What’s The Best Football Neck Protection [Buying Guide]

Stingers, spine injuries, and whiplash are a common occurrence in a football match. And to keep yourself away from these, you need the best football neck protection.

Not wearing these will not be a smart move.

Since football is all about keeping a sharp look on the field, it involves sudden and fast head movements.

Best Football Neck Protection

Also, falling on your head or getting an impact on your shoulder is part of the game.

Thus, you need to keep yourself equipped with a strong guard.

Hence, one always sees these athletes dressed up in heavy gear and neck protection is one of these.

Comparing 7 Best Football Neck Protection 2021

We have summarized the features of these neck protection rolls and collars to give you a quick comparison at a glance.

Neck ProtectionSize
Shock Doctor Ultra Neck GuardYouth | Junior | Senior Check Price
Douglas Youth Football Neck RollRegular Check Price
Douglas Football Cowboy CollarOne Size Check Price
Gear Pro-Tec Adult Neck RollOne Size Check Price
BARNETT N-01 Neck CollarMedium | Large Check Price
Gear Pro-Tec Youth Neck RollOne Size Check Price
Schutt Varsity Football CollarOne Size Check Price

1. Shock Doctor Neck Guard – Comfortable, and Lightweight

Shock Doctor Ultra Neck Guard

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If you are a professional player then you definitely require an ultra neck guard that will give you comfort and ultimate protection.

Cut-resistant Kevlar and smooth knit lining are soft textured material and prevent irritation, therefore, the foam in this gear is structured with a softer material that also plays a significant role in shock absorption.

What say? Sounds good!

Furthermore, football players, goalkeepers, and hockey players consider it ideal for themselves.

However, its outer material is quite durable and comfortable with the reinforced core element. Whereas, it contours the neck due to its automatic fitting feature and perfect wrap design.

Amazingly, its flexible and thin top, front edges, back, sides, and bottoms are suitable for youth football neck protection.

Also, it makes the mobility of the neck easy because of its BNQ certification that particularly enhances the reinforced protection.

The adjustable wrap and a strap ensure to allow a perfect fit around the neck with the help of a pre-curved design.

Certainly, with the cut-resistant features and low-density foam, the fibers knitted in the object offer maximum neck protection to the user.

Absolutely, amazing!

600 Denier and Aramid fiber are used in the manufacturing of the outer material to make it a comfortable fit for the wearer.

So, now the player or the goalkeeper can avoid any head or neck injury while wearing this premium quality Shock Doctor.

However, it weighs 3.53-ounce therefore, it is considered lightweight and can be easily carried.

Thus, it can be considered not entirely appropriate for a goalie to wear it in the field because of its thin feature and lightweight.

  • Cut protection
  • Mobile
  • Comfortable
  • Soft enough
  • Overall a better fit
  • Works great
  • Not preferable for a goalie
  • Quite thin

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2. Douglas Youth Football – A Versatile Neck Roll

Douglas Youth Football Neck Roll

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So, are you looking for a premium quality neck roll that will provide your neck ultimate support with protection? I think you have arrived at the right place.

The players who want to protect their neck and head from any sort of serious injury should use Douglas football neck roll.

Moreover, due to its variety of sizes and fitting, it is considered a perfect fit.

Whereas, neck protection for football players is its only job because it offers additional support to the user’s neck.

Besides, its sizes vary from small to extra-large, you can choose your size from the size chart available.

The black and regular fitting gear makes it look more attractive and suitable.

You have to keep in mind that small or regular size rolls will fit XL shoulder pads while large size neck rolls will fit the size XXL shoulder pads.

Douglas is all you need?

Basically, 14 x 6 x 2 inches of dimensions and its one-pound weight play a vital role to stabilize and adjust the helmet of the player.

Therefore, it will help the wearer against stingers or bumpers, especially in the field.

If you want to buy protective equipment that can be used outdoors and can be worn during sports as well, then this is the most suitable one indeed.

You can also learn how to align the Douglas roll with the neckline of the shoulder pad with the help of the screws.

All you have to do is align the four eyelets brass with the shell of the shoulder pad, Then mark the available holes with the help of grommets.

You might also drill the holes if required. Afterward, insert the screws and assemble them accordingly.

