What’s The Best Bullet Antenna [Buying Guide 2022]

Ever wonder why there is a need to replace the typical old antenna that comes with your truck?

Indeed we have many reasons, but the top ones are; they come in a very standard style, protruding out for cats and birds’ attention, and easy to get trapped in branches are some top factors.

Best Bullet Antenna

This is when you think about buying an antenna that is faintly there yet adorns your already beautiful car.

Another critical factor is that having a radio is a must when you drive on a long route. Essentially, the radio keeps you entertained on the long routes and updated on any road closures or diversions.

Besides being updated, it sure is a nice way to be entertained when driving on long routes alone. It also prevents accidental dozing off behind the wheels; in this regard, little music and talking keep you distracted and awake.

Now, there are many antennas available, but what makes to be an ideal bullet antenna differs from person to person.

You may need a Bluetooth connection, or it’s irrelevant for you, or probably you don’t like the simple antenna it came with the car.

In that case, having the bullet antenna is an essential extension for your car.

Moreover, these antennas adorn your vehicle like any other spoiler wouldn’t do. Not only are they beautiful, but the very modest size makes them almost unnoticeable for many.

In this review, we will discuss the pros, cons, and features of the ten best bullet antenna in great detail. With this review, you will be able to figure out which antenna would prove to be the best selection for your car.

Comparing 10 Best Bullet Antenna

Bullet AntennaCompatibility
RONIN FACTORY Bullet AntennaDodge Ram, Ford F-Series Check Price
AntennaX 50 Cal Bullet AntennaChevy Check Price
Trunknets Inc Bullet AntennaFord F-Series Check Price
Bingfu Vehicle Antenna BulletDodge Ram, Ford, Toyota, more Check Price
CravenSpeed Bullet AntennaFord F-Series Check Price
VMS RACING Bullet AntennaFord, Harley, and more Check Price
ONE250 Bullet AntennaDodge Ram, Ford F-Series Check Price
MFC Store Bullet AntennaDodge Ram, Ford F-Series Check Price
ZVEII Bullet AntennaChevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Check Price
Mega Racer 50 Cal Bullet AntennaFit all Trucks Check Price

1. RONIN FACTORY Bullet Antenna

RONIN FACTORY Bullet Antenna

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This bullet antenna is black and adorns any colored car because of its bullet shape; it gives your truck the edge of style. Meanwhile, the size is too subtle that it blends well with your truck without looking ostentatious.

The real bullet is here!

It sure looks like a real 50 Caliber bullet; the aluminum body is very sturdy and fits right in the place of the old antenna. Just remove the old one and screw this back in place; all the necessary hardware is included in the package.

It is a robust aluminum solid bullet 6061 aluminum construction, finished with black hard anodize, which doesn’t fade or chip.

RONIN FACTORY bullet antenna is suitable for Dodge Ram, Ford, especially Ford F-series, particularly F150, F250, F350. For suitability with other cars, it is best to check the website or the guide that comes with the kit.

Do you hear me!!

For a reason being purchased, it gives you what is needed; an immaculate reception and gets most channels available in the far radius.

 Supposedly, when crossing a town and reaching another town, you may catch plenty of channels to hear.

Isn’t this a treat?

It comes with a thread compound for antitheft; when installed in your beloved truck, it gets fixed like glue, saving it from theft and unusual disappearances.

What’s more? You can stream music from Spotify and listen to your favorite tunes as you drive when the radio is just boring! With its decent Bluetooth connectivity, you are in for options to listen.

  • Anodized finish
  • Sturdy Aluminum
  • Safe for car wash
  • Suitable for Dodge/Ford
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Includes necessary hardware
  • Installation is breeze
  • Great reception
  • Antitheft compound
  • Has suitability with limited cars

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2. AntennaX 50 Cal Black Bullet

AntennaX 50 Cal Black Bullet

No products found.

The ideal bullet antenna for your Chevy 1500 Silverado is here; this beautiful black bullet antenna is here to make your life even more fun. 

First, this antenna’s design and color are beautifully black, carved to perfection in a bullet-like shape. Not only is it a beautiful design, but it also adorns your Chevy like any other would do.

Buzz-buzz, no more!

When driving interstates, the reception is amazing and catches almost all stations, without any static. Moreover, getting from one state to another, it starts receiving reception from quite afar.

