What’re The Best Airbags For Duramax [Buying Guide 2021]

Nothing is more irritating for the drivers than the scraping sound of their truck passing over the speed bump, when they are carrying an additional load, or when they are driving up the hill.

These scraping sounds make the situation even worse when they leave the dent or the scratch on the car’s chassis.

Factory-designed trucks are not heavy-duty, and they cannot carry large cargo.

How can you convert these trucks into heavy-duty ones?

Every trailer needs an extra boost to perform hauling and towing tasks so that they can conveniently and safely travel the roads.

With the airbag suspension kits, trucks can easily maneuver on the road without sagging.

Best Airbags for Duramax

Moreover, the airbag suspension kits are the most typical choices requiring a little extra support for towing and hauling.

So how do these airbags work?

The airbag works like a balloon. These kits are designed to resist the weight of the vehicle’s frame.

Furthermore, these airbag suspension kits are powered by mechanical or electrical pumps or air compressors.

They come with inflated rubber bellows that prevent the truck from squatting, and when you are not towing, it allows you to remove the air.

Are you searching for the best airbags for Duramax?

Unfortunately, there are so many products available that can make the purchasing scenario relatively difficult.

Well, you can skip all that trouble because we have isolated the top-notch airbags from lifting your ride.

Keep on reading to learn about the best products available in the market.

Comparing 5 Best Airbags For Duramax

Firestone W217602250 Ride-Rite Kit3200 to 5000 lbs Check Price
Air Lift 57275 Air Spring Kit5000 lbs Check Price
Firestone W2176067815000 lbs Check Price
maXpeedingrods Universal Air Suspension2500 lbs Check Price
Air Lift 57204 Air Suspension Kit5000 lbs Check Price

1. Firestone W217602250 Ride-Rite Kit

Firestone W217602250 Ride-Rite Kit

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These airbags are precisely what you need if you do not want the weight to fall onto the tires.

Excessive weight will strain performance and shorten their lifespan.

Moreover, it may cause the vehicle to sag, and it can be unsafe and unattractive.

If you want a little extra support for towing applications, you need to step up your game by purchasing the right equipment.

The Firestone Ride-Rite kit can upgrade your everyday riding comfort.

What’s more!

These airbags are easy to install, and they might take an hour or two for the whole installation process to complete.

After installing, they can eliminate scraping and enhance the general performance by leveling it out from all sides.

Furthermore, the air springs present on the front, rear, and sides provide enough pressure to keep the form stable and well-balanced.

It is exceptionally sturdy and increases the vehicle’s lifespan.

Besides stabilizing the vehicle while being loaded, it also maximizes the vehicle’s load-carrying capacity.

What else?

You can adjust the airbags and can level the truck. This kit lets you adjust the pressure between 5 to 100 PSI.

Plus, you can make adjustments according to your preference to level your truck. The design permits you to haul from 3200 to 5000 pounds.

There’s more!

This kit is ISO certified, and every kit is weighed to ensure that it weighs the same and includes all the components.

Not to mention, this kit offers a complete package for the price.

It includes airline, air springs, upper and lower brackets, fasteners, push-to-connect air fittings, inflation valves, and an instruction manual.

With this kit, you can instantly upgrade your class A, B, C motorhomes, commercial vehicles, SUVs, vans, and pickups.

  • The airbags work well
  • Offer plenty of lift
  • Sturdy airlines and quick-connect fittings
  • High carrying capacity
  • Offers uniform leveling
  • Straightforward installation
  • Includes every necessary hardware and components
  • Outstandingly stabilizes vehicle
  • ISO certified
  • Long installation time

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2. Air Lift 57275 Rear Air Spring Kit

Air Lift 57275 Air Bags

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Do you want to level up your massive load for your safety and comfort?

This well-packaged kit will eliminate the uneven squat from the truck’s rear when it is under the load.

It includes all the hoses, hardware pieces and is packaged separately.

This load lifter air spring kit offers 5000 pounds of load-leveling capacity, and it makes towing a stress-free experience and comfortable.

