10 Best Backpack For Multiple Laptops [Buying Guide 2022]

The way people work nowadays has evolved greatly, gone were the days when you could come to work with a file or two. With many cases in hand one for files, a hot case for food, and another messenger bag for other essentials.

Best Backpack for Multiple Laptops

Nowadays, often you are required for taking your laptop back home to have work from home the next day. Or even for some other concerns, you need to bring your device home with you.

Moreover, traveling has also evolved greatly; it’s not only nomads who travel in a bag only. People now are more inclined towards minimalism than ever.

Just like our phones, have reduced the need for carrying a camera, calculator, pocket mirror, and whatnot around.

Similarly, the need to have separate cases for food, an idle hand to hold your water flask, or a coffee mug, meanwhile you have a purse, messenger bag, or a laptop bag to carry.

Nowadays, you can find a backpack that can accommodate everything in it, and not just it fits all, it keeps everything securely inside. With multiple straps, Velcro support, and mesh pockets, the bag can stop looking like a mess.

When you need a backpack that can keep not one but two devices in it, and that too securely in place, you are in for a treat.

Geniuses today have come up with the best backpack for multiple laptops. While these are made with a lot of consideration for design, facility, and comfort, keep in mind you need to use the bags daily.

We have carefully curated a list of our top ten backpacks, which are uniquely different from the others making them your daily choice.

Comparing 10 Best Backpack For Multiple Laptops

Laptop BackpackCapacity
Everki EKP121-1 Atlas Laptop BackpackTwo Laptops, Fits up to 17.3 Check Price
Samsonite Xenon 3.0 BackpackTwo Laptops, Fits up to 15 Check Price
Osprey Nebula Men's Laptop BackpackTwo Laptops, Fits up to 15 Check Price
SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart BackpackTwo Laptops, Fits up to 15 Check Price
YOREPEK Backpack for LaptopsTwo Laptops, Fits up to 17 Check Price
KROSER Travel Laptop BackpackTwo Laptops, Fits up to 17.3 Check Price
Mogplof Gaming Laptops BackpackTwo Laptops, Fits up to 18.4 Check Price
KINGSLONG Laptop BackpackTwo Laptops, Fits up to 15.6 Check Price
Matein Travel Laptop BackpackTwo Laptops, Fits up to 15 Check Price
Lenovo Legion 17" Armored Backpack IITwo Laptops, Fits up to 17.3 Check Price

1. Everki EKP121-1 Atlas Travel-Friendly Laptop Backpack

Everki EKP121-1 Atlas Laptop Backpack

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When your work is on the go with you, in form of two or three gadgets, you sure want a bag that carries your goodies with all the care you could muster yourself.

Everki is a very thoughtful bag and every stitch, every pocket; every section is made with a lot of thought. This could become your best travel companion in no time.

Want to know how?

First of all, it can help you carry not one but two laptops or one laptop/one tablet in cushioned, secured pockets from any impact.

The laptop pocket is made adjustable with velcro straps to fasten it according to the size of the laptop, preferably for larger-sized devices. The adjacent pocket that can be secured a velcro is again a felt-lined pocket for a comparatively smaller device.

Let’s explore more shall we?

Besides having luxurious spaces for it has ample space to fit files or magazines in a large section, even when you are traveling, the addition of a pair of clothes would fit right in cozily.

With a quick to excess slot to keep book or magazine, or even travel document for ease of quick accessibility.

Another quick access front pocket gives you a variety of pockets and options, some secured with a zip to keep phone, currency, and essentials inside.

Moreover, the side pockets are secured with a zip and another added feature of the water bottle loop, which will be a blessing to keep the water bottle in place.

Now the Wowzer…

When traveling you want a bag that is easy to pass through the security checkpoint and this bag is an answer to all our prayers. This bag opens to a 180° collapsible formation, to reveal the contents inside the main compartment.

Not only this makes your stop at the security checkpoint a breeze, but also you can put everything back in a few seconds. With a trolley handle pass-through feature, you can tuck it on the trolley and wheel it with your trolley bag.