It catches the signals for both Am/Fm very clearly, so you are in touch with local news for any roadblocks or diversions when traveling.

Furthermore, when you don’t need a radio, you can listen to whatever you wish by connecting your phone or listening to Spotify.

There is more!

This 5.5 inches black anodized aluminum bullet needs no special tool; you need to take the old antenna out and screw it back in the same place. Without having to need any device, the installation is extremely breeze.

For your routine carwash, the antenna is safe to stay in place since it’s incredibly sturdy, it wouldn’t get damaged, and you don’t need to remove it every time for the carwash.

Since it is explicitly made for Chevy, it fits all Chevy models from 1985 till the year 2020.

  • With an Anodize finish
  • Robust Aluminum
  • Doesn’t need to be removed for car wash
  • Suitable for Chevy Silverado
  • Along with Bluetooth compatibility
  • Effortless installation
  • Clear reception
  • Suitable for Chevy Silverado only

No products found.

3. Trunknets Inc Black Bullet

Trunknets Inc Black Bullet Antenna

No products found.

Do you know what’s a bummer about regular bullet antennas? Most of them come in more than 5 inches, making them not so portable and less easy to install.

Trunk Net’s black bullet antenna is so small, designed for Ford, optimized from the point of view of technical parameters, made with the calculation of structural elements. It is only the size of 4.05 inches because smaller is often better.

The antenna can fit on every model of Ford, be it new or old. The new black bullet antenna will keep you tuned in and is promising to make it easier to install and user-friendly.

It’s so small yet stylish, which will augment your Ford’s appearance.

Want to know more?

Its suitable size makes it much easier to install with no equipment within less than a minute. The only tool that you’ll need is to pull out that old factory antenna.

Just imagine you are en route long routes, and due to boredom, you start dozing off behind the wheels. This bullet antenna provides a crisp signal to make sure you get a great reception and sound quality, hence keeping you alert.

Even if you have hundreds and thousands of CDs in your car, you still would want to listen to the radio. Because this bullet antenna allows you to listen to your favorite FM stations clearly while boosting your car aesthetic.

So take the opportunity to toss out your old antenna and replace it with the Trunk Net’s black bullet antenna that is not afraid of water and won’t be broken. It is inconspicuous, and at the same time, strong.

These bullet antennas provide quality communication, driving a better experience, either alone or with your family or friends.

  • Effective communication
  • Clear reception
  • Subtle design
  • It fits all Ford models
  • Easy installation
  • Suitability for limited cars
  • Remove for carwash

No products found.

4. Bingfu Vehicle Antenna Mast Bullet

Bingfu Vehicle Antenna Mast Bullet

No products found.

Bingfu vehicle mast bullet car truck antenna is an ideal replacement for Ford F Series, Raptor, Super Duty Ranger Explorer Dodge RAM, and heavy-duty classic pickup truck.

Customized for one only!

Ideally, this silver bullet antenna comes in 5.5 inches and is designed to be installed in Ford only. The antenna’s exterior has two rubber rings, which makes it flexible and subtle so it can twist and dodge out of harm’s way in the car wash.

Its structure can easily hold out against harsh and extreme weather conditions. The antenna can easily fit every Ford model, varying from a 1990 model to the latest 2020 model.

However, it works fine in a few models of Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Sienna, FJ Cruiser, and some truck of Grand Cherokee.

Now, what do we have here?

Evidently, this tiny 5.5 inches long bullet is made of Aluminum Alloy material making it very sturdy and reliable for years.

It doesn’t end here; the anodizing finish gives this black bullet such a robust exterior that it doesn’t chip or fade out all day.

Let’s install it

These antennas are so strong that they are hard to break or vandalize and are very easy to install. Simply unscrew and remove the old antenna from the car or pickup trucks, then select the appropriate screws for the car antenna mount and install the antenna.

  • Simple installation
  • Anodizing finish avoiding corrosion
  • Compatible to Ford
  • Easy to uninstall for the carwash
  • Not compatible with many makes
  • Cannot sustain carwash

No products found.

5. CravenSpeed Bullet Style Antenna

CravenSpeed Bullet Style Antenna

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The CravenSpeed bullet antennas are intended to provide you with the best characteristics of radio reception.

This antenna can easily be installed without the help of any tool or equipment; without any modification, your hands are enough to play the part! All you have to do is screw off your old antenna and screw in the new one, and you’re done within a minute.

