Best Drinking Horns [2021 Buying Guide]

Role-plays are fun! Let us ask you first, which is your favorite character? How do you like to dress up?

Are you a part of any role-playing groups that not only dress up as a character but use everything related to it?

Did we hear you say a Viking? A fair choice lad! Vikings are ancient fantasy characters with a strong physique, deep voices, and great warriors.

Best Drinking Horns

But apart from their wars, these are known for their larger-than-life parties, drinking till they doze off!

Thus, if you’re a part of any such group, what can be better than sipping onto your favorite beverage in a “horn”?

Not a real horn but of course a glass that looks like a horn. Sounds fun, right? We’ve tried a few horns per se, and hence, here are a few that we love.

So, if you’re here looking for the best drinking horns, let us get to the list quick!

Comparing 10 Best Drinking Horns

Drinking HornsCapacity (oz)
Norse Tradesman Horn Mug16, 30, 44 Check Price
Viking Drinking Horn8, 20 Check Price
Norse Tradesman Drinking Horn12, 20 Check Price
Thor Drinking Horn20 Check Price
AleHorn Viking Drinking Horn Mug12, 16, 24, 32 Check Price
Viking Culture Viking Drinking Horn12, 16 Check Price
AleHorn Drinking Horn12, 16 Check Price
Norse Tradesman Shaman's Drinking Horn12, 20 Check Price
Game of Thrones Drinking Horn20 Check Price
Mean Muggin Viking Drinking Horn16, 18 Check Price

The Perfect Drinking Horns

Are you planning a Nattamal? Something based on the Viking theme for your fellow Vikings?

If yes, let’s not stick to the usual cutlery and items. We’d suggest you upgrade your party to a real “Viking Nattamal” like a true Viking at heart. Are you confused?

Well, hold your horses and let us introduce to you the “drinking horns”. What? Are drinking horns safe? What are drinking horns made of?

You guessed it right! drinking horns are obtained from OX and they are the real horns but do not worry because the ones we’ve mentioned below are safe to drink from!

Excited, right? Let us get to the list of the top drinking horns right away then!

1. Norse Tradesman Genuine Viking Drinking Horn Mug

Norse Tradesman Horn Mug

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Are you looking for a genuine drinking horn? If authenticity is your priority and plastic horns that “feel” like horns do you no good, we’d recommend spending on Norse Tradesman drinking horn!

What makes it better than the rest?

This horn is derived from the real OX, and not made from artificial material giving you a close feel to the real one.

Moreover, it is handcrafted with love. The horn is unpolished, keeping its natural beauty intact while the edges are trimmed down to ensure these do not hurt while you are drinking from it.

But what capacity of liquid can a “real horn” like this hold? The Norse Tradesman Viking horn has a capacity of 16, 30, and 44 ounces, giving you a choice to fill your craving with the right size!

Additionally, you’ll see a handle for a comfortable grip and while you are thinking about the animal who sacrificed its “life” for the souvenir, do not sweat over it!

How can we be so sure?

Because Norse Tradesman owns a certificate that clearly shows that the horns are carefully and humanly taken from the OX, not hurting it in the process.

Satisfied? Let’s move on!

The carved drinking horns exhibit amazing finishing and yes, can even be presented as a gift to someone who loves the Vikings.

  • Made from real OX horn
  • Available in three different serving sizes
  • Unpolished and smoothed out edges
  • Consists of a comfortable handle
  • Handcrafted with great care
  • Makes an amazing present for a Viking lover
  • No stand included
  • The edges may start to peel off after some time

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2. VikingsBrand Drinking Horn

Viking Drinking Horn

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Another OX drinking horn that is carefully handcrafted in the VikingsBrand drinking horn!

This beautiful piece of drinking horn is all set to lighten up your party and mood. The spectacular finish with perfect engravements makes it an ideal drinking accessory for medieval parties.

Moreover, the drinking horn by VikingsBrand is easy to hold and comes in different sizes. If a small sip doesn’t do you justice, get hold of the 20 oz drinking horn to satisfy your craving.

