10 Best Backpacks For Patches [Buying Guide 2022]

Patches on the backpacks can be quite exciting and beneficial for several reasons. That’s why you are looking for the best backpacks for patches.

Best Backpacks For Patches

You have arrived at the right place because that’s what we have been digging deep into lately.

After a few tests, in-depth research, and years of experience, we have come up with the finest backpacks ready for patches.

But wait, there’s more!

We have also created a buyer’s guide about backpacks for patches, so you know what to choose and why.

But before that, let’s get to know what you can do with patches on your backpacks. And let’s also see how you can change the perspective people look at you.

  • Patches are an excellent way to show your style and personality.
  • They showcase retro fashion sense and classic aura.
  • You look more professional with your company’s logo on your backpacks.
  • The patches on your backpacks make you memorable.
  • They can also help you show your love to your friends and family.
  • And branded patches are easy advertising. Isn’t it?

Now that you know why you should try different patches let’s jump on to our list of the top backpacks for patches.

Comparing 10 Best Backpacks For Patches

Mobile Edge Core GamingWater-ResistantNylon Check Price
Bear KompleX Military-GradeWater-Repellant1000D Check Price
WolfWarriorX Laptop BackpackWater-ResistantPolyester Check Price
J World New York Rolling BackpackWater-ResistantPolyester Check Price
Kederastyle Denim BackpackWater-ResistantDenim Check Price
ActiveDoodie BackpackWater-Resistant600D Check Price
Herschel Settlement BackpackWater-ResistantNylon Check Price
Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel BackpackWaterproof210D Check Price
Samurai Tactical Wakizashi BackpackWater-ResistantPolyester Check Price
Herschel Pop Quiz BackpackWaterproofPolyester Check Price

1. Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack

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Most of the minimal backpacks in the market lack the space for a gamer’s 17-inch laptop and other peripherals. The front of the Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack has a heavy-duty course that you can use to put your patches.

And that’s why we have chosen it to be on our list here.

The Exterior of the Backpack:

It’s an elegant-looking black backpack with red and white textual patches. The exterior has four different pockets for putting all your accessories, including a phone, mouse, or power adapter. On the other hand, the interior has three distinct sections.

Ample Storage:

You can slide in a 17-inch laptop, a full-fledged tablet, or other gears. The front section of the backpack has pockets and slots for USBs, memory cards, and IDs.

And yes, it comes with a USB cable, which you can plug into a power bank or whatever.

Overall Design & Style:

Cutting a long story short, it has an ergonomic design with ample compartments. The middle compartment can hold various random objects like a gaming headset, console, or controller.

And the third section has the largest space for laptops and other gear.

There is ample room for patches on the backpack. You can put a lot of patches on the front and to the sides as well. The material of the backpack is strong enough for sewing patches as well.

We believe it’s an ideal choice for those who are looking for a sturdy backpack for patches.

  • Ideal for a range of patches
  • Well-sized to hold all popular laptops
  • Pre-wired pocket for power bank
  • Ergonomic design to speed the airport-security
  • Durable ballistic nylon with beautiful stitching
  • No extra padding between the zipper and the laptop

No products found.

2. Bear KompleX Military-Grade Backpack for Patches

Bear KompleX Military-Grade Backpack for Patches

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The new BKX military backpack has loads of pockets and storage compartments to keep all your gears safe.

From the looks, you will not take long to notice that the design is for patch lovers, without a doubt. But, you might not want to look for room for patches only.

The Exterior of the Backpack:

So, there’s a lot more to discover about the BKX backpack. First off, its unique selling point after patches is its materials. Why? It’s because the military-level material 1000D nylon lasts longer than you may think.

Ample Storage:

The backpack has a sufficient storage area for multiple gears and peripherals when it comes to the ergonomic design. You can attach all your gaming or tactical accessories with Molle web platforms.

You will be surprised to find it has a shoe compartment, vented pockets for wet clothes, and a side water bottle holder.

We believe you will love this backpack as long as you are ready to put patches on it. The bag is fully customizable, ready for your personalization. Reflect your rogue style by adding patches and pins.

Last but not least, the backpack is water-resistant so that you can stay on the go regardless of weather conditions.

  • Made out of military-level 1000D nylon to last longer
  • Extremely customizable (for putting patches)
  • Reinforced grab-and-go handle for ease of use
  • Zippered fleece-lined pockets and inner/outer MOLLE web platform
  • Ample compartments for all your adventurous stuff
  • A little pricier side

No products found.

3. WolfWarriorX Laptop Backpack for Patches

WolfWarriorX Laptop Backpack for Patches

No products found.