Not to forget, another beautiful feature is its 5-point strap which is a complete balance system to accommodate you for comfort in strapping on the shoulder. Lumber support at the rear end of the bag provides you with lightly cushioned back support.

  • 5-point balance
  • Trolley pass-through feature
  • For two large gadgets
  • Several secure pockets
  • Outer pocket with a loop to secure water bottle
  • Collapses in 180°
  • Back support
  • Limited warranty

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2. Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Checkpoint Friendly Backpack

Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Backpack

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Samsonite is sure a brand that’s associated with reliability and quality for years. The brand has earned its name with years of hard work, by maintaining quality standards, developing as a brand with innovation and style.

Now the brand brings a travel-friendly, routine blessing, made with specifically denier ballistic polyester, which is mostly used for durability, hence the bag can hold the devices safely for years.

Moreover, a dual-compartment laptop backpack can hold a 13” device and a smaller device securely inside. Many small secure pockets and options of breathable pockets give you ample space to stack money, magazine, and chargers.

Ease and more ease!

The bag has front pockets secured with a zipper, so you can keep your phone, wallet, or sunglasses stowed in for easy access.

Furthermore, the many breathable and secure pockets in the front section give you ample space to keep cords, and USB safely.

What’s more convenient, the bag collapses wide to prove a breezy process in security checks at airports and lobbies. When you open the zip, the contents are visible but secure, save your time, and eliminate the tardiness of the process.

Strap and run

The bag has amazing shoulder support with padded support near the back area which works both ways. While it supports your back when carrying your stuff, it also reduces the impact when dropped for your valuable gadgets and devices.

With many front tucking and adjusting strap systems, you can fasten the bag that fits around your body. Last but definitely not least is the secure trolley pass-through space which makes it effortless to carry when needed.

  • Secure and adjustable straps
  • Sturdy reliable polyester
  • Beautiful sage green color
  • Fits two devices in secure pockets
  • Collapses for easy security check
  • Trolley handle insert
  • Fabric is breathable
  • Wider side pocket for water bottle

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3. Osprey Nebula Men’s Laptop Backpack

Osprey Nebula Men's Laptop Backpack

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Osprey brings an amazing bag from its 24/7 series that is designed in consideration to be used aggressively and routinely. The bag is made with extremely sturdy material to last any type of use whether to be used in the school or offices and lasts for years.

Many-many amaze factors

This Osprey backpack comes with several amazing features and options that make it an excellent choice.

For us, the foremost and wow feature is TSA-Approved. The collapsible pocket to all 180° makes it easy for you and the security service representatives.

It reduces your time at security checkpoints, especially when you use the bag at your office where passing through security checks is a routine thing.

One a pocket, two a pocket

The collapsible pocket can hold a regular 15” laptop and another device of similar or smaller size, both secured in padded pockets and sleeves.

While the front pocket is secure but made for easy access to things you may need frequently. Meanwhile, the large compartment is giant enough to carry your chargers, change of clothes, or some essentials as your day bag.

Strap and trap

Osprey makes a smart addition to these bags by adding compression garage pockets that can be tucked to hide when not in use, making the bag slightly compact.

Moreover, dual stretch meshes as a side pocket to carry your water bottle secure outside the bag away from devices as you are on the go.

There is more!

The designers who planned this bag possibly thought of everything possible way to make it convenient for you. It has attachments to support your blinker light in case you are a biker and need to commute after hours too.

When you think you were not spoiled enough, the front pocket is made with scratch-free material to stow your glasses safely

  • Slash scratch-free pocket for phone or glasses
  • Ideal back support
  • Two padded pockets for devices
  • Multiple colors option
  • TSA-Approved
  • Secure pocket for water bottle
  • No trolley handle insert

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4. SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

No products found.

Swissgear is one of the pioneers in bags and luggage manufacturer and has been around the block for years. Its sturdy material, durability, and product life that lasts for years and years without any wear or tear makes it an effortless buy.