Also, if you are worried about spilling your drink while placing it on the table to go over for a medieval dance, stop stressing yourself.

What we love the most about this drinking horn is that it comes with a matching stand that keeps your ale, beer, and other beverage safe from spilling.

The design is eye-catching and takes you back to history. Moreover, the design is ergonomic, food-safe, and durable.

We simply love this drinking horn by VikingsBrand and if you have a male counterpart who loves Nattamal or Norse engravements, this horn will surely make the perfect gift for them too!

  • Authentic carvings and polish for shine
  • Comes with a stand
  • Available in different size
  • Made from real OX horn and food-safe material
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold
  • The horn smell pretty strong
  • Expensive
  • Not very long-lasting

No products found.

3. Norse Tradesman Drinking Horn

Norse Tradesman Drinking Horn

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Looking to slay your Nattamal with an original Ox horn to drink from?

We might just have the right thing for you. So lately, we had a chance to grab the original ox drinking from Norse Tradesman and we must say, it is everything a Viking could ever wish for!

From the perfectly polished outside to clean edges, this drinking horn is carefully obtained from an OX and handcrafted with great care and love to bring to you a brilliant spectacular item that will lift your mood.

Moreover, the material is hand-picked and handcrafted to give it the perfect look of the Viking era.

And let’s appreciate the manufacturer for adding a stand to the package because when you have to groove to your favorite song, you’ll need a stand to carefully place your drinking horn at.

Having said that, the Norse Tradesman Viking drinking horn makes an ideal gift for men who are into the theme. Moreover, this horn specifically is easy to hold and drink from.

If you’re thinking that are drinking horns safe to use, then buddy, this one is safe and fun to own!

The premium quality drinking horn right here is all set to tickle you with its design, style, and authentic looks!

  • Easy to hold and drink from
  • The polished surface and neat edges make it safe to use
  • Food-safe material included in the manufactured
  • Carefully hand-picked and crafted material
  • Comes with a stand
  • Offers a large capacity of 20 oz
  • Has no pungent smell rising from it
  • The metal rim may come off lose
  • The quality needs to be improved

No products found.

4. Thor Drinking Horn

Thor Drinking Horn

No products found.

Wasn’t Thor known for his powerful hammer? He certainly was and here we aren’t talking about it either!

Fetched from the buffaloes in India, Thor Horn Store ensure to maintain the high quality of its products, especially the drinking horns.

If you’re in search of an authentic drinking horn and not the locally produced cheap drinking horns, we have it right here!

The vessel is food-safe which means sipping onto your favorite beer from it won’t do your health any harm.

More so ever, the metallic rim placed at the top gives it the perfect finish for a Game of Thrones lover. A Viking who is crazy for living in the olden days, fellow Norseman, behold your drinking horn for more power!

With all the add-ons and the stand, we think it makes a great present for men who love playing Viking.

The legitimate design is powerful and won’t leak. It is a long-lasting vessel that’ll quench your “Viking thirst” in the best way possible!

  • Legitimate design
  • Hand-picked and crafted with great care
  • Comes with a stand
  • Safe for drinking beer, ale, etc
  • Does not leak and is long-lasting
  • Gives out a strong smell
  • the stand isn’t as steady as it should be

No products found.

5. AleHorn Viking Drinking Horn Mug

AleHorn Drinking Horn Mug

No products found.

Authentic and safe, the AleHorn store does not disappoint us when it comes down to offering the best Viking drinking horns.

The naturally handmade drinking horn is what every Viking will love. The goblet may look like any other ordinary “Viking vessel”, but we promise, it is purely made from real Ox horn and shaped into a mug for easy handling.

Moreover, to ensure the Vikings get only the best drinking horns, the AleHorn store handpicks the finest livestock and extracts the horns humanely.

Remember, no animal is harmed in the process hence, you can surely enjoy the drinking horns without having to worry about hurting an animal in the way.

Having said that, the tankard is lined with food-safe epoxy so that the “natural” smell of the horn is sealed while making it accommodative of different types of beverages.

It is leak-proof and durable and making sure it reaches a Viking like you safely, the AleHorn store carefully wraps it to protect it against any harm.

