10 Best Adhesive For Boat Carpet [Buying Guide 2022]

From fishing to sailing, water sports are surely adventurous. But how do you explore liquid terrains where walking on the surface is impossible?

Do you swim? Or do you sit on the back of a whale that takes you around?

Neither, of course!

Best Adhesive For Boat Carpet

A boat is the only water transport that helps you explore the beautiful world that lies under the surface of blue water.

Do you need a sailing boat? A pontoon? Or a kayak?

For people who love exploring deep water and fishing in the open, a boat is the only transport that they can use for adventure.

Whichever boat you choose depends on the type of adventure you seek but remember, buying one may not cost you a fortune, but maintaining it is surely expensive.

You do not want to damage the floor while boating or let it remain unprotected, making it more prone to wearing and tearing over time.

So, what can you do?

Carpet the floor! And for this, you do not need to visit a professional.

Here we’ll tell you about the best adhesive for boat carpet that not only dries quickly but allow you to fix the carpet in place, protecting the boat floor from damage over time.

Comparing 10 Best Adhesive For Boat Carpet

Boat Carpet AdhesiveDrying TimeBase
Henry 12185 Carpet Adhesive48 HoursWater Based Check Price
Permatex 27828 Spray Carpet Adhesive24 HoursSpray Check Price
Polymat 777 Spray Adhesive Glue1 MinuteSpray Check Price
Dap 00442 Weldwood Carpet Adhesive24 HoursWater Based Check Price
ROBERTS 6700 Carpet Adhesive48 HoursWater Based Check Price
RecPro Roll On Floor Glue30 MinutesWater Based Check Price
3M 90 Contact Spray Adhesive1 MinuteSpray Check Price
Marine Grade Boat Carpet Adhesive48 HoursWater Based Check Price
AAT-390 Carpet Adhesive48 HoursWater Based Check Price
Loctite 2267077 Spray Adhesive10 minutesSpray Check Price

1. Henry 12185 Carpet Adhesive

Henry 12185 Carpet Adhesive

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This one comes in one-gallon packing, which is enough in quantity to cover a hundred square feet boat floor area.

The Henry indoor/outdoor carpet adhesive is great for setting your boat up like a true professional at home.

Because you do not want to hurt your precious love and avoid wearing and tearing, carpeting the floor is surely a great idea.

This adhesive works well with plywood and fiberglass, although it may not give you the required results with metal but surely works perfectly with wood boat flooring.

Moreover, as mentioned on the pack, the Henry adhesive takes 2-3 days to dry, hence giving you ample time to set your carpet perfectly on the floor.

Make sure you leave edges around the corner so setting it up is easy and less messy.

Overall, the Henry indoor/outdoor adhesive carpet for a boat is great for use but it does take a lot of time to dry which can be a big turn-off for a few users.

  • Slow setup time
  • Works great on plywood and other types of wooden boat flooring
  • Enough to cover a hundred square feet with one gallon
  • Can easily be used for carpeting pontoon boat
  • Non-inflammable
  • Takes a lot of time to dry
  • Not enough to cover a larger area
  • Does not work on metal

No products found.

2. Permatex 27828 Spray Carpet Adhesive

Permatex 27828 Spray Carpet Adhesive

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Are you looking for an adhesive that dries up quickly? If so, you need to check out the Permatex headliner adhesive aerosol can.

Although one may think what magic can be achieved by a spray especially when it comes to gluing carpet to boat floor, right?

Do not be fooled by this one as this aerosol can contain high strength and extremely high-temperature spray that is good enough to fix automotive headliners too.

Moreover, it dries up quickly, within 24 hours so you have a quick fixation solution right here!

Whether it is about fixing automotive lining or door panels, or carpeting boats, or attaching kicks or silencers to metal, this spray is efficient in doing it all.

Thus what makes it the best marine carpet glue for aluminum and boat carpet is the fact that it is weather resistant.

No matter if it is a hot summer day or chilly winter evening, if you’ve fixed something with the Permatex spray, nothing can undo the magic.

Furthermore, it is water-resistant too!

But how to use it? First protect the important parts of your boat with masking tape, shake the bottle well and spray a generous amount over the flooring and bottom of the carpet.