When choosing the ideal backpacks for patches, you always look for ample room for patches. Don’t you? Well, here comes the ideal contender for the metric.

WolfWarriorX is a brilliant laptop backpack for patches that don’t get heavy on your pocket as well.

The Exterior of the Backpack:

The backpack is an elegant-looking business-style backpack with a large capacity and minimalist design. The backpack is water-resistant and tear-resistant, which means you can use it seamlessly.

There is a whole piece of velcro cloth on the front to repel water and dust.

The material is 600D, which is high-density for lasting longer. You can paste the embroidery chapter, slap plastic stamp, or any other patch you would like.

The casual backpack has a front and primary compartment with ample space to slide in your laptop or gears.

Comfy & Breathable:

The front compartment has 8-liter, the main compartment has 16-liter, and the back compartment has a 3-liter capacity. The backpack is not entirely suitable for work, school, adventures, and fun.

The back uses a 3D shock-absorbing backpack system for a comfy experience.

The left side has a detachable side pouch, and the right side has a kettle bag. You can also hold a 3.0-liter hydration bladder if needed. The durability of the straps plays an important role.

And this backpack has sturdy straps made of thick PE foam. And yes, the zippers have an anti-piercing slider, so you don’t lose anything quickly.

You can also adjust the chest button with a chest plug, O-type buckle, and emergency whistle buckle.

  • Perfect for patches on the front
  • Large capacity for a variety of gears
  • 600D prime-quality material
  • 3D shock-absorbing backpack system
  • Water-resistant & tear-resistant
  • Zippers look comparatively fragile

No products found.

4. J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack for Patches

J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack for Patches

No products found.

J World New York Sunrise backpack is ideal for those who need an aluminum handle to drag while on the go.

The handle is sturdy, safe, and recessed. The manufacturer made this backpack with polyurethane-coated fabric, which is durable and abrasion-resistant.

Breathable and Lightweight:

But the fabric is also lightweight, breathable, and soft. The material also makes the backpack water-resistant, ready for a few splashes.

You can slide in all of your pens, credit cards, water bottles, pouches, and other belongings.

Why? It’s because it has ample pockets and compartments. The front pocket is easily accessible and takes in all the little things you can imagine. The ergonomic S-shaped design is genuinely commendable without a doubt.

Comfy & Breathable:

The air mesh cushioned back panel also provides you the comfort that you long for. The unique color-matching bottom mold offers extra safety. Yes, the backpack has reflective tape for bright night visibility.

The backpack can bear a load of 4.5 pounds, which is more than enough for hand-carry.

Last but not least, the feature of the backpack is its room for patches.

The material 600D polyester is ready for all of your personalization adventures. Sturdy fabric, air mesh cushion straps, and room for patches are there for you.

But you should get it only if you enjoy the adjustable handle attached to it.

  • Fabric lining for comfort
  • 600D polyester sturdy material
  • The entire front has room for patches
  • Safety at night because of the reflective tape
  • Adjustable handle with locking system
  • The side pocket may fray a bit after a long time

No products found.

5. Kederastyle Denim School & College Backpack

Kederastyle Denim School & College Backpack

No products found.

The Kederastyle school and college backpack is made out of durable denim. That’s not for durability only. You can also put up your personalized patches on it easily. Using iron-on patches for backpacks made of denim is practical.

Durable & Washable:

Another benefit of the backpack is it’s washable by hand. It’s a soft, stylish, and durable backpack that comes with patches. If you don’t like those patches’ style, you can get or create some of your own.

The backpack is an excellent choice for personalization and showing your passion and interest. It combines classic style with modern looks and feels.

The reliability and lightweight nature of the backpack provide a commendable value for your money.

Comfy & Breathable:

The bag is also perfect for schools and colleges. You can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while you are on the go. When it comes to portability, the backpack weighs only 1.1 pounds, which is exceptionally lightweight.

It’s a full-size backpack designed for several uses and applications. The size is great because it’s neither too big nor too small for you.

It’s an impressive bag for lugging around multiple items instead of picking a few.

The backpack is for those who are looking for a minimalist design with no loads of pockets. It’s a backpack with one outer pocket only.

Everything is well-made and well-designed to last longer at an affordable price.

  • Comes with free 5 patches (and you can add more)
  • Double-shoulder backpack
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Commendable build with large capacity
  • Comfy and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Easy styling for school, college, hiking, and other uses
  • Not many pockets (if you love them)

No products found.

6. ActiveDoodie Backpack for Patches

ActiveDoodie Backpack for Patches

No products found.

