7 Best Ape Hangers for Softail Deluxe [2021 Buying Guide]

A Harley Davidson is every biker’s dream, don’t you agree? Just like “car people” wish to buy a Lamborghini or an Audi, people into bikes are crazy for Harley Davidson!

What did you just say? Do you already own one?

We bet it isn’t as amazing as the new Softail Deluxe, not just any other ordinary bike, rather a true piece of mastery that is sure to blow you off the ground.

But little do people know driving can be a little difficult with a lower seat and smaller handles to grip on.

Best Ape Hangers for Softail Deluxe

But wait!

To ensure your Softail Deluxe’s ride is super comfortable, we’ve put together a list consisting of the best ape hangers for Softail Deluxe that are easy to install and will go along for a long long time!

Comparing 7 Best Ape Hangers for Softail Deluxe

Ape HangersMaterial
Mototeks Ape HangersTriple Chrome Plated Steel Check Price
Wild 1 Chubby HandlebarsChrome Plated Steel Check Price
Dominator Industries HandlebarsChrome Plated Steel Check Price
XFMT Ape HangersIron Check Price
Khrome Werks Ape HangersSteel Check Price
TCMT HandlebarsIron Check Price
Hill Country Ape HangersStainless Steel Check Price

Top-Notch Ape Hangers for Softail Deluxe

If you’re having a hard time griping on your Harley Softail Deluxe, we’d suggest checking out the list mentioned below.


Because we’ve searched and then put together a list of the finest ape hangers for you that ensure you speed away on the streets for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

These come with adjustable height, helping you attain the right posture while driving your Softail Deluxe.

Thus, the hangers mentioned below are ideal for Harley bikers with back problems, allowing them to make their ride much more convenient and comfortable!

1. Mototeks Ape Hangers

Mototeks Ape Hangers

No products found.

First up is the Mototek’s ape hanger, a simply constructed metal bar for your Softail Deluxe that offers better grip over your ride!

It consists of wire-based notched ends for the throttle and coated with gloss black powder that adds extra shine to it.

But if you’re worried about the right size to choose for your Harley, let us tell you the Mototek ape hangers come in four different sizes: 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, and 18 inches.

Moreover, it is 1-1/2 inches thick in diameter, giving it the edginess for a more “aggressive” look.

Additionally, the bottom width measure around 131/4 inches with the inside falling at 11 inches wide only!

Look at the tube there? It measures up to 1 inch with the pullback being 35 inches wide and the center spacing estimated to be 31/2 inches in the rise.

Sounds great, right?

Mototeka has carefully designed these bars using high-quality material with an amazing design to achieve the “badass” look which most Harley Softail Deluxe drivers wish for.

Moreover, it is durable, affordable, and best of, ensure to add the right lift to your ride so driving it painless and fun!

  • Available in four different sizes
  • Coated with black powder which promises maximum durability
  • Easy to install
  • Offer better grip on the Harley ride
  • Shiny exterior to give the “aggressive” look to your Softail Deluxe
  • Scratches easily

No products found.

2. Wild 1 Chubby Ape Hangers

Wild 1 Chubby Handlebars

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Looking for solid ape hangers for your Softail Deluxe? Then we’d suggest going for Wild 1 Chubby ape hangers!

With 11/4 inches thick in diameter and pre-drilled so you don’t have to struggle with the installation of it.

Oh, and yes, this beauty comes with knurled handles that simply make it super attractive while the silver color shines brightly to impress the crowd.

Moreover, the Wild 1 Chubby ape hangers has been proudly manufactured in the USA and make the perfect fit for standard grips, controls, and risers.

Additional the bar is wide enough, allowing you complete control over the ride.

Furthermore, we are sure you’ll simply love this one because of its brave outlook, durability, and fabulous performance!

  • Wide bars over better control over the bike
  • Universal fit
  • Knurled handles add to the beauty of it
  • Comes pre-drilled wires for easy installation
  • Durable
  • No complaints as yet

No products found.

3. Dominator Industries Handlebars

Dominator Industries Handlebars

No products found.

Do you believe in falling in love at the first sight? If you haven’t till date, we are sure you’ll fall for Dominator Industries handlebars!

This beauty is all about professional finance, durability, and great performance. It weighs around 6.45 pounds but does not be fooled by its less weight!

The handlebars make a perfect fit for Softail Deluxe but if you own 2014-2018 Street Glides, you can be sure of their compatibility with them too.

Moreover, the ape hangers have come with pre-drilled wires that make them easy to install.

Also, the wires are carefully hidden inside, thus making your ride comfortable without any hanging cables to interfere with it.