Now gently lay the carpet over the floor, press it down evenly from all the corners, and let it dry completely for 24 hours, until your next trip!

  • Offers super strength
  • Dries up quickly
  • Works as a great adhesive for marine and automotive parts
  • Weather-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • One aerosol spray bottle can cover an area up to 15 square feet
  • Unlike mentioned on the can, the spray stains
  • Highly inflammable hence should be used with care
  • The nozzle clogs up quickly

No products found.

3. Polymat 777 Adhesive Marine Upholstery Glue Spray

Polymat 777 Spray Adhesive Glue

No products found.

Here is another glue spray that’ll help you fix any and every type of material to your automotive or marine.

The Polymat 777 is highly durable and allows you to work through difficult edges and complicated corners without a problem.

Where it is difficult to reach a twisted corner with your average floor glue, the spray makes it easy and convenient to work with.

Moreover, you can use it to bond glue, wood, upholstery, plastic, and whatnot.

Once put on, the spray promises to leave no stains or old behind. Additional, it is resistant to oil, salt, and gas but may not work up against water that well.

  • Adheres immediately
  • Easy to use
  • Resistant to salt, gas, and oil
  • Works amazingly with every type of material
  • Gives UV protection
  • The nozzle clogs up
  • Not resistant to water

No products found.

4. Dap 00442 Weldwood Carpet Adhesive

Dap 00442 Weldwood Carpet Adhesive

No products found.

So if you’re done with spray adhesives, here we have the Weldwood marine carpet adhesive, solvent-based glue that promises to get your work done pretty quickly.

This one is ideal for installing outdoor turfs and carpets adheres quickly and is resistant to hot and cold weather.

And not just this, this super glue can withstand any weather conditions, dries up quickly without messing up the look so you have a beautifully carpeted boat that looks like a professional just finished working upon it.

  • Great for setting up marine carpets
  • Dries up fast
  • Need to wear a mask because of the strong adhesive smell
  • Sticky glue hence need to be handled carefully

No products found.

5. ROBERTS 6700 Carpet Adhesive

ROBERTS 6700 Carpet Adhesive

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Want an outdoor carpet glue that is fast to adhere to and not messy? Then you need to go for the Roberts 6700 carpet adhesive, solvent-based glue that promises an effective fixing solution.

If you’ve planned to revamp your boat and add an extra layer of carpet on the floor for “extra protection” then this glue is what will give you professional results at home.

It is ideal for working with indoor/outdoor carpets, decks, basements, and sunrooms.

Moreover, it bonds quickly with marine plywood, concrete, fiberglass, aluminum, and whatnot. You name it we are sure this product will wonderfully work on it too!

The only thing you need to be careful with is that after opening the can, you need to use it in a single go or else it might not remain effective for the next time.

Moreover, once you’re done sticking the boat carpet, it’ll take around 24 to 48 hours for the adhesive to dry up completely so you’re all set to head out on your water adventure.

  • Offers great bond
  • Adheres quickly
  • Works well with every type of material and surface
  • Need to put a thick layer of it the adhesive to make sure it sticks well
  • May take a few days to dry as opposed to what is mentioned on the packaging

No products found.

6. RecPro RP-128 RV and Marine Flooring Adhesive

RecPro Roll On Floor Glue

No products found.

Have a pontoon boat to upgrade? Thinking about protecting the floor with a carpet so it does not damage and looks good too?

Well, when visiting a professional isn’t a choice, all you need to do is get the RecPro RP-128 flooring adhesive.

But is it good? It is AMAZING!

It can be used on multiple floor types including TPO, vinyl, coin flooring, and carpets without having to worry about staining.

Moreover, the water-based solvent is ideal for marine carpeting, especially when you’ve to attain professional results at home. And guess what, it is super easy to use.

All you need is to open the packaging, pour it over and start spreading it around.

Although the glue might look pretty thick and messy to work with, as compared to other adhesives for boat carpet, this one is easy to use.

Furthermore, it takes about 30 minutes for the glue to dry, bonding tightly with the floor so you do not have to worry about the carpet coming off from places.