What does this kit include?

This kit is a pair of muscles for your vehicle that can tow your massive load on any road condition. This kit is compatible with goose-neck hitches and a fifth-wheel.

It has fully adjustable air springs that level your truck or vehicle when hauling a heavy load for a safe and comfortable ride.

Moreover, Air Lift’s air helper springs are air-adjustable from 5 to 100 PSI.

It possesses two 2-ply fabric reinforced air springs that are superior, durable, and rugged; plus, they are built like a tire.

Furthermore, it offers ultra-high-strength Zytel nylon end caps that are robust like steel, but they are corrosion-proof and are less bulky.

Your kit also includes upper and lower roll plates that protect the air springs from sharp edges like brackets, and it also increases the load capacity by 10%.

What about the installation process?

The kit is engineered to be installed very quickly, and it includes a detailed instruction manual.

Many users suggested that it is better to read the directions thoroughly a couple of times before starting.

Furthermore, the directions are easy to understand, but the installation process may take five hours or more.

Oddly enough, several people mentioned that while installing, you might face slight leakage problems.

Not to mention, it is designed to fit the most popular vehicles like one-ton and ¾ ton pickup trucks, commercial trucks, Class A, B, and C motorhomes.

What are the benefits of using this kit?

This well-priced and great-value Air Lift kit eliminates the common towing problems. It eliminates sag by providing proper weight distribution to all the tires.

Thus, it improves tire wear, braking, and steering.

Moreover, it makes night driving safe because the stable and leveled vehicle provides proper and safe headlight aiming.

No more rough rides from now on!

The high-quality springs soak up bumps. Plus, it minimizes bottoming out by eliminating crashing on bumps and reducing suspension wear.

Furthermore, air springs increase spring rate and improve vehicle stability.

The air springs permit a precise vehicle height adjustment; thus, it reduces the trailer’s roll and sway.

  • Includes all essential hardware
  • Offers durable, rugged components
  • Adjustable air springs
  • 5000 pounds leveling capacity
  • Straightforward installation
  • It eliminates bottoming out and sag
  • Lengthy installation time
  • Slight leakage problems

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3. Firestone W217606781 Airbags

Firestone W217606781 Air Bags

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It is a close match of OEM. It looks hard to install, but surprisingly it takes about one hour to replace by lifting and unscrewing a few bolts.

This airbag lets you upgrade your vehicle and provides satisfaction. It also increases safety and driveability.

This single-piece unit has some definite features, and it comes with a reasonable price tag.

This Firestone airbag is hands down the most durable product. It is designed specifically for your vehicle so that you can tow or haul your items comfortably and hassle-free.

What features does this unit offer?

The spring has a very sturdy frame. Internally, it has an excellent structural design. Moreover, the material it is constructed from can handle or withstand adversities.

This airbag offers 5000 pounds support, and it has a maximum of 100 PSI.

It does an outstanding job by uniformly distributing the immense load over the tires.

Furthermore, this suspension provides an even balance and makes your ride comfortable.

What else?

This airbag is developed for the giant rig on the road; plus, it can adjust according to the bulky items’ weight.

This unit can support pickups, light trucks, vans, SUVs, RV, and simple cars.

  • Durable frame
  • High-quality construction
  • Supports various vehicles
  • Uniformly distributes weight
  • Easy installation
  • It comes as a single-piece unit

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4. MaXpeedingrods Universal Air Suspension Springs

maXpeedingrods Universal Air Suspension

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Are you looking for an airbag that can tow your vehicle superbly?

Your search may end here. This unit is built tough and is the perfect aftermarket airbag to replace the OEM ones.

It does not come with the instruction manual; however, several users found it relatively straightforward to install these air suspension springs.

Why might you need these air suspension springs?

After installation, they offer various benefits to the users. These suspension springs help to minimize harshness, vibration, and noise.

Moreover, it improves the tire’s life and minimizes chassis wear by properly raising the car’s body.

