10 Best Cups For Jello Shots [Buying Guide 2022]

If you are looking for ideal Jello shot cups, you probably plan for a lively party. Jello shots are not only colorful and tasty but can also add a festive mood to your party.


Jello shots are easy to make. We have done detailed research on Jello shot cups available in the market these days. You might have different questions in your mind for appropriate choices.

Best Cups For Jello Shots

Is this your first experience?

Finding the best cups for Jello shots is no more than a daunting task. We have filtered top-rated great Jello shot cups after checking various top-notched models and detailed research on them.

These top-notched models mentioned below are highly durable and compact and will not disappoint you with their unique characteristics.

The below-mentioned products are all multipurpose and can be used for a wide variety of applications, and each of them is designed well that won’t disappoint you.

Best Cups for Jello Shots – Our Top Picks

Jello Shot CupsCapacity
Plastic Portion Jello Shots Cups 2 ounce Check Price
Tashibox 200 Sets Jello Shots Cups2 ounce Check Price
100 Shot Glasses Premium Clear Plastic Cups3 ounce Check Price
DuraHome Plastic Portion Jello Shots Cups2 ounce Check Price
Small Plastic Containers with Lids2 ounce Check Price
Zeml Portion Jello Shots Cups with Lids2 ounce Check Price
SafeWare Disposable Clear Plastic Jello Shot Cups2 ounce Check Price
Reditainer Plastic Disposable Portion2 ounce Check Price
GOLDEN APPLE, Clear Plastic Jello Shot Cups2 ounce Check Price
Mini Clear Plastic Jello Shot Disposable Cups1 ounce Check Price

1. Plastic Portion Jello Shots Cups

Plastic Portion Jello Shots Cups

No products found.

The most exclusive of all the Plastic Portion Cups are the best cups available on the market with their unique features and durable construction.

We are also satisfied with these Jello shot cups because they truly deliver what they promise.

Here in this review, we will discuss all the features and drawbacks these cups come along with. It features polypropylene construction that makes it durable and sturdy.

How about its unique construction?

We are truly thankful for this crack-resistant feature as it is very beneficial to use at parties or at home.

The essential thing is that it won’t crack up and withstand the wear and tear it will suffer.

Superb leak-proof features

Another remarkable feature of these Jello shot cups is the airtight lids that make them highly reliable and worthy.

The audible closures ensure a lid seal that makes the cup more secure and safe while preventing leaks from every side.

Durable capacity and easy storage

Moreover, the 2oz capacity makes the cups ideal for condiments, Jello shots, sauces, and food samples. That makes them incredibly multifunctional and useful.

The separate and stackable bags for lids and containers provide easy access and storage while making them comfortable for you to use.

Aren’t you impressed with its weight? 

We are impressed with the weight and dimensions of these cups too. They are highly compact and weigh only 10.8 ounces that making them easy to carry along while traveling.

Moreover, the dimensions of these cups measure 14.5 * 5.79 * 2.72 inches. You are going to get 100 sets that are enough for a small party too.

But still, it has more to offer

Other than this, the built-in high quality of these cups makes them a top priority of many customers and is well-known for satisfying many customers.

The stackable design makes these Jello shot cups easy to store and transport without any worry.

However, you can’t put anything hot in these cups; it can deform the lids. Try to cool down the food before putting it inside them.

  • Leak-proof and secure
  • Made from polypropylene material
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Perfect portion size
  • Not reliable for putting hot content

No products found.

2. TashiBox 200 Sets

TashiBox 200 Sets

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One of the ideal disposable Jello shot cups is the TashiBox cup with a versatile design and durable features. We can say that it is a practical choice if you are looking for a large number of disposable plastic cups.

You would love them because of their multipurpose uses.

The perfect construction

When talking about the construction, it features a plastic design that makes it durable and worth considering.

Moreover, the BPA-free feature makes it more user-friendly. I liked these cups because of their reusable quality making it easy for you to use them repeatedly.

How is it useful for you?

Another unique feature is that these portion cups are perfect for sauces, salad dressing, condiments, gelatin, and toddler‘s snacks.

It will make you feel comfortable and tension-free because of its multifunctional characteristics.

Some more useable features

Moreover, we are pleased with the usage of these Jello shot cups. You can use them in meal planning, parties, barbeques, picnics, and other tasting events reliably.

That is the most beneficial advantage to me. The cups come with a 2oz capacity that makes them perfect for all types of uses.