Beauty and the Beast!

The size and shape of our bullet antenna are designed to allow portability and durability. Together with the formulation of flexible rubber has the ability to withstand 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

Evidently, the antenna is made with choice quality materials, which allows it to pull in stations most of the other bullet antennas simply dream of.

Consequently, the antenna provides you with an excellent driving experience by ensuring quality communication and great reception.

Whether you want to tune into some latest news or you’re in a mood for jamming away your traffic blues, this antenna is going to be your best friend.

What else?

Clearly, the design’s flexibility makes it user-friendly and water-resistant, making sure that it doesn’t disrupt your handheld receiver or CB signals.

Surprisingly, the bullet antenna is smaller in size, keeping in view that it does not block your view of the road but can catch your favorite stations for great in-car entertainment.

Moreover, the antenna is compact but powerful; providing you good sound that doesn’t rely on distance. It receives most FM and AM stations in the area.

Finally, the antenna is stylish yet functional, making it a tremendously attractive antenna with good reception. What is benefitting here that you receive news or any relevant information for instance; natural disasters, and hurricanes?

CravenSpeed bullet antenna will never let you down and keep you in dark.

  • Portable
  • Clear reception
  • Water-resistant
  • Great in-car entertainment
  • Easy installation
  • Not suitable for all makes

No products found.

6. VMS Racing 50 Cal Red Tip Bullet Antenna

VMS Racing 50 Cal Red Tip Bullet Antenna

No products found.

First of all, the antenna is effortless to install, portable, and durably made of high aircraft quality T-6061 billet aluminum and hard anodized for a long-lasting finish.

Time to install it right away!

It’s a simple two-step process – pull out your old antenna and screw in the new VMS racing tip bullet antenna. You will not need any tool and zero modification to unscrew your old factory-fitted antenna.

Another plus, it takes less than a minute to install the antenna. The antenna is compact but powerful, hence providing sound, less likely dependent on the distance.

Ideally, this long-lasting antenna with a durable finish will boost your car’s aesthetics, providing your car an upgraded look.

Moreover, the antenna allows you to have a great leisure experience as it can catch your favorite stations without blocking your view of the road while driving.

The antenna is water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather, and extreme heat of the sun and its structure makes it almost impossible to vandalize or break.

  • No tools needed for installation
  • Has the capacity to catch distant signals
  • Durable and portable
  • Weather-resistant
  • You may lose some radio reception
  • Not fit for retractable power base
  • Not amplified

No products found.

7. ONE250 Bullet Style Antenna

ONE250 Bullet Style Antenna

No products found.

ONE250 bullet-style antenna is best suited for Dodge RAM, Ford F-Series, and Super Duty Ford Raptor Trucks.

While these antennas are made from aluminum and copper with a length of 138 mm, they are also convenient and can be installed easily without modification or equipment.

It takes only a minute or less to install on your desired car; moreover, it fits most vehicles with a screw-on type antenna base.

With this high-quality antenna, which is durable, portable, able to withstand weather damage and manual bumping, you get many benefits in one tiny antenna.

These antennas are specially designed to provide you with a crisp signal to achieve sound quality with your car’s upgraded look.

They are intended for receiving high-frequency radio signals, signal processing (amplification in the case of active antennas), and matching wave characteristics by catching all possible stations around.

Wonderful News!

The package contains two plastic rings, six different-sized stud bolts, along with the beautiful bullet antenna.

Ideally, this tiny piece of perfection has no plastic elements and the structure is purely made from aluminum with a hard finish that will not scratch, and is not going to fade over time.

  • Manageable
  • Easy to install
  • Black in color
  • Non-scratchable finish
  • Necessary hardware included
  • Only for Dodge and Ford F-series
  • Not suitable for no screw-in type antenna

No products found.

8. MFC Store Black Antenna

MFC Store Black Antenna

No products found.

MFC store brings the 5.7 inches black antenna which is a heavy gauge billet aluminum replacement for perfect AM/FM Reception. It ideally fits for Jeep Wrangler JK, JL & TJ of models varying from 1997-2019.

Supremely, these bullet antennas come with unique, durable, and stylish designs. It can easily install in your vehicle without tools or equipment, with no need for any modification.

You can directly pull out your old antenna, screw a new antenna with no wiring condition, and it fits well!

