Best Generic Sonicare Replacement Heads [Buying Guide]

A worn-out toothbrush does more damage than good. Thus, do not waste time in thinking and choose one of the best generic Sonicare replacement heads to replace the misshapen and damaged toothbrush head.

Best Generic Sonicare Replacement Heads

Their bristles are soft and made of excellent quality material. Some of these are designed to keep them safe from corrosion, reduce vibration levels, and keep the noise low.

Best of all, these are compatible with most of the Sonicare toothbrushes that you already have.

Comparing 10 Best Generic Sonicare Replacement Heads 2022

Sonicare Replacement HeadsNo. of PiecesCap Included
Aoremon Replacement Toothbrush Heads6Yes Check Price
Toptheway Replacement Brush Heads6Yes Check Price
BOOCOSA Replacement Toothbrush Heads10No Check Price
Senyum Replacement Toothbrush Heads8Yes Check Price
Sonifresh Replacement Toothbrush Head10Yes Check Price
Brushmo Replacement Toothbrush Heads6No Check Price
Relax Artist Replacement Brush Heads8Yes Check Price
Vochigh Replacement Toothbrush Heads6Yes Check Price
TRILINK Replacement Brush Heads6Yes Check Price
Pisonicleara Replacement Toothbrush Heads10Yes Check Price

1. Aoremon Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Aoremon Replacement Toothbrush Heads for Philips Sonicare

No products found.

When it comes to the best replacement toothbrush head for Sonicare, the ones made by Aoremon top the list. Now you must be thinking why?

So here’s the thing:

They have bristles that are made with Tynex nylon by DuPont that is recognized as top-quality bristles in the dental care synthetic bristles industry.

Furthermore, they are FDA approved and are made with the highest dental safety and health standard materials. This means you can brush your worries away with Aoremon replacement toothbrush heads because the bristles don’t easily break and aren’t loose either.

It also has advanced and indicator bristles which help you prevent gingivitis by removing maximum plaque.

Here’s how:

As recommended by dentists, you should always change your toothbrush every 3 months. Therefore, the indicator bristles fade away, to inform you that it’s time for you to get a new one. Isn’t it just great?

Its extra gentle and soft bristles also prevent bleeding gums. Moreover, these toothbrush heads have advanced end-rounded bristles and a slender angled neck with which they can easily reach those hard-to-clean areas.

Its bristles’ contoured design adapts according to your gums and tooth shape. As a result, giving more coverage and augments the sonic power for deep cleaning of your teeth and gums. 

Dental professionals always recommend electric toothbrushes over manual ones because they remove plaque better.

Lastly, the magnetic base of this replacement head is a game-changer. It enables the brush head to have balanced vibrations and reduces the noise level. Now, you no longer have to worry about bothering others while you brush your teeth.

The only thing you need to be careful about when using these is that the toothpaste you are using does not contain any essential oils as it may damage the brush head.

Moreover, these are compatible with Elite e-7000, Essence e-5000, and Advance e9000/e-4000/e3000/Xtreme.

All in all! It is the perfect fit for your teeth. However, these toothbrush heads are not compatible with all Sonicare toothbrush series so you first have to check if it’s compatible with the one you have.

  • Indicator and advanced bristles
  • Designed with Tynex Nylon filaments by DuPont
  • Screw-on system
  • Comes with hygiene caps to protect it from bacteria and dust
  • Reduced noise due to magnetic base design
  • Contoured, extra gentle, end-rounded bristles
  • Not compatible with some of the Sonicare series such as essence+, DiamondClean, FlexCare, EasyClean, etc.

No products found.

2. Toptheway Replacement Brush Heads

Toptheway Replacement Brush Heads

No products found.

Are you annoyed with the toothbrush bristles that fall out and break easily or the noise that brush heads make while brushing? Are you on the lookout for a budget-friendly yet effective alternative for your Sonicare toothbrush heads?

Then look no further!

Toptheway replacement heads are strong and powerful enough to remove plaque and prevent inflammation of gums.

Its bristles have a rounded end and are made of medical-grade Tynex nylon by US DuPont which is gentle on the gums.

Its high-density bristles are in a waveform that gives maximum tooth coverage and reaches those difficult areas. Moreover, the bristles are closely packed, reducing bacterial growth by 40%.

