIO 16 OZ Claw Hammer

HEIKIO 16 OZ Claw Hammer

No products found.

The 16 OZ claw hammer by HEIKIO is another option for vinyl siding hammers that you can go for. The polished metal and claw design of this hammer ensure its high-level versatility.

We also loved its polished look and the fact that it’s going to add to the grace of your toolbox as soon as you put it inside.

When looking for a hammer that can work both, professionally and for general use, you need something that is powerful yet compact, ergonomic but heavy duty and that is where the HEIKIO Hammer comes into play.

The hammer has been integrated with a beautiful handle that is very easy to hold on to. It is thin in size and offers you a strong enough grip so that when you’re striking the nail, you do so with much precision.

Highly Durable:

This is a one-piece hammer made out of carbon steel. The durability of this hammer is commendable. Even after years of constant use, the hammer will work perfectly fine.

This is a heavy-duty hammer which means it will easily be able to help you out even in the toughest projects.

Ergonomic Design:

This hammer would be one of the few hammers on the market that has used eco-friendly rubber to cover up the handle. The rubber is textured that provides the user with a non-slippery grip.

When striking more powerfully and with all your strength, the handle provides the user with complete control over the blow so that it hits precisely on the target.


As far as versatility is concerned, this hammer can be used for various purposes. You can use it for household repair, woodwork, and construction purposes.

The fact that it is a claw hammer means that you cannot only drive nails in the wall with its help but you will also be able to pull them out.

Bottom Line:

This HEIKIO hammer works well for professionals and DIYers with perfect sustainability. It is very easy to handle, made out of heavy-duty steel, and is perfect for everyday use. The ergonomic design will also keep you from straining your arm.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Perfect for professional and general purposes
  • The customer service needs to be improved

No products found.

7. Overpeak BR215023 Hammer

Overpeak BR215023 Hammer

No products found.

The next product that we have reviewed on our list is the Overpeak 16 Ounce Fiberglass claw hammer.

The reason why we have chosen to add this claw hammer to our list is because of its high versatility and the fact that it comes with a very well-balanced weight and strength.

If you’re a newbie and are just making up your toolbox then you should definitely consider adding this one.

You can use this hammer for various applications such as renovating your house, woodworking, fencing, or repairing small fixtures around your shop or home.

Overpeak is a commendable brand that has been working tirelessly in coming up with products that offer maximum user-convenience. The hammer is one of their exceptional products and we are sure you will be delighted to have this in your workshop.

One-Piece Construction:

To enhance the durability of this hammer, the company constructed it out of a single steel piece. The hammer also comes with a nail-holder for added convenience.

The entire phenomenon behind the construction of the hammer was maximum user-convenience which Overpeak attained exceptionally.

Regular Usage:

This hammer is an ideal hammer for daily use. If you love making your own DIY projects and have a small workshop at home, the hammer will work just fine for you.

It comes in a very reasonable size and has enough strength that it will be able to accomplish your minor and major tasks completely.

Ergonomic Handle:

One aspect of the hammer that nobody can overlook is the handle design and ease of use, not to mention it needs to be highly durable and reliable both.

This hammer is made out of fiberglass which is both durable and ergonomic. It doesn’t cause strain on the arms or wrists and makes it easier for the user to continuously work for longer hours.

Bottom line:

The Overpeak 16 Ounce Fiberglass claw hammer is a good choice for regular DIYers. The hammer works nicely and has an ergonomic design.

We would recommend it for professional use as well but since the hammerhead face isn’t wide enough, we doubt it will be as precise as you might need it to be.

The company has backed the product with a lifetime warranty which says more than enough for its exceptional quality.

  • Excellent construction quality
  • Ergonomic design
  • The grip is very solid
  • The hammer is a bit heavy

No products found.

8. Stanley 51-163 Claw Nailing Hammer

Stanley 51-163 Claw Nailing Hammer

No products found.

Working on a DIY project, Stanley 51-163 16-Ounce FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe Rip claw nailing hammer might be heavy in weight but it will suit all your needs. You can do all your DIY tasks with this hammer even for constant hours.

Stanley wanted to come up with a hammer that offered maximum convenience to the user.

It comes with an anti-vibration grip that won’t let the DIYer feel even a little bit of fatigue throughout the day, especially in the wrist and forearm.

The hammer is a highly sturdy hammer with an excellent grip. It can be used for a number of tasks and comes at a very reasonable price.

Excellent For DIY Users:

For people who have home workshops and are looking for a vinyl siding hammer that comes at an affordable price point, then this Stanley Hammer has got them covered.

It is reasonably priced and comes with all the basic features that any DIYer can possibly need.

Ease of Use:

The handle for this hammer was manufactured while keeping the utmost ease in mind. It has a very comfortable, patented grip with a texture that makes it very easy to grip the hammer.

