10 Best Eraser For Colored Pencils [Buying Guide 2022]

Every time you make a mistake with a colored pencil, the next thing on your mind is how would you correct it?

Best Eraser for Colored Pencils

Following the best eraser for colored pencils clear these errors, without damaging your paper. These no smudge, and mess-free erasers are a great solution for difficult marks created with colored pencils.

Comparing 10 Best Eraser for Colored Pencils

AFMAT Electric EraserElectricBlack Check Price
Pentel Hi-Polymer Block EraserHi-PolymerWhite Check Price
Tombow 67304 MONO Sand EraserRubberWhite Check Price
Vanish 4-in-1 Artist EraserVinylGray Check Price
Faber-Castell Kneaded ErasersKneadableGray Check Price
Tombow 57324 MONO EraserPlasticNo Check Price
Tombow Mono Zero Pen-Style EraserSoft PlasticBlack Check Price
Ohuhu Electric Eraser KitElectricBlack Check Price
PRISMACOLOR Kneaded Rubber EraserKneadableGray Check Price
Mr. Pen Eraser SetKneaded, GumWhite Check Price

1. AFMAT Electric Eraser – Precise, Easy to Use

AFMAT Electric Eraser

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This electric eraser with its latest design comes with two erasers. It’s simple to use and gives great results, making it a great option for everyone, from kids to pros.

How does it work?

This eraser features 2 holders, a plastic clamp, and a metal clamp, for the two erasers of different sizes. The smaller one is 0.98 inches long and has a diameter of 0.1 inches/ 2.3mm.

Additionally, the larger one is also 0.98 inches long but has a diameter of 0.2 inches/ 5mm.

Firstly, to erase you need to simply insert the eraser of your choice.

Secondly, after that, you would need to press and hold the switch on its exterior near the eraser. And Viola, the erasers rotate by themselves, they rotate back and forth to erase.

Therefore, its strong circular movements easily get rid of all the marks you don’t want.

Additionally, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to erase whatever you want to get rid of.

Therefore, you will not be spending hours and a lot of manpower as you would with the usual erasers. This is because it does all the work by itself very quickly.

Moreover, because it is so easy to use and work with, this is a great option for kids and beginners that are new to sketching and drawing.

What makes it special?

Uniquely, unlike the usual rectangular erasers, this is automatic and has different sizes of erasers. Therefore, you can use the smaller eraser for smaller areas like the details on hair and you can also make smaller and thinner highlights.

Furthermore, the larger eraser can be used for correcting bigger and thicker areas and can also be used in creating thicker and larger highlights.

Moreover, this electric eraser is designed in a unique way that allows you to work comfortably. Instead of the rectangular shape other erases have, this eraser is circular.

Therefore, it is very similar to pencils and is slim like a pen making it more comfortable to grip and hold.

Additionally, because this eraser is so precise and easy to operate as compared to others, it is a great option for professionals as well. Along with kids finding it easy to use, professionals and artists too, appreciate its effectiveness and preciseness.

This electric eraser weighs only 3.98 ounces, and its black color gives it a very professional and classy look. Moreover, the package is 9 inches long, 4 inches wide, and has a height of 1 inch. Furthermore, the kit of this electric eraser has many more things.

Firstly, the kit includes one electric eraser, a brush, and many refills. Secondly, to help you out, even more, this kit also includes 40 refills of the bigger eraser and it also has 100 refills for the smaller eraser.


Since this eraser is electric, it needs the power to operate. Additionally, it’s powered by 2AAA batteries which are, unfortunately, not included.

Furthermore, by constantly using this eraser, in the long run, you will run out of its refill. Thus, you will have to buy refills of the same size by yourself.

  • 2 Size eraser
  • Lightweight
  • Precise
  • Simple to operate
  • Suitable for kids and also professionals
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Batteries not included
  • You will need to buy refills of the exact sizes

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2. Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser

Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser

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By using very little manpower with this eraser you can remove and clean lead very easily. Furthermore, its style makes cleaning bigger and smaller areas simple!

Say bye to tears!

This eraser is of very high quality and also latex-free. Thus, you do not need to exert too much power or pressure to get rid of what you want to remove.

Furthermore, because of its amazing quality, this eraser gets rid of errors without harming your work or paper. Yes, it doesn’t leave any smudges, scratches, paper tears, or ghosting. Therefore, you can now work comfortably without fearing such problems.

Additionally, not only does the eraser not harm your drawing/sketches or the paper you’re working on, but it also remains soft. Therefore, this blocked-shaped and non-abrasive eraser, even as time goes on, will not become hard or crack. Thus, it will always remain ready and easy to use.