Easy peasy!

Customers find it appropriate and the best fit for the youngsters and children only.

  • Protective gear
  • Great quality
  • Shoulder pads are durable
  • Good performance
  • Suitable
  • Adjustable
  • Might be thin as compared to others
  • Suitable for youngsters mostly

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3. Douglas Football Butterfly – A Cowboy Collar with Neck Protection

Douglas Football Butterfly Cowboy Collar

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Ever heard about a butterfly restrictor or a football butterfly collar that offers superior plus ultimate neck protection for linebackers, linemen, and others?

Not yet, then read now!

For all the power running backs the Douglas cowboy collar is designed. Just like other neck rolls or football collars, it also does not store or trap heat.

If you want long-lasting protection, hence, you can easily lock the collar strap around your neck, giving it zero space for moving during the game.

However, make sure you have connected the collar to the shoulder pad for neck protection for youth football.

Not as convenient as you think:

Perhaps, as compared to other conventional collars this stuff will be strapped closer to the helmet.

Besides, a single-size fit that can act as a perfect gear for you, also, its attractive purple color will drive you towards itself.

Additionally, with its defensive performance and high-quality material you can be prevented from stingers. Thus, it is preferable for the youth and adults.

This protective gear will give you good playtime.

You can move your head and neck easily while wearing this gear. Plus, it makes mobility simple that will give you ultimate safety and confidence for life.

It takes all the force on itself, giving you an all-rounder effect, also, it is not considered flimsy like other conventional gears.

Protect your neck base!

However, sometimes it is difficult to adjust the screws, plus, it can also affect the visibility of the player while playing.

  • Preferable for youngsters
  • Complete safety
  • Supportive
  • Prevent any sort of restrictions while playing
  • Quite sturdy
  • High-impact
  • Installation can be difficult
  • Decrease visibility

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4. Gear Pro-Tec – One Size Neck Roll for Adults

Gear Pro-Tec Neck Roll

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Is your child a football fan and he loves to play football too? Gear Pro-Tec comes in a complete package consisting of 6.35 cm length, 78.74 cm of height, and 15.24 cm of width.

Plus, it weighs 0.363 kilograms that make it a well-structured protective gear that will give you a defensive feature against stingers and injuries.

Gear Pro can be used by adults and youngsters who are football enthusiasts.

Therefore, this protective gear is used as safety equipment to be used by all the athletes because of its Z-Cool design.

It’s now or never!

So, if you want your child to feel safe then it’s necessary to buy this gear that will keep you safe in the field. Besides, users up to 8 years or more can use it easily.

A perfect fit, for a star player!

A2 shoulder pads are famous because of their airing quality and this protective gear also includes the above feature.

Moreover, this Pro gear serves the football neck roll purpose, so that it can fulfill all your neck protection needs.

Though it is available in one size, it can be the right fit for the standard size neck. Also, it includes a nylon foam that will offer you comfort, safety, and security.

Its installation procedure is quite simple. All you have to do is attach the football neck protector with t-nuts and screws.

But, you have to buy nuts and screws separately as they are not available in the package content.

  • Perfect neck roll
  • Good quality
  • Fits perfectly
  • Comfortable
  • Offers extra protection
  • The package does not include the hardware for installation
  • Can be big enough for the younger kids

No products found.

 5. BARNETT N-01 Neck Collar – Lightweight, and Breathable

BARNETT N-01 Neck Collar

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Want to get your hands on the lightweight, comfortable, and adjustable protective gear that offers complete neck protection to its users?

What are you waiting for?

An absolute protective gear in the form of BARNETT is nothing less than a versatile shock absorber.

While the fabric and the 100% nylon material that is used, also enables you to breathe easily.

Though, its medium, black feature, makes it compatible with all the other shoulder pads that also include an American-based football shoulder strap.

Easy to grip, easy to strap!

Amazingly, to give better performance, also it offers a breathability feature for the users as it is made up of 50 EV foam.

Furthermore, with the mesh help, the gear will prevent you from sweating. Thus, you can also find a size chart that will help you to choose the gear as per your neck size.

9.52 ounces makes this tool extremely lightweight with the 30 x 6 x 3 inches dimension, making it more durable and sturdy. So, during training and matches, it can be used.