Because you are looking for the perfect backpacks for patches, this contender has removable patches included in it. This Diaper Bag for Dad comes with four ‘Dad Squad,’ ‘American Flag,’ and Active Doodie patches, which you can easily remove if you want to.

Room for Patches:

If you don’t like country flag patches for backpacks, you can remove them. Adding your personalized patches to this backpack is unquestionably seamless.

There is a large waterproof camo changing pad, perfect for any adventure. It helps you stay organized and practical. The company advertises the backpack for daddies with kids.

But, it’s equally perfect for everybody who loves patches and wants a water-resistant surface with an insulated bottle holder. There are stroller straps that help you to hang the backpack on your stroller.

It’s an ideal thing if you are parenting your kids.

The best part about this backpack is its 10-year warranty. It shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the backpack. The durability of the backpack is quite commendable because of its military-level 600D polyester material.

Comfy & Breathable:

The backpack has the Molle Webbing for extra tactical and adventure gears. The insulated bottle holder is also handy. If you want to slide in your laptop, the interior padded compartment is there for you.

The company designed the back and straps to avoid sweating. The only downside of the backpack is its inability to help you find things quickly if you are a dad or mom.

But then it’s all special because of the many features we have discussed.

The bottom line is that it’s more than a dad’s backpack, without a doubt.

  • Removable ready-made patches
  • Camouflage changing pad for parents
  • Insulated baby bottle holder
  • Stroller straps with the quick-release option
  • 600D military-grade polyester
  • Sweat-wicking back and straps
  • Not intrinsically for babies

No products found.

7. Herschel Settlement Backpack

Herschel Settlement Backpack

No products found.

This Herschel backpack comes at an extremely affordable price and is ready for all your patches. There is the only patch of the Herschel logo on its down-right side. The blue-navy settlement backpack has a 100% polyester build.


The import quality of the backpack is commendable. You can slide in a 13-inch laptop, which means it’s not for a full-fledged gaming laptop. The fabric lining makes the backpack even more comfortable and durable.

We love the signature striped fabric liner, which is exquisite and sturdy. The zipper closure is not much sliding, but that’s okay with the affordable price. The metal zippers come with pebbled leather pulls.

Comfy & Breathable:

You will have fun each time when pull the zipper. It also has a lifetime warranty, so you can ask for a replacement if the zipper turns out to be a little weak. The front storage pocket comes with a key clip.

The only thing we didn’t like about the backpack is that it’s waterproof. When it comes to storage, the backpack has a 21-liter capacity, which is fair enough for most of your belongings.

It houses a 13-inch MacBook Pro, DSLR camera bag, SSD, water bottle, and a small notebook.

Cutting a long story short, this Settlement Backpack is an elegant choice for those who are looking for a versatile pack ready for patches and stickers.

  • Ready for patches and stickers
  • 100% sturdy polyester
  • Metal zipper closure with leather pull
  • Front storage pocket with key clip
  • Minimalist design
  • The zipper may be fragile (but comes with a warranty)

No products found.

8. Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack for Patches

Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack for Patches

No products found.

The company labels this Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack for men, but we believe it’s equally perfect for women alike. You can access the main compartment with a large lockable U-zip like in duffel-style.

The major compartment has a whopping capacity of 40 liters, which is phenomenal without a doubt.

Storage Capacity:

You can put all your belongings in the bag and still live with it seamlessly. And because the company designed the backpack for travelers, it meets carry-on size restrictions for most airlines.

The backpack’s design is such that it is not ideal to look like a slick modern city pack.

The backpack is and looks like a minimalist travel bag. The bag comes in different colors, including volcanic grey, jasper red, and Caribbean blue. Whatever the color you choose, the backpack still looks elegant.

Comfy & Breathable:

The LightWire frame suspension transfers the load to the hip belt beautifully. The backpack comes with dual front compression straps to keep all your gears stable while you are on the go.

The Farpoint 40 backpack has a padded shoulder strap for giving you versatile carrying options.

The exterior has a zippered front panel slash pocket to keep you organized. You can also put a lot of sewing patches on the backpack. There is lockable zipper access to a padded laptop and other gears.

All your valuables will be safer than ever now. For extra protection and comfort, the company has added a stowaway back panel, shoulder straps, and hip belts.

It’s a perfect backpack for all your adventures and wilderness.

  • Ample capacity
  • Commendable durability
  • Ergonomic travel aesthetics
  • Seamlessly comfortable to carry
  • Zippable straps, harness, and hip-belt
  • Ready for sewing your personalized patches
  • Laptop sleeve away from your body

No products found.

9. Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Backpack

Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Backpack

No products found.

Made out of 100% polyester, this tactical backpack is durable and reliable. You will appreciate the commendable capacity of 24 liters in the Wakizashi back.

Thanks to the molle webbing system, attaching tactical pouches or any tech gear is hassle-free.

Major Features:

To make this backpack lovable by you, the manufacturer has provided ample room for your customized pouches. You can put them on the front, sides, and straps of the backpack.

When it comes to comfort and functionality, the backpack has

  • Shoulder strap (for ease and comfort)
  • Top carry-handle (if you want to carry by hand)
  • Velcro patch holder (to personalize your backpack)
  • Heavy-duty zippers (to make you feel safer than ever)
  • Utility-style cord pulls (making it more functional)
  • Ventilated mesh padded back area (for safety and comfort)
  • Lead compression system on both sides (to customize the fit)

All these things make this backpack more breathable, comfortable, and functional without a doubt. But wait, there’s more.

The Samurai Tactical backpack has a hydration bladder pocket featuring a hose port for a hydration reservoir.

Comfy & Breathable:

The manufacturer sells the reservoir separately. This military-grade backpack is a must-have for all those who are on-the-go always.

Whether you are out for a survival adventure or hiking, this backpack has got you covered. This can also be your backpack for customized patches.

  • Water-resistant
  • Ensured versatility 
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Ready for attaching more gears
  • 3L hydration bladder holding capacity
  • Extremely roomy for pouches and belongings
  • Zippers are a bit stiffer

No products found.

10. Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack for Patches

Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack for Patches

No products found.

Herschel backpacks are affordable and ready-for-pouches. That’s why we have enlisted another model by the company here. The Pop Quiz backpack is sufficient room for your customized patches and other valuables.


All of your belongings are safe because the backpack is waterproof. You can take it out in the bad weather without thinking much about your valuables. However, we don’t recommend keeping the backpack in the water for a long time.

The zippers and pockets help you stay organized. That’s why it’s a Quick Backpack, you know.

The backpack is available in a range of eye-catchy colors. The manufacturer has made it well-equipped for school, work, travel, and adventures alike.

Comfy & Breathable:

There’s nylon lining for sturdy sewing. The backpack has a hook and loop closure. There are many storage pockets and organizers in the backpack that you will not feel stuck in when you need to take something.

For its versatility, we have to appreciate Herschel for that. Because of the unisex design, you can pick it up and go irrespective of your usage.

We love the style of this backpack, which is timeless and elegant without a doubt, having ample room for pouches.

  • Neat backpack for pouches
  • Water-bottle pocket
  • Roomy for all your belongings
  • 100% polyester-build
  • Signature striped fabric liner
  • The zippers are a bit hard to slide

No products found.

Best Backpacks for Patches Buyer's Guide:

Backpacks For Patches Buying Guide

Backpacks are a fantastic way to showcase your passion for adventure, travel, and freedom.

But backpacks for patches are also an excellent way to personalize them on the go. Let's get to know what you should look for when buying them.

Room for Patches - This is Why You Are Getting Backpack

You want to tweak your style in your backpack. And that's why there should be enough room for patches in it. Putting up patches is a wonderful and exciting thing to personalize your backpacks and reflect your personality.

A backpack already covered with many patches, laces, or buckles is not the ideal choice for you. That's why you might want to look for something that's ready-for-patches.

You can tell if it has some space for your personalized patches by just looking at the backpack.

After all, that's why you are getting the backpack for.

Durability - To Personalize On the Long-Run

Quality should be your number one priority when getting a backpack for patches.

Why? It's because only then will you enjoy slapping patches on your backpack for a longer time. If your backpack is not durable, it will tear down sooner.

Heavy-duty backpacks are generally made out of nylon, artificial synthetics, and leather. You can put up a lot of patches on these materials.

Still, it would help if you looked for efficient material for your patches. We will talk about materials again in the next few sections.

Comfort - If You Want to Enjoy the Backpack

Comfort should be your number one priority if you want to enjoy the backpack for a long time. Otherwise, you will be left with the patches only.

If it hurts, you are going to use it less. To see comfort, you need to notice the backpack's build quality, especially the backside shoulder straps and padding.

An optional hip belt would do miracles by distributing the weight properly. The adjustable padded shoulder straps, contoured and padded backs will do miracles to keep you relaxed and more focussed on your adventures than on the load if you know what we mean.

Safety - Patches Aren't the Only Things You Look For

Patches are not the only things you should look for when buying backpacks, even if you love them the most. Safety should be your top priority.