Although customers are satisfied with the weight and capacity of these cups, so are we. With an ultra-lightweight design, it weighs only 2 ounces.

What about the number of cups?

The 200 cups come along with 200 matching lids that are stackable. That makes them reliable for storage and transport. The restaurant-quality cups can provide you with a worthwhile experience.

However, a few customers complain that it’s hard to put the lid on the cup. It would help if you were a little careful when putting the lid over the cup so it won’t create any mess.

  • Disposable and easy to clean
  • Long-lasting and sturdy material
  • Comfortable to use without spilling
  • Multi-purpose uses makes them more reliable.
  • leak-proof and versatile design
  • It’s sometimes daunting to put the lid over the container.

No products found.

3. 100 Shot Glasses Premium Clear Plastic Cups

100 Shot Glasses Premium Clear Plastic Cups

No products found.

Another product that we think is worthy of being considered in this article is the 100 Shot Glasses Premium Jello Shot Cups with their attractive design and durable characteristics.

We are pleased with the overall style and construction of these cups as they are accessible and appropriate.

Isn’t it a built-in high-quality design?

Moreover, I am also fond of its construction as it features a premium quality thick design ensuring a heavy-duty construction while making it highly sturdy.

That is a significant advantage to me as it won’t break down in a single use. The clear plastic color enables you to enjoy a variety of things, making them visible.

Taking a look at its benefits

Another unique feature is its endless uses.

These Jello shot cups are ideal for parties, catering, wine, beer tasting, church communion, weddings, and bourbon; what one could want more from a Jello shot cup with many uses.

Moreover, you can use them for scotch sampling, salad dressing, tequila shooters, sample cups, condiment containers, and much more.

We are fond of these endless features as you won’t be experiencing any problem whatever you plan to do.

It is a high capacity design

In this section, let us talk about the capacity these cups come along with. They come with a 3oz capacity that makes them enough to perform a wide variety of tasks.

Moreover, each package contains two sets with another 50 shot glasses.

Are you worried about the convenience?

They are sealed individually to provide you with cleanliness and convenience. If you can’t use all of them at a time, there is no need to worry. You can store the extras in sealed packages for future use.

What about the dimensions?

The weight and dimensions of these cups are also appealing. They are highly portable and compact, with a weight of only 2 ounces. So if you want to carry them along while traveling, you can do it easily.

Furthermore, they measure for about 2.17 * 1.57 * 2.24 inches, ensuring convenient storage. The 100% guarantee is also a reliable feature to satisfy the customers.

If you have any issues with the product, you can easily take it back to the manufacturer and get your money back.

Oh no! There is a small complaint?

However, the only complaint that came is that the cups can crack on squeezing. For preventing these cracks, you have to make sure that you won’t press the cups while using them or while putting the lid on them.

  • A truly cost-effective design
  • Shiny and clean that works great
  • Can be used for a wide variety of applications
  • Versatile construction with durable properties
  • Cups crack up when squeezed

No products found.

4. DuraHome Plastic Portion Cups

DuraHome Plastic Portion Cups

No products found.

Getting the best Jello shot cups is no more than a treat. You should also try checking the DuraHome Plastic Portion Cups with some innovative features.

 We are highly impressed with its elegant construction and perfect design that can help you cope with many situations.

Just look at the amazing construction 

Putting an eye on its construction, it constitutes premium-quality polypropylene construction that is BPA-free. Moreover, it is FFA approved and is food safe that making it highly user-friendly.

Want to make easy and quick meals

These cups craft a safe to use in the freezer and microwave, enabling you to enjoy comfortable and quick meals anytime.

 I also loved its dishwasher-safe features, too, as you can wash the cups without compromising the quality and design.

Are you worried about leakage?

The durable yet high-quality of these cups make them highly worthy. The lids can snap on for a leak-proof and airtight seal.

These lids are also designed in a way that they can keep the liquids and foods fresh in your freezer or fridge. Isn’t it the most reliable benefit to consider? Well, for me, it is.

Moreover, lid indentations are also highly appropriate as they provide easy and quick stacking. The lids and cups come in separate packaging inside a zip bag for ensuring maximum sanitation and suitable storage. 

That helps to store them more appropriately wherever you need them.

Moreover the capacity

With a 2 oz capacity, they are mostly used by health and food enthusiasts for preparing meals or portion control. 