Furthermore, because of its block shape, its small block can get into smaller areas and corners, making it great for smaller details. Meanwhile, its large block can easily and quickly erase the larger and thicker areas.

There’s more!

The erasers come in a pack of 10, are white, and are made of Hi-Polymer material. Furthermore, the item weighs 10.4ounces and the package is 3.75 inches long, 6 inches wide, and has a height of 1.13 inches.

Moreover, the block shape erasers come in a protective sheet, this keeps the eraser and you clean. After using the eraser, place it back into its protective sheet so it remains neat.

However, although it doesn’t smudge and cause harm to your paper, as compared to electric erasers you still need to exert pressure by yourself to clean your mess/work.

  • Has a protective sheet
  • Suitable for bigger and smaller areas
  • No smudges
  • Zero scratches
  • No paper tears
  • Remains soft
  • As compared to electric erasers, you need to use more power

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3. Tombow 67304 MONO Sand Eraser

Tombow 67304 MONO Sand Eraser

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This eraser removes and cleans many kinds of marks and is also environmentally friendly.

Here’s the deal!

This sand eraser can help you out in multiple types of situations because it can remove many types of inks and markings.

Firstly, this eraser can remove the ink marks of the ballpoint, this means even when you’re working for school/making notes, you can use this to fix your errors.

Secondly, it can also remove color pencils and add highlights, this makes it a great tool for artists, painters, and kids too.

Furthermore, this eraser is also capable of removing rollerball ink and some markers too.

Thus, this eraser is a very convenient tool to keep around, regardless of what kind of ink or pencils you use while working.

Still not convinced?

In addition to all that it can do, it is also good for the environment. This is because it is made of natural rubber latex with silica grit. Therefore, since all the ingredients of this eraser are natural, it is environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, its two sides used to erase are both slanted so it covers more surface. Therefore, by using this you can erase more quickly.

The sand erasers come in a pack of two and the item weighs 0.81 ounces. Moreover, it is 6 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and has a height of 0.5inches.

Additionally, the erasers come in a protective cover that keeps the erasers clean.

Sadly, even though this eraser can get rid of multiple types of inks, as compared to its competitors and electric erasers you will need to use more effort and pressure.

Furthermore, a lot of other erasers come in a bigger pack with more erasers.

  • Slanted
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Erases ink
  • Removes colored pencils
  • Erases some markers
  • Has a protective cover
  • You need to use more power to erase
  • Competitor erasers come in a pack with more quantity

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4. Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser

Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser

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This unique and versatile eraser can help you get rid of that box full of erasers that you use for just one drawing. It can easily remove colored pencils, and much more!

Let’s jump in!

It has a very flexible and unique composition because of which it can easily remove graphite, colored pencils, charcoal, and even pastels. Therefore, because of all this versatility, you won’t need to buy more and different erases for different errors.

Furthermore, it is strong enough that it can erase the sharp lines of graphite even on hard paper.

Uniquely, it is also gentle enough that it can remove strokes of charcoal from paper that is soft.

Additionally, it will not cause any damage to your expensive paper.

Moreover, this eraser weighs 0.16 ounces and is 2.67 inches long, 0.75 inches wide, and has a height of 0.75 inches.

Additionally, it even comes in a protective cover that keeps the eraser clean.

Due to all of its qualities you can easily replace your gum eraser, vinyl eraser, hard rubber erase, and also the soft kneaded eraser with this, latex-free eraser.

Say bye to messes!

Uniquely, this eraser doesn’t just clean your mess, work, or mistakes, it also cleans up after itself. Unlike most traditional erasers which create heaps of crumbs after erasing a single line, this only leaves a clean and neat strip.

Thus, it simply rolls with a stroke and doesn’t create a mess at all.

Moreover, you can easily get a comfortable and steady grip on this eraser. Additionally, you can also slice the eraser to change its shape so that you can erase even the tiny and tight spots.

Furthermore, you can also use this to clean your sketches without any smearing and you can erase the lines under your ink work with this. Additionally, it does a great job in blending pastels and charcoal and this can also be used to tidy the work you do with colored pencils.

Sadly, it comes in a pack of one, while its competitors come in a pack of more erasers. Additionally, as compared to other erasers, you will have to exert pressure and power to erase.

  • Will not damage paper
  • Versatile
  • Will not smear
  • Has a protective cover
  • Good at blending
  • No mess
  • Other erasers’ pack have more erasers
  • Need to use power/effort to erase

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5. Faber-Castell Kneaded Eraser

Faber-Castell kneaded Erasers

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This kneaded eraser can be shaped just the way you want for shading, correcting, and much more.