Your backpack should be waterproof, and it should have padding to protect your electronic products and other delicate equipment.

You may not need a 100% waterproof backpack; a semi-waterproof or water-resistant backpack will be fine. Bags made from nylon and polyester are excellent choices for outdoor adventures and backpacking tours.

Sizes for Best Backpacks for Patches

Sizes for Best Backpacks for Patches

Finding the perfect size backpack is essential for your ease and style. The patches will look ugly on an oversized backpack unquestionably.

That's why you should always look for the appropriate size for your torso length with a comfy snug grip on your hips.

To measure your torso length - remain with your hand on your hip bones, forefinger pointing straight, and thumbs toward the rear.

The length of your torso is estimated from the hard knock at the base of your neck to the center of your back, where your thumbs meet.

Material - To Put Up Patches Seamlessly

Credit for the comfort, quality, and safety of the backpack always goes to the material it is made of. Match your needs with a backpack made from the right material, nylon, cotton canvas, or leather.

The manufacturers also create a backpack from synthetic materials.

The additional job of the material is to enable you to put up patches on your backpack. The shoulder straps are the most susceptible to tears, so always look for sturdier ones.

It would be best if you also looked for YKK-level zippers and straps of nylon and synthetic materials.

Organization - Otherwise, What is the Use of Backpacks

There is no use in carrying a backpack if it doesn't help you stay organized. There should be ample compartments, side pockets, and front ones to fulfill your needs in an organized way.

However, you might prefer a minimalistic approach if you are not looking for a full-fledged backpack.

Some backpacks are bare on the inside, and some are highly organized with ample pockets. You should notice your needs to see what fits you, but we recommend going for the organized ones.

The pro-tip is; organize yourself, so you only carry things you need.

Budget: Isn't It Obvious?

The last but not the least thing you should always consider is your budget, of course. The price of a backpack should reflect the quality, style, and needs. The craftsmanship and aesthetics should be fine enough to showcase your style and personality.

But, the pricing should not be too heavy on your pocket. The prices of backpacks for patches may vary depending on size, fabric, and brand. Usually, they come around from thirty dollars to a few hundred dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you put patches on backpacks?

Yes, you can put patches on backpacks, and that’s why you are here. However, it would help if you were extra careful when putting patches on your backpacks. The padding might be too fragile for an iron attack if you use an iron to put patches on your back.

How to do it? Place patches on the desired area of your backpack, layer pressing cloth between the patch and the iron. And press down on a patch for a few seconds, covering it with heat. The pro-tip is; read the manuals that come with patches.

What are the reasons I should put patches on backpacks?

With patches, you enjoy classic looks and feels. Also, you look professional if you have carved out a patch of your company’s logo. It’s easy advertising without a doubt. The patches make you stand out in the crowd. They’re an excellent way to spread the word about your brands. And finally, they make you even more memorable than ever.

Why is the square patch on backpacks?

The square patch on backpacks called a lash tab or pig snout was designed to pass a string through it and fasten the equipment. It’s for outdoor adventures. And you can also use it for attaching knives, nets, whistles, and other gears. Over time, the rubber square patch replaced leather as a weatherproof alternative.

What are suitable quality backpacks for patches?

The excellent quality backpacks for patches come with room for more patches. You should also look at their durability, sturdy material, safety, comfort, and other traits discussed earlier. And yes, they should be safe for a variety of adventures.

What part of the backpack is the most prone to tears?

The most prone to tears are the shoulder straps. You should observe the sewing and thread material to see if they are up to par. Avoid carrying loads too heavy for them.

What should I see in the compartments of a backpack?

You should see if they are padded for laptops, tablets, and other electronic equipment. Make sure the compartments are fastened tightly to save your tech gears from jostling around in your backpack.

What should be the best size for a backpack?

The best size for a backpack is the one that suits your needs, of course. The right fit is a size perfect for your torso length. It should also provide you with a snug grip on your hips. Small backpacks are for 18-inch torsos, medium ones are for 20-inch torsos, and larger ones are for torsos above 20-inches.

Which material is the best for backpacks with patches?

The best material is the one that lasts longer than usual. It includes cotton canvas, leather, nylon, and synthetic materials. The lightweight and abrasion-resistant Cordura, an air-treated nylon fabric, is also a great choice.


The bottom line is that if you want to get the best backpacks for patches, you should always look for enough space on the front. But it should not be the only thing you need to look for.

The best backpacks are durable, versatile, roomy, safe, and comfortable. You need to see all the traits we have shared in our buyer's guide. But first of all, look at your needs, budget, and then decide.

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