Best Concrete Cleaner For Pressure Washer [2022 Buying Guide]

When you tidy up your whole place, everything seems to be in order, perfectly clean and nicely set up but you feel as if something is missing.

Best Concrete Cleaner For Pressure Washer

Is your floor perfectly sanitized?

Your marble floor does not seem to sparkle well?

Using various unsatisfactory soaps and washers has your floor turned into a yellowish mess of mold and grime?

Well then fear not!

This is the right time to expand your choices and for that, you need crucial equipment like the best concrete cleaner for pressure washers to change your life in a snap of a finger.

These hardworking fellows can help you clean all kinds of floors. It is a wooden floor or concrete one, asphalt pathways, or marble bathroom floors.

Nothing is a problem for these cleaners.

Since we want you to get one of the best, we have compiled a well-written and informative list of ten powerful concrete cleaners.

You can choose one of them and get rid of the dirty floors instantly.

Comparison Best Concrete Cleaner For Pressure Washer

RMR-86 Instant Mold and Stain RemoverNo Check Price
Wet and Forget Mold & Mildew Stain RemoverNo Check Price
Karcher Multi-Purpose CleanerYes Check Price
Sun Joe SPX-APC1G All-Purpose CleanerYes Check Price
Simple Green Oxy Solve Concrete CleanerYes Check Price
Zep Driveway and Concrete CleanerYes Check Price
Eco-Etch Pro, Concrete Etcher & CleanerYes Check Price
Briggs & Stratton 6826 Multi-Purpose CleanerNo Check Price
Scotts FBA 51501 Multi-Purpose CleanerYes Check Price
Naturama, All Natural Concrete CleanerYes Check Price

1. RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray

RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray

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Sometimes the hard and reluctant stains of mildew and mold cannot be wiped off by just an ordinary surface cleaner.

One day or another, you will have to get an extraordinarily strong stain remover like RMR-86.

The instant mold remover is formulated to remove all kinds of left-behind odors and stains with ease. Whether it is a wooden floor or made of concrete, rest assured and clean it in one wipe.

This cleaner doesn’t require scrubbing and any kind of brushing, which will save even more of your time. 

The spray will penetrate deep into the affected area and make sure it turns out good as new. Any stains that you didn’t even know existed will vanish.

Although it is potent and concentrated, it doesn’t need to be diluted with any other solvent before use. RMR works on wood, tile, fiberglass, concrete, drywall, shingled roof, and you name it.

Let the liquid stay on the stained portion for only fifteen seconds to see how the stains dissolve right before your eyes.

Here’s what you need to know about this concrete cleaner. It is advised to use the product with proper protection as the spray can be pungent and stingy to your eyes.

This cleaner is strong enough to take the color of your fabric away, so make sure you are wearing old or dirty clothes.

You will most likely want to vent out the air from the room since its smell can trigger sneezes and irritation.

Plantlife can be affected by the strong acidic ingredients in this product, so water them before and after using spray around to make sure they are protected.

Overall, RMR 86 is the best product and tops the stain removers list because of its healthy and effective ingredients.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • No need for scrubbing and dilution
  • Works on a variety of surfaces and stains
  • Pungent smell
  • Dangerous for skin, eyes, and clothes
  • Can be hazardous for plants

No products found.

2. Wet and Forget Mold, Mildew & Algae Stain Remover

Wet and Forget Mold, Mildew & Algae Stain Remover

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Moving on to yet another effective surface cleaner that will leave you satisfied with its impact on any floor.

Wet and forget is made to eliminate algae and moss that start to cover your outdoor benches, pathways, etc., over time.

The name ‘Wet and forget’ is inspired by the way it works. You just have to spray the liquid over affected areas and forget the rest-no need to scrub it or wash it off.

The formula works over time by reacting with moisture, rain, and wind. The activation mainly depends on weather conditions.

Follow the instructions on using and diluting the product, then fill it in a gardener sprayer and spray all the corners and crevices, patio, gravestones, fence, roofs, etc.

It requires a fair amount of patience before showing the results, but you will not be disappointed. The results might change if you don’t follow the dilution steps carefully.

You can always contact their customer service to get a better idea of how to use the spray.

Usually, you will have to wait for the rain to activate the spray, so it might not show results immediately after spraying, especially in hot and dry weather conditions.

Ideally, it will take 2-3 weeks to manifest the cleaned surface, but the process can dilate up to several months. This is just how the spray works!

Keep the swimming pool or fishpond covered while you spray the periphery or surroundings because it could be dangerous for the water.

Ensure you keep the spray away from your grass and use it only on the stone surface as it can kill your plantation.

