7 Best Back Brace For Golfers [2021 Buying Guide]

Golfing is a fun sport! It looks like an easy play but certainly requires great concentration and focus to aim and hit the hole.

But is it all this that you need to score in the competition?

No, a straight posture with the arm placed at the right angle is what also adds to your score and win! Getting confused?

If you ever had a chance to watch golf players during the match, you must have seen them bend a light angle to aim and shot.

Best Back Brace For Golfers

And thus, regular playing of sports can cause a serious problem in your back if not given any sport.

For all the golf enthusiasts out there, we suggest you try out the best back brace for golfers, a belt that will give complete support to your back, reducing the load on it and helping you take a better shot!

Comparing 7 Best Back Brace For Golfers

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Have you been playing golf for quite some time now? Do you feel some sort of pressure on the back, numbness, or pain?

Most golfers end up complaining of back pain after a few years because of unsupported back playing.

This is why; we’d suggest you take a closer look at the back braces specially designed for golfers, giving your back full support while you enjoy the play.

1. MUELLER 64179 Adjustable Back Brace

MUELLER 64179 Back Brace

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The Mueller back brace is not only breathable and easy to wear but also entertains plus-sized people, making it probably the best golf back support belt to date!

The belt has been carefully manufactured using natural rubber latex, a material that adds to its flexibility, durability and ensures it gives complete support to your back.

Sports like golfing can put a lot of strain on your back, which can lead to serious complications if not dealt with on time.

Hence, rather than being sorry later, a professional golfer should opt for the Mueller belt.

The belt is great for people who suffer from a problem like arthritis, and muscle weakness, giving their back complete support while they bend to improve posture.

Moreover, the belt comes with adjustable lumbar pad cushions the lower back for complete support while the steel springs keep the spine straight, helping avoid muscle spasms, strain, and poor posture.

Furthermore, the availability of three different sizes surely makes it the ideal back brace for golfers.

You get to adjust the belt and padding according to your comfort, hence achieving the right posture that keeps you going.

  • Adjustable pad cushions the back for better support
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Improves posture while lifting heavy objects
  • Great for people with muscles weakness and arthritis
  • Manufactured from natural rubber latex which achieves maximum durability
  • Breathable material keeps you comfortable
  • Easy to wash
  • Some users may find the design to be big
  • The sizes are mislabeled

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2. Sparthos Lower Back Support Belt

Sparthos Back Brace

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Has playing golf over the years lead you to develop back pain?

It is time you say goodbye to aching muscles and jump in the game in full form with the Sparthos back brace.

We consider it one of the best lower back brace for golfers. Why?

It consists of an adjustable limber pad that fixes to your back size and cushions it for full support.

Moreover, the addition of vertical support ensuring to keep the back straight while you bend down to aim at the next hole for a score.

Remember, only a good posture during pain will help relieve the pain and this is what exactly the back brace by Sparthos does!

The belt uses breathable material in its design that makes it comfortable to wear.

And if you have had a bad experience previously with heavier back braces, the Sparthos belt is definitely better than that.

It is lightweight which allows you to carry it around easily while hiding it beneath the clothes without a problem.

Furthermore, the manufacturers have cleverly introduced the braces in three different sizes, thus whatever size you are, they surely have the perfect fit for you.

The elastic mesh gives you the extra stretch that you need to fit it right in place.

And let’s not forget about the lumber pad which can be adjusted and removed according to your mood.

If you feel your back is heavy today, place it in the pad for secure cushioning, and on other days; remove it to walk freely.

For golfers looking for full back support through firm stays, flexibility through the elastic mesh, and comfort through adjustable pads, the Sparthos back brace is just what you need!

  • The adjustable and removable lumbar pad
  • The flexible mesh makes it perfect for all sizes
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Made from heavy-duty Velcro, a breathable material that keeps you comfortable
  • Maybe a little difficult to wash
  • The belt loses its elasticity after a few washes

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3. BraceUP Lumbar Lower Back Support Belt

Back Brace by BraceUP

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The king of all braces, the back belt by BraceUp is most certainly the best lower back support belt for golf players.

What makes us say so?

Firm yet lightweight, this back brace is designed to maintain the natural shape of your back and posture helping you swing with full power.

It provides complete support to your back, limiting the stretching of the muscles and hence, helps prevent muscle weakness and strain.

It consists of eight firm stays to keep the back straight and well maintained.

Even if you wish to use the belt regularly, the minimalist design keeps it well hidden under your clothes while you feel absolutely comfortable in your zone.