Best usage?

Crafters and hobbyists also use them for sequins, slimes, pins, and beads. Moreover, they are great for condiments, salad dressings, soufflé, Jello shots, topping, salsa, sauces, baby food, food tasting, medications, and much more.

Weight and packaging

You will consistently find more ways to use them as they have a wide range of uses. If talking about the weight, they weigh almost 8.2 ounces. 

There are 150 packs in the package, allowing you to use them for every need of yours. The 150 cups and 150 lids can fit in each other properly without taking much of your effort.

However, the lids are not as clear as they need to be. They look like a little milky color rather than transparent.

  • Durable storage capacity
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Safe to microwave and dishwasher
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Lids are not clear

No products found.

5. Small Plastic Containers with Lids

Small Plastic Containers with Lids

No products found.

Another product that needs to be incorporated into this long list of top-notch models is the Small Plastic Containers. 

The thing that made us satisfied with using these Jello shot cups is their durable construction. There are a lot of features that come along with the building and will make your experience worthwhile.

Isn’t it tough and sturdy?

We are pleased with its perfect construction as the lids crafts durable PET plastic heavy-duty construction that enhances their sturdiness and toughness. 

Moreover, they are enriched with BPA-free and phthalate-free designs, making them a top choice of users. The container features a polypropylene design that is durable and crack-resistant.

 This stable quality makes it fascinating to me, and I am indeed satisfied after using it.

Is it create a mess?

Another remarkable feature is the airtight seal that allows you to close the lids without creating any mess. 

Moreover, they constitute a leak-proof design that prevents the food from freezer burns and keeps their long-lasting freshness.

They look attractive and premium

The cups constitute a clear and transparent appearance that makes them look premium and attractive. You can showcase everything, whether Jello shots or sauces. This perfect lid fit and clarity can add to all menu offerings.

However, maintaining a significant portion control acts as a cut down on the waste and is more efficient to use in every business type.

Aren’t they perfect for your restaurant business?

These cups provide an ample capacity for specialty butter, salad dressings, and mayo’s, making sure you are putting a consistent amount of ingredients for the customers. 

They can be a crucial part of your restaurant and is a perfect solution for serving every condiment.

It comes with a 2oz capacity that makes it a convenient choice to lose weight as portion control. I am fond of this feature that you can prepare your meal effortlessly while also helping you be on track with your healthy eating routine. 


The package weighs almost 1.37 pounds and contains 200 cups and lids. These cups and lids are enough for a birthday or bbq gathering and can make your experience worth enjoying.

However, the only thing that is not reliable is that there is difficulty putting the lids on the containers. So it would be best if you are a little careful when putting the lids.

  • Best for portion size condiments
  • Leak-proof and airtight lids
  • Affordable to buy
  • Sturdy and durable purchase
  • It is quite tricky to put the lids on

No products found.

6. Zeml Portion Cups with Lids

Zeml Portion Cups with Lids

No products found.

A genuinely cost-effective choice, these Zeml Portion cups with lids will not disappoint you with their unique and innovative characteristics.

 It is a very reliable product as it can satisfy the majority of its users with its trustworthy features.

It won’t make your pocket deep down when it comes to the quality and designation of these cups.

Want to know the best part?

The construction of these cups satisfied me well. They constitute plastic construction with food-safe features making them durable and worthy.

Other than this, they are also BPA-free and a reliable option to consider. This plastic is rigid and crack-resistant. 

These Jello shot cups are recyclable and eco-friendly that making them reliable for the environment.

What work does it perform?

Moreover, we all know that our cabinets are usually filled with different containers and food storage appliances. There are fewer places left in them often. 

These containers are well-known for their stackable properties, and they take a minimum amount of space wherever you place them.

Considering the lid quality

The lids come with an airtight seal over the cups so that there won’t be any mess. It is free from spills and leaks, allowing you to use them efficiently. These containers are perfect to use commercially or at home. 

They are ideal for soufflé, Jello shots, food samples, portion control, yogurt, condiments, salad dressing, pills, and much more.


Zeml Portion Cups come with a 2oz capacity that makes them ideal for storing a wide variety of things. People who want to pack their lunch or eat frequently usually love these 2oz sauce cups. 

With these cups, there is no need to pack small things in oversized containers.

Number of cups

They weigh about 11.3 ounces that make them easy to store as well as carry. There are 100 packs of cups and lids available in this package.