As a result, they remove up to seven times more plaque giving you a dentist-level oral care experience at home.

These toothbrushes sport blue indicator bristles which discolor when it’s the right time for a replacement. For this reason, you don’t need a reminder anymore after every three months. 

Also, these are compatible with Elite, Advance, Essence, CleanCare, and the Xtreme series of Sonicare.

Furthermore, it comes in great packaging. All toothbrush heads come in individually wrapped packets and also have separate hygiene caps. These caps keep the toothbrush safe from any bacteria or dust.

You don’t even have to throw the cardboard packet either. It is recyclable and can be used as a traveling case. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Lastly, they come in a pack of 6 with various colors to choose from. They have a colored ring at the base of the toothbrush neck, making the pack shareable. Each family member can pick their favorite color.

However, you need to make sure these brush heads are compatible with the toothbrushes you and your family use. These heads are not compatible with all Sonicare series toothbrushes.

All things considered, Toptheway brush heads are a great value for money and are highly effective in keeping your smile healthy and white.

  • Waveform high-density bristles
  • Built-in replacement indicator bristles
  • Made with medical-grade Tynex Nylon
  • Available in various colors
  • Individually packed in a recyclable cardboard box
  • Comes with separate hygiene cover
  • Not compatible with Sonicare essence+ series

No products found.

3. BOOCOSA Replacement Toothbrush Heads

BOOCOSA Replacement Toothbrush Heads

No products found.

When it comes to great value for money, Boocosa brush heads beat all others.

Why? You might ask.

Boocosa toothbrush heads come in a pack of 10 instead of 6 that are usually given by all other brands. This means it’s an economical solution for you if you have a big family. However, all are of the same color and you might have to write your names on them to avoid confusion.

Its bristles are extra soft and packed tightly together. As a result, enabling it to remove seven times more plaque gently and effectively. Moreover, it glides smoothly along your gum line to provide deep cleaning every time.

Additionally, these replacement heads are engineered intelligently for great precision. Hence, they are not harsh on your gums and teeth.

Its bristles are designed with German Pedex rounded-end Nylon filaments. It also has color-changing filaments that fade in color to gently remind you to replace the head.

Also, the sides flex to increase surface contact by four times, giving your teeth a much better cleaning.

Furthermore, it has contoured bristles that can easily clean your teeth even at the extreme back. Its premium design, inspired by dentists, gives you professional dental care every day.

It is compatible with EasyClean, DiamondClean, HealthyWhite+, FlexCare, HealthyWhite, FlexCare+, Sonicare for Kids, FlexCare Platinum, 2Series Plaque Control, and PowerUp.

The best thing is that it’s compatible with most Sonicare rechargeable toothbrush handles. Having said that, make sure you check the compatibility before you buy. The only thing I found annoying was the noise it makes while brushing.

  • Enough replacement heads for the entire family
  • Effective in preventing cavities
  • Has reminder bristle feature
  • German Pedex nylon filaments
  • Compatible with mostly all Sonicare toothbrushes
  • Some people might find the noise a bit annoying
  • Does not include hygiene caps

No products found.

4. Senyum Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads

Senyum Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads

No products found.

These replacement heads fit on all of the Philips Sonicare series electric toothbrushes. So you can think of getting this single 8-pieces pack for your whole family. All you have to do is snap it into place, make sure it is perfectly secured, and you are good to go.

What it has to offer?

You can only say that a brush head is good if it cleanses all of your oral cavity surfaces with efficiency and comfort. These brush heads, for instance, have densely packed bristles that leave no hard or soft surfaces of the mouth to go uncleaned.

The ergonomic design accesses even the tightest of spaces in the mouth fighting plaque and germs. Furthermore, the bristles have a rounded end to avoid being too harsh on teeth or gums.

Also, they use the best quality material for making these bristles. The US Dupont filaments are genuine and extremely effective at doing their job. You won’t feel that you are using a replacement head and not the original one, with these.

What’s even more exciting, you may ask?

These bristles use a very intelligent technology that helps them to change their color when it’s time to change their brush head. This way you will be reminded to get a replacement and will never overuse a brush head.

No more mind games!

Moreover, these brush heads are designed to produce maximum vibration, but with minimum noise. Hence, you can trust them when it comes to a thorough cleaning of your mouth, and that too, without giving you a headache.

