Best Aftermarket Oil Cooler For 6.0 Powerstroke [Buying Guide]

Which is the best aftermarket oil cooler for 6.0 power stroke is a question that most truck and car owners tend to ask over time!

Why is it important to have an oil cooler kit installed in your car?

Well, to ensure your vehicle performs at a steady pace, it is necessary to keep it cool especially in seasons when the temperature rises and the scorching heat boils any liquid that comes in its contact.

Best Aftermarket Oil Cooler For 6.0 Powerstroke

When it comes down to your Ford 6.0 power stroke, or any other car with a power stroke, an oil cooler kit will help maintain the engine’s temperature and enhance its performance.

But for people who do not know much about these kits, we are bombarded with questions that point at which is the best aftermarket oil cooler kit.

Hence, once and for all answers to your queries related to the equipment, we have put together a guide that’ll help you find the best oil cooler for a 6.0 power stroke!

Comparing 7 Best Aftermarket Oil Cooler For 6.0 Powerstroke 2021

Oil CoolerWeight (pounds)OEM Fit
Rudy's Diesel5Yes Check Price
AA Ignition4.65Yes Check Price
Pacific Performance5Yes Check Price
Dorman5.72Yes Check Price
Benefast5.06Yes Check Price
DK Engine5Yes Check Price
TOPAZ4.54Yes Check Price

Best Aftermarket Oil Cooler for 6.0 Power Stroke

When it comes down to your vehicles, one couldn’t risk using under-average equipment that’ll affect its performance.

Moreover, when you’re a car enthusiast at heart, you’ll understand the basic mechanics and do your best to maintain the brilliant performance it delivers.

Hence, with the temperature rise, the temperature of your engine’s oil tends to level up too, which can affect the car’s efficiency.

This is where; a 6.0 power stroke oil cooler can come in handy. So, without further ado, let’s get to the best brands offering a highly competitive kit!

1. Rudy’s Diesel Heavy-Duty Cooling Kit

Rudy's Diesel 6.0 Oil Cooler

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When it comes to the best oil cooler for 6.0 power stroke, the first name that comes to our minds is Rudy’s diesel heavy-duty cooling kit!

But what makes better from the rest you ask?

We’ve found the kit to be high-performing and easy to install. When you talk about oil cooling kits for cars, you don’t want a kit that takes a lot of time to assemble.

This is why we found Rudy’s oil kit to be pretty handy as it was super easy and quick to install.

Moreover, this advanced version comes with all the gasket seals that help the process of cooling down the engine’s oil.

Additionally, upon research we found out that this cooling kit offered direct replacement thus; we did not need spare parts or professional help to set it up. So, yes we’d say it was super convenient for us!

Oh and let us mention it here that the material used in manufacturing this cooling kit by Rudy is high-end.

We’ve found it to be much better than other labels in terms of cooling capacity and durability.

Rudy’s heavy-duty diesel cooling kit is an original construction that ticks all boxes of OEM and is compatible with most Ford models produced in the years from 2004 to 2007.

  • Constructed from heavy-duty material
  • It fits OEM requirements perfectly
  • Easy to install
  • Offers direct replacement which requires no additional tools or parts to be bought
  • Advanced design with gasket seals facilitate the cooling process which helps protect the engine
  • Fits only limited Ford models
  • Some users have complained it to be non-durable

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2. AA Ignition’s Engine Oil Cooler Kit

AA Ignition Oil Cooler

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Are you looking for another brand offering high-quality oil cooling kits for your 6.0 power stroke? Then try the AA Ignition’s engine oil cooler kit which we certainly found worthy of a purchase.

This oil cooler kit is compatible with most Ford models including Ford Club Wagon, Super Duty, and many more.

So if we say one fits all, we won’t be exaggerating! Moreover, the oil cooler kit consists of O-rings with gasket seals makes it act like a radiator that promises smooth heat exchange.

Also, we found the material used in its manufacturing to be of high quality which adds to the kit’s durability.

It makes the perfect OEM fit and once installed, we did not find it interfering with the usual car parts, affecting its performance negatively!

Furthermore, because it offers direct replacement, we didn’t need a professional hand to fix it in the vehicle.

The process was super smooth, quick, and easy! And the best part about the AA Ignitions oil cooler kit is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

If at any point in time it breaks down, you can get it replaced and yes, we did find it to be a point going in favor of the equipment.