You must wear PPE to use any kind of strong surface cleaner. This, too, requires you to protect yourself while spraying.

  • Kills algae and moss
  • No scrubbing or washing required. Just spray and leave
  • Might take some time to activate
  • Dangerous for water reservoirs and plants

No products found.

3. Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pressure Power Washer Detergent Soap

Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pressure Power Washer Detergent Soap

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Time to introduce the best pressure washer cleaner for concrete. Karcher is made to work in conjunction with a pressure washer and lifts away any kind of mold and stains quickly and easily.

No need to wait for any weather conditions and let it stay on the affected area, simply use it with your pressure washer and do away with all the worries.

What’s the best part of Karcher? One bottle of Karcher’s concentrated stain remover will make 20 gallons of ready-to-use cleaner.

You will have to make the diluted solution carefully following each detail in the manual. It’s quite versatile and can be used to wash many surfaces, including your car.

The best of this pressure washer surface cleaner is its biodegradability. Save the foliage and vegetation and clean every area without worry.

Use it in your porch or patio, driveways, or lawn pathways. The lather will wash away all dirt in no time.

Owing to its environmental friendliness, the spray will not harm your fish or contaminate the pool water. It works effectively and is undoubtedly one of the best products to be used with a pressure washer.

Keep in mind that it produces a lot of lather.

Don’t forget to use PPE to protect your sensitive skin and eyes from the splashes of a pressure washer.

  • Best for pressure washer
  • Instantly washes away all kinds of stains and dirt.
  • Environment friendly
  • Produces a lot of lather

No products found.

4. Sun Joe SPX-APC1G All-Purpose Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Cleaner

Sun Joe SPX-APC1G All-Purpose Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Cleaner

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Looking for the best concrete cleaner for oil and grease that can be used with a pressure washer?

Sun Joe is what you are looking for.

The effective cleaner that washes away all kinds of grease, grime, and mold from a variety of surfaces, Sun Joe’s surface cleaner is made to take care of all of your jobs. 

The concentrated solution is meant to be diluted with water and filled in the pressure tanks. Only a small portion of actual concentrate is to be used, making this product enough for a month of cleaning.

Stay easy on your pockets and worth your investment with the Sun joe.

Sun Joe’s Multi-Purpose cleaner can be used to remove algae and moss from stone pathways, roofs, wooden fences, patios, and porches.

Moreover, you can further use oil and grease stains from your stove or car parts.

What’s the cool part?

It is 100% safe and biodegradable, which only expands its usage and versatility.

Best for pressure washers as you don’t require brushing and scrubbing in most cases. The pressure will wipe off even the stubborn most molds from your sidewalks.

This product can be used for a long time and is super light on the pockets. To use it, simply follow all the steps and tricks to dilute the concentrate.

You will need to dilute it differently according to the reluctance of the age of stains. It is not formulated to harm the surface you clean which makes it the best concrete cleaner for pressure washers.

Overall, an excellent product that works even better with Sun Joe’s pressure washer. It is safe for your water pool, fish, and vegetation on the lawn.

  • Environment friendly and gentle on the surfaces
  • Best cleaner for oil and grease
  • Works well on concrete
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • None

No products found.

5. Simple Green Oxy Solve Concrete and Driveway Pressure Washer Cleaner

Simple Green Oxy Solve Concrete and Driveway Pressure Washer Cleaner

No products found.

Another useful formula to wipe away grease, oil, tire marks, and mildew from several surfaces effectively.

Simple green oxy is the ideal concrete cleaner for pressure washer that will make your life easy.

With this cleaner, forget about harming your surfaces because the ingredients are relatively mild, and the peroxide is safe to use in any area. 

What’s more?

Simple green is a certified environment-friendly product not made to harm your vegetation or plants on the lawn or contaminate swimming pools or fishponds.

Now clean your home and keep it green with this non-toxic formula that will lift even the strongest of the stains leaving the pathways good as new with no stain in sight.

It will even pick the hidden algae and moss in the crevices of your stone pathways and sideways.

The solution is supposed to be spilled over the affected areas for about five minutes so that it completely penetrates.

You can then wash away the residue with pressure water or a gardening hose at high pressure before the residue dries out.

Not only pressure washer, use it manually by adding a certain amount of liquid in a bucket full of water and using a soft bristle brush to remove reluctant stains and grease.

You can always check the manual to understand how it must be used.

  • Environment friendly
  • Best for grease
  • Extremely safe formula
  •  For stronger stains, a high concentration of the solution is required

No products found.

6. Zep Driveway and Concrete Pressure Wash Cleaner

Simple Green Oxy Solve Concrete and Driveway Pressure Washer Cleaner

No products found.

