What’s The Best Bosch Jigsaw [2021 Buying Guide]

After reading the title, you may think that we are going to discuss the jigsaw puzzle. However, there is another jigsaw which is basically a tool; useful for several workers.

It was super easy to buy a set of jigsaw puzzles as a kid, but choosing the right jigsaw tool is not that easy.

When it comes to buying a new machine, many things need to be successfully combined for the best experience.

Best Bosch Jigsaw

Choosing the perfect jigsaw tool will relieve your work-related stress while giving the perfect finish to the material.

Although many manufacturers claim to provide the best quality jigsaws, not every claim is true.

That being said, we have come up with the best Bosch jigsaw tools that you will definitely love it.

Want to know more? Read on then!

Comparing 7 Best Bosch Jigsaw

JigsawCordedTop HandleStrokes Per Minute
Bosch JS470EYesYes3000 Check Price
Bosch JS572EKYesYes3100 Check Price
Bosch JS470EBYesYes3100 Check Price
Bosch JS572EBKYesNo3000 Check Price
Bosch JS260YesYes2600 Check Price
Bosch JS365YesYes3100 Check Price
Bosch JSH180BNoYes2500 Check Price

1. Bosch JS470E Jigsaw With Corded Top-Handle

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw

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When it comes to buying jigsaw, Bosch is one of the most reliable brands, with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products.

That being said, this Bosch JS470E jigsaw is no exception. This jigsaw includes several features that live up to the brand’s reputation.

The manufacturers have been producing high-quality products for over 15 years, and the JS470E jigsaw tool is one of the finest pieces.

It is a powerful tool that allows you to make precise cuts for the perfect finish.

It is made of a rugged die-cast aluminum footplate and an industrial design that can withstand harsh working conditions.

A sturdy aluminum gearbox has also been added to make it more capable of handling the stresses of the workstation.

The power provided by the 7-amp motor accounts for this model’s versatility.

It also generates a no-load speed of 3100 strokes per minute, allowing it to cut various materials with accuracy.

Therefore, it can be used for different purposes. Not only that, but it also has an ergonomic feature that makes working more comfortable.

However, the jigsaw tool has two disadvantages – it is much more expensive than other brands.

Secondly, there is a problem with the jigsaw blades, which can become distorted over time.

  • An ergonomic design
  • Provides accurate and clean cuts
  • Produces a no-load speed of 3100 SPM
  • More costly than other brands’ jigsaw tools
  • The blade may not work well after prolonged use

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2. Bosch JS572EK Variable Speed Jigsaw Kit

Bosch JS572EK

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This Bosch JS572EK jigsaw model comes with a robust motor of 7.2 Amp, which is the highest in successfully handling heavy loads.

The variable speed jigsaw checks all the boxes and includes useful features to make your job easier.

You will be pleased after knowing about the numerous applications of this tool.

This Bosch model on our list is a handy tool with a tool-free blade changing device and a blade ejection feature.

These two features make sure that the blade is inserted quickly and that the hot blade can be removed without being touched.

A 7.2 amp motor boosts the blades, which you can control with the 4-in-1 orbital motion. As a result, you can alter the blades’ aggressiveness as per the difficulty of a task.

There’s also a variable speed dial that controls the top speed, while the accelerator trigger controls the running speed.

It also has an ambidextrous lock-on button that helps you to make precise cuts with ease.

Apart from that, it has a sturdy die-cast foot with a steel insert and an onboard wrench, making it extremely durable.

Since it offers a multi-directional blade clamp, you can better grip the T-shank blades without any hassle.

The only drawback is Bosch should have ensured that the markings are clear when cutting. Dust covers the line, which makes it difficult to see.

  • Accelerates trigger for improved performance
  • Produces 3100 SPM
  • Offers onboard storage for bevel wrench
  • It has total-less blade change and ejection
  • Pretty expensive
  • Difficult to see the line in some instances

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3. Bosch JS470EB – Bosch Barrel Grip Jigsaw

Bosch JS470EB

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Another excellent product is the Bosch JS470EB jigsaw, which has made significant improvements to the earlier models.

This distinguishes jigsaw as a superior tool that will win over potential customers.