These antennae are committed to providing great radio and entertainment functionality because it ensures excellent reception and sound quality.

Antenna’s size is designed in a way that will not obstruct your vision of the road while keeping you tuned in to your favorite radio station to get you cheered up while driving.

The functional yet stylish design of the antenna augments the look of your car.

With a tremendous attractive antenna amid good reception, but for some, it may not work as well as for others, and there can be many factors besides the antenna itself.

 The outer body of the antenna is made of heavy gauge billet aluminum and comes in black color. The antennas’ structure is anodized with a smooth black finish, making it hard to vandalize and fade.

Moreover, the design of these antennas is portable and durable due to their weight. Plus, it is unlikely to be banged up or damaged by carwash equipment or any passing barriers.

This cool-looking antenna fits for all Jeep Wranglers JL & JK & TJ and is perfect for users who use Bluetooth or Auxiliary audio inputs. The package contains an antenna and two mounting bolt that makes it an easy installation.

  • Unique appearance
  • durability with style
  • Easy to install
  • Clear connection
  • Perfect for users who prefer Bluetooth
  • Not fitting for all models
  • Signals may vary in remote areas

No products found.

9. ZVEII Bullet Antenna For Chevy Silverado

ZVEII Bullet Antenna For Chevy Silverado

No products found.

Evidently, this 4.2 inches bullet is best suited for Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, as mentioned by the manufacturer. However, it fits many other cars as reviewed by users after use and installation.

The package comes with a bullet antenna that already comes with a screw adapter installed. All you have to do is uninstall the old antenna out by continuous rotating motion and then put this one right back in with opposite movement until it is fixed.

Once it’s fixed, this little black device is here to stay since you are now free about the worries of removing them before carwash each time.

Clearly, it survives car wash, and what’s more, even when you are going through rough terrains of woods, it can survive ambush of branches

Fits in like meant to be!

Since the color and design are meant for Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, it looks beautiful and elevates your truck’s design as it deserves.

The connection is also very decent for its size, giving you a modest connection to AM/FM channels in a closer radius.

However, it is not compatible with providing GPS or satellite radio connections.

Unlike the factory-installed antenna that can break by just an eagle sitting on it, and Lord! Don’t cat loves to play with them when forgotten in an extended formation.

But these are unnoticeable, small, and sturdy and don’t break by shenanigans of cats.

  • Adorns the truck
  • Not susceptible to corrosion
  • Fits Chevy and GMC
  • Requires no tools to install
  • Beautiful black design
  • Not immaculate connection
  • No Bluetooth or GPs connectivity

No products found.

10. Mega Racer 50 Cal Bullet Antenna For Trucks

Mega Racer 50 Cal Bullet Antenna For Trucks

No products found.

Mega Racer brings the ideal bullet antenna ever! Don’t believe me, stay around and you will see for yourself.

First, it comes with ten different sizes of screw adapters that make it easy for it to be installed in any car, truck, or SUV. When you have removed your old antenna with whichever tool is needed as per the antenna’s nature.

Now you need nothing; you already have ten different sizes of screws, analyzing which size fits your car; just screw that one in the antenna, and now to your vehicle.

This all can be done by merely your hand, and you wouldn’t need absolutely any tool at all.

Design is Essential!

It sure looks like a real bullet; the only difference probably is the color; it looks as fierce and unforgiving as a bullet.

It’s a very sleek, black, and extremely robust design that can withstand the harsh sun, snow, rain and doesn’t end up corroded.

Since it is made with 6061 solid aluminum, that is straightaway 500% more effective and conductive than steel. Hence you get nothing but an immaculate connection, and there is no chance of static connectivity.

Once installed, it stays put!

That’s true for this 50 Cal bullet antenna; once you have installed it, there is no worry about car wash or passing through woods. It survives all, just like your truck that looks ruthless and tough; the antenna 100% compliments your vehicle.

Moreover, the surprises of antenna disappearances when parked in odd or shady streets are no longer a worry. The antitheft compound in the bullet makes it less prone to being an easy target to be removed.

In fact, the antenna is so reliable and durable, it can stay with you for years, without wearing down in color or quality.

  • Antitheft design
  • Lookalike of bullet
  • Sturdy aluminum
  • Immaculate connection
  • Basic installation
  • No GPS connectivity

No products found.