The cup often folds when you are putting the lid, so you need to be careful when putting them.

  • Versatile and easily usable
  • Can provide a wide variety of uses
  • Perfect for commercial use
  • Sturdier quality 
  • Easy to store and leak-proof
  • Cup might folds in a while when putting the lid

No products found.

7. SafeWare Disposable Clear Plastic Jello Shot Cups

SafeWare Disposable Clear Plastic Jello Shot Cups

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If you are interested in investing in quality Jello shot cups, SafeWare Plastic Jello Shot Cups are what you need to check out. 

We are satisfied with its high-quality built-in design that surely won’t disappoint you. Its reliable construction is enough to satisfy the customers.

Unique plastic design

These Jello shot cups feature a unique polypropylene construction that makes them durable yet flexible. Moreover, they occupy an exact crystal color, ensuring more durability.

 They constitute a BPA-free design, and that makes them more accessible. 

I liked these cups, and they proved to be very reliable to me.

What else can a cup cover at such a cost-effective price?

When talking about the lids that can seal tightly and keep the ingredients safe from leakage while ensuring food’s freshness as their top priority, these cups constitute multiple uses and allow you to use them in a way you desire. 

You can use them as soufflé cups, portion cups, Jello shots, sauce, food sampling, and condiments.

What can one ask for more?

Moreover, they have a 2oz capacity along with 200 cups and lids. These are highly stackable so that you can store them easily.

The cups are also great to use in an outdoor service or at homes such as buffets, kitchens, restaurants, catered events, and parties.

Oh, don’t be worried they are reusable.

They are durable and reusable so that you can enjoy using them again and again. The package weighs 1.43 pounds and is reliable to transport. You can take these cups to any outdoor event with ease.

However, there were some complaints that the lids tear easily.

  • Works very well by keeping the food fresh
  • Leak-proof and tough design
  • Perfect for storing and freezing food
  • Valuable for cost-effectiveness
  • Lids tear off easily

No products found.

8. Reditainer Plastic Disposable Portion

Reditainer Plastic Disposable Portion

No products found.

Another impressive choice is the Reditainer Plastic Disposable Jello Shot cups with convenient design and durable quality.

 These cups won’t disappoint you in their quality and cost-effectiveness. We were highly pleased after using them for making Jello shots.

Brands Quality

Moreover, Reditainer is an excellent brand for delivering quality products at a low price. These cups feature a unique polypropylene construction that makes them durable and long-lasting. 

Other than this, the crystal clear translucent color makes these cups more appealing and attractive.

What is the best use? Is not that really good?

These disposable cups are ideal for Jello shots, food samples, condiment cups, and much more. They are also perfect for practicing fine motor skills.

 You can use every cup many times. Moreover, they can hold the liquid without leaking it out or creating a mess.

These cups are also great for transporting appetizers and small desserts. These Jello shot cups come with a 2-ounce capacity enabling you to use them for different purposes. 

Great stacking ability

Other than this, I was satisfied that the cups can be stacked together, thus occupying less space wherever you store them. These cups can be used for various uses and won’t disappoint you with their high-quality built-in design.

Weighs it constitutes

The cups weigh 2.08 ounces. This package contains 100 cups along with 100 lids that make them enough for a small gathering.

However, some lids fail to fit perfectly.

  • Suitable for portion size meals
  • Leak-proof and sturdy
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Easy cleaning process and usage
  • The lid doesn’t fit accurately

No products found.

9. GOLDEN APPLE Clear Plastic Jello Shot Cups

GOLDEN APPLE, Clear Plastic Jello Shot Cups

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This specific durable Golden Apple Clear Plastic Jello Shot cup is what you need if you search for a durable and budget-friendly model. 

I found out these Jello cups are incredibly reliable and are a perfect choice to consider.

The best part about its construction is 

Moreover, it constitutes a highly appealing construction. It features a polypropylene sturdy plastic construction that is enough to satisfy a large number of customers.

Furthermore, it is FDA-approved and food-safe, thus making itself more user-friendly. The BPA-free design is something that adds more to its durability and toughness. 

Furthermore, it is crack-resistant and can withstand tears if you are carrying it along when traveling.

What about the airtight seals?

Here we want to mention its airtight and leak-proof seals that can keep the food away from leakage and maintain its freshness.

 For me, it is the most crucial and beneficial feature as you don’t have to worry about the food being leaked out while you are taking the cups somewhere.