Plus, it enhances the performance of on-road and off-road driving.

What’s more!

These air suspensions are strictly designed like the original factory ones, and you can install them directly in the front and rear or left and right.

What about these air suspension springs’ quality?

They are built according to strict quality control standards. Plus, it is made up of high-quality rubber.

These airbags are strong acid and corrosion-resistant. It provides long stable life and delivers long-lasting performance.

Furthermore, these universal air suspension bags fit almost all brand trucks. You can use them on Ford F150, F250, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, etc.

What features does it offer?

For the comfortable and safe load capacity, it has a crimped design. Plus, it is double-convoluted and heavy-duty. It can haul the items up to 2500 pounds.

Moreover, it is designed for comfort suspension. It makes the ride comfortable and provides better handling.

How do these air suspension bags benefit the user?

It divides the load evenly on the tires; thus, it minimizes wear and tear.

It provides better efficiency and gives the driver a peace-of-mind while hauling the load.

Oddly enough, several users pointed out that even though these bags are great, they do not come with an air hose, mounting brackets, and other hardware.

  • Provides better handling
  • Top-quality and sturdy
  • Manufactured for comfort suspension
  • Ideal for most brand trucks
  • Easy to install
  • Instruction manual not included
  • Do not include necessary accessories

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5. Air Lift 57204 Air Suspension Kit

Air Lift 57204 Air Spring Kit Fits

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Why settle for a low ride quality when you can get an ultimate riding experience?

Trucks and trailers are loaded regularly with cargo, and they can easily sag because of the extra weight.

The sagging does not only affect the car’s base and frame but the headlight as well.

Due to this, the headlights go lower than they usually do, and it becomes quite unsafe.

So what’s the best solution?

This kit works perfectly for springing up the vehicle’s level from the ground level.

Thus, it prevents bottoming out. Plus, it is very straightforward to install and offers very detailed instructions.

It may take two hours or more to install everything.

What makes this kit the best? 

LoadLifter 5000 air springs work with the existing suspension and increase your safety and comfort when hauling and towing heavy loads.

Moreover, it offers up to 5000 pounds of load-leveling capacity.

The springs are entirely adjustable; therefore, it ensures that they will deliver a smooth and flexible ride for the passengers and drivers alike.

What else?

It works with in-bed hitches, and you can adjust air for 5 to 100 PSI. It fits 2007-2018 Chevrolet and GMC 1500 Pickups.

Since the air suspension evenly distributes the car’s weight, the tires last longer and wear evenly.

Furthermore, the hardware is constructed from durable materials that have greater longevity, thus offering long-term enjoyment.

What’s more!

This Air Lift kit is very reliable, has a durable build, and offers impeccable performance.

Plus, it provides a lifetime warranty to its customers and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What benefits do these air springs provide to their users?

It can eliminate squats by improving tire wear, braking, and steering. Since air springs permit precise vehicle height adjustment, it eliminates trailer sway.

Furthermore, the springs soak up the bumps; hence, keeping the tires on the road. It also improves vehicle stability; thus, offering a more comfortable ride.

  • Maximize your comfort and safety
  • Straightforward to install
  • Bags perform flawlessly
  • It offers an incredible lift
  • It comes with essential accessories
  • Installation may take time

No products found.

Buyer's Guide:

Airbags are a must-have for heavy-duty vehicles to carry out the everyday task of hauling cargo or carrying loads easily.

Their purpose is to deliver a safe and comfortable ride by maintaining a leveled balance throughout the drive.

Airbags for Duramax Buying Guide

Moreover, they soak up the bumps; thus, providing a smooth ride on the uneven, hilly, and bumpy terrains.

What's more!

Because of their cool and functional features, these airbags are in increased demand.

But is the airbag selection easy?

You may scratch your head after finding yourself in a challenging situation.

You must remember that every top-notch airbag is designed explicitly for a specific model.

You need to buy an airbag that will work outstandingly for your vehicle if you want to obtain the desired outcome. Plus, you cannot invest in a random airbag.