The only thing you need to consider while using this adhesive is it won’t work on fiberglass and aluminum base, so do not even bother wasting your energy and effort over it.

  • Easy to use
  • Thick yet dries quickly
  • An ideal adhesive for boat carpet
  • Can be used on multiple floor types
  • A little expensive
  • Cannot be used on fiberglass and aluminum base
  • The thick consistency makes it a little difficult to work with

No products found.

7. 3M High Strength 90 Contact Spray Adhesive

3M 90 Contact Spray Adhesive

No products found.

Did you hear 1-minute dry time? This is what we said because the 3M high strength adhesive spray is THAT quick in drying up!

3M isn’t a new name in the industry, thus when you’re talking about a quality product, it can be trusted completely. So, talk about this adhesive spray and its offer high strength and professional finish.

That is correct!

The spray is easy to use. How? Because the easy spray bottle makes gluing super fun, quick, and convenient for starters.

But does the quick drying time mean a weaker bond? No, it surely does not! The spray gives high-strength bonding on various floor types including cardboard, fabric, and insulation.

Didn’t know a spray bottle can hold super glue that makes work easy, delivering professional results each time.

And finally, the 3M adhesive spray is high temperature resistant, so if you think the adhesive will come off in high heat, it won’t even budge!

Also, you can use these sealants for boat windows.

  • Adheres in just under a minute
  • Easy to use
  • Offer high bond strength
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Can work on multiple floor types including paper, fiber, and insulation
  • Can also be used on outdoor items
  • Easy to clean the nozzle
  • A little sticky
  • Stick the stuff quickly or it’ll dry up before you know

No products found.

8. Marine Grade Boat Carpet Adhesive Glue

Marine Grade Boat Carpet Adhesive

No products found.

If you’re looking for a water-based formula, try out the Marine Grade boat carpet adhesive glue, which suggests being perfect for setting-up boat carpet.

It works pretty much on every type of flooring but the drying up time may vary from material to material.

Where you might need less glue to adhere carpet to your pontoon boat, it may take more time to dry up when working on vinyl flooring.

Either way, the Marine Grade adhesive offers a great strength bond, is non-inflammable, and formulated with the best marine grade adhesive.

Thus, if you’re looking for a professional installation of your boat carpet, this one might come in handy!

  • Professional marine grade adhesive formula
  • Non-inflammable and safe to use
  • Offers great adhesive strength
  • Great for multiple surface types including fiberglass and aluminum
  • May take a few days to dry completely

No products found.

9. Advanced Adhesive Technologies AAT 390 Adhesive

AAT 390 Carpet Adhesive

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Next, it is time to talk about AAT 390 adhesive, the glue that makes installation boat carpet super easy.

The glue is water-based, thus making it easier to handle, more natural, and less toxic. Moreover, it sticks easily and no matter what material your carpet’s back is made from, the glue is quick to adhere.

And what we love most about this glue here is that it works well on pretty much every type of surface, giving you a clean and strong finish every time. Not only does the adhesive by AAT offer durability but is also easy to clean.

Once the glue has completely dried, all you need to do is rinse it off with warm water to get rid of unnecessary stains.

And because the glue gives a very strong adhesive bond, we’d suggest you use it for permanent installations, being careful in the process to make no mistakes.

If you want an adhesive that is gentle on the surface of your boat and the back of your carpet, this one makes a great choice!

You can also use it to glue your rock crafts.

  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Does not stain and non-inflammable
  • Creates a strong adhesive bond
  • Work great on every type of surface including fiber, paper, plywood, fiberglass, and aluminum
  • Long-lasting and makes a great choice for permanent installation of boat carpet
  • Expensive as compared to other adhesives for boat carpet
  • Need to sand and clean fiberglass and aluminum surface before application

No products found.

10. Loctite 2267077 Professional Spray Adhesive

Loctite 2267077 Spray Adhesive

No products found.

Dries up quickly and offers great adhesive strength, the Loctite is one professional glue spray that you must try!

This one is great for both indoor and outdoor use, is translucent and does not turn yellow when dries up, and most importantly, is resistant to high temperature.