You can exploit to no end

Uniquely, the material used for this bag is weather-resistant and susceptible to stand harsher conditions. The 1200D ballistic polyester makes this backpack very rough tough, on the go, and intact even after exploitation.

You will be exploited to no end!

Swissgear laptop backpack has a simple collapsing to open feature, the contents of the bag are on display making your routine stop at security even simpler.

Firstly, there is a bigger pocket that can keep a seventeen inches device secured with side pads and zipper intact. Then we have another sleeve that too is stretchable mesh fabric to keep a ten-inch device securely inside.

Now, the middle compartment is slightly larger has more space to hold books, essentials, chargers, or even a change of clothes.

With sleeve-like file holders, zip mesh to keep things visible and secure, and a media pocket to be accessible for headphones on the go.

Lastly, the bag is most handy and well-suited to carry for long hours, with strap support and shoulder support. Karabiner in the front also makes it a very handy tool to keep keys or other essentials secure and accessible.

  • Many small pockets
  • Two secure pockets for devices
  • Easy access to headphone in media pocket
  • Pockets on sides for umbrella and bottle
  • Quick access pockets
  • Elegant black color
  • Organizer for small objects and stationery
  • No front straps

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5. Yorepek Extra Large Backpack

Yorepek Extra Large Backpack

No products found.

Yorepek brings a large backpack with pockets that make it a perfect choice for a backpack to avoid larger luggage while traveling.

Not only the backpack can carry several gadgets and their extensions, but also can accommodate essentials to carry for a 2-4 day trip depending on usage.

This is not enough

It doesn’t keep many things inside, but the contents can be kept neatly inside with a wider collapse when unzipped for easy access to contents without making a mess.

With a USB port that can be connected to the power bank and makes it easy to charge your phone on the go while the phone is accessible, in your hand.

Even when the phone is inside the pocket, tucked safely, the external headphone port makes it easy to listen to music.

TSA is a must!

The collapsible feature of the larger pockets makes it TSA-Approved and stops being a hindrance in security checks.

When you unzip the larger pockets, the contents are out on the display but organized in a way that you can immediately put everything back again.

Now, you have no fuss about organizing everything while traveling or going about after crossing the security checks.

Are you strong enough?

The backpack has so much capacity that you can fill it up as much as your need or often you can get carried away for all the space the backpack provides.

Evidently, there are so many pockets, secured with elastic mesh fabric and zippers that you can fit many essentials, stationery, USB, power bank, gadgets, and whatnot.

But again, after you have filled it all, are you strong enough to carry it on your shoulders? Make sure you keep weighing it because the backpack sure has no end to it.

  • Economical in price
  • Large storage space
  • Secure side pockets
  • External USB port
  • Headphone port
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-theft zippers
  • Without trolley insert

No products found.

6. Kroser Travel Laptop Backpack

Kroser Travel Laptop Backpack

No products found.

Kroser brings you the ultimate backpack that can fit your whole world of daily essentials, not just in heaps and piles but organized in compartments for easy access.

The first thing you will notice is that the fabric looks very durable and unforgiving, all the while fabric delivers the promise. It is extremely hard-wearing and water-resistant hence your precious devices will be safer inside.

Hard egg to crack

For starters, the section of the bag where it houses your laptop is very hard, shell-like to save your device from any impacts.

Now you have another sleeve in the front pocket that houses another smaller device which can be a smaller notebook or tablet.

In the middle compartment, you have ample space to store things depending on your use. If you are using the bag for day travel you can keep your essentials and change of clothes.

Otherwise, when used for office use, you can keep your documents, file, diary, and whatnot.

As if Marie Kondo sneezed here

The backpack has so many sections and pockets of different sizes that can be used to keep your small and big things extremely organized.

All your stationery and notepads have individual pockets each, meanwhile separate pockets for sunglasses and tags for keys.

Ideally, the sides have also so much detail, first of all, they have mesh pockets, behind the mesh pocket is a zip pocket.

Then you have the strap that helps compress the bag when filled up to keep things inside intact, what if everything in life was this convenient.