To make the selection more comfortable for you, we have pointed out all the crucial considerations to find the best airbags for Duramax.

Let's discuss each of these considerations in detail!

Mechanical Specification

Before purchasing the airbags, it is essential to look at the vehicle requirements.

Several airbag brands mention the vehicles it will support. Therefore, choose accordingly.

Moreover, read the specifications thoroughly. You can also ask the seller to confirm whether the unit is compatible with your vehicle's type and brand.

It will save you from wasting your hard-earned money on erroneous purchases.

Leveling Capacity

Leveling capacity indicates the amount of weight the air springs can lift when inflated to the maximum PSI.

Different brands offer various leveling capacities; however, most of them provide 5000 pounds.

Moreover, airbags are available in flexible ranges to counter bottoming out, squat and solving the problems faced by towing the heavyweight.

Quality and Cost

Since you are replacing the factory suspensions, you want airbags that are of similar but good quality.

However, before purchasing, it is essential to question the type of suspension kit you want.

Do you want an off-road or on-road suspension kit?

Off-road suspension kits are relatively more expensive than the latter.

Moreover, various brands offer different price ranges. To get your hands on the most affordable airbags, you must compare the prices of each product you are thinking of buying.

Adjusting Level

Make sure that the airbags you buy are adjustable. You should be able to adjust the compressing pressure from 5 to 100 PSI.


The airbags usually come with an instruction manual and are very detailed.

If you are well-versed with car mechanics, installing an air suspension kit is exceptionally straightforward.

Furthermore, most brands offer DIY kits that are very effortless to install after watching a few videos.

However, with a few air suspension kits, you may need assistance from professionals.

What's more!

The installation process is relatively lengthy. Some kits may take two or maybe five hours or more to install completely.

Spring Material

The spring provides reliable support to the upgraded design. Therefore, only choose the ones that are made up of solid metals.

Moreover, many high-quality models from the inside are manufactured from stainless steel.

Additional Components

The kit you are willing to buy should be complete. It should include all the necessary items like mounting brackets, valves, fasteners, and other hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are airbags worth buying?
If you are buying it for the cars, they may not provide the best results; however, they will be ideal for pickup trucks for hauling or towing items.
How long do airbags last?
Mostly it depends on the type and brand. Some airbags last around 7000 miles, while others last for about ten years.
How much air should be present in an airbag?
The amount of air depends on the pressure. You have to maintain at least five PSI at a standard condition.
Will airbags lift my truck?
Definitely, yes! Your vehicle’s rear may squat or bottom out because of the extra load. The purpose of the airbags is to lift the rear portion and distribute the weight equally to balance the vehicle.
Are airbags suitable for driving daily?
Absolutely yes! Airbags cannot be detached easily, and they stay intact even when they are not in use. If you have invested in a top-notch airbag, it will not be affected by the harsh weather conditions or vehicle’s heat.
What is the difference between GVWR and leveling capacity?
GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) is a term that refers to the vehicle’s maximum operating weight specified by the manufacturer.

It includes the engine’s body, chassis engine, accessories, engine fluids, fuel, cargo, passengers, and drivers. However, it excludes the trailer’s weight. This weight restriction is crucial, and you should never exceed it.

In contrast, the leveling capacity means the amount of weight air springs can lift when inflated to the maximum PSI.


Your trailer or a truck needs help in lifting the weight because it cannot bear the cargo alone.

Choosing the best airbags for your vehicle will do the job. They will raise your car and distribute the weight on the tires evenly. Thus, minimizing wear and tear.

The airbags we have mentioned above have the most rigid build, and they work great to eliminate squatting and sagging.

Moreover, these units are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as hauling, trailer towing; plus, they work perfectly for motorhomes and commercial cars.

Like other vehicles, Duramax can also not withstand the load without the airbag suspension. Therefore, it is necessary to look and choose the best option.

If you are still unsure which one to go for, you can select the ones we have listed above after comparing and contrasting your vehicle's specifications with the airbags.

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