Let’s dig in!

This eraser comes in a pack of four and is grey. Moreover, because you can knead this, you can make new shapes every time you use it. Therefore, it is a great option for artists and professionals because they can have different sizes and shapes of erasers that will suit their preferences.

Furthermore, because of this, you can get precise erasers for your drawings and sketches. Additionally, this eraser is also extremely absorbent. Thus, this means that it picks up/soaks your charcoal, pastel, and pencil work.

Want to know more?

The eraser is large and comes in a plastic case which keeps it clean. Therefore, when you need to use it, take out an appropriate amount of the eraser from its case.

Afterward, when you’re done using it, place the eraser back into its plastic case, this keeps it safe from any dirt and you can store it easily.

Additionally, the item weighs 3.04 ounces and is 4.33 inches long, 3.94 inches wide, and has a height of 0.51 inches. Moreover, this eraser is ideal for lightening, correcting, and giving a final touch-up to your drawings.

Thus, because it is easy to use and gives so much control it is a great option for a variety of people ranging from kids to professionals.

Sadly, because you need to shape it yourself, this can be more time-consuming than the other erasers.

  • Absorbent
  • Precise
  • Has a plastic case
  • Kneadable
  • Good for lightening
  • Works on charcoal, pastel, and pencils
  • Time-consuming

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6. Tombow 57324 MONO Eraser

Tombow 57324 MONO Eraser

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Do you need an eraser that belongs to the high-profile family of Tombow? Stop searching because we have the best in line for you!

Hang on to the Tombow colored pencil eraser, let’s see what it holds.

Want to know how?

It is available in medium size, white color that works perfectly without destroying the paper or the artwork. Plus point is that it removes without leaving any remaining remarks of the pencil or pen.

Moreover, it comes within a pack of 3, so it will last long. Hence, it is made up of high-quality plastic material. That makes it even more flexible, durable, and manageable. So, it is suitable for users of every age.

Besides, the use of plastic makes it softer while rubbing and using it. Whenever it is rubbed on the paper, less pressure is required.

Less effort, great work!

It depends on you whether you want to use it in school, or while making your artwork. Likewise, you can use it during drawing, in the office, or in the study room at home.

Packing and packaging:

The paper sleeve covers and protects it from both sides. However, to protect the eraser from damage when in use, therefore, the edge of the eraser is cut into a round shape.

Furthermore, the pack of the eraser includes three different sizes, so choose the one that suits you the most!

Whereas, now changing your imperfections into perfection is not a great deal anymore, just pick a Tombow eraser and start practicing.

It is a mess-free eraser that knows how to do its job confidently and professionally. Also, they are available in innovative designs and a sleek body that makes it unique and makes life easier for artists, students, and craft makers.

This brand line also designs slim, stylish, soft, and smooth rubbing erasers that can be refilled as it is also available in a refillable pointed pen-type eraser.

Tombow also has crafted graphite erasers that also include silica grit and rubber latex, moreover, sand erasers also include these materials that show the best performance.

The pencil and pen-style erasers are crafted with eminence and advanced material, but it can be expensive.

  • Soft eraser
  • Plastic formed
  • Marks cleanly
  • Easy to slice
  • Leaves paper smooth and undisturbed
  • No remaining residue
  • If used on the colored paper, then it might fade the color of the paper

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7. Tombow Mono Zero Pen-style Eraser

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser and Precision Tip Pen Style Eraser

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Haven’t heard about Tombow and its versatile mono plastic eraser that looks like a pen and rubs like a pro?

It is available in a value pack that can be refilled, however, it comes with a precision tip that is delicate, pen-style, and slim.

Moreover, the pen-style eraser consists of a round diameter of 2.3mm that is designed accurately and precisely.

Plus, it comes with two extra eraser refills that make it convenient for the user while using it. You should keep the fact in mind that it does not destroy the paper, nor fade its color. So use it wherever you want and erase whatever you like.

Tombow maintains its quality, standard, and performance, no matter how thin or thick it is. It tends to protect and secure your work while its high-quality precision works with absolute perfection.

Looking for various tip sizes?

It has two tip sizes, helping you to erase smartly as well as correctly. However, a clip is attached at the top of the eraser that works with click action, also called a push button that makes it easy to use.

It is also made up of a silver barrel that can be refilled conveniently, when in use. Plus, if they are handled with care they can do wonders, though it cannot be as gentle as the other erasers.

  • Very precise tip
  • Fine for most of the work
  • Erases perfectly
  • Causes no damage
  • Great precision formulation
  • Soft removal
  • Sometimes it might not erase properly
  • Might need a little bit more pressure than usual

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8. Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit

Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit

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Ever heard of an electric eraser kit that is cordless while it is operated with the battery? Me either.