Additionally, you also get a gift bag along with the drinking horn and can get your name engraved on it.

If you planning to gift your friend or spouse with something thoughtful, we promise, there won’t be a better way than to present them with this fabulous drinking horn.

  • Made from real Ox horn
  • Shaped like a mug with a handle for comfortable use
  • Polished and smoothened edges
  • Cleverly layered with a food-safe epoxy
  • Comes with a gift bag where you can get someone’s name engraved on
  • Leak-proof and sturdy
  • Does not come with a stand
  • Poor finishing
  • The quality needs to be improved

No products found.

6. Viking Culture Drinking Horn

Viking Culture Drinking Horn

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This one by far is the best-looking drinking horn that we’ve mentioned on the list! Why do we say so?

It is because the Viking Culture drinking horn looks authentic, is perfectly polished, consists of a stand, and can easily hold up to 16 ounces of liquid, enough to fill the monstrous craving of a Viking like you!

If you are looking for drinking horns withstand, the best one only, we’d recommend not to miss out on this one then!

The material is carefully and humanely extracted from the best Ox in the country. This rustic tankard is ideal for both men and women because its beauty makes it hard to resist.

It consists of a stand and a leather belt. So, whether you are looking to carry your own drinking horn or leaving it safely on the table while you groove to your favorite Viking number, the addition of the belt and the stand make it an easy option to avail.

More so ever, you’ll be surprised to find a six inches beer bottle opener with it which makes the purchase even more exciting. So, let’s do a quick recap here!

Rather than investing in the cheap drinking horns, spend wisely on Viking Culture’s very authentic drinking is design, food-safe, has a leather belt and a stand, and surprisingly, a bottle opener too!

If you are up for a drinking horn that lives up to the “real” Viking spirit, this one is it.

  • Manufactured from high-quality ox horn
  • Consists of a leather belt and stand
  • The package includes a bottle opener too
  • Durable and leak-proof
  • Offers a liquid capacity of up to 16 ounces
  • Includes a burlap sack for easy storage
  • Ideal for a cold beverage like ale, beer, etc
  • Lightweight
  • Cannot be washed in the dishwasher
  • It may have a strong “horn” smell to it which can be unpleasing

No products found.

7. AleHorn Curved Style Drinking Horn

AleHorn Drinking Horn

No products found.

Have a Nattamal to attend? Let’s throw away all the boring mugs and amp up the party in the true Viking style! How? With AleHorn’s curved drinking horn!

Did we get you excited already? We sure did! This curved style drinking horn is made from the strongest Ox horns. Moreover, to maintain its natural look, the manufacturer delivers it to raw.

But does it mean it isn’t viable for use? Certainly not! Although the outside is left “natural” while the inside has been cleverly layered with epoxy for a sealed finish.

This reduces the smell of the horn and makes it viable for drinking.

So, what else are we looking here at? We believe that the AleHorn’s drinking horn makes a great gift for our favorite Viking buddies. It is strong, durable, and never leaks, hence, making it the perfect party vessel to take along.

And if somewhere down in your heart you feel sorry for the animal, let us tell you, the horns are “nicely” attained from the Ox, not hurting it in the process. So, if there is any guilt, let go of it and party hard in the true Viking style!

  • Available in different sizes
  • Comes with a stand
  • Made from a natural material
  • Brilliantly preserved natural look
  • Poor finishing
  • Unattractive colors and outlook
  • Has a strong smell to it

No products found.

8. Norse Tradesman Celtic Drinking Horn

Norse Tradesman Shaman's Drinking Horn

No products found.

Once you lay eyes on this beauty, we promise you won’t be able to look away!

The special edition drinking horn by Norse Tradesman isn’t like any other plastic drinking horn that breaks easily.

The extremely polished outside shines bright in the eyes while the carving takes you back into the Viking era, giving you the real Viking feel.

Apart from the fabulous carving, the horn is made from premium quality material so that it stays with you for much longer!