But is the material breathable?

Yes, 100%! The belt has been carefully made out of neoprene which allows the moisture and heat to escape, maintaining the body temperature and keeping you comfortable throughout the play.

Moreover, it comes with a dual adjustable strap making it easy to use and a perfect fit for everyone!

And let’s not forget, the BraceUp back brace is highly durable while the high-strength Velcro keeps the straps in place while relieving the pressure off from the back.

This belt here is easy to clean, provides full support to your back, and is lightweight and breathable which makes it comfortable to wear for long hours.

And yes, it does relieve back pain so people apart from golfers suffering from it can surely gain many benefits.

  • High-quality Velcro keeps the straps in place ensuring maximum durability
  • Adjustable straps make it a perfect fit
  • Available in different sizes
  • The firm stays to give your back full support
  • Made from neoprene which allows the moisture and heat to escape
  • Lightweight and easy to wash
  • The minimalistic design makes it fit under different clothes without a problem
  • The part that covers the lower back does not have enough padding to cushion it
  • The quality can be improved

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4. Copper Compression Recovery Back Brace

Copper Compression Back Brace

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Next up let’s discuss the Copper Compression recovery back brace. But isn’t a copper belt uncomfortable to wear?

Well, this isn’t the “metal” back brace you’re thinking about.

So, let’s dig in deep to know what the brace has to offer!

People who play golf know how much strain it can put on their backs. And yes, mostly end up with severe back problems later in life.

Thus, this is why we suggest you try this copper recovery back brace, a solid item that will keep your back in natural shape and healthy.

What makes this compress ultra-special is the 85% use of copper.

That is right! Where most belts only polish the fabric with copper tints, we make sure to mix with nylon, hence adding to the lifelong performance of the back brace.

Moreover, considering how uncomfortable the braces can be, the manufacturer has made sure that the belt is designed to fit under your clothes easily.

And give complete support to your back and torso without limiting the movement. This back brace is truly an innovative product!

What else?

If you have been suffering from back pain after years of playing golf at a national level, this back compress is sure to help relieve it.

The belt supports your back, keeping it in the right shape and posture, relieving pressure while still giving room to the muscles to stretch.

Furthermore, if you think wearing a compress will make you uneasy.

Let us tell you that this belt has been carefully designed from breathable fabric that helps the moisture and heat to escape, killing odor and leaving you comfortable all day long.

Hence, the Copper Compression recovery back brace is comfortable, supports the back and torso to retain the natural shape and relieve pain.

And yes is highly durable thanks to the addition of copper in the making!

  • Breathable fabric that helps the heat and moisture to escape while killing odor
  • Relieves pressure on the back
  • Supports back and torso
  • The use of 85% copper in manufacturing makes it highly durable
  • Flexible straps make it easy to wear and fit every body type
  • Does not limit movement
  • Users have complained of the belt not lasting long
  • Does not cushion the back as it should

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5. Spine Sport Back Brace by BraceAbility

BraceAbility Back Brace

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Without wasting much time, let’s jump to why we think the BraceAbility back brace deserves a place in our list of the best braces.

This golf back support belt is designed to fit people of varying body types, the manufacturer has made sure to accommodate everyone!

It comes in different sizes that range from small going up to 3XL so that everyone can benefit from it!

A golfer needs his back to be in good shape because only then will he be able to swing with all his might and score.

Thus, to ensure your back remains in good shape, try out this back brace made from breathable material that keeps you comfortable with complete support to get through the match as a winner.

Moreover, it provides 100% circumferential compression that reduces pressure on the lower spine and hips, supporting it and lifting off the weight from your torso.

This way, not only are you able to find your “comfortable” spot but also function as normal as the back compressor promises not to hinder your routine activities.

Now coming back to the design, we assure you must have never seen anything like this before.

This back belt comes with a pulley compression system that adds flexibility to the product, hence making it easy to wear and a perfect fit for all body types.

Even though the back brace by BraceAbility promises to be super comfortable, but people still doubt it.

If you’re questioning its use, let us tell you that the belt has been made from nylon, a breathable material that allows the heat and moisture to escape.

So you do not feel hot even after long hours of wearing it.

Moreover, being lightweight adds more fun to use it. You can easily hide it underneath your cloth while enjoying full support for your back and torso without feeling uneasy.

If you have been suffering from back problems for a long, we’d recommend giving this back brace a shot!