Each head in the pack has an individual cover or cap and is marked with a ring of a different color. So you can keep your brush stored uncontaminated, all the while being able to differentiate which one is yours.

And all these amazing features are complemented by a generous money-back warranty which is more proof of their authenticity.

Also, these are compatible with 2 Series Plaque Control, Sonicare for Kids, 3 Series Gum Health, HealthyWhite+, DiamondClean, HealthyWhite, DiamondClean Smart, FlexCare Platinum, EasyClean, FlexCare+, HydroClean, FlexCare, and ProtectiveClean.

However, we’ve come to know of an inconvenience it is causing among the users. Due to the strong vibrations, the head tends to come off the toothbrush handle unless you put it on very tightly.

  • Can be used with all Snap-On Sonicare toothbrush handles
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Comfortable shape
  • High-quality material
  • Intelligent replacement reminder
  • Strong vibration
  • Less noise
  • Includes cap
  • Marked for differentiation
  • The vibrations set off the head

No products found.

5. Sonifresh Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Sonifresh Replacement Toothbrush Heads

No products found.

What’s better than an 8-piece pack? A 10-piece pack!

These replacement brush heads come in a 10-in-1 economy pack, all compatible with the whole range of Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes. With the easy snap-on technique, their removal and installation of the toothbrush handle are extremely easy.

These are designed for maximum comfort and durability. The bristles use original high-quality DuPont fibers which do not wear off quickly and are the most efficient at removing plaque and accumulated food particles.

The bristles have a rounded shape towards the end, hence, are never harsh on your gums or other delicate surfaces.

Furthermore, the bristles are densely packed for providing more cleaning surface area, which when combined with powerful vibrations can remove plaque 7 times more than ordinary toothbrushes.

The long tip is also curved for maximum access to the tightest of corners within the oral cavity.

These are compatible with 2 Series Plaque Control, Sonicare for Kids, 3 Series Gum Health, HealthyWhite+, DiamondClean, HealthyWhite, DiamondClean Smart, FlexCare Platinum, EasyClean, FlexCare+, HydroClean, FlexCare, ProtectiveClean, and PowerUp

Pearly whites are just a week’s use away!

Moreover, they feature an improved stable, anti-slip feature that helps keep the head firmly fixed on the handle, so that it won’t budge from its place due to the vibrations.

Also, the noise-masking function produces the least amount of noise for a better brushing experience.

Do you also struggle in remembering when to change your toothbrush?

No problem, because these brush replacement heads also feature special blue bristles that lose their color when they are worn out and need a replacement. They also come with individual caps for traveling and separate color rings for demarcation.

Unfortunately, a few users complain that the bristles on these are a little stiffer than the ones that come originally with the Sonicare handle.

  • 10-in-1 economy pack
  • Easy snap-on
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Comfortable shape
  • High-quality material
  • Intelligent replacement reminder
  • Strong vibration
  • Less noise
  • Cap included
  • Marked for differentiation
  • Anti-slip design
  • Bristles may feel a little stiff to some

No products found.

6. Brushmo Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Brushmo Replacement Toothbrush Heads

No products found.

This 6-toothbrush head pack by Brushmo is compatible with many of the handles by Philips Sonicare E-series, including Advance, Elite, Xtreme, Essence, and CleanCare electric toothbrushes, with an easy screw-in installation.

Let’s see what it has to offer?

Their bristles are made up of high-quality premium DuPont filament which is tested and proved to be the best at maintaining good oral health.

Also, these bristles have a rounded edge which avoids irritation to oral soft tissues, for instance, gums and cheeks.

The well-thought design provides maximum contact of the bristles with the oral surfaces, taking away almost all of the plaque effectively.

Then, these nylon bristles have a unique elastic property called bend recovery. This term implies that the brush fibers return to their shape and position immediately after you remove the deforming force.

Hence, they do not lose their shape over time or wear out too quickly.

Furthermore, this brush head has an ergonomic shape that helps reach almost all tooth surfaces, regaining the natural white color of the teeth by removing the dental film of plaque and microbes.

All you need to do is use your brush twice a day to keep this dental film at bay!

What’s even more exciting is the fact that these replacement heads also have reminder bristles that fade in color when they wear out and it’s time to replace them.