Moreover, it dries up pretty fast and can install/repair anything within your reach. Whether you’re talking about automotive repair or boat carpet installation, this spray magically bonds everything together.

And what makes it even better is the spray creates no mess at all and leaves no stains behind.

I was able to save a couple of bucks because of its versatility. I could use it for temporary or permanent tasks.

Even though we recommend it for carpet installation on various surface types, some users have complained about the glue getting sticky and messy after a few days of drying up, but of course, one can only be sure after using the product.

  • Does not turn yellow with time
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Does not bubble
  • Dries up quick
  • It May become sticky and messy after a few days
  • May leave blotches

No products found.

Best Adhesive For Boat Carpet Buyer's Guide:

Adhesive For Boat Carpet Buying Guide

We understand decisions like which marine carpet glue to buy is hard one. When deciding to buy one, a million questions cross your mind, confusing you as to which one to go for!

What is that you are looking for? Do you base your decision on reviews left by people? Or do you go for a brand name? is it about the price tag?

Or is it user convenience that matters? And then which is adhesive is better, solvent-based or spray?

Hold your horses’ guys!

Taking into consideration the difficulty you face in taking the right decision, we’ve gathered a few points that are sure to help you out with the right adhesive for boat carpet.

Type of Adhesive/Glue:

Before you head out to buy an adhesive, you need to understand the three main types that are available:

Indoor/Outdoor Boat Carpet AdhesiveAerosol/Spray Contact AdhesiveMarine Grade Carpet Adhesive

This type of adhesive is ideal for pontoon boats that have plywood flooring. It is easy to use; the bond is strong and thus, lasts longer.

Less messy and sticky, aerosol cans containing adhesive are much easier to use and dry up quickly. The only downside you may face with this one is that after one or two uses, the nozzle of the can may clog up, making it difficult to work with.

This is what professionals usually use. The marine-grade carpet adhesive is water-proof, super-strong offering a bond that lasts for much longer. As compared to other adhesives, this one can be used on multiple surfaces including fiberglass and aluminum equally well.

Type of Flooring/Surface:

A general rule of thumb that you need to remember here is that not all adhesives works on every floor/surface type. That is correct!

Although, most adhesive packaging does mention for which floor type those are made for, still, here is what you need to know in general.

Like the indoor/outdoor adhesive for a boat, carpet works great with plywood while the spray ones bond well with paper and fiber surface.

But none of these is made for fiberglass and aluminum surfaces; hence if you need one that works great with the latter two, you need to get your hands on the marine grade glue.

Understood what we mean?

Before you head out to just randomly pick out an adhesive for boat carpet, know the surface type you’ll be working with to get maximum results.

Area to Cover:

Once you’ve started working on carpeting your boat, you don’t want to run out of the glue in the middle of the task, because let’s admit, it is just annoying.

So, before you start working on it, measure the surface area that needs to be covered to buy the right product.

If you have a larger area to cover, it is more feasible to buy glue that comes in a packing of a gallon and for a smaller area, even a spray will work just fine.

Drying Time:

Adhesive with quick drying time is easy to work with as compared to those that can take up to a few days to dry completely. But of course, you need to be careful while working with quick-drying adhesive too!


Because if you end up with a mistake while installing it, there is no going back!

On the other hand, adhesive/glue that takes time to dry gives you a better chance at making adjustments while installing the carpet before it is permanently fixed in place.

Bond Strength:

Do you want to carpet your boat permanently? There are a few adhesives that offer permanent fixation of carpet, ensuring the bond is strong enough to hold the carpet down for over a lifetime.

On the contrary, some glue gives you temporary results. If you opt to use these glues for carpeting the boat and wish to change it after a few years, the carpet will come off easily, allowing you for a quick upgrade once again.

Solvent-Based or Water-Based Adhesive:

Marine-grade glue comes in two types: solvent-based and water-based where each type caters to a different floor type, offering great adhesive strength and long-lasting bond.

Water-based adhesive is ideal for softer surfaces including rubber because if treated with extreme chemicals, it can cause irreversible damage to the surface.

If you need to work with harder surfaces including fiberglass, aluminum, and wood, go for solvent-based adhesive without a second thought.