Buyer's Guide:

Bullet Antenna Buying Guide

There are many considerations for you when buying the best bullet antenna, and some of them rank essential from others. While it may look like an accessory that beautifies your car, it has some features.

Meanwhile, some essential reflections go through when planning to buy an antenna before making your buying decision.

Compatibility with FM/AM:

First, you need to establish how important it is for you to have a radio with both FM/AM transmissions. When you are on the road, and traveling interstate is routine for your radio, both frequencies become vital.

For instance, while traveling from the countryside to the city, you need to contact local radio stations to warn you of roadblocks or diversions.

Moreover, traffic, peak times, and traffic jam on the freeway are kinds of nuisances that are always avoidable.

When you can catch local radio frequencies and hear local radio stations, you can always be forewarned and alert. Often unforeseen fog can impair visibility at night and can be extremely dangerous.

Hence having a system that keeps you updated is crucial; when connected to both FM/AM radios with decent frequency, you are updated and alert.

Besides, when driving for long hours, the fear of dozing off behind the wheels is inevitable. Especially when driving alone, with someone continuously talking and playing songs, it keeps you alert and entertained while you drive.


Some songs are meant to listen to on the road, you always plan, and then it's forgotten until you are on the road. An antenna that also has Bluetooth compatibility can turn out to be a blessing.

You cannot only connect your phone with Bluetooth and listen to any song, but you can also listen to your list on Spotify.

If not needed, you would pay more for an antenna when it is no use to you; you can buy a simple antenna that plays radio-like wonders.

Knowing your requirement is better, but if you think maybe once in a while, you would be using Bluetooth.

Granted, in its presence, you would be inclined to use it and maybe play the list of your Spotify. Why not try and experience the wonders of technology and make your long journey on the road even more pleasant.

Beware of Freddie Kruger:

When you are out on the road heading out of your city towards another city, signals are a significant contributing factor for an antenna's success.

For instance, leaving your town and heading towards another city or town, you may have an appointment or deadline to meet. Hence knowing about any roadblocks, diversions, or vampires can avoid any unforeseen encounters.

Moreover, you wouldn't know about any possible road works of any place away from your town; especially God forbid a bad accident on the highway.

With a device with reliable signals, and even from quite a distance from the town catches, the signals will always do you good.


Installation of New Bullet Antenna

Most antennas are a breeze to install; the bullet antennas come with a screw at the bottom that can be installed in place of the old one.

When you have screwed out the old one, you can screw the one right in to install a counter-motion.

Some antennas are not safe for car wash; hence it has to be a simple, effortless process to install and uninstall them. Of course, one cannot be carrying a wrench all the time in the car to undo the antenna before the car wash.

Hence an ideal antenna would be the one that doesn't make the whole process tardy for you. The connection and adapters are already in place, so you don't need to worry about those. Think of it as an accessory that can be removed when required.

Antitheft Mechanism:

Contrary to being easy to install and uninstalling like a breeze, in some instances, it can become a bane and cost you a lot.

Evidently, many individuals have reported the sudden disappearances of their bullet antennas due to the ease of uninstalling them in seconds.

Hence, the bullet antenna manufacturers came with a new addition to the whole bullet antenna regime with a new device that cannot be removed like a breeze. Similarly, it doesn't need to be removed for routine reasons like a car wash.

Since it takes a special tool, time, and energy to remove these results in the reduction of the bullet antennas' disappearances. Now, you can park your SUV or truck anywhere you want without having to worry about losing the antenna.

The only way it will disappear is, along with the car!

Compatibility with Vehicle:

All antennas are not compatible with any car you may have; for instance, some antennas are only made for Ford, some for Chevy, or even Wrangler.

Meanwhile, some antennas are compatible with many cars, this factor varies, and you must check for compatibility on the company's website or product specifications.

Some manufacturers have been too long in the field and have been through the trial and error phase. Hence you will see them offering money-back guarantees and warranties on their products.

When buying for the first time, it's best to opt for these manufacturers since the chance of getting a device that may not work is less likely.

So for the new buyers, it's best to buy the ones that have been tried and tested.

Sturdy for Carwash:

It's a common joke that:

Car wash is a death sentence for antennas; it's true! Many have not made it out of the car wash alive.

But this has been a major design fault, and many companies have realized this huge error and rectified it. Moreover, some companies also provide antennas that can be taken off before the car wash effortlessly.