All these amazing qualities contribute to making these your number one partner in the fight against gingivitis. Moreover, OEHHA Prop 65 has approved them for their premium safety and health standards.

But sadly, there’s a flip side to this coin. Users complain that these replacement heads started to rust after a few weeks of use and left marks on the toothbrush handle.

  • Compatible with many Philips models
  • Easy screw-in
  • Elastic bristles
  • DuPont filaments
  • Maximum contact with tooth surfaces
  • Whitens teeth
  • Reminder bristles
  • Proven against gingivitis
  • May rust after a few weeks

No products found.

7. Relax Artist Replacement Brush Heads

Relax Artist Replacement Brush Heads

No products found.

These toothbrush replacement heads by Relax Artist can provide maximum cleanliness with all Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes that require a snap-on method for installation.

The interior of these heads features many anti-slip points that provide stability to the brush head so that it can never fall off the toothbrush handle due to vibrations. Plus their 360 degrees overall structure ensures a firm fix.

Furthermore, the bristles are attached to the head firmly with one of its kind modern technology that plants the bristles into the head with such efficiency that they won’t budge even after rigorous use.

Also, these heads are incredibly quiet due to their balanced structure and design and won’t wake everyone in your room when you are brushing your teeth in the morning.

The high-density packing of the brush fibers helps in reaching maximum surfaces of the teeth and other oral structures so that plaque can be removed at a 30% better efficiency than ordinary toothbrushes.

Better yet, the curves and contours of the bristles help access hard-to-reach corners of your mouth for a thorough clean-up.

The high-quality DuPont and PP material make the bristles feel exactly like those of the name brand. Hence, you get similar comfort and efficiency but at a minimal cost.

Moreover, the rounded end of these filaments ensures a comfortable experience without any irritation to the gums. And the reminder bristles are also present to remind you when it’s time to change your brush by changing its color.

Each brush head in this pack comes with a transparent cap that goes on top of it for storing them whilst traveling.

But what is most incredible?

The manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee in case you do not like their product or have complaints regarding it.

But we’ve dug out one drawback for you. Although great in quality and material, these brush heads still don’t feel the same as the original ones provided by the name brand.

But well, you get what you pay for!

  • Compatible with snap-on models
  • Stable
  • Firm bristles planting
  • High-density bristles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Minimum irritation
  • Reminder bristles
  • Hygienic cap
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Not as good as original

No products found.

8. Vochigh Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Vochigh Replacement Toothbrush Heads

No products found.

You can fit this high-quality and BPA-free toothbrush head into multiple models from the Philips Sonicare series.

Let’s Dig in!

This toothbrush head is compatible with the Elite, Essence, CleanCare, Xtreme, and Advanced toothbrush handles of Philips Sonicare. Furthermore, it is compatible with many of the screw-on electric handles of the H3xxx, H4xxx, H5xxx, H7xxx, and H9xxx series.

This toothbrush features unique bristles that inform you when it’s time for a change. The bristles of the toothbrush start to fade when you’ve used it for long enough.

Thus, when its blue-colored bristles become colorless, which happens in a matter of three months, you should replace them.

Furthermore, they come along with a protective cap. Thus, this cap keeps them protected from various bacteria, dust, and germs so that your teeth and you remain healthy and clean.

Moreover, this cap comes in handy when you want to travel, you can just cover your toothbrush head and you’re good to go!

Also, the toothbrush heads come in a pack of 6 and also have six hygienic caps. Therefore, this is perfect for one family, as every member can get their toothbrush head and cap too.

Say Hello To Healthy Gums!

This toothbrush head is made of Dupont end-rounded Nylon bristles that effectively help with keeping your gums healthy.

Additionally, they have been tested to enhance gum health, reduce gingivitis, and are also capable of removing plaque up to six times more as compared to the other manual toothbrushes.

Thus, this toothbrush head is certainly better than the usual and traditional toothbrushes.

Most importantly, the toothbrush head is made of BPA-free material. Additionally, its package weighs 7.2 ounces and is 7.6 inches long, 4.3 inches wide, and has a height of 1.7 inches.

However, some people find its vibration and noise too high.

  • Comes in a pack of 6
  • Has a protective cap
  • BPA-free
  • Removes six times more plaque
  • Reduces Gingivitis
  • High-quality bristles
  • High noise and a greater vibration

No products found.