  • Neck protection
  • Premium quality
  • Adjustable
  • Offers mobility
  • Comfortable
  • Shock absorption
  • Very light, so it can be sometimes difficult to handle

No products found.

6. Gear Pro-Tec Youth Z-Cool – A Comfortable Wear

Gear Pro-Tec Youth Neck Roll

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Your kid is grown up and ready to step into a playing field? No, we didn’t mean anything naughty.

We were just wondering if your son is all set to play football or soccer or any such macho games.

And what parent would not be worried about an injury. The thought gives a parent’s nightmares, to think of a severe injury, not to mention any lifetime trauma to their kid.

You would think your kid is off to a war zone rather than a football match.

But certainly, no one wants their kids to be absolutely sheltered. Everyone wishes their kids to go out in the world and toughen up. So they can face whatever life throws at them.

But of course, with observing certain safety standards.

Safety comes first with all of us, right?

Well, there you have it. You can encourage your child to play without fear of injury. The neck is the most vulnerable spot in our body.

So first of all, your kid needs his neck protected and for that, we have Gear Pro-Tech with a Z-Cool neck roll.

The neck roll will not only protect your kid from a sudden jerk, push, shove and fall, but also from anything that can hurt while playing on the field.

Furthermore, the size and design are most helpful and effective. The neck roll weighs exactly 12.96 Ounces and its dimension is 27 x 3 x 2 inches.

Quality and safety but, wait there is something more:

Your Gear-Pro is designed to save your neckline from the heavyweight and pinching of the edge of your helmet.

Moreover, your neck roll is going to fit all models of X2 air shoulder pads and Z-Cool.

On top of that, it has a very soft feel as it is full of foam. And the foam is upholstered in nylon.

There is another most amazing thing about it. If your child has developed a hump, because of bad posture, the neck roll can put it right.

But sadly, people whose skin has issues and does not agree with nylon might have a problem there.

And not only this, but you will have to go out and buy the nuts to secure the neck roller as the nuts are not included in the package.

  • Good quality
  • Neat finishing
  • One size fits all models of shoulder pads
  • Secure with nuts
  • Cushions the neck from the helmet drop
  • Doesn’t fit younger boys
  • Not suitable for nylon reluctant skin
  • Have to buy nuts 

No products found.

7. Schutt Varsity Football – Cushioning plus a Comfortable Design

Schutt Varsity Football Collar

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Are you looking for neck protection for football players in your town market? Where are you roaming, Schutt has everything that you need.

Varsity football neck roll offers complete protection, safety, and support to the neck area along with a cushioning soft effect.

Do you know what it is made up of?

This water-resistant and heavy-duty nylon material is no doubt, easy to wash and clean.

Moreover, it also includes a shoulder pad collar, as it is compatible with all types of Schutt Varsity shoulder pads and also with the competitor’s protective shoulder pads.

Here comes the padded collar:

Looking for high-quality and high-performance protective gear that will give you everlasting protection? Why are you looking here and there, when Schutt is here!

Besides, technologically well-featured protective gear that effortlessly empowers the player is basically famous for being innovative with advanced features.

Additionally, to gear up the game of the players, also, it includes Lightning and Tornado shoulder pads.

It offers ultimate protection and comfort to its users in sports because it knows how to gear up your game!

Also, 13.6 ounces of weight, makes it a heavier one as compared to other neck protective gears.

However, with the 15.5 x 14 x 3.2 inches dimension, it can give the wearer a perfect fit along with a good wrap around the neck.

Already geared up for the match?

Do make sure you follow the instructions correctly because you have to screw the gear with the shoulder pad. Hence, it does not come with an instruction manual, so you have to look for alternative ways.

  • Good for youngsters
  • Compatible
  • Comfortable
  • Works great
  • Offers neck protection and support
  • Can be a little bulky if not screwed properly
  • Installation directions might not be available

No products found.

Buying Guide:

Playing football is unimaginable without the best neck protection to safeguard you from severe injuries.

Not only do these help you with avoiding neck injuries, but also keep your upper spine and head safe in case of an impact. Also, you won’t have to worry about stingers too.