Zep driveway is another safe and certified green product that will wipe away all your worries regarding unpleasant and stubborn stains of any kind.

Zep is a trusted product for cleaning away asphalt, bricks, mortar, and stone pathways. This is mainly made for cleaning car oil and tar on the driveways that leave an unsightly look and are hard to remove.

With its super-strong formula, you can clean the oil and grease patches no matter how old they are in just one wash. Zed and pressure washer are the ultimate cleaner duo.

If your stains are too reluctant to come off, then use a brush to scrub them off.

The best way to use Zed is to let it rest on the surface to be cleaned for a few minutes and rinse off with high pressure. You will be surprised to find the results because this is the best concrete driveway cleaner.

Due to its high strength, Zed can’t be used on wood and painted surfaces as it will rinse off the finishing and paint.

It is best suited for unfinished surfaces like rock and marbles on sideways, masonry, and driveways.

For wood, Zed has a different product, which is milder and doesn’t affect the finish of the surface.

  • Best for oil and pressure washer
  • A potent formula for tough stains like grease and tar on asphalt
  • Can’t be used on wood or finished surfaces

No products found.

7. Eco-Etch Pro, Concrete Etcher & Cleaner

Eco-Etch Pro, Concrete Etcher & Cleaner

No products found.

If you haven’t made up your mind about which concrete cleaner to use just yet then this might become your go-to choice.

Eco-Etch Pro is the perfect pressure washer cleaner for concrete that can surely remove those stubborn stains.

It is manufactured by EcoPro Cote which is popular for bringing eco-friendly products into the market. 

Made from organic ingredients such as acid salt and surfactant, it is effective and safe. It is specially made for concrete. It can easily etch concrete flooring.

It isn’t hard on the concrete so that the surface won’t get damaged, and a good layer of coating is established for protection. 

The company claims that Eco-EtchPro can remove efflorescence altogether. All those salt, calcium, and mineral deposits won’t bother you. It can even remove the sticky mortar.

Usually, the remover uses two key components that are Phosphoric and Muriatic Acid. Both are incredibly harmful to human bodies as they can burn you. Even breathing the air around it will hurt your lungs.

But you don’t need to fret as Eco-EtchPro is entirely organic and safe.

The materials used in making this are strong enough to give you deep and effective cleaning. The Acid won’t hurt you or your vegetation as it is 100% biodegradable.

It’s not harmful in any way, which is good news for folks who are cautious and have kids running around in the house. 

Works great for cleaning pollutants, rusting, and grout strains. The new and improved Eco-Etch Pro has wetting agents that do deep cleaning and etching simultaneously.

Going into the more technical side of this deep cleaning magic, it opens up the pores of the concrete and seeps to CSP-2 level for optimal coating.

And, what’s the good news? It is indispensable against efflorescence that forms around HVAC and plumbing components. Also, it is best for the pressure washer.

However, it may need a little extra effort. First, inspect the surface thoroughly and determine whether the deposited calcium is hardened. Use some tools to scrap the calcium.

If it becomes difficult, then you may need to dip a stiff brush in Eco-Pro solution and apply force while scrubbing off the deposited material. 

There is no need to use baking soda to neutralize the PH level of the solution. It neutralizes with water and isn’t harmful at all.

  • Eco friendly and 100% biodegradable
  • Extremely useful for concrete floor 
  • Removes all kinds of mortar, efflorescence, and oil residues
  • Excessive use may bleach the color of the tiles. Use it with caution

No products found.

8. Briggs & Stratton 6826 Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Briggs & Stratton 6826 Multi-Purpose Cleaner

No products found.

Going on in the list, we have an excellent product by Briggs& Stratton. The company has been serving its customers for 100 years.

So they know their stuff and have an experience that is parallel to none.

They specialize in making gasoline engines and their cleaning solutions. And are famous for their robust products that work great on stubborn stains.

It is best for the restoration of your porch and patio. It can work on multiple pollutants that harm the flooring, such as dirt, grout, mold, and mildew.

These pollutants take the shine off the surface and make things dull. But with this 1-gallon all-purpose solution, you don’t worry anymore.

You have adequately mixed this concentrated solution with at least sixteen gallons of pressure washer soap to have an optimal cleaning solution for it to use.

The ratio of 1:16 is perfect. It can easily mix with it and doesn’t require effort to set it up.

It’s effortless to use and multipurpose. Whether it’s a cement floor, concrete floor, or a beautiful patio with beautiful tiles, clean those up with Briggs & Stratton’s strong cleaner.