The Back of The Carpet:

Is the back of your carpet covered with rubber? Or is it made of plain fiber? The material of your carpet’s back will too influence your decision.

If you end up buying the wrong glue, it won’t adhere to the carpet and hence, it won’t bond with the floor. So before you buy glue, read for the instructions and details to ensure it works well with your carpet’s back type.

Gallon Pail or Aerosol Spray Bottle:

Where working with a gallon pail is easy and messy, handling an aerosol spray bottle is much easier.

In case you have a larger area for coverage, we’d recommend a gallon can while for the smaller area with places that are hard to reach otherwise, a spray glue bottle will work the best.

Water-Proof and Safe:

Yes, boats are meant to ride in the water and this is why, you should opt for boat carpet adhesive that is water-proof, which protects it against water, molding and leads to increased life.

Moreover, most glue is known to contain formaldehyde, which is toxic. This, go for adhesive-free from such chemicals, are odor-less and organic to maintain the quality of air of your boat.

Installing a Boat Carpet:

Well, it may not be as easy as you think but if you follow the steps right, you’ll be done installing a boat carpet in no time at all. So how do you do it? Let us explain:

Gather all the Tools

What do you need for installing a boat carpet? You need a:

  • Trowel
  • Scrapper
  • Marine-grade adhesive/spray contact adhesive/ indoor/outdoor adhesive (the choice is all yours)
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Heavy-duty knife
  • Carpet
  • Heavyweight

Yes, this is pretty much it! And you can find all these things from any sports store easily.

Remove The Old Carpet And Scrap

Next, remove the old carpet if you have one. Pull it off or use tools to do, whatever is convenient, and then scrap the floor to remove old glue and even out the surface before you apply a new coat of adhesive over it.

Measure And Cut The Carpet

Now use the measuring tape to write down the exact measurements of the boat and cut your carpet accordingly.

Apply The Adhesive

If you have bought a gallon pile, pour it over the surface and use a trowel to spread it out evenly. In the case of a spray contact adhesive, you do not need a trowel.

As soon as you apply the glue, start laying your carpet over it, spreading it carefully so you do not have to make adjustments later.

Let it Cure

Put some weights on the carpet and let it dry. Once you are sure the glue has completely dried off, only then remove the weights and you’re all set to go!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which glue should I use for boat carpet?

The decision fully depends on the result you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s a temporary or permanent setup that you’re looking for. For professional outcomes, we’ll suggest going for marina grade glue as the adhesive is non-sticky, offers great bond strength, and is easy to work with.

How can I glue carpet to the boat?

Although there are hundreds of videos available on the internet, the easiest way to carpet a boat is to follow the instructions mentioned on the adhesive can. Whether you’re using a spray or a gallon can, it comes with a complete manual that’ll allow you to work through the process for the best results.

But for starters, you need a trowel (if you’re using a gallon can), a heavy-duty knife, sandpaper, and some screwdrivers to remove screws. Next, cut the carpet of the required size, use the trowel to spread the glue, and install the carpet.

And yes, do not forget to cover your mask when working with adhesive to avoid inhaling chemicals.

Once the carpet has been glued, can I move it for adjustments?

With adhesives that offer a permanent fix, adjustments are impossible. But otherwise, if you’re using an average quality spray glue or indoor/outdoor adhesive, you can surely make adjustments that too before the glue dries up.

How long does glue take to dry up fully?

For every adhesive type, the drying time is different. It is mentioned on the packaging and can range from a few hours going up to a few days.

What is the difference between water-based and solvent-based adhesive?

In general, a water-based adhesive is less toxic and is ideal for untreated, soft surfaces including rubber.

On the other hand, the solvent-based adhesive is made for much harsher surfaces and may contain stronger chemicals, thus you need to be careful while using it.

How soon can I use my boat after carpet installation?

As soon as the glue dries up, you’re good to go!


Boat carpets not only look good and comfortable but increase the life of your water-wheeler by keeping it protected from wearing and tearing.

Thus, if you do not have the budget to visit a professional to get the work done, buy adhesive and a piece of carpet and get to work right away by using the best adhesive for boat carpet.

We promise it’ll be as easy as it sounds, and fun too!


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