9. TRILINK Replacement Brush Heads

TRILINK Replacement Brush Heads

No products found.

This head has a greater quantity of bristles and can fit into all of the Snap-on electric handles of Philips Sonicare.

Check this out!

The brush of this toothbrush replacement head is made in the latest and unique planting technique which is absolutely free of metal. Therefore, this helps in preventing the risks of rusting, and also protects your dental health from the very roots.

Furthermore, its planting technique also has a higher density. Thus, this means that on the exact surface area, this head has more bristles, 40% more to be exact.

Therefore, the head provides great cleaning and gives your mouth a whole new experience of brushing.

Let’s disclose more qualities:

Uniquely, it has a 3D design, because of which it can naturally fit into the actual shape of one’s teeth. Thus, it can easily get into areas that are usually difficult to reach and can also remove plaque from them.

Furthermore, it has rounded and DuPont soft bristles. Therefore, it doesn’t scratch the surface of your tooth and doesn’t cause any damage to your gums.

Additionally, every head comes along with a secure cover that is hygienic. Thus, this keeps the head and the bristles protected and safe from debris and dust.

Moreover, these are green and come in a pack of 6. Additionally, its package weighs 2.4 ounces and is 5.5 inches long, 3.6 inches wide, and has a height of 0.5 inches.

This replacement brush head can fit in many of the electric handles of Philips Sonicare such as 2 Series Plaque Control, EasyClean, FlexCare, FlexCare Platinum, Essence+, DiamondClean, FlexCare+, HydroClean, 3 Series Gum Health, HealthyWhite, Powerup, HealthyWhite+.

Furthermore, it can fit into all of the Snap-on electric toothbrush handles of Philips Sonicare without any fitting issues and rattling.

Moreover, this even has a 90-day warranty. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can simply return it and get your money refunded.

Sadly, unlike its competitors, this brush head does not have indicator bristles that tell you when it needs to be changed.

  • 40% More bristles
  • Comes with a hygienic and secure cover
  • Metal-free
  • 3D design
  • 90-day Warranty
  • Can fit on all of the Snap-On electric handles of Philips Sonicare
  • Doesn’t have indicator bristles

No products found.

10. Pisonicleara Replacement Toothbrush Heads

Pisonicleara Replacement Toothbrush Heads

No products found.

This is compatible with many Sonicare toothbrush handles. It operates quietly and is a great option for you if you have sensitive teeth.

Here’s The Deal!

The brush head has high-quality and rounded bristles of Dynax Polymer. Therefore, it gives you a very comfortable experience of brushing and cleaning areas that are more difficult to reach for other brushes.

Furthermore, it has bristles that indicate when you should replace the head. Its blue-colored bristles fade and become colorless when it’s time to change. Additionally, it is recommended that you change them every three months.

Time for Intense Cleaning!

The bristles on this are arranged densely and are also capable of effectively removing the maximum amount of plaque and also preventing Gingivitis.

The rings on this are enhanced and made of 304 stainless steel. Furthermore, its design allows a gap of 0.3 to 0.6mm between your handles and the replacement. Thus, because of this, it provides you less vibration and also operates at a low noise level.

Moreover, its package contains 10 replacement toothbrush heads. Additionally, it weighs 3.84 ounces and is 3.5 inches long, 0.64 inches wide, and has a height of 0.64 inches.

Uniquely, the bristles’ contour pattern is unique and allows the bristle to easily fit with the natural shape of your gums and teeth. Furthermore, it covers more surface of your tooth and provides 6 times better cleaning ability as compared to other toothbrushes.

Furthermore, it is compatible with the models of the following the Sonicare handles series:

DiamondClean, ProtectiveClean, HydroClean, DiamondClean Smart, Powerup, FlexCare, 2 Series Plaque Control, EasyClean, FlexCare+, 3 Series Gum Health, HealthyWhite, Sonicare for kids, HealthyWhite+, FlexCare Platinum.

Sadly, unlike many other of its competitors, this brush head does not come with a protective cover.

  • Low noise
  • Good for sensitive teeth
  • Better vibration
  • Indicator bristles
  • Rounded bristles
  • 6 Times better at cleaning
  • Does not have a protective cover

No products found.