Your floor deserves to be clean and shiny. Bring their true potential out with this cleaner. 

The company also makes a version of this product that is specifically for wooden surfaces. So if you have a wooden floor or any furniture that needs to be cleaned, this can be what you need. 

It also works on glass windows. It removes the annoying mold and mildew right off without even scrubbing.

This super product can easily clean the fabric of umbrellas and other household things prone to molds. 

You have to use caution, though, as the concentrated solution is corrosive and can hurt the skin. However, the diluted solution is relatively safer and doesn’t harm vegetation and grass.

So feel free to use it if your washing space is near your lawn.

Worried about tougher stains?

Fret, no more. You might need to make a more concentrated solution. It also doesn’t leave any residue after the cleanup. It is relatively cheaper than other cleaners. It’s overall a good option.

  • Multi-purpose and works on multiple surfaces
  • Effective against molds, mild dew, dirt, and mortar
  • Works best with a pressure washer
  • Corrosive, use it with caution.
  • It may not work well in removing efflorescence

No products found.

9. Scotts FBA 51501 Concentrate Plus Oxi Clean Outdoor Cleaner

Scotts FBA 51501 Concentrate Plus Oxi Clean Outdoor Cleaner

No products found.

If you are one of the sane ones and care about the environment of our mother earth, then you might find this very useful.

Scott’s outdoor cleaner is an extremely efficient cleaning solution for your place and also the safest.

Unlike other strong cleaners, this one doesn’t contain chlorine and bleach. Thus, making it entirely safe for your lush green lawn and vegetation.

Wipe that sticky mold, mildew, and stains off of your beautiful floor. It can work on multiple surfaces. It is best for wooden, stone, concrete, and bricks.

This is not all it can do.

Now you can clean that beautiful patio furniture of yours too. It brings out the best in your place. 

Algae can be stubborn and disgusting to see, but with Scotts Plus Oxi cleaner, this is no problem at all. 

Works quite well on fabrics, too; as mentioned before, it is relatively safe for the environment, and it’s not just a claim. It has a certification of “Compact by Design by Amazon.”

The exciting features of the Scotss don’t end up here. 

It’s safe for humans. It doesn’t harm the skin, and it’s the right choice if you have children. Also, it’s perfectly safe for pets as there are no toxin materials.

It comes in a concentrated form in different quantities. A 2.5 gallon of Scotts Plus Oxi cleaner makes more than 10 gallons of solution used in a pressure washer.

It is easy to set up. With a pressure washer, it cleans the sticky mess in no time. It is multipurpose, so it covers most of the materials.

The Scotts Plus Oxi cleaner is not to be used in sinks, bathtubs, and drains, etc. It is meant for specific materials, as we have discussed.

On top of all that, Its versatile action formula also cleans fiberglass, composite woods, and spilled oil. It is one solution for all your problems.

Its quick foaming action dives deep and cleans the toughest stains. It is not a magic solution and may need a little scrubbing to clean some stains as all things go.

It’s the right product, and it works well in the environment.

  • Versatile. It covers many materials (fiberglass, concrete, composites, wood, fabric)
  • Environment friendly
  • Non-corrosive
  • Nothing much, but it may not be as strong as other acidic cleaners

No products found.

10. Naturama, All Natural Concrete Cleaner

Naturama, All Natural Concrete Cleaner

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Last in line is another nature-friendly product that is just as effective at cleaning your place. It is manufactured by an American-based company “Ecogreen Tri-state.”

Their mission is to make cleaning solutions as safe for the environment as possible. Naturama-cleaner is an all-rounder cleaning solution that works for a variety of materials.

It is quite long-lasting. With only a one-gallon quantity, you get the premium level cleaning. It cleans all the deep embedded stains that otherwise seem impossible to remove.

Most of the cleaners on the list are dependent on some pressure machines. But Naturma’s innovative formulae work just as well without such aid.

You can use mops and brushes to clean the floor effectively. One of the most stubborn messes that can be made is spilled oil and grease.

With its fast-action solution, this cleaner wipes off those stains in no time. Unlike others, it is not acidic; instead, it is made up of abrasive and safe water-based ingredients. 

It covers places made up of concrete and stone. It is best for Sideways and garages, which are more prone to greasy stuff. It removes dust, mortar, and oil.

With that said, it may not be much useful for mildew, mold, and efflorescence. It becomes more effective with a pressure washer.

A clear distinction can be seen before and after the use of Naturama All-natural cleaner.

It has no odor. After cleaning and etching, the place doesn’t need to be neutralized by any other element. Completely toxin-free, so it is safe for children and pets.