  • Several pockets
  • Space to house two gadgets separately
  • Mesh pocket to grip water bottle
  • Robust handle
  • Comfort support
  • Trolley insert strap
  • Water-resistant ballistic material
  • Zippers with the anti-theft mechanism
  • No manufacturer warranty

No products found.

7. Mogplof Gaming Laptops Backpack

Mogplof 18.4 Laptop Backpack

No products found.

When you are looking for the ideal backpack for multiple laptops Mogplof is sure not the one to disappoint you. With its space that could fit two big gadgets securely inside, essentials, and even more, it sure got you covered.

First priority!

The reason to buy this laptop primarily is the space it offers for a laptop or the concern of another device or smaller laptop. With its over eighteen inches sleeve that locks itself secure with a velcro tab, your devices lay firmly in place.

Ideally, when you require passing through security checks, the collapse of the bag reveals all the contents neatly visible to pass through like a breeze.

Moreover, you can fill a day bag without having to worry about space; there is ample space to keep your gadgets, chargers, clothes, essentials, and books for easily two days.

While everything is neatly stacked, it’s easy to browse through the contents to just take out the thing you require, without making a mess out of it.

No more theft!

Another beautiful feature for the traveler is an RFID pocket that keeps your important stuff secured in the pocket while you can be carefree about your things.

What’s more!

The bag is designed with several straps to facilitate easy access to your things. Meanwhile, the back and shoulders get full support with carefully designed straps and padding.

With amazing breathable fabric, the fabric keeps you cool while you go about doing your things.

On the sides, mesh and zipped pockets give you multiple options to carry, ideally, you can carry your coffee mug and water flask on either side. When traveling, you can also use the insert to pass the bag on the trolley handle to be bag-free and easy.

  • Various small and big pockets
  • Sleeve for large and small gadgets
  • Pocket with mesh to grip bottle
  • With a trolley insert
  • Breathable fabric
  • Collapsible side for full disclosure
  • Quick access pockets
  • No manufacturer warranty

No products found.

8. KINGSLONG Laptop Backpack

KINGSLONG Laptop Backpack

No products found.

Kingslong brings beautiful backpacks that adorn your day-to-day lifestyle. Either you pick these to accompany you to your work or school, they compliment you to their true form.

With a decent size to fit contemporary devices, this laptop backpack is the ideal backpack for multiple laptops around here. It may look little and cute, but sure has mean space to house two devices with many essentials without looking wobbly.

I will be there for you!

Uniquely this bag has ergonomic support to keep your back and shoulder supported while you carry some weight in the bag.

Previously, bags without any support for the back have resulted in hunched backs, chronic back pain, and long-term damage to the backbone.

All the while, the bag is made with scratch-resistant and waterproof material, so you can use and abuse this bag however you may. Meanwhile, it takes care of your belongings and electronics tucked safely inside the specially designed sleeve for each.

More the merrier

The middle section benefits you like the larger section with more storage space to place all your day-to-day essentials. Whether you use the bag to go to college or school, or it’s for your office use, the design of the bag complements the attire equally.

With numerous pockets of varied sizes that hold your small and easy to get lost possessions in the bag in one place.

Additionally, it has pockets outside that bag on sides to hold your water bottle or flask of warm liquid in place, not spilling anything on your electronics.

  • Beautiful design
  • Resilient material
  • Non-scratchable fabric
  • Waterproof bag
  • TSA Friendly
  • Several pockets for essentials
  • Side pockets for liquids
  • No handle for trolley insert

No products found.

9. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

No products found.

Matein has a lot to offer amid all the dual-compartment laptop backpacks and what makes it uniquely stand out?

Let’s explore, shall we?

Firstly, it has ample space for you to keep your laptop that measures fifteen inches, and that size goes out for most contemporary and old devices.

Between so many other pockets and cushioned for impact and safety, you can keep a smaller device or tablet in the sleeve.

Evidently, it has a larger middle section which gives you ample room to use it as a day bag, school bag, office bag, or even when you are traveling.

The space and pockets of different sizes give you the liberty to decide how you keep your things. Besides, it has designated places like a key hook, holder outside of the bag to keep your coffee and water away from gadgets.