Either way, it's become a win-win for the consumer, but you must understand the kind of use you have for antenna before making the buying decisions.

If you are not willing to pay for the sturdy antenna that survives carwash, you can always opt for easy removal when needed.

But again, you have to see how frequently your car goes for wash, and this process does not become tardy for you.

Naturally, you wouldn't remember it each time to stop before the carwash and take it out. The habit will definitely be built after sacrificing an antenna or two in the car wash, but are you ready for the sacrifice.

Again, losing some antennas to learn your lesson would cost you equal to the sturdy and expensive antenna, then why would you put yourself through this torture?

 Evidently, it is dizzying, but it would answer for you depending on your use when you think about it.

Blue, Green, or Silver:

When you have a mustang that is super sleek and silver with some black spoilers, naturally, you will be inclined to buy a black one that would elevate the design even further. It does matter to you, and we totally understand it.

Many manufacturers have the same antenna in multiple colors, and almost the same kind of device with more or fewer specifications, with your color requirement.

For instance, very few manufacturers have antennas in colors besides silver, black, and gold.

However, some manufacturers have antennas in red, pink, and brown colors.

Even though they can be painted with which every color you want; but again, the company-made has a varnish finish that makes it susceptible to sun and other weather conditions and survives the color for long.

Rain Rain Go Away:

Most antennas cannot survive a year or two because of constant rain, fog, or even sunrays. They corrode in a year or two; hence the device becomes faulty. Sometimes, when you wash your car, frequently, these devices even last shorter.

The corrosion can cause the device to lose the connection, and hence the device may get faulty. So, rather than buying a device that may constantly corrode, it's best to buy an antenna that may last you longer even in extreme weather conditions.

Most companies have an antenna that has an anodized finish that protects it from water, sun, and corrosion in the long run.


The starting price for a bullet antenna starts from somewhere below five dollars, and there are various options for Ford, Honda, Toyota, Chevy, etc.

Now, if you raise your benchmark, a decent antenna that survives rain, sun, and every weather abuse you may know, will endure like a breeze.

For around thirty dollars so you will find some famous plug-and-play kind, which is a beauty. But for an antitheft design, you need to have a budget of somewhere around fifty dollars.


Ideally, the best antennas are made with the best quality material without recycled material that may reduce the product quality in terms of durability. Most antennas are made out of rubber, steel plastic, or even aluminum.

Firstly, stainless steel is tough, just like the name suggests, but rubber and plastic are amazing for extreme weather conditions.

Moreover, these antennas are happy to have a carwash and may not need any special attention before and after the wash.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to set up a bullet antenna?

It is very basic; you can screw back your new bullet antenna in a similar way when you unscrew the old antenna. You may need wrenches for some, while some antennas need no tool to install them at all.

Do I have to remove it for carwash?

Some antennas can be removed for the car wash, and it is recommended to remove them each time. However, many manufacturers now offer a very sturdy and durable antenna that survives car wash without worrying.

What may be the causes that result in affecting the performance of the car antenna over time?

There can be several reasons for your antenna to lose the antenna’s reception over time. It can be a loose connection, antenna goes kaput, or even low AM/ FM signals could contribute to failure.

How to buy an antenna that suits my car? How would I know?

Mostly, the antennas in their description and feature list the make and model that antennas are compatible with. However, some antennas are universal and suit most cars meanwhile; some antennas are just made for one particular car, truck, or SUV.

Which antenna is for Chevy Silverado?

ZVEII bullet antenna and antennaX 50 Cal black are known for their compatibility with Chevy Silverado.[/su_spoiler

Which antenna is best suited for the truck?

Bingfu is known for its compatibility with many trucks. However, Mega Racer comes with ten different screw sizes to become a universal antenna for all vehicles.


Evidently, even today, a Truck, SUV, or Jeep comes with those thin, protruding out kinds of antennas that are often oddly out of place when driving through narrow lanes.

Bullet antennas are small, almost unnoticeable, yet attract your attention and look beautiful and compliment your beast-like truck equally.

These bullet antennas are a good break from that traditional thin unattractive antennas and add a lot of game to your vehicle's whole look.

Not only do these antennas give you good reception, but also some companies make an antenna that is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity, what fun!

Finally, these antennas are very economical, and most manufacturers make sturdy antennas that stay with you for years.

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