  • Available in different sizes
  • Breathable material makes it a comfortable wear
  • Consists of a pulley compression system that makes it easy to wear and a perfect fit
  • Gives full support to the torso and back without limiting movement
  • Relieves pressure on the back
  • Lightweight and can be worn for long hours comfortably
  • Some users have complained to find it uncomfortable
  • Not recommended for people with serious back problems

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6. NeoTech Care Back Brace Lumbar Support Belt

NeoTech Care Back Brace

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The NeoTech Care back support belt is another product that we’ll happily recommend to people into supports.

What golfers need to understand is that an improved posture can help you swing with more power and increase the chances of a hit.

Thus, why not use a back brace that not only supports your back but also enhances performance?

Here is NeoTech Care back brace, a belt that relieves pressure off your back, cushioning it and the torso, keeping it in natural shape so you don’t suffer from back problems.

Moreover, the design is simple while the fabric incorporated promises to air out the moisture and heat, letting your skin breathe and stay cool even on a hot summer day of your play.

However, if you’re worried about the durability of the belt, the company ensures to use the highest quality fabric in the making with finishing that is commendable!

Nonetheless, the belt has been carefully incorporated with a pull mechanism that allows you to wear it easily and the flexibility makes it a perfect fit for every body type.

NeoTech Care adjustable compression is ideal for golfers who have developed back problems recently and yes, while using it, the manufacturer promises to take care of your comfort.

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • The pull mechanism makes it easy to use and a perfect fit for every body type
  • Available in different sizes
  • Simple design
  • Relieve back pain
  • Wider at the back for more coverage and support
  • Users have complained to receive dirty product
  • Provides average support for the back

No products found.

7. Aveston Lower Back Brace

AVESTON Back Brace

No products found.

Now it is time to talk about the next best back support for golf players, the back brace by Aveston!

Has your back been painful lately? Did the doctor ask you to use back support to improve the posture that will help relieve pain?

If so is the case, you need to get your hands on this back belt made from rubber mesh for added flexibility and durability.

Moreover, the Aveston back brace is available in different sizes, so no matter you are a small size or an extra-large one; they have a belt for everyone!

But make sure you check the size chart to choose the right one for yourself!

But isn’t a back brace uncomfortable to wear? Will it be uneasy for you to carry on a hot summer day?

If you’re talking about a golfer’s back belt by Aveston, then certainly not!

The manufacturer has carefully used the best quality material in its making, which is light and breathable airing out the heat and sweat so you remain at ease.

Furthermore, the belt comprises three layers that cover a wider area entertaining more coverage, and cushions the back.

It not only supports your back but also releases the pressure so you can swing comfortably to hit a hole.

And yes, the belt is easily washable to hygiene isn’t questionable here.

  • Three layers for complete cushioning of the back
  • Lightweight, breathable and durable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Supports the back and releases pressure
  • Helps maintain the natural shape of the back
  • Wider design for more area coverage
  • Easy to wash
  • The size labels may not be right
  • The slippery band keeps going down and needs to be readjusted
  • Not very durable

No products found.

Best Back Brace For Golfers Buyer's Guide:

Back Brace For Golfers Buying Guide

Things to Consider When buying Back Braces for Golfers

Straining your back or suffering from serious backache is what most golfers complain of. Why?

This is because they need to bend to take a shot and without back support, a wrong posture can be dangerous.

This is why we suggest golfers like you use back braces while playing.

Yes, we know finding one that helps you with the back problem can be tricky.

Here we have compiled a list of things that you need to consider while buying a brace so you can be sure of making the right purchase.


If you have ever worn back braces at some point in your life, you know these can get comfortable especially when used in hot days of summer.

The excessive sweat caused by wearing it can lead to itching and in severe cases, people may develop allergies too.

Thus, when buying back braces for yourself, it is important to opt for a belt that is made from breathable material.

You can either go for one with natural rubber latex incorporated within or any other material that feels soft and comfortable.

Remember, as a golfer you’ll be forced to play in open grounds on a hot summer day, hence having a back brace made from soft, breathable material is what you must have!


This is important! back braces come with adjustable straps. The elasticity allows you to wear it perfectly but still, you need to make sure you go for the right size.

If you are plus-sized and think you’ll adjust with a medium-sized belt because it's flexible, then our friends, you are wrong.

The wrong size will only create issues for you and may even lead to a back problem in some cases. Furthermore, if the size is bigger, you know it won’t fit.

Thus, for golfers who take their health seriously, go for the real size so you can comfortably wear the brace and make some shocking hits.