But is that it?

Well, there is no comparison of Dominator Industries ape hangers with any other when it comes to performance and durability.

It comes with uncanny finesse which makes it super attractive.

The tigs are wonderfully welded to finish it off, thus making the ape hangers a perfect match for your two-wheeled monster.

  • Professional finish
  • Durable and high performing
  • Lightweight which makes it easy to carry and glide
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most Harley models
  • Comes with pre-drilled wires
  • The wires may take time and effort to pass through making installation time consuming and difficult for some
  • Expensive
  • It may not fit all models of street glides

No products found.

4. XFMT Ape Hangers

XFMT Ape Hangers

No products found.

Next up is the XFMT ape hangers! What has lead its way to our list of the best ape hangers for Softail Deluxe?

First and foremost, this ape hanger has carefully been manufactured from high-quality iron with a black powder finish, promising maximum durability so your ride is made fun and comfortable!

Moreover, it comes with pre-drilled holes which of course, makes installation a piece of cake.

If you have been struggling with ape hanger’s installation, we promise, this won’t give you a tough time.

But this isn’t the only one!

It comes in 6 different sizes to ensure you get hold of the right height for your Softail Deluxe. But can it fit any other models of a Harley Davidson?

XFMT states the ape hanger to be compatible with other models including FXST, FLST, and Sportster XL, hence making it a fine choice for most beast owners!

Your Haley deserves to be decorated with the best items, thus this ape hanger will not only improve your posture and make riding the bike comfortable but also add a more “aggressive” look to your beauty that will make others jealous of the new addition!

It is highly durable being able to stand the wearing over time, designed amazingly, and compatible with most Harley Davidson’s models. What more can you ask for?

  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • Made from high-quality iron finish off with black powder coating that promises maximum durability
  • Compatible with Harley’s Softail Deluxe, FXST, FLST and Sportster XL
  • Consists of pre-drilled holes that make it easy to install
  • Unprofessional finish with sharp edges and loose wires
  • Not deburred

No products found.

5. Khrome Werks Ape Hangers

Khrome Werks Ape Hangers

No products found.

If durability is the first thing on your mind, we’ll ask you to take a closer look at Khrome Werks ape hangers!

Made from high-quality steel, the hanger stands at 12 inches tall!

It is available in two colors: polished chrome and gloss black finish, hence letting you go for the one you like better!

But is this it? Is the Ape hanger durable? Is it high-performing?

No, we have more to share!

This ape hanger has been proudly constructed out of a 4-gauge steel tubing with diamond knurled ends for OEM which not only promises durability better offers better grip over the bars.

The knurled ends make the handlebars less slippery so even if you’re driving it at a high speed, you’ll have full control over your ride!

Unfortunately, the bars are pre-drilled or dimpled which can make installation a little tricky but we are sure, with a little help from the outside, you’ll get through it easy and quick.

  • 4-gauge steel tubing makes it durable
  • Diamond knurled ends make the handle less slippery
  • Chrome finish adds to its aesthetics
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Ideal for longer rides
  • Does not come with pre-drilled holes which can make installation tricky
  • May not be compatible with some Harley models

No products found.

6. TCMT Rise Ape Hanger Handlebar

TCMT Handlebars

No products found.

Do you own a Harley Sportster XL883 Softail? Are you looking for a good hanger for it?

The TCMT’s black beauty is what you need to have then! This has carefully been constructed from high-end iron and finished off with black powder that adds to its durability.

Moreover, it measures at a height of approximately 18 inches with the center diameter meter being 11/4 inches only!

The tapers have been sectioned at 1 inch so it fits an average handlebar easily.

Yes, this one is easy to install hence you don’t need to be an expert to figure it out!

And best of all, the TCMT ape hangers are a fit for most Harley models including FXST, Sporster, and FLST.

Also, these are some of the most affordable hangers on the list!

Thus, if you’re in search of a durable and high-performing ape hangers for your Softail Deluxe but at fewer prices, the TCMT riser makes a great catch!

  • Affordable
  • Durable and high performing
  • Made from high-end iron for added durability
  • Compatible with most Harley models
  • Easy to install
  • Tapered ends
  • Users have complained of the poor finesse of the end product that they receive

No products found.

7. Hill Country Ape Hangers

Hill Country Ape Hangers

No products found.

What brings the Hill Country ape hangers kit to our list of the best rated?

Well, honestly, apart from being highly durable and sleekly designed, this one is one of the complete kits that you’ll find on any online store to date!