Charge as you go

Yes, that’s possible now, with the USB port installed in the bag, once you connect your portable batteries to your USB port inside the bag you can charge your phone while you use it.

It sure spoils you for comfort but again, this is what life demands in this decade.

The fabric is extremely comfortable and with many panels and layers, making this bag let airflow, and not feel warm. Often polyester bags cause allergies when skin gets warm and irritated, hence this bag keeps air flowing for comfort.

Not an ogre

What is big and fit all doesn’t have to look charming while doing it is an old story. This bag is beautiful, stylish, yet carries about half your life’s most important essentials in it without any worry.

  • USB port
  • Austere grey color
  • Multi panels for airflow
  • Outside pocket with mesh support
  • Verified TSA friendly
  • Comes with a trolley insert and strap
  • No back support

No products found.

10. Lenovo Legion 17” Armored Backpack GX40V10007

Lenovo Legion 17 Armored Backpack GX40V10007

No products found.

Specifically made for a laptop that is larger in size, Lenovo Legion is the best choice of a backpack for the gaming laptop. While it can house a laptop as big as seventeen inches, these laptops facilitate you in many other ways.

First of all, the bag is made with a tough, high-density, EVA moulded shield lined in front made with special PU fabric that is water-resistant as well. The inside section to house the laptop is double layered for protection to keep you worry-free from your laptop’s safety.

Now let’s venture towards the backside which is padded for support, ventilation, and breathable material to keep you comfortable.

Finally, the bottom of the bag is equally cased with hard material to ensure your devices are secure inside from any jerk or impact.

Style meets necessity!

The bag is made so stylish that you can’t take your eyes off it. Meanwhile, sections and pockets are made to house your external keyboard, mouse, and other gears in a designated place.

While each piece of equipment is in place it is also secured with velcro sealing the pocket to keep everything in its place as you commute.

Evidently, the bag is beautiful, black, and stylish in shape, with ample space to travel with two devices inside it. With a pocket outside the bag to help you carry a water bottle too along with your essentials.

  • Hard EVA casing
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Black coloured bag
  • Ventilated padding
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Outside pocket for the flask
  • Spacious pockets and sleeves for equipment
  • Not TSA friendly
  • No trolley insert available

No products found.

Buyer’s Guide:

Backpack for Multiple Laptops Buying Guide

Many factors make up to be your perfect backpack for multiple laptops, and these aspects vary for each person depending on their use. Here are some important things to keep into consideration before making your buying decision.

Size is Everything:

When buying you must first know what kind of use you require with the bag, there are only two ways you can use this bag.

If you wish to use the bag for daily office use, you require a bag that has the smoothest zipper and fastest transition.

Because daily checks at the security are not going to make life any easier, and you don’t want to be the person who is a mess at security check each morning.

For office use, you don’t require a bag with a huge middle compartment, just a straightforward bag that houses your gadgets and a few files.

On the other hand, if you travel a lot and you need a bag which makes your travels easier by fitting everything in it and is effortless to ravel and unravel. Moreover, one bag that fits all your travel essentials is nothing but a blessing.

Then you need to consider a bag which houses not only your gadgets but chargers, essentials, with the change of clothes neatly.

While the bag can be as big as it can fit a house, but a smart bag is one that can fit under your airplane seat or overhead cabins.

Collapsible Section:

Gone were the days when people with things in their travel bags had a scene depicting a hot mess after security checks.

Objects dropping and rolling on the floor, while guard giving you dirty looks to get yourself moving fast, those indeed were golden days of the past.

But finally, a wise person I believe someone who has seen a lot of nuisance at security checks came up with the idea of smart bags.

Now, these bags are a work of genius, not only do they keep your things in many pockets which keep everything in place, but also collapse to a full view with your contents. With this amazing feature, you get can swiftly move from security checks.

When you work in an office building and at the gate, you have to pass the security checks daily it sure can change nuisance into a simple transition.