Golf competitions can last up to hours. Hence, you wouldn’t want to carry a heavy load on your back for such a long time.

This is why; we suggest you buy a back brace that is designed to be adjustable and is lightweight.

This way you’ll not only be giving full support to your back while playing but also remain comfortable throughout the play.

Minimalistic Design

A bigger brace with fancy characteristics may look appealing to you but does not make a wise choice for daily us.

Hence, why is important for you to top for a back brace with a minimalistic design?

So that it is easier to wear, can be covered with the clothing easily and above all, is comfortable to carry around.

Adjustable Pads

A back brace for golfers is all about supporting your back, keeping it up straight you do not end up with a back problem later in life.

Thus, when you’re looking for a back brace, we’d suggest you go for one with adjustable pads.

These give you the leverage of moving the pads according to your comfort level, or even remove them altogether when you feel the need.

If you think that today your lower back is acting all achy and needs support, the pads can be adjusted a little lower for full support.

Or if the thoracic part needs some abutment, move the pads slightly above for better management.

Coverage Area

Although, one might think buying a brace that is wider in design is uncomfortable to wear, but believe us, so is not the case.

If you have already been suffering from lower back issues, you’ll want a belt that covers a larger area of the back, cushioning and supporting it.

Thus, when buying a back brace, we’ll suggest going for one wider in design so it promises to cover more area and give your back the support it needs.

Remember; go for a bigger one but not a heavier one for comfortable wear!

Flexible Straps

Okay, wearing a belt can be tricky if it isn’t elastic. You’ll only find yourself struggling till the end and yet, no results will be achieved.

Hence, when you’re planning to buy a back brace, go for one with flexible straps so it is not only easy to wear but perfectly fit around your back.

Benefits of Back Brace for Golfers

Is using a back brace a viable option for sports players like golfers? Yes, it is and here is why we suggest it:

  • It is a simple tool that helps prevent sport’s injuries
  • Provides full support to your back, keeping it safe from strain and other injuries
  • Limits the stretching of certain back muscles which can be damaged or stretched more than their capacity
  • This may sound like a cliché, but back braces can help golfers aim better. How? The right posture gives your muscles more strength and hence, allowing you to swing with more power and hit a hole.
  • It cushions the back, relieving the pressure on the back and keeping it healthy

Thus, if you wish to improve your performance, a back brace is recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will a back brace negatively affect my performance?
Not at all! Rather a back brace will give your back complete support, helping maintain the right posture which will allow you to administer more power for aiming and swinging for the hole.

So, for all the golfers out there, if you wish to attain more power during the play without straining your back, a back brace is what is recommended for use.

Are back braces uncomfortable to wear?
If you opt for the right brace, one which is minimal in design, of the right size and made from a breathable material, then wearing it will surely not create any problem.

Although you might find wearing it a little uncomfortable in the beginning, once you get used to it, there will be no chances of letting it go. Remember to buy the right size!

How will I know which size of a back brace to buy?
Most brands offer a variety of sizes in back braces the standard size of course. And because these are elastic, wearing them shouldn’t be a problem.

For a person who wears small-sized shirts, go for a small back brace for perfect fitting. Thus, the same goes for people who are medium or plus-sized, opt for the real size to gain the best out of these.

Does a back brace help relieve back pain?
Yes, it does! The belt keeps the pressure off your back, cushioning it during golf competitions hence, relieving back pain if you suffer from any. Even people suffering from arthritis or muscle weakness can use it for their own comfort.
Can a back brace be helpful in problems like arthritis and spondylitis?
Yes, it is helpful as the belt gives support to your back, relieving the pressure from the area so you have little difficulty in sitting down and standing up.
Does a back brace weaken the back muscles?
No, it does not rather it gives complete support to the back, limiting the stretching of the muscles which can lead to strain and pulling. Hence, for healthier back muscles, a brace is always suggested!


If we talk about sportsperson, especially golfers, their games force them to bend continuously at an angle which is one of the biggest causes of back problem which they may develop later in life.

Hence, here we have gathered a list of the best back brace for golfers that provides 100% support to them, relieve the pressure of it, and are comfortable to wear.

Remember, when you’ll be practicing a good posture using a back brace, your muscles will gain the strength to help you swing with more power, thus hitting a hole will be a piece of cake.

Choose one that fits around your back perfectly, is made from breathable material so you remain comfortable, and most importantly is lightweight releasing pressure off the back.

For professional golfers, we’d suggest you buy a brace right away and see that difference in your promise!

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