Also, unlike other oil cooler kits for power stroke engines, we found this kit to be much reasonably priced, and with the quality it offers, it surely delivers absolute value for money.

  • Offers direct replacement making it easy to install
  • Compatible with most Ford models
  • Consist of O-rings that act as a radiator paired with gasket seals to facilitate the cooling process
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • OEM fit
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Avoids leaking of coolants and protects the engine
  • Reasonably priced
  • The quality can be improved

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3. PPE Heavy Duty Ford Oil Cooler

PPE 6.0 Oil Cooler

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To our surprise, we recently found out that vehicles with 6.0 power stroke have an in-built cooling system that is smaller in size.

The tiny passage increases the chances of clogging and corrosion when the engine oil runs throughout, ultimately leading to engine failure.

And once the engine failed, your car is of no more use until you spend hundreds on installing a new engine!

The thought is disturbing for all car owners including us and thus, we soon decided to replace the factory-installed oil cooler with the Pacific Performance Engineering’s heavy-duty Ford oil cooler, and let us tell you, we couldn’t have been happier.

Unlike the original, this oil cooler kit comes with a wide passage that provides ample space for the liquid to flow without sticking to the roof.

This way, we are sure that the oil cooling process won’t be hindered, and hence, no matter how high the temperature is outside, the oil is sure to remain cool.

Moreover, the addition of an extra coil facilitates heat dispersion, thereby improving the efficiency of the engine.

But is the kit easy to install?

It offers great compatibility with few Ford models and is designed in a way that installation is super convenient and easy.

Furthermore, we’ve observed that the construction of the cooling kit by PPE also protects other parts of the engine like injectors and turbo from unnecessary damage which ultimately leads to enhanced durability.

And best of all, since we installed it in our Ford, we’re having to spend less time and money on maintenance of our beast! So yes, a win-win situation for all!

  • Advanced design that enhances engine performance and protects vital parts
  • Easy to install
  • Additional coil facilitates heat dispersion
  • Affordably priced
  • The broader passage makes the cooler process smoother and hence, increases the life of the engine
  • Not compatible with most Ford models
  • Does not come with an installation manual which can make installation difficult and time-consuming

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4. Dorman Engine Oil Cooler

Dorman Engine Oil Cooler

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So here is the Dorman’s 6.0 powerstroke oil cooler which found out to be one of the best. Why do we say so?

This is because the direct replacement design makes an easy fit for most Ford models.

Moreover, we assure you this oil cooler kit here is the perfect replacement for your problem-causing factory-installed coolers!

And when it comes to oil coolers for your cars, durability is the topmost priority which exactly what this kit offers.

It has been carefully constructed from high-quality material that enables the kit to withstand wearing and tearing over time.

Remember, the aluminum construction makes the oil cooler leak-proof while promising lifetime guaranteed performance.

Furthermore, before Dorman introduced the kit in the market, the company ran it through extensive testing to ensure we get our hands on only the best.

If like us you too have been experiencing a decline in your car’s performance caused by engine failure, it is time you too replace the factory-built cooling kit with this beauty!

  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction makes it corrosion and leak-resistant
  • Durable and high performance
  • The direct replacement construction makes it easy to install
  • Compatible with most Ford models
  • Run through extensive testing that proves it to be a durable equipment
  • A quick, cost-effective solution to declining engine’s performance
  • Low-quality gasket sealant

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5. Benefast Engine EGR Oil Cooler

Benefast Oil Cooler

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Although every vehicle comes with a pre-installed oil cooling kit, at times, these stop working effectively, leading to the malfunction of the engine.

Hence, what can be done to ensure your car remains cool, delivering unaffected performance?

Replace the oil cooling kit with Benefast’s engine EGR oil cooler before you lose your engine completely.

We’ve found this cooling kit to be amazing! It is designed with complete gasket sealants and coils that ensure even dispersion of heat and efficiently cool down the liquid in minimum time.

Moreover, the durable aluminum construction makes it leak-proof and corrosion-resistant to yes, the kit does last a few good years.

The cooler is strong and durable with great compatibility with most Ford models which is why we found it a brilliant addition to our list.

The direct replacement of the Benefast’s oil powerstroke 6.0 oil cooler offers easy installation, making it a perfect fit for most vehicles.

Also, it is an OEM fit so you don’t have to worry about its originality and performance.