There is no doubt that the brand keeps working on improving its products, so we had no choice but to include this product on the list.

Talking about its features – it consists of a 7-amp motor, which is one of the most robust motors available on the market.

The blades receive the requisite power from this motor, which has a strike rate of 3,100 per minute.

Hence, it must be both durable and robust to control these compelling features.

All credit goes to its die-cast aluminum footplate and durable aluminum gearbox, which help to accomplish it.

These factors increase the machine’s longevity, allowing you to function without worry.

Not only that but there is also a unique blade ejection system, which permits users to remove a hot blade without touching it.

This tool also includes a built-in dust blower to assist in keeping the workstation tidy.

Moreover, it comes with a plunging mechanism and low vibration mechanism to ensure precise and accurate cuts.

But it has some drawbacks – you may find it challenging to hit the speed trigger as it is located at a distance from the handle.

As a result, it will take some time for you to figure out how to best use this product.

There’s also the issue of the giant barrel capacity, which many first-timers would struggle with.

  • Comes with a plunging mechanism
  • Produces a speed of 3100 SPM
  • Offers an ergonomic design and low vibration mechanism
  • Has a die-cast aluminum footplate
  • Barrel size can create trouble for beginners
  • The trigger is located far from the handle

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4. Bosch JS572EBK Barrel-Grip Jigsaw Kit

Bosch JS572EBK

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The Bosch JS572EBK jigsaw combines versatility and flexibility to come up with an incredible jigsaw tool.

It will increase your interest with its adaptability in completing a wide range of tasks.

This model has some remarkable features that is why customers are happy using it.

This 120-volts jigsaw is sure to give you the most bang for your buck, as it blends the best aspects of being robust and cordless.

Moreover, the motor generates a no-load speed of 3,000 SPM, which is among the highest available.

It’s well-made to endure years of heavy-duty use while still being adaptable. This means you can apply it to a variety of applications and materials.

The fast blade change feature is one of the exciting enhancements that add to the versatility. This feature provides you with an uninterrupted work experience while also saving you time.

It also has a 4-orbital change and a variable speed setting. With these features, you can adjust the jigsaw tune as per your requirements.

Lastly, this Bosch model has an ergonomic design that delivers a comfortable experience even during a prolonged time.

This model also has some problems, just like other Bosch jigsaw models. The manufacturers could have improved performance by using a better zero clearance insert.

  • Highly durable
  • Operates at 300 SPM
  • Comfortable to use and offers stability
  • Slightly costly

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5. Bosch JS260 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS260 Jigsaw

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This jigsaw kit demands you to pay attention to it with its excellent design. The Bosch JS260 jigsaw has some of the best features that have helped it gain a competitive edge.

When seeing this machine in the market, you will immediately notice that it stands out from the competition.

It comes with an orbiting motor with a strike rate of up to 3,100 strokes per minute.

You can easily handle this speed with the help of the 4-orbital method, which allows for quicker cuts in the higher settings.

Not only that, but it is also great for making straight cuts in wood – all you have to do is reduce the setting.

This makes it possible for you to create curves or even cut into the metal.

The unit has a blade-saving foundation that helps you lower the foot when the blade wears out.

This is a significant improvement in terms of blade endurance, as the blades will now be able to penetrate deeper – credit goes to the use of fresher teeth at the base.

Furthermore, it has a built-in dust blower that holds dirt away from your project and clears your line of sight.

Its downside is that the blades and battery are two aspects of this model that could have been improved.

This jigsaw does not work with U-shaped blades, which will discourage some customers.

Apart from that, it has a tendency to rapidly deplete the battery, necessitating the use of backup batteries.

  • Provides 3,100 strokes in a minute
  • Cuts wood and metal accurately and safely
  • Has 4 orbital settings
  • Comes with controlled cuts
  • Not suitable for U-shaped blades

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6. Bosch JS365 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS365

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As Bosch is known for manufacturing reliable jigsaw kits, here is another high-quality jigsaw tool that you will love.

The B0sch JS365 jigsaw offers several features to its users.

You will have the added convenience of using it even in cramped spaces, which will undoubtedly increase its popularity.