Moreover, the addition of a leather holster makes it even better! With an axe in hand and the drinking horn hanging down the other shoulder, call out all your Viking mates and party in style all night long!

The special edition Celtic drinking horn by Norse Tradesman is not to miss out on!

  • Contains beautiful carvings
  • Polished inside and out
  • Consists of a leather holster for hanging
  • Liquid capacity up to 20 ounces
  • Very delicate
  • The quality needs to be improved

No products found.

9. Games of Thrones Drinking Horn

Game of Thrones Drinking Horn

No products found.

Are you looking for a drinking horn perfect for the Viking wedding? Then we might have something of your interest right here!

The drinking horn by Menthome is manufactured from premium quality horns, humanely extracted from the best livestock.

But this isn’t what makes it special, because every drinking horn is supposed to be “IT”, right? the specialty of this vessel lies in the glistening and highly polished surface.

The rustic color certainly adds the right amount of “Viking” touch to it while the addition of the golden brass at the top is what we believe helps it stand out.

This one is traditional yet modern. Moreover, it has no sharp edges that can harm you while drinking from it plus the addition of a leather holster gives you the actual Viking feel.

Yes, it is easy to carry around, comfortable to hold and drink from!

Furthermore, the entire package is pretty wholesome. You get a bottle opener and a bag along with the horn; hence, you won’t be breaking the bottles anymore!

But is the bag necessary? Of course! Once you’re done with the Viking party, you can conveniently store it away in the bag or even use it as a gift pack.

A true masterpiece of authentic vessel and modernity, we bet it is hard to take the eye of this charmer!

  • Makes an ideal gift for Viking men
  • Polished surface
  • Made from premium quality material
  • Leak-proof
  • Handcrafted to perfection
  • Comes with a bottle opener and a bag
  • Has a leather holster attached to it
  • The golden brass is poorly attached to the rim

No products found.

10. Mean Muggin Viking Drinking Horn

Mean Muggin Viking Drinking Horn

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Talking about Wildman drinking horns and missing out on the Meanmuggin drinking horn, impossible!

Although the vessel isn’t completely covered in carving or drawing of the Viking era, it has just the right amount of detailing that’ll take you back to the time!

The drinking horn is cleverly manufactured using top-quality material, handcrafting them carefully into this amazing piece of art as a trophy for all our Viking brothers.

Remember, no two vessels are the same, and the amount of detailing and vibrant colors with polished surface makes the Meanmuggin Viking drinking horn.

This 100% food-safe vessel can hold liquid from anywhere between 16 to 18 ounces, yes, enough to quench your monstrous Viking thirst.

But this isn’t the only thing that we love about this drinking horn. What catches our eye is the metal stand that it comes along with.

Unlike other labels that offer stands made from the bony material itself, here you can lay your hands on the wonderfully crafted metal stand, which is super sleek and stylish.

Honestly, we love everything about this drinking horn. From the shiny rim to the glistening surface, if you planning to surprise a close “Viking” friend with something thoughtful, this is what we will recommend.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Handcrafted to perfection
  • Consist of a sleek and stylish metal stand
  • Perfectly polished surface
  • Makes a great gift item
  • Has a plastic feel to it
  • Brittle and breaks easily

No products found.

Best Drinking Horns Buyer's Guide:

Drinking Horns Buying Guide

Do all drinking horns look the same to you? It sure did to us until we did our research which helped us find the best horn for ourselves.

How do you distinguish between a good horn and an average one? Are horns available in different qualities? Are some better than the other?

Well certainly! Choosing a drinking horn might be a little tricky than you must have thought. Hence, here we are to help you look for the right one. How do you do it?

Here are some factors that you need to pay close attention to when buying a drinking horn for your Viking party:


Drinking horns are a natural product and hence, can carry all sorts of germs and dirt on them. Unless these are thoroughly cleaned, they pose a great risk to the user’s health.

Hence, when buying a drinking horn, make sure it is fully sanitized and thoroughly cleaned, with no dirt deposits or germs. Also, one that is sanitized will have no odor, making it ideal for use.


If a drinking horn is sealed, how will you drink from it? By sealed here we mean using a sealant inside the horn to clean it and make it safe for you.