There is still much more to know-Want to hear?

The cups constitute a 2oz capacity that is enough for storing a wide variety of things. You can effortlessly move the cups from place to place without worrying. 

Whether you want to place salad dressings, Jello shots, or sauces, these cups are durable for each of them. The crystal clear lid is also available for making the cups more user-friendly.

Durable Microwave features

Other than these features, another unique feature is that these cups are microwaveable. You can only put the cups in the microwave for up to 250 degrees but not the lids. 

There are 100 cups and lids included that can fit perfectly in this package.


Moreover, these Jello shot cups are reusable and eco-friendly that makes them more preferable. The package weighs approximately 8.78 ounces allowing you to carry it along quickly.

The only complaint that came was some lids don’t fit perfectly on the containers.

  • Cups are perfect for a lot of uses
  • Reliable for preparing meal and portion control
  • Crack-resistant and BPA-free
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Some lids lack perfect fitting

No products found.

10. Mini Clear Plastic Jello Shot Disposable Cups

Mini Clear Plastic Jello Shot Disposable Cups

No products found.

Mini Clear Plastic Jello Shot Cups is another worthwhile product to check out. I find this fantastic because of its premium features and design.

They are considerably created, and you don’t need to compromise over the quality. We were also impressed with the affordable feature these cups come along with.

Better construction to look upon

The cups craft durable construction with polypropylene material while the lids are made with crystal clear plastic making them highly sturdy. 

These Jello shot cups are easily disposable, thus providing an effortless cleanup. 

Curious? But there is still more to know

The cups are reliable to use in the microwave for up to 250 degrees. Make sure that the cups are designed to be put in the microwave; the lids are not.

Moreover, these cups constitute a translucent design that enables you to see the contents easily. 

You can use the cups for single servings, appetizer trays, and food samples that are significantly enhanced with these versatile cups.

Other than this, they are perfect for chocolate frosting, ranch dressing, ketchup, and cocktails. They are a crucial component in a food stand or as restaurant supplies. 

Furthermore, they are clear containers for all the food services you plan to deliver.

There is a plus point

These cups’ versatile design makes sure that the drops and spills are the least while making the cups leak-proof. It is a perfect cup for portion control when you want to count calories. 

These cups are commonly used at party places for mini desserts, dips, and Jello shot cups. Moreover, they constitute a stackable design that makes them easy to store in a restaurant or kitchen.


These cups come with a 1-ounce capacity making them applicable in a wide variety of places. The package includes 125 cups along with 125 lids that fit perfectly. 

Want to know some more interesting features?

You can easily add them to your bbq supplies and party supplies without any worries. The whole package weighs 11.99 ounces and is easy to carry when traveling.

However, the most appropriate complaint was that the cups are a little frosted and are not crystal clear.

  • Perfect size cups for restaurants
  • Highly durable construction
  • Ideal for dipping sauces
  • A budget-friendly choice
  • Cups are not crystal clear

No products found.

Best Jello Shot Cups: The Detailed Buying Guide

Jello Shot Cups Buying Guide

Finding a perfect Jello shot cup can be difficult when there are many top-notch models available in the market. It's quite challenging to tell which one is the best. 

Now, what do you have to do? What is the right way to make the best decision? Well, we have made it easier for you with our detailed discussion on them.

If you are interested in getting high-quality and best cups for Jello shots, you have to keep all of the points in mind about the ideal Jello cups. It's the only way to choose an ideal one yourself. 

Here we have mentioned some of the vital factors based on which you can get a perfect one by comparing and contrasting the products.

Size of the cup-Oh yes! Choose the best size?

First of all, you have to check the size of your Jello cup. It is dependent on your need and demand. Keep in mind that which is the ideal size in which you want to hold your Jello shots. 

That is an important step in selecting a suitable one for you because it is quite evident that you don't want to disappoint your guests in case of spilling and dripping Jello shots on their clothes.

Make sure to look for the lids?

If you go for the cups with lids on, it will be the wisest choice. Because it will not only keep your Jello shots preserved, but it will also make sure to keep your Jello shots chilled and fresh till the arrival of guests.

Plus, a Jello shot cup with a lid will be more hygienic than an uncovered one. So make sure to get those cups which are having separate lids as well.

Is the texture really good?