Football Neck Protection Buying Guide

To get the most out of it, you must keep in mind the key features that your neck protects must-have. We have discussed these, to give you a fair idea of what you should be looking for.

Design Matters the Most:

The first factor to decide is whether you prefer a round neck protector or a contoured collar. Both these shapes have been equally popular and useful for players.

Similar to a horsecollar, both these designs provide a substantial amount of protection. Worn on the neck, these are padded and tied securely to the shoulder pads which hold them in place.

Floating or non-floating:

Protectors that do not attach to the shoulder pads are referred to as rolls that float. Non-floating ones are better at taking care of your neck.

What shape you choose depends entirely on what you find comfortable to wear and play with.

Pad It Thick:

This is one of the most important points to consider. It should be:

  • Constructed with shock-absorbing and impact-resistant properties
  • Durable
  • Made with synthetic material
  • Water and heatproof
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Breathable

Most of the collars are made of plastic, nylon, or foam rubber. This is because these are elastic and sturdy at the same time. Moreover, they are comfortable and heat-proof too.

Another consideration related to the padding is its thickness. Depending on this, you can categorize them as:

Foam PaddedGuard Padded
These are bulky and the thickest. Usually worn around the neck, not only do these give complete coverage, but also support your helmet.

However, some players do not prefer these due to the additional weight.

For such players, there is a collar that has a contour shape, similar to the neck. It fits under your jersey’s collar and facilitates rapid head movements. Thus, defensive and running backs are most likely to use this type.

Pick Your Size:

Most of the collars available come in standard adult and youth sizes. Some brands also offer extra-large sizes too.

One size fits all:

Even though these neck protectors are designed to fit almost all types and brands of shoulder pads, some collars are specifically made to fit with a particular brand of shoulder pads.

Hence, it is advisable that when picking your neck guard, make sure that it will work with the shoulder equipment that you already have. It would save you cash as well as the hassle of changing your existing gear.

Fit It Firmly:

It is imperative that the neck gear is attached well with the shoulder pads. It should not move, and should firmly stay in place.

But do keep in mind that there is enough space for your neck to breathe as well. Otherwise, you will end up having an uncomfortable match.

Other Considerations:

  • Color - Most of the brands go neutral and limit to black and white. However, some brands do offer a variety of colors to let you pick something that would go well with your jersey’s color.
  • Lightweight - How heavy or light you want the collar to depend on your personal preference
  • Adjustable Straps - These help in getting the best-fitted neck protection, which is comfortable for you.
  • Allow head movement - Some gears restrict the quick motion of the head to keep you safe. But for some players, it is essential, and hence, they pick brands and designs that make head mobility easier.
  • Should be cut resistant

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to attach the neck roll?
It is easy, quick and all you need to do is follow the steps in the right order. These are the general guidelines and the steps might vary slightly depending on the product that you have bought.

Step One:
Examine closely the cushion and the arch, which is usually made of plastic. Slide the collar to fit between these. Adjust it accordingly to create the perfect fit.

Step Two:
If your shoulder pad requires holes, drill in. It is recommended that you mark before drilling to avoid any errors.

Step Three:
Insert the screws and other hardware that is included in the package.

What is the difference between a butterfly restrictor and a cowboy collar?
A butterfly restrictor allows greater head movement and even allows you to bend your head sideways.
Is it important to wear neck protection?
It is extremely dangerous for a player to play without it. Injuries during play are inevitable, and your head, neck, and shoulders are a highly sensitive area. Hence, these to be guarded well.
Would wearing a neck protect restrict my head’s mobility during the game?
Some neck protectors do not allow your head to move freely. But certain brands have incorporated design features that allow you to move your neck 360 degrees.
Does a neck protector support the footballer’s helmet too?
Yes, they do, especially the bulky ones. It is important because the helmets used by footballers are considerably heavy.


To make your game comfortable and safe, the best football neck protection is necessary equipment. Amongst the various options available, our pick isShock Doctor Ultra Neck.

With its high-quality material, it gives you substantial protection and an enjoyable playing experience. Its straps can be adjusted to give you the best fit, and the cut-resistant features prevent lacerations.

Furthermore, its contoured design fits your neck perfectly, allowing you to move your head around easily.

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