Beeswax and epoxy are the most commonly used sealants, hence, those with these layered insides are a better purchase option than a raw one. Why?

This is because a sealant will help get rid of the natural horn odor and flavors, which are very strong lets us remind you!

Thus, no matter how much do you crave for an authentic drinking horn, we’ll suggest you go for a sealed one as it is much safer to use.

A Stand

When it comes down to a drinking horn, you are bound to be overwhelmed by the variety available out there.

Where some are all fancied up with leather straps, some drinking horns come with a stand. And hence, we’d suggest buying the later one!

Always, and we emphasize, always buy a drinking horn with a stand as it makes it easier to be placed on the shelf. Without a stand, you’ll spill your beer or ale because of the lack of support provided.

Just imagine leaving your horn full of beer for a quick dance and coming back to an empty vessel? Sounds sad, right? If you have a stand, you won’t be spilling your drink over the table!


Drinking horns, the real ones are extracted from an OX which means the manufacturers carefully and yes, in a human way cut the horns to make the final product.

This is where you need to be careful when buying a drinking horn because the raw ones have sharp edges that can cause serious bruises while drinking from it.

Hence, we always look for drinking horns that are natural yet completely polished with the edges smoothened out so they are safe to drink from.

Remember, to avoid accidents, always prefer a polished horn over a raw one!


Are drinking horns available in different stuff? Yes, you either get one extracted from natural resources, the “real” ones or the ones made from plastic.

So, which one should you choose?

It depends on the personal choice honestly, but if you ask us, we’d say go for the natural one for a more authentic feel.

Also, boney drinking horns are comparatively durable and have no leaks, making them easier to drink from.

But as we said, the material choice is personal here!


If we're talking about a vessel used for drinking then shouldn’t it be safe already?

Yes, it should be but when you have vessels made from natural-obtained material, you need to be sure whether they can be used for “food” purposes.

Most drinking horns are thoroughly clean, sanitized, and sealed to make them usable.

Although, you might have some labels selling horns that can bear the temperature of a hot beverage most are crafted for cold drinks like ale and beer.

Hence, this is why before you buy a drinking horn, make sure you know the type of beverage you are going to fill it up with and whether it is safe for it or not!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do drinking horns leak?

If the drinking horn is crafted from a real buffalo horn then no, it won’t leak. Naturally extracted animal horns are super strong and hence, do not break easily.

Are drinking horns safe?

Most drinking horns are food-safe which means you can fill them with your favorite beverage without having to worry about your health. Most manufacturers have a certificate for producing drinking horns and in case you are worried about safety, make sure you check the certificate for satisfaction when buying one.

How does the inside of a drinking horn look like?

Most drinking horns are made from real horns, thus the inside of these contain a bony structure that is polished, smoothed out, and cleaned to make it usable.

How are the Viking drinking vessels including the tankard and horn made?

If you’re looking for an authentic drinking horn, the material is extracted carefully from animals. The horn is then boiled and cleaned thoroughly to get rid of the smell.

Next, the edges are smoothed out and the surface is polished. Some good labels even seal the inside with epoxy or beeswax, making the horn viable for use.

Can a drinking horn be cleaned in a dishwasher or microwaved?

You can neither put the drinking horn in a dishwasher nor use it in the microwave. If you have the urge to clean it, hand wash it only!

Can I use a drinking horn for a hot beverage?

No! because drinking horns are layered with sealants from the inside, a hot beverage may harm the layer and leave you with a raw, smelly horn that isn’t worthy of us. For durability, only pour cold beverages like ale or beer in them.


Drinking horns are truly a masterpiece and as much as you wish to use them regularly, we’d suggest sticking using them in the Viking parties only.

The real ones are genuinely made from OX horn, are leak-proof, and are durable.

Moreover, these are very accommodating as have a huge capacity to hold your favorite cold beverage, giving you the convenience of enjoying your drink in the true Viking style.

We’ve shared our favorite drinking horns with you and if you’re looking for something similar, we hope the list helps you in finding the best one for yourself!

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