Before getting into Jello shot cups, it is evident that the textures are not squeaky or delicate. Also, before getting the cups squeeze the cup and notice if the content will easily slide up or not. If yes, then go for the cup easily. But if it is not so then, you don't have to opt for that one.

The reason behind this is that you have to remove your Jello shots for serving your guest, and if it comes out more accessible, then this is the go-to option; otherwise, it's a no.

Lid opening ease-How can you choose?

Before getting Jello shot cups for you, make sure that you get those with a smooth opening lid and can open the kit without putting in much effort. However, before getting one, firstly, make sure by opening the lid first.

That can be quite a mess in front of your guests and can be a mess for you while removing the Jello shot from the cup. Make sure that you are getting g those cups that have an easy opening lid placed on them.

Want to know how to clean it?

If you are going to get reusable Jello shot cups, make sure that these Jello shot cups are easy and compatible with le to clean. Even with a single hand, you can clean them.

That will ease your work and will not consume much time and effort while cleaning. So keep this factor in mind while choosing a fine one for yourselves.

Try to get ones without any lines or infringements. It can be easy to clean and remove Jello from them.

Use syringes - How to use them?

Suppose you have an aesthetic sense and want to get perfect looking Jello shot to get your visitor's attention. In that case, we will recommend you get Jello syringes to create attractive designs in your disposable Jello cups.

That will not only grab your guest's attention but also reflect your artistic sense of them. In addition to this, you will be able to add a twist to your boring single-colored Jello cup. Here it will also amaze your kids to a great extent.

Where to buy Jello shot cups?

If you want to get the most suitable and perfect type of Jello shot cups, it is recommended to visit the nearby store or try one on the online stores.

The second option can be more convenient for you because while sitting on your bed, you will be able to get a suitable item delivered to your doorstep.

Getting the ideal Jello shot cup is not tricky at all. All you have to do is to keep your requirements and the points mentioned above in mind. After this, you will be able to choose a suitable item for yourself.

Also, for your better experience, look upon the product reviews by the general public. In this case, you will be well aware of the scams and the drawbacks you can experience in the Jello shot cups.

How much time does it take?

The time that Jello shots take to settle is not dependent on the Jello shot cups at all. It is all dependent on the thickness of the layers. The thinner the layer, the lesser it will take to settle down.

Jello in a cup may take about 20 to 30 minutes to resolve completely in a freezer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep the Jello shots away from sticking to the cup?

This is a frequent problem that everyone usually experiences when putting the Jello shots in a cup, and later on, they stick to the cup.

Here we will explain a reliable way so that your Jello shots won’t stick to the cup, and there won’t be any mess in taking them out. Suppose you are using a 2 oz cup.

Jelly shots won’t stick to the cup, but what do you have to do? You have to take a considerable amount of veggie oil and put it on a paper towel. Swipe it inside the cup. That will allow the jelly shots not to stick to the cup, and you can enjoy them easily.

What size cups for Jello shots are ideal?

Generally, a Jello shot can be served with an ideal size cup of almost 1 to 2 oz. These cups are perfect for Jello shots as they are disposable, and some might be reusable too. The condiment cups are also great for making Jello shots as they are highly durable and worth considering.

Can Jello shots be stored for a longer time?

If you want to keep the Jello shots stored for a more extended period, keep them in a refrigerator. Also, make sure you are using a Jello shot with a good quality lid; this will keep your food fresh and hygienic for a more extended period.


Plastic Jello Shot Cups

What to keep in mind before buying?

When you are searching for the best cups for Jello shots, you need to be a little careful. The first crucial thing is to keep your purpose in mind. What size you will need and for what you will use it for, everything needs to be taken into consideration.

Well, whatever your goal is, the size should be enough to manage your task. There are various brands, each of them claiming to be the best overall; you might feel a little confused about this. You need to keep affordability and quality in mind.

In a nutshell

We have come to conclude some of our top picks mentioned above, along with all the detailed features and drawbacks. If you are confused about making a decision, you can go with our recommendation.

Our top choice is the Plastic Portion Jello Shots Cups, because of their durable and unique features. They feature a heavy-duty construction that makes them long-lasting and rigid. 


The most crucial thing is its capacity. These cups have a capacity of about 3 ounces, making them our foremost choice. Other than this, the cups come with endless features. You will find many new purposes for using them every day. 

Storing these cups is an easy and worthy option if you don't want to use them all at once. The compact and lightweight design and 100% money-back guarantee make it a top priority of many customers.

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