Let us tell you, the package does not only contain handlebars but also extended length front brake lines, extended length cables and wiring harnesses, all of which make the installation process quick, convenient, and easy.

And because you’ll want to boast about your Harley in the open streets, you want an ape hanger that is good-looking yet can withstand the wearing of time and this is exactly what Hill Country ape hangers kit does!

The steel hanger contains stainless braided cables and a brake line that have been carefully finished off with chrome coverage.

Moreover, the outer casing of the hanger has been covered with a plastic armor coat that protects it against UV rays.

And let’s not forget to mention the color-coded wire extensions that help extend the stock handlebar while giving you complete control over the Softail Deluxe.

These come installed with factory pins, thus fixing it in place shouldn’t be worrisome!

Moreover, the ape hanger is compatible with most Harley models except for Springer and Fatboy. Hence, if you own a Sportster XL or Softail Deluxe, you’re in for a treat!

The only point where we say the Hill Country ape hanger lacks a little is that it does not come with turn signal light extensions and thus, they need to be purchased separately.

To be honest, finding an ape hanger kit at such a great price is a deal not to be missed! If you still haven’t gotten your hands on something as exceptional as this, grab it right away!

  • A complete ape hanger kit with handlebars, wire extensions, and cables
  • Easy to install
  • Chrome covered ends
  • Stainless braided cables and brakes add to its beauty
  • Steel construction promises durability
  • Plastic covering keeps the bars protected against UV rays
  • Color-coded wire extensions help extend the stock handlebars
  • Value for money
  • Compatible with most Harley models
  • Does not include turn signal light extensions in the package

No products found.

Best Ape Hangers for Softail Deluxe Buyer's Guide:

Ape Hangers for Softail Deluxe Buying Guide

After some amazing ape hangers layout in front of you, being confused over the choice is nothing shocking!

Don’t know what size to go for? What material to opt for? Are they comfortable?

Wait and take a deep breath. Next in the section, we’ll discuss some helpful tips that’ll allow you to buy the right ape hangers for your Softail Deluxe!

The Height

Before you jump in to buy an ape hanger “randomly”, it is advisable to take up a few measurements to eliminate all possible confusions.

Ever heard of the rider’s triangle?

No? Let us explain!

The three points of the triangle are made by combing your place on the seat, the handles where you grip the bike from, and the leg pegs.

Join them together and measure to have an estimated of the right height for your ape hangers.

Alternatively, get hold of a measuring tape and run it down your hand towards the full rise of the bike rise. We are sure, this will help you too!

What Posture do you prefer while Driving?

This question may seem clumsy to many, but let us tell you, the body posture that you prefer while driving a Harley Softail Deluxe is sure to affect your decision.


If you’ve been long-suffering from back problems or stiff neck muscles and wish to improve your back posture, we’d recommend going for a normal ape hanger as these are larger in height.

On the contrary, for riders who are used to leaning forward while riding their beast, a mini ape hanger will work just great for you!

Thus, the decision is absolutely yours to take!


Distance? What are we talking about?

By distance we mean covering longer routes on your Harley and thus, the longer route you wish to pick up, the more comfortable you’d want to be.

An average Softail Deluxe requires the rider to lean forward a little when driving, hence when covering longer distances, the chances of you ending up with back pain and neck problems increase to a great extent.

Hence, this is why, for people who take up adventures of exploring the world on the back of their Harley, an ape hanger will definitely help you get rid of the “pain”.

It helps you attain a better posture while also keeping the weight of your arms and wrists so even after long hours of riding the bike, you remain at complete comfort!

Still, thinking about it though?


A question the strikes every buyer’s mind is “will the product last long? Is it durable??”

And of course, there is nothing to be embarrassed about if you’ve been bothered by it because when you’re buying something as expensive as an ape hanger for your Harley, value for money is what you’d wish to achieve.

Thus, this is why we’ll suggest you happily go for ape hangers made from either chrome steel or iron as both of these materials are highly durable and can easily stand against wearing over time.

Ease of Installation

For a beginner or a non-technical person, installing a simple thing as an ape hanger can be one difficult task.

Thus, you’ll surely want to choose a hanger that comes with pre-drilled wires and a manual which makes the installation easy and quick.

You might need a few tools to push it in place, but we are sure, the installation won’t take much time.


Does price matter? Of course! This is one of the most important deciding factors especially for people with a limited budget!

But aren’t owners of Harley pretty rich? That is a story for another time!

To be precise, both price and quality go hand in hand. The higher the cost is, the better quality you’ll be offered.

Thus, set your budget first, and then head out to find ape hangers of good quality that you can afford easily.