Also, the hammer reduces all the strain and torque one usually feels on his forearm or hands while using a heavy hammer, in turn increasing your productivity time.

One-Piece Construction:

One problem that we all have two-piece constructed hammers is that they could one day fall on the feet while you worked.

This hammer has a solid one-piece construction and it is highly durable, is going to last a lifetime.

Bottom Line:

This Stanley hammer is an affordable hammer, ideal for vinyl siding and DIYers. The hammer is also backed by a limited time year 5-year warranty which is pretty sufficient given the price point.

  • Excellent ease of use
  • Features anti-vibration properties
  • One-piece design
  • The strike face is too large

No products found.

9. Southwire Bmeh-20 65116840 Hammer

Southwire Bmeh-20 65116840 Hammer

No products found.

The second last product that we would like to recommend is the Southwire Bmeh-20 65116840 hammer. The hammer holds stellar ratings on Amazon and it is one of the best-selling hammers for vinyl siding online.

It is the first choice for all the professional workers out there and if you need something highly professional, easy to use, and a hammer that offers maximum precision then this would be an option that you don’t want to miss out on.

This hammer is a heavy-duty hammer that works efficiently. It offers precise results and is very easy to handle.

Heavy-Duty Construction: One of the very first things we look for when searching for a professional hammer is heavy-duty construction, an aspect that this hammer possesses.

The overall construction is of top quality while the hammerhead is forged out of steel to provide maximum stability and power to the user.

We also love the fact of how well-balanced the hammer is. Even with heavyweight, you will be able to strike nails in the wall with utmost precision.

Smooth Face: This hammer features a smooth face so it won’t leave an impact on wood or any other surface if you mishit. For beginners, we have always recommended smooth-faced hammers because they don’t leave marks.

So, if you’re just starting out in the DIY department or professionally, this hammer would be a good option to go with.

Great Strength: As far as the handle is concerned, this hammer features a fiberglass handle that is easy to grip and allows for maximum strength.

The handle is wrapped with textured rubber for solid and non-slipper grip. Your hands won’t sweat even if you have been working constantly for hours.

Bottom line:

The Southwire Bmeh-20 65116840 Hammer is popular for a reason and that is its excellent versatility and strength. The handle of the hammer is quite ergonomic and it is also the perfect fit for beginners.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful and very easy to handle
  • Perfect choice for beginners
  • None that we could find

No products found.

10. WORKPRO W041091A Hammer

WORKPRO W041091A Hammer

No products found.

The last product that we have chosen to add to our list of best hammers for vinyl siding is the excellent and dynamic WORKPRO claw hammer One-Piece Forged with magnetic nail holder.

WorkPro is another brand that is widely praised for its efficiently designed hammers and other tools for DIYers and professional home-makers.

This hammer is a very reliable choice for vinyl siding hammer and offers everything you can possibly hope to get from a durable and powerful hammer. It is lightweight yet powerful enough to provide epic strokes for heavy-duty tasks.

This hammer comes at a very affordable price point which is another reason why it has become such a best-seller among the users.

One-Piece Construction:

Just like all the durable and powerful hammers on the market, this one also comes with one-piece construction. Rest assured, the hammer is going to last a lifetime even if you use it constantly for 24-hours every single day.

We love the handle and textured grip of this hammer. It provides the user with the utmost ease and ensures he will be able to do heavier tasks with efficiency and a high level of accuracy.

Extremely Comfortable:

The fact that WorkPro Claw Hammer is so comfortable to use is because it comes with an air-cushioned handle. It is the basic selling-point of this hammer and why it has topped all the charts.

The handle is very easy to grip and will give you the satisfaction you need when working on a project.

It is also non-slippery and the anti-vibration design of the hammer makes it convenient for the user to go for heavier strokes without having to expect a thud in return.

Built-in magnetic properties:

Last but not least, the head of WORKPRO Claw Hammer comes with magnetic properties that are capable of holding the nail in its place and makes sure the strike is made accurately. It will help you put everything together conveniently.

The only drawback with this hammer is its heavyweight but that can also be handled with convenience due to its ergonomic handle.

Bottom line:

The WORKPRO Claw Hammer is an excellent choice for beginners. It is although a bit heavy as compared to all the other hammers on this list but if you think you will be able to handle the weight, you should absolutely go for it.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Very convenient
  • Excellent handle grip
  • A bit heavy

No products found.

Buyer's Guide:

Hammer For Vinyl Siding Buying Guide

Are you considering buying a hammer for vinyl siding?

If that is so, we hope our above-mentioned recommendations have proven to be helpful.

But if you still need to be sure about the choice you’re making and want more information, let our buyer’s guide do the trick for you.