Like us, if you’re in search of an oil cooler that lasts much longer, try this engine EGR oil cooler by Benefast because based on our experience, we certainly loved the equipment!

  • Direct replacement makes installation easy
  • Made from heavy-duty aluminum which makes it leak-proof and corrosion-resistant
  • Durable and strong
  • Affordably priced
  • Compatible with most Ford models
  • Additional gasket sealants and coils make it efficient in performance
  • Limited compatibility

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6. DK Engine Parts Oil Cooler Kit

DK Engine Oil Cooler

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Are you looking for an aftermarket oil cooler kit that replaces the “original” perfectly? Well, you surely in for a surprise here!

We’d say we were quite lucky to come across the oil cooler kit by DK Engine Parts and why do we say so?

Because unlike most aftermarket oil cooling kits for a 6.o Powerstroke in the market, this one is pretty affordable!

But do not fool yourself with the price. This amazing kit delivers high-quality performance by effectively cooling down the engine liquid and saving time.

Moreover, the kit is leak-proof and OEM fit, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging the engine during replacement.

Frankly speaking, we loved the simple design too. It offers direct replacement so yes, the installation wasn’t a problem for us.

Furthermore, it provides great compatibility with multiple Ford models so we never questioned the “fitting or size”.

Additionally, the advanced design offers wider veins and passages for the oil to move freely while the coils disperse heat evenly, cooling the liquid quicker!

And the best part is, DK Engine Parts provides a 1-year warranty for hassle-free usage!

  • Wider veins and passage makes it more effective in performance
  • Offers great compatibility with Ford models
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Effective and efficient performance
  • Users have complained of leakage after a few kilometers

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7. Topaz Oil Cooler Kit

Topaz 6.0 Oil Cooler

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A perfect blend of great design, durable construction, and ease of installation, we couldn’t shy away from mentioning Topaz’s upgraded oil cooler kit in the list of the best oil cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke.

You must be thinking, what special good did we find in it?

To start with, the Topaz’s oil cooler kit is made from heavy-duty material which makes it leak-proof and corrosion-resistant offering full protection to our car’s engine.

Moreover, it is easy to install and efficient in performance. as compared to most aftermarket oil coolers, this OEM fit cooling kit takes lesser time to cool down the oil, maintain the engine’s temperature, and improving the vehicle’s performance.

What more can you ask for?

Also, this upgraded and advanced oil cooler offers maximum compatibility with Ford models, is reliable and best of all, comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We certainly thought the kit was a great purchase and because it comes with a warranty, we never doubted its performance and quality as a replacement was up for grabs!

  • Provides ease of installation
  • High quality and durable
  • Offers 1-year warranty
  • Made from high-end material which is leak-proof and corrosion-resistant
  • Gaskets seals may create a problem
  • Quality needs improvement

No products found.

Best Aftermarket Oil Cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke Buyer's Guide:

Aftermarket Oil Cooler For 6.0 Powerstroke Buying Guide

So, we have pretty much mentioned all the labels that are offering high quality and durable best oil cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke based on our personal experience, of course!

But one question that we have been repeatedly asked is that how to find the best oil cooler kit? What things do the buyers need to look for when buying an aftermarket oil cooler?

So keeping in mind most of you are first time buyer just like us, here are a few things that you need to pay special heed to when buying a kit like this one:


Well, here compatibility simply means the right sized oil cooler kit that you need to choose for your vehicle.

Although most brands mention their kits to be compatible with most Ford models but hear us out, this isn’t true.

Read out the labels carefully to find one that’ll is compatible with the vehicle you own or installation will become a nightmare. Thus, make sure you choose wisely!

Easy Installation

Hiring professionals for installing oil cooling kits can be expensive but if you choose the right cooling kit, you won’t need an extra hand.

Most oil coolers especially those we have mentioned above are super easy to install. They came with a manual to guide you through the process and there are no nuts, bolts, or screws that need to be tightened in place.

If you’re comparatively new to the idea of replacing the old 6.0 Powerstroke oil cooler like us, we’ll suggest going with label offerings equipment with easy installation to help save time and energy.


Another crucial point to consider while buying an oil cooler for your vehicle is the material used in its construction.

A cooler needs to be built from heavy-duty material so it can withstand the rising temperature and does not melt under it.

The higher the quality material used in construction, the more durable your oil cooler will be.

We’d suggest going for high-end aluminum or any other that fights corrosion and is a leak, contributing to the long life of your vehicle and its engine.