Types of Hangers/Handlebars

We have already discussed the best handlebars, what things should you consider when buying one but did we tell you about the different types of hangers available in the market?

Your “shocked” reaction surely answers the questions! For people who think there is only one type of handlebar, an ape hanger is in for a shock!

Thus, let’s just stop stretching the talk and get to the point straight! Here are the different types of handlebars for your Harley available in the market today:

Ape Hangers

Tall, long, and handsome, words like these describe the ape hangers perfectly!

Apart from the goofy name that these have, the ape hangers are decently heightened and swept back, giving you an amazing grip on the bars so you can enjoy full control over your ride!

These hangers are great for Harleys and especially for riders with back problems.

If you’re having a tough time riding your Softail Deluxe in the lean forward position, ape hangers will help you maintain the right posture by keeping the back straight.

Thus, while allowing you to take absolute control over your beast, these hangers make sure to make your ride comfortable too!

Motorcross Handlebars

These are low to medium-profile bars that are easy to install and require leaning forward to a certain extent to get a complete hold of your bike.

The Motorcross handlebars are ideal for dirt bikes as they are easy to move and turn, give you a better grip over the bike, and increases stability.

Clip-on Handlebars

As the name suggests, clip-on bars are easy to install.

These are fixed at the front of the bike, hence making your ride aerodynamic so you can experience more adventure without a hassle.

Clip-on make a great choice for a sports bike, are quick to fix, and require you to lean forward to get better control of the ride.

Moreover, these handlebars can easily be adjusted according to your height, thus making it easier and more comfortable to ride the bike.

Nonetheless, there are a few “faux” clip-on that are non-adjustable hence, choose one wisely!

Drag Handlebars

Have you ever looked at a cruiser more closely? Most choppers, café racers, and cruisers come along with the drag handlebars.

These too require you to lean forward and offer high maneuverability thus, making it easy to sway.

Moreover, these are straight in design which reduces the drag and hence makes them highly aerodynamic.

Additionally, drag handlebars are easy to install, simple in design yet deliver a great performance!

Advantages of Harley Softail Deluxe Ape Hangers

Apart from adding height to your bike, the following are the benefits you gain from ape hangers:

Improved Back Posture

Those who own a Harley Davidson with an average handlebar know how difficult it can be to ride the beast while leaning forward for longer hours.

Thus, if you’re suffering from back problems or simply find the “leaning forward” position to be uncomfortable then an ape hanger can help improve the situation.

Choose one according to your height and it’ll help improve the body posture leading to a more comfortable riding position.

Enhances the Aesthetics

Although, a Harley Davidson already has the “killer” looks that make you go “wow”!

But just in case you plan on adding a more “aggressive” look to your beauty, the ape handlebars make a great choice to increase the aesthetics of it.

Ideal for Tall People

People with longer arms and height may find it hard to ride a Softail Deluxe with the “normal” handlebars.

Thus, to make your riding experience better and much comfortable, we suggest you replace the normal bars with ape hangers adjusted at a height that compliments your long arms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are ape hangers safe to use?
These are completely safe when heightened right! Remember to choose the right height ones for your Harley Softail Deluxe to ensure these don’t become uncomfortable.
What are Harley Softail Deluxe ape hangers made of?
Most manufacturers either go for chrome-plated steel, aluminum alloys or titanium, materials that add durability to the product.
What height ape hangers should you opt for?
The hangers should be comfortable and hence, heightened accordingly. Make sure when you reach it out, your arms are below your shoulders with the back straight to attain a comfortable position to ride the Deluxe.
Why should you buy ape hangers?
When driving a Harley, most people have to hunch to gain better control of it, thus making it uncomfortable for people with back problems.

An ape hanger of the right size helps improve your posture while giving you control over the bike and making the ride super comfortable.

Is an ape hanger difficult to install?
For a non-professional, it may be slightly difficult and time-consuming to install it! But if you follow the manual to the “T”, the pieces may become easier to put together.
How to choose the right sized ape hanger?
If you’re confused about the right height of the hanger, we’d suggest you run a measuring tape from your hand to the full height of the bike risers for a quick idea.


Harley Davidson makes a pretty “beastly” ride. As much as these are attractive to look at, not every ride finds it comfortable to drive because of the tilted handlebars that require you to lean forward while riding it.

But, of course, through our list of the best ape hangers for Softail Deluxe, we’ve presented you with a great solution.

Moreover, they promise to improve the aesthetics of your already amazing Harley Davidson!

Thus, rather than giving on your love for the adventurous ride, switch to ape hangers and experience the difference!

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