Let’s figure it out together….!

It is an efficient plus lightweight pencil shape electric eraser that has a compact design. Moreover, it comes along with 20 refillings of erasers, suitable for a long-term project.

However, the package also encloses a long-size brush, which works precisely without destroying your artwork or damaging the paper. This single brush will clean up the leftover residues and crumbs, giving you clean paper.

Thus, the name suggests that it is an auto eraser specifically designed for professional artists, craft-makers. Certainly, it is also used when sketching, painting, drawing, drafting, crafts and arts, and making architectural plans.

It is no doubt an ideal form of an eraser that works accurately and smoothly.

Thus, its erasing capability is incomparable, as it is beyond amazing. A strong motor that is attached inside the Ohuhu eraser kit, operates with a battery. Therefore, it moves in a circular direction to implement its cleaning and erasing function in an accurate place.

Ohuhu does not miss its target!

What you have to do is; push the button with a gentle touch and start removing the marks. Yes, that’s all!

Moreover, you can easily refill the eraser without any difficulty. So take advantage of the hassle-free replacement and removal of the fillers.

Furthermore, this particular auto eraser requires double AAA batteries that make the eraser powerful and valuable.

Thus, it is a profound item with a heavy torque effect that is made up of ABS material and stainless steel. Torque is good to remove all the stubborn marks that were impossible to remove.

Its tip can rotate quickly and reaches its targeted area in a fraction of a second. Besides, you have to recharge the battery every now and then, depending on its usage.

  • Long-lasting
  • Easy operate
  • Refillable
  • Eraser brush
  • Helpful 
  • Works great
  • The package does not include the batteries

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9. PRISMACOLOR Design Kneaded Rubber Eraser


No products found.

Prismacolor brings for you an eraser that you can use to erase many different types of medium. So, if you are a well-versed artist, or have begun to explore the vivid world of art, this eraser is one tool that you will need.

What’s more?

The eraser is specially kneaded to provide you the freedom to shape it as you like. So be it a small glitch that you want to remove, or erase a large area, this special kneaded eraser has you covered!

It is an excellent must-have amongst your art tools for erasing chalk, pastel, charcoal, and pencil.

Furthermore, you can also use it to highlight these mediums. Thus, this eraser is quite versatile when it comes to doing its job.

It comes in a pack of 3. It is also large in size, so it can be used effectively. So, whether you have children who have the potential of an artist in them, or you yourself want to dive into the world of art, this eraser is a staple in your art box.

However, it is a little harder than other kneaded erasers, so you have to work it a bit to get it into your desired shape.

Nonetheless, it is versatile and once you get used to the feel, it is a great tool to keep.

  • Versatile use
  • Kneaded
  • Efficient
  • Large size
  • Might be a little hard to work with and knead

No products found.

10. Mr. Pen Eraser Set

Mr. Pen Eraser Set

No products found.

You see a budding artist in your child. This is not the first time that they have drawn. However, their little mistakes might make them unhappy.

For this future artist, the Mr. Pen eraser set is the perfect tool.

This eraser set has three different types of erasers.


The first type of eraser in this set is the kneaded eraser. This is one type of eraser that the little artist needs.

Additionally, it is one step towards becoming a professional artist. This is because this kneadable eraser can be molded into any shape and size according to one’s needs. It is perfect for pestle, charcoal, and pencils.

So, whether you are looking for lightening or highlighting any medium, or erasing and correcting it, this kneadable eraser is a staple.


The artist gum eraser is the second type of eraser in this set. It absorbs dirt and graphite and helps you remove smudge lines and pencil marks from any surface.

So, any dry media that you want to correct or lighten, this is the one you’ll pick. Furthermore, this is especially beneficial for those little tykes who are exploring the world of art and make little mistakes along the way.


Lastly, the third type is latex-free erasers. These plastic erasers are essential in every household and a must-have in every art box. It removes pencil marks without any damage to the paper. So now you can use these erasers worry-free.

After all, mistakes are how we learn right?

The pack of 9 is a perfect assortment for any artist. The set is quite versatile to use and offers great value for money.

However, one drawback is the soft quality of the kneadable erasers. It might be difficult to use for newbies. But, once you get the hang of it, all of the erasers are quite useful for your work or hobby.

  • Assorted variety
  • Versatile use
  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • The kneadable eraser might be a little too soft in texture for some people.

No products found.

Buyer’s Guide:

Eraser for Colored Pencils Buying Guide

Working with colored pencils can be exciting, and tricky at the same time. To keep your artistic ventures uninterrupted, one of the best eraser for colored pencils is what you need.