Efficient in Performance

Yes, this is what we are talking about! An efficient oil cooler takes minimum time to cool off the engine’s liquid.

Here we are talking about the engine oil which when reaches a high point can lead to engine failure quickly.

But how does one measure an oil cooler efficiency? The design and material used in the making of the equipment will pretty much help determine the factor.

The addition of a gasket sealer and coils will ensure the heat dispersion is even while speeding up the cooling process hence making the cooler more efficient.

So make sure you choose one wisely!

Brand Name

It is a well-known fact the more popular a brand is the higher quality products it will offer. Yes, that is certainly true but not be the case every time!

We suggest you go for popular labels because products that they manufacture including the 6.0 Powerstroke oil cooler mostly come with a lifetime warranty.

This makes an exchange or replacement easier in a situation when the kit fails to deliver a great performance.

Before we head out to buy an oil cooler, we asked friends and family for their experience and researched a lot to gather information regarding the best oil cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke based on real reviews.

Hence, if you have the urgency to buy an oil cooler for your Ford, a little research about the popular brands can certainly help you big time!


Are you low on budget or have enough to spend on an expensive oil cooler kit?

You must be wondering why we are asking this! Your willingness to spend a certain amount on the product will ensure the quality that you get your hands on.

Certainly, the good thing comes expensive so if you’re looking for the best aftermarket oil cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke, know that it won’t come cheap.

On the contrary, if you have a limited budget, you’ll be able to explore decent quality options within the range, allowing you to make a satisfactory purchase.

Hence, before you blindly enter a market to buy an oil cooler for your vehicle, set a budget that facilitates your purchase by narrowing down the options!


When we went out to buy an oil cooler, we came across various packages stating the product to be an “OEM fit” but little did we know back then what it was.

OEM means original equipment manufacturer which states that the product of that company is a great replacement for the original products/equipment of another company. 

Finding an oil cooler with an OEM fit makes installation easy, is reliable, and guarantees high-end performance.

And in case of the equipment malfunctions, you can get a quick replacement of it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know it is time to replace the oil cooler?

The usual signs of your oil cooler malfunctioning include the inability to maintain the vehicle’s temperature. If you see a rise in it, it certainly means there is a problem with the factory-installed oil cooler.

Apart from this, look for oil leaks, oil coolant leakage, and the presence of oil coolant in the system. If you face any of this, the alarm should ring!

Why is important to replace the oil cooler?

The oil cooler’s performance directly affects the engine’s performance. A defective oil cooling kit can ultimately damage the engine and lead to malfunctioning which means, you’ll lose your vehicle’s functioning too.

Thus, before things get out of hand, if you observe the slightest leak or problem with the cooler, get it replaced ASAP!

How long does an oil cooler kit usually last?

If original or even replaced by a quality kit, the oil cooling kits tend to last up to 150,000 kilometers without a problem.

Is a 6.0 Powerstroke oil cooler expensive?

You can find a variety of oil coolers in the market ranging from cheaper to expensive ones with many lying in between. Your willingness to spend will decide how expensive do you go for.

What size of oil cooler should I go for?

For the best results, we certainly suggest going for the biggest size on the market to avail maximum efficiency but of course, one should surely opt for a cooler kit that fits their car perfectly.

Most aftermarket oil cooling kits offer direct replacement making them compatible with most vehicles; hence installation shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Does the oil cooler enhance the car’s performance?

By maintaining the temperature of the liquid; you’ll surely see a vast difference in your car’s performance by installing a cooler. We certainly recommend it for enhanced performance!

Where is an oil cooling kit located in the car?

If you know little about cars, you certainly won’t have an idea about them. Hence, open up the bonnet or front of the car and you’ll find the kit installed right under the intake manifold.


Since we’ve replaced the old oil cooling kit with a new one, we are certainly enjoying our car’s enhanced performance.

We don’t have to struggle with ignition anymore or worry about it breaking down in the middle during hot summers.

We are sure that through this review of the best aftermarket oil cooler for 6.0 Powerstroke you certainly have gathered valuable information that will help you install the best kit in your cars.

Not every car needs a cooling kit but if you wish to experience a smooth drive, the oil cooler certainly helps achieve it!

We’d suggest setting a budget before you head out for the purchase as this way you’ll be able to narrow down the options and choose the best one within your price range.

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