Zip and Antitheft Mechanism:

The zipper is also an important aspect of the bag since you require opening it every day at least twice and often several times. Hence a zipper needs to be sturdy with wide teeth and smooth in opening and closing.

Meanwhile, it’s also vital that things don’t get trapped easily because that can often result in locking the zip, and sometimes the zip breaks.

Another amazing feature which people prefer when travel and have their important stuff and gadgets daily in their bags is in a lock. Indeed, the zipper with a lock, a simple travel lock can make your life very easy and worry-free.

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

This sure becomes another important aspect of buying a dual-compartment laptop backpack as they cost you a lot.

However, having a complete or little warranty sure makes the difference, and we wouldn’t recommend you to buy an expensive bag without any warranty.

Some brands provide you with a complete warranty for any damage or tear for a couple of years, meanwhile, many brands offer a limited warranty.

However, some pioneer brands also offer a refund since they are completely sure of their product. Hence, it’s better to invest a little more in a brand that got you covered for any damages or tears along the way.

Support for Laptop:

We wouldn’t say it is somewhat a decision-maker but buyers look at this aspect as a first priority when buying a laptop bag. For an ideal bag, a sleeve that supports and keeps your laptop intact in a place is a must.

While you are traveling, hiking, or going about your regular day, any misfortune can happen. You may end up falling down or bump into a person, but you will survive it, however, your gadget might take a blow.

Hence, nowadays laptop bags come with hard support on the base of the bag and cushion support on the sides.

Often the whole section which houses your gadgets is fully packed with hard support to keep your gadgets safe from any shock or fall.


Since nobody likes carrying many things while they go about their day, people also carry their travel mugs and water bottles in the bag too. Moreover, rain and ending up without an umbrella is a pretty common and unforeseeable misfortune.

Even an office colleague tripping and falling with their coffee mug on your bag is something you cannot even fathom to avoid. Imagine if it was a bag of a moviemaker who has his tablet, laptop, Mac, DSLR, and other expensive equipment inside.

Oh, the horrors! One can survive the blow of the devices someday, but the work that also sits in those devices gives nightmares for months.

Consequently, comes the need for a bag that can block out water causing any damage to your precious, expensive gadgets.

Ideally, these bags survive little to a decent amount of liquid resistance, but then I wouldn’t recommend going swimming with your bag on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it mean by ergonomic bag?

Ergonomic bags are made to support your bag and shoulders when carrying the bag. These bags are designed in a way they house your contents in sections dividing the weight to each section equally.

Moreover, many straps on the shoulder and chest give complete support when carrying the bag for long hours.

Why is it important to buy breathable material?

The bags are ideally made with ballistic polyester which is amazing to not let water seep in the bag. But polyester is a warmer fabric to touch your skin for long hours, especially when hiking and traveling. Hence, the breathable material cushioning at the backside of the bag keeps it easy on the skin and avoids rashes and allergies.

Can I use the bag for my daily use?

Yes, these bags are widely used by students and office goers for their routine use. How much content you put in it is entirely in your hands.

Can these bags to carry my console?

These bags are sturdy enough to carry the weight of your console effortlessly. Moreover, the shoulder support doesn’t make it heavy for you, meanwhile, your console is safe inside.

Are these bags waterproof?

These bags are more water-resistant, if some water may spill or it starts raining, the fabric can stop the water-absorbing in instantly. You can figure out to be away from water and wipe the bag clean to stop water from absorbing, which is a relatively slow process.


Just like no one carries the camera, calculator, and other equipment since mobiles were invented, similarly, no one carries handbags, and food containers separately with a work bag.

Having one bag that contains a laptop, phone, lunch container, water bottle, camera, and other essentials in one place is no more a dream.

Manufacturers have evolved a lot and made smart bags that can contain things of all sorts while keeping your electronics safe too.

What makes a bag the best backpack for multiple laptops depends on the user, but these bags which have such enormous space, back support, and a section for things separately are a winner for me.

With ample space to carry your gadgets, documents, books, essentials, and that too with back support these backpacks are definitely one of the smartest inventions.

Consequently making your work life, travel life, and routine use easier and organized.

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