Not only are these useful for making corrections, but can also be used for highlighting in some types of drawings.

But not all of these do the job well with colored marks. And this is the real challenge.

Since the usual writing pencils use graphite, the rubber can quickly pick them off. But colored pencils have wax or oil as their main component, which can be lightened by rubber but not cleared off completely.

Thus, for these tough marks, you need to be specific in your choice.

Kneadable Erasers - Pin It Down and Lift It Off

These are not firm like ordinary erasers. You can shape it and mold it, and that is what makes them suited to removing marks from colored pencils as well as charcoal and ordinary graphite pencils too.

To use it, you should shape it to make a pointed strip and press it down on the colored area which you want to remove.

Every time, you press it on color, a certain part of the mark sticks to the eraser. Keep reshaping it, and pressing it till the paper clears off completely.

The distinguishing feature of these is that they do not leave behind any residue on the paper.

Crumb It to Erase It

These are the erasers that we have grown up seeing and using - the ones that leave residue on the paper. They vary in firmness and the material that they are made of. Out of these, the ones that work best on colored marks are plastic erasers, more commonly known as vinyl erasers.

These are firm. Every time you rub them on the colored part of the paper, they pick it and wear off, leaving behind the crumbs. But a special feature of the vinyl erasers is that their remains stay behind in the form of clumps, making them less messy.

For deep colored marks, you will have to use the putty (kneadable) erasers a few times, and then use the vinyl eraser on the same spot. Using both gives better results.

Electric Erasers - Precision and Battery Operated

This is a modern-day innovation. They come in various shapes, but most designs look similar to a pen. In essence, these are plastic erasers, but the way they are shaped enables you to pinpoint and target a specific spot or part.

These run on batteries, and they disintegrate quite fast. Thus, most of these come with refills, that would last you at least a few days depending on the frequency of use.

But these work quickly and keep the paper safe.

Click Erasers - Erase Precisely

Similar to click pens and pencils, these comprise a plastic eraser. The main benefit of these is their precise targeting. You can even remove a small dot, without removing the surrounding color. 

How to remove colored pencil marks?

If working manually, it is recommended that you use a combination of kneadable and vinyl erasers. Start with the putty eraser, and dab it a few times to pick the few top layers of color of the paper.

What remains is a lighter, smudged mark, which is less resistant now. Use the vinyl eraser to rub it off completely. This technique is effective even with one of the darkest colored pencil stains.

Erasers That Last Long

All the erasers described do a good job at cleaning the color pencil mark. What you choose depends a lot on where you would use it and what will you use it for.

An artist’s needs are different from what a student is looking for when buying it.

Artists work with large-sized paper surfaces. Thus, they prefer the ones that last for a longer time and are not very soft.

Gentle on Paper

Rubber, Gum erasers, and kneadable ones do not damage paper. Abrasive ones contain harsh material such as pumice, which either tear-off paper quickly or dig holes.

A Cleaner End

When erasers clear your mistakes, they sometimes leave behind an undesirable mess. Vinyl and kneadable erasers are cleaner as compared to rubber or gum erasers.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Never rub with a kneadable eraser. It will pick a color when you pin it down.
  • Rub with a light hand. Scrubbing it with too much pressure can damage the paper.
  • Erasers work best when they are warm. You can warm them up by placing them between your palms for a few seconds before using them.
  • Knead the putty erasers well before using them. This step makes them perform better.
  • Use a brush to clear off the residue instead of removing them with your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean my eraser after repeated use?

Create a mixture of borax in water. Place the eraser in this and let it stay for around ten to fifteen minutes. Then, take it out and rinse it thoroughly. Use cold water for washing it. Leave it to air dry before using.

How do I store my kneaded erasers?

Kneaded erasers are known to stick to everything so you cannot store them in a pencil case. Thus, you will have to keep these in a separate container which is preferably airtight. But even if it gets exposed to air, it might not dry out very quickly.

What is the right way to use an electric eraser for a small spot?

If you are trying to clear a very tiny spot, simply hold it on the spot and let it rotate for a while.

What should I use if I do not have an eraser for colored pencils?

An alternate way is to stick tape on the area which you want to clean. As you remove the tape, it will scrape off some color too. But this is not as effective as an eraser.


Now after reviewing the 10 best eraser for colored pencils, our pick is AFMAT Electric Eraser. This eraser is very simple to operate and requires very little effort and pressure from you.

Furthermore, it even has a very useful kit with a brush and many refills. Additionally, because of its unique circular shape, it is also very easy to hold.

Now go ahead and get your eraser!

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