As the company claims, it is eco-friendly and doesn’t harm trees and vegetation in any way. Also, the wastewater doesn’t pollute the drains and makes them safe for use.

The all-new cleaning formulas leave a glossy coating on concrete floors. This gives a new and elegant look. The deep cleaning cleans the stubborn stuff out of the small cracks.

It comes in multiple sizes. The product also has refills, so it becomes economical, unlike other products.

  • An eco-friendly product that doesn’t harm plants. EPA registered.
  • Toxin-free safe for children and pets.
  • Best for concrete and sidewalks. Removes oil and grease effectively.
  • Can work with or without pressure washer
  • Not designed explicitly for problems such as mildew, mold, sand efflorescence

No products found.

Buyer's Guide:

Concrete Cleaner For Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Getting a surface cleaner is tricky because you don’t know which cleaner and what formula will work best on your stained surface.

Some surfaces require particular acids and ingredients that you are unaware of.

Whether you are buying an oil remover for your garage or a mold cleaner for your toilet, a few things must be kept in mind, which will be discussed below.

We want you to get the best product for your problem without much searching.

Let’s dive in.

Acidic Cleaners:

One thing to keep in mind about the surface cleaners having a rich amount of acids is that they can be dangerous for your plantation in lawns and gardens and even contaminate the swimming pool.

Acid cleaners work best for grime and dirt that is soluble in an acidic solution.

To be more precise, it can dissolve the white salty residue that appears on the bricks and concrete, mainly known as efflorescence.

These salt crystals can be dissolved in acid.

Alkaline Formula:

Alkaline cleaners are meant for oily stains and greases. The basic medium is used in soaps to remove or emulsify hydrocarbons present in the oil.

So, if you want the cleaner specifically for oil and grease, get an alkali cleaner.

It can be used on any kind of surface. Alkaline solutions are not suitable for plant growth, so be careful with this cleaner.

It is best to avoid the cleaners reaching plants, even if they do make sure that you water the plants before and after washing your pathways with these cleaners.

pH Neutral Formula:

Such cleaners are mild, and they can be used mainly for interior concrete, wood, or floors.

The pH-neutral formula is safe for plants as well. Keep in mind you can’t use this formula for wiping off tough and stubborn grease or grime. 

Enzymatic Cleaners:

Enzymatic cleaners are made to break down dirty stains chemically. These work well on many kinds of surfaces due to the new and improved science to clean stains.

Many kinds of enzymes break down many types of molecules, like fats, proteins, starches, etc.

If you own pets and are tired of their excreted waste stains, then use enzymatic cleaners. You’ll thank us.

Frequently Asked Question:

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers that would greatly help you buy the best surface cleaner for your home. Have a look at them.

Which cleaner can be used with a pressure washer?

Pressure washers are used to remove dirt and stains that are not very stubborn or old. But when you lift strong stains of grease and mold, then it is necessary to use soap, detergent, or some other chemical cleaner.

There are many cleaners mainly used with presser washers. You can have a look at our list above as well.

The safest cleaner to be used with pressure washing is soap as it is mild and doesn’t cause any kind of harm to the machine. However, it is advisable to go through the cleaner’s manual to determine whether it can be used with the pressure washer or not.

Which cleaner is best for pet excretions?

For this purpose, we recommend using an enzymatic and bacterial cleaner. You can check the ingredients of the cleaner before buying and see if it suits your needs or not.

Are concrete cleaners safe for plants and pool water?

Some cleaners are harmful to plants and can contaminate your pool and even kill fish in the pond. But there are also biodegradable concrete cleaners that are certified to be environment friendly.

You can check whether the cleaner is safe or not by looking at the ingredients. It is not hard to find safe cleaners on the market. Usually, pH-neutral cleaners are safe for water and plants.

Are cleaners safe for skin and eyes?

Absolutely no. We suggest using PPE even if you’re using mild cleaner because some ingredients can induce a harmful reaction on the skin and eyes.

The stronger ones can cause burns and rashes. If you get some on your skin, wash it immediately, and consult a doctor. Use old or worn-out clothes while performing the cleaning chore.


A stained porch or greasy driveway is such a turnoff for the visitors and makes your house look dirty no matter how hard you try to clean it.

If these products are available on the market, then you should not wait and get one for yourself.

The affordable and easy-to-use cleaners can lift even the stubborn most stains from your concrete and stone driveways, washrooms, tiles, and vinyl flooring and molds.

Say goodbye to any stain and live a clean and sparkling life.

Use our details and extensive list to pick out the best concrete cleaner for pressure washer.

You don’t have to rummage through the internet anymore; our article is enough for you to make a quick and unregrettable decision.

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