Buyer’s Guide:

Generic Sonicare Replacement Heads Buying Guide

Your toothbrush head is wearing out and needs replacement. Fortunately, you have a wide variety to choose from the best generic Sonicare replacement heads.

Check The Compatibility

The first and foremost point to consider is the compatibility of the brush head with your Sonicare toothbrush. Make sure what you are buying would prove to be useful. Also, don’t forget to check whether you have the E series or the click-on brushes, as their heads differ.

Head Design Is Very Important

A basic toothbrush head has a specific shape and bristle attachment. But slight changes in these create a big difference for the user.

When bristles are placed close to each other, bacterial growth is prevented in between these. Also, this results in a greater number of bristles, which increases the surface area which comes in contact with the brush. Thus, you get a deeper and more thorough cleanup.

As for the shape of the head, round-shaped heads have been the most popular, but recently U-shaped heads are gaining popularity too. This is an important consideration as the head shape facilitates the bristles to reach the internal parts of your mouth.

If the head does not have the right shape, the extra bristles won’t be useful.

The Size That You Like

Everyone has a different preference for the size of the brush head. Most adults use a standard size and smaller ones are usually used for kids. But some people with medical needs such as braces, opt for smaller or compact sizes.

Some researchers recommend compact heads as these have proven to be more effective at cleaning plaque too.

Bristles - Soft, Medium, or Hard?

The choice depends on personal preference, but it is important to consider what type of bristles would work best on your teeth. It is a misconception that soft toothbrushes do not clean up very well. Recent evidence has proven that soft bristles are quite effective.

A majority of people prefer using soft or medium bristles, as these are more comfortable. The hard ones are slightly better, but if used for a long time, they can cause damage to your gums and teeth.

Indicating Bristles

These make things easier for you. The color-changing bristles fade when they are worn out and need a change. Usually, replacement is required every quarter.

Of course, this is just a general guideline. If you feel the bristles are losing shape, or not working as well as they were previously, it is time to order a new one.

Keep It Capped

All of us have grown up with our moms telling us to keep our toothbrushes covered with caps. Some things never change. Always opt for the brush heads that come with a cover to keep them safe from catching germs and bacteria.

Buying in Bulk

Most of the replacement heads come in packs of four, six, or even ten. These save you money. But it works if everyone at home is using the same Sonicare version to avoid incompatibility issues. 

Alternatively, you can purchase for the whole year at one time. Some brands even offer different colors in one pack. This makes it more family-friendly.

Keep the Vibrations Down

When using an electric toothbrush, the vibration can be annoying sometimes. But some of the replacement heads have certain features such as a magnet attached at the base which reduces the vibrations as well as the noise.

Some Cleaning Tips:

Toothbrushes maintain your oral hygiene. To keep your teeth and mouth clean, you must keep your toothbrush as well as its head free of bacteria, dirt, and germs.

Every time you finish brushing your teeth, rinse the bristles thoroughly to get rid of stuck food or toothpaste residue.

It is recommended that once a week you detach the toothbrush head, and wash the lower part as well as the shaft. Use warm water to rinse, and wipe off with a clean cloth.

Even a better option is to use one of the head sanitizers available in the market to disinfect these.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do dentists say about generic Sonicare E-series replacement heads?

Dentists recommend using branded replacement heads as compared to generic ones. This is because these are relatively better in terms of quality and the comfort they offer and do not cost too high either.

Are generic replacement heads as good as Sonicare?

Generic heads are fairly good but not as good as Sonicare’s original replacement heads.

What should I do if the toothbrush head is coming off again and again?

This happens if there is debris accumulated at the base of the head or in the shaft. Try rinsing with warm water to remove dirt and try fixing it again. If it still doesn’t work, then maybe changing the brand would work for you.

Is it okay to use my electric toothbrush while I am in the shower?

Most of the electric toothbrushes are not waterproof. Thus, it is not recommended to use these in the shower.


Electric-powered toothbrushes are no doubt more effective in removing plaque and keeping your teeth and gums healthy. And picking one of the best generic Sonicare replacement heads is very important in maintaining your oral health.

For this reason, we recommend Aoremon brush heads. These have extra gentle, advanced, and indicator bristles that are well suited for highly sensitive gums and teeth. Furthermore, its magnetic base reduces the noise level and provides a stable vibration.

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