Buying a hammer can be a daunting task especially if you have hundreds of options at your disposal.

So, to make this choice easier and more accurate for you and to ensure you make an informed decision, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind but before we share that, let’s look at the types of hammers available in the market.

Types of Hammers

Ball PeinFramingCurve ClawSpecial

This is the most commonly available hammer. This kind of hammer features a round end on the other side of the hammerhead. It is mostly used for removing dents and for shaping metals. The hammer can also put round holes in drywall.

A framing hammer is the largest and heaviest hammer on the market. It is also pretty long in length as compared to the regular claw hammers. This type of hammer is mostly used by professionals for heavy carpenting or for driving heavy-duty nails into the wall with lesser strikes.

The curve claw hammer is the one that is available in your house. It is used for general fixtures around the house. You can easily drive the nails inside the wall with the help of this hammer and also have the advantage of pulling them out with the same tool.

Special hammers are designed for specific purposes and are readily available in the market. For an instance, you can use a bricklayer hammer for cutting bricks or tiles or a sledgehammer for bringing down the house.

Things you need to consider when buying a hammer!

Once you have decided which hammer you’re going for, you will find a number of options in those designs. Here are a few key factors that you must keep in mind when buying a hammer to not regret your decision later on,

Face Surfaces:

Claw Hammer with smooth face For Vinyl Siding

Now that you’re onto buying hammers for your projects, the very first thing that you need to consider is the face surfaces.

You will come across two types of face surfaces on your hunt. One is smooth surfaces and the other is milled surfaces.

A smooth-surfaced hammer ensures you do not damage your wood if you don’t hit accurately whereas a milled face hammer stays in contact with the nail and doesn’t slip even if the hit isn’t totally accurate.


Now, anti-vibration hammers are the best choice if you have longer work hours and you have to make strikes for constant hours.

Most of the anti-vibration hammers possess curved handles, textured handles, or handles with different thicknesses for vibration prevention.

If the hammer you’re using cannot resist vibration then you will end up causing strain in your forearm and wrist so be careful here.

The Material of Hammerhead:

The most commonly available hammerheads in the market are steel hammerheads. They work really well and are thoroughly reliable.

However, if heavy-duty isn’t something you need then you can also consider a titanium hammerhead. They work great as well.

The Material of Handles:

If the hammer’s handle is slippery or doesn’t offer the perfect grip then you’re in for a disaster. Never compromise on the grip no matter how good the hammer itself looks.

The most common handles that have been integrated with hammers for ages are wooden handles. But over time, these handles disintegrate and can even cause the head to fall off.

In comparison with that, fiberglass handles work great but they are very lightweight and some people call them flimsy yet they are a good option to go for.

Other than that, steel handles are the best but they are very heavy. If you think you won’t have a problem with the weight then a steel handle just might do the trick. Also, make sure the handles are wrapped in textured rubbers for solid and non-slippery grip.


Another thing to consider when buying a hammer is its weight. Most of the hammers weigh between 1.5-2.5lbs. These are relatively heavy-duty but can be handled conveniently.

You will also find lightweight hammers on the market but they will require more strikes and force from you. Whereas using a heavy hammer will get the work done much quicker but if used for longer periods, they can cause fatigue and strain.

Face Size:

Having a large face hammer makes it easier to strike the nail accurately. They are convenient to use and make the strikes much more efficient and accurate. However, a larger face will also not allow you to see your target which can be dangerous.

So, these are some of the things you need to consider when buying a hammer. We hope this was helpful and you will be able to make a much more informed decision now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tools needed for vinyl siding?

Before you start your task of installing a vinyl siding, you need to make sure that you have all the tools you need. For vinyl siding, make sure your toolbox contains all the following tools

1. Hammer 2. Chalk line 3. Square 4. Tape measure 5. Level 6. Power saw 7. Fine tooth hand saw 8. Electric drill 9. Scrolling tool

Keep all these tools in your toolbox and you will never face trouble during the vinyl siding installation.

Can I use a hammer to start a screw hole in vinyl siding?

No you cannot start a screw hole through a hammer in your vinyl siding. It will leave a bigger hole and whatever you have hanged will fall down. Use a drill instead and create a very precise hole through the tool. Then you can push the nail inside with the help of a hammer without making a mess out of it.

How long will vinyl siding last?

Vinyl sidings are mostly used because they last for a very long time. However, the lasting period also depends on the quality of vinyl siding you have purchased and what its warranty period says.


So, this is everything we had on the best hammer for vinyl siding. We hope this article has been helpful to you.

Our best pick is Dewalt Dwht51048 Hammer. We made all of these suggestions after doing extensive research and every hammer on this list stands-out in its respective caliber.

If you have any suggestions in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below.

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