Customers have reacted positively to this corded jigsaw as a result of this. This is a well-designed tool with a low-profile body that ensures easier handling for customers.

When operating the 6.5-amp motor, which can produce 3100 strokes per minute, the handling comes into play.

As a result, you’ll be able to tackle a variety of tasks while still cutting quickly and accurately.

It also has a 3-orbital adjustment and flexible speed dial to set the tune of cuts according to your preferences.

There’s also the lock-on function, which improves efficiency and makes tough cuts appear easy.

It also has a large rubberized top handle that provides excellent grip and comfort even during the most difficult employment.

However, the most notable improvement has to be the weight, which is highly light given all of the features.

As a result, the tool-free blade changing system helps this lightweight and compact jigsaw reduce fatigue.

But we can’t overlook the fact that the orbital dial setting is not smooth, which means users may have difficulty controlling the unit. In consequence, the finish you want in your work could be affected.

Another issue is the large base opening, which allows the molding to rise during operation.

  • Generates 3,100 SPM
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • Has a multi-directional blade system
  • Has excellent cutting abilities for aluminum, wood, and steel
  • Rough orbital setting dial
  • Too large base opening

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7. Bosch JSH180B – Bosch 18v Cordless Jigsaw

Bosch JSH180B

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Just by taking a look, you can tell the manufacturers of the Bosch JSH180B invested a lot of time making it user-friendly.

The smooth design of this tool is the first thing that catches your eye. Specific features complement this style, allowing it to outperform rival brands.

18V Lithium-ion battery powers this jigsaw at a maximum of 2500 strokes per minute. It is up to 10% smaller and 30% lighter than the leading competitor jigsaw kits.

Aside from being compact, this Bosch 18v jigsaw also has a tool-free blade release and a beveling shoe, making it a versatile gadget.

Its versatility is shown as it effortlessly slices through a range of metals and woods.

It has such a strong impact that it can replace any battery-operated tool.

This is also evident in the variable speed trigger, which delivers excellent cuts and delicate finishes to make your project stand out.

Finally, it has an ergonomic nature, which can be seen in the wide handle. This gives you a sense of security and relaxation when working.

This system has a few drawbacks, one of which is that it is heavier than most other devices on the market.

Many looking for a tool that is light and comfortable may be tempted to look elsewhere.

Furthermore, the battery on this model depletes efficiently, so you should have backups on hand just in case.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Versatile and accurately cuts woods and metals
  • Gives you a comfortable and easy experience
  • The battery may run out faster

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Buyer's Guide:

Bosch Jigsaw Buying Guide

Before diving into what factors you should look for in a good jigsaw tool, it is important you understand the types of tools available in the market which will help you narrow down your options, making the purchase much easier.

Orbital-Reciprocating Jigsaw

Let’s first talk about the orbital-reciprocating jigsaw, a name that is pretty much self-explanatory!

But those with little knowledge, this type have blades that use the forward motion stroke to get the work done.

Moreover, it has faster and sharper blade strokes than the conventional jigsaws (straight-reciprocating jigsaws) which cut wood and metals faster and better.

Although these jigsaws cut faster than conventional jigsaws, they have less maneuverability and accuracy. Not only that, but you will also notice more tear-out wood on the top.

Hence, for a quick and faster cutting job, the orbital jigsaw tools is definitely a great pick but we won’t recommend it for people who are looking to cut into smaller pieces or move the tool around bigger areas because of limited movement.

Straight-Reciprocating Jigsaw

This type of jigsaw is commonly a part of conventional and low-quality models.

It means that it does not have a multi-directional blade, which only goes up and down when functioning., limiting the functionality and your options to cut in different directions.

Although straight-reciprocating jigsaws cut very slowly, they are great for curvy paths and help you make tight turns without a problem.

Thus, if you’re looking for a tool to get you through a difficult cutting pattern, this one is up for grabs!


Amongst its type, the barrel-grip jigsaw is surely one of the best. Why do we say so?

This is because the smaller design keeps your hand closer to the tool, giving you a better grip over it and hence making working around super easy!

Unlike the top-handle jigsaw, this one does not topple and lets you work smoothly.

Rather than using your fingers for pushing switches, this one lets you push the plugs using the thumb only, which is a big relief.


Lastly, we have the top-handle jigsaw tool that assists workers to get their work done quickly and easily!

It comes with a D-shaped handle, creating a loop for comfortable handling and improved grip over the tool.

Because of the design, this style is taller amongst its lot and surely gives you better control over the equipment but of course, taller does not mean better.

The increased height increases the chances of the tool tipping over if not placed right and moreover, decreases accuracy during work too!

Things to Consider When Buying a Jigsaw


Amperage is the power generated by the jigsaw tool without burning out the motor or affecting the performance.

The higher the amperage is, the more powerful the tool is and hence, the quicker you’ll get the work done!

The latest jigsaws usually range from 6.0 to 7.0 amps which are quite impressive as it lets you perform heavy-duty work without burning out quick.

Thus, when going out to buy a jigsaw tool, be sure of checking the amperage it offers.

Cutting Speed

When it comes to cutting speed, each jigsaw varies from one another.

These cutting speeds are operated by an adjustable dial or a pressure-sensitive trigger, depending on the style and type you go for!

Most tools come with flexible speed ranges - 500 strokes per minute to 3,000-4,000 strokes per minute, hence designed to serve work of different calibers.

For people who are into heavy-duty cutting work like cutting metal, making cabinets, or other wood-related work, we’d suggest you do go for dialed-in speed control jigsaw tools as not only are these super speedy but gives you full control over the speed so you can work at your own, comfortable pace.

Dust Management

Working with wood isn’t an easy job. If you have a simple tool as a miter or a table saw to cut through thick pieces of wood, you’ll know the amount of dust that can be collected in the room within an hour of work.

And of course, cleaning the mess at the end of a tiring day can be even more exhausting, moreover breathing in dust-filled air isn’t healthy too!

This is why we recommend jigsaw tools for people who struggle with cutting through wood every day. As compared to the traditional tools, this one does not create much dust. How?

Jigsaw tools cut through the thickest of wood pieces efficiently and most come with dust blowers that help clean the room, avoiding blurred vision that can be risky for a worker handling such sharp tools.

Despite the fact that jigsaw tools don’t cause much mess, go for a model that attaches to a shop vac to avoid having sawdust at the workplace.

Battery vs. Corded

Confused between corded or battery-operated jigsaw tool? Well, the decision pretty much depends on the type of work you do!

If you work with dense wood and need more power to get through the chunk, we’ll suggest you go for a corded jigsaw tool as the exertion can reduce the battery life greatly.

On the other hand, if you’re working with pergolas or decks, anything that does not require jigsaw to use more power, a battery-operated tool is ideal as it’ll give you increased maneuverability and easy handling.

Blade Style

So basically, when you’re going out to buy a jigsaw tool, understand that these come in two blade types- a U-shank and T-shank blade.

What the difference between the two?

If you have to work through tight curves and turns every day and are worried about cutting your hand, go for a T-shank blade jigsaw tool!

This one lets you cut through tight corners easily while keeping your hands safe from cuts and injuries.

Moreover, the T-shank blades are much sharper and do not need high maintenance, unlike the U-shaped blades which need to be changed frequently as they lose their sharpness quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to choose a jigsaw?

It is totally up to the purpose of buying a jigsaw tool. Pay attention to each minor factor, including:

• Higher stroke rate
• Ergonomic design
• Volts of power rating
• Blade change option
• Extraction system

Why is my jigsaw not cutting straight?

Jigsaw blades usually bend when cutting, so you must go for a table saw for straight cutting. It means that you must have a beveled edge and not a straight cut while using a jigsaw tool.

Which is better: circular saws or jigsaws?

It depends on the type of material and works you are doing. Circular saws are best for cutting more rigid and thicker materials, while jigsaw is perfect for cutting through a wide range of materials due to its versatility.


The market is flooded with jigsaw kits, and every brand promises to provide the best products, however not every brand delivers the jigsaw tool that you are looking for.

Nevertheless, we hope that you find our list of the best Bosch jigsaw helpful and informative.

Bosch may be a little more expensive than other brands, but it is also a premium manufacturer that delivers the best jigsaw tools to its customers. Keep that in mind